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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - April 7, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota \ were the ladies a jilted or Gyp Ped Albert Lea Examinee volume 2, number 14. By Paul Hanna Federated press staff Cor Washington april 6.�?no lie. Part sent of Public welfare will be added to the government during the Harding administration. I he organization of women voters who have meant to Point with Pride to such an addition to the executive branches of the government As the fruit of their lutheran brotherhood of Wisdom in supporting the re pub Jean. A will Hoit a 8tate convention ticket last november had better look minnow Sta at the Curtis hotel around for some to Lomg Prim. A Minneapolis on april 20. A Perma one of the very few prot n a tax a. Oritano ration will be Al this supporters by senator Hurt the co a a a ution. In Wos that he would favor and it in Elal Sorote Tho Well define., to achieve a department of up d it arremte.1. Men of welfare which should More or in s if you Are wrong you can t be too conservative if you Are right you can to be too Radical. A vol Sittl cents Albert Lea. Minnesota thursday. April 7. 1921 lutherans to meet in Minneapolis Daugherty asks no promises Washington apr. 6.�?no pledge of a Good behave or will be asked of Eugene v. Debs in Exchange for Pardon and release from Atlanta Penitentiary. Attorney general Daugherty made this Clear when he flatly denied a newspaper Story which said that Debs had been asked to give pledges gov. Eming his future conduct. N. D. Gangsters Farmers ask seat the live Stock Quot reach the limit Speculator Musto i i Grain ganders losing their grip by a. B. Gilbert have written governor i Raster re cent in suggesting an amendment to Fargon. In of Constitution of North i Dakota that the anti league forces of this to postpone their recall proc Lings from june As first announced to no would allow representative of the Farmers and other Basic industries to lit on the supreme court of the state by Laurence Todd Federated press staff Cor Washington in. Bur Twenty per cent of americans wheat clop this year will be handled by the Farmers themselves through their newly organized Grain grower a National co operative sales Agency All the a from the farm to the Mill according. senator e. F. Ladd of North Dak apron Tho Many form of Piku for lation which Farmers have been re-1 %. The marketing i Orkun Zed formers of the. Nation in the new Congress. Quire to tolerate in of their products none i it More harmful to the stability of farm business As that which is found on the Large v. A. Force May Mek to Cor bin the present function National prominence Are expected to any take in the Debs i abandoning it entirely. Arrives find excuses within three years senator i add predicts the entire Grain marketing business of the United states will to in the hands of the sales Agency and Comber is a splendid testimonial to la Wynn constitute Only a minority terminal live Stock markets. Very the Solidarity of plot the court a in Switzerland. The few Farmers realize the magnitude of before november 8 arrives urn l not w Guch that a they Are supporting on the Gram speculators Wilt he As sex a bad idea and dozens of people in these markets. In the Chicago Stock to my Asie of the labor department Bureau of it a Ark banquet will be Sajtl Tlle attorney general a i after the much talked a a education Public health sender and 1 apr the cult me 01 in will impose no conditions of any eh-1 Rati it is of the Farmer officials and Kindred enterprises. Sly a a. Is Acter whatever affecting his Liberty. The fut institutions had run their a it in inc stumpers can ticket used that for the. Republic a of commit,., of even Mem of Jurt a not Quot a apr dire As a Cut Ber. In i Clee i to Tab Chao. Turfe its 0>ini�?zn for a man1, Liberty. Pm str the a a a. Ii Victory. Talking mint with the voter. Jut of the arrangements of the Coneen in Thyl Chat. Or any other Case because the Canti late had made so Tion. Or. J. A. O. Stub of when Law teeming his attitude inferred Central lutheran Church Minne Apo Jow Artl general amnesty for political few specific promises it was and around the Capitol City agree Yards alone there Are 519 speculators i within a very few years in his in ext i especially the Farmers who Anil too privately owned commission i opinion the livestock marketing Hus outnumber All other firms that Are clamouring anti depend mess will have similarly escaped the soley upon his business. Clutch of the Packer Barons and the very few Farmers Al of Are familiar Cotton crop win 1,0 "o11 the Ltd a with the Many ways that he is being in the Norket of the world without contributing one Penny to the Cotton gamblers. That he was doubly re. Sure of himself lit is the chairman. The other Mem prison end the attorney general in this matter and had probably col hers Are Otto Leone Olson Rev. J. Go nod suited with the party chief tons and Richaid Olson or. C. M. Roan e. Of course that question is Ingolv Bvron Lindgren and or. The Debs Case but i cannot say of the taxes and we think we should was impossible. Have something to say about inter nothing was i covered Ltd Scepi that pro tank the As we As making. one old Farmer commenting on the won their approval. W. Ehlert it was naturally assumed that to Hugo Hartig. Olaf r. Kelly of min jut How it will be men would fill Many of the important Neapolis is the manager of the state posts within the new department convention. _ _ optimists Felt that a woman might or. J. A. O. Stub president of the qty a f of even enter the Cabinet As head of Tho lutheran brotherhood of America new executive division. Faith in this say. A lutheran men in the Stute Are Rosy Outlook began to fade a fortnight 0f the firm belief that the time a ago when a delegation of his prominent women supporter Cal Lei i at the White House to inform pie Lent Harding that they noticed no woman among his important appointments and to ask a How come a the president rest it ended that no appointment appropriate to women destroying Homes ill., the Farmers had been robbed in the Market As never before and that As a result the whole state a hard up. Of the Bank of North Dakota had been Able to sell several million dollars Worth of Bonds in time it could have supported with really Cash Many of the country Banks which had to suspend because of Frozen assets. The Leader of the anti league interest conducted a nationwide Campaign to prevent the Ade of the let april 4.�? Bonds to help their own state so As to suggestions to the governor said a in fact from the Way things have Many taken advantage of by these Fellows. For example if a Farmer wishes to1 buy a Load of feeder by following senator Ladd is one of the com the customary Rule he order them Mittee of seventeen which was be through a privately owned commis elected at a Farmers organization Connarn firm who in turn places the or Ference in Chicago last year to draw been going lately in this land of the Der with a Speculator. The peeu1n up and make effective a plan for a free. Etc., i d a do site either interpret the Law than make tor must buy them from another ton wide cooperative marketing of commission firm for no live Tock is the Grain crop. In Tho Senate he is am,.,i when definite up Subj do. T.,Ken in to Orma Ion Quot .1 a Cal info Tholt Kirly Are working for St the Fanner official front Iret not a a of or Btl a Toa of and. A Day in Chi us for a a Erk a week breaking the state in the and two meals on a Short Day shift 0f destroying the political Power f and three meals on the Long Day As of the Farmers. How they get men to enlist tie await the Church on every Handa t. # a a n,.j. Cairo restaurants and for today for doing Active can ten work among thousands of lutheran men in this Commonwealth. Many of i a in hotels. Were these Are being lost thru the Lack of Matle in the a Gerih nature Here by Jean. A. Yet been considered and could it f a proper Orsani ution. That lutheran Kan Ken Narner visitors suggest the name of an brotherhood a Fortl congresswoman. Women whom he should keep in mind for subsequent favors. The delegates named several lilies they thought would look Well anti serve faithfully in High office. They were astonished it is reported that none of the persons named were acceptable because a they done to think As i do Al it out important on the specific matter of a department of Public welfare senator Smoot has shattered All that a. Left of Hope among the women support. Pm of the Republican party. A prom. Intent woman Leader who Doe not As. Yet wish to be named interviewed the Utah senator during the past week with a View to learning the worst or1 the Best without delay. A second hand account of the interview credits the crucial statesman. With having Saki a i should say to you that the Prospect of a department of Public welfare being created is a very Distant one indeed. The matter May be Brot up in some Way later on but i am personally not in favor of it a the anxious visitor made bold to remind the of Nator that pre us it Harding was flatly pledged to work for such a project whereupon senator Smoot replied a i understand what you refer to but if you will approach the Dre i Dent on the matter now you will find that time and a closer consideration of the subject a very much altered the View which he expressed during the Campaign a an effective in a Furg by we brought in connect str mentality thru which they my a Tion with a hearing before the Comite sized. This organization Quot As 0t in atrial affairs on the formed for religious benevolent and Man mum Wafe Bill for women patriotic purposes. Its chief objects while she did not state what the Are to Lead men into Fellowship with Lan Jari for a minimum living wage Christ and to encourage them to be for women wan Illinois miss rank faithful to their own co Grega in Luote it i for California and from it is this obvious fact that made the anti league business men whose interest Are entirely in North a received by him directly Frow the country. This necessitate the Stock being handled at Lea to three times and with each transaction each Speculator and commission firm receives a substantial fee. A live Stock producer from Mon Tytka arrived at the South St. Paul Market recently with a Load of feeder which were handler by a Farmer a own live Stock Selling Agency the equity cooperative Exchange an Indiana Farmer looking for a Load of jut such cattle for i feed lot visited toe pen of the Farmers or i and was Referrer immediately by the ale Man to the Mon going to fight for legislation which will safeguard the Enterprise against the sabotage tactics of the Grain Speculator in the Board of Trade and chamber of Commerce of the country. Ana Tion. Among matters to be con severed will be the erection and maintenance of club room Ami a dormitory for the Benefit of the lutheran Stur Lents at the University of Minnesota. Got the Price Here a your Scapegoat guilty or not by Louis p. Lochner staff Cor. Federated pre. The Hague the pitiful remnant of general Wrangell i starred anti bolshevik army reached Stamboul there was a reception committee awaiting them consisting Kota. Volt from the recall plan. Prai 0f recruiting agent of the French tidally All the l. V. A. Delegates to a legion a or foreign the devils Lake conference from legion. The starving a be to tut territory West of the i Ouri River. Russian., who on coming to Turkey Quot went there opposed to the recall. Found that they were almost no bet there Are two reasons Why the re. Ter off than they had Bern in the Call was not abandoned entirely Rath Crimea were easy victims. They Wen or than postponed. jump at anything that seem. The More important of the a is that de like an Opportunity to obtain a postponement enables the anti farm Square Mea and Dobing. Or crowd to continue keeping the state without knowing or inquiring what in turmoil and the Stream of slush win g about therefore hundreds fund flowing in from the twin of unhappy individuals signed up for Citie interests and those farther East the French service Only to find that the handling of these funds is were forthwith i patched to Al on the Quot principal markets. Fit Able. Fiers where they May Nave to spend the other is that to enables the of. Try next five or ten years in virtual , n. I. April 2.�?-the Ai portion to in treat gracefully rather slavery in the desert Camps of North Hor and indu Trie comminuted of the than admit wrong loing. Africa victim of that insatiable im-1 lower Houm of the state legislature the officers against whom the i. Riali a which is in veiling France. Has killed the welfare Bills which v. A to Hnidan plan their postponed. Great Britain. Japan and the uni Teil a the individual Farmer will control this marketing organization Ami will get the fir to Benefit from it economic. While the con Suner will share the Liene fit a he explained to the Federated Pequot the Farmer sign a contract to sell his Grain through the local cooperative elevator. The i elevator contracts to sell its Grain through the National sales Agency which i a non profit making company acting merely a a commission of net who Wras Landing near i agent for the Farmers. Its charges $15 to $16�0 for the District of Columbia As a basis for fair comparison. She further declared that women Ami girls were employee in Box factories Candy factories and Cigar factories in this Tate at wages As Low As fk.41 a week Ami ranging for mimic groups to <11>0 and less. By Ami the Sale was Maie on the spot. This is undoubtedly the first time in the history of those Yards that the buyer and seller were brought into direct contract with one another and is one of the Many in Tances showing that the speculative element can be taken out of the Farmers Busine. By establishing and patronizing he live Stock Selling age Nice of their vill by Only enough to meet operating expense. The Farmer delivering his Gram at the elevator will receive go or 0 per cent of the value in return for his warehouse receipt. He will receive participation certificates covering the Rema Imler. When the Grain is sold payment in full will would have provided an 8-hour Day by Harry Godfrey Arni a minimum wage for women t h Federated Prima Kun if Cor committee also reported adversely the a new York. April 6.�?within the Roosevelt Bill which would have a. Pace of a few hours after it a Hui Ihori Zed the new state Industrial cum. Bounced that the n. City Board a Mission to determine individually the estimate would ask that the cd it 1 number of working hours for won a mad Competition for the red propaganda is fake again crease from $10,000 to $50,000 the re Ward for the capture of those respond. Sible for the Wall Street explosion. September to agents of the department of Justice Here a a admitted that they Are about to solve the myst. A close upon the Heel of the announcement that the increase in la amount of the Reward would be urged and the mayor asked to appoint a committee to Continua the , a it was Learned a in tie customary non committal newspaper phrase that department of Justice agent Are almost on the Point of arresting an anarchist suspected of being the Driver of the Wagon which contained the explode which kill. I this Man is Saki in various industries. The Assembly is considering a my to penalize any pen on who deliver a Peteh in Public in any except the English language which May concern action restates in a governor Lynn. Fnu Ivr. Possession of the material resources attorney Jenera William Lembke Earth. Cd Immis Ioner of agriculture Ami conditions that beggar description i Atwo John n. Hagen. Arp sported by get witnesses As pro at the same time it is plan be i a. Vaj int Monir the left overs of introduce constitutional amendment a troop upon their arrival to Kenny the Keystone of the farm a Turkey. Here b. For instance the or program. I glory of mme. Van we Doren Renger of the local men in the i. A Tny Heem tra. Wife of the dutch v. A. Camp thought they were secur. Mini or t0 constantinople a when the French and american i transports arrived with the fugitives getting to Point in solving problems confronting Public ing peace by postponing the recall they Wert badly fooled because the politician get All they want in the the a form or character of the govern it Rhune it offers to agitate. Meat or the administration or enforce a Wilt of the Laws of this Stute or of the United another lending Bill would prevent the appropriation of Public funds for nay Cho Ltd District where a a satisfy Levy evidence appears that a u Acher Bas refused to teach a americanization Chw ago april 2.�?Farmers and workers of Illinois were called upon to join the legislative Campaign of to. Peoples reconstruction league at a conference held Here under the leadership of we. H. Johnston pre i a Dent of the International association of machinists anti Benjamin Marsh executive Secretary of the league. The conference was the last of a aerie held in Middle Western cities. Reverend a. O. Birchenough one of the chiefs of the recall faction characterized business men seeking . Of a yellow dog bulking behind Cash a company of a Early on morning 1 Rode out into the outer Harbor where jul Quot the transports were lying in a Little the league representative pre ent boat Ladden with bread. As we passed de the following planks in thir plat ship after ship we noticed the people form which thy declared would save standing on the deck huddled Ogeth. The american people Faer and hovering. In a drenching nun year Farmer anti the examiner advertisers. Ubow patron., a a 1,ule Al Quot Ltd Dak i continued on pug i Ive new bail in Alia Balanow the former private detect Ive Ami department of Justice a persons whose confession has been published fairly Well known anarchist by the federate pres has wired an unsavoury record whose senator Knute Nelson chairman of Jet entity has been a fairly Well get tax a the Senate judiciary committee of Fering to testify in the investigation the tim tuckl., a it of the a mini Stratioti of actor Zion inconspicuous Corner of on in. Hie Page in the now York go waft. The new Cabinet on the Job my Ihmi Muhm it a a a a a Mumm 0 general Palmer which the committee is conducting. A i have documentary evidence to show that the department of Justice amt the two agencies by which was employed have carried on re prop then a tip occupying a space of in three inches in All a appear. A i Patch from new Orleans thing Forth the five seamen brought there that from Rio Janeiro recently suspected Ganda and notorious work in order to connection with the explosion hav keep their jobs Ami make Money Quot says tile Telegram. This is the first Public statement in which Badin has attempted to implicate the department of Justice. Badin was arrested last full on the charge of ending threatening letters to judges and other Public official connected with the arrest and trial be n discharged from custody by the unite i states commissioner. The actual charge against these men was Mutiny and they were bilt it to new Orleans in Irons to the us co in a liniment of front Page new Puller stories and a great fan Are a a mysterious allusions intended to Indi Cate that at last the men re it Bonsib of the communist labor party. He or a Street tragedy had been pleads guilty but asserts that he a ordered to Semi the letters by the manager of a nationally known detective Agency so hat the Agency a client would appreciate the a fever Quot it had inspired in the a revolutionary i Case is soon to be tried in the United states District court Here. Fin stiffs Bac k up Superior a majority vote caught. Now they have been freed even of the Mutiny charge. Meantime the Effort to taste the blame upon a anarchist a or Radii ii continues while no Opportunity is be ing overlooked to capitalize the tinged by fostering fear of a radicalism on getting huge appropriation. continue and extend the spy system which furnish easy jobs to an Ever increasing number of person. Of two thirds of its 80,000 membership the federation of Trade Union of Finland has debated to withdraw from the International tax the Union of Amsterdam a Cable rec veil Imre Keli determination Foh Afghanistan right of Eastern nations to Elf determination is recognized in a treaty just concluded be by Tomies the finnish daily from tween Afghanistan and Russia its Stockholm correspondent says pact provides that be it bet party s the message further Date there has enter into any agreement with been much discussion in the finnish other government that would be labor press and tragic Union circles Jurious to the other. Afghanistan about affiliating with the Moscow will now have direct connection with Trade and Industrial Union internal the outer world through Itu Sia As Lineal a Well As through India. First prompt restoration of Hie Railroad to unified government up re a at Ion second legislation to Cunt re the meat packing Industry third taxation of privilege instead of poverty fourth making the banking an i credit system Erve the people fifth control of natural resource sixth almost exact deft Itene opposition to Universal military train Harvest i through. The plan contemplates the formation of a Pool into which the Grain will a drawn from the Tiole country Ami from which Only enough Grain will be sold at any time to meet the actual demand of the consuming Public. There will be no gambling in Grain futures no a hedging Quot by filters no wheat pit speculation because there will be no Groin with which the speculators can play. The Farmers will have it in their own sales Agency. Am the tremendous waste of tile present marketing system due to the fact that 99 bushels of fictitious wheat Are set do on the Market to every Bushel of actual wheat sold will be stopped. The main divisions of the Agency will lie the Horn sales the foreign Export the finance corporation an i the research i departments the finance corporation will probably have $100,000,000 capital at the outset Ami will Advance the 80 to to per copt to the Farmer on his warehouse receipt after aiding him in financing his crop. The research Ami statistical Bureau will study the demand of the world Market the Prospect for the v arid crop and other Factor upon which the Price for the american crop can lie calculate i with before the my. An Effort will be made to Marn. Tain a lobby in Washington to work for the up age of these Mea Are mar a announced. A the concentration of wealth in this country has reached a stage which is a menace to our institution Ani Johnston. A your 22,61m> millionaire own Over 27 per cent of the National wealth while America 33 richest own nearly % per cent of the National wealth a the predatory Fimi Ocial interest a of our country and the selfish by i Ami in no poly interests a intertwined to addle no Only the Cost of the War but Mort of the current Cut of the government upon the working people he Farmers a it Well Lithe worker in the cities mines an i transportation by a retail ale tax Arni other pm Ion taxes rom which they Hope to raise $2 Ekx Uhm a Consumers will share economies of Thi system a1 of the said senator Udd. A in contrast to the refusal of the middlemen in the past to pet nut til in to Benefit by conditions in a Oral de to the producer. For example while farm in North Dak Ota suffered a los of $30,000,000 in arbitrary lowering of the Grade of their wheat in 1918, the Consumers did not get one Dollar of this. Sex potters of the 1920 wheat crop pay $90 too Msj More for 300,000,000 bushels of wheat than they would have paid in 1919, under government con Trot while the Farmers got $210,000,-000 i than would have been Paul them in 1919. The Farmer a. It Hort change at least $240,, after allowing $80,000,000 for higher freight Lutes. Steam an it ill with an Kitty com new Iowa Coop company formed tin around boo Farmers in the Vicinity of Clear like. Iowa recently organized what is to be known a. The Farmers cooperative company of Clear Lake the new company will have a capital Stock of $100,, divided into shares of $50 each Over $40,000 Worth of Stock a already been old the company will erect a modern elevator Ami warehouse at once Ami its business will include the handling of Groin Coal and other farm products. Sea Moi k act Washington april a Seymout Stedman of Chi cog candidate of the socialist party it a year it a pre Idem wit act a Dele Gat of the political Amite to committee n Pia ing the amnesty petition in the Haft of attorney general Daugherty on april 13 president Harding a. Notified the committee that he ill by glad to meet it delegation at the Whit House at in of clock on tim morning a that a Lay ties ten mrs in a we zif Del imprisonment banners and the examiner i a Borer no hrs. Patronize Chicago the 2�0o organised Jon Dors of Chicago have % Ted that their w in. Shall not be pen soued to of Airt them in their work a Bai Boon the Case hitherto

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