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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 20, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you with to talk advertising Sun Crijo tion or bulimia with the evening Tribune please Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and news room of the evening Tribune. Please Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota Friday May 20, 1927 number 119lindbergh hops off on n a. To Paris flight wet Bills Are Given Victory in two states Home brew measure passes in Wisconsin legislature Illinois House demands statewide referendum. 11 pinochle player gits eight aces Falls dead gets funeral e census Washington May 20.�? apr raving of a special fund of Kimi to be used to strike at to wet candidate and at every of to Appeal the prohibition Law a Reed upon today at a Rheet re of the anti Saloon league it Ive committee. A a a ago May 20.�? apr two ties striking at the prohibit Law were safely past the bar of the lower legislative As Tilus of Wisconsin and Illinois i ight ready for action by the. A a Csepi. Ive senates. In Wisconsin the wets won what j to. Turn a great Victory v. Hen in lower Assembly passed repro it Ive cum can a Quot Bill of rights p Home brewery by a vote of o 34. The Bill would legalize tin manufacture of Beer of 2.75 a1 i Lillic Content by persons in the lion Iii Illinois the House wednesday i so to 63, for the Webber it Grady Bill which provides for a pc wide referendum on repeal of h. Tate prohibition enforcement Cas including the search an Seiz. Act. The measure was handed to the Senate which i it placed it in committee for a moderation. New York May 20�? apr eight aces drawn in a pinochle hand Cost Frank Frankenthal 40, q watchman his life but won him the expenses of his funeral. A a i will see that Frankenthal gets the Best funeral obtainable any Man who can draw eight aces in a pinochle game deserves it a declared Irving Kemp his employer for the past 15 years when informed of the watchman a death. Frankenthal playing with three friends wa3 dealt two aces and Drew the remaining six. As he Drew his eighth Ace he arose from his chair with a shout and foil Back unconscious. A physician found he died of heart failure. Lindbergh plane especially flood Waters built for trans Ocean trip threaten new 50 stocks take de a Quot and South Parish Advance while others Tumble Lindbergh hops off for Paris alone Little monoplane designed for scientific flying a carries enough fuel for 4,500-mile trip. Land troops defending troops repulse at during violent Price movements general motors and Baldwin head advances. R new York May 2c. Apr fifty stocks soared to new High records and nearly a dozen crashed to new lows in a series of violent Price movements on the new York Stock Exchange . Nearly two and one Quarter million shares changed hands during the Day with i the average of 20 leading industrials elevated to a record High for leading rails to the highest level a n to deca l As with few except ameant Filat to s that i Day my Yemen a i i a j i Vuil i Nam 11 so Yatri i with anything in the current news but buying orders a pea red to be based largely on the huge surplus of Money available for investment and speculation at Low tacking Fleet in War games motor. Fulfilled widely staged on Atlantic Seaboard quo de predictions by crossing 200, which is equivalent to Over 300 for Newport r. I., May 20.�? a the old Stock prior to the Dis Tribu the War is Oer and the enemy has lion of the 50 per cent Stock Divi been repulsed. The sweeping vie Dent. Baldwin touched 216s. A tory Wou by the defenders of the new top for All time. American 128 mile coast line from Chatham. Smelting sold at 159 for the first j Cape cod to the Mouth of the con time in 21 years. Union Pacific proponents of both measures adn it Cut River has proved that this sold at 180�?T4 a Price which had Secton of the United states is in not previously been touched since preg Nable if sufficient Mobile forces ,1911. Are available general Preston Many new High Peak Brown declared lie is among the Many other issues to commandant of the first corps area r0ach new High prices Fri the year american Brake Stock i _ Ameri betting. In Wisconsin Assembly has silently voted against prohibit a in various measures during be in sent session. A previous i a a lire memorializing Congress Force of 75,000 men on that part of fast Iron pipe and Westinghouse to take a nation wide referendum the const to capture the Rich Indus by. Brake. New York May 20 a Quot the spirit of St. Louis Captain j diaries a. Lindbergh s plane built j especially for his proposed new nearly 2,215,000 share sold von. To pail non Stop trip is de signed for scientific flying. Women and children in Pointe Coupe Parish warned to leave Relief workers responded to Calls for Aid. New Orleans May 20air women and children were warned to evacuate Pointe Coupe Parish today by John m. Parker flood director. Panic today began to supplant the Little monoplane with a Wingspread of 46 feet and a fuselage 28 feet Long has a special instrument Board upon which the former air mail Pilot depends for guidance. With extra gasoline tanks and the Confidence with which the Orcsi the instrument Board the total Cost dents of the acadian county Here is about . The plane is pow to fore have viewed the possibility Ere a with a Wright a whirlwind Quot a 0f a flood. Frantic appeals were j 2, 225 horsepower nine Cylinder received and Relief workers set out radial air cooled motor similar to save persons who a few Days Taftt used by commander Richard Ako refused to leave their Home. E. Byrd and by Clarence chamber in and Lloyd bertaud in the trans Atlantic Bellanca monoplane a Columbia. Carries fuel for 4,500 Miles with full lend the plane has a cruising Speed of approximately jog Miles per hour and a maximum Speed of 123 Miles per hour. It carried 125 Gallons of gasoline and 28 Gallons of Oil estimated to be sufficient for a 4,500 mile jump. On his 2,500 mile trip from san Diego. Calif., to new York Lindbergh used less than 250 Gallons of gasoline and the average Consumo lion is computed at about to Gallons per hour. Its body of Metal and wings of Wood a the spirit of St. Louis Quot has new Orleans May 20 apr the extent of the flood Waters sweeping Down the atcha Folva Basin to the Gulf of Mexico was deemed so great last night that the weather Bureau at Ney Orleans issued a warning to the inhabitants of St. Martinsville that the Lake would probably enter that town Between May 25 and 30. St. Martinsville approximately 75 Miles South of the Breaks along Bayou Des glasses and on the Western extremity of the 25 tulle wide path being Cut by the Waters Down the Atchafalaya Basin i previously had been regarded As Safe Dom the flood. To that the upper legislative to ii s Are a dry a but see Victory but it legislative developments. In Illinois the Anli prohibitionists Point out the fact that the Senate Nea service new Yolk Bureau legs and with Little Opportunity for the Pilot to move about. It carried rails of Southern i Leif la Branch no radio but is leg i Ped with a Hue Between the Lafayette High pneumatic rail for use in Case of a is and the Atchafalaya. A a. Forced descent at sea. The plane i a Ltd a overflow the. Low lands country a Black Armada of .8 ves Jiji Byers Congress Cigar Fleisch in e Luppi a Only with wheels and la Bayou eche Down to and Mound Sels had striven unsuccessfully Mann it International Harvester la landed on the water could not take j St Martinsville from Midnight on monday to noon i Hje Gas Liggett amp Meyers peo to land a theoretical a p pm Casi Union Carbide u. S. Bowed a Liberal tinge by passing and was of Miander in chief of the or longer were the measure providing for the ie-1defenders. Shoe amp foundry new Waltzing of parimutuel horse race lube greatest War game eve american sugar refining tie can tobacco american express a. The outflow from the crevasses a Gross weight of 4,750 pounds the along Bayou Des glasses and at full Load of gasoline and Oil weigh Melville on the Atchafalaya was ing 2.745 pounds. Its Cabin holds estimated at 500,0<�0 cubic feet of Only one Man sitting in a Wicker Vitti the a a a tick Between his Bureau said would carry an aver. Luge depth of eight feet above the which consisted of a Pat on the shoulder and a a goodbye and Good Captain Charles a. Lindberg Lone new York to in a is Pilot and his Mother mrs. Evangeline l. Lindbergh posed beside his spirit of St. Water a second which the weather Louia monoplane at Curtiss Field Long Island. Mis. Lindbergh travelled East from Detroit to bid Lier boy an a demonstrative Farewell worked out in this part of 1 decide a what the people want ii d in the Senate however by a vote. Trial cities of the area. Troops bottled Ion dared t hey inter Boro rapid transit and All v. Shh Kim a 0.-<ap>-r�. A Al sports carrying a Ming an attitude already exp landed on a. Off again i already the flood Hail spread i far Down the Valley from la or Pilot flies Blind vag8es which Are Between 130 and the cockpit is enclosed in Glass j Nii is nor in St of new or Ani Lindbergh flies Blind using tans a old tii opposite Side of j the other local to act ions broke to i a Periscope to Seq Over the front of j Mississippi. Port Barre. Cor at noon when the officials de new lows for the year on Selling 1 his plane which he did rarely on tableau and a dozen smaller towns had failed of their of influenced by fears of Adverse de inn at the transit hearings to Guiteu by us a a in up to 1 on the question the exe a committee of the Antl Oon Lea glib at a special meeting he adopted a resold a i urging appointment of a prob Ion commissioner a who is in Lathy with the Law he will be a 1 upon to enforce who is Cap of performing the duties of to and who has had Ade a experience in prohibition on Anent w Resolution made no direct Nee to Roy a. Haynes of acting prohibition cominis is to has been endorsed by in leaders for permanent a. Ointment. His Cross continent hops. Lie is visions at the transit hearings to guided by the instruments on the third of the Black troops had been begin next week. Oils were liquid elaborate Board before him sunk 20,000 other troops were brr dated freely on the abandonment of land flying he uses a magnetic com position Hopes in some speculative quarters pass. Bore of Buz that a general agreement can be j Board to curtail production Oil pressure gauge tachometer Al tied up in a precarious along the Western Bard s Bay and seven other instruments on the include tamper Tuie gang bombing reached planes had been shot Dow n at that hour the defending blues of the amusement packing and Tex had lost a Cruiser and two destroy tile Shales ers of the Small naval ton e allot four transfers posted ted them and had two of four memberships in the new their Fly available divisions into York Stock Exchange have been attack on the Black invaders. Posted for Transfer Lor a total of fail to make Advance i$852,000 a new record figure be the Black forces which landed ing established in a transaction by Early had failed to ad-1 which $217,000 weakness also developed in some j tinier turn and Bank indicator air Speed and Drift indicator Speed timer and clock sandwiched and water comprised the Only sustenance contemplated by the Youthful aviator on his Long hop across til sea. He anticipated no difficulty in keeping awake. Ile expected to Cross the Atlantic in is to be paid by i about 36 hours figuring the Dis bade for the member tame at about 3,600 Miles or 900 to More a of in. In he Ami had be., Chee feed of , Thara Lance i. A a a Ollie .1 Oil Hack toward he to Lojec Avrov a by the commit >0011 ear,7 him. Executive committee action had been split Wert port tee on admissions which meets two non the eve of expected the West Blanch o i d distil Pplk in Avo Yelles Anil St. Landry parishes already had disappeared and the sweep was carrying the flood southward into St. Martin s Parish. State will give help to bankrupt Michigan Village Byrd plans to Circle Globe by air plane financial Relief will be secured for stricken cilia cons a death loll advances to forty four. Weeks hence. Outside the Stock Market chief financial interest entered in the Diamond smuggler is captured after three months Hunt Lou Cement by Secretary met fiver. Of a permanent selection. This j As soon As the Lilliput s la peeled today and the treas j flounced an Endi of t in Wai Sharp use in ,.at and Cotton fun. <1 Clary said that Black and Blue Etc based on unfavourable crop m. Doran of North a about and steam of it its and the further collapse chief chemist of the prohibit Harbor Liete a a connection of move than iou Points in Japa Bureau and Seymour Low a Crews will be the ties. In to 46.10 cents the lowest former lieutenant governor of with the Anima Nasa a. Re in about four years. Chinese usury a. A. Alt it York were among those in army forces will it Short Selling was blamed for thury department agents mrs. John consideration for the Post. A i to their regular posts of a change he Resolution adopted by the urday. The Kord guns Nerat hath mich., May 20 a i he state of Michigan took a Steps for the Relief of this Btl Lek in Village into whose Homes a demented Lumer sent death and desolation by dynamite no its i school and blow ing to death More Ihan two snore pet sons. To of the 44 dead lust night 37 wet Small 1 children pupils in the lower guides of the school. 1 Andrew Kehoe 45 Yai old treas 1 user of the school District his mind deranged by financial re verses alone comic eyed Aud exp rut it it i the dynamite no in the open fined $500 for contempt of Ion of investigating Obi utile Village of 3d0 i a United states Senate toy jus in h n of m.1,s a Tice Hitz. Cultural do Stilt is virtually Bank diet As a re last mph it Sinclair gets three months jail penalty millionaire Oil operator also conqueror of Arctic pole expects to Fly into Antarctic regions will have two new planes. St. Albans it May 2d�? apr trailed for three months by treas Washl Agton May 2<r a sentence of three months in jail was imposed today upon Harry f. Sinclair millionaire Oil operator Lor contempt of the United states sen just ice Hitz in the Saloon Tongue committee con Brown said last Mai it a Ltd a i with the statement that adequate and the. Lent Coolidge and Secretary and Highway had Hen in in be reminded a a of the mis la factory Foi the Moi in a de understanding that was troops and supplies e a in the passage of the reorganized however coast in Nisi i Bill that the commissioner j equal in Range to i to digit Ion w Ould be entirely Ful guns of the a and unhampered in the per no of his ranter giving her address Al \ of Columbia supreme court hotel a , pans was taken. Kit l of it in to i i from an International train at Detroit last night under arrest for at so Cloud teachers9 College head quits Cloud May 20.�? apr or. Brown president of the St. Pine Island Man and wife Are held on murder charge red Wing May 2#,�? apr warrants charging or. And mrs. Walter Abbott of Pine Island win fixed his Fine at $500, both a jail sentence and a Fine being Luanda tem in. To .mng.l. .i.wno,. A a it Ltd a it a Quot Quot a valued at $100,000 to $200,000 into the sentence was imposed he us. Country from Cana. The nun of slndt.-. Ltd a a a a Quot i tone were found on her talk Quea Loii. In a the customs department Here was ate in spot advised by the agent who made when Hwa the arrest. Gunman tries to kill Sorlie. _ i advised by the agent who he y # i the arrest. Huh ten a in Bullet fired into executive mansion. i. Coolidge termed a Good gents a no. Deb. Governor. With ult of wednesday s it was this situation i Walter that prompt 1 gov. Fred w. Gre n to a Pilot it it Himalin calling for slate wide Ahi in i tiding financial Relief to Balli stricken citizens and make possible the rebuilding of los school. La Village itself a unable to a by 111 the school. Gov. Green an noun de funds would be taken from the mate coff it s for i he Purpo a t voluntary Ahi of Michigan s citizenry proved insufficient. A it is hardly possible a the gov Amor said a to imagine a mole ter Bismarck May 20�? apr a Bullet fired through a window of the executive mansion Here late Reader Coner. Thursday murder in . Narrowly . Rte aniline mass May 20. Apr Butch Quot Coolidge is a really a Good gent but so reserved i n hard to get acquainted with is dome investigation a Roble catastrophe than wednesday s summoned for the at Balli Ile followed Bis pro tarnation i with announcement that he per a tonally would defray funeral sex opens a for those of the victims whose families were liable to do a so. The governor was on the i scene of the Blai i wednesday an Caw the tragedy in All its horror i Bath last night remembered that j Coolidge Economy Cornea in Foi was to have been the a Friendly dig with the conjecture 0f tji annual picnic. Night j that the Navy Jea jacket Woin a i Kun not Lippy group of Chil by John in cold weather since he a return tog from a Day of play enter College probably was but merely a score 0# Homes of Erv Dlf to. T Ion need his resignation effect sued today by t. N. Ume am eng governor a. G. Sortie it was t the close of the present Goodhue county attorney. J revealed at his Home today a. N a us mull.-, of am , in ome army Kalb 111 or Brown will As Alderman a paperhanger at Pine time within three weeks Hurt san till and mo0nt Holyoke emd Navy stoic. Wreaths on he door. His new duties july i Island monday night. That a Bullet has been fired into the Eit Euge ibos selves to their Lii ends the year Hook makes Especial hellos part in the rage Fly the couple will be arranged in executive mansion it was made or no spending their vacations at mention of Johns a Pei flt t Sil tool brought Mote Ive n Justice court Here this afternoon. Know today. I the White mouse. I girl complexion and his Quot air of miss a in la e Ste Ling of a a i a j Phe secret is revealed in the perfect boredom a a both the envy of the list i Rad. Amherst College Junior Yea Book i his fellow co Teguns. Arch Alin Early wednesday morning site in whih the Goirl nato i son of ions likewise a made to a Elope said she a .111 Kehoe a Telephone Al i to Stilt pit of of Iii the president comes in Foi i me it Ami a secret Sci. Inter and asked a on Ltd Nim Anan in n italian deut tact hangs himself Hajj of uinpu4n Ink by his class pretend to allude to Joha it slowed tor the us. Or a plot of Bis Lam May 20.-�? apr i p Friendship for Florence Trumbull for the picnic site. Funding of the Manitowoc. Ayn just h0w John act used his Nick daughter of the governor of con less than two hours later exp William Gar web 15 High school h Jan a but the and a undergraduate a. Atom. Rocked the school building was found hanging to rafters name n i a and to the fact the hellos wife recent new York May 20 a commander Richard e. Byrd told the w York evening Post that he would attempt to Complete his Aerial a it it Quesi of the Globe two years from now if in a. Was with j him. With plans Lur his non Stop j flight to Pat is Complete it lid non now for fortuitous winds for its achievement the conquer of la North pole said he Aln Ady u planning i High to la ant arc to legions a tentative selection or his Crew will in id Floyd Bennett who piloted the Josephine Ford Over the Pinar seas Lieut. George Nev Illand Thim by Hen my id said. The route will probably be Over my ii the same cow in taken a Roald Amundson ii. In Iii in Bai Lier to the South Polo. Two planes will lie built both smaller than those ii1- Iii the arc tic flight and the imminent Tram Atlantic Bop. The Quot Cost of the expedition will be about , the commander said who will lie Iii sponsors of the flight a did not state. Ornithologists explorers Ami scientists will accompany Byrd it was Learned a eth expedition is to he exclusively a scientific one the aviator announced Quot yet Are not out to establish new flying records but to discover facts about an almost i wholly unknown hand Bank head is held for fraud1, take last Steps in High school lad so May 20.�? apr Guy a president of the Chicago Stock i and Bank and fiscal Washington. Nal Steps in the for other Banks in the mid a a or,.hn was arrested by govern italian debt were comp e. Y found hanging to rafters name is Dot explained hut authorities aboard the then barn of his Fath Arni title is a ago rot a sew Bas Benelly returned from a Lansing i,.mph to us. Pm a a Cholla. Ase with Marty Quot a a a up dun.,a the. Day. A Tury limited at Union St ambassador re last night on a charge of ,000 in italian Bonus mails to defraud. A Ury. 17-year-old negro sentenced to die in electric chair Little Rock ark., May 20�? a Lonnie Dix on 17 year old negro was last night sentenced to die in the electric chair for the murder of Loella Mcdonald 12, on april 12 the Date of execution was set As june 24. Tile jury was out less than ten j minutes. Weather Ideal for flying on Ocean route Lone aviator sighted above Nova Scotia Village first part of flight made in fogs and mists. Halifax May 20. A i a Fain Lindbergh left Novia Scotia on his non Stop flight to Paris at , at the. Ast i Lime Point of Nova Scotia. The Early part of a alone slim Lindbergh s flight was made in shifting togs and mists. Reports from new foil no land and Nova Scotia stat that weather conditions were Clearing while Over the jump of the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Ireland a High pressure causing Ideal conditions for flying. Milford Hants county Novia Scotia reported that Lindbergh flew Over that town at 2 50 of Cio k this afternoon Atlantic Daylight time 12 50 Eastern Standard tim. Ideal weather conditions prevailed with a mod create favourable Breeze. Roosevelt Field a y., May 20 map Gap lain Charles a. Lind Vergh sat off today on an Una used air Trail for Paris. The mis Nourlan who plays a Lone hand had not one to show him the Way As he hurled his Ryan monoplane. A the spirit of St. A Avuis into the muggy air above Roosevelt Field a few minutes before 8 of can i ibis morning. De times in he 3.800 feet of the Long runway Over who ii tie sped in making his take off he was rinse to disaster twice by i Miles. At the very last As he was climbing before straightening out for the atari of his course leading North his plane weighted by a Load of f.-150 pounds barely cleared a string of Telegraph w ires. Nearly hit Road scraper a few seconds before it had almost St in k a Road scraper. Three times tin plane struck soft pots and hounded into the air always coining Back to Earth. The slightest slip would have been dire disaster for Lindbergh knew he had no easy task in get Ting ills Dane off the ground and he increased his Speed steadily As he Tore Down the runway. When he finally left the Earl to for the air ii waa literally the a flying tools Inis called. The plane Carri 448 Gallons of gasoline and the 25 year old aviator believes in it mild Fly for 45 hours no that amount. Ile does not think that he will need it for he expects to land in Paris without a Stop on the Way in not More than 36 hours. Flier travels Light Lindbergh a departure pillowed no eleventh hour decision la apparently had no thought Early last night that the weather would permit him to essay the Long jump. Travelling Light with Only a weeks Supply of army emergency rations a slim has no radio and will not he i Aid from until islands in Paris. He will travel than at Circle course following the Compass ail i lie was. Ile impede As he in a that he would Quot get a break Quot off new found land where he was anxious to he Ald to see Laud markings find get his bearings for in dash across the Ocean to Ireland. Other planes Rex in the meantime the other two planes which Are groomed for the transatlantic hop Are still anchored to the ground. The weather Bureau reported Lute that dense fog existed All the Way to Newfoundland and to the Hest of available knowing Quot extended Well out beyond the grand Banks. One plane was hound by paper chains As Well As fog. That was lab it Llama monoplane financed by a company headed by Charles a. I Vine. The paper was a summons served on Levine by Lloyd bertaud appointed As navigator of the plane informing him that the plan Mutt no Fly without bertaud for the present Aud calling on him to appear in our today to do Quot cause Why the injunction should not be made permanent. Simp the weather Man however had said that atmospheric end ions would not be favourable by to Day wan considered quit possible for the Bellanca trill to be in the race when the difficulties Between its ski onnors and a of Riel have been cleared up. The Only one of the three planes to get into the air was the Fokker three engined monoplane manned continued of Page 4

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