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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1937, Page 6

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - September 23, 1937, Albert Lea, Minnesota Pace soc the evening Tribune. Albert i a. Minn. Iloffe thursday ski Timber is 1w? Era agent finds hts gloved Janet a gun and Prescott fanning a freshly shot body locked in a Cabin on fanning s yacht at Absalom Harbor my. Neill hides her near by in a disused liner then loins Mark Bonniger local investigator. Neill learns Janet did t shoot the flashy swindler but has to find out who did to eave her. He suspects queer Little Eyster who hated fanning end fanning s sex bodyguard Ira Buckless. He distrusts Kettering a lawyer Down from Baltimore to fish. The yacht is ransacked and Bonniger questions Buckless. Who tells Nellte a connect Hon with fanning. Chapter 34 Eyster can lie Quot this Fellows Story Only confuses the Issue a Ponninger said slowly. Quot a claims not to know the Girt and certainly the girl that the Crew have described would never have fallen for that brute a there was a silence. Kettering looked from one Man to another a Well i la be on my Way quoth said j heartily. A a got to get some sleep.�?�, he left them. When they were alone Bonniger said. Without look ing directly at Neill to took a Shine to you right at the Start Neill. Your offer to help me out seemed so Friendly. I said to myself this lad has the Mak Ings of a first rate criminologist he s Cool and he a Neill had dreaded this moment. Bonniger was such a Good fellow j and a gentleman. When he spoke i in this Friendly Way Neill had an overpowering desire to blurt out the whole truth betray Janet. Quot certainly is Nice of you to say so Quot he muttered Quot have you anything to say to me Quot Bonniger fooled with a Pencil. Quot Why no a Neill said assuming a look of Surprise. Quot if you were interested in this girl and fanning wronged you you could Tell me Quot sure i could Tell you but there a nothing in it a Quot a right. You came Down on the bus arriving Here at 7 46 on tuesday you Quot that a a what did you do hat dinner Quot a no. I had eaten in town. Estered at Wickes and sit Down on the store porch to Litten to the Village a who was there a a How can i Tell you. Mark it was dark and they were All stranger to me. There was one fellow i remember whom they addressed As a Jake Coker. You stay there a a not Long. Half an hour. Three quarters a then where did you go a eater for an Alibi that question brought Neill right tend to let the situation ride. His suspicions were thoroughly aroused. Morning was sure to bring a show Down. Well there was Only one Way to meet a showdown and that was to anticipate it. He and Janet must make a break to get away. Capture was almost certain. Nevertheless they must risk it. As soon As he had come to this conclusion. Neill Felt better he set to work to gather together his few belongings. Ten minutes later he started Down the stairs. It was past two of clock and the excitement had subsided. Nothing was to be heard except snores in various keys coming through the Flimsy doors As he passed. No lights were on. It was not customary to lock the hotel doors at night. Neill paused inside the front door to take a Prospect before venturing out. Across the Road there was a filling station under a canopy and a Street Light overhead. Neill studied the gasoline Pii Nijm. It was a natural hiding place. Sure enough while he watched a head stuck out. It bore the Cap of a state Constable. Neill Felt his Way softly Back through the Long dining room and through the swing door into the Kitchen. The Kitchen had windows on three sides he looked through first one then another. There were so Many hiding places outside a Ruth of min i Sheds fences it we As impossible to Tell if the door was being watched. Neill tried the expedient of rattling the door handle. Instantly the top of a head appeared around the Corner of a shed. He went Back upstairs with a hard Grin. The decision had been taken out of his bands. What must come must come. Copyright 1937, by Hulbert foot Ner Buckless Alibi is proved Neill s shaken tomorrow. Homer Hooper a Hafl Dout want to alarm Mut Helem. To Gnu i in new win. A menu Uewl i tapping on Walls it looks serious wonder in he imagines 5 looking for hidden Illel Llull a a Patent ode right Here \4 where i >0w Hli a f Tarrieu be Reg snug to Ains a amp s fooling us All nil a sgt Case. But maybe if we handle Hua right we can keep Hwa from getting violent i a amp re c a a Ocker Ock Mooty Madroma Mrtin Mack Friel is Camcy nervy in a my hotel looking Porth just Humm it pasturs of Uncle Rosso Felb Hon Are they getting on to Iti i. Haven said a word to anybody.1 scorch Smith trademark registered u. S. Patent office full Speed ahead iving Low in the cab scoff Chy and Tutsi in the Gauntlet unscathed.-. Stii Oaky Doaks trademark registered u. S. Patent office just ignore him Lulu Oakland mrs. Hana running and son i Reg-1 Clarence and mrs. George eatery visited at the Leo Cummings Home in Austin last thursday. Miss Mildred Nasby spent a few Days at the Clarence Wangen Home at Albert Lea. Or. And mrs. Matt Kuyper and daughter of Hollandale visited at the will Smith Home sunday. Mrs. Ben Legried and mrs. Anton How Long did Benesh visited relatives Iii Manchester wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Harvey Hanson and sons Raymond and Charles of Albert Lea spent a few Days last week at the John Brekke Home. Or. And mrs. Arthur tulle were what be y got be a knife the Gay thirties trademark registered u. S Patent office neighbourly neighbors trademark registered u. 8 Patent offic up against it. He thought of the crouching figure outside the window and his offers of Friendship. A have you noticed a Guy called Eyster who hangs around a a Well i struck up a kind of Friendship with Quot he does no to seem to be a very attractive sort of Quot perhaps not. But i was alone j we got to talking and afterwards be invited me up to his room for j Albert Lea callers tuesday. Miss Ruth Nordby of West mos cow spent Friday Aud saturday at the John Brekke Home. Or. And mrs. Archie Knutson and family spent sunday at the Ole Hyland Home. Mrs. Ben Legreid spent tuesday and wednesday at the Anton Benesh Home. Miss Genevieve Sheedy spent sunday in Fairmont. Or. Aud mrs. Martin Bridley via a drink. So we sat drinking and red at the Harry Nelson Home Sun chewing the a what did you talk about Quot Quot Good Laird Mark what do men talk about when they re drinking we just made a noise. I was with him until i went to Bonniger still avoiding Neillis Eye called a Constable and told him to see if he could find Eyster. To give Eyster time enough to get around to the front Neill detained the Constable by giving him a detailed description of the Man. While they waited Bonniger and Day. A group of friends gathered at Todd Park in Austin sunday for a picnic dinner in Honor of miss Mildred Benesh s birthday anniversary. I Leo Sheedy Aud friends from Austin spent the weekend at Clear Lake Iowa. Or. And mrs. Charlie Holmquist and Iver Nasby motored to the cities last sunday and spent the Day with relatives. A group of friends and relatives gathered at the John Nasby Home Neill discussed other aspects of the saturday evening in Honor of miss Case. The old Friendly feeling had Mildred Benesh and mrs. Oscar gone. Eyster sidled into the room with his insinuating Grin. A you want me or. Bonniger a a sit Down Quot said Bonniger a How Long have you been in Absalom so a since noon on a How did you come Here a a by taxicab from Baltimore Quot he went on to Tell the same tale he had related to Neill. Quot can you give me the name of the Driver or his License number or the name of the cab company Quot impossible or. Bonniger. I Nev Jer a what have you been doing since you got Here a a just tapering off. Ain t touched a drop in two Days Bonniger indicated Neill. Quot when did you first meet or. Wheatley Quot Quot he come on the bus tuesday evening. We got talking later and i asked him up to my room to crack the last bottle. We sat there drinking and chinning until this lad fell asleep in his chair. He take it. So i finished the eth bottle and then i woke him up and put him in his own Neill thought grimly this is a better liar than i Ani Quot what time was this a a something after a fall right. Much Eyster went out with his Over his shoulder Aud his darting inquisitively from face face. He wanted to hear More. Bonniger Rose and Flung his Pencil on the desk. A a let a go to bed Quot he said had overdone it. He was too obviously the glib and ready liar. Watchers in the night tired As he was it was Imposable for Neill to sleep. He dropped in a chair to dope things out. It was Clear that Bonniger did not in Wood birthday anniversaries. A social time continued until a late hour when mrs. John Nasby on behalf of the guests presented miss Benesh and mrs. Woods with gifts from the company. They graciously responded. A delicious lunch was served Buffet style. A Twenty pounds o Ano by the time the two Olp hot dog tycoons had completed their purchases the town tradesmen were fermenting with unrequited curiosity a and the Quot colonels Quot $500 was almost gone West Carlston or and mrs. Jake Mickelson and inner left Friday for racing wis. To visit at the Walter Anderson Home. The Anderson family were former residents of Alden j Walter Nelson and daughters a Dis and Arlean or. And mrs. H. K. J Nelson All of Alden and or. And mrs. Jim Nelson of Albert Lea All spent sunday at Rochester with i Harvey Mauseth w to is ill at St. Mary a Hospital. Or. And or. Olaf Mauseth or. I and mrs. Melvin Mauseth or. And mrs. John Jenson Hartel and Jean or. And mrs. Johannas Peterson and sons mrs. A. H. Peterson mrs. Jesperson and Sophus oved and Percy oved were among those head eyes to to attend a social gathering at the Guy Christ Nelson Home recently. Or. And mrs. Bernhardt Jesper son and Joan mrs. Ells Jesperson and Sophus oved All were tuesday evening guests at the hams Jesper a son Home it being Hans birthday. Or. And mrs. Johanns Peterson or and mrs. John Jenson. Or. And j mrs. Cart Matteson mrs. Louisa j Anna and Andrew Johnson mrs. Ella Jesperson and Sophus oved All Neill perceived that Bys ter j were monday evening guests at the Rev. Nielsen Home. It was mrs. Nielsen a birthday. Or. And mrs. Joe a Klasen or. And mrs. Dellas Duncan and daughter or. And mrs. Harold Hanson and children. Or. And mrs. Walter Schult and son or. Aud mrs Harry Nelsonia Lldena. Duncan and Dorothy Nadene and Elvis Ernest Abbee and miss Kensett or. And mrs. Otto Schults All were entertained at the Carl Schultz Home sunday it being Carlos birthday. Mrs. Louisa Anna and Andrew Johnson and or. And mrs. Henry Kernan motored to Mankato sunday and enjoyed a picnic dinner at Sibley Park. Vie and Jim Peterson Sophus and Percy oved All motored to Rochester saturday to spend the Day with Harvey Mauseth. Or. And mrs. Otto Schults motored to Hollandale saturday. Miss Jeanice Nelson left sunday for the cities where she will enter the Lawrence Academy. Or. And mrs. August Huper of Minnesota Lake or. And mrs. Edward Tatge and or. And mrs. Fred Gerber All of near Wells were sunday afternoon guest at the Fred Huper Home. Or. And mrs. Andrew Sorenson and Earl or. And mrs. Harold Sorenson and children erring Jenson Agnes Mickelson All of the cities or. And mrs. Hang Scottie Carl Jenson All were sunday afternoon and evening guests at the John Jenson Home. Mrs. Olaf Mauseth and son Reno. Mrs. H. K. Nelson mrs. Christ Nelson and Walter Krueger All motored to Rochester Friday to be with Harvey Mauseth who is in at St Mary a Hospital. Or. And mrs. Henry Nelson spent sunday afternoon with grandma Sundown stories or a to or a am Ronner the next night the next night they All came Back to puddle muddled All except Chubby. They were very weary. Their Eye burned from looking so hard and from Lack of sleep. Rips Silky coat was filled with burrs which Willy Nilly began to take out. Rips eyes were bloodshot and his legs aching but he said a i a ant to in Oit again. I wont be Able to sleep Here. In be got to find a i have to be off again too a said Honey Bear. A i want my Chubby i want my Chubby. Of you done to think Willy Niue that anything could have happened to him Quot a perhaps Well be brighter and Keener lit we sleep and refresh ourselves Here a hit before we go on suggested Willy Nilly. Ii i animal friends agreed to this he might Tell them that he would just take a Little ride Aren in his car and maybe find Chubby a although Why he Felt he could find Chubby any sooner than the others he did not know it was really Only that he wanted to keep on looking. But that was what each puddle Muddler Felt. And once More they All started off a right in the Middle of the night. I hey Only slept and rested once in a great while. Most of the time they were searching for Chubby calling out to him listening quietly for any sound of moaning in Case he had been Hurt. They were frightened too for there was no reason for Chubby to be away this Long. What had happened to him had he been captured had he gone so far that someone had seen him who had a gun All these dreadful thoughts were in their minds As they wandered through the Long night tomorrow a Chubby Quot a walk Quot Matawan Mist Margaret Dinneen of Waldorf was a week end guest of or. And or. Ray Dinneen. Or. And mrs. A. B. Babcock and daughters were visitors at Huntley thursday. Mrs. Tom Chicos a hostess saturday afternoon to a group of Atria in Honor of her daughter Angola. Cath i get Klutz and Jean Babcock were among those that attended. Terence and Doris Babcock Marie Babcock of Minneapolis were business visitors at Albert Lea saturday. Or. And mrs. Frank Iverson of Conger moved their household goods Here and Are residing at the Arthur Elmer residence. Or. Iverson is buying Stock Here. Or. And mrs. Gerald Jacobson of Mankato were guests of relatives Here sunday. Mrs. Ray Dinneen was a guest of mrs. Leonard Dinneen saturday evening. Miss Mildred Johnson spent the week end with relatives near new Richland. Miss Marie Babcock returned to. Minneapolis after a weeks visit Here at her parents borne. Terence Linnihan of Everly Iowa was a recent guest of his parents or. And mrs. T. F. Linnihan. A number from this Vicinity attended the . A. Meeting at Freeborn monday evening. Harold Hendrickson of Minneapolis was a guest at the a. B. Babcock Home sunday. Or. And mrs. Walter Vogelsang and Chi Drea of Wells spent sunday with or. And mrs. Will Vogelsang. In the afternoon both famines motored to Hollandale. Or. And mrs. Will Ieper and children of Minnesota Lake spent saturday evening at the f. Brainer borne. A. F. Brainer and family spent sunday evening at Minnesota Lake. Otto Stiebler of Conger called in relatives Here sunday. Mrs. A m. Crumb visited with Waldorf i i mrs. George Huxford at thursday afternoon. Mrs. John Penheiter Aud mrs. Edward put and Small daughter spent monday evening at the a. F. Bramer Home. A Large number of went to the assistance of or. And mrs. Andrew Anderson monday when an alarm for fire was Given. It was a Chimney fire and put out before much damage was done. Or. And mrs. Earl Nelson and or. And mrs. G. A. Dees of Tulsa okla., were guests of or. And mrs. H. E. Crumb tuesday evening. Guests at the w. M. Crumb Home sunday were mrs. Meek and Damp ugh tuesday ter and son of Minnesota Lake and miss Margaret Crumb. Or. And mrs. S. Reymond of Waseca were guests of or and mrs. Lawrence Japp sunday. A. B. Babcock and daughter Doris motored to Minneapolis tuesday to be with miss Marie Babcock who submitted to a operation for appendicitis at the Asbury Hospital tuesday. Son of Geneva cent Friday after noon at the ted Olson Home. Or. Robert Conn and Robert visited with mrs. C. F. Peterson monday afternoon. Conrad Envoldsen of Alden and neighbors Edmond Conn of Albert Lea were callers at the Robert Conn Home monday. Or. And mrs. Pat fairy Aud daughter Mike Sheehan John Whalen or. And mag. Wilfred Hansen or. And mra. Robert Conn and Arlean Arneson spent sunday evening at the Jerry Callahan Home. Miss Roberta Conn was an Over night guest of Rose Mary Campion need More room Crookston a Pic Northwest school of agriculture officials ars canvassing the City to obtain a list of available rooms for students West Geneva a a wished Wake up your a liver bile mrs. Ted Olson and Lucille spent monday afternoon at he c. A. Nelson Home. Or. And mrs. Elmer Lageson spent thursday evening with or. And mra. C. F. Peterson. Mrs. Ted Olson and Luckie attended the funeral of mra. Lloyd statesman thursday. Mrs. Carl Anderson and daughter and or. And mrs. Walter Jen cab awl Aal Teal Jas i oat of bed is la menial Bra in Gath lifer should poor oat two Pound of liquid Btl into four Bowel daily. Of this Bilo is not flowing freely Yow food does no to digest it jut decay in Tho bowels. Ona Bitont up pow stomach foe aet const a Tad. You whole system i Poison of 41 poo ted soar a aah and the world look Punk. Only makeshift. A Doest to at the cause. It huh Hui old Carter Little liver Pis is ast these two pounds of bile flowing frosty Sud make you feel Quot a mad a Quot Horn tens. Senti yet ensling in making bit flour frosty. Ask

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