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Albert Lea Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The evening Tribune volume Lea Minnesota wednesday june 23, 1920 number 148 riots Over i High Cost German food democrats per by associated press san Francisco alif., june 23.�? rumblings democratic discord Over the prohibition Issue became by associated press Berlin june 23rd.several sons were reported killed at Ulm hourly More ominous today As Dele Wurt Memborg riotous Demontra a fates and party chiefs arrived lotions against the High Cost food. Creasing numbers for the National similar demonstrations were report convention. elsewhere Wurttemberge not it Hope that the gathering storm ably to Ravensberg and other j might spend itself behind the Clos parts Germany including Osna i to doors the platform committee Bruch Hanover and Frankfort i virtually was abandoned by the Lead the main. I is and they prepared to face Many clashes have occurred be outbreak tempestuous debate tween police and the Reichs Wehr the floor the convention itself the one band and the demonstrators the other. Getting ready for meet Wilson urges Board to make Quick decision honorary degrees Are conferred four men and a death Corners Washington june 23. A president Wilson sent a message today to Railroad labor Board at Chicago urging 1 that it make immediate award the such a development it was agreed wage controversy. The text the everywhere would hold Many dra message was not made Public at the mat possibilities including a Furth White House complication the Uncertain out by associated press new Haven conn., june 23rd.--Yale University at its 219th commencement exercises Woolsey Hall today Content j the following honorary degrees doctor Laws general Joseph Pershing commander the american expeditionary forces Thomas de Witt Taylor Railroad administrator and wartime chairman the association rail Road executives right honorable sir Auckland Geddes British ambassador to the United states Jean Adrian Antoine Jules Josserand French ambassador to the United states. The formal notification july 22nd. Leading by Over eleven thousand inquiry into theft Enrico Caruso jewels look As to the presidential tion. Nomina Chicago june 23.president Wilson a message asking that the Railroad persecuted but Loyal by associated press East Hampton. Y. June 23rd,�? witnesses were under subpoena today to appear at Hie resumption the a John does inquiry into tile theft $500,000 Worth jewelry from the summer Home Enrico Caruso. I the list included All servants a the Caruso menage As Well As rela were pres when the jewels by associated Presa Chicago june 22. a sunday june five years ago four men stood a death Comer a the heart the North sides Little Italy. Walking toward the four were two men. Marked to die. The four Slid their hands into their pockets and grasped their automatics. another instant the two would have been dead but just As they were about to fire three detectives swung into Oak Street and took the four to jail. The detectives had been planted there. They were Chicago a three italian specialists. Riccio and be Marchl the tour killers were Sam Olino called a tire Barber a Mali Anno Chol celled a Chico a Paul g. Torino the dude the quartet and because his youth and size dub cd a peanuts a and Nick Valentino known As a a Volley because his manner killing. The two men who were to have been killed were questioned. Their faces a pro As expressionless As those the prisoners. They knew nothing. Although the police knew they were doomed to die they said they had no idea it nor what for. the course time the four came Rpp Ridless to trial for carrying concealed weapons. The two would not appear and through political influence the Case was postponed. the Day before it finally was to be heard Quot peanuts and a Sam the Barbera met the. Two again. When the arrived they were surprised to two decisions must be settled Virtu already the overshadowing Issue Iai it Board give immediate decision pre convention conferences the the wage controversy had not been question a platform declaration received Here at one cock this Atter against the present a Bone dry Law Moon. Tile chairman the Board said almost took the whole stage for it-1 that everything possible was being self today As the gathering delegates a done to expedite decision head postmaster general Burle songs announcement for a modification the volstead act. By Man accustomed to regard the postmaster general As a political spokesman for the White House the development was accepted As a warning which Way the wind administration influence would blow. A others among the party leaders refused to take that View but no one Here assumed to know with certainty How far the sentiments president Wilson might he Accord with those . Burleson. The latter who announced his Lam stand yesterday at san Antonio Tex. Will not reach san Francisco until late to the week. What everyone Here does know however la that both sides the controversy Are cementing their lines and bringing their heaviest artillery for a finish fight. After Many conferences Effort to Lay a basis for Harmony. Homer s. Cummings the National chairman said. Today it seemed to be a a fair bet that the question Mould be taken to the convention floor for a settlement what decision was a new drive radicals by associated press Washington june 22.armed with broadened Powers provided the recently enacted alien exclusion act department Justice officials today announced a new drive against Radical orders have been issued officials said for a strict watch the activities those who preach Radical doctrines assist spreading such theories while themselves refraining Acle anarchistic activities. A the theoretical red and Tho Quot parlor bolshevik Are to he Especial objects the Campaign it was said. Provisions the new net have greatly widened the scope the department Power to rid the country aliens who stir up discontent with guarded revolutionary doctrines. 1 advocacy either sabotage opposition to All organized government by aliens their organizations is suf by associated press Pittsburg Ivan. June 21.after a six Mont Lis strike unique Hie annals the Kansas mining Industry the b. It. And h. Mine is again operation. At inquiry held Here by the Kansas Industrial relations court order was issued for the mine to resume operations. The operators and miners then reached agreement whereby e. It. Guffey a watchman w to remained Loyal was removed from the payroll with understanding that is to seek reinstatement 11 lie miners Union through the National executive body the United mine workers America. Because Guffey remained Hie Job during the Winter strike he was sits Pended for 99 years by his Union. Tile company refused to discharge him and the miners refused to work unless it i did. I he was fort my to leave flits hoarding House growers refused to sell him food because activities a Union committee. Guffey then took up Quarter the mine office and provisions were sent to Hun by the company. The special session the Kansas legislature last january passe i a Resolution commending Guffey for his loyalty. The mine has a capacity 3,ooh tons Coal a week. Jbv associated press Washington june 22.with the Date fixed for officially notifying the candidates their nomination. Republicans today were awaiting announcement the personnel Hie executive committee will have general charge the party a presidential Campaign. Those selected at the conference yesterday senator Warren g. Harding the Republican presidential nominee and chairman will h. Hayes and a j committee members the National j committee were notified by wire last 1 jul Anise menage As night but their identity was withheld uves mrs. It Aru so who pending their acceptance. Tile exec ont he House five committee was increased from ten disappeared. I to fifteen members five whom will Ibe women and seven whom Are Noti members the National body. Harry Daugherty pre convention manager j 1 senator Harding a Campaign will be a one the last named. I the conference fixed july 22 As the j Date for the formal notification sen at Harding at his Marion Ohio Home and five Days later governor 1 Coolid e Massachusetts will lie notified his nomination for vice Prest Dent. This formally will take place at the governors bom North amp ton. Arrangements for both events it was said were practically completed at the conference which lasted until Well into last night. Senator Harding was at work today preparing his acceptance speech and now that the nominee has conferred with and obtained the the leaders the various factions the party it was said completion the speech would be rushed. Arrangements have been made for plac-1 >8 cop mib the Panda pm. F�,.n. It was Ihm inc la relations for mailing to All parts Railroad men grow tired the Long delay country time for tion Date. Made the platform committee. Closely intertwined with the a i ent to bring them within the new lib Ilion question is the problem selecting a nominee Accord with the platform As finally agreed . And among Many the practical Lee that it was the fearful a a Barbera ally at stroke. Bolh pleas i Gal Nat organized Goven to writhed the ground instead candidates managers a a falling though the United states is intended victims. A a peanuts was Eaf ears for the present while the forc iwo to Deport Ati it i i a i Par pc tvs i i w la til to flt a i a. I 2 Lai v i it p Ati t la a los bund later a Hospital. He did not now How he had been Injurer no Nore than the hundreds who had seen lie affair. A Sam the Barbera was Laid away. My those who hated and feared him rejoiced. There were left three a few Days the three sauntered i bout death Comer. Close behind were Riccio Parodi and Bernacchi. Cd Coil called Ochico.�?� lagged behind % Little. Shots rang out. When the detectives ran up and his comrades ran Hack the killer a sch icon was dead. He was hit sixteen times knew How. Law according to the departments Legal authorities. Sabotage this connection is construed but the depart intent to mean a opposition to the and politicians there is a feeling that the j nos traction the government and aliens who publish writings advising govern men to even is excepted a Tare liable to deportation it was said the financial resources Radical associations Are being Caret oily so rut Ini Zed officials declared and it was thought that the income Many will be Cut off by the new Law which prohibits the giving loaning Money to anarchistic organizations. Purchase a red Bonds will come within this category it was believed. Leaders get their bearings the continued Page three personnel committee is president by associated press Des Moines june 23rd.mrs. T. G. Winter Minneapolis was chosen president the general federation women s clubs at yesterday s election it was announced officially at the biennial convention this morning. Investigating the Lynching St. Paul june 23 rd.adjutant general re Tow is investigating the germ Lynching three negroes Duluth following the order Dover nor bum que lab the general went to j Duluth i act night expecting to re turn tomorrow Friday it was said at the office today. I by associated press Washington june 23.information prepared for submission to Secretary Payne today indicated that unless Assurance was Given immediately to Railroad workers that wage adjustments might be expected soon the unauthorized strikes trainmen at Philadelphia Baltimore and Many other views most Points might not be opposed further by the brotherhoods. I reports to labor Headquarters Indi Cate no improvement the situation and show increased unrest among the beginning Lim strikes 30.000 had been dismissed from the unions but that Hie feeling was growing that to continue to discipline men was impractical. Use the not idea questioning the lawyers by associated press Detroit mich., june 23rd.aulhiri-ties investigating the killing a gust Dwyer Milt Desboro. Ky., a travelling auditor the United mine workers America a Down town Law office last night today were questioning further the party lawyers that met the office during the evening. Londonderry still upset by associated press Jondon Derry june 23rd.�? London i Derry was again tile scene rioting today. At half past nine this morn . Fighting was going Between opposing parties unionists and nationalist and shooting occurred from barricaded Points. The militia was Active i eventing citizens from venturing the streets which were deserted except for the Active fighters. Looting occurred during the night. Londonderry. June 23.�?-there was no cessation today the Battle Between unionists and nationalists which has been Kelt Ping Londonderry terrorized for the past ten Days. By associated press St. Paul june 23, at 2 30 clock a 2825 precincts Preus received 127,798 votes Shipstead 116,-483, Frankson 25,233, Ellsworth 7,602, Iverson 6193, Keefe 4016. Supreme court Justice 1890 precincts Dibell 75,012, Siegel 63,239, Johnson 59,986, Vandenburgh 21, 077. Congressional candidates 172 precincts 1st District. Anderson 13,388 and Levang 5869. Democratic gubernatorial candidates 2630 precincts Hodgson 9644, Quane 2867, Andrist 1769, Indrehus 1554, Jaques 1761, Hargadine 2337. Attorney general 2501 a Reclite Hilton 104,084, Sullivan 97,203, Larson 24,011, Patterson 10,744, Smith 14,529. Railroad and warehouse commissioner 2316 precincts Jacobson 129,627, Ostby 90,895. Treasurer 2328 precincts Riner 118,639, Lund 105,550. Lieutenant governor 2515 precincts Collins 136,037, Mallon 112,-862. Secretary state Republican 2116 precincts Holm 115,956, Opsahl 83,764, vollum 80,815. Secretary state democratic 2111 precincts Barmaster 8491, Lee Filer 6128. St. Paul june 23, 11 30 a. .j. A. O. Preus state auditor and elimination candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination had a Lead 13,443 votes Over . Henrik Shipstead the nonpartisan league candidate when returns had been compiled unofficially today from 2760 out 3195 precincts the state. The count stands Preus 127,306, Shipstead 113,-k63, Frankson 25,083, Ellsworth 7505, Iverson 6113 and Keefe 3956. St. Paul minn., june 23, at to further returns from Minnesota s state wide primary election Minnesota increased by Over 150 votes the Lead held by Preus Over Shipstead i he Republican gubernatorial contest. The results 2678 precincts out 3195, show Preus 125,519, Shipstead i iu.364. Frankson 24,617, Ellsworth 7,220, Iverson 5,989, reef 3,845. By associated press Washington. June 23.Republican no one leaders generally expressed approval it a today the personnel the execu-1 the killer a a peanuts and a a Volley live committee. Which will conduct the re re quiet for a time., but under be party a presidential Campaign. Then Ere economic pressure . Torina Artty one members including seven worn singed to meet two gentlemen front 1 will constitute the committee and f the Cly Burn inn at 1215 Clyburn the names Twenty these were venue. A week ago sunday. Bounced last night by chairman will he went . Hayes the National committee Riccio Parodi and Bernacchi were at the conclusion the two Day con ailed to the morgue. The body was Ferenee Here . Hayes senator Adly mussed up. But a glance at the Harding the nominee and a number nes the Index Finger told the Story National committeemen. A a peanuts said Parodi As he Dropp the one name said to be that a d the lifeless hand. National committeeman was omitted. There was much talk double because . Hayes had not. Had time to communicate with the appointee. Low Bridge tossing and revenge. Tor App nuts hrs known to he the secret agent noon so ers. And one theory account . Hayes Heads the executive committee and the other Nineteen Mem t a a a 8��8. No p. Cd pal Taylor Luton Ohio. I and Bernacchi Shook their Heads mrs. Catherine f. Edson California. Adsa id nothing mrs. Manley l. Fosseen. Minnesota. Last night Valentini. The last the mrs. Jeanette a a our went walking alone. There was thur l. Lemmon. Rke. Irsie usual Call to the East Chicago ave Conine r Jucks a Harry be police the usual dash for death Christine b. South. Kentuck. Harr Omer the same deserted Sheet hut i m. Daugherty Ohio nether Man. Riccio Parodi and Ber i Campaign manager Jusen a a Chi came and looked. Ling John t. Ama f a a that so Volley they said the b. Miller Minnesota ired m. P and because Quot Volley was shot Nam Illinois la. Him. Oklahoma rom the grocery store Michael John w. Hart Malin a. T. Tort re i a sciandrello at 900 Milton Avenue Turkey Charles a a Psi q t Jho detectives took a look inside. R. B. Howell erns it. A a Here was Michael bed. To was Boise Penrose. Pennsylvania is wife senator John w. Weeks. Massac but do you always go to bed at five setts and r. E. Williams Oregon a he afternoon a asked detective set members Tho Nna earns Ai cock and Dennis and Phil leaders claimed that every group a Arroll. A a always a replied the grocer. Quot did no to you hear Tho shots outside a a what shots a asked Mike. the party is represented the Coni Milton membership and that this amalgamation insures Harmony within. And solid front against democrats. I pm r communist proclamation stay denied by Justice Day by associated press Washington june 23 application for to it trip ovary injunction and stay the proceedings instituted by the government under Hie lever act against a. A. Weed and Sultzback clothing co., both new York has been denied by associate Justice Day the u. S. Supreme court to this effect the Dot pal intent Justice was advised today. Hearing the application for stay was held at Canton o., by Justice Day Appeal from the new York court which proceedings were instituted. Officials the department Justice declared that vigorous prosecution violators the lever act result the decision. By associated press Washington june 23. A proc Arpa i oui a continue As a tion issued by the Central executive committee the communist party America copies which were received by the department Justice Calls All transportation workers America to refuse to handle anything destined for Poland Japan any country fighting soviet Russia. The proclamation was circulated among transportation workers a new York Tope ligation is under Way to locate responsible parties. The Railroad strikes spread by a act item pro f cur ago june 23rd.the sporadic Railroad strikes that have broken out half a dozen More cities during the last week spread to Savanah Iii. Today when fifty Chicago Burlington amp a Quincy and Chicago Milwaukee a St. Paul employees walked out. Earthquake again today by associated press tos Angeles june 23.a slight earthquake at four a. . Today was chiefly Felt the Southern Section los Angeles and at Inglewood which sustained the heaviest damage monday night. The tremors today rattled buildings but caused no damage. Will place him nomination by associated press san Francisco june 23.a Telegram sent from Pueblo from the train bearing Missouri delegates to the demo cratic National convention Burris a. Jenkins Kansas City Clergyman and publisher announced that he has definitely decided to place the name win. Mcadoo before the democratic National convention. To mobilize industries by associated press Madrid Jurie 23.formation a Central committee for the utilization civil industries the event hostilities was ordered by Royal decree today. The committee will investigate All industries which May be mobilized under orders from the minis tor War. Urges them to hasten Madrid june 23.congress having failed to pass the Bill providing for five million pesos to defer the expenses sending food to Vienna for which president Irigoyen asked More than six months ago the president sent another message to Congress urging that the measure be expedited

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