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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 21 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 21, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you a 10 u.,k adverting subscript a. 0r Butin int e v t n i n q Tribune Pleat Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and Newt room of the evening Tribune please Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota saturday May 21,1927 number 120makes new York to Paris lie attack France prepares to give is Only stray aviator great Welcome in vet tors blame boys shooting at pigeons for Bullet slug missed n. Governor by inches. Pm n. D., May 21�? apr voting at pigeons sent a it through a window in v hive mansion Here late in. Missing governor Sorlie boys stray the sex thurst by in i will Cut a Glai a an inc show a had up of ii temp theorist on St Titre was la j let we v Litten a error that a used a the Quot is is i certain i weighs i a Sinai the \ Pigeon chit a tire new Envoy sent to Turkey the chief executive looked e plate Glass window items struck his head and and Hole in the window where a. Menacing Bullet Al. V mom had visions of , while other included the act As a denial by a Crank for less than us ago another window Ken presumably by a bul the family was absent. Small Caliper Bullet. The Bullet considerably was found near the gov verite chair it disclosed in of smal Caliper had been this turned police toward ill boys theory. Meron an attorney As-1 that his son and other Hood boys had been using i it file about 75 Yards from hive mansion shooting at great admiration expressed for skill and daring of american flier a Beacon lights will Light Way. Young Rier was a scared during Start had same feeling As football player who wait for whistle to Start games nearly wrecked five times in take off. Minnesota youth makes great flight Paris May 21�? apr Captain Lindbergh will come into France tonight with a Strong quartering wind from the West with the wind behind him of he succeeds in crossing the Atlantic. _ weather reports this afternoon 3ork, May. Bore out those issued last night in Charles a. Lindbergh who a amp dieting that the favourable cond he air wok Ami he a nos 1,18 Lou a tons extending Over the English a one it t Channel will probably last until the Joseph c. Grew undersecretary of state May be appointed i is. Ambassador to Turkey. This diplomatic Post has not been filled for ten years. Of police Chris Martineson Bullet found in the execution corresponded in size Villi i be used by the boys and Thack on the governor was solved. Gov for Sorlie in Fargo today Fri a addresses also expressed the b f that boys had fired the shot w i out any intention of hit Tini h mansion. r trials of marksmanship to the youth of the neighbourhood i. V Moor strict police and parental in unction for it was realized the Bullet which narrowly Bis a the governor might have info ii serious injury. Tin governor had returned Home from i is office at the Capitol and Viking across the floor of the 2,080 workmen toil in Rains to Stop Rood a a spirit of St. Louis is Well Over i it Ance. Signal lights to Blaze every available signal Light will be on blazing the Way to Tolfe in b luf get flying Field near Paris while from mount Malarian at sur tesness the greatest Searchlight in j the world will throw its powerful beam in a Complete Circle every j five seconds. This Light can be j seen from the coast when visibility i is Good. J this afternoon s weather reports indicate that it would be Cloudy in the Paris regions tonight with per a haps a bit of fog or rain but not enough to affect the Landing. France admires youth Lindbergh s fearlessness and his will to win have aroused Thad i migration of the French Public j a a magnificent a a what daring a. I Hope he succeeds a these Are some i of the excited exclamations heard i it wry where. A few have expressly Dingru Nelement that an american May win where Nungesser and Roosevelt Field on Long Island for Paris yesterday. But it was not fright. It was the feeling of a football player who quakes and shakes in his shoes As he awaits a referee s w whistle starting a game and the next minute charges in and knocks an opponent twice his size Flat on his Back. There was a tense look about a a slim Lindbergh a eyes As he sat j in his a a Blind Cabin looking at his i instrument studded Board As his motor was turning up for a daring dash Over an air route that he was to feel for with his faithful Compass. As the motor raced and then toiled the Young Missouri Captain never took his eyes from the instruments which will make or break him As he tries to make Paris the next station after new York on the air express. Nearly wrecked in Takeoff Lindberg s single whirling motor and Gray fuselage had 5,150 pounds of weight to take into the air and Only a mile of available ground on which to get up enough Speed to Captain thai negotiate the task. His flight a1 daring american lands safely at Lebourget Field american aviator lands at French flying Field at 10 21 of clock Paris time completes non Stop dash nearly two and one half hours ahead of schedule flight made in approximately 34 hours crowds swarm on Field to cheer airman. A laude a Berg Lindbergh a at id of clock Lebourget flying Field France. May 21. Tain Barrs a. Binder go american aviator safely tonight completing Bis non Stop flight Trout new we to aria. His plane the a spirit of St. Louis Quot came Down at a till p. In. Parts time arriving about two and one half hours ahead of his schedule. An air plane believed to be that of up Tain sighted approaching the Lebourget living sch tonight. Thousands of persons gathered in the in a tonight and watched a huge electric Sigil news of the Progress of Captain it buries mean aviator. Crowds cheer at news of plane it took a Force of More than iou policemen to a Way for traffic to the District when the sign flashed confirmatory messages t hut Captain Lind Bergh had been sighted Over ire Ai d. Ii fists who usually spend the evening sight seeing Gay River to take them to de la opera in which appeared Lindbergh Amer Ica r the in their bus be in the Jimrae Liao up their plans and directed the nearest bulletin Board. Every tourist bus in Batts seemed i neighbourhood of the famous Junction of the Avenue do l opera and of the Hue de la la Aix. Great crowd on flying Field a Suvar bowl of Louisiana and Coli and be jaj8 lo8t their i most ended at its beginning. Sugar cowl or Louisiana aim a veg but the great body of the i living room at his Home when Aplin is of Glass struck him on the j time but each time the men hand lie was standing directly in j anticipated the i front if a Large plate Glass w window j looking upon the Street. Bullet Pierce window to first thought he said was i that a chandelier had broken but hindi he lighting fixture intact she Birned toward the window and found a round Hole about an Inch in d act or. Fine splinters of Glass v a r scattered about the entire floor. A 107,000 inhabitants threat people Are intent with interest and _ j sincere in the admiration for c aligned by new blood menace App of the Man wh0 suited modest a great chunks of levee by and alone. I the flying Field at Lebourge is break. In Leaf Ness to receive the Are to a j Pioneer. New Orleans May 2l�? apr i two thousand men were tailing in j Washington May 21.�? apr on a downpour of rain today at hand official Washington yes Rea on the East Bank of the ate a ter Day expressed admiration for the Ayala to hold Back the River. The daring attempt of Charles a. Lind current was threatening the pm Bergh to Fly across the Atlantic ban Kment protecting 2,, alone and the Hope that he would acres and 107,000 persons in Louis succeed in his adventure Iana s a sugar j at the White House it was said great chunks of embankment that president Coolidge was were swept away from time to Ling with interest the flight and had a Ime the men had Best wishes Fot Lindbergh Suc sloughs and the p8s-water came against new ramparts. At the Navy department where everyone was pulling for the lanky new flood Shadow appear minnesotan even though he got the jump on commander Byrd the a Navy s own a at the Post office department where it was recalled the Shadow of the Mississippi flood peril was thrown Over five additional parishes in South Central Louisiana As John m. Parker flood by i the Pride that Lindbergh had a Relief dictator warned residents of Grett record a a airmail Pilot one of them that there was Immi at the a add quarters of the shipping nent danger of More Waters against ibo Aruj which had instructed its their levees than could be held. Lips on the North Atlantic traffic he urged All w Omen children Lake to be on the Lookout for the a i ail Bullet flattened from the aged and infirm persons to Evascu Fller it and am0ng government Avia ate Pointe Coupee Parish and that j org interest was intense. Made to remove an 0fjicial statement issued at the Navy department declared that at the same time it was Point he was a making new history in de there was a possibility that the Aerial navigation As Well As in oth millions of tons of water pushing through tenses Basin might Cut a new Channel for the River along the path of the Atchafalaya. Gig Fay Fie Ico to to danger Points noted a authorities regarded the danger to Pointe Coupee Parish As imminent the Parish is located at tile Point of the wedge along the sides of which beats the Waters of the Atchafalaya and the Mississippi _ and with old River connecting the. The intrepid French aviators a two Rivers forming the up. 1ain Charles Nungesser and Cap major John Gotwals commander j Aeq prancoi8 Coli started just of the Relief transportation Fleet in j twelve Days ago on their ill fated old River who made a Complete in Trang Atlantic Paris new York hop Section of the area yesterday said at night was ready to receive he observed Phenomena which their variant brother airman a led him to suspect that the missis j charje8 a. Lindbergh now Sippi was attempting to change its winging Bis Way from new York course through the Atchafalaya. T0 Paris. The plane was slow in getting up Speed As it prepared to leave the ground for a morning rain had made the track heavy. Before real Speed was developed there was a slip almost a Slid and the spectators gasped As the plane seemed about to turn Over. But he pulled the plane Back in to its stride and there was More Speed awaiting his touch. There w As an honest to goodness a on your Way suggestion from the airman s hands on the control stick when a Road rolling piece of machinery loomed up much too close for safety. Some of the spectators said the plane missed it by inches. And then a soft spot left by the morning rain threw the speeding plane out of its stride again and All four wheels left the track. I hey were in the air but Lindbergh did not want them there in that fashion and he brought them Down i the crowd on the held was so leg a. Lindbergh former Little Falls. Minn. Boy and Young that the police c Ould not est of the Yankee air pilots who attempted the new York to Baria flight i hold them and there was mum est an by 25, astounded and delighted aeronautic j doubt Whethe r the aviator would has won. Lindbergh who is oui Business Outlook Good Gary declares grew is approved v. Envoy to t log of flight chairman of w. Stool corporation give views at annual meeting cite Large National resource. Ced i i night against the heavy Glass Quot found under the Large Arm preparations be cd. Linch the executive usually livestock. Occupies when he is at Home. Re is the second time within tin weeks that bullets have been fir it t ufos the executive mansion it a. Made known today about the weeks ago a Bullet shattered the math window of the same room. Cirl is slain in Chicago mystery Light pathway to French air Field Paris. May 21.- a the flying Field at Lebourget from which lint yest Lins old won of t i w i i Phi met by Ber a of May 21.�? apr the Avenue District Bright spot the Side night life presented a for solution a murder a in the shooting of 22-year-Lyn a grand. The Young was slain last night by one men who fired while three i companions of miss be were in an adjoining apart frantically calling the police phone to report that a robs in Progress in a their int. Continued on Page 4 Gordon Cooper made plans to smother baby Deputy sheriff give testimony in Wabasha Case husband had told him of plan to do away with the child. New York May 21. A the Outlook for continued Prosperity in the United states is Bright Elbert h. Gary chairman of the United states steel corporation told Mem hers of the american Iron and steel Institute at their annual meeting. He added however s note of caution in discussing com petition. A i think Competition is carried too far sometimes a a he said and added that while keen Competition is desirable As an involve to greater eff Clency and lower it Cista manufacturer would get More business in the Long run if they acted More unselfishly. I citing Large National resources and Low Money rates As indications densely Wert burst in plan Coull is definitely identified. Minutes Atter ten tin trying to locate Tho plane which was circling the Low or end of the Field. The crowd. Wan in a tremendous uproar and Washington May Llu a the police were having utmost ail formal announcement that Joseph to cult or in keeping them from the 1 had been appointed ambassador to danger zone. In grew under Secretary of state Lucky Lindbergh made ins Turkey was made late yesterday flight to Paris with Only two hours Jat the White House. Deep in the past so hours. At the same time it w As avidin the rest re obtained i rom mid that Robert e. Olds now an night thursday to 2 a. It. Friday. Assistant Secretary of state would i p a Field. France succeed or grew As under Secre la Ai it. Since Cunt. A Gap \ storm apparent tary _ it by local passed Over the flying Field Here late this afternoon. There was a Sharp Shower with the sky a Leaden Gray but the us broke through and at this time hic weather is Clearing but still misty. A stiff Breeze is blowing from the Northwest. Americas flags fluttered from the Entrance of administration building at the Field and engl Uii v is heard quite As much Ait the French. None but passenger air planes took the air but two planer were made ready to take photographers out to meet Captain Lindbergh As a soon As he Wuu reported off the French school funds used to pay up deficiencies Albert Lea time 5 52 off from Roosevelt Field. 7 40 a at Halifax Mill. 10 03 a Spring Field n. 11 50 a been pasting Over Milford n. 1 05 Over mul grave n. S., on Strait of Canto separating Mainland of Nova Scotia from Cape Breton Island. 2 00 main a Dieu easternmost tip of Nova Scotia. 3 00 . A cleared Nova Scotia at Mam a Diau the easternmost tip. 5 15 .�?passed St. Johns n. F., headed Over Broad Atlantic. 9 a m. _ passed Valencia islands in Southern Ireland. 9 00 .�?French time passed Over Bayer on French coast. 3 30 .�?Lindbergh landed safely at Lebourget flying Field. He Landsd at 10 21 Paris time. 1925 and 1926 deficiencies will be paid up in full percentage rate for those in 1923 and 1924. Receipts of an official dispatch saying that Captain land Gerby Straus Atlantic plane had passed Over coast to try to film him on the Way a in the Frond roast at 8 to be Bour shortly after funds St. Paul May 21.api borrowed from the stat h Nunt school fund will to used to pay school Aid deficiencies cover of the. Country re to or to re. In it a. Of of Clary rave it a i opinion that a opportunities for Progress Are Ivo and Contin it he legislative ter than Ever before _ used a never before in my Aff Illa w Bash a May 21�? Are got tion with the a teen Industry has Don Cooper on trial for the murder there been a tim when govern of Hui wife s five weeks old baby mental administration was honest told Deputy sheriff g. Quade in sincerely and actually so much f01 a rate of 4 per cent. Shortly Atter the arrival of the interested in the Prospo i1ty of e staying i per cent under tit rate permitted. Which caused the biggest fight of session the state investment Board decided today. The Board voted to take up an Issue of Cert tical of indebted one s for which interest at the rate of amp per cent was authorized to pay child that he intended a to smother people of the country the kids the Deputy testified this most of or. Gary a remarks con morning. Corned the steel Industry which Deputy Quade who Friday re he pointed out has enjoyed co Sld viewed the kidnapping Story told by Erbie Prosperity for three years mrs. Cooper today related several and present there is nothing to six of clock tonight iwo huge vans Ai lived at the hold and workmen busied themselves Parma i up lights and cameras. Storm 1 loud appear d intermittently but soon cleared up. The wind however was still pry stiff from the North West and airman said that if it continued it would make the Landing somewhat difficult. Two squads of p a from near by Subiti tis in arched into the reservation one squad starting to the building from which ambassador Herrick will watch the Landing. The other squad took Possession of the Landing Field in order to in for the american flier o clock French time. Bayeux near the coast of Heine Hay Tan Arm of the English Channel is about 150 Miles by air to in bark at the rate of Speed Lind Bel git is making Ai c of Ding to dispatches thus tar received he should be at the i. Bourget flying Field his destination in slightly More than an hour after passing Bayeux. Shortly Aliet 9 p. In rain time. In addition to paying a percent age agreed upon of the 1923 and safety school Aid deficiencies the of branding negro is lynched for killing Farmer urse ulv Lifcia in f la a i its. Zuj i Twu j ail hip. The new Orleans weather Bur every possible technical Pic a conversations with the husband. Indicate any interferer eau placed no credence in this be was being taken for Captain j Duarte asked a my int Hisim Lief. _ Sailor who Cut 1924 1925 arid 1926 deficiencies will a paid in Lull. The deficiencies in Mother s pen Lindbergh s expected arrival at be he Fet about Ftp Tare no banked up invent Bourget tonight while plans were arr a a. Cooper said Quot in a. Any sire anywhere and t going rapidly Forward by French officialdom and the american col ony to Welcome him royally baby darn made and Dan cd lie Kin fart Lyl Fror Ute miss., May 21.�? a son negro 32, who is i to have confessed that he c. Edwards Young White r of Cliftonville miss., was d by a mob which took him a i Era just Over the line in r in the to Bigbee swamps yesterday Conn a i Cable Dies the ministry of Marine yest a up Anion guv ordered that the big air Bea --7, a a 91 map Eon at Cherbourg be lighted to Brockton mass., May 2l m the american Inland from .7urbw� Elk. Is z Tol Muj my Nee with in on one occasion Quade asked Nornal flow of Busine. There the iinnren�l., Here has and the amount a county contrib in a subsequent been Little or no speculative buying utes in taxes toward Pawn it of conversation according to Quad. Of he said which indicates his deficiency an e amour the husband said. A i intend to that production has been going Dibas coning smother the later the Deputy restly to Consumers testified Cooper told him that Quot things were All spoiled about 1 smothering a because his wife was. Will also be paid. Counties will be paid deficiencies i before july i. A tension since the while the court was adjourned at noon in a Hebrock on -1 in Lei Coli s Toni Quot tit shiners initiate 81 palls s. May 21 after 30 in Bis 69th year the Navy 15 years ago service and had been Blind time. Baker a in the detail of chief 16 the a distance of 200 Miles. Years for some Petty officer volunteers that put o r methods to rum running have Nashville on a Mal Mort introduced Here with the Brainerd May card Nelson former treasurer of tourists warned not to travel to Montreal Canada Washington May 21. A two bandits flee after hotel robbery Chicago May 21 a bandits entered the Fairfax this morning Little fulls minn., May 2l�? a pandemonium broke Loose Here when a crowd jammed in front of the local newspaper office Beard the announcement thai it Bari a. Lindbergh who grew to manhood Here had completed his new York to Paris flight. Cheers Back slap Ping Aud tears ended thai a existed hers flight began. Halifax n s May 21�? a Captain Charles Lindbergh Sailplane pass d Over Valencia islands Southern Ireland at 9 a in. Eastern Standard time a Erding to a report two Broad ast by station gym at Chat hotel Ham mass., and picked up a the and est radio station at Yarmouth n. S., air plane rum runner reported Morris. May 21�? a hopped showed aping on the Cable cutting expedition a a a i a a to a charge of pm v ised by a group of state officers drawer after threatening the night report Box Pitog $781 from the township meekly hero Jot to include tim. A Ort and a of pc of ppr and a guest. The guest b. a a a a a c a Alck. Mission was i of a w 1,200 shrines. The Spanish forts. Using highways i u of n Insop nyties Ai a Tiu a a a a a v a a a tour he urn i cargo or liquor. A a Hurge pc. Township within a thy do go there to he inoculated up a tided the Spring Cere from an open boat after tour hour a g to dangerous forcing reimburse the o against typhoid fever beforehand. H4i Al mad shrine Temple work under Shell Are rom a year. Him. Lion Here. Valencia is some 60f Miles Dom pails. New York May 21�? a the French Cable company announces new York May 21 a Hying obliquely toward Ute Dawn Lucky Lindbergh was on his pioneering Way to France last night. His Progress Between 7 52 of clock Friday morning when he off until dark last night that he was running As True to schedule As an express train or As one of the air mall planes that have been i every Clay mounts. The first few Esq 1 of the flight wire shrouded in uncertainty causing no mall amount of concern. Taking the air in swirling fog Charles Lindbergh disappeared from sight and hours passed before it was Learned definitely that a was holding to his course like the Veteran airman that he is for All Hie youthfulness. Others watch Progress during this period of anxiety among the most persons at the Long Island flying Field from which the hop a made were the formerly potential rivals with whom it seemed Likely some Days ago that Lindbergh might have to race for the Honor of being first to land in France. Lieutenant commander Richard Byrd George Covilie and a of continued on Page 4

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