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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 25 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 25, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota If you with to talk advertising 8ubserip. Hon or b u a i n a St with the evening Tribune Pitts Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want Tho editorial off i it and news room of the evening Tribune please Call 722 number 123 Albert Lea Minnesota wednesday. May 25 927 last dry land in Rood zone has vanished five additional parishes composing 1,100,000 acres thrown open to invasion of flood Waters. photo show. Tow. Airl. Up a aft., i. 33-Hfaur flight we Orleans May 25�? at last dry land Between levees the Mississippi and rolling Highland beyond the West Banks o Atchafalaya vanishing Lastin. As water streamed through a it in the dikes at Mccrea on theban of the Atchafalaya Tom a solid Sheet of water almost t to Miles wide. Before the floodwater have Van j into the Gulf of Mexico they ill have Cut a path fifty Miles de and 200 Miles Long from the \ Anse Border to the Gulf. Five additional parishes with an a of 1,100,000 acres and the Homes of to too people wereir0wn open to invasion by the in-1 jul sea when the River Tore aside. Protection barriers at Mccrea and spread Over the lowlands of Pointe Coupee Parish. I urge portions of thirteen Par if s in northeastern Louisiana r la were under water As the flood moved Down upon the South Cen i Louisiana a sugar bowl 11 rough a torn levee line along i toil Des raises and at Melville i the West Banks of the atcha a and striking into new Terr-1 in the Atchafalaya Basin to Ough Mccrea Crevasse. He evacuation of five parishes t hit a to the flood s Conquest be a several Days ago when John u Parker flood Relief dictator am. I residents at Pointe Coupee Parish in which the break occurred that such the volume of water in the tenses Basin thai tim levee line could not be held intact. Chicago May 25 a the Bankers committee named for the flood control conference to be held lure june 2, 3, and 4 yesterday called letters to 5.000 Bankers in Twenty seven states directing a to the meeting called by the mayors of new Orleans i duis and Chicago. The signed by Vav. G. Mens and Craig i Hazelwood expressed the hop t at at least 500 Bankers will be present at the conference at which i. Commendations for flood Pontio Black Hills being favored for summer White House Coolidge look. With much favor on place order. Winn to be chosen in elimination manner. Washington May. A -ja1m the Black Hill of South Dakota l00k ,0 Koo i to president Coll take tor a summer rest Irmo that lie tiered another investigation to de Termine if adequate a commode huns can be fixed up there for the Large party which must a cum Pany him. Or Coolidge has no committed throne room scene of King and Queens first court of this season Lep Hoto. Himself in Ute bus k 11, but Lite White House statement incited new Hope in those from South Dakota who have been urging tin location and an investigation resumed immediately to dote mine exactly what Tammie were avails Hie. Leaves Middle of june the president has decided to leave Here by the Middle of june Atlantic by the radio corporation of America and Bute thing Field this Nea photograph transmitted across the Atlantic by to Nerau of French soldier8 and police on be i ptrlh0trr89u1e�r8ho?? had completed the first nonstop flight in history Horn new banker freed of charge by statem0t10n prosecuting attorney asks dismissal of charges because of Lack of evidence. Christianson a veto of judges pay Bill valid it St. Letter Lindbergh a first words on Landing in Paris Are discussed will be formulated and will be pre t Tod to president Coolidge and it Congress. Mayor William Hale Thompson of Chicago also announced that the Tai in bloc of Congress will be rep j. Need at the conference by rep. Sedative J. Dickinson of Iowa and representative Gilbert n Haugen of Iowa the latter chairman of the House committee on agriculture representative g. G. Goodwin of Minnesota also Mes aged that he will attend. I award of 1,000 lumbermen and almost As Many representatives o j Ilia it motor Industry Are expected to a tune. 4. # g Memphis May 25. Apr the i d Cross flood Relief headquarter will be moved from Memphis to new Orleans tonight it announced by the organizations of i the red Cross program for the Start to the outlined by Hastings May 25�? apr trial of g. M. Hopps former president of the merchants and Farmers Bank at Hastings brought to an abrupt end today with dismissal of charges of receiving Money in an insolvent Bank on motion of Alfred Joyce Dakota county attorney. Several witnesses have been heard since last Friday began. Shortly after the opening of court today or. Joyce moved for dismissal on the Groom s o a Lack of evidence to prove insolvency of the Bank. On january 16, 1924.�?� the Bank closed on january 21, 1924. Two other charges one of forgery. And the other for receiving Money in a Hank he knew to be in solvent still hang Over Lopps who indicted in May 1925 on a count. County attorney Joyce has not determined whether he will prosecute the remaining charges a Paris May 25.�? apr what were Lindbergh a first words on Landing at Lebourget is a question being animatedly discussed in Paris. According to some he ?a1d a Here i am i have done it a while others insist he said Quot is this Paris a but an eyewitness declares he simply to marked a i am Charles Lindbergh and this is confirmed by the flier himself. Quot i afraid they might think i somebody else a Lindbergh replied when asked Why he had said that. District judge rules that holding of Bill beyond time limit set by Constitution Legal. New judge to preside Over Cooper trial Paul rely is hed guilty of manslaughter Bemidji. May 25-<ap Validity of governor Christianson veto of the District judge s pay increase Bill passed by the recent Legisla Tare is upheld in a decision filed by i judge c. M. Stanton of District i court Here today. By the decision of judge Stanton who presided when the action heard in the Ramsey county District court in St. Paul the allegation of petitioners who alleged that the act became a Law when the governor failed to return til Bill with his veto to the Senate within the three Day period provided by the state Constitution Aie denied. The realtors Frank f. Putnam. A. Paul and Wilfred e. Rumble claimed that the act became a Law because the Bill returned five Days after being received by the governor Good Friday and the Fol lowing sunday intervening. Judge Stanton ordered a stay or Twenty Days. Charges of prejudice filed against judge Karl finkels Burgh Iowa woman claims mrs. Cooper is daughter. A re and to View of this he is expected ,0 reach an Early decision whether it. Wilt go to the Black Hills where the state game Lodge in the heart of a huge Park in the �0��hwert� n Corner of Tho state has been placed at his disposal the Lodge a la room Structure and the general location Appeal t the president but he Isey a ice a a Over accommodations Lur hts o Force and the Large number newspapermen and photographer who will accompany him. Luster 14 Miles away. Is about the neared i Railroad Point and it is probable in to a by. Kilt of a. There or in rapid City 32 Miles discant. Norbeck cites advantages while senator Norbeck of South Dakota assured the president of adequate Telephone communication no Telegraph wires Are now Able at the game Lodge London May 15 a the throne room in Buckingham pal Ace a Brilliant scene last night lieu the King and Queen eld their first court of the season. This mainly diplomatic and official. Neatly i coh leading members of society among them hundreds of bejewelled women crowding the state departments. Where hot House Flowers and to Iago provided an effective setting for the gorgeous dresses and uniforms. The Sirius band of the famous scotch guards regiment played while thrilled debutantes passed through lilies of yeomen of the guard in Gay Scarlet uniforms and Tudor bats to the Royal presence. Queen Mary wore Silver cloth with an Over dress of tulle embroidered with pearls and Silver Diamond diadem and Diamond neck ornaments. Princess Mary and other princesses were in the Royal party. The court opened with the entry of lady Chamberlain wife of tim foreign Secretary Atter which the presentation w made. Slim tinkers with his ship for exercise american Slier introduced a a new ambassador from american before chamber of deputies. Paris. May 25. Apr Chari s Lindbergh Quot the new amb Assade from introduced to the French chamber of deputies today by Myron t. Herrick Quot the temporary retiring ambassador the american aviator received a tremendous ovation from i Crow lied Chambers. The reception the most impressive formal function thus to c of the american airman during his stay in Paris. Of or. Avail nor wheat takes 5 cent jump in Chicago pit i Beck told of the advantages of the Kart Finkelnburg of that there is against whom an affidavit it a f to mme it adding but tuesday i Ako struck his fancy Cochrane sought by St. Paul police convicted in connection with death of Ray Raymond husband of Kelly s actress Friend Dorothy Mackaye. Wabasha May placing judge Winona a of prejudice tiled judge Vernon ates of Rochester will preside Over the murder trial of mrs. Gordon Cooper of la a a 1 Ai the Pter a Vieni City opening in District com he colomd0 slings in the thursday. Expected to be Here for the trial is mrs. Martha Specht of Dubuque Iowa who tuesday said she had Learned that mrs. Cooper is Bel county attorney R Lund. Who with senator James i Alley of Plainview will represent the state said today that dismissal of Guidon Cooper the husband would not influence the state in the prose cution of mrs. Cooper who is charged with first degree murder i Factor closely St. Paul May 25- a Utica los Angeles May 25�? a Paul Kelly convicted of Man and St re plenty of wild game Hilo ilk and Deer. Til fact that South Dakota has leads Many to by a went will turn to a event this i lace proves impossible of Belee fion. The Colorado City i of prac fealty the same Altitude which or. Coolidge is watching and is not much tartly 1 from Washington. Pinedo Safe Planeto Weto unfavourable crop from Southwest state bring Advance closing prices quoted at $1.52. Chi Orali go May 25a a Nav crop comment to oui Texas Oklahoma and Kansas together with rain in the Canadian Northwest caused Bull fever in the wheat pit yesterday. May wheat and mincing around 5 cents ova 1 the close of the previous Day and losing at $1.52. Routine news of the Day accounts for Little in the action of the mar Prospect att a diplomatic Paris. May 25 a Captain Charles Lindbergh had his first hours of play today since lie to w to Palis from new Vork and he spent them working on his Quot boat a at i a Bourget flying Field. I Lindbergh expressed a wish to to excused for a couple of horns from Tho continual Dregs Parade with committees and dignitaries to be alone to tinker with his ship. I the Young aviator made a care Fil inspection of his flying Craft teen talked with the French in Cha los telling them exactly what he wished done but finally he let temptation overcome him Anil putting on a pair of overalls. Lindbergh took a screw Driver and wrench and the a few minutes a happily it work putting tilings Iii shape. Given great Honor Charles Lindbergh passed Nom t Humph to in Humph in Paris yeah a a Day he hailed everywhere Ashe greatest aviator in the w nil co Mem Truu und Fine an Ann run As Ever Cam across the Ocean. For the Tlajy time since his a i a Ai a worn succeeded in kissing i for the first time in his touched his lips i did not drink a drop of Ket. Him Ana life Champagne i though lit i i first Public appearance 01 1 in a Day among his own county i men 400 fortunate Folk who got hold of seats for which ten time Las Many applied at a luncheon it he american club. Then he called Jon the minister of Marine to thank i Ulm for his congratulations. Later he went once More great flying Field at Lebourget were on saturday night in drop d to la police have been asked to i daughter today for the killing of rest a. Cochrane owner of the Volk Zeitung publishing company Aud hold him for St. Paul author Quot chief of police e. J. Munroe telegraphed to Chicago officials today asking them to take Cochrane into custody. A giving of u new flooded Farmers As John Evans of the United states department of agriculture Calls of the supplying of vegetable seed for a am Enance crops a rather than a major crop of Cotton. The lateness of the planting would prevent a Normal crop production from co in in much of the inundated area Hie agricultural experts claims. Secretary Hoover conferred with the three states agricultural reconstruction directors w. F. Sullivan of Louisiana O. Crosby of Mississippi and c. H. Couch o r Kansas on the financing and a o cation of the seed and farming supplies. Rhe red Cross last Hight East mated that it has cared for 551.0� refugees in seven states during t flood an additional 50,000 being added by the new Mccrea Crevasse. The Wisconsin Road contractor shot by new Workman Black River Falls wis. May is. Apr Peter j. Hoffman about ii Stock River Falls tor and banker killed us morning by a Man who refuses the shooting followed an argut with the Man who had be n Ray Raymond husband of Dorothy Mackaye Kelly s actress Friend in a fist fight in raymonds Hollywood Home. The conviction car Des a penalty of from one to ten it ears. The convicted Man a counsel served notice that a written to lion for a new trial would be made. The motion will come on the Day of sentencing. Tuesday. May 31, set As the Date for the imposing sentence. Five Are hed guilty in Tom Kerrick Case jury convict widow and four others in slaying movie actor during drinking party. One of azores of. S. Is leading other nations in commercial aviation a a a so a mile from Island a Byrds in Ca k Between la Gin to eau lie dominating Tho bulls bought feverishly and Short covered up As the Price Rose. With Stop loss orders Huncov red. Free Selling by Longs had an Down out if the and Russia i some talk hut the weather mortal flight from America influence. Lafayette. Ind., May 25 a states leads the wot id la aviation with 25- a of Kelly a a los Angeles May or Sarah Derrick and four Ollie s were found guilty of Maiuu inter Quot Here late yesterday for the killing of Tom Kerr i cd. Motion picture actor at a drinking party in Holly Wood Early lat fall. Those convicted besides the a big boost for this j con in ind a franc. Was safely at or azores lust night. My principal freed after jury trial the United by far in commercial the single exception of Passeggi r service Over regular routes and Captain Lindbergh recent feat of. in in Art 8 flying from new should prov Branch of aviation William i Backen assistant secret at of Commerce for aviation declared Bere in an address to senior engineering students it Purdue i Iii vers try. A your mall express aviation activities Are far better organized than is generally known and at the end of this year we w la have Over 7,000 Miles of lighted air considerably More than All com hop delayed. London May 25 Home to Rome flight by another Strok pm his interrupted of ill Fortune co de Pinedo near Fayal Early depressing effect for a time. But the surplus a rapidly absorbed with buying late becoming Cist 1 a Alto Advance Bull sentiment also had los of feet in be with the Antoum it mint that Chicago and Milwaukee Stock were being loaded out. This 1 tart of heavy buying and Corn joined in by in his it to Bourget 400 flying officers of Hie French army and several platoon of soldiers assembled to do him Honor. Overhead army and Villan air planes roared and went through every possible evolution. Toasted by aviators in the vast hangar converted into a dancing Hall the uniformed fliers of France surrounded Lind i Bergh As they Uran a one of raised again to est. Finest and mexicans a Fri to him a lie glasses were Nile of the great most heroic of Toast being give Ion with an Advance to i by colonel Murr Hetti. Commanding it Rye clot a higher higher to Chicago May 25 Wolfrun suspended principal who making improper apr Avery Grade school accused of suggestions to Dew of the slain Cowboy actor were j Kurow a con Anita Davis Iris Burna Ani Hen j 3inned the Secretary. Isabell motion facture in a a Mccrai Ken pointed out the details still were lacking of the mishap which brought him Down near the end of his Moo mile and Industrial join 1 Lisbon said do Pinneo not injured in the Lam ing and his boat the Santa Malta la icing towed into pm. A examine Ion Union Tadly will i de it Ion is made there Beton to continuation of to Portugal and to a Polis Emu work. Layment Bureau for Road to o girl pupils found not Gull Memphis May 25.�? a reconstruction of Mississippi a Ley farms after the flood Waters have receded May be an influence toward More diversified agr cult Ute instead of the predominant crop or in the Region plans presen cd to Secretary of Commerce Hoo Var indicated today. Negro is hunted in assault Case w i in or a i victim of a Little Rock ark., May a grunted parents cite and county officers and of _ f inn a result of the recent air com act and the five year pts the army a . One 12 year i old Aud the other 14, through their parents brought charges against the principal last october. A Wolfrun in denying the Chr a declared he had been made the victim of a plot on the part of Dis Joe Hunt Arizona Cowboy All of i whom were members of the Moon Shine Quot party at the a it it Ltd a Quot a a a by a a to a to so. Who. In a a a a a Rios thai country wish in her own defense Mai it mind in def hic and by hysterical fits of weeping and. T sobbing evinced Little emotion t when the verdict announce. Reached As original rout thence to rom. The dense fog which compelled abandon their Long had digressed considerably to to the front in both com reial aviation. The flyer hey or Ina hop a Ltd a May a a a con Island Arch and atmospheric conditions communication diff the proc a new High for the c roped at la 17 or 3%< to Corn went to 2 we to dose at 91 a the Adion of the Chicago mar Ket reflected at where wheat clo higher. The Liverpool bulge a to unfavourable North american weather. I he Advance Here took place let it mid Day. Early reports said it probably caused by an up f Rater who believed to i Quot Short on wheat and Long on Corn but weather comment overshadow i c d this. Other wheat set record Quot Quot Leo Liverpool cd 2 i to 3% ascribed Over mrs. A m a a a no a n.&Quot.5, to shroud the. Armed crowd of More than too men Early last night were seat cd me a negro who assaulted a a h Ite woman in the Back Yard of or Hon to pm Hill. Residential Section. A neg arrested last night but had been identified. Not accused of suicide attempt. Enc Abac s. May 25�? a Arthur Packman drayman of Ken Rob pc bound Over to the Cir j it court after a two Day hearing j to work started on or Amer air mail Pilot is forced Down by fog Chicago May Ridden air mail Pilot Northwest airways inc., bringing mail to Chicago from Minneapolis forced Down due to the heavy 1 fog Drifting in from the Toto lit j Gurnee. Ill ten Miles of a a Keean his plane landed in a Field and damaged. He brought the bomb Plant found in Mexico City Mexico City May a car a the discovery of a bomb manufacturing Plant Large quantities of dynamite thousands of rounds cd Pelage made radio cult. Was tor rep it find message of entombed miners Fairmont w. Va., a 25 a a message from the dead came from the explosion Iipp cd a Vert Ville mine tuesday showing that least three of the 97 entombed o 14,.,90 miners lived for a time after the planned Roosevel Field n. Y. May j map a bad weather has delayed preparations for commander Rich arc e. Dyrda a hop off tor Paris. 1 a soggy Field prevented a loud a test for the Fokker triple motored plane yesterday but commander is a with a Load Load it is he plane Hyrd said last night be would try to make the test today pounds the to carry when ammunition and other mate Quot d the Workings april residence ill to Blau Static re ii a charge of attempting to Quot the tall rot Dulcide. O it is expected to be ready for us Chicago by automobile rials in a private Cuba a suburb of Mexico City wa., .,9 announced by the police. The place had been suspected o being a rebel Headquarters. Police declared that they found a veritable Arsenal which they think has supplied the rebellious movement in the state of Jalisco with bulk of its ammunition. The when rescuers reached the last three bodies in the far recesses of the mine they found that the vie tim has scribbled their Farewell messages on a dinner pad Russel w nose body a to the surface tuesday wrote. Peace with god. Takes off for Paris. July and septer Filer wheat a n a lied new High lev cd just e l., i lug at $1.44% to % compared to $1 41h to %. The Day pc Viou Temoer closed at $1-4 i a a a i of. % us it i Quot Iuka i a. .1.0 Ri--1-l buyers of Cash wheat were Forrow in a the Advance reluctantly being i assured of immediate supplies by a Tho aviator s big Stock on passage. Continued unfavourable for Corn in the big Corn states gave aviators traders Here confide Nee of c oin Mission House sales were re ported on the bulge. Shipping de Mand however Only Lair. Brotherhood official Dier. Chicago May to a a e or. Of St Louis a vice i Nentl id. Him m the 34tli regiment of aviation. Slightly a tremble the lanky Young american took the Glass handed to him and lilting it. Aid Quot i drink to France met heroic cd nations and Home of the greatest airmen but he did not drink. He auow-,4 the Champagne to Tom ii he ii. Bul he swallowed none cd it. Grant request for kiss a moment later the ame bps were kissed by a Petite French woman the first to achieve an ambition thut thousand Lions have exp i i Bergh arrived Lucky lady risen the French wit la a win lives la Paris. When she introduced to the Youriga to she looked up into his Blue ,.v,.0 and pleadingly asked May i kiss though lie blushed the youth did not appear displeased. He May not have said yes hut he did not say and so the Little lad s heels left the floor and standing in tiptoe she threw her Aims around neck and embrace d him warmly. The wives of Many or the Lenin standing in the Back a number Ign oud immediately began to w ii Bener to say even to shout like to Kis him but none of them had the Opportunity a blushing boy escorted out inspect a Row of military Mil since Lind Here. The Jam s Cool an Anteri weather a the new loan Over subscribed Side to Neap a planes lined for him to lev sew Stockholm May Henry brought Daimon of. Of _ president of the brotherhood railway trainmen since Wil died u for some years he had j the a widow survives a 1 c. 1 nil is Kronor per 190 burial will be in St. Ouis. Here today. An office Here. New swedish state loan of 50,�0. J with these a pay rate is 4 i percent and the loan issued on a basis of 98 75 col ted All the by police Sud 1 continued on Page 4

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