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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1957, Page 74

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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune (Newspaper) - June 7, 1957, Albert Lea, Minnesota 12 Friday Jun. 7, 1917 Albert Lea Tribune German spoken in services a the congregation of Concordia lutheran Church Bear Lake worshipped in the German language in this building which was constructed in 1881. Until 1921 All services were in German. Since 1940 the native Tongue has not been used but English services Are held each sunday. Bear Lake gave name to Church by the Rev. Rudolf Inselmann Concordia lutheran Bear Lake Church is located in Nunda township. A half mile North and four Miles West of twin lakes and six Miles North of Emmons. Before township Days the Community was known As Bear Lake which is still the local name of the Church. One Hundred and one years ago in 1856, the first sealers moved into this township which was organized in 1858 and named Nunda. More setters arrived constantly Unhul All the vacant land was secured and occupied. The first services were held in private Homes and Public schoolhouses in the late fifties and Early sixties of the last Century. The Rev. J. Schoor residing at Prairie Duchien wig., was the first lutheran minister Visi ung lutherans of German background in and near the Bear Lake Community. After him the Rev. Michael reek became Field missionary for tills area. He had his Home at Spring Valley and became the first regular pastor of the German lutherans of Freeborn county. He was the first organizer of preaching places in Nunda Pickerel Lake and Mansfield town show. His successor was the Rev. S. Ile trick. For him the members built the first parsonage in North Nunda the place where now Concordia lutheran Bear Lake Church and parsonage Are located. Rev Hertrick was succeeded by the Rev. H. Kretzmar in 1874. Organized Church on sept. To 1876, the Rev. Ferdinand Tiede came to this Community and the present Concordia lutheran congregation also known by the popular name As Bear Lake Church was organized. In 1881 the Church was built a building 28 by 40 feet for 82,100. The land for the Church grounds was donated by George l. Scherb on oct. 16, 1881, the Church was dedicated. A hell was installed in the Church Tower in 1899. Pastor Tiede served the congregation for near quiet Man of god gave 33 years to his Church the Rev. Wilbur Fisk served the Freeborn congregational and the methodist episcopal Church for 33 years. He began there in 1876. Besides preaching at Freeborn he also conducted services at Hartland Alden Buckeye new Richland Berlin Lemond St. Clair Mapleton and Minnesota Lake. Rev. Fisk remained at Freeborn for 16 years when he was called to Janesville where he served for a year. During that time his brother Pliny served at Freeborn. The Freeborn congregation called him Back after a year and he continued on there until failing health caused him to retire from the ministry in 1909. The conference Publ i c a t i o no congregational work of Minnesota a 1832 to 1920, said of Rev. Wilbur Fisk a in this record of Brief memorial sketches the name of Rev. Wilbur Fisk should not be omitted. Some men have done spleen d i d work in Minnesota for a comparatively Brief period and then gone Forth to Render a More notable service elsewhere but or. Fisk gave practically his whole ministerial life to Minnesota and during All that ume was pastor of the one Church at Freeborn for a period of catholics at twin lakes form Parish the first beginnings towards the Organiza Uon of a Catholic Parish at the present twin lakes Date More than a generation. From this Central Field he went out to serve at various times Many outlying Points and from some of them permanent churches developed. No less than 12 churches were organized As the fruit of this faithful sacrificial work. He was a quiet Man Earnest faithful not seeking to do anything that would demand startling headlines in the daily press but steadily giving a service whose Worth was gratefully recognized not Only by his people whom he served so Long and who loved him so Well but by his Brethren of the Pilgrim Fellowship throughout the state. In his Early life he served his country during the period of the civil warn the army of the Potomac As a member of the second volunteers of Vermont. But whether As a Soldier of the Union or As a Soldier of the Cross he was equally faithful to his High calling Aid served with marked Fidelity both his country and his Welsh came to be free american lutheran Church. It automatically became a member of Back to aug. 22, 1876. This group when the Ohio Iowa according to a deed found in the and Buffalo synods merged to i Register. Of deeds office on that form the american lutheran Date John Honan donated a piece Church. Of property cons Sung of two and the congregation never has been a half acres in Section 24 of nun great in numbers. The present Bap a township of Freeborn county sized membership is 271. The con to be used for a Church and and firmed membership is 191. How joining cemetery. This plot is a Ever the people Are Loyal they half mile East of school District love their Church and keep build no. 45. Ings and Church grounds in Good repair. Prior to this time the Colony of Irish catholics who had segued in served by Rev. Inselmann. Sixty eight children Are enrolled Nunda and adjoining town Ash i p s in the sunday school. The Congre were administered to in private gation has a ladies Aid of 41 Mem Homes by priests from Faribault hers and a joint brotherhood and Austin and even Distant Winona. Luther league together with St. S the site donated would be in about Paul lutheran Church of Conger the geographical Center of the set Concordia lutheran Church Bear Dement. For Lack of regular vis Lake together with St. Paul la its from the priests who lived at Theran Church form one Parish Long distances the matter of building a Church was necessarily postponed but the cemetery was being used As needed. Prior to acquiring a regular cemetery those who died were interred temporary i y near their farm Homes and later transferred to the cemetery. As far As can be ascertained the first actual burial of one who died after the cemetery was Oji ened was of Felix Mckeown. In 1880, the Minneapolis a St. Louis Railroad was built South from Albert Lea and the present Village of twin lakes platted. Naturally there was a division of opinion As to the advisability of building the Church on the original site so far two Miles from the Railroad and again the matter of building was postponed. A s s was now being celebrated More or less regularly in school no. 45, or in the twin lakes school. In 1886 father James Fleming pastor at Albert Lea purchased the present site in twin lakes and began prepare sons for building a Church. Before its completion father Fleming was appointed pastor of St. Michael a Church Stillwater. After his departure Albert Lea and twin lakes were served for several months by an occasional priest from St. Paul principally father p. R. Heffron afterwards Bishop of Winona. In september 1887, father James e. Donov a a assistant at the immaculate Conception Church Faribault was appointed pastor of Albert Lea twin lakes Alden and Bath. He immediately set about the compte Long service a the Rev. Stephen Sande was pastor of the Hartland and Manchester Synod lutheran churches for 23 years. 2 churches grew from work Here in religion beginning in the 1830 s there was a substantial Welsh migration to the United states. These people made their Homes in the Eastern part of the country for the West had been hardly opened to settlement. The people of Wales came to America for one great reason. They wished religious Freedom not then possible in their own land. A Hundred years ago some of these people came into Minnesota. They were attracted to the West by stories of Rich farm lands without rocks and stones. The Welsh set cements were made primarily in Blue Earth county. The area chosen was that w hich Laid Between the Blue Earth and Minnesota Rivers. It included the land found in four townships South Bend Judson Butternut Valley and Cambria. There were but a few people of other National lines in these townships. These new people built crude huts which they soon improved and they also built churches that All might worship. These churches were the Jerusalem Seton Bethel Carmel Salem and Horah. Altogether there were ten Welsh co Grega 11 o n s which in 1952 dissolved their own general Church organization to enter the Mankato presbytery. One of the first Welsh families in Minnesota consisted of the Bowens. William and Evan Bowen came to Blue Earth county in 1855. They gave the family a Good Start with sixteen children. The family Roll of this first Hundred years now numbers 277 names. 1p1s8 country schoolhouse was first a this Brick building is a far cry from the Small country schoolhouse first used by the Grace lutheran congregation of Alden As a place for divine worship. The Little Chapel was dedicated nov. 20, 1924. But the congregation outgrew it and six years later dedication services were being held for the present building. A a a a a a Alden a Church a new in time but old in history already English lutheran services were a building had been $225, but the held in Alden in 1915 by the Rev. Cost of the lot and expense of Rel. W. Steckel pastor of Salem la j modelling brought the Cost of the Theran Church Albert Lea. He came to Alden at his own expense. Once or twice a week Rev. Steckel would hold services for the congregation in the Presbyl e r i a n Church. As interest grew the congregation desired to secure the services of a theological student to con nue regular services during the summer of 1916. Webster Clement a student at the Chicago property to $780. The Little Chapel was dedicated nov. 20, 1924 Rev. Eshbaugh resigned Jan. I Many Minnesota communities founded by religious sects one of the most impressive facts of Early Minnesota history is the Strong predominance of religious sentiment on the earliest frontiers of the state. While the first building in Many communities might have been a Saloon and a trading House there were Many places where churches outnumbered taverns. Many communities were founded by religious sects. Some came from other parts of the United states and others from foreign countries. Many a settlement was built around a Church and Many a Community was named for saints and Church leaders. Elk River is a Case in Point. The town had hardly been established in 1856 when j. S. Chamberlain an Episcopalian held the first religious service in the Community. This was in the Well Sermon june 28. Rev. Amundson began his work in August 1936. During his pastorate the lectern credence brackets vases Missal stand and a two manual Organ were installed and dedicated. The daily vacation Bible sch a o i was begun in 1937. Rev. Amundson resigned feb. 26, 1939, to accept a Call to Faith lutheran Church i n o n a. His Farewell Sermon was Given easter sunday april 9. The Cong Regalon then Call e d 1925, to accept a Call to the Church j010 e. Dehaan pastor of Hiles Wisconsin. From the first of the year until june 15, Grace Church was served by Stude n t s from Northwestern lutheran theological Seminary Minneapolis. The Rev. Walfred j. Stromberg just graduated from North e s t e r n lutheran theological Semi nary Seminary was called and took up of Faith lutheran Church Swan Burg Minn. He assumed his duties june i 1939. Marun Stuhr of Mound father of one of the pastors of the Synod offered his services in october 1939, As a landscape architect. The men of the congregation rear of the Hawes store. Later a Church was organized to serve eight families. Ten years later when the Community was still very Small a United Christian society was established. This was the outgrowth of a sunday school. There were 27 members of this congregation. At the same time the methodists came into this Field with 20 members and built a Church at the Cost of $1,700. This denomination did not thrive and within a Short ume the Church was taken Over by the free a pasts. While Strong drink May hav marked the Minnesota Frontier there was always a Strong Temperance sentiment. Elk River had a Reform club which later was known As the Temperance Murphy club. It ran the two saloons of the town out of business and had five Hundred members. Old greek god has become old a father time the personification of father Lime is As Tam i i i a r As those of Santa Claus or Uncle Sam. Yet these fitting symbols for the end of one Cycle of living Ami the birth of another have roots in greek mythology. Father time survives As a descendant of the greek god cronus lord of the universe. Cronus Bor the lines of inestimable years on his face and he carried a scythe. Like Many of mythology a earthy god cronus was not altogether admirable. Having been warned that one of his children would depose him cronus got in the habit of swallowing each at birth. He came to Alden in june of that the work june 15, 1925. The com donated shrubs plants and labor year. During the following Winter i Mon service was introduced and to Aive a gothic <.1 building Ife Rhea naturally wished to to Rev. Steckel held services when put into regular use. New pews a a suitable seeing. A a a �?o1 possible and encouraged the group to organize. The group met in Early june of 1917 with Rev. Steckel at the Henry Knutson Home. Organiza Aon was effected in july with 27 members listed on the charter Roll. The deacons elected were Hans Moen Henry abbe e. W. Kruger Henry Ahneman George Hochreiter and Andrew p. Hansen. May in e Hansen was elected organist and Belle Thompson As sunday school superintendent. The Model con were purchased by the lad i e s Aid. Rev. Stromberg resigned sept. I 1927, to become pastor of Salem lutheran Church Albert i Tea. The Church councils of Grace and Faith were called together nov. 8, courage the Pra Cuce. She hid their son zeus after his birth and presented cronus with a Stone or. Paul h. Roth president of wrapped in swaddling clothes. Jubilee Sermon Northwestern Seminary preached the synods Jubilee Sermon at Grace Church on june 30, 1940. The women a missionary society the trick worked. Cronus disgorged not Only the Stone but the previous children. Zeus dethroned. Cd his father settled on mount olym 1947, at the Church in Walters and j became a member of the Central pus am rued Fly chief god of a a Call was extended to the Rev Carl he Eckhoff. Continued growth con unused growth of the Congre-1 conference society at its regular go a pantheon convention held at Mound in of . Stit ution for congregations of the ious Aaron thisted and Albert Synod of the Northwest was adopt Leonhardi were appointed on the Tober 1940. The Luther league brought one gallon made it necessary to Hurt a grf a f00 10 a so a cd a building program. Fred Pestor pm Clma when a communion later cronus a name was confused with the word Chronos meaning but the hourglass has found a permanent place rail was installed in the Chancel in he Han 1 a he White haired of the Church and dedicated on de and the Cong Regalon Appl i e d building committee. Appo lated Pentecost sunday 1941. At the Genteman with the scythe. The ancient Homan religion for membership in that body. Rev. A finance committee were same service eight people were emitted Saturn the god j f Agri Steckel was Given $120 for the Enno Steele Thomas Schmidt and confirmed. Years work. Synodical Field missionary l. B. Theodore Braland. Grace Church organizations in the Cong Regalon purchased the elude an altar Guild three choirs culture with cronus. Like h i s greek counterpart Saturn carried a scythe. Deck came in october of 1917 to Thor a id Svendsen property and a senior Bible study group five j m c Rale it develop the work. The use of the Ernest h. Schmidt was contract missionary circles United Luther danish lutheran Church building e j As architect. Plans were made an Church women a Brothe r was granted to Grace co Grega for building to be constructed Hood Luther league sunday 23. In Many ways the festival return. Official reception into the of Brick and ule. The Corner Stone school and senior and Junior con sem bled present Day new year a a solstice ceremony of the years turning from dec. 17 to by the Rev. Paul Ylvisaker both the Hartland and Manches in lutheran churches had their Don present Church of St. In the Spring of 1911 the Rev. Beginning to earlier Church work James where mass was celebrate. Eckhoff came to Concordia Lun the Coury cd for the first time on Christmas Theran Church. He served the con Hartland Church built in 1891, Day 1887. Later in 15, the Gre gation until he retired in 1920. Began in a Pioneer Church built North part of the Church Colis tins successor was the Rev. H. In earlier East of what was to be my of Sanctuary and Sacristy was Brock. It was during his ministry come the Village of Hart land added. In 1923 that the Church building farm now Marlin place. And be the Parish was served by a Yale educated native gave Isle religion the Kona area Rich in history is on the West Side of Hawaii the Island that gives the group 11 s name. There Captain James Cook discoverer of the islands was received As a god in 1778. There he was stabbed to death by natives who had decided he was mortal after All. It was a Kona lad Opu Kahaia who sent Chris Anity to the islanders. At 17, he shipped on an american vessel whose Home port was new Haven Connecticut. He was found one Day on the Steps of a Yale University building weeping because of his ignorance. He was taken in and trained. The boy became Well known in the area and his Story aroused the first interest in missionary work in his Home islands. A group of new England preachers was sent Halfway around the world. They were to convert a Heathen a espouse into a Christian monarchy and the influence of their descendants was to play a part in bringing the islands under the United states. A remarkably Fertile held awaited these apostles. At Kailua Bay on the Kona coast the Pagan gods had been defied and the old Tabus broken in 1819, shortly after the death of King Kamehameha i who had United the islands. Was Laid july 20, 1930. Firma Uon classes. The s u n d a y celebrations. Ail work stopped nov. 2, 1930 was the Day of ded school enrolment numbers 180. Schools closed courts handed Down Ica Uon with or. R. H. Gerberding j Jhu re Are 36 Young people in the i no sentences revellers gambled Waxen fruits candles and dolls Eckhoff performing the dedication. Baptized membership of the con were exchanged. In the Spring of 1936, the aggregation is 530 with a confirmed Dent and Walters congregations membership at 360 and a Corn decided to separate and each Call Muning membership of 30. Clothed nudes Assembly of god was enlarged and remodeler put foie that the Early settlers went the Donovan for almost 46 years missionaries arrived to find Ting a full basement under the m Church at West Freeborn Church until he retired aug. I 1933. Church installing a Coal Furnace and extending the building on both the North and the South sides at a Cost of Over $6,000. After Rev. Imbrock the Rev. He was succeeded by the Rev. John m. Kiely who remained Pas first Church 0r uni ii his Transfer to St. Bernard a Parish Stewartville in Jan which had been organized in 1867, and which had its building on its present site in 1876 there again the Early settlers uary of 1952. During the admin we. H. Neumann came to serve had worshipped in a Pioneer set Stratton of father Kiely who was the Cong Regalon. He worked Faith Tings in a Sod Church Northeast of to become the it. Rev. Msgr. Kate fully for nearly 17 years when ill Manchester. The site is Sull Dis by in 1948. The Parish saw an to health forced him to retire. The Barnable in one of the Fields of the crease in membership. It was Dur Rev. Henry a Dohmeier served Helmer Johnson farm. The Man tog his pastorate the 77-year-old spiritual vacuum ready for their filling. As Supply pastor until the Rev. Otto g. Ehlen came in August of 1947. In 1948 Rev. Ehlen accepted a Call to Duluth and the present pastor the Rev. Rudolf Inselmann was called to serve the congregation. During his ministry further improvements on the building were made. Art Glass windows were put in and the basement was completely remodeler and modernized at Cost of Over $10,000. Spoke in German Chester Church its. Had its out St James aesthetic Church burned Church in Manchester Villa. Tor to it the grand mib. Mso. Almost 40 years the Church being erected in 1916. The Church that was built in liar and in 1891 was in faithful use for 40 years when in 1931 it loss was Esu mated at $25,000. For the next year and a half the parishioners of St. James of tw4 n lakes attended the Church of St. Theodore at Albert i a. During this period msgr. Kiely was distr o y e d by a Cyclone succeeded to erect no a new the Loyal people began immediately to build a finer Church. Some of the Early settlers came first to Wisconsin. And it was in Lake from the beginning of Concordia Luther Valley wis., that the Synod newly acquired Church was erect lutheran Church until 1921 All a organized to 1853. For four cd Over a basement Hall which the years the laymen and the few Pas j parishioners had tors had studied a proposed con Brock s ministry English was Intro j us Tutum for their Church organza not Only the Center of Catholic life deed on an even basis with Ger-1 Don to their new Homeland. Only at St. James twin lakes but Al no1 after the most careful study did so the scene of Many civic of Church services were in the German language. During Rev. In Church at twin lakes. This Church had been purchased from the lutheran congregation at pick e r e i for the sum of $1,000. The built and Ainee that ame this Hall has become Synod was made in 1918 at redeemer lutheran Church. Milwaukee. The Rev. W. E. Klaus then pm j preaching the Sermon and r e v. J i Uther league played As a teacher at Albert Lea High school was called to serve the congregation but failed in his service. He resigned in july of 1919. Field missionary deck their own pastor. Rev. Echo f f deacons of the Church Are Mel again came to the congregation. Agreed to serve until another Pas Vin Seipp Lester Thorson Albert Daniele a Volterra was called problem of pastor tor could be called. A Call was Newman Chris an Jahnke. Joseph i a the Painter of big breeches be organization of Faith engl i s h extended to the Rev. Ii. Amund Christensen and Orville Sauer. The cause he was hired to paint cloaks lutheran Church Walters solved on of Spencer s. D., june 14 Rev. Roy Morrod is pastor of Over some of the nude figures in the problem of a pastor. The two Rev Eckhoff preached his fare Grace Church. Michelangelo s a last congregations Alden and Walters to Seuier with the norwegian lutheran Cong Regalon Kiester United to form an inter synodic a1 Parish. The Parish extended a Call in november of 1919 to the Rev. A. P. Lee of Pontac 111. He arrived feb. I 1920. Rev. Lee resigned april i 1923. To accept a Call of St. Johns lutheran Church Lakeville. The Rev. J. F. Eshbaugh was called and Assum e d charge of the Alden Walters Parish May 6, 1923. A ladies Aid and missionary so-1 piety was started Jan. 22, 1920, at the Home of or. Louis Steele. The la charter member elected or. Albert Leonhardi As president mrs. Henry Knutzon vice a president May me Hansen Secretary and mrs. George Hockreider treasurer. Subscript on were begun May 8, 1924, for the Purchase of a lot and building and two Days later a Small country schoolhouse was bought to serve As a temporary Chapel. The Cong Regalon was legally incorporated and a lot was purchased. The Cost of acquiring we Man. Since december 1940, More Germau services have been they affix their names to the con held and English is the Only Lan j Sutu Uon. The immigrants were fairs. At the present ume. St. James fiercely jealous for the i depend j Parish numbers about 140 Mem Guage used. Since the Early Days of the Field Cace of the local Cong Regalon. I her. It. Rev. Bernard p. Man in lesion Aries the members of us they wanted to be free to Rule a n succeeded msgr. Kiely As Pas Community were served by men of their own affairs subject Only to tor in january 1952 during his he former Iowa evangelical la god in his Bible Theran Synod. When Rev. Tiede or the pastor who served the con j rung mass organized Concordia lutheran Church Grega tons for the longest period of Sions and a near elect in Organ the congregation officially joined time was the Rev. Stephen Sande. Was procured tor the Benefit of the his pastorate was from 1920 to choir which was established lit pastorate the Church has had eve a number of oceans t Synod. Since 1930 the congregation has been a member of the j 1943. 1954. W Wesleyan methodist Church Corner Johnson and Marshall Yorton Clark pastor 9.00 am. Wesleyan hour a Kate 10 00 am. Sunday school 11.00 am. Morning worship 7 00 meetings and youth service 7 45 pm. Evening service 7 30 pm. Thursday prayer service and Bible study Corner of James and fourth pastor Rev. Eugene h. Whitcomb the Assembly of god Parish in Albert Lea was founded in 1942 with a Hall Over Anderson furniture company used for services. The first pastor was Rev. De. Rosen 1942-48, with Rev. Bob Rudell serving from 1948-50, Rev. Trask Waldo 1950-52. After holding services in the Church building at main and Euclid for years ground breaking services were held at the present sight on August 26, 1954. Building began two Days later and the present Structure now serves 62 families affiliated with the Assembly of god Church

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