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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1971, Page 8

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - November 23, 1971, Albert Lea, Minnesota Wow Winter Fatoot to put a Chiwu cd the own Cut vol Tivitt dry nov Tab of 23, 1f71 Albert Lea Tribune f the is a stick up my your i Post sorry i can Tom Asp oot but 1gotta get up Eakly por Jory duty tact m-2� qom am air plane. Nou a stunt Pilot in. Ritchy no retired. I put my wife aboard a plane for Miami. Her sister met the plane but my wife was not on it. Then you think she reappeared at a Stop in Between that sir. It Stop just the Point was a no flight. He Toab counsil a n a a Quot a this is a waste of time and Money lord wanted somebody to agree with him his Mother would have for nothing a Side glances e Imp a no. in it v a. Ll-2> a Send in a few of my employees. I Don t see much of them since the wage freeze a our boarding House we consulting wch0logigtg ackee that the counter offer 16 the pest Hope of resolving a labor dispute i recommend that you offer to Poall the menial work as50ciatep with the thanksgiving Pinner guck a Clearing the table and washing the it just Uke the last Piner a a before the through Way you either Cloge your Eye or go hungry you be gotta he a Roo major in Psi Ute a . To. Mavi Mil of. I. Jumble Aamir i Fatwa Pink across i Thailand 5 Kine of Judah bib 9 morning moisture 12 Jason a ship myth 13 final passage music 14 Uncle Toms Friend 15 celebrated Whirlpool 17 writers Gadget 18 move furtively 19 choler 20 too 21 puerto a a 23 persian Gateway 25 exist 28 Row 30 roman Road 33 uproar 35 read 37 danish seaport 38 unwilling 39 saucy 40 fish 42 Lamprey 43 tibetan Gazelle 45 heating device 47 pronoun 49 three times comb form 51 ministers to 55 heavyweight 56 Bride s accoutrements 58 Circle part 59 present month a 60 French River 61 sea Inlet 62 views 63 verifier Down 1 namesakes of Houston 2 Persia 3 awry 4 grinding 5 deed 6 variety of Smoky quarts 7 smell 8 titled 9 deviation 10 level 11 Baton 16 abilities 22 quoted 24 English River 25 on top of 26 Boorish 27 exigency 29 excess of solar Over lunar year 31 being latin 32 stagger 34 preposition 36 happenings 41 Brassy 44 Cybele a beloved myth 46 greek fab list 47 Pierce 48 Book of hours Eccl 50 Irish River 52 roman emperor 53 native of Copenhagen 54 hard fat 57 Guido a note pm 58 so doctor says should Cut fat for diabetics by Lawrence Lamb m. D. 49 50 51 52 53 54 to 59 60 62 j 62 29 dear or. Lamb a can you enlighten me i will soon be 79, a widower for three years after a Happy marriage longer than 50 years. Live alone and do my own cooking. In december 1968, the doctor informed me i had diabetes and handed me a pamphlet where you Exchange this for that All greek to me. Went to the dietitian and talked to her for about to minutes. She gave me one of these pamphlets and charged me five dollars and that was All the help i had. I still feel Fine sleep Good take exercise. I avoid sugar do not eat cake or doughnuts however i do enjoy a cup of Coffee with a couple of cookies about to in the morning. I have breakfast about 5 30 with Grapefruit sections a wheat breakfast food with nonfat milk and a cup of that ground Coffee. My evening meal is about 3 . And i have maybe broiled hamburger potato salad Carrot salad with raisins cottage cheese cup nonfat milk dish applesauce and a cup of imitation Coffee. But i still done to know How to prepare a diabetic meal. Can you help me i am not ready to retire As Are these youngsters of age 65 plus playing shuffleboard Riding on the bus to some Scenic spot the women All dressed up in the finery and the men Well you name it. Doubt i Ever will if to retire Means loafing when there is so much that should be done that brings me great pleasure. I take a Blue Pill after each meal because Doc says so but Why when i feel Good although i do have an impairment of my heart and a bit of rheumatism but it has not whipped me yet. Dear Reader a your doctor probably thinks you Are doing Fine. The first principle of a diabetic diet is to avoid or eliminate any excess body fat. Additional measures must be determined in relation to How bad the diabetes is and if insulin is required. About half of the people with mild diabetes hate no trouble after they eliminate excess body fat. Older people sometimes have a Little higher blood sugar. Some doctors done to like to do too much because that too can cause harm. A diabetic test response in a person who has been on diet and limited their carbohydrates starches and sugar Means nothing unless the fasting blood sugar test is definitely abnormal. I wish i could give you a full discussion on diet. You seem to be doing rather Well with your present habit. What you Are eating includes protein the building materials for tissue and apparently not too Many calories the heat Energy in food. A lot of people would cd Well to follow your example. Hou should take a Vitamin Pill once a Day just in Case you get lax on some foods that really Are essential to your dirt. If your doctor is giving you pills for your heart it is essential that you keep taking them. Polly s pointers Cork key Chain save boat keys by Polly Cramer dear Polly my husband wanted to be sure the key to our new boat would not get lost overboard so he ran the key Chain through a Cork Bobber. He said his father had always taken the same precaution. Now if the keys should go overboard we can safely retrieve them As they will float supported by the Bobber a mrs. . Dear Polly a Snow shovelling time is almost Here. To keep the Snow from sticking to our shovel we heat it on one Side at a time Over a Gas or electric Burner then rub a common Candle Over each Side so it is completely covered. One coating will last All Emma dear Polly i think i have a simple solution for Billie who asked How to keep her bras and girdles from turning yellow. I once worked in the Quality control department of a factory that made such garments and we were taught never to put bleach on a garment containing an elasticized material. Also we were told that washing a few undergarments along with some White Cotton clothes helps to keep the yellow tint out. Hope this will help stamp out yellow dear girls authorities advise frequent washing of such garments daily if possible. Soak in lukewarm suds for a few minutes and then swish garment in the suds. Use a soft Brush if needed but do not rub or wring. Rinse Well squeeze out excess water and then Roll in a turkish Towel. Do not dry near heat. Some such garments Are now machine washable but read tags carefully to be Polly Polly a problem dear Polly How do i keep a knit dress made of Vijh per cent Dacron from clinging to my legs i feel i made a bad investment As i avoid wearing the dress As much As possible. Many thanks for any help anyone can give me a Sally dear Polly my pet Peeve concerns pet owners who do not keep some Mark of identification on their pets 24 hours a Day. A thin plastic Collar or Flea Collar can be worn continuously and name tag fastened to it. A piece of cardboard with the printed name address and phone number of the owner can be covered with cellophane tape to make it Waterproof then punch a Hole in it and secure to the Collar with Strong twine. Pets found could be easily and quickly returned to their Homes. Living on a Busy Street i see Many pets injured or killed and with no identification so there is no Way to notify the . The Fra is an organization of students preparing for careers in agriculture and conservation. They take a stake in americans future and so they re getting constructively involved today. Jeane Dixon your Horoscope direct your own resources now wednesday nov. 24 your birthday your attention gravitates toward putting to use All your own and whatever other resources you can direct. Practical business or commercial activities Are very strongly favored. Today a natives add physical skills to mental meticulous Ness. Aries March 2 april 19 More meanings arise in what May have seemed Ordinary routine or habit. There Are reasons for things and people being As they Are. Taurus april 20 May 20 your tact and tolerance holds a squabble in Check. Seeing your achievement thus sets you thinking something Good arises. Gemini May 21 june 20 however Well you be juggled conflicting pressures up to now you still have a while longer to go. Today an extra joker is added for Challenge. Cancer june 21 july 22 first impressions Are nearly always valid but you need time for observation and to judge the level at which newcomers operate. Leo july 23 aug. 22 Long Range plans Settle and find endorsement. Rearrange financial details. Add to savings where you can Virgo aug. 23 s a waiting game if \ endure that sort of thin for a better transact yields a better Vantage Libra sept. 23 it lean returns on invest time and Money Ai average for today so panic you into corrective efforts. Scorpio oct. 23 j what seems trivial to 1 nonetheless be dealt festively. Leave your for fun. Sagittarius nov 22 21 1 whatever psychic gifts have in useful form v today to guide you will Only listen. Capricorn dec. 22 older experts can and Well. Incorporating to Prience with your results8 can extra aquarius Jan. 20 i very Likely you Are Bey. Depth somehow today. You have Good Compa forces. Much Good thereby. G a Pisces feb. 19. A you May have to con pm Vij a idly Serif uses unexpected Competition ideas turn Tho issues

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