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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1957, Page 56

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Albert Lea Centennial Tribune (Newspaper) - June 7, 1957, Albert Lea, Minnesota Albert Lea Tribune Friday Jun. 7,1 to stat. Theodore s parochial schools enrolment 1956-57.460 pupils St. Theodore s Catholic school. I9ii-57pope Pius i on Christian education of youth Quot it is therefore As important to make no mistake in education As it is to make no mistake in the Pursuit of the last end with which the whole work of education is intimately and necessarily connected. In fact since education consists essentially in preparing Man for what he must be and for what he must do Here below in order to attain the Sublime end for which he was created it is Clear that there can be no True education which is not wholly directed to Man s last end and that in the present order of Providence since god has revealed himself to us in the person of his Only Begotten son who alone is Quot the Way the truth and the life Quot there can be no ideally perfect education which is not Christian . Quot education is essentially a social and not a Mere individual activity. Now there Are three necessary societies distinct from one another and yet harmoniously combined by god into which Man is born two namely the family and civil society belong to the natural order the third the Church to the supernatural order. In the first place comes the family instituted directly by god for its Peculiar purpose the generation and formation of offspring for this reason it has priority of nature and therefore of rights Over civil society. Nevertheless the family is an imperfect society since it has not in itself All the Means for its own Complete development whereas civil society is a perfect society having in itself All the Means for its Peculiar end which is the temporal Well being of the Community and so in this respect that is in View of the common Good it has pre Eminence Over the family which finds its own suitable temporal perfection precisely in civil society. The third society into which Man is born when through baptism he receives the divine life of Grace is the Church a society of the supernatural order and of Universal extent a perfect society because it has in itself All the Means required for its own end which is Tho eternal salvation of Mankind hence it is supreme in its own Domain. Consequently education which is concerned with Man As a whole individually and socially in the order of nature and in the order of Grace necessarily belongs to All these three societies in due proportion Correl pending according to the disposition of divine Providence to the coordination of their respective from the encyclical letter of Pius i on Christian education of youth. 1929. The parochial school i american education by msgr. Bernard p. Mangan readers of the Public press will no doubt have noted the unusual interest which has been directed towards private schools and the Catholic parochial school system in particular during the past few years. Some of this interest has been engendered by the enemies of the private and parochial school systems and some by those who would reduce All american education to a stiff and colourless common denominator of uniformity. Those who would destroy the Catholic parochial school system give Only lip service to the democracy and democratic principles which they pretend to profess and uphold. They would deny to their Fellowman the rights which Are granted within the framework of the Constitution of the United states and to promote their counterfeit democracy they would make education totalitarian. The most precious treasure of any american is his Freedom under god. This treasure comes to him Basic airy through his Christian heritage which asserts Man s personal responsibility to his creator for his temporal and eternal salvation. Men a not machines determined to a particular Mode of activity but rather Are they free beings with Liberty to do what they ought to do within the framework of commonly held principles of Justice decency and Law. To preserve this Freedom America must teach Freedom and if must teach the difference Between License and Freedom it is in the schools of the nation Preemie Italy that this educative process is carried on. It is in the classrooms of the nation that the principles underlying our Christian concept of human Liberty must be defined and inculcated if future generation a re to appreciate and defend it. But that this be done it is an absolutely necessary condition that the schools of America should themselves to get guaranteed their rightful Freedom to teach the truth. Throughout its history our nation has been blessed with educational Freedom. Her private and parochial schools and her state supported schools have thrived Side by Side not As senile instruments of government policy or monopoly but As Independent agencies devoted to the task of duct hug the youth of America to meet the duties which Are imposed by an ordered democracy. It is True that these private and parochial school serve a minority in America but it would be utterly unrealistic to belittle a school system in which i .000,000 Young americans Ara currently receiving their education. Though they receive a part of their support from Public taxes the private and parcel ital schools arg in integral part of the american educational system. They perform their educational obligations with a sense cry thoroughness and dedication second to none these schools will remain a permanent and a very import t part Ai that system As Long As our nation retains its spirit of Freedom. Is faithful to the principles of Justice and due process of Law Aud is wary of the activities of powerful totalitarian minded pressure groups. It is often forgotten nowadays that private and Church related schools were the first in the american education Field and that they occupied the Field alone for almost Taro centuries Many of our most noted citizens were products of title educational system and it was from these schools that they carried with them the guiding intellectual and moral impulse which led to the establishment of american Freedom and the philosophy of democracy which has distinguished the history of this nation. As catholics we feel a special Pride in recalling the valiant efforts of our religious for bearers in this country to provide for the educational needs of their people from their slender resources. Through them was developed a system of Catholic education in America which has become an intimate part of our cultural growth and deeply rooted in the traditions and aspirations of her people. The Catholic school is no Allen import but a sturdy native product an outstanding example of a common religious impulse working under the favourable conditions of our Republic. If the tremendous growth of the tax supported schools to this land is a tribute to americans Zeal for learning a it surely is it also deserves to be said in All Candor that the record of the Catholic schools is even a More impressive example at the american spirit at work they have grown and prospered without the advantage of Public funds or the prodding of legislative enactment but solely by the free co operation of those whose philosophy of life was rooted in supernatural soil. And who realized that if a Man was to be s Good american he must first of All be a god Loving. God fearing citizen who would regard it As a commandment of god that he should love his Fellowman As himself and respect his rights. As catholics we w Ould have it fully understood by All that the parochial school system in America exists not by Sufferance but by right. This right is implicit in the whole concept of american Freedom and immunity from totalitarian oppression. In the celebrated Oregon school Case of 1925, this right under attack was rendered explicit by the supreme court of the United states. This in part is what the court wrote a the fundamental theory of Liberty upon which All governments in this Union repose excludes any general Power of the state to standardize its children by forcing them to accept instruction from Public teachers Only. There Are those totalitarian minded citizens of the United states of America who would it Given an Opportunity ruthlessly suppress All non Public school education they would abrogate the democratic rights of others and claim for themselves a monopoly in the education of youth. It is this kind of in americanism which is but slightly concealed in a brochure entitled Public education the future of american which a published in Washington in 1955 by the educational policies commission of aka and the american association it school administrators. This brochure ignores the immense contributions of America s private schools. It assumes the desirability of an educational monopoly by the Public school system in fact the Booklet seems to make a Dogma of this Point. Private schools Are Urban Ely deplored As divisive separatist. Sources of an isolated form of education and in some vague Way a danger to the american Way of life. This sort of totalitarian thinking is not profound thinking it to the product either of a latent bigotry or of an ignorance of the purpose of education As Well As of the nature and destiny of Man and the american philosophy and heritage of Freedom. Apparently there Are certain very vocal segments of the Nea and other groups some of them religious unwilling to accept the hard facts of the american Way of lift and of the cultural and religious pluralism of the United states. They ring our democratic institutions which have always been poised be would. Of permitted Lay the foundation for destroying tween Unity and diversity to give that degree of Chal Enge and vigor essential to the Ufa and strength of thee institutions. It is indeed dangerous thinking to suppose that the private or parochial schools constitute a threat or an infringement am the Domain of Public tax supported schools. The fact of the matter is that the private and parochial schools Provoda a saving and challenging variety in the total educational system beneficial to the whole Aud manifestly fruitful in its effects. Without the private and parochial school systems something very precious would be lacking from the culture and mores of american life. In the Case of the parochial school it exists not Only to fulfil the function of education in our democratic society but specifically to educate the Christian for his dust citizenship in time and eternity. The children in Catholic schools Are taught not Only the Content of the generally accepted curriculum of studies As offered in tax supported schools but Over and above this they Are taught the tenets of the Christian religion and a philosophy of life which if observed will inevitably produce not Only educated but patriotic citizens. Catholics believe that to educate and train the intellect to the neglect of Man s moral Powers is to produce a dangerous monster. Man is not Only a creature with intellect but allo a creature with a will that needs training of it is to adhere to the Good in general and reject Ita opposite. What la the value of the highest intellectual training they ask of we Are morons in morals and religion. The mores of society will be those of its individual components. It is the Catholic philosophy of education that both individuals and society would readily become depraved of. Because of the neglect of religious and moral training they should forget their supernatural destiny indeed there seems to be More than a Little evidence that this depravity and disintegration at morals has already begun to appear in our society. This state of affairs cannot be said to be unexpected rather is it the logical consequent of the neglect to train our youth in the principles of morality and in a moral philosophy which begets moral behaviour. If a youth has never been taught these principles one cannot be surprised of his behaviour becomes immoral and unprincipled. You do not expert figs to grow on thistles and you should not expert moral behaviour from one who has never been inculcated with the motives and sanctions for this behaviour. Imagine for instance what our future generations of teen agers will be. Of the apparent disintegration of the Home and Public mores continues and the delinquents of one generation become the parents of possibly More delinquent offspring. In his Farewell address George Washington admonished his fellow citizens upon the supreme value of religious education the Type of education which is imparted in every Catholic parochial school. He spoke As follows on this subject a of All the dispositions and habits which Lead to political Prosperity religion and morality Are indispensable supports. Whatever May a conceded to the influence of refined education of minds of Peculiar Structure reason and experience both forbid us to expect that National morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles. This conviction of the father of our country la justified by Tbs verdict of All time by the students of government All the world Over. It seems to be justified too by the verdict of All thoughtful citizens who Are familiar with the contemporary a Cene in the United states. Their observations convince them More and More that our problems Ara basically and essentially spiritus and that the nation needs much More than the Brief weekly period spent in Church by a minority or a the Moat wasted hour in the week Quot spent by s Small number of children to be fashioned into a More wholesome and moral of less indulgent Way of Ufa. A Catholic believes that without morality Man can be a artist monster and that he is without morality to the extent that he la a iterate in religion and in the moves and sanctions for upright living. He believes that by ignoring religion or minimizing its significance the Power that sustains and the authority that sanctions All human conduct Are wanting and that without religion morality re i on shifting Sands Aud will not survive the Strain end stress of the terms of life. It is for these and Many other compelling reasons that catholics Are wit Ling even at the Cost of great financial sacrifices to themselves to operate their own schools in addition to bearing their fair share of the tax Burden to support the Public schools. Of then As Washington indicated and All history attests religion is so necessary to the survival of National morality and indeed National survival the american Flag has no better Friend than the Catholic parochial school. Dally it teacher the lessons which Moat vitally concern the Well being of the nation it impresses upon the mind of the child that All authority is ultimately from god and that All Laws derive their binding Force from him that patriotism is a virtue binding in conscience that a crime against the state is a sin against god and that Man must one Day Render an account of his life to the eternal judge of men every parochial school child is taught that it will profit nothing if a Man gain the whole world and yet suffer the loss of his immortal soul through his disregard for the Laws of god and Man. This is the Type of education which we believe to be the mainstay of the nation. In virtue of the moral principles and supernatural philosophy of life which the Catholic parochial school teaches we feel that it is simply impossible for a Man to be a Good Catholic without at the same time being a Good citizen of the state we do not claim that Catholic parochial schools have no faults we do not claim that they Are always the Best equipped or that their buildings Are always the finest in the land. A though they compare very favourably with any others on these Points a but we do claim that no school system in the land can surpass or even equal the Catholic parochial school in the effective training in morality and the responsibility of citizenship which it imparts to its pupils. The Catholic schools Are proud of the fact that in their Long history they have not produced a traitor to the nation. From their god cons bus classrooms have not Rome the Alger hisses the Harry Dexter it bites the Silver masters. The Rosenberg the Green glasses and others who would sell their country for 30 pieces of Silver. We cannot escape the fact that we Are what we think and that our thinking is the product of the principles which motivate us. If our thinking is founded on a bed Rock of sound moral training such As is Given in every Catholic parochial school in the land then we shall always relish our Freedom and be prepared if necessary to give up our lives for Bur land and its sacred institutions if our principles do not have this foundation then we cannot be surprised of we find Jud ases in our midst. What then is the place of the Catholic school la America their place is one dictated by nothing More than Justice and equity. They have full right to be regarded and considered is important components of the american educational system integrated into the life and traditions of the nation As completely As the Public schools and entitled to the same Legal Protection and immunities. They claim no special advantageous treatment but they do claim the right of their pupils to Benefit from All measure Grants and aids designed for the welfare of american youth. Irrespective of the school attended. In a word the Catholic parochial schools claim to be dealt with As schools for americans and they reject with vehemence the totalitarian principle that Only tax supported schools Are

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