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Albert Lea Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 1

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Albert Lea Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Albert Lea, Minnesota Local temperatures maximum yesterday .75 minimum yesterday .59 at 8 . Today .58 at i . Today .71the evening Tribune no. Lxvi a no. 139 full leased Wirt Newt report on the associated press Dally and sunday. Albert Lea Minnesota monday june 14,1965 member newspaper Enterprise association and audit Bureau of circulation. Fourteen pages to cents Congress faces Long hot summer problems May spoil labor Day adjournment Washington apr after More than six months of fairly smooth sailing Congress is heading into Shoal infested Waters that May wreck its plans to adjourn by labor Day. Voting rights Union shops foreign Aid health care for the elderly minimum wages closing of some military bases legislative reapportionment excise taxes the Antipoverty program and pay raises for military and civilian personnel Are among the snags that lie ahead. Not even one of the dozen annual appropriation Bills to finance the government for the fiscal year starting july i has been sent to the president although most of them have cleared the House. Might recess although publicly voicing Confidence that All the necessary legislation can be disposed of by labor Day some congressional leaders already Are considering a summer recess followed by a fall session. Such a recess is a distinct possibility for the House which is legislatively in better shape than the Senate. Two of the major pending Bills Are on the Senate Calendar this week. They Are the foreign Aid authorization Bill and a measure which would Cut or repeal emergency excise tax rates. Both have passed the House but Senate changes will require further House action. Only one major Bill is on the House schedule this week. It Calls for creation of a Cabinet level department of housing and Urban development. Rights Bill held up the voting rights Bill passed by the Senate after a curtailed filibuster has been approved with major changes by the House judiciary committee. It probably will be held up several More weeks in the House rules committee and is not expected to reach the floor before next month. The threat of another filibuster confronts it when it goes Back to the Senate. A Bill to prohibit state Laws against Union shops has been approved by the House labor committee but has not yet been considered by the Senate. It is being held up in the House pending action on separate legislation to protect negroes Job rights. The whole subject May be dropped until next year. The health care Bill passed by the House More than two months ago is bogged Down in the Senate finance committee. Minimum wage Law the administrations Bill to broaden application of the Trnini Murn wage Law is in the hearing stage in the House labor committee. A package measure embodying president Johnsons Antipoverty program is gathering dust in the House rules committee along with a general housing Bill that May be sent to the House floor later this week. Pay raises for military and civilian personnel Are in the hearing stage in the House armed services and civil service committees. State legislature reapportionment measures stemming from the supreme courts one Man one vote ruling Are progressing slowly in the Senate and House judiciary committees. 5 Are drowned Over w weekend by the associated press drowned in Lake Pepin about son of or. And mrs. Elden John the weekend drowning toll in three Miles North of Lake City j son of Dassel who have a cot Minnesota looked like a mid j authorities said Kim stepped off Tage on the Lakeshore. Astronauts get honors in Chicago festivities held despite rights protests Chicago apr astronauts James a. Mcdivitt and Edward Etc. H. White ii were welcomed with j in the cheers of some 2,500 per and a a �?z____0 _ sons most of them youngsters i Minnesota drowned in accidents went under. Ling alone for a heroes Parade and Cele in Illinois and Wisconsin. Danny Johnson 214, drowned fes Nygart 52, St. Paul bration today in Chicago. I Kim Barry la and Tommy in shallow water at Lake Wash downed in Lake Victoria near also on hand in the 65-degree j Steffens 12, of Rochester,1 in ton near Dassel. He was the Ai Exandrea when he fell from his sunny weather at of Hare inter James White 51, Minneapolis drowned in Bass Lake near summer casualty list three men a surfboard apparently thinking he was in shallow water pan. Addition a teen age girl licked and drowned. His Friend i Park rapids when he apparent a Young boy both from tried to come to his Aid but also j by fell out of a Canoe while fish the moment a All was happiness at this instant sunday As Freeborn county a Diane Jacobson was crowned new Region nine Dairy Princess by Linda Miller. Applauding at right Are Diane a attendants Dianne Miller Al so of this county and Linda Morelan Rural Nerstrand. Dianne and Linda were attendants for county princesses last week. See Story and More pictures Page 3. Tribune Tele photo brother and sister die a traffic crashes kill 6 persons by the associated press two Rochester teen agers brother and sister were killed when their car was hit As they backed out of a driveway onto a county Road sunday night. Other weekend accidents in Minnesota claimed the lives of gop eyes Midwest and West by Jack Bell Washington apr republicans plan to focus on the Midwest and West next year in a Campaign they believe will recoup their 19 >4 losses in the House and give them three of More additional Senate seats. President Johnson a failure thus far to come up with a satisfactory farm program has Given the gop Hope that it not Only can hang on to the seats it now holds in midwestern and Western states but can make significant gains there. Str. Thruston b. Morton of Kentucky head of the Republican senatorial Campaign committee. Said in an interview that while he is not discounting party chances in any part of the country he believes they Are brightest in the Midwest and West. A was matters stand i think we Are going to get Back most of the House seats we lost last year a a he said. A in local elections in such states As Iowa for example our candidates have been getting their traditional majorities even in areas we lost in 1964. A i think the administrations failure to come up with any workable farm program is going to help us in states where that is a this was in line with an assertion of sen. Karl e. Mundt r s.d., who expects to be a candidate for re election that the Farmer is the forgotten Man of the Johnson administration. He said sunday on metro Media a televised a opinion in the capital that Johnson is directing All of his programs toward the met i Rop Olitan areas. Two Young men in a crash in Anoka county and two other persons involved in twin cities area accidents. And a suburban Minneapolis couple was killed in a fiery three car Accident in Northwestern Wisconsin which claimed four persons. Minnesota a traffic toll for he year Rose to 258, or 78 behind the 1964 Pace. Boy and sister killed authorities said Steven Watts 16, and his sister Sandra 15, were killed when their car was struck As they backed out of a driveway onto an Olmsted county Road some seven Miles Southwest of Rochester. Three persons in the second car were taken to a Hospital. They were listed As Ellsworth Ellingson 31, and Ron Johnson 26, both of Rural Byron and Charles Naylor 24, Claremont. A car crashed into a Utility pole at the intersection of two Anoka county roads near Centerville saturday night killing James l. Gese and Donald t. Bergman 24, both of St. Paul. Terry l. Bruns 16, Rural Mound died Early sunday when a car ran off Hennepin county 151 near Mound. The vehicle went into a ditch and hit a tree. Man and wife die a two car crash in Woodbury township suburban St. Paul killed Adolph h. Brendemuehl 61, and injured his wife Helen. 61. Among those killed in the three car crash on Highway 13 near Phillips wis. Were Milt Rademacher 26, and his wife Darlene 23, of Golden Valley Minn. Mrs. Lynn Rundquist 21, Phillips was also in the vehicle and perished in flames with the others. Her 26-year-old husband was severely burned and died at a Park Falls wis., Hospital. Price county authorities said the Accident late saturday night occurred when the Rundquist vehicle stopped to make a left hand turn and was hit by another. A third car crashed into the others. Eight persons were injured. Mrs. Betty Barghusen 35, Lake City Minn., was killed Friday night when she was hit by a car As she bicycled on . 6i about three Miles North of the City. Lbs a a bid declined by Shastri Ottawa apr prime minister Lai Bahadur Shastri of India said today president Johnson has invited him to go to Washington in the fall but that it will not be possible for Nim to accept. He told a news conference he could not go to Washington then because the Indian parliament will be in session. Johnson cancelled a visit by Shastri to Washington this month on the grounds that he would be Busy with Congress and the Viet Nam situation. In Washington White House press Secretary George e. Reedy said Johnson has made it Clear on a number of occasions that he would be Happy to have Shastri visit Washington in the fall. A it would be regrettable if he make it but of course it is entirely up to or. Shastri a Reedy said. The Indian Leader said the attitudes of the countries involved in the Viet Nam conflict have a greatly stiffened a in the last month or so. There would be a better climate for some kind of negotiations if the . Bombings of North Viet Nam stopped he said. It is essential that hostilities come to an end so that an International conference along the lines of the 1954 Geneva meeting on Indochina could be held Shastri said. The Indian Leader added however that it is a just possible a something will come out of discussions in the next few Days and weeks which will bring North Viet Nam to the conference table. He apparently was referring to the Commonwealth prime ministers conference opening thursday in London and the african asian meeting starting in Algiers june 29. Shastri said that eventually . Troops will have to be withdrawn from Viet Nam. The american decision to allow . Troops to be thrown into the War will further complicate matters he claimed. National airports military Section were vice president Hubert h. Humphrey gov. Otto Kerner of Illinois Richard j. Daley Chicago a mayor and other officials. The vice president Bis wife and their two sons flew in from Washington before the plane carrying the gemini 4 Crew arrived. Crowds gathered along the expressway route to the City and on la Salle Street near City Hall hours before the astronauts cars were expected to pass. Bodies of too troops found by vietnamese by Malcolm w. Browne Saigon South Viet Nam boat while working on an outboard motor. His wife who was in the boat tossed out a rope but Nygard failed to grab it. Caught by undertow Janice ask 16, Rural Caledonia got caught in a Strong undertow of Lake Michigan off a private Beach in Kenilworth a Chicago suburb. She was acting As a mothers Helper for the Frederick w. Lacy or. Family i and had taken the eldest Lacy child Frederick to. Into the j , a to into Wber Plantation a few Miles North j water when both were caught of Dong Xoai they found an As j in current. Zap a Vietnam psf rangers ?1-01�01 grim re pics left Frederick managed to escape i a f a i in Kino a Rah hip Plantation no and called for help. David poll flags and pennants festooned combing a rubber Plantation them the wreckage of a . Downtown streets on the Parade just North of the shattered town army helicopter and a . Route. Of Dong Xoai found the bodies of army Many a identification tag. After a special meeting of the j about too government troop City Council to Confer honorary j today the remains of the 7th Chicago citizenship on Mcdivitt airborne battalion a . Mill White and two officials of the tary spokesman announced. Govern Mentie events of the j a a a a a a a a Quot National aeronautics and space Dong Xoai was reported quiet 173rd us airb0me brigade d drowned Foster administration or. George e. J but braced for More trouble have moved to Phuoc Vinh to a s. Airborne troops move . Authorities announced Cansky 21, of London England brought miss ask to Shore but she had swallowed too much water. ,.near Spooner wis., Richard a at the request of the Vietnam Arndt 5 0f Brooklyn Center Mueller associate director and j from the Viet Cong As the rangers moved through there. Charles w. Matthews gemini project manager there was a the French owned Michelin rub meeting set with school Chil j Dren. About 6,500 pupils were to put Mcdivitt and White through a question and answer period in Mccormick place. Other plans for the Day included a dinner for the astronauts party Given by j mayor Daley and a fireworks i Bai to display at night. As the civic Welcome got in authorities protect the Airfield and aircraft Fri agents join Hunt for missing girl child of or. And mrs. Ronald g. Aukema in the Minneapolis suburb. Falls from boat Russell Dowell St. Cloud apr Iti Mii continued Der Way Quot at Quot o Hatt Airport search with other police Phuoc Vinh is the main Airfield for the Dong Xoai area. The . Paratroopers had been expected to move from there drowned shortly after Midnight into the Dong Xoai conflict but saturday when he fell from a the vietnamese commanders boat into big Watabu Lake three were reluctant to ask for them Miles South of Avon. Two com i the Viet Cong mounted a Anions Thomas Marzolf and number of attacks and ambush Don Kollman both of St. Cloud. Is in various parts of Viet Nam said Dowell was trying to Start Federal to Ajayi a the Way from the 17th an outboard motor when he fell their Parade a t0 the Southern tip of overboard. Fork a. The nation. I Marzolf jumped in and at about too civil rights Demon clue in the disappearance of j planes Hammer area tempted to save Dowell but stators gathered in Grant Barbara Iversen 14, missing j ninety american and Viet nearly drowned when his own Park on the Lake front for con rom a baby sitting to sine namese planes hammered tar lungs started filling with water to nation of a series of school ast wednesday night. Gets in North vier Nam in a be he was taken to a St. Cloud protest activities. I a weekend Are of sections Reg of separate raids Hospital where he was listed in leaders of the protesters 0 Ramsey at a Anoka counties Owen y . Air Force Jet Good condition. Concluded on Page 2 Lover the weekend Faie o r bombers escorted by 30 other Dowells body was not recon 1 veal any Trace of the girl Daugh Jet amp quacked the ban com Lom immediately Ter of or. And mrs. George Iver j>arract8 79 Miles Southwest of j a sen of Shoreview. St. Paul sub Hanoi pave but dings were re Urb. Today s Good Reading. Cancer series starts. Page Dairy Princess crowned photos Naeve classes Barbara was baby sitting Only amp a a a a a a a soviet alld a few doors from her Home when panes hit three she vanished. Areas of the Babon army bar Fri agents have joined the races my is North of the de. Ramsey county sheriff s office militarized zone . Spokes and Shoreview police in the in men said. Luvy Sivu vesti gation. An Fri spokesman heavy air strikes also Contin Page 3, 12 said the Agency is proceeding on 1 used inside South Viet Nam the Assumption a Federal Viola against suspected Viet Cong tar honoured. Page 5 Tion is involved Mill City grocer shoots Young Bandit to death red China May Parley Moscow apr the soviet Minneapolis apr a Young Bandit was shot to death by a grocery a former Marine whose store had been held up twice previously. Police said the fast moving action saturday night happened at the Quik amp easy Dairy store where Ronald Pierson. 20. Min Gus. . Navy and Marine communist party appears to be corps planes were said to have making a new drive for a show flown 118 sorties sunday. Pilots Down meeting on the split with claimed heavy damage to tar peking. The chinese reds have gets and suspected troop con unleashed a new attack on the cent rations. Kremlin a leadership. Six americans killed i pravda the soviet party a six americans were killed be published sunday a resold Gertz 41-year-old owner who Over the weekend but none a Tion adopted last month by the was in the Back part of the geared to have died As the re pro soviet portuguese comm store. Suit of enemy action. Nist party calling for a world Gertz saw the Holdup in Prog-1 four . Army helicopter 1 communist party conference to Nitze takes tour Washington apr Navy Secretary Paul h. Nitze leaves today for a week Long visit of Navy and Marine forces in and near Viet Nam. Leaving san Francisco suburb a weary commuter buys Small town Ress and pulled a .38 Caliper Pis j crewmen were killed saturday discuss the dispute Tol from his Back pocket a de night when their Craft crashed j peking which has opposed Tensive precaution that grew out 30 Miles East of Saigon during a amp meeting it charged in a Gertz sneaked a Down an aisle an explosion aboard a truck broadcast that the new soviet Neapolis died shortly after he and put his pistol in the Back at Chu Lai beachhead sunday leaders were being More Covert was plugged by a .38 Caliper of Pierson ordering him to killed two . Marines and a and cunning than Nikita thru shot. A drop it a a a he whirled raised Jared 19 others. The men hades Bobev in to Pervert com investigators said this is what his gun and pointed it at me been swimming and a shoes Mun san hat nedan1d, the trigger a Geru in thl the russians also were a the Bandit came in holding a related later. One Man s j11 expo leu in u w. Pistol and ordered a clerk police records showed Pierson Bottom of the truck and set off clued oiling Busy in a. N Bruce enc Hsen 17, to fill a had seized a term with the state a five gallon can of gasoline. Egton paper bag with Money. Erichsen j youth conservation commission the american paratroopers gains taking did so and the half dollars Clink for the 1962 robbery of a grocery were rushed to the Airfield at and # pm for Maas they fell alerted cordon store on East Franklin Avenue concluded on Page 2 . Aggressors. Recent statements from the soviet Union and members of the soviet bloc have raised speculation that the Kremlin might place Viet Nam High on the Agenda of an International communist meeting. No Park Calif. Apr in Sagebrush and Jack Rab country of lonely Northeast Nevada Kenneth Krueger in weary san Francisco area commuter found the town of Currier population or sae. It was just what he and his Jeannette had been looking so they bought it with their forecast nne Sota fair to pal tily through tuesday lows it 42-52 Northeast 50s West South highs tuesday 75-82, by lower near Lake super a Cloudy and Cool through Day occasional rain West it lows tonight 45-50 exe Northeast to 65 South highs tuesday 70 North to mid 70s Southwest. Life savings of $85,000. Tuesday Krueger 45, and his wife will pull up stakes at their apartment Here and Point their station Wagon East for Currie. The sex suburbanites Are assured of a cordial reception. Krueger until last week motor vehicle inspector for Pacific Telephone amp Telegraph co. In san Francisco automatically j will become the town mayor j sheriff fire chief Ranger assessor and landlord. Buy business too that a because he not Only bought the towns 75 acres but its few houses and businesses As Well. Krueger and his wife will run the general store the service station a bar and a trailer Park. Until 1900 Currie was a Railhead for cattle and sheep growers. Now the livestock goes to Market in trucks but Currie still caters to Hunters and fishermen. It lies at the foot of the towering go Shute and Ruby mountains whose slopes abound in Elk and Deer and whose streams Tumble with Trout. A blink of the Eye and you re past it on . 93, 76 Miles North of Ely. Don t know reason the Krueger done to know exactly when they got the yen to flee Suburbia. But Krueger says a five years ago on our vacations we began probing All the desolate areas of California. We were Hunting for a spot where if you wanted to make it As such you i could practically live the year 11859 All Over i for various reasons the land they saw in California did no to Appeal. I last year the Krueger stopped in Currie. There they met f. A. Majors who wanted to sell the town a lock Stock and barrel. A we had the Money says Krueger. A but believe me it Wasny to through inheritance or anything like that. It was our savings close to the Vest a yes even Beans and hot dogs a the couple will live in a two bedroom House. A a it a not like Here on the Peninsula or in san Francisco a Krueger admits. A but in be seen worse. Its hospitalized i los Angeles apr Singer Judy Garland was in the Urcla medical centers Neur psychiatric Institute sunday with what the Hospital called an emotional i upset. U. S. Troops arrive a u. S. Paratroops walk to defense positions around an Airstrip at Phuoc Vinh South Viet Nam from which helicopters leave for the Battle of Dong Xoai to the North. Some a copters Are shown taking off with reinforcements for Dong Xoai a wire photo via radio from Saigon As timely of today headlines Tike a Flashback to the places you read about Day in and Day out. Like a vicarious visit to Points of interest that you now know Only of Date lines. Where Iii the world.? is a topical intriguing informative geographical puzzler that is both Chok lending and satisfying. Starts today on the comic Page

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