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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1957, Page 72

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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune (Newspaper) - June 7, 1957, Albert Lea, Minnesota In Renaay Junt of Iva Albecki la Iki Buinz Danes led hard lives a Comfort of Little White churches needed As Waves of emigrants came to Prairies immigration from Denmark did not gather momentum until the i last half of the 19th Century j in 1850 there were Only about 2.000 Danes in this country but j by 1860 that number had increased to 10,000 and by 1870 there were to fewer than 85,000. During the latter part of the six ties a Small group of these Dan j Ash immigrants settled in Carl Ston township. These people endured the loneliness and the hardships of other j american pioneers. Often the i r j thoughts would go Back to their Homeland and to the Little White churches of the danish Countryside. They remembered with nostalgia the festivities of baptism confirmation wedding and communion services. It was there they had Sung their cherished danish hymns of Praise and thanksgiving. To begin with they sought to satisfy their need by gather i n g from time to time in private Homes for a worship service in their Mother Tongue. The Rev. E. Wulfsberg a norwegian a s t o a conducted these services. The congregation was organized feb. 23. 1873, to become the first danish lutheran congregation to be founded in Minnesota. Rev. Wulfsberg continued to serve them occasionally. But As their families grew in numbers the desire to have a resident pastor among them also grew so that they might provide More abundantly for the spiritual welfare of their children and themselves. Thus in 1876, j. J. Danielson a Dane came to live among them. He was to serve the congregation on two thirds of the sundays of the year and the other sundays he was free to serve others who might need his services vision was made to sell the Rural the Church records show that he parsonage and apply the Money served people in Sherburn Jack from its Sale on the congregation son Albert Lea and surrounding a1 debt. For some years the Pas first pastor a the Rev. Einer Wulfsberg was the first pastor of the West Freeborn Church. He served the congregation from 1867 to 1873. His son the Rev. Jacob Wulfsberg was also pastor of the Church. He ministered to the West Freeborn congregation for 28 years until his death in january 1955. Hollandale organized their Kirke by the Rev. K. A. Dykstra a few families joined together in Hollandale in 1922 and formed the Hollandale reformed Church. The first Church service was held on sunday March 5, 1922 at the Home of p. Louters. On March 4, 1922, or and mrs. J. H. Nyenhuis and family moved from Alton Iowa to join a few other people in Hollandale. The group holding the first services was composed of the families of j. H. Nyenhuis p. Louters Haiko Veldman and Arie int veld. The first sunday there was too per cent attendance of 20 persons. Nyenhuis read the Sermon and conducted the service. Dutch psalms were Sung. The Sec o n d sunday the service was led by Louters. On March 19, 1922, a sunday school was organized with mrs. Nyenhuis As the teacher. The next month services were held in the Bungalow on Geneva Lake the Home of g. H. Payne. On two sundays of each month ministers came from the reformed churches in Northwestern Iowa to conduct the services. The Rev. Grooters and the Rev. J. P. De Jong were among the very first ministers to preach to this Little band of Chris fans. Payne donated an Organ and also two dozen hymn books and some chairs. On aug. 22, 1922, a petition containing 18 names was sent to the Classis of East Sioux asking for organization. By that time five More families had joined the orig i n a i few. They were the families of t. Van Kiligen g. Groeneweg Henry Kroeze and c. P. Rapt y a making a total of 45 souls. Request granted Classis East Sioux granted the request for organization and on memorial Church built 1878 a the North round Prairie memorial Church has been restored and preserved by Igan Tius Bjorlee. This is the Interior of the Church which was erected in 1878 and the lot Cost the congregation $12. The Cost of the Church building was $1,380. It was used until the Union of churches in 1917. Areas tor lived in a rented House. Since in a permanent fund from which by it Shin i a vice continued to be this did not prove satisfactory a Only the interest is to be used for held in private in the parsonage in Alden was Bon i in the Upkeep of the cemetery. The school House until 1883 when it was 1910. T Fay the Zuan a t h e a Wirth to m Church in sep the work progressed Steadi i y. In 1954 the addition to the Timber of that same year the on june 3, 1923. The congregation Church property was built. With re Rah we dedicated at a special celebrated its .79 year Jubilee in the increase of the number of Chil service to which All friends in the the Carillon Church with five guest urn in sunday school the old a Servile to 1,Lin a sneakers duties in the basement became Synod had been invited thro u g h weaker Fei Tiv too Small. A baud Long 0ommiuee this was the last major Festi was appointed. This comm 11 e e Val held in the old car i s t o n presented a plan for expansion of Church in the Spring Light n i n g the Church the struck the Church and it burned to the ground. This was a great the Channel of the official synodical paper a Dane Virkey. Built parsonage in 1885 a parsonage was built across the Road dire Cuy East of the Church. to Many and especially to steadily and in few remaining pioneers who the synodical convention. The decision to build the synodical College and Seminary. Grand i e w a d College Des Moines was made at a a App tire this meeting. The congregation has not undertaken the task of having the synodical meeting since that time loved the Little Church at the four Road Comer. An old landmark had appeared. The Carlston Church was not rebuilt. In the next few years the basement in the Alden Chur c h was improved and the Parish or. I Hall out in Carlston was sold. Thus rite congregation the am n be 25th year Jubilee in 1898 with Joy of thanksgiving to kid for Tho i err a Fellowship and blessings that had then in june of 1943. The Eon in ruin a a a Iii a in a till a Quot a Quot a let Gaspa celebrated again. This years of material and spiritual time t it a n divers Ary of the growth As time passed the a a a cd for a gathering place for the youth became More and More urgent. Therefore the congregation built a Parish Hall a in 303. This too. Was dedicated at a memorable occasion at which Rev. Knudsen then of Tyler Minn was guest speaker when the Church was built All sen and the Rev. Holger p. Jorgen sen were guest speakers. Again in 1948, there was Celebration for their 75th anniversary. All the tonner pastors who were still living and residing in this country were invited and honoured on this occasion. Through the years three song of the congregation s members were the congregation have gone Forth Rural and lived around the Church to serve in the ministry of the As time went on this situation Church. The Rev. Harris Jesper gradually changed As More and sen is now serving a Home mis More of the members lived in the Sion Church at Circle p i n e a Village of Alden. Many of these Minn. The late revs. H. C. Strand were older people and had no Way Skov and n. C. Strandskov a re of transportation out to the Church adopted sons of the congregation this gave Rise to the possibility of having come with their pare n t s building a second Church build from Denmark and having settled ing in town. That decision w a s in this Community made and in the fall of 1906, the the year 1953 will especially Lew Church in Alden was dedicate be remembered b e c a u s e of two Al with guest speaker the Rev. K. Events. The name of the Church c. Bodholdt officiating assisted by was changed from the Alden Carl a second guest pastor Jens Jor. Stun danish Luther Gensen. The first lutheran now with two places of worship Den. In the past it had been a it seemed both desirable and sex linguistic Church serving Pratti pediment to have the pastor live in rally Only the danish speaking peo Alden. Much debate arose for it Pilc. But with the third generation of $5,000 from Jena Petersen to the Carlston cemetery necessitated a Complete remaking of the cemetery Laws. His gift was placed of. 22, 1922, the organization was effected. Mrs. T. Van Wolgin is the Only charter member still living in Hollandale. Arie int veld though not a charter member is also still in the Church. In the fall of 1922 a Chapel was erected by the Albert Lea farms company on lots donated by g. H. Payne. This building is now the parsonage. In 1923 the first consistory or governing body was elected. J. H. Nyenhuis and Henry Kroeze were elected elders and Martin Grotenhuis and c. P. Kap ten were elected deacons. Soon the Chapel could not hold the growing congregation. The Central school building was built and services held in the basement until the present Church Sanctuary was completed in 1927. Four organizations were formulated in 1923. The dutch ladies Aid the american ladies Aid the girls Volunteer band and the Christian Endeavor society All came into being in this year. Three of these organizations continue. The fourth the girls Volunteer band outgrew their name and later adopted the name of the women a missionary society. Had choir Early very Early in the history of the Church a choir was formed and continues to Aid the congregation in worship each sunday. In 1950 a brotherhood was organized. In the same year another organization plan was rejected the feeling be ing that a completely new Church should be built. The group was not ready to build a new Church at that time and therefore decided to build a temporary p a r i so House. The first lutheran Church of Alden has at present membership of 300 baptized members 215 confirmed members and 160 communicant members. The Rev. Vagn Duus. The present pastor has served the congregation since 1951. Doctrinal dispute a North lutheran Church Long was an Independent by Ignatius Bjorlee the congregation usually designated As the North la t h e r a n Church comprised a membership that separated itself from the Mother Church and for 50 years was an Independent unit. The Church they built is now privately owned and is preserved As a memorial to the Pioneer founders. Our forefathers when they first came had their bibles Hyrn n books a Apo still and Catechi s in with them. These they read and studied to a degree that had is them into norwegian gave his report. After a lengthy discussion the document was unanimously adopted. Selected trustees trustees for the coming year were nominated from the floor in the following order Elias Bjorlee Ole Jacobson and Torger Tosten son. John Nelson was chosen Deacon. Of the three men named for trustees Elias Bjorlee was recorded As Elias Jesperson and this in spite of the fact that he persistently refused to adopt the a a Sony to abolished definite convictions i n name of his father. Torger Toston their minds. Failure to agree on son later assumed the family name some Points which were considered of Jahr. Ole Jacobson was known to be vital caused strife and re by the surname of Baalrud suited in withdrawal by a considerable number of families from the Mother Church. Thus disunion caused a cleavage in 1868 which lasted for 50 years or until the Union of lutheran churches in 1917. Demands of the Large territory the trustees were authorized to negotiate for services to be held on alternate dates at the Kalstad schoolhouse and at the Egbertson schoolhouse at twin lakes. The cemetery plot which later became the new Church site was purchased from Niles Larson. The congregation paid $12. This plot where the cemetery remains was considered to be the very Center of the congregation arca. It was described As bordering on the twin lakes and Shell Rock Glenville Road cast and West and Midway Between the two roads going North and Touth. In 1872, the congregation numbered 200 souls. Money was scarce and at times the trustees were authorized to accept wheat in Exchange for the annual dues of the Church. Frequently they drove from House to House to collect a Bushel of Grain to meet obligations. The size of the Church was decided upon and slight enlargements recommended at two different. Times. Originally the Cost of t h e re emn b2_.awmikl Church Mil mated a a $1 200 but it mounted to $1,380. Nils Bessesen of Albert Lea was builder and architect. Harmony prevailed Harmony prevailed Between the two congregations and joint sunday school was frequently co Sld meeting the subject for discussion was a parochial school. The chairman presented various suggestions that had been made at a District meeting. Each family might be asked to contribute $2 annually and confirmed members not married the succeeding group in \ .i.ii, end a a a a in Ino a a a Nan uni neuf Wuhu Ter termed the North or United la i a ered finally the Union of churches tent Chapel gave Church Start Here Theran Church held their of Reanza. A an cd 25 cent a or he of Quot a troll Medius nov. 30. 1870 the lady the Sug Geaton a. Favourably Rev. Botolf Geldaker pastor of received. The Silver Lake Church. A. Invited a a curl Troffer be earn. Ute to preside at the meeting. Follow-1flrs�?~ Par actual school Acher to Muttee Nicholas o. Nelson. O. H serve the congregation. His salary Knudson and Nils h. Hoyne. They was set at $12 a month. School was to be held five Days a week. Was realized and at the annual meeting dec. 5, 1917, it was unanimously voted to accept the recommendations of a special com Pioneer of ministers versatile any Reader of Early Minnesota history will find the constantly recurring name of William t. Bout Well. The versatility and the travels of this Man were remarkable. He was known in Many places in Northern Minnesota and in the Chippewa country. He was a missionary at Leech Lake and he spent Many years fighting the liquor Trade and serving the Frontier of the Whiteman on the headwaters of the St. Croix. This Man was born in 1802. He attended Dartmouth College and was prepared for the presbyterian ministry at Andover. He had an unusual interest in the c h i a pea people and determined to give his life to Christian service on what was later to become the Frontier of Minnesota. He came to the Indian country in 1831. The first year was spent in learning the Chippewa language. The 1832 the reverend Boutwell was Given an unusual privilege. He accompanied in r. Schoolcraft in that great expedition that led to the discovery of the source of the Mississippi River. The services which he held at fond do Lac the head of navigation on the St. Louis River were notable and the Sermon that he preached May Well have been among the first in Minnesota. There were some 400 people at the rapids some White some Indian anti Many half Way Between the two. Boutwell first preached to some 40 in English. He talked to about double this number in Chippewa with George Johnson As Tho interpreter. Then flanked by the chief and his interpreter be held important Council for the expedition. Ing scripture Reading and prayer Jacob Larson was chosen Secretary. The honorable Simon Rustad of Northwood who had prepared the necessary articles of incorporation having also translated alternate services Spect Lve groups to vote for Union at their next annual conventions. Officers at the time of the Union were Nils h. Hoyne o. H. Knudson Charles Kittilson Henry Johnson Nicholas o. Nelson and the custodian was Anton Amundson. Pastors who served the North round Prairie lutheran Church were Bottolf b. Geldaker 1870-1874 Ole Nilsen 1874-1876 Lar la. Tosdal 1876-1885 Paul g. Ost by 1885-1890 Nils e. Boe 1890-1900 Alfred l. Huus 1909-1910 Nib eleven acting1910-1911 and Oscar c. Brenna 1911 1818. Among prominent families a a Pearing in the history of this Church Are Amundson Bakken Bjorlee Bracken Haas e r s s o a Hoyne Hoine Iverson Jahr Jac reported that they had met with a similar committee from the Synod Obson Kittelson Kjos Knudson congregation and agreed to rec Kvan Langset Larson Nelson displace of worship was next Dis commend that both congregations Sal Hallrud Tostenson and tron cussed and in order to meet the instruct the delegates of their re son. A tent pitched on North Bridge Street in 1935 opened the Wesleyan methodist movement in Albert Lea at a ministerial convention held at Waterloo Iowa in 1932 the Wesleyan methodists were invited to for Young girls was formulated the come to Albert Lea to hold revival King s daughters. The Church had meetings. The Rev. And mrs. Clar the first daily vacation Bible ence Budensiek then came in 1935. School that year. A Junior Chris in August of that year katrina Tian Endeavor was organized in ruse and Stella Wood visited the 1955 Field and assisted with the tent j in the summer of 1923 w. H. Meetings. From August 14 until pie it who was a student at Wes september 2 the Rev. And Mari. In ii Tern theological Seminary hoi Ham r. French continued the an it mich., came to minister to Campaign. The congregation. Upon his Grade on aug. 15, 1935, Henry i Reb Aton nex Gummer he came Singer donated $500 to Ald in the be Fofi moving from building of a Church. In september a ? i to 25 iy27 a lot was purchased at the Corner her p at q r g have a a it an Church to of Johnson Harding and Marshall termer 1928 to 19m Herman Church of Al streets the first Jwta la the. Harmelink. 1935 to 1943 Bart Van new Church was dec.15, 1935 hug on m 8 services had been Brid in too Home r a Dykstra v to came a i la m m a rpm it when it be Mardy. 1950 and continues Unn Orth Bridge Street when it Bt-1 was especially difficult for the old of Young people of danish extrac came too cold to use the tent. They l,rts11 Niew a r i 1 the Church is now governed by to men. The five elders Are hem or members to accept any change Tion taking Over the membership in the Plant they had organized bringing in mates of other foreign and built. However in 1906, the de extraction the Church had ceased being linguistic. Secondly the gift it it it were also conducted in the Parson age 718 Sheridan. ,. _ a a the first revival meeting held a a a a old a an a of Ayer in nov and june 1936, with j�11� a. Imu Jot and evangelist the Rev. C. S. Weigel. Henry Reynen. Five deacons Are a. Pastor of the first Wesleyan Vanwyngeeren. Robert a l v e y. Methodist Church. Independence Lindy Heyerman. Harold Pepper Lowa officiating. The evangelistic a old harm Kuiper. Singer Marion Miller was also of i he t Hutch has shares of Al Independence. The second special Mancial support in one foreign mis meeting was held in november a a any and one Domestic missionary 1936 the Rev. James j. Sullivan beside the support of All phases of conducted the meeting. The organization of the first Wesleyan methodist Church of Al work within the denomination. During these years the Church has grown from a Small beginning newest of two a the first lutheran Church of Alden in the Village was the second building belonging to the congregation. In 1883 a Church building was erected outside of town since most of the congregation lived in the Rural areas. This was known As the Carlston Church. Gradually More of the members began moving into Alden and the congregation thought it expedient to build an other Church in the Village which was done in 1906. The last festival held in the old Carlston Church was the 50th anniversary in 1923. Lightning struck the Church in the Spring of that year and burned it to the ground. Bert 1� took place june 7, 1936, of just a few people to a Toutt Rega at the close of the evangelistic lion of nearly 150 families the Campaign by Rev. Weigel. Sunday school has grown from a parsonage wag purchased in one class to an average attendance 1936 from Allen a Bisbee at 625 of about 245 each sunday. Marshall. In october katrina ruse. And Stella Wood moved from 718 Amie Emic Praia cd Sheridan into the new parsonage. I v r the women. Home and foreign. New Mission society Vias organized in it it it a from Bolivia to the United december 1935, the Young mis Date has praised american mis Sio Ary worker band also in that 5,0,1 a chop la no so tor month and the Young people s so p1 caring democratic Leader. I Doty in August 1938 a on Victor Andrade told a i through the years the Wesley-1 a Cerit meeting of protestant mis an methodists have held revue a Ion Deaden gathered at the Anam prayer meetings with special mul dinner of the committee on speakers and evangelist singers j cooperation in l Atin America the superstructure of the Church Quot against an often turbulent poli began to be constructed in 1939 tick background the steady in Ftp with labor willingly donated by the knee of the american Mission Church members. In 1941 the schools in my country has served Church Bell was installed which had been purchased or $25. Finally on nov. 8, 1942, dedication services were held. Caves Nave been dug in lifts along the Mississippi River at St. Paul Uke those of Roque fort France to right in roquefort cheese. To awaken the social consciousness of the he said the american Institute in la Paz Bolivia has been the main source of his country s democratic leaders. Their Christian training he said was largely responsible for Many of the reforms under taken in the a new Bethlehem lutheran Church Myrtle Minnesota Otto c. Staehling schedule of services 9 00 school 9 15 am. Bible class 10 00 worship Calendar of activities Luther league 8 00 pm 1st sunday ladies Aid 2 00 pm 1st wednesday brotherhood 8 00 pm last tuesday serving the Community since 1876

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