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Albert Lea Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 3

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Evening Tribune, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Albert Lea, Minnesota A Tribune opinions voters win first debate did t Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter As a Clear Winner in the first of the debates of 76 on thursday night. Both candidates had questions they handled Well and some they handled not quite so Well. Each was Able to make some Points that Are sure to score with voters. Carter for example portrayed Ford As having no compassion for the unemployed while Ford tried to show Carter As a big spender. Despite their intense feelings for the issues being discussed the candidates were Able to keep the talks on a High level. Their facts May have differed at times but they stuck to the facts. If there was a Beauty contest Side to the debate too we again would have trouble picking a Winner. Fore was forceful from the Start but rarely looked in to the camera the real audience for the debate. Car Ter on the other hand warmed up quite slowly although his More soft spoken style May have been an advantage in the later moments. And both somehow managed to keep their Cool for what must have been a very aggravating 28 minutes of not being on the air at All. If a Winner must be chosen we would have to say it was the audience the voters. The millions who wat Ched should now have a Little clearer picture of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Little was said that was new. Both men were cautious As most people Are in critical situations not straying from previous positions or introducing new ideas. But for an hour and a half they were answering the same questions on the same platform at the same time. General differences in philosophy and approach to problems were quite apparent even if they were often along traditional Republican democratic Battle lines. So far the Campaign has not generated a great out pouring of Public interest. We suspect that might be a result of neither candidate having a National constituency until just recently Ford was Only a congressman from Michigan. Carter a Southern Gover nor. Whether the debates will give them greater exposure and spark Campaign interest remains to be seen. It is quite apparent the debates will not provide voters with any More details of the programs and suggestions being offered by the candidates but then this is the age of television the age of the 60-second commercial and three minute answer to an economic question. Details May no longer be necessary however sad that is in a successful National Campaign. I today s meditation but Martha was numbered about much serving and came to him and said. Lord Dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone bid her therefore that she help Luke it is so easy to get caught up with a lot of serving and Little worship. Thou Shalt worship the lord thy god with All thy heart with All thy soul and with All thy i do you remember ten years ago Jay Gustafson. Sophomore quarterback directed the Albert Lea tigers to a 19-19 tie with highly favored Rochester John Marshall. Gustafson John vollum and Jim Nelson scored Albert Lea touchdowns. Twenty years ago a Spectator gymnasium capable of seating spectators was authorized for the proposed Southwest Junior High school. Thirty years ago Sid Schwartz Albert Lea High school football coach issued an Appeal for shoes for his players. There is a great shortage of football shoes and Progress of the squad is being held up As a result he said. The Appeal was issued to former players who May have still had their Grid shoes. Forty years ago Dave Haugen and w. B. Hawker of trades publishing and s. O. Simonson. Mart Claybourn and Fred Martinson of the Albert Lea publishing co. At tended a meeting of the Southern Minnesota printing craftsmen s club in Austin. The sunday Tribune Albert Lea Minn published doily through Friday and sunday second Cost Pottage paid at Albert Ira Man Netotea Send change of add rets to Boi 60 Albert Lea Minnesota s6007 the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All local news in this newspaper at Well of Oil a Newt Dit Otchet member newspaper f no expose Assoc ration Ond audit Bureau of circulation i Arix nil son Jomes Olive editor Robert i Coppage advertising manager Charles Soldo circulation manager Loren Murray competing room Foreman Terry Jenson press room Foreman subscription rates by Corner service p 0 m a Cert Lea Cit Jone one week 11 00 by Corner service outside City Rone in Freeborn county of toning oreo one week ii 00 Fly with Freeborn Ond adjoining counties one year 131 by Moil Minnesota and Iowa outside trading Rone one year by Moil a other zone s44 Moil subscriptions not accepted from nearby Romm unities where Tribune Farrier service it maintained Maii subscriptions paid strict in in Advance. Your Carrier will be Happy to collect regularly on any Day you with wednesday through saturday notice if your Tribune hat not been delivered by s 30 p m daily and 9 00 a m sunday Leote Call your Comer if you Are unable to reach your Carrier you May can 373 141 1 Ond Oik Tor Tribune service service until a p m and to 10 a m sunday office Hourt 00 a m to s 00 p m monday through Friday saturday to 00 to i 00 noon Berry s world the Way i see it he debate was a toss up Fords makeup was excellent and Carters Hairdo was very Sharp i m afraid vendors Are not permitted in front of the White House maybe next year. Miss carter1" is this anything like so surround at the Jim Oliver editor s note the boy himself is on vacation today s guest column is written by Jim Hugo Tribune education and area reporter by Jim Hugo like Many of us i be been taking pictures for most of my life Ever since my Mother gave me her old Brownie instamatic my picture taking was strictly for fun. And 1 did t know or care about any rules of photography and in that respect. I guess i can t say i have changed All that much but i did change somewhat when a photographer at a is unemployment really an Issue like inflation was two years ago by John p. Roche King columnist to understand Jimmy car Ter s present predicament you have to appreciate the moods of the Media when Carter appeared on the scene he was a new a Dixie Hercules come to clean the Augen stables of America politics Carter naturally enough was delighted to be billed As the non politician in a Field of Hacks he emphasized his piety and allegedly announced he would never Tell a lie i say allegedly because it is hard to believe anyone even in non politics would set himself up like that Well it worked Fine in the primaries but inevitably the press got bored with the new since like every candidate in history it was constantly accompanied by the same old speech there were also some guilt feelings about the primary coverage1 in the cold Light of the morning after commentators began to wonder had Carter taken them for a ride when you read the statistics a week later what happened to that great Vic tory7" one of the first Laws of human nature of course is that if you believe you have been con Ned you blame the Guy who did the consequence the hound pack is now in Pursuit of Carter. If Jimmy changed his tooth paste Brand at least 10 reporters would accuse him of flip flopping meanwhile Back at the White House Good old Jerry who when it comes to flip flopping makes a porpoise look arthritic smokes his pipe and watches the Carter Hunt on to Carter s supporters can ask query loudly Why Don t they pick on Ford " the answer is that there is no Point to it. Everybody knows Ford is capable As . Roosevelt used to say wryly of rising above besides when you Nail him on some contradiction he just smiles genially and delights his pipe. On the other hand. Carter if properly provoked May go off like a can non which would really make news however the press alone is not responsible for the haphazard character of the democratic Campaign. Democratic strategists thought 1976 was going to be a free ride the conventional Wisdom states that any time the Economy is in trouble the electorate turns to who s who behind Bamboo curtain China s succession scramble by econom St London Lens the official mourning ended last weekend after a fifth of the world stood still for three minutes in memory of Mao tse Tung then the race for the succession resumed the Job to be filled is the top one in China chairman of the chinese communist party held by Mao since 1945 the body which should do the selecting is the party Central committee which last met in plenary session in 1973 the funeral brings All Active members of the Central com Mittee to peking so the mechanics for a speedy appointment Are there the politics of it will be much less simple so the initial decision May Well be not to decide chinese politics have moved on a stage since the party had to make its last difficult Choice of a prime minister to succeed Chou in Lai the definitive removal of the disputations Teng Hsiao Ping in april has left the moderate Side without an obvious Cham Pion it has strength in numbers in the Central committee. In the bureaucracy and in the army but probably nobody to con tend for the top Job one exception May be the 77-year-old defense minister. Yeh Chien Ying who is prestigious enough to hold the bag but not for too Long he might also swing the army behind whatever new align ment is worked out at the same time the politburo has lost five members since it was formed in 1973 Yeh is reported to have stomped out of the party meeting in february when the maoists first dislodged Teng Hsiao Ping he came out of his sulk in the Spring after the for Mal appointment of Hua Kuo Feng As prime minister and first vice chairman of the party Hua. The Compromise candidate is Way out in front at the moment until a new party chairman is chosen he is top Man in the party As Well As head of government a combination of posts no chinese has Ever held before As the incumbent he can Only be helped by a deferred decision but Hua has several disadvantages. One is his relative inexperience he has been a minister for less than two years and a member of the politburo for Only three he was plucked out of the Middle ranks of the politburo and Cabinet he had caught Mao s Eye sometime before As a result of a standoff Between Teng and the left Wing candidate. Chang Chun Chiao he seems to have been nobody s first Choice but acceptable to All factions a High political recommendation not Only in China Hua has been looking More Leader like this summer particularly in the Relief opera Tion following the Tangshan earthquake still he has no visible Power base and no links with the army so a Strong push by one or other of the factions could bring him Down the Man Hua jumped Over to become number two in the party was another expert in rapid ascent Wang Hung Wen. The Young Shanghai Radical who shot up from a Security Job in a Shanghai fac tory to second vice chairman of the party in six years in 1973 Mao seemed to have singled him out As a potential successor but Wang suffered a setback after Teng Hsiao pm returned to Power dubbed him helicopter because of his vertical Takeoff and i letters from our readers refused to give him responsibility until he had proved himself he failed at least one of Tang s tests by not managing to Settle the workers dispute in hang How which Teng eventually flew m to handle himself what is not known is whether he failed in Mao s eyes As Well Wang is still very much in the running he is 20 years younger than his nearest rival but looks unlikely to get the prize this time round. The fourth surviving member of the Poh Truro s standing committee is Chang Chun Chiao the senior figure in the Shanghai mafia and probably also the most Likely after Hua. To succeed Chang is often said to have changed his stripes since joining the establishment but the evidence is on the other Side it was he who launched Mao s Campaign in 1975 against Bourgeois rights and probably also he who plotted the assault on Teng Hsiao pm Chang Rose with the cultural revolution but his maoist credentials go Back to 1958 when he first began his at tacks on those Bourgeois rights this record is Likely to sit badly with the army which has no love for cultural revolutionaries and might move in to veto one of them Hua. Wang. Yeh and Chang As the funeral lists confirm make up the starting order but there Are other dark horses of varying shades one contender who cannot be Dis counted if Only for her capacity to stir up trouble is mrs Mao More than anyone else on the list Mao s widow has formidable enemies particularly in the army the people who used her to gain Access to her husband May now find her a liability Hopes for a stable Post Mao Era depend to a great extent on shifting her to a powerless dowager Empress role. Two other outside possibilities in the politburo Are a Soldier Chen Hsi Lien and a peasant. Chen Yung Kuei Chen the Soldier controls the peking military District and if the army feels strongly opposed to the front runners it might just unite behind him As one of its own. He is Little known even by chinese standards and is reported with equal Confidence to be a raging Radical and a confidant of the late Chou in Lai. This May mean that he is actually a Neutral Soldier which would be a Strong recommendation for a faction torn party Chen the peasant made his name in the 1960s As Leader of the Tach at brigade the Model agricultural unit which Mao picked out As a Symbol of self Reliance. But Chen Yung Kuei could be selected Only As a Symbol since he has had no administrative experience beyond Taichai As a Symbol he could represent the continuation of the peasant revolution begun so years ago by Mao for the first time in China s communist history continuity is at a Premium nature s world the party of besides the Impact of watergate on the congressional elections of 1974 was vastly overrated As a follow up Michigan social research study clearly indicated the big 1974 Issue was the Economy yet if that was the Case in 1974, should the same concern for the Economy repeat the landslide in 1976 the answer to this one is crucial and to my knowledge no Democrat has put it into the computer. In 1974 the economic problem was inflation which is a form of taxation that hits Rich and poor alike if the purchasing Power of the Dollar drops 11 s per cent everybody suffers the same loss though in substantive terms the poor Are hit hardest because they have less they can afford to inflation in Short was an Issue that Cut across class executive was just As sore As the police Man in 1976. However the Issue is not inflation but unemployment and this is a problem with a differential Impact on various Sec tors of the electorate recent studies of the labor Market indicate for example that the present unemployment rate of about 7.s per cent would have been 4 2 per cent in the Era when male Heads of households provided the statistical base the massive entry of women in to the labor Market has in creased the unemployment rate the same in history have so Many americans been employed almost a further complication is assessing the political Impact of unemployment is that the largest bloc of Unzem electorally just Don t vote. To make a Long Story Short the question before the democrats is this has the decline in inflation for which president Ford can claim credit even if it was occasioned by sunspots give the republicans More political credit among the voting electorate than the use in unemployment has subtracted from their account maybe Jim my Carter s recent emphasis on a balanced budget indicates he has been concerned by this equation Pale Blue Flowers of Chicory Bloom to the editor a Roll a Thon is being sponsored by the Center of today inc on oct zat pm toot 3, at 3 p m to help raise monies for the support of the Center for each Dollar raised through this Benefit the Federal government will match under the older americans act although there will be roller skating for 26 consecutive hours pledge skaters need not skate the entire time they May. In fact skate on saturday for a certain amount of time and have their times certified and return on sunday if they choose for every skating hour skaters will be asked to skate for 40 minutes with a 20 minute rest period being mandatory there will be prizes Given each rest period with various of entertainment at some periods there will be medical persons on duty the entire time in Case of emergency for the younger ska ten we will have chaperones on duty this is one Way that the Community is a whole can participate in helping establish this can try go give our infirm adult persons and senior alternative to riving up their Homes and entering a nursing Home nursing Homes Are wonderful institutions however there Are Many individuals who do not need 24 hour nursing care and merely need help Dunn the working Day while their loved ones a re work ing the Center of today offers this help not Only to the individual to himself but their family we provide transportation nourishing snacks and meals physical therapy occupational therapy social and recreational activities and Nur sing care at a nominal fee this Center is the first Independent facility of its kind in the mid West we urge children and adults to be involved through pledges while they skate to make this project a Success if your looking for an Opportunity to be a Pioneer this is one Way to make a dream become reality pledge cards can be obtained at All Albert school offices. Sanders drug Xiu Cigar store the City Arena Freeborn National Bank and the Quik Stop orcall373-ffir2 Marlynr Cream director Center of today by Maude m. Koevenig Pale Blue Flowers of Chicory were in Bloom along older sections of Highway 61 As i drove Home Frost Louisa week ago i had t noticed them on my Way Down because it was afternoon of a hot sunny monday that i reached that part of Missouri and the blossoms were closed Chicory generally opens its Flowers at s o clock in the nor fort Stanwix. Overlooking the Mohawk River at Rome n y was built by the British during the French and Indian War americans realized its strategic value and by aug 1, 1777. The fort was occupied by them after ambushing american Gen Herkimer s militia on aug 6, British Gen St Leger maintained a seige on the fort but was unable to take Possession finally on August 23. Faced with the wholesale desertion of his in Dian allies and the approach of Arnold s Relief column St abandoned fort Stanwix and fled to Canada the world almanac Ning and closes them by 10 a m on a Cool Cloudy Day the blooms stay open longer Chicory came to North America from Europe in the earthen ballast of ships As did Many a Weed it has spread widely roadsides and fallow Fields Are its favorite dwelling places under present intense cultivation practices roadsides can provide the Only Sanctuary for native wild Flowers Well in the past roasted Chicory Root was used As an adulterants in Coffee or even As substitute for Coffee Chicory a relative of endive and has Long been used in Europe a pot Herb la Blue Flowers and the Bright yellow of a Small Type of Sun Jim Hugo Hastings weekly newspaper con Vinced me to Fork out the Money for a 35mm camera a few years ago and Ever since that time i be been relatively hooked on photography i did t become addicted at once it was a gradual thing until i came to the Tribune and started going through half a dozen or More Rolls of film a week with that kind of action i started getting a Little trigger Happy and suddenly i was shooting up Rolls of color print film on the weekends lately i be become More selective but every once in a while i be just got to let Loose and get it out of my system what really gets my Index Finger itching is trick photography and though i m just a Gross Amateur in that area what i do in my limited knowledge excites me nonetheless i started by Reading the directions first buying photo magazines and Reading Book chapters on the subject hut i found that photography can be an incredibly complicated subject and i soon gave up my research and started Messing around on my own one of my first experiments was a time exposure shot of a Moon eclipse i had no idea How Long to leave the shutter open so i decided to try three pictures for the first i held it open for three minutes going five the next time and finally seven figuring that ought to get the Moon onto the negative. Well it did All right Little did i know How far the Earth would rotate m three five and seven minutes the film knew though because each picture i got Back showed a White Streak measuring from three eighths to three quarters of an Inch Long i eventually got time exposures Down though and went on to other things including the photo below where the subject was flashed in three different positions while the camera with shutter open faithfully recorded thelo Convent but photography in t just ticks it is a record of events when i take pictures of friends activities scenery and yes even tricks i feel i m saving them for the future when my memory will be a Little feeble and i will be Able to use the pictures to go Back to a time when Dan had plenty of hair Joe was Skinny and i was crazy Flower gave Welcome color to a dead dry landscape Missouri is even drier than it has been Here main purpose of my trip to Webster Groves was to visit no 1 grandson Joe Koevenig iii Home on leave from the Navy his whole family was Happy having him Home again and we had a Good time together of great interest to me was a new attractive certificate i n my son s Home awarded As part of Missouri s Bicentennial Observance it reads As follows this certifies that a Post Oak owned by Robert Koevenig is recognized As a Liberty tree a 200 year old living Monument to our National history it is signed by the governor. Director of dept of conservation and also by the state forester Post Oak Quircus Stella la belongs to the White Oak group and grows to height of so feet and one to two feet in diameter it does not grow this far North where we have Burr and White Oak a White Oak Quircus Alba will grow to be 100 feet tall with a diameter up to four feet during my Long drive Home on a Lovely Cool Day i watched migrating Monarch butterflies sailing in the Sunshine heading South for the Winter higher up i frequently caught of Hawks soaring on warm air currents and was reminded of the Hawk count going on at Duluth that very Day in my own Yard last monday a Brown thrasher and two towhee scratched busily under the hedge they too Are on the move september ends barbs Phil Pastorky if you think the Boss has holes m his head you d have to be pretty Well ventilated yourself to mention it promising clean races Are on Good footing they re usually on soap Box. The fellow who says he never prays has never tried to Cross from the median strip to the curb during Rush hour now they re Selling simulated Steak but we be been eating it at the Deanery for years. To get rid of trash gift wrap leave in your unlocked Auto and they la steal it

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