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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1957, Page 75

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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune (Newspaper) - June 7, 1957, Albert Lea, Minnesota Ii Quot a a a a amp hmm t i % services held in granary a the round Prairie congregation has experienced services held in a granary their Church blown to bits by a Tornado a schoolhouse made an addition to the Church building and finally the present edifice. The new Church was built on the East Side of the Road after the storm across from where it now stands. When the foundation for the basement was ready the Church was moved across the Road and placed on it. A a a South round Prairie had Start Early in this area by the Rev. A. C. Korsrud the beginnings of Christian work in this Community served by the South round Prairie Luthe ran Church goes Back More than 92 years. Visiting pastors among them the venerable patriarchs of the Synod c. L. Clausen a. C. Preus and Ulrich Vilhelm Koren conducted services in the Homes in Winter and out in the Groves in summer. The Many listeners came on foot horseback and by of team to hear these Pioneer pastors. At a meeting held in one of the Home in May 1885, St which Rev. Preus and the Rev. J. A. Otteson were present a Call was extended to Torger Andreas Torgerson. He had graduated that Spring from the Concordia lutheran theological Seminary lit. Louis to. Rev. Torgerson held his first service at round Prairie on sept. La 1865. At this service unite Marie Oison daughter of Paul and Margaret Olson was baptized. It is a interesting coincidence that at the Diamond Jubilee service held 75 years later a child should be baptized. He was Gerald Edward quam son of Orin and Carmen quam. Or. L. W. Boe from the Concordia lutheran Theo president of St. Olaf College Northfield performed the baptism. He was one of the guest speakers at the 75th anniversary service on kept. 22, 1940. The baptism of unite Marie Olson was the first ministerial act performed at the round Prairie Church. Services held during week up until 1900 the congregation was a part of the Northwood Parish which at one time covered the North half of Worth and the South half of Freeborn counties. For this reason the pastors frequently held services week Days As Well As sundays. Hie earliest records of the congregation now kept in the Bank at Joice Iowa say that the first Christmas service was held on dec. 29, 1885. Communion was held and an offering taken for the pastor with such a Large pans and no telephones available weeks often passed before the pastor was aide to officiate at funerals. On Jan. 4, 1866, the records show that the pastor conducted funeral services for list Tbs tend Atter Narveson Anton Jansen Anderson and Anne Marie Thorsen. The first marriage service was performed on March 23, 1866. Hans Oison 28, and Beata Tia Raed 20, were United in marriage. The first mention of securing a 8arsonate for the pastor was on it. 25, 1868. The congregation conducted its first parochial school in March 1867. The wage at that time for the teacher was $12 a by nth with Board and room. An acre of land donated by or. An i mrs. Erick k. Flaskerud was the site of the first round Prairie Synod Church. Some of the children and grandchildren Are with us today. The land lies in Section 21, Freeman township six and a half Miles Southwest of Glenville. Tornado hit Church it was first decided to build the Church in the Bergdal Grove on the present site of the mrs. Emil 6tenseth farm. However due to Flaskerud s gift in 1874, the site was changed Aud the Church built the congregation an acre of land where the Church now stands. When the foundation for the basement was ready the Church was moved across the Road and placed on the new foundation. The ladles Aid which has always been a Tower of strength to the congregation in financial matters furnished the funds necessary to move the Church and finish the basement. Extensive improvements have been made Over the Yean. In 1940 new Wood clocks were put on the Walls and ceiling of the auditorium. The basement Walls were reinforced and waterproofed in 1949 and new Glass Block windows installed. The Kitchen was remodeler and a new Oil Furnace installed. A few years later coloured Glass windows were installed in the main auditorium. Further improvements included sanding the floors. Pews and painting the Church. This was done in 155. In june 1958, school House no. 47 was purchased from school District no. 38 of Albert Lea for $1. This was made possible by the fact that All but one family in District 47 belonged to the round Prairie lutheran Church and because they wanted the school for Church purposes. The congregation is grateful to District no. 38 of Albert Lea for making it possible for the congregation to obtain this addition to their Church Plant. Additional pews were purchased and some were donated. Addition dedicated the new addition was dedicated May 5 by or. E. C. Teinertsen of Northfield District president of Southern Minnesota. The congregation now numbers 320 baptized members. Present of flyers of the congregation Are chairman Rey. A. C. Korsrud vice chairman a. C. Storvick Secretary Lester Wilhelm and treasurer Alfred Landaas. The trustees Are a. W. T. Anderson Donald Nelson and Willis Lehman. Deacons Are Kermit Twito and Roy Carlsen. Kermit Bronson and Carl Ca risen Are the auditors. The sunday school superintendent is mrs. A. C. Storvick and the assistant superintendent la mrs. 1 Fermi Nagel. Kenneth Troe is head usher. The Sexton of the North cemetery is Maynard Amundson and Kenneth tree is Sexton of the South cemetery. Ardys Hansen is the organist custodian la Carl Carlsen. Mrs. W. A. Flaskerud is president of the ladies Aid. Vice president is mrs. Wyeth Nagel. Mrs Lynn Palmer la the Secretary and mrs Hubert Madson is treasurer officers of the Luther league Are president Margaret Knutson Vic president Sharon Ringoen trea surer David Nelson and mra. A w. T. Anderson is the advisor. There a1� 79 pupils i the Sun Day school and 13 teachers. Buddha a footprint a depression atop a Mountain in Ceylon is regarded by buddhists a the footprint of Buddha made when he stepped from Earth to heaven. Moslem consider it made by Adam who allegedly stood too years on one foot in penance for original sin. Walking priest James Lloyd Breck the great where the South round Prairie i Lei Ion by once cemetery now la located in re i asked ofom the a racy on the Trow Wing River to Leech in a Day. That distance was 70 Miles. Relic preserved Saint Veronica la said to have cemetery now la located la the a urn Mer of 1880 this Church was Des toyed by a Tornado. The Tower of the Church was found on what is now the mra. Charles Nagel farm. Parts of the by lid my were car cd several Miles to the North offered Christ her kerchief to wipe Bevl Ansi a Altoro i nip the a a. A is. Til. A a t and scattered Ever the county a Side. I be Church was rebuilt after tin storm but tor a time services were conducted la Erick k. Flat he Udo a granary the new Church was built on the East Side of the Toad a Eros i from where it now stands it remained there until 1922 when Flaskerud again solved the prom in of a new site by telling the sweat from his face. Tradition has it that the imprint of his features remained in Ute cloth and Thia relic is said to have been preserved in Rome. I he Giest Bell of Moscow the a tier weighs 219 tons. It was never rung because in 11-ton piece broke off when it was made. Lea a Churchman a Soldier Engineer Warden All fitted in his life by Jane Harper citizens of mid nineteenth Century Albert Lea struggling for religious organization would have been heartened to know that their efforts were being matched i n the South by the Man whose name the City bears. From about the time religion first appeared in Freeborn county until its firm foothold. Col. Albert Miller Lea was Busy helping establish two branches of his own Church a the episcopal. In 1857 he was instrumental in founding the Only episcopal University in the United states the University of the South at Sewanee tenn., and in 1875 he was a member of the a provisional vestry an organizing body of St. John s episcopal Church c o r s i Cana Texas. When and where col. Lea became an Episcopalian is still in uncovered records. He was not one of the Many converts of the spiritual Awakening of West Point in the latter 1820�?Ts by the Rev. Charles Pettit Mcivaine chaplain but the chaplains influence was definite in col. Lea s later life. West Point in the 1820 s a Lea was there from 1827 to 1831 a was an isolated spot and the cadets at tended required sunday set vices in a Hall under a building destroyed by fire in 1838. They sat crowded together on backless benches listening to sermons which were Likely to last two hours. The boys went to Chapel armed with books to read or ideas of napping but under chaplain Mcivaine a at Tention was riveted according to one Cadet. A heart line wedding rings Ara worn on the third Finger of the left hand because people once supposed that a vein runs directly from this Finger to the heart and thus heart and hand Are offered together. The custom continues but the belief is not Ture. Often preached the Rev. Stephen Cook a congregationalist lived in Austin. He often preached in Freeborn county during Pioneer Days. Became convert first Cadet to become a convert under the chaplain was Leon idas Polk a close Friend of Lea s. Others followed suit and until he died Bishop Mcivaine continued to receive letters of his a religious Awakening of 1826.�?� the first record of col. Lea As an Active Episcopalian is that of july 4, 1857, when he was listed As one of a seven Bishops seven clergy men and six laymen who formed a Board to name locate and Institute a University at Sewanee. Arthur chitty historiography or of the University of the South has this to say in his Book a reconstruction at Sewanee a a of the unofficial accounts of the Day that recorded by Albert Miller Lea of Knoxville supplies some of the most colourful details. He tells of ascending by a five mile Trail from Chattanooga to the Mountain House hotel. It was a Bright Day and Many sightseers added a a promiscuous concourse of four or five Hundred persons to the a Small but very Choice body of Bishop Leonidas Polk asked major Lea to serve As marshal for the procession at eleven of clock saturday morning. Mrs. Stephen Elliott played the Metodia. The congregation Sang be Hundredth psalm Bishop Green read t h e Twenty second chapter of Joshua All Sang the St. Ambrose the deum Bishop Nicholas Hamner Cobbs prayed and the company chanted Gloria in excels is. A joined in the Star spangled Banner played by the brass band from Chattanooga. Bishops address a Bishop Oley gave the principal address on National Unity. A a we contemplate no strife save a generous rivalry with our Brethren As to who shall furnish to this great Republic the truest men the truest christians and the truest patriots. As he spoke the United states Flag which had been carried in procession by a Young boy and a Veteran of the revolution wrapped itself around him and a arrested his discourse until Lea Drew it although chitty does not mention Lea by name it is quite possible he was one of a three engineers who made a report on terrain weather and other items for a committee to locate the University to Bishop Polk. Only one of the three is mentioned by name a Charles Barney no was also a Friend of Polk from West Point Day. A letter from Lead son in Law to l. W. Spicer indicates that Lea who was an Engineer was one of the three. The fact that leads name is not mentioned May be due to the incomplete information on him which chitty has and which he has requested filled out. Chitty incident it wrote Marc 20 Fuu a of example of. to i was a typified to learn from whom religion was a vital part of your letter that there is a town in life. In perhaps the most difficult Minnesota named after our first j letter he had to write he wrote his a marshal of processions. I surely wife on january 5, 1862 Albert Lea Tribune Friday june 7, 1957 Good Shepherd an Art Glass window in the St. Episcopal Church Corsicana tex., was installed in memory of col. Albert Miller Lea. The window was presented to the congregation by the sunday school. Col. Lea died Jan. 16, 1891, and was buried from St. Johns Church. He was Secretary of the vestry of that Church from the time of its formation on july to 1875. A buried Jan. 18 from St Johns Corsicana. He a Secretary of the vestry of that Church from the Strumental in the building of the original Frame Church which a St. Johns and a stained Glass win would have mentioned it if i had known that there was such a town. That s what i get for not Reading my postal guide More the letter which col. Be wrote to his family during the civil War time of its original formation on Daw in the new St. John Sewa pre a i july to to a. I neet i hurled our boy t Ridgy Togo. I m Hallda a lotto or with i. A a Plum say lug the. a a a a a Flor Amic myself. God. J rut a cd i recorded a. Having. Be e a a a a a performed a burial service for an Man and the City Quot is Woven with col. Lea died Jan 18, 1891, and infant in that capacity. He was in the thread of religion. 1875. The Early minutes ser fed by the sunday school Chas there in his memory. It is perhaps not just coincidence that the life of Albert i a Tho first presbyterian Church Corner of Witter Street and St. Mary Albert Lee serving Freeborn county since 1868 sunday program divine worship.8 30 and 11 of am Church school.0 45 am Junior High Fellowship.6 15 pm senior High Fellowship. 6 00 pm Quot to att who weary and need rest to All who Are bereaved and need Consolation to All who Are sick and need a physician to All who Are friendless and need a Friend to All who Ara lonely and want a companion to All who Pray and All who need prayers to Alf who sin and need a Savior to Rich and poor to employer and employee and to whosoever will a this Church opens wide its doors and in the name of Jesus the lord says Pastori Rev. Lloyd a. Peterson do. As we begin our Ninetieth year of service to god and Freeborn county we offer the Community Opportunity for Fellowship through a boy scouts a cub scouts a men s club a Cherub choir a Carol choir a youth choir a Chancel choir a mariners club a weekday Church school women a association business and professional women a Galui

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