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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 24 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 24, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota You v,8h-t� us advertising or Butine the evening pleas Call to on with Tribune 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and news room of the evening Tribune please Call 722 Voll me xxx Albert Lea Minnesota tuesday. May 24, 1927 number 122 i ical Are charged with bootlegging Imti an to break relations with Russia warship May action comes after raid on soviet House remit r Baldwin declares that military espionage and other activities carried out and directed from London House. G.a.r. Chief 111 London. May 24.�? a diploid. It lations Between great Brit ii id soviet Russia will be Blok ,11 off subject to the approval of the i use of commons on thursday Premier Baldwin announced1 i o. In i government decision is a in lie Nee of he recent raid on gov it House in London. London May 24.�? a Baldwin answering a quests of j. Dynes Laberite this of noon As to whether he could nou make a full statement regarding the raid on soviet House and the. Result of the search replied a yes she to the accompaniment of loud conservative cheers. The Premier said that for Many j n the the police in collaboration Utill military authorities had been in stating the activities of a a up of secret agents engaged in an attempt to obtain highly conf a i i Irsai documents relating to the aimed forces of great Britain. The Premier declared that both military espionage and pub erosive a cities throughout the Empire As ill As in North and South Amer a a were directed and carried out t oui so let House. House of commons Waits the House of commons last night As buzzing with speculation on outcome of yesterdays Cabinet Council As it is known that consid Lindbergh has pined plane rescued great pile of i new clothing hurried visit to tailor has unexpected results a will Fly to Brussels and London he declares. Being towed to azores italian aviator reports that he is Safe plane forced Down on open sea in hop to islands. Frank a. Walsh of Milwaukee wis., National commander of the c. A. R., is suffering an acute attack of intestinal trouble and is reported seriously ill. He was stricken while at Santa Rosa calif., where he was attending a convention of the Alifornia department of the g. A. Paris May 24 map a after having to Call on the president of j France in a borrowed suit yester Day. Captain Lindbergh awoke this morning to to nil so Many clothes. Ready for him that lie had a hard time making a Choice. Evidently his hurried visit to the tailors yes a ter Day morning had rapid but effect j the results. Lindbergh slept late and this morning was As fresh As a Daisy and smiling his famous a Lucky Lindbergh smile when he faced the first Batch of the Day s Long list of callers. Not thinking of offers somebody questioned him As to what he would do about the tap Lisbon. May 24- a a 1i to message received direct from commander Francesco de Pinedo Here today stated that lie was being towed to the azores and that he needed no further assistance. The commander suffered no injury in the descent of his plane to the sea last dry spot in sugar bowl Are flooded River Breaks levee 150 Miles North of new Orleans Wall of water Twenty Miles wide Rushe Onward idly accumulating pile of Commer-1 plane Horta azores May 24�? apr commander de Pinedo the italian flier had not arrived at the azores at a late hour last night. He was considerable overdue. There a great anxiety in Horta Over his Fate. London May 24�? a the steamship Oil Field reports having sighted a Schooner towing an air plane last night Southwest of i the azores. There is a possibility that this May he commander de Pinedo a missing since he took off Cial offers he is receiving. I Early yesterday from Trepassey a i wont think about them until i the enable difference of opinion exists among the ministers on the policy Louisiana toward Russia and it is also Gen Emily admitted that sir Austen Chamberlain the foreign Secretary has hardened his attitude on the subject. Although it is possible that Only the Trade agreement will be denounced the Best informed opinion last night inclined to the belief that the statement by sir Wllliam Lornson Hicks in behalf of the government in the commons will Herald the Complete rupture of diplomatic As Well As Trade relations. It is a lived that after the Home Secretary has made his statements detailing the results of the recent 24.�? apr the famous new Orleans May the last dry spot in Ugar bowl an area approximately 150 Miles North of new Orleans on the West Bank of j wore Mississippi was threatened return to the United states a he replied. Quot this flight was organized without any sort of profit and i am not thinking of profit Quot surely you Are not going Hack to the mail service a he was asked the Lucky smile broadened. A you know i never left the mail service a was the simple response. Lindbergh announced that he had definitely decided to Fly to Brussels on saturday As he had been requested and then continue on to London monday. After that his plans Are hazy. He is still considering a trip to Sweden but said he has not planned As reported to go to Germany. Wears ribbon of Honor in the coat Lapel buttonhole of the borrowed suit of clothes lie at several receptions tendered him by the French govern a description of the air plane could not be obtained. The time of sighting was 11 30 . Greenwich mean time May 23. The position was latitude 41.06 Longitude 33.30. The position indicated which is considerably Southwest of the azores Means that if this is de Pinedo a plane the tall Al Filer was far out of his course. New York. May 24�? a commander Francesco de Pinedo Enro Ute to Rome after traversing four continent in an Aerial world tour apparently was four hours Over due at s of clock Eastern Daylight time last night in his scheduled arrival in the azores islands. Taking off at Trepassey. Newfoundland at 2 68 a in. E d the Santa Maria la a charted to land at Gas delo Branca near Horta by four . Supplies had been made ready there against Hie possibility that he would decide to continue to Portugal. The Only subsequent report at 12.58 ., was through the corporation of America plane believed to he Pinedo. 860 Miles Northwest of his immediate goal. After a heavy Gale which swept the islands weather in Hie Vicinity of Horta was reported As continuing unfavourable for flying with heavy Low hanging Clouds and a Low barome ter Over nearby Teamer lanes. Bring Yankee puerto . Naval destroyer placed at command of Lindbergh airman not spoiled by hero worship. Washington. May 21. A a naval destroyer a placed at the command of Captain Charles a Lindbergh new York to Paris flier for his return to this country. All the and entire Polke Force stage big raid monday Jack Shannon Jack Carr Joe Kennedy Earl fat Nelson Charlie Oliva John Cunningham and Herbert Hagen arrested on charge of making specific liquor sales More arrests May follow All placed in jail except Shannon who handed Over $500 in Cash for bail four raids made late last night in Quick order Quantity of alcohol and bottles confiscated. The biggest one of the i a Iscil it Albertl a to 11 radio placing a that of de continued on Page 7 Lindbergh does not it11 to hop across Pacific evidence heat lacking and Cooper freed Tram Atlantic flier declares that he will take Long rest before making another big trip. Paris May 24. A Lindbergh is not More oceans to conquer. Was asked if it were True that he Captain for any when he was the red with immediate inundation today through a break in the levee at. C-1. Jon of Nom a pinned on his Crea la Miles below old liver on the East bark of the Atchafalaya. Warned of the danger 1.500 persons had been evacuated from the area. A Wall of flood water almost 20 Miles wide last night was begin ment a in Ltd a a a a if Onssy. Try a Bop the Chest by the president of the Republic m. Dommergue. J this was Captain Lindbergh first Day of being lionized hut it will not he his last for the French government has Many More lion ors in store for him. The fiend Pacific he replied a there is no foundation for that Rumor. I have no intention of making another Long flight for a Good while h win be several months before i think of anything like a you should get som it rest a was Paris May 24. A pent up hero worship which the a it it j men of Paris Are ready to pour out on the hero of the hour Captain a a slim Lindbergh has been mostly wasted thus far. Not that. The Youthful Birdman is a girl shy but he has been very Busy. Except for the Lucky few Quot to caught a glimpse of Charles Lind i Bergh on the night of his arrival at be Horn get and those who have waited for hours in Trent of the through the night the a p8 of the american embassy few have had a Chance to see him., Hundred of my dinettes Little Iii who work in the Paris dress shops held patient Vigil in front of Elysee Palace monday noon for a Chance to cheer him. But he whizzed past so rapidly in a car with ambassador Herrick that Only a few of the girls caught a glimpse of Hon Many Hail gone without their lunch hoping to see him. 1 in an exclusive five minute inter View with at woman correspondent of the associated press the into i bid Captain shyly admitted that he i ukes girls but he does not know them. He likes dancing or thinks i he would hut never has danced. As most of his later year Wen a Given Over to his Belove plane ii i had Little time for girls or dances. Nevertheless some of Hie Mea sages he has revolved he cherishes Lone came from California prior to his Start for Paris. He rather ail liked that one. It read something like Bis a eighteen darn Good looking girls of California Setal 18 kisses to bashful boy. We wish you a a Success an Wien you have come Back to California Ami biggest liquor rums it not the biggest place last night monday May 2d. County attorney Kinor r. , Chirt Lenin my i. Entire polio form , in to vent my to the this morning from hundreds of Loci Titi emms Mot with the general approval of the my my . Four raids wore mule on As Many ply it Quot. Between the. Hour of to Ami i Povlock. The Pollee intended to onto or their raids hot in spite of work Chr As rapidly As they could Tiey Learned that several of the . I they planned i a by Telephone and messenger earners to i shortly after 11 of clock. Hit in i to w Ani Jensen the Pollee making the raid it met Luis no vet Purdy Miles a a Anderson. I had been a tipped the work was ended making the raids were and patrolman ted lie son Norton and de army Blimp is destroyed at san Antonio non rigid dirigible tc-10243j demolished while preparing for flight seven men in Cabin escape injury. Tin warrant with spec Iii �?�1 was guilt la judge Finkelnburg declares that state failed to produce evidence to convict husband of first degree murder charge. Ning to reach the upper extremity # hard y have he 1 a glimpse suggested to him. Of grand Lake in its movement to j of him although they talk and j a Columbus did not go the Gulf of Mexico grand 1-Ake of the is situated at the Atchafalaya River russian Mouth Lade organization in will make a Brief statement Onla liar Row Hie general position of with Russia. It is expected that h e ministers will meet again in be morning for further discussion fore Amarine la parliament per # a 1 in a a Premier Bald splitting Iberia Palish Anil win to 1 la _ neck of land separating relations it fron the Gulf of Mexico. Behind to stretched a Lake 200 Miles Long from the South Central parishes along the Gulf to the up a the Arkansas line. La their final decision. Sharp reply for Moscow but it is stated with an air of attorn y that the reply to Moscow s Otest be couched in Ich terms that the soviet govern. It w ill be compelled to recall diplomatic a Mission from Louie Width funnel like Miles As it pouted from the tenses Basin in Northeast Era Louisiana area two i arises along the Bayou Des where it covered an wide through Atchafala the Westminster Gazette unde Rands that the Cabinet a de id i not Only to denounce the rus a a Trade agreement but also Sev the crevasses glasses. Into the Western a River Basin narrowing to a Width of on of Little else. Premier to i i care received him yesterday after noon and m. Biland the foreign minister arranged to give him a luncheon thursday while m pain Leve the War minister is to be Bis Host for the midday meal on Fri Day. Wearied by hard Day i St night the Young american airman whose crossing the Atlan tic alone has done More to resin die French love for America than any one Man since the War. Looked a Little weary from an arduous Day of being honoured. Quot what do you think of the reception you have had Quot he was asked. I a Well it Hasni to been anything months for should be for five years. A but he took four his trip Lindbergh countered. A according to that i ready in three after be has seen his Mother the first place Lindbergh wants to go to w Hen is St. Louis. A that is my Home town he san. A a of course i want to go out to the de the judge dismissed along the Melville bad Iet. Amazed that the flood line Between Begg and attained f level of i id idiomatic relations with the feet above mean Gulf a level and that the water St la was a rising although at a diminished rate. The mutely too a Chiafala a River and the Bayou a liaises Breaks through w Bleb Rushing Are about x70 mil.-, of now Ort a id or. The opposite Side of the my Sif Sipp River. The new Orleans weather but eau i thought it was to be Saki Hon to Atlantic flier upon his 111. A. Flood surface mtg Burian. Who Bergh trans Atlantic Wabash May 24. Ai it daring that evidence against defendant was insufficient Carl Finkelnburg today the Case against Gordon Cooper or Lake City charged Gree murder in the death of the wife. In granting the motion by the he returns to America defendants counsel. Judge linked Burg said that evidence by the state was warrant conviction without any testimony which the defense might introduce. Before dismissing the Case the court heard arguments by attorneys j. W. Murdoch and laugh Lothrop in behalf of the defendant and county attorney i a a of i Ake City and attorney Carley of Plainview for court was adjourned a Ery won collect the kisses in person the Navy department directed Tho commander of the destroyer a ii vision now located in european with first do connection with infant son of his introduce insufficient to coast but that can come later rant to go Home to St. Louis first. A St. Louis May 24.�? apr a a rude Over a Long route and Railroad excursions to increase the Welcom ing throng were planned today As major features of St. Louis reception to a a to ,. Of i a. Vessel for his return. The division sailed from then european base if the off is a Cepter Lindbergh will be Brough i Back to the United states in about a week. Accommodations also will be offered for the refill u of under ghz a plane. The Navy s action was Aken after a conference at the White House today Between president Coolidge and acting Secretary Rob Inson. San Antonio Tex. May 24 Al the army s non rigid dirigible tick 243 was wrecked Lien Mon Lay As it was preparing to a Iii a return Light to Scott Field Belleville 111, Aller parti i in at ing in Hie joint air and land Maneu vers in this area last week. The seven men in the Cabin of Hie Airship bad no 4ttfllculy 1,1 a Caping before the big Craft crushed to the ground. None a injured. More t Ila ii 200,000 feet of vain Able helium go a a h5 to i Quot that the dirigible was filled with the non inflammable Gas probably explosion and loss it Way door Bot t Lei store Quot fat Quot attendants wet pushing the bal Loon away i rom the hangar pre Pat a tory to releasing it we to the ted Dent happened. The Blimp was moored to anchors which Tun on submerged in a Correl f the hangar and Lindbergh flew 3,610 Miles u. S. Figures reveal a Hood water Are appt of Miles West of new Challie of the West Washington May 24�? a Jjo Arle a. Lindbergh was credited Tho the Day with covering 3,61< lie or 5809.7 Kilometres on Bis or York to Paris flight by the Oil real Survey which makes the a1 airline flight calculations the National aeronautic Asso ton. It on this basis Lindbergh broke non Stop distance record Eta of last october by the French a tors Rig not and copies on a or from Paris to Persia. They leu 3313 Miles or 5396 kilo i ter. The modest missourian brought letters of introduction with him on his flight because he knew none in France. He had been on his feet almost the entire Day. But what be wanted most to do he said a walk around and see Paris if takes look at the a old Bush the first thing yesterday tug a tailor came to measure him for a suit of clothes which were an All time Speed was some morn flew search will be conducted today for French fliers then he delivered today record for French tailors hurried out to Lebourget to la to h a who lives the a old Bush that1 Quot. Return Here in june or july. A Mammoth Barbecue at Tara Bert St. Louis flying Field and a More formal indoor dinner at a hotel or a club were other details or the reception plans which were discussed by mayor Victor Biller with Harry h. Knight and Harold m. Bixby two of Lindbergh s most Active backers. It was agreed there must be a Parade to enable everyone in by Louis to see both the Filer and Bis spirit of St. Louis suggestion was that Lind in de plane one look at trait should _ _ % m be invited to be the brought him Over from new Ork it of St. Louis with her som he found it had not been by. I the reception would be earned much damaged by the crowd that i % in he up rat of other civic web crushed a a a a a a a i a Wiit of recent year. A it a a a a National Bank at Spencer la., closed Quebec. May hopeful of finding Trace of apts n a Nungesser and captains a v Charles Francois a ranch. Coll. 1� province of Quebec a it Send a Ca Emily Culp queue. Hll Faion saturday night and the i promised to have it fully repair by tomorrow. I he is going out to a your a again this afternoon to bid Bon voyage to two French aviators. Copies and Rig not. Who expect to take off for Tokyo. Want to make a Lindbergh the City s Homecoming world War soldiers and to the Pennant winning and later world s Champion cardinals last fall when cow Bdl and every other sort of noise making devices were employed Lindbergh a backers said Lindbergh s plane might be placed in Lunde James the state to times Day morning a when the Case of or. Gordon Cooper is scheduled to come to trial. Tornado reported at Fulton Kan. Pittsburgh Kan May 24. Apr a Tornado was reputed to have struck Fulton wan., 12 mibs North of fort Scott Early last bight. La tails were lacking As All wires were the Tornado missed fort Scott and a reported travelling from the Northwest toward Rich Hui to. Many tree were blown Down in Foft Scott and wire service was disrupted. Adverse report made on request of Barge group Ped ail c a Quot in ale his a sew i god be by do it today. Neer Iowa May the Straits of 4 apr found land one air plane has been than a week 1 a closed by the Board of die who Are planning a re organi iou. Depositors Are to be asked Den waiver permitting the Bank ume business. The a ,<00 capital and deposits a it 81,,. For More atom the Ooi of St Lawrence and Labrador. 01 amp a however now first National Bank Here Bas a a a a Shore of the Gulf garments As was flight Over Paris smithsonian Institute at Wash xxv x.-,--- a in i where Tufe flr9t re a in the meantime All Bis a it in Wright Brothers and other a Moil ayin machines Are pre served quarters Paris Are Home. The flier did i vur0pe, while i am Over Herefo a a a a a a. A a. A first j Boyish a radius of to air Quebec authorities do to f a Chad and will comnh0 j belie Isle and Newfoundland. Likely to be As full of end monday. I am not in an hurry to get tor i a Quot a ? i a octet Boro. Or a Lindbergh a of n use. No dec will be made until the Young Over 300 Fossil Bone instruments found on Nebraska ranch Omaha neb., May 24 air More than three Hundred Fossil Bone instruments said to be of in Ornist Kably human origin and believed to be the Haud Woik of a race that lived in Eastern Nebraska at least four million years ago have been unearthed on the Harold Cook Finch mar Agate neb., about fifteen Miles East of the Wyoming state line and Anno in Possession of or. Henry Fairfield Osborn Resi Dent of the american museum of natural history in new York. The announcement made by or Osborn in a report to the Anteri can Philoan Palcal society was con firmed yesterday by or. Erwin la Barbour nationally known geology professor at the University of be. Braska. Who is also in charge of the state museum. The announce rent is a extremely important the scientific world a said or. Bar Bour. The discoveries were made re or. Osborn Albert Thompson o track re unav in front o one of these an hours suddenly stuck tearing the Cable away from the bag. Lipping a great Hole in us rear of the envelope and disabling the lateral and Altitudinal control the big bag Atar fed to line but i rom the Hole in the foreward w As Trout dig a the envelope and cables nosed it Down Ami rushed it against the ground. The Cabin was s Mas ired and the envelope badly torn and shredded before the Mas of Sill and wire would he brought under Eon Ion tile Accident was the Only sort of on that attended the air Maneu vers. Major Harold a. Strauss who commanded the tick 243, expressed the opinion that a Jinx in dog King bus footstep. The c 2, an other Blimp which a commanded exploded in 1922 on almost exactly the same spot upon which too Accident occurred and a third Blimp a commanded the tc-10 Winn Over and was those arr Steil charging etch on male of liquor Are Jack Shannon. Jack Corr Joe Keno my. Earl fat Nelson. A Bailie Oliva. John Cunningham. Hut Bert Hagen the ii i place to be Laid Tho Shannon Cigar store on Broadway known As the Broadway Cigar Tore. Two policemen entered Hie front while three entered the rear it is reported that up iffy a re i cml in tile Cigar basement but no liquor. Nelson who works in his store was arrested first then la k Shannon was arrested. I he War Lams charge each Man with i Rgenal sales of liquor. The police went to la ulna shoe shop in the building Trio rear of the Cigar store win in the second raid was made. Her got a Large Carton which a half full of pint Butler. Tie was tilled with alcohol and neatly corked. promptly arrested on the same charge As Shannon and a fat Nelson. I then the Pattee hurried up to Jack Kennelly place on East i a Lark Street. The police report Only the confiscation of on bottle of Home brew a a some empty bottles. Joe Kennelly who appear id Villi Hie Oil eel were there was arrested. The foul la and last plat e to be raided was la Balao of sweets on Broadway. The polio report Only Mem. Empty Boits were Lound at tills place later John Cunningham said to be employed at Tho Albert i a taxi company 323 Newton meet Aud Herbert Hagen employed at him i Rick fool Hall on South Broadway Ami Jack Carr we Ai rested charged with St ill sales of liquor. After the raids were Over. Oun Peterson finding not for Chai Ile in he they Al out each Bol to attorney 1 i a i i Clint loom at Hie City jail All the prison is called sheriff it Tesoro and inh Umed him that be had four men for the county jail. The police then took a a fat Nelson Jack Carr Joe Kennelly urn Charlie Uliva to the county jail where i Bey were locked up. Cunningham and Hagen Weie placed in the City lock up. J Shannon a leaven of h. To _ to apr an the american Washington May 24�? a Quot pc Jok Pale oncologist of Tho Denver the last Adverse report a made to the in Testate Commerce commission to Day on the application of the up ,.,m be Puc in of o Quot �l.our1 Hilra i continued on Page expresses i wishes. And water a a freight. The report a Filer ted at the end of a preliminary investigation. Museum and by or of Tho i museum of natural history. Pioneer woman 97, dead Chamberlain b. a May 24 mrs. Maria j. Bradley 97 years old a Pioneer of this Section in dead at to Home of her daughter mrs franc Der a Here. Which he 252 was wrecked at Kan a Hule More than week ago a Ufi Quot a a a ,., tor. I Way soot my. No one was injured in the Lea it Worth Accident hut one Man received a broken leg in the Demon Hon of the c 2. The engine of the i 1<> 4. Were not damaged the bag prob i ably will be returned to hot Ott i a a i i where portions of it May be used. In the Abin at the time of the Accident were major Strauss Captain replies first lieutenants k. S Abate c. A. Anderson Ami h a White and master sergeants Bishop and Martini bail was fixed at f500 his appearance in court urn Mon cd. I his he released. Joe Kennelly when Seal l de Byth police before being placed in jail bad 1154.40 in his pockets Charlie Oliva had 8165.39 in pockets a a fat Nelson had and the rest of the but very Little. A it ording to the county nay he has been working local situation for past and that he wanted barges of specific sales mad be fore be caused the arrest of the men. The outside men who were brought hero Are reported to have got the liquor sales on a ii Man arr std. In other words Tach warrant served makes a specific Sale charge. His 825.16 prisoner bad Aileron the several weeks to bring Killdeer plan Roundup Killdeer n. D., May 24. It a the annual Killdeer Mountain Roundup will be held july 4, 5, and later All six were taken from the com need on Page 4

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