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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 16 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 16, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you with to talk with the. Tribune pleats Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial off i co and Newt room of Tho evening Tribune please Call 722 nos marines killed in Battle in Nicaragua Albert Lea Minnesota monday May 16. 1927 number 113 soviet papers Hui o of grave importance documents reveal link Between Arcos and soviet propaganda group daily mail declares. London May 16.�? a mail asserts that documents 1 members of the British three aces with Paris the pot gravest been found in they establish the Long suspected Sidell the Cabin importance have ,1,. Oviet House. The mail says lion Between the operations the company controlling Assoc of a Buss n exports and imports and Lotical activities of the soviet intent and they furnish new malleable evidence of com opa Ganda and activities in govt and Niu nist i Jav ii stain. Examination of the other documents will occupy some but says the mail the iut Ady acquired is import ugh to require the special the seize Days Dene ant weather delays big flight plane blast Story is verified six persons Tell Canadian police of hearing motor explosion in air monday morning at Newfoundland fog hides plane. Three walk into River after drinking joust two believed drowned Ork puris flight game these Friendly Pantyu Sfat flt a chamber a Bergh left commander Richard k. Fulfilment. High cards in the new yet Captain Charles a. Lindbergh us. Comma Nair Weun cd i in Vize finds Promise for fulfilment. Americans Hope for the non Stop trans Atlantic hop prize Unumin them Coil id i at iou of the Cabinet. A a members i the government acquainted Vilh a tue nature of this evidence he. J per continued a pin in f the necessity of breaking a Are of the i that it will Lead to dilation and afford convincing off a i official relations with the soviet government. A a though the missing British do Anent has not been discovered contents of other papers found Al carded As ample justification for he Moscow Russia. May 16�? apr. The wave of indignation is Gatli ering Force in Russia As news of the. British raid on soviet House in London spreads and is finding sex i is Ion in Street demonstrations to Tai tirade and contributed a Puskow Falis into hands of Chiang troops general of Southern moderate forces captures position Cross from Nan King a. S. Destroyers shelled. Mother hangs son i and then herself Palo minn., May 16.�? a after hanging Howard her la year old son to an attic Rafter Aud then cutting Down his body mrs i tank Halonen 26, hanged herself in the same spot with the same rope saturday morning. The bodies were found by her husband that evening when he returned to his farm Home Here after work. No reason is known for the suicide but it is thought that ill health May have been the cause. 1,000 flood victims Cung to House tops filled with sizing the necessity of rus prepared to resist by ail is British aggression. Tiles taxing the resources of the it Bridie writers and cartoonists. Rim newspapers Are r in ions of protest from scores r workers unions army units and t sized bodies of every Concett t it sort denouncing England Deli Anding a commercial Boycott and Enna in incl Russia will Send note i awhile the government is Labouring on its note setting Forth its i opined action and the note it is by nuanced soon will be handed to the British representative Here. A great demonstration in mosaic saturday lasting Well into the i. By developed minor scrimmages with the guards when a mass of is dents and workers tried to Rush tin Pollee lines in the neighbor Hood of the British Mission. and troops restored or i i it the expense of a few in Mot injuries to the demonstrators. I some unexplained reason the polish Mission came in for the attention of the marchers who were or no out against the poles As Well a the British. I papers take up attack i in tidally All the morning a i married cartoons Caric Turing la British prime minister Stanley Ballwin sir Austen Chamberlain and sir William Joynson Hicks Ware held responsible for the raid lh1 papers editorially make refer i e to alleged forged documents and the blow dealt Anglo russian Commerce w hich it is predicted will la diverted elsewhere the Tenor of i l it uial a bolshevik official or gum comment is typical of the Shanghai May 16. Apr up Kow on the Northern Bank of the Yangtze River opposite banking sunday morning fell to the Southern chinese forced under general diking Kai chek Leader of the moderate nationalists says a wireless message from banking. Shanghai May 16.�? apr the United Staten. Destroyer Pillsbury i was fired on by chinese in banking saturday. Presumably no damage was in filleted As none was mentioned in first reports of the incident. Firing on ships in the Yangtze River off banking has been reported several times recently. Shanghai dispatches saturday said an american and a British destroyer rapidly rising water Rescue truck to turn Back 1,300 removed from . St. Johns n.f., May 16. A reports received Here that an air plane with a badly running motor passed Over Ocean Pond last monday strengthened the belief that captains Charles Nungesser Anc Francois Coli missing Fremd trans Atlantic fliers reached new foil Dland on their attempted Paris to new York flight. Ocean Pond is approximately -5 Miles Southwest of Harbor Grace where three persons reported sighting and several reported Heiring an air plane on that Date it is 4 Miles South of Whitbourne where an other person reported that he heard an air plane motor and an explosion in Hie air last monday morning. Police interview men j a course projected from Harbor Grace and Ocean Pond would reach the open sea within 50 Miles. The latest report of what May have been the a a White Birds Pilot cd by Nungesser was contained in message received by inspector Hutchings of the new constabulary from Sci stationed at Bay at the head of Conception Chicago May 16. A How three men engaged in a drinking joust aboard a Houseboat moored in the Chicago Riser Here and then staggered into the River two of them drowning was told by the third who was rescued from a aim ii at fat saturday night. The men who Are believed to have been drowned Are Albert Johnson fit years old and Olney Leyden 52. The other member of the party Jerry Mccarthy 60, was pulled from the River by two watchmen and William to Roll owner of the Houseboat and Host at the party. Police Are dragging tim River for the bodies certain that they Hare drowned. Several More wounded in Liberal clash three planes ready to make hop off when weather clears Lindbergh makes arks first casualties no predictions on i Light. A stage to the inspector Parley called for research on Rural life Lowden and professor Black of Minnesota a a us among those invited to Columbia meeting. Opelousas la., my 16 a red Cross and City officials were in i formed today that approximately 11,000 persons Are marooned on i House tops in St. Landry Palish j a Call for help came from the Morrow big Cane Section in St. Landry during the night a general i found land forces Beant Dwyer Roberts Bay. The r this morning i proceeded Riverhead and interviewed William Parsons who sent up word night that he had heard the plane on monday. Heard loud explosion a on monday afternoon about 5 of clock while he and his five work men were in their lodging House to last air ten injured As Cage Falls in mine Shaft injured men crawl to safety just in time to escape death when 700 foot Cable Falls. Loud trucks were dispatched to Aid in explosion and shaving a meal they heard a thereupon the firemen loot shul a Scranton. A. May 16. Al two nun were injured nine id them seriously at 7 of clock or morning when a Cage on which he men were being lowered into the Johnson mines or Tho Scranton Oil company at Dickson City dropped 60 feet to the Bottom of the 600-four suffered broken injured in the removal. Before they could reach the however the water had risen from 3 to 5 feet in the Low lands and they were turn Back. Foiled legs and they All Stern Nelly explained. A the boiler has guile ran out to see what had happened to but found the boiler intact. A then they heard a noise above j Ell. Others were company officials said the acc Dent occurred while George Brown >5, Engineer became ill at his unconscious to the a of a air plane in trouble Post and fell engines sometime going ahead j floor allowing the Cage to run Way and of Baton Rouge la. May 16�? a with m i. A radio Gram from major John c. I time blk Furlin. New York. May 16.�? apr a re search Institute to Deal with prob Gotwals army Engineer in charge ter a a m of the operation of Rescue boats to very foggy an Relief headquarter Here indicated nothing. Anything i who Quot Ca measuring 700 feet leu ,1 of Quot mat in Siw it the Quot Khz re air plane in. Be into he Tan and Ernabeth. Che just As it neared the shaft., the injured managed to crawl to a i it y just As the Cable in fell places of and a British Steamer were shot Ai i g of Rural uses planned by co the Day before. Lumbia University. Or Nicholas announce a a a crumbling by Bena . Al it upend ,. A a sunday and when Bayou Des glasses bad been res come thousand persons. Including news he sent word to in a were i tween Moreauville and he heard of hear i Murray Butler president. A Une i Onumbu. Quot it new York May 16.�? apr most j calling attention to a two Day a few women were evacuated from ing t in n impressive of All incidents after the conference of agricultural. The Between Moreauville and killing at banking of the Rev. John opening at the University j kieinw00d, and 300 were taken tuesday a establishment and interpretation concerning fundamental had they been in tit the Cage when the Cable fell they would have been killed officials e. Williams presbyterian minister and vice president of banking urn Ems try was the great love and in of facts Stant response of chinese students Bleb in ,i9 and other Coon. Faculty christians and servants for the information of Public i barges from the Moreauville mein from embankments near red fish major Gotwals message said. His advice also said 1500 head report mph. Huv Lakil i Atlantic air plane a a White Birds had Washington May 16. A postmaster general new in a statement placed Little credence in from Nova Scotia anti new says a joint statement made by mrs. Williams and her daughter Faith. News opinion and for Tho guidance of Gaven Menton. Would be the aim of of the slaying the state the Institute. A. Former governor Frank Lament said. Spread throughout Nank Den or a Lino is l8 among several aging within to minutes. By their i cultural i aiders invited by e sacrifice of self contribution of debt Butler t0 attend Money and clothes even at to be j enee. Woeful Dyke. The re acne mat night Wen. Coma entreating onto la. theae report with evacuating approximately 10,00 i received when air mall Pilot people in the inundated Sec Tjon of missing in the mountains lower Avuille a d St. Parishes surf boats were the Region for marooned ,.n�, and better instance of the Talli Bruiy victims in Lucy aaa a others include Daniel we and they were effecting rapid of hand was supplied in that risk of life All tried to save Tho lard it president of the Baltimore caution of the 500 residents o 80rt of reports came to us other foreigners. A representation Ohio Railroad professor John i Paul Giue and the same number at to from pm Opl i in Dlf. From one of the Southern generals Lack of University of minuet go eau sections who professed to was among hundreds of chinese Kenyon l. Butterfield president o the breache8 in the Bayou Desey ther set n or heard Ames who came to the missionaries the Michigan agricultural co1 raises embankments Are App a la Nam on the night of which he a Over prank Evans american farm Buma Ely Miles Northwest of new federation of Chicago j. L. Opposite Side of the limn legion Leader slain accidentally d. G. Best shot when War a a buddy so gun Falls to floor and explodes. Reau federation Taber master of the National next Day and they were whelmed with the statement expressed Conn lie Nee in the nationalist cause and Granke it Columbus Ohio the ability or Tho conservative. Group to work out chm. Al a Dunno her in Law Ion without intervention. Uail Knitl Iii a w two Auk my so my in Auto mishap Orleans on the opposite Mississippi River. The Crest of the flood still was in tenses Bacin More than a Hundred Miles North of the crumbling pm Hurt in car smash ban ments. The plight of i Jjo Jet wilfully sons was reported by Lieut. Dixie j _ Kiefer of Pensacola bad a Al aviator who flew Over the place. Plane on met his a games had never been off i course had never been within 50 Miles of the place from which the Story had come and the people who made the report were either j ter of Deputy a. Labouring under a delusion or Man badly burned in Chicago fire apr one Ai of Rtuh Forks n. D., May i bang 35 years old i Raj George Jor Genau. 65 your j a cad a re a d, o the former Secretary of the Treasury was severely injured in an los Angeles May 16 announcement was made Here late a i saturday that mrs. William Gibbs damaged vase is sold for $2joo Pinedo pilots his plane to Chicago new York May 16�? apr a is 1 hit ago May 16 i Fri was severely a i reds of spectators narrowly a Ped injury from collapsing Walls re approximately $200,000 propel damage caused when an explosion fired several buildings of the it Lenlee foundry company at cult to a Chicago suburb sunday afternoon. Grand apr Henry bang and George Jorge old Farmers of Oslo. Death when they were Ual 4, a Tel a Tam to. To we George swenside Monda night but is now out of Tulp bl8t0ric Cairn d moot i vase danger Dun to the Mcadoo de Gai 1 to have been Given by Cath Aire to avoid publicity news of the Erin. U of Russia to count cob it intent had been withheld. Ezel and broken in a rage mrs Mcadoo was thrown Poison brought that Price at Anc against against the Windshield of automobile driven by her Hua who lights from a i Here saturday n burned Hun 0f grand Forks min was Riding with them escaped serious injuries. Chicago May 16 a Mander Francesco de Pinedo Italy a famed world flier arrived in Chicago at 2 25 Central Standard time sunday afternoon Landing in Lake Michigan at the Chicago yacht club where a crowd of everal since St. Vouis May 16 a Ald cd Best of Quincy 111 commander of the Illinois department of the american legion and prominent figure in National legion and �?�40 and 8�?� affairs was fatally Fiot in a hotel room Here sunday when a revolver fell from the hoi Scriff Cunnane of had j Quincy arum struck the floor on us Hammer. Best died an hour later in a Hospital. Witnesses of the shoo my Sam Cunnane a removing his Emu and in doing so dislodged the weapon from Bis shoulder Holster. To it weapon was discharged when it struck the floor the Bullet striking beat in the hand and continuing into his left Side officers in the same machine gun battalion in the Twenty third a Aion and had been lifelong friends sorted Hest was Here for a meeting of be com Mineola a May 16 Al j chances of anyone of the three new York to Paris air planes get Ting away from Roosevelt Field tomorrow seemed Remote today us unfavourable weather showed an obstinacy distressing to the fliers. Forecaster Starr of the new York weather Bureau said shortly after to of clock am. That cond Lions today were not a Whit bet tro near i tor than they had been for the last few Days. It was hoped that wednesday morning would bring an up. Port Unity to hop. Byrd plane to leave work on the Byrd plane wont steadily Forward and the three motored Craft probably will la ready to Start with Tho two single motor-1 cd monoplane. Tho american transoceanic company sponsors of the Byrd flight has Annon Eod that Coin Ander Byrd and Bis two colleagues will go a at the right Chamberlain and bertaud with an amicable agreement reached with the sponsors of their flight took on new enthusiasm and were ready to take to the air. Captain Charles a. Lindbergh while waiting for the weather to Clear Iii the mid Atlantic looked at reports with dubious eyes Missouri flier goes it alone through out he can leave when the spirit and the weather reports move him. He has made no prediction of when that will be contending him self with the statement that lie j will not deliberately Fly into had j weather 10,000 cheer Linda Erflg Charles Lindbergh the Youthful i a flying fool from Tho West. Was the Biol of thousands of sunday sightseers who flocked to Curtiss i Field. The a bashful boy a As the ladies called him flushed deeply when As he leaped into the cockpit of his plane this morning there 1 was a tumult of cheering and hand clapping from a throng of 10,000 persons straining at the ropes which h kept then from tin plane j commander Richard b Barri huge monoplane the a America Quot was the first in the air when at to of clock it took off Wii i Bert Acosta at the controls to Fly Over the Hudson on a Farewell visit to the United slates Fleet which left today for Maneu vers. While there were still no announcements from the american trans Atlantic flight association As to when the plane would be ready for the flight preparations were going Forward with All Dis j Patch and the aviators at Curtiss Aud Roosevelt Fields Felt that a three cornered race to Baris seem 1 cd practically assured As there seemed Little doubt that All three 1 planes could Bec ready Lei take off by the time the present widespread storm area Clear from the North i Atlantic. J will carry pigeons the Bellane monoplane with which Clarence 1. Chamberlin and Lloyd w. Bertaud have been Leady to set out since thursday in addition to its Tadloo will Ako two c Arrie r pigeons. It is planned to j release one Pigeon when 500 Miles out. The second Piegon will not he released unless the plane meets with difficulty. Meteorologist James la. Kimball of the United states weather Bureau declared this afternoon that reports show heavy fogs and winds Over the greater portion of Tho mid Atlantic and there were no indications of a Clearing Lindbergh who is making the Hight Aion scoffed at the minor both were that he would Trail one of the Olio r planes. A i will not in any Way shape or form since u. S. Forces were sent to trouble zone a Admiral Latimer reports other attacks. Were re everal my inc s foot of the mid. Don past a using in May 16 a to e killing of a Marine corps Captain and a private in a clash with Nicara an liberals at Lala a a Caon Marks the first fatalities in action among the forces of american marines Mut to Nicaragua soon after lie outbreak of civil War Between the Diaz closer vat Bra and the Sayasa liberals. A report issued at Managua said but Captain 0. Bell Lluc Bana and Urb ate Marvin j. Cd son of tile United stale s marines wire killed last night in a clash with a band of liberals. Six rebel ported killed anti wounded. Latimer reports attack when Henry Simpson president j Coolidge s personal represent a tit a in Nicaragua announced plans by which it was hoped a state of Tram i Quitty might be produced there were predictions in some quarters that some of those who declined to j disarm might provoke hostilities As the in diving american troops. Only today rear Admiral Latimer reported an attack on an american Camp at Quot Lin Andega Lait lie. I Coit de no american casualties. Admiral Latimer in reporting said that 2,500 men who had failed to turn Intner arms to marines i As called for in the peace agreement were roving about the country. A Muncada will intervene naval authorities believe one of those bands was involved in the class with the american Foin s. The announcement issued at Managua also said that general i Jose Oneada Liberal military j Leader who had accepted the peace i proposals presented by Llenis l. I Simpson representative of Brest Dent Coolidge is leaving today for Leon to attempt to persuade the liberals there to Lay Down their arms i in accordance with the peace agree j Niento. Mexico City. May in a the mexican Congress represented by a permanent commission adheres to the request of tin Costa Khan Congress thai All latin Inlet ii in congresses protest against tin nicaraguan policy of the i Lilied states. This is set Forth in a Resolution contained in the foreign relations committees re. It which May be debated Hie coming week. The report declares that the committee is acquainted with the give moral and political consequences of its decision to raise its voice Quot in protest against outrages a a violations of International Law carried out by an american it copts responsibility which Nav placed on its shoulders for jury a to oui diplomatic with Tho Powers ache my inflation that Rule in world a because it explains a Tho National conscience instinctively repudiates All violations of the sovereignty of Spanish american countries which the american gov Ciment has carried out and is carrying the Resolution will he communicated to me Costa rican Congress and the coir resses of All 1-Uin american countries As Well As to United states senator Borah and it la Ier senators who supported it attitude in opposing the state departments nicaraguan policy. Trail anybody he a to word of the French fliers do a i Coll who set out former mayor deter takes Job in Bank politics Institute to study situation Battle Fleet bids an aut Omodie unc a. Greet now York Farewell band be a it collided with non. Pian p Campaign Italy. New Lorn Sercar against Al Smith a cd a sew York. May 16 a new York City. Which for two weeks severe she received two above the eyes one of which severed an artery and for a time some Westerville o., May 16 Monr e 1 a Zur a a a Ste. Greeted by the Black .v., a fascists scores of chit ago i fascists giving him their Salute As approached the crowd. The apr fascists joined police i Tomsk i -8�?~ a or a pad and i1 we it,.mr without difficulty that they walk City Fleet bade Farewell sunday. Today before the Aas in and about its business the in three nations g i �?z�?zds0c beaded for the. Open Acta. Williamstown mass. May 16 a i pm a study of the situations in 1 a Mexico and South Ameri a the questions of internat Brozz More ban 1�� vessels numbering More Hon. Coolidge to speak de to automobiles which took the flier and the reception committee amate win of Chicago athletic club where executive committee of Chrag York and other prospective pres dental candidates will be forwarded by the executive committee of at doctors meeting a zip a aapr at league Headquarters Here today. Wry passit Coolidge scheduled in addition to gov. Smith the widow and eight children drown in attic of their Home Alexandria Lamay k Jap a widow and her eight children Ball player Dies after being hit by pitched Ball Kan Orang Quot n j. May 16 a struck in the right Temple Chicago May 16.�? a former mayor William e. Deterho was Defeated for reelection by William Hale Thompson has accepted a position As vice presid at member of Tho Board of trustees and chief Trust executive o Bank of America the oldest Bank ing House in t Picago i it formerly was known Bauin amp sons. It of the it Ank Bank As it line a. Amen Campaign. It. Announced would of its speakers n if a in St governor Al los Angeles Bank Laos Angeles May Lound drowned a a Kaaba a Bat which led the ,-d.iu Stu Mark Tho to a Ltd a Agama governor Al two 1 a vent a annual session ate of politics or. Harry a my one uhf Ltd of ufjvavy86wilbur the sessions will run or. Nicholas Murray nm., a ii i president us a Quot and chairman of the Institute w Maneu vers. A rain or maced today. 1 Ritchie of Maryland Sena tor James a. Reed of Missouri and or. Nicholas Murray Butler pro is and Whittler Boulevard the Bank of Italy of too and $15,000 saturday French offer Reward Baris May 16.�? a the Pana Dian commission general in . Philippe Roy received from George director of the m a a member of he Paris-o0 francs finding Anas

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