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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1957, Page 57

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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune (Newspaper) - June 7, 1957, Albert Lea, Minnesota Hayward lutheran Parish Oakland Baptist Church has served Community for full half Century by mrs. C. L. Freeman the great great granddaughter of the earliest recorded member of the Oakland Baptist Church was recently wed in the Church. The Bride was Janet Fawver daughter of Louisa Earl Fawver and Lloyd Fawver whose great great grandmother was mrs. Harvey Louisa Earl. Mrs. Earl s membership letter is dated May 16, 1869. The brides ancestors have worshipped at the Church for four generations. Pastors from the Austin Baptist Church held meetings in the Bowhead schoolhouse Southwest of Oakland Village on sunday afternoons in about the 1870 s. The Rev. C. D. Bolden conducted some of the a services. Worship later was held in Oakland with another denomination. The Baptist people later raised Money to build their own Church. One of those who collected funds for building a it As Thomas j. Lightly of the older generation of lightly Brothers. The contractor and head Carpenter a Alexander a. Green Grandfather of the present electrical inspector. Frank Kearns. Green was assisted by Many local men among them George Scullin Charley Eullin Abe Newell. Harry King and George d. Frisbie son of Stephen f. Frisbie. One of the first county commissioners of Freeborn county. Among gifts presented to the Church were a Large pulpit Bible from mrs. Maria lightly Ogden and the pulpit which was Given by mrs Mary Pace. She was the wife of Philo e. Pace w to owned and operated a Village store. Mrs. Pace was a Good Cook and often served meals to salesmen travel i n g through the area. The salesmen responded generously when. After partaking of one of her Fine dinners she broached the subject of the new Church and the net to for pulpit furniture. Almost everyone contributed a Dollar to the fund. Dedicate building on june 26. 1895, the building was dedicated. The Oakland group held their membership in the Austin first Baptist Church which supplied pastors for sunday services. They were held every sunday afternoon along with sunday school. In the fall of 1926 the Austin Church discontinued sending their pastor to Oakland. After a few years of Union services with another denomination and sharing the is me pastor the Baptist group decided to go by themselves. A student pastor from the Northwestern Bible school in Minneapolis was called. Later on a resident pastor w As called from the school. He and his family took up residence in the Village in 1946. There have been resident pastors Ever since. In 1947 a new Side Entrance with Tibule and cloakroom was built. Albert Lea Tribune. Friday june 7, 1957 Oakland Baptist Church a dedication services were held june 26, 1895. At the Oakland Baptist Church. Early services were held in the Bowhead schoolhouse Southwest of Oakland Village. The Rev. Cecil Siefkes is the present pastor. A basement was built with movable panels for the four sunday school rooms. A new Coal room was added later. As the Church had been entirely self supporting since 1926, it was voted sept. 15, 1949, to sever All connections with the Austin Church and organize As a separate and Independent Church. A Constitution and by Laws was drawn up and the proper Legal papers were made out and filed in the court House in Albert Lea. The Date of incorporation was june 27, 1950. The following pastors from the Austin first Baptist Church have served the Oakland Baptist Church since the 1870�?Ts c. D. Sel Den Stanley Hallowell. Whitney f. L. Anderson Sayles a Hazen Carstens w. L. Riley John Mcfarlane and h. Hamilton. L. Mccauley and r. D. Annand served while Union services were being held. Sent missionaries three Young people of the Church have gone out As missionaries to the foreign Field. Two have gone to Africa and one to South America. The latter Wayne Barber is still in the Field. The trustees and deacons who have served the Church since about 1900 were t. J. Lightly George d. Frisbie Edward Lugg sr., c. H. Lightly Walter Wiseman John Bennett l. B. Eddy c. L. Freeman Leslie Barber w. G. Schroe Der Frank Barber a. A. Sorenson Rudolph Behn Myron Fawver Leonard Behn Charles Snyder and Daryl Behn. Besides the regular sunday services there is a weekly prayer meeting. Two Young Peoples groups with weekly meetings and a ladles Aid which meets twice a month. Dur ing the summer a daily vacation Bible school is held for two weeks conducted by the pastor. The enrolment in the past two years has ranged from 84 to 98 pupils. Among the names on the Church Roll beginning at the time of connection with the Austin Church to the organization As an Independent Church and to the present time Are Anderson Askelson Arett an air Archer. Barber Barclay Behn Bennett Bird Christianson Cole Cox Dearmin Devi e a Dysslin Earl Eddy Ekedal Esterby Fawver Freeman Frisbie Fero Gregg Haney Hatch Harris Hogan Kearns Knappen King lightly Lugg Mccourt Mccullough Melster Miner Morgan Nelson Newell Nielsen Norton Nyenhuis Ogden Pace Pilgrim Puddicombe Ralph Register toot Rouze Scullin Schroeder Sherman Siefkes Snyder Sorenson Strouf Torrens Wiseman and Wyant. The student pastors have been Carl Barber David Hammer Wayne Barber Franklin Duerre Gerhart Meyer John Sheaffer Harvey Rakow and Robert Brian. Resident pastors were Morse Archer Kenneth Knappen and the present pastor the Rev. Cecil Siefkes who has served Here More than five years. The membership has More than doubled since organization As an Independent Church seven years ago. The sunday school under the leadership of superintendent Daryl Behn has the largest enrolment and attendance for Many years and continues to grow. The entire Interior of the main floor was redecorated last summer and new lighting fixtures were installed in the had school or in i a tor indians the first schools of Minnesota were founded More than to years before the creation of the territory. These were not Publ i c schools supported by Taxa 11 o n. They were schools at Frontier missions. One of the first of these schools was the a Lake Harriet miss Ion school for the Sioux. To those of Minneapolis it is interesting to know but hard to believe that some time Over a Hundred years ago there was hardly a White person who had Ever seen Lake Harriet. This body of water was skirted by Indian trails and the shores were the meeting and Hunting places of the Sioux. In 1836 Jedediah Stevens established the Lake Harriet so h o o i for both boarding and Day Indian students. He had a substantial enrolment and his school was described by major Taliaferro in charge of Indian affairs at fort Snelling. Stevens had posted up a program for his charges. The students were up at 5 30 in the morning and Abed at 8 30 in the evening. Six hours of the Day were devoted to classes and studies. Four hours were Given Over to the practical tasks of maintaining the school. There were four terms of 12 weeks each. Major Taliaferro attended an examination Day at the school on dec. To 1836. He heard the Young indians recite and listened to the classes in spelling Reading arithmetic and Geog a p h y. He described tile reactions of the natives As a capt and prompt a. Religious education in the Midwest got a boost when two local ministers founded a presbyterian College for women. The presbyterians ran out of funds and had to close Down the College Here in Albert Lea. In 1923 the buildings were taken apart piece by piece and the materials were used to build a warehouse and garage in the Southern part of the City. A modern St. Pau Lemmons named for a family of farm folks the state line Lake it a half mile Northeast of Emmons and Bear Lake is a mile and a h a i f Northwest of Emmons. H. G. Emmons came to Section 32, Nunda township in 1856. In 1864 the old state line Post office was established at his farm. In 1888 his sons started a store on the present site of the Village. When it was found that the Railroad was not to Stop at that Point the store was moved a mile South to Norman in Iowa. In 1886, shortly after the store was moved an elevator was built and in a Little while a. N. Flaten opened a general mercantile and hard Ware store. Emmons was incur p o r a t e d March 14, 1899. G. H. Emmona was president of the first Council. Geographer follows footsteps trod by soul of Tarsus in his wanderings about 1,900 years ago St. Paul travelled through the near East carrying a message that would change the world. Today the National geographic society has found it would be impossible for an Apo sue to follow St. Paul a 12,000 mile path precisely. Nasonal boundaries Many heavily guarded Block the Way. David s. Boyer writer photographer on the society a foreign editorial staff reports on his attempts to Trace the footsteps of St. Paul from Jerusalem to Rome. To move a few feet Between the israeli and jordanian sectors of Jerusalem for instance Boyer had to Detour 650 Miles by Way of Cyprus itself a bomb wracked tension spot. In the saints time no passports or visas were needed for his travels. The whole Mediterranean area was one land the roman Empire. St. Stephen s Gate in Arab Jerusalem. There St. Paul first appeared on the world stage a As a persecutor of the Small sect that believed Jesus Christ was the Messiah. He watched and approved As St. Stephen was stoned to death for holding that belief. Known then As Saul the Saint to be had great Zeal in hounding the followers of Christ. He set off toward Damascus Syria where he expected to clap those heretics into chains and drag them to prison. But on the Way. Suddenly there shined round about him a Light from heaven and he fell to the Earth and heard a voice saying unto him Saul Saul Why persecute est thou me and he said who Art thou lord and the lord said i am Jesus whom thou persecute est. A a acts 9 3-5. The vision made St. Paul an apostle of Christ carrying the gospel to the gentiles. Boyer visited the places where St. Paul a Mission had taken him. These included Antioch Turkey where christians first called themselves by that name and Damascus where Paul a change of sides enraged his old friends and he was saved from them by being lowered in a Basket Down the City Wall. Ten making in Tarsus to his Birthplace Tarsus in what is now Turkey St. Paul returned to preach while sup Paphos on Cyprus the apostle converted the roman proconsul after dispensing with a heckling sorcerer. Paul called Down the Wrath of god. And the sorcerer was blinded. Boyer walked through the Cili Cian Gates a pass Cut through turkeys Toros mountains in 1,000 b. C. Here St. Paul staff in hand trudged toward Europe. Centuries later the crusaders bringing the same Faith Back to the land of its origin were to use the pass going the other Way. On Malta the stage was set for conversion of the islanders when a Miracle protected St. Paul from the effects of a Viper bite. The devout present Day maltese seem to have named about half their sons Paul Boyer found. Boyers pilgrimage ended As St. Paul a had. In Rome. There the Saint suffered martyrdom for his Faith. Washington arms two american presidents Art associated with the Lake area of eng land. In St. Martins Church in Windermere Are blazoned the Washington family arms plated there by an ancestor of George Washington. Woodrow Wilson visited the Lake District several times. There Are persons still living who can it member him tramping and bicycling around the Countryside. Now a National Park the District i is not uninhabited As Are Many of those in the United states. For generations the land has been Farmer and cottages and farm buildings form a part of its visual Charm. The British Are working to prevent modern encroachments such As Power lines and gift Andrew Carnegie gave $850,000 toward the building of the pan american building the remainder being contributed by the countries represented in the pan american Union. God sends his spirit not Only to help but to Lead us on. So that we build better than we know. We come freely into his methods we Are made to carry out his plan this is the guarantee of an Sterne i Success. A Riddle. Thou Sovereign Power whose Cret will controls the inward Bent and motion of our souls. A prior god sent his singers u p a it n Earth with songs of sadness Anc to mirth that they might touch the hearts of men. And bring them Back to he to. Again. A Longfellow. Congregations of the evangelical lutheran Church As Early As 1915, the pastor of the Salem lutheran Church in Albert Lea had held services in Alden. As interest grew it was decided to form a congregation and this was accomplished in july of 1917. The present Church was dedicated on november 2, 1930, and with the exception of minor additions and improvements has served the congregation since then. Services activities. Sunday school Luther league brotherhood altar Guild 3 choirs 5 missionary circles senior Bible study group senior amp Junior confirmation classes the Rev. Roy Moh Rod pastor sunday school .9 45 . Bible study group. 10 00 a in. Divine worship .11 00 a in. Summer schedule in effect during the months of june july and August Grace English evangelical lutheran Church Alden sunday school 9 45 . Worship 11 00 . Trondhjem lutheran Church 4 mile South. I Milo West of Oakland worship 4 30 . Sunday school 10 30 . Arthur m. Vorhes pastor Hayward. Minn. Bein justified by Faith we have peace with god through our lord a but chm roman. 5 1. Quot we invite you to worship with us Quot first Chapel of Grace Church a i Hayward lutheran Church Hayward

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