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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 23 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 23, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota A a you wish to talk advertising. Subi Crip tier or b u. I be. With the. Eva no a Tribune Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office new. Room of the evening Tribune Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota. Monday May 23, 1927 number 121 Lindbergh hit severe storm saw disaster Youthful Pilot say he never would have started had a known weather describes trip across Ocean. I May 23.�? apr Captain a a. Lindbergh told the a to of his flight from new York 1, to a group of newspaper n Tho embassy when he bad finished everyone was firm in a i Lief that he was a or Tel flying pen ins. Wins newspapermen a he be p i mip pose you gentlemen Are int. Red first in knowing what v. He most dangerous thing at t our flight. The most danger log of All was that Laming at i Bourget bringing that ship Lown on a Field with All that crowd tunning. I had More fear at that monent for the welfare of our Lane than at any other time in the whole flight. He first part of the flight was Betm r easier than any of us exhorted. The Field in new York was Muddy which made the Takeoff a ii u Long but we got away All rigid. Hits Good weather on u. S. Coast a All the Way up the american to is to Newfoundland we had in moldy Good weather lots bettor Hail we expected. But for the Lux Miles it could t have i. Ii much worse for to this juncture the ambassador remarked Quot when Lindbergh says he Means the ship him a slim Lindbergh feared he would be unknown when he reached Paris new York May 23 a ai1 a bashful Quot slim Lindbergh had feared he would be unknown when he reached Paris. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt today told How the Young flier had asked for letters of introduction to friends who would be willing to Quot show him around a Little when he arrived in the French capital. Quot the request was typical of that boy a said colonel Roosevelt who gave him six letters one of which was to ambassador Herrick. U. S. War Craft is damaged by chinese fire destroyer Preble Rak a with machine gun fire replies to attack with main batteries. Lindbergh hops off on Paris flight copyright. 1927, by Nea service inc Rran Mitt a by telephoto next Stop Paris. Capitate Charles Lindbergh a monoplane Spur of so Vlf Row the piano took off. France in a nonstop flight with Lindbergh its sole occupant. Dawn was just in Van my France pays great tribute to new York to Paris flier Minnesota youth receives High honors in borrowed tears dim eyes As president Dommergue pay. Compliment to Mother besieged with letters telegrams from a parts of world shatters Long distance non Stop record in addition to other honors. France today gathered a slim cd Iii lie Palace there decorated Paris May 23, a Lindbergh to its heart. The Young american Pilot was recon tile Elysee by president Dommergue Aud the name of the Republic with tie Cross of the legion of Honor. Lindbergh was still dressed in ill fitting borrowed clothes the tailors shirt makers still being Busy supplying the Ujj. Tears dim Ali Era a eyes wardrobe which he led behind in favor of More fuel for his beloved Hankow China May 23. A refugees continue flowing into the Concession area of this capital of the Radical National govern ment Winch last week seamed in danger of being encircled by the forces of its enemies. Apprehension Artong the people has been a1 deviated somewhat however by statements Given out by the local government claiming military successes. These statements assert that general Feng in a hangs military Leader for the Hankow government has reached Hon Anfu that marshal we Pei fun has retreated to Chengchu Wither Fengos forces Are following him along the lung Hai Railroad. Despite the sported successes despite intimation threats of beheading business Here continues at a standstill. A i chants Are refusing to accept the new Issue of Bank notes while num. I a Copper coins have vanished follow a sort of Hill rolling log upon the proposals of the authorities to withdraw them from circulation Issue paper Money instead. Vii the Way through except wit in ii for a personal opinion of s lathing the flier used the first Peison plural in describing the v of age. Ran into bad storm a after we got away from land ii a tinted the aviator Quot we ran into i. Then into rain then Hail h met in we flew not More than in feet above the water the i Hest was 10,000 feet. We went up that High to try to get above the t in but the average Altitude for to whole second 1,000 Miles of the i Iglus was less than too feet. Quot if we had known that the v Amber would be As bad Over that part of the Ocean As it turned out to be we would not have started int once we got into it there was t any use in turning Back there was t anything to do but. Keep going. Quot we were mighty Happy to see the Dawn which we ran into about o clock new York time. In the Jitter noon we picked up Ireland. From the maps we had from v hat i read Home i knew England was a entry. France pretty Flat Iland inclined to be Mountable us. So when i saw pretty High j lures off in from i knew it w As Leland. I a i Quot Pardon me a a voice from the i her ring of listeners called a hut i ii you do the whole flight by dead l likening i am a flier myself my name is Cobham i in i a London a few minutes ago to see you Tell you you have i me the greatest thing i have Ever i. A re sir Alan Cobham arrive. All Heads turned. The voice was that of sir Alan Cobham the great it of British Lon distance Avia is the Pioneer of Loutes to South j Lea. India Australia. It is sir Alan Cobham 1 i preach in Nybergh the briton s hand said i mighty glad to meet you sir. I have heard a great Deal about i i. We in did it All by dead i Koning. We did t carry any Ono Nical instruments i it know How to use a Sextant. What Points did you Fly Over a tossing from Ireland to p Anc a someone asked. Hand me the map ill Tell you i ii Berg replied. Not hungry or sleepy in answer to another question he i he did not feel either hungry London. May 23.- a the american destroyer Preble was raked with chinese machine gun ire on the Yangtze River Friday night a Shanghai dispatch to the daily mail says replied with its main armaments. It is believed much damage was inflicted. This dispatch reports that Northern chinese batteries bombarded Cal Kiang across Hie Yangtze for two hours sunday morning most of the shells falling on the property of the Standard Oil company one tank is said to have been set afire. Fortune Fame to Greet a Lucky sum reports that Lindbergh been offered $25,000 to appear on Stag Mother Over Telephone. Paris. May 23. A Fortuna As Well As Fame w ill Likely a a he lot of Captain Charles a Lind Bergh. Among the hundreds or cablegram he has received nit offers of every sort from movie magnates theatre owners probably Nom the makers of everything an from Fhay ing soap to yeast it is reported that he has been at i feted As High is 125,000 a. Eliv by a Broadway theatre Many limes that much by the movies. Lust night he said he had not de i idea yet about anything in fact Shad not had time to read one i twentieth of the messages. After his conversation with i Mother by Telephone through a Captain Charles Lindbergh. T moment aft a this picture was taken Lindbergh was in the. Stop flight to Paris while a Friend arranges him in his flying clothe. Rising Rivers add dangers in flood area Worcester mass., May 2-> Al i Worcester toys claim to the Dis Tinct Ion of having the first baby j named for Charles a. Lindbergh.1 when the Stork left an 8 Pound son Ai j fill a Willi to or. is Ari w Erickson Stream. Already filling with up Gerday to 1. Happy parents con flood Waters Are swelled Side red naming it after the dating. ,. A flier. Dining the Day a Erick on by torrential Rains Ive fnl1nv a the a roamers cd the flight first baby named Byrd shaping Massachusetts City plans for trip across Ocean 25 injured when trains collide her. A ooh i told Lier the flight off better than i a i expected Quot he Repin la. A but what did you ask her Quot of just How things Vel Home. She said Al j thing one of the most Tom Long seem whiskey will be manufactured for followed the Progress of inhabitant. Endangered when news came of Captain i Lindbergh s great Humph there in w York May �?~23 a com Lworn longer any ,. Bellanca ship May try to reach another Point in Europe Byrd flight for science. Flagstaff. Ari May 23 no a Twenty five persons were injured twelve seriously when two Sec Mona the. Or Salt. Of Ciu. Ltd a a Quot no Init Aal bound wore in my Quot pm Quot i or a. Coll is ton two Miles West of Here emus i ally today. Plane but the president of France pinned Tho Cross on his breast As though to were Art a Yeti in Stilt Lido then swept him into his arms kissed him on both Cheeks in the traditional accolade. Quot slim was moved even More so a Hen the president presented through him the compliment of himself aul nil of France to be Filer s Kotlier. Dark in Detroit hic Birdman. Eyes Wero moist As accompanied by m. Dommergue Ain talk. To assailed Herrick Ami others tie was escorted to la Garden of the when camera men waited to record the historic incident. It was a Day of glory for the modest american boy. The Aero flub of Fiance arranged to Conter its great Gold medal Honor late this afternoon Premier Poincare was to receive him immediately afterwards. He was quoted made a honorary alumni a of the highest institution of learning in France Tho Superior Normal school crowds gathered at la a am Airan embassy his temporary Home at every other Point where a might possibly appear Vendor along the Boulevard shouted a new song written Over night in ids Honor. Notable. Pilot ambassadors notables called to see him Aud messages of Tell Ballon continued to i or in from All went parts of the Globe. So Many Telegram. Cable Iii stages have been received hat they have not All been classified bushels of letters remain to be opened. A lineup of motion picture rep resell Tat Ives theatrical promoter have been waiting outside be mid Eavor to get to at Vvhs new Orleans May 23.�? apr. J no Mann Hospital Cha is Lind thu Siuth ally. Torrential Rains which have added bergs Richson his Mother ate Lindbergh s flight one of n to the Hazard of the levee fight Veigt Happy. Along the East Bank of the upper. Atchafalaya were Imp riling Many lives less than too Miles away in my i id the lower West Basin of the same medical i i poses today. A i Between too 200 persons in. The bottomlands along the Ermil geor Ecooper goes on stand in death Case Washington May 23�?cp manufacture of whiskey for medi Jion Ruxer were believed trapped by. Cinal purposes will be begun under b<1 sudden Rise of the Stream Anil Treasury supervision in time to. Boal8 were dispatched to their Tes utilize the fall Corn crop assistant i Cue it Secretary Andrews announced to Gudden uses of the Vermillion Day. Tile Treasury he said would Bayou a he brought by five father of Gordon authorize such manufacture by j eight Rains augmenting the possibly ave corporations. Floodwater already pouring into it was the original intention to it he it Ream it carried them out of i made a path for him to authorize two companies t0 a a their Banks last night into the Low who grasped in making the spirit but when the Iang Between Lafayette question of violation of anti Trust Barbaux Bridge Laws was brought up it was decided to allow enough corporations to enter the Industry to provide com petition. Est feats in history was going i carefully about his own preparations for a tans Atlantic flight at i Roosevelt Field. Quot we May not take Toff for a week a he said. I in the meantime Backer of Hie endurance record breaking Bellanca monoplane thwarted from entering the new York to parts contest by disagreements among themselves it re looking about for new worlds to conquer while the Columbia Lay Idle in its hangar. Charles a. Irvine head of the Cooper company owning the Columbia de i dared that it had not been the in great bri11an-India fliers Are rescued which mad up Lindbergh s Al Quot to embassy in an when seeping him All talking til Large Mims. Ilion of vet-1 blinded in the War was 11 Iii to him on the embassy Stair Case sea pint had waited. When he pans but that in holds til a Long Fig i is Homol gated at Aero club show that Llotd Burgh not Only to list Man to make an unit r t to ranted Hight Between new York hours to meet the flier did meet him. Tit Blind Roan speaking in English said Quot i Ain very not to be Able to Sot i y sir for you Arlt in the world. To bravest you Man several c a for murder of Tolla or Hiroy of we Quot a vhf son held tor in Turae wife. Baby. More than two thousand men still working in Sodden clothes at plane was taken from her Hangai saturday night to attempt to do Pilate the feat of Lindbergh but a that Chamberlin with ids Unladen tided navigator was planning to Crew i. Picked up in persian Gulf after flying 3,400 total wreck. London May 23 Al though great disappointment Manifest Here Over the new. That lieutenant. Can Gillman had failed in their attempt to make a non ? Fop flight to India their Pei forma Nee is considered highly Fred i table. The ministry confirmed that two airmen were forced to Pinedo cancels flight to azores the u. S. Will claim $1,233 of prize won by Lindbergh Washington May 23, the 125. Of orteig prize won by Leepy during the flight As barie8 Lindbergh apparently w meals Quot i ate about a Sand to a half drank about a i of a Glass of water. I kept the Wabasha min May 23 feeble old. George Cooper possible. It re Woi Kins a a a a. Father of Gordon t Emper was led Fly As fat into Baroi mrea filling Sand bags lug v.inp118 stand today to Tes hoping to reach Home Ging them into place Over Slippery to trial of his son charged he said a record breaking Dis paths that led through the mud to a fir j1 a of hi8 wife 8 Hie Lance flight still was being plan new embankments behind Tihe it a Ned. A Undine old one. Amo. Carlo. by to. To re Many hours of labor in the rain iat or in prosecuting the chive the degree of master Aeto Quot till they fought on As their women 72 ar8 old nautical science from the i a in i Rivar to Baton Rouge con Cnair nut a trans Atlantic flight tor purely in Sis Sippi River to Union for. Carleys questions. He is not an in cent ration Camps. Asked How his son acted when in Tiftic p to a their task appeared hopeless at _ Horn pm it i times As the raging it a rents Touni the by had been gives testimony in trial Tention of either Clarence d. Cham Utu la u san i him w w a a a a a a alight at sea 45 Miles East of Ben Der Abbas in the Elsian Gulf they were rescued by a ship Ami Are being taken to Abadan. Their machine a special Hawke Horsley plane filled with Rolls Boyce motors is a total wreck. Their total flying time was 34 hours 33 minutes for just an hour on saturday they held the Long distance nonstop Gerord until Captain Lindbergh breezed into la Bourget. They bad flown 3,400 Miles bet Lindbergh set a new world Mark with his i to mile epic. Lieutenants Arni Iii Man wire actually in the one having con i dour longer than Lindbergh. Do. Shared with Uncle sane Ink into the rain soaked Orji had word flashed away huge chunks of the from did t it you Are protected a i111 winds so we t hat Quot How did you Fly from g on to Paris a 11 Juit came on in a straight picked up the beams of the Lilii its All right saw the p. Then when i got a look at have to across he Atlantic that the Lone j Ltd ramparts charged upon the across. _ in. It it a barrier8 Holch had bees elected in anticipation of the Slough late today. Tows open All the Way. A of aviator had reached Paris a Han in a. Our ship the Way she is. Avenue Bureau statisticians a figured that he owed the govern ment $1 233 75 of his prize Money. They explained that the Law provides Cher that any Money earned through a a services performed is subject the income tax. A a it a just something that cant be said one Bureau official. Quot when we tax the Money nervous seemed to be for a Fly put t0 the a you a pole. The hellenes monoplane but on Cross examination that Gordon was naturally outs in such instances the Case Nerv Whick they hoped to their goal distance non St it in record tin journey having covered 3,147 mile. A. Ten hour sleep Captain Charles a. Lindbergh be tiered in his country a embassy Coin a world till vol the Praise of him awoke sunday afternoon from a sound ten hour sleep seemingly innocent of the fact that the whole Rrth was eager to Honor i exploit of lying alone from a w York to Parte soon alter he had Hail Bleak fast the courageous harming Young Man from the Middle West telephoned to his Mother in faraway Detroit. It was til Fil l. Time a private Telephone Call Hail linked prance with America but it was Only one of Many precedents hut the world set in the Gem 1 it a a sire to show its admiration for la Sandy haired soft spoken aviator who made the trans Atlantic flight in his Little monoplane in solitary glory. Crowd gather at hanging up the receiver at the of the conversation with his Mother. Lindbergh placed himself in the kindly care of Myron Herrick. The ambassador led him to he Balcony of the embassy to please the crowd that Hail been standing in Hie treet clamouring for a sight of him Ever since lie word went Forth that at last he Young hero had Arisen from i gloriously earned sleep. I afer that. Twi score it Ewers had to in accommodated then Lindbergh told the Story of is having acquired Fortune fit get to a group of newspapermen about All the Fame thai was to ,.a.r 8,.nd his words around the Sable out of Railroad. Henry by wol.,d a his first outside the wards Huntington turned Bis alien embassy since his arrival the lion to Art i is by Carne y Ink american til a thing a internationally known As the own maj him even More of one of tut Illust most tie passe a n. Of May 23 a commander finances do Pinedo i italian four continent flier pout pow i his flight for the Asor be Caus of it a countered in to in preparation hot now plans Lowah f-1fa 11 a tvs cd i 2 4 o clock Mon Day morning. The commanders plan to Fly Sun Day was upe i by the slowness of til motor boat la Wing by plane Down the Harbor for Hie Mart be cause of a voltage of Lud a took the boat two Hou to make the Tow since it takes a Long time to got the plane properly marked the commander decided it would be too late to go. He was deeply chagrined a the delay but said that weather p1 muting to would surely a away today. H. E. Huntington rail magnate Dies Philadelphia May 22 a Henry k. Huntington Railroad be Olive philanthropist of i aulos a died of re today at la to a it was announced would take Oft in 40 horns. A Iran. Atlantic flight last tit a a Quot i Ower All lit up i knew that ipad fat a or Ulm reef fume gets f i Aris i had been told at it Bee How we can pass up i3,445,2 a. Quot Odt tuned on Page to Lind beige prize. A Beauty contest Winner i flood Aid gifts total $1 a a a Quot i v a in Day night again saturday a the jury late this week it was in y of located today. 23�? a Miles from Washington May. Is expected to go to on to a of in i ________9 w been ready tor several Days Satur Day it actually was taken from 7tz carded a is hangar but As on the pm iou severe que to p a night the flight a Given up be Wahington. May Zzz a i of a it in it is weather cond Gigantic earthquake d tiou8 when the plane might have occurred have taken off. To a. Tied up by livestock rate inquiry ordered or valuable private collections of Art i in Ute of id As Well As a Library that was Quot Abl to be unsurpassed by i that of any other individual. La. M Fino in injun ii Quot Quot obtained by to Java o min iti., a i. Bertaud Oue led pm let. Lutheran Addre. Arranged a a a a m in 23 a a Virginia mini May 23 Al general investigation into Railroad or Samuel Miller. A off go rates in Tau a a will deliver the principal by in heard from since is Wal w1�?���&Quot ?,h a loved in the hearts of the Fren h who had already Given him such Praise of Tongue Aud pen As no Man has known for year. With the ambassador ti1 Art escort the Birdman went to it All on rite sorrowing Mother of the Gallant French aviator. Captain nun go ser whose out to Fly he Atlantic a fortnight ago has not All France state it omit Erce commission. A ran Congress Here sunday. Continued on Page in

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