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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 14, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you with to talk advertising sub strip ton or b u a i n a a with the evening Tribuna Pla aaa Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and new room of the e v a n i n g Tribune please Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota saturday. May 14, 1927 number three cornered Atlantic air race looms court Grants new delay in Sinclair Case conspiracy trial set for next october Over objections of defense two More men sought for questioning. V slip Upton May 14.�? apr farther delay was granted in the i u t of Columbia supreme court hoi ii in the sentencing of Harry f. Sinclair for contempt of the Senate and in his trial with Albert b. Fall Oil a charge for criminal conspiracy. Sentencing of the millionaire Oil of a tor and sportsman to a term in the District of Columbia jail be it a use of his refusal to answer re n questions in the Senate Oil inquiry was put Over from monday to next Friday at the request of his counsel who explained that he had to attend important Board meeting of his Oil companies Early not to week. Trial set for october i he conspiracy trial went Over from May 23 until next october 0 objection of defense lawyers h a i government Oil counsel at t in that there there would be no fun her delay. In asking that the beginning of the conspiracy Case again be put off. Owen j. Roberts for the government formally announced that a in Pena had been served on m. Blackmer former chair Man of the Board of the mid West it Ning company who has been sojourning in Europe since Early in 1924, when the sensational Dis 1 ures began in the Senate Oil in a ligation. Or. Roberts also told the court he had reason to believe that a subpoena also would be served in on James f. Of Neill former president of the Prairie Oil amp Gas company who also left suddenly for Europe about the time Blacktail did. A organized trading firm hese two Oil operators Are sought in connection with the organization of the Continental Trad in. Company ltd., for the purpose o purchasing Large quantities of Oil from a. E. Humphreys a color to Oil operator who was killed s. Rai Days ago by the discharge of a Shotgun which it was stated in a As examining. Whether Blackmer will obey the summons served on him last wednesday by american Consul Hale both at Monte Carlo and on a train Between that place and Nice is regarded As problematical. Once the trial has been postponed from May 23, it will be Nec to v to serve Blackmer again for the october Date when the Case y a be called. Should he refuse to return to this country a motion for i in tempt could be made by government counsel and a Fine up toll too could be imposed under the special Walsh act passed at the last session of Congress. The Fin would be collected out of any property the Oil Man has in the United states. A it Blackmer was located in Monaco a special Consul for that country was appointed by the state ment so that the court subpoena might be served on him. To make the Assurance doubly sure however. Consul Hale repeated the Fen in. On a train in France. Black Bier refused to accept the summons a i expense Money for his return trip to the United states but lawyer a he has been legally summoned. Aviator lands safely after air plane bursts in flames in mid air Jackson miss., May 14�? apr a government plane carrying dispatches from Washington to Kelly Field Texas was brought safely to ground this afternoon at Edwards miss., after it had burst into flames in midair. Lieutenant George Finch a passenger leaped from the plane when it caught fire and made his Way to land with a Parachute. The Pilot later landed the plane safely. Lieut. Finch is originally from Atlanta but is at present attached to Selfridge Field Mich. The Pilot David m. Ramsay is from Greenville s. C., and is attached to Kelly Field Texas. Great Wall of water rushes to 4 Breaks Calls for help come to evacuate hundreds of inhabitants in threatened area a new Orleans regarded As Safe. Murderers of editor hear death verdict new Orleans May 14.�? apr a mountainous volume of Muddy water assembling from the northeastern Louisiana lowlands to charge through four crevasses upon the South Central sections of fhe state today had brought Calls of help to evacuate hundreds of inhabitants from the Bayou Des raises District. The Breaks two on the big Bend stretch of Bayou lies liaises and two on Bayou Rouge a few Miles farther West were approximately 150 Miles from new Orleans and on the opposite Side of the River. New Orleans continued to be regarded As Safe. The situation in the Mississippi was gradually improving More than 3,000 refugees judge returning to their Homes from the Yazoo City refugee Camp while from other areas flood victims were or. Snyder and Gray show no emotion when reads death penalty motion to set verdict aside retuning to begin rebuilding farms denied. French plane sighted in Newfoundland monday judge who sentenced Snyder slayers not in favor of death chair new York May 14.�? apr the new York american says that Justice Townsend Scudder after passing sentence of death upon mrs. Ruth Snyder and Henry Judd Gray for the murder of the woman s husband issued a statement in which he expressed his personal views in opposition to capital punishment. Quot i believe that the Good i Ord ,�?� Justice Scudder was quoted Quot and i do not believe that we have the right to take it away. These Are my own personal views and in no sense reflect upon the verdict of the woman and two men at Harbor Grace report seeing White painted air plane passing overhead. Streaming through two crevasses along Bayou Des raises 150 Miles Northwest of new Orleans on the opposite Side of the River the Waters swept into new territory after beating Down stubborn but futile reared by hundreds of men. A first Rampart to crumble on main Bayou Des raises defense 2,000 will be imprisoned on mexican Isle Mexico City newspaper announced deportation of prisoners alleged to be taking part in revolution. Harbor Grace of. May 14.�? apr a woman resident of Harbor Grace and two men in Bear Cove Here reported today that last monday morning they saw an air plane passing Over. The men said it was paint cd White. Washington May 14 proposal to Send the Airship Ixia Angeles to Labrador in search of the missing French aviators has been abandoned by the Navy department. Secretary of the Navy Wilbur disclosed that both the Navy and the coast guards Hail suspended the search being made around no a Scotia Anil the Gulf of main. Two naval tugs and coast guard cutters operating Over that territory have been ordered Back to their bases. This information was from Roar Admiral Philip Andrews commandant of the Boston Navy Yard. He said this action had been taken because of the fog and apparent futility of further search in that area which has been fairly Well combed. The naval Secretary said a flight of the is Angeles to Labrador hid been found to be impracticable. New York May 14.�? apr taut and silent with never a glance for Eacil other mrs. Ruth Brown Snyder and her erstwhile Paramour i defences Henry Judd Gray stood within arms reach of each other Friday while they w Ere told they must die in the electric chair at sing sing gave by Early Friday at Moreau the week of june 20, for the Mur Ville. The breach rapidly widened. Der of mrs. Snyder a husband Al and before noon a Stream of water land penal Colony in the a Cilc. Nim feet deep and 600 feet wide i the Island is sometimes likened was roaring Down upon five Par-1 to France s penal Colony Devil s wishes in the Atchafalaya Basin. Island. The Moreauville break followed j the newspaper presumed that Mexico City May 14�? api More than 2,000 persons in jail on the charge of seditious and revolutionary activities be sol said today Are soon to be deported to tres Marias Mexico a tropical is lost document sought in raid on Russ House Scotland Yard hoped to find missing papers in soviet House in London reports today reveal. Los Angeles returns after Hunt for French fliers on East coast Lakehurst n. A. May 14�? apr the Navy dirigible los Angeles returned to the air station at 7 of clock Eastern Daylight time last night from a fourteen hour training cruise and search off the new England coast for the French aviators. Nungessor and Coli. The Searchi extended no farther North than Phelps Bank commander has. In Rosendale reported because an intercepted radio message told of extreme Low visibility North of that Point. A we covered about 600 nautical Miles a lie said Quot and except for about an hour and a half visibility Ort a very Good. If Nungesser a plane was anywhere in the Vicinity we could with the exception of that Hoar and a half have sighted it at ten Miles in any direction. Bert Snyder Magazine Art editor. Gray heard the sentence read by Justice Townsend Scudder without a tremor and his eyes peered through heavy lenses directly at Crevasse thursday on Bayou most of these prisoners Are Catho the judge. But mrs. Snyder her Rouge an Extension of the Bayou lies and added that their Deporta hands clasping and a clasping and Des glasses system and ended action will go Lai to crush the one foot rocking on the Heel of a flight of More than a week to save i Catholic revolution against the Slipper bowed her head. They stood a few feet apart these former lovers As they heard the states voice demand their lives in forfeit for that of Albert Snyder whom they slew As he slept. They had testified to a love that could not be restrained and As the state alleged they had Hopes of sharing $96,000 of insurance surreptitiously obtained on Albert Snyder a life. A smaller crowd than any Day of the embankments guarding the gov i neut Low lands. Second break denied shortly after the break there flood Relief director John m. Parker at Baton Rouge was in j formed that Here has been a Sec Ond break at Bordelonville. This was denied by a merchant there j who said that while work had been abandoned and the town virtually deserted the levee had not broken. The workers had become Dis dry agent is being held for manslaughter Paris May 14 persistent reports from Newfoundland that the faint humming of an air plane motor was heard at several Points there monday has started a revival of French Hopes that the trans Atlantic plane of Captain Charles Nungesser May be found. The feeling largely As a result of these reports is growing that airmen May have landed somewhere in Labrador or Northern can Alia far from communications. The revelation yesterday by or. Cort Lech to to a close Friend of Captain Nungesser that the fliers carried rations sufficient for ten Days also has added to tile Hope that if the aviators landed somewhere in Newfoundland far from human habitation they will be Able to sustain life until they can reach help. London May ill a it was generally reported today that the raid on the soviet House in Lou Don Headquarters of the russian Trade delegation Anil the arvo ltd., soviet commercial organization was made to discover whether or not a certain document of importance which has been miss ing for several months was to be found there. London May 14.�? a rupture of Anglo soviet relations was admitted by both British and russian officials Hen last night As be ing nearer than at any other time since they were resumed on the basis of the Trade agreement of 1921. The present tension in relations Between great Britain and the soviet government has Arisen from the raid by Scotland Yard detectives Anil uniformed police on the offices of arvo ltd., soviet com Mercoal Agency in London. A pro test against the raid was lodged with sir Austen Chamberlain for eign Secretary by a. P. , soviet charge d affaires. Raiders from Scotland Yard still were in Possession of Arcus House last night Anil were continuing their search of the safes vaults and voluminous records of Arcos 1 lilt. An atmosphere of secrecy regarding the raid and its results continues to be preserved in gov i eminent quarters. Some sews i papers of and soviet inclination make a sensation of tile announcement that some rifles were found in the Arcos building. Sir William i Joynson Hicks Home Secretary made the following statement about the raid when Arthur Hen Derson Laberite asked for Anfor nifty Ion regarding it in the House of commons yesterday. A information was placed before opposition of the Barnsdall Refl me on wednesday evening by the jog company to u shutdown of Drill police upon w hich i authorized. A a a a activities them to apply for a warrant to search the premises of the Arcos. Three planes being groomed for big flight Adverse weather conditions Force postponement of hop off today search continues for missing aviators. U. S. Keeping close Tab on Gas Price War Federal government however will take no part in Price fixing Oil producers to meet today. New York May 14 a a tricorn red air race to Paris loomed As a greater probability today As Adverse weather conditions caused further i it Ostopo lenient in the Takeoff of two of the Foremost contenders. The weather Bureau s dictum that a squally Conditi n existed beyond mid Ocean caused Clarence Chamberlain and bertaud to postpone their flight set for Early today. Meanwhile Richard k. Byrd seemed to be Rushing his plans for a Bop off. Captain Charles Lindbergh is Laiing to go wild is await tag better weather. These developments with a i weather Bureau prediction that a change Iii weather should not be expected Over the weekend Lei to i the opinion that Bird might catch up w Ith Lillberg and the Bandor join bertaud combination prepare i Ion. There was a feeling Lindbergh might do the unexpected. New sulk May 14. A the weather Man raised a winning hand last night Anil the american airmen waiting to hop off on a race to Paris for lame Ami Fortune heeded his signal. Hangar doors were closed and lie contest for the 1,25,000 orteig prize was definitely postponed Iii Washington May Lap the Federal government is keeping a close Eye on the gasoline and Oil situation with a View to conserva ton of the apply it was said Fri Day at Hie whits House and while i sunday morning and probably interested in the prevention of exploitation of Alert ii product it intends to take no pail in Price fixing. I Tulsa okla., May 14�? a Oil i producers of the greater Seminole i area who will meet Bere today in in attempt to agree on plans to Cut Down the flow of tile nations most prolific Oil Field last night were faced with their first difficult hurdle Federal officer was in charge of patrol boat which crash there de into launch and killed two persons. Their trial at Long Island City heartened and exhausted he said stood a at attention As the death and had Given up their efforts to i sentence w As pronounced. Their gave the town. A Ith water Lap backs were turned to a their pub Ping Over the Dykes which they exile a Anil Only reporters who petted momentarily to give Way squeezed into spaces beside the under pressure of the pounding Bench saw the hopelessness and Waves they quit the fight and fled grief written upon their faces. From the town. I. A their attorneys replied for them evacuation of the Bayou Des Detroit May 14 Al augus when they were asked if they had raises inhabitants was proceeding Lottner. Mjg apr let loll agent aught to say before court imposed rapidly with seaplanes boats sentence and the words of the at barges and other Rescue equipment tourneys Weie i being concentrated in the ration Winnipeg Man., May 14 apr Captain Roald Amundsen Arctic explorer expressed fear last night i try was made yesterday. Rill that the French flans Atlantic search is now progressing i Ain fliers Nungesser and Coli had been not Able and shall not be Able for lost. He placed Little credence in a Jay or so to give any further in reports that an air plane was heard Ile promised to give passing Over Newfoundland monday parliament a full statement Mon morning when the fliers were due Day. Bill reciter president of the Barnsdall company announced lits j lie warrant was grained am ii j company would not participate in a there is no end to what men May acc or hear under such conditions a he said. Quot i am afraid we can have but Little Faith Iii such the raid has largely displaced the trades Union Bill As a subject of Contention in parliament. The opinion expressed in the lobbies is that it is bound to have political the curtailment plan and also announced it Cut of two cents Iii wholesale and retail gasoline prices forecast ing a possible gasoline Price War. Kee fit contended thai the halt ing of drilling would i penalize hem mole producers who have not drilled up their blocks and proposed that operators of California and Texas in Sliaut lit into an agreement whereby nil Wells would How nothing at this red Cross officials estimated that sentence pronounced the steely 25,000 persons must be removed Isanti marshal hers Given life in state prison stay it Cambridge minn., May 14. Pleading guilty to first murder charges on which y v re indicted by Isanti coun by j y for killing Frank Dahlin i marshal in december Rai Gibson and Jack Northrup Liay were sentenced to life n at Stillwater prison. Blonde Queens Village housewife and the Corset Salesman were led Back to the seclusion of their separate cells in Queens county jail. They will remain there until monday when they will be whisked away to sing sings death House. Notices of Appeal were flied. Jewelry Salesman is robbed of gems valued at $3,000 was held today on a charge of manslaughter in connection with the death of James i tee and his daughter. Mildred 14. Killed yesterday when a patrol boat crashed into their launch in the Detroit River. Another Federal agent was released after being questioned All night by members of the police repercussions. I he appearance it it a a Down to a Dally production of the Home Secretary in the House of 200 barrels etch. Commons brought ironical cheer from the labovites who assert that from the area will not Cut All danger the weather Bureau at new or leans warned that the break along homicide squad. Bayou Des glasses would not Rem prohibition Edy the situation along the main Stream Between the Mouth of old River and new Orleans although it reiterated the statement that the artificial Crevasse below the ores cent City would prevent the River from exceeding a stage of 21 feet Here. The sweep of the Waters escaping from Bayou Des glasses Crevasse will take them into Avo Yelles David 1st. Martin. St. Mary. St. Landry and Iberville parishes exhume Hick s body for identification St. Louis May 14 apr the body of Clifford m. Hicks 2fl year old slain attorney was exhumed Ury s approval of the request of weeks Ray ii Collins of Tulsa at one fell swoop diplomatic or Lvi Leges and the rights of private property have been destroyed. But the bulk of the parliamentary Opin Ion seems to support the score new Yolk May 14 api acting quickly after ills appointment us dictator Over the Seminole Oil Field Iii which nine prominent producing companies have agreed to cease drilling for the next two Chicago May 14.�? a j a a a Berville partake two of he Tel jewelry Salesman Lien producers of in by fecund Brothers of new York Ahcin and on of whih St. City Friday reported to the polite Galt heart of the Kvan that three robbers bad held him up 1 entry made famous by on the West Side and taken from Belle Conn i yesterday from its grave in Valhalla cemetery and its identification positively confirmed by dentists who had charts of Hicks Teeth and by acquaintances including circuit attorney Howard Widener. The the police fora search warrant. Okla., today called a meeting of Lioata smashed into the Small launch cutting it in half. Lee and the girl were killed instantly. A passenger in the bout was severely injured but managed a by waa re buried to swim ashore. Police said they had obtained. Versions of the crash from abandoned after representatives Nesses la substantially the same. I of the two insurance companies that the patrol boat circled around Quot Hie provided the bulk of the the wreckage Anil then sped away $365,000 policies on Hick s life were plans for a chemical examination of the contents of the stomach were without offering assistance nor at it tempting to recover the body of the Gill which was visible from Shore clinging to the wreckage. Him three Sample cases containing Longfellow s poem informed that embalming fluid had made it impossible to isolate any poisonous fluid in tile stomach. City detectives had hoped to dispose finally of the question whether Hicks we As poisoned or drugged before he was shot to death die night of april 30. An estimated 1.i9k.720 acres jewelry watches and unset gems of the releab4.i j valued at $50,000. I land w a i Waters and 105,000 people Are expected to be affected. Chinese continue to fire on ships Superior students for thank principal a a a Superior wi., May 14.- a ousted from office of Principa of Central High sea Maneu vers apr the was Nior class for his new Ork May 14 a a Berenson began lad night when a faithful admin 5 destroyers of the United states red Cross Relief Fungju ,064,849 Washington May 14.�? apr j the red Cross flood Relief fund reached a total of $11,064,k49. He Lincoln neb., chapter forwarded a contribution from a Man in gusto Mala who had heard the Appeal for funds broadcast by a Lincoln radio morning the Missouri River Here is station. Approaching flood stage of 22 feet former House of David member knew of no immoral acts Chicago May 14 apr a former member of the House of David at Benton Harbor Midi Herman Mcfarlane a Carpenter of Joliet Iii who said he left Quot to sow a few wild Oats a a declared in a deposition taken Here that he never knew of any acts of immorality while there. M Farlane s deposition will be used in the dissolution Hull brought by Michigan authorities against Hie Colony Oil melt for today when further Steps toward curtailment of output will be discussed. The principal on my kit k0 ahead and aim of today a conference will her rat. Until later next week. A a couple of Days ago it look d As though it might to going to i Leal Quot said Lames a scan of Tho j weather Bureau Quot but now its get-1 All the time a wait for Good weather l to Clarence Chamberlin my in to j d Britain Sun Meed that their monoplane Quot columbian would not Start Over lie Ocean in tin morning As had been their Hope. Lunges Lindbherg pro i Ousby slated that ids Ryan monoplane the Quot spirit of St. Iguls a would hoi be taken from ii Banga until tim weather Man Gate the Quot All Clear signal. Us Kokker monoplane a Jamel in which commander Richard e. Byrd will attempt lie Eros ing Lias not yet completed its factory tests. Boart prediction Cornel Nim scleral Day of storm it weather increased tin likelihood that when Clearing does come the american flight nifty he a three cornered race with each of the three Moi plams striving for Hist place Byrd not in Money race As Byrd however is not a in by not having altered ids plane for Tho orteig prize and has said that ids flight is to be purity for science be May be Content to let the others go ahead. Quot the squally condition is glowing worse instead of belter a Starr Aid Quot and extends beyond mid attentive of course you know Hie old saying that fools Rush where Angels fear to tread. Well some ome out but it seems to no that be to interest companies not represented at tile recent meetings in new York in the proposed program for limitation of production in the Oklahoma area. De Pinedo flies his plane to new Orleans new Orleans May liar commando Francesco do Pinedo italian aviator arrived hero late the trial will open at i yesterday from Charleston. . St. Joseph May 16 charges the Colony i a common 1 nuisance. Missouri River steadily rising Crom of Italy will marry Kansas City May 14. A rising 6 1 feet since thursday Princess Adelaide the state utter a at vol a a Quot la it Ute tie hop from i in Anda approximately 150 Miles was made in an hour and 45 minutes. The flight along the Gulf coast was made in a Delv ing rain the aviator mid. It was expected that de Pinedo leave today for Memphis from where he will go to St. A Juis the contest Bas Coit enough in by Man life already without adding to it Unne Teshui the filers were Quick to make their derision on postponement As soon As they had seen scans late afternoon report. They writ Content to Walt they said until everything was right. The aging Island flying Fields wore crowded yesterday with sgt dec tutors anxious to View the three planes on tie ground and watch them in the air. During the Day Byrd s Fokker Aud the Chamberlin Bel tend s Beanca were put through tests Iii the air in preparation for their flight. Lind Beig ii a Ryan was thoroughly gone Over in its hang. By mechanics working under supervision of the would it Punk air Nail my vas0�?T mounted ready. Choel c. G. Wade Navy g big a shoving off party of formally thanked by these to be gea8on began last nighty Sembly Shat May 14�? apr firing its passing banking in the p River is becoming More a an american destroyer fir d on twice yesterday by the lint a British destroyer and ii in Amer also were targets 33 years Oil for the Sass ass is hrs a Ouon pm morning. Out to of it Lake Schooner is reported on fire ii portuguese fail to find aviators which p. Connor local government weather forecaster said would a Rome Italy May 14 reached sunday. The stage was Hie engagement of Crown Prince 17.6 feet. The River Rose three feet Humbert of Italy to Princess Mulla at St. Joseph. Mo., in the last Adelaide daughter of the Duke of Portugal a Twenty Feu hours and was expect Genoa soon will be announced portuguese it de to Rise Bree feet More. Is stated in authoritative Cree Afung on the Cousin of will sail Railroad Workman but May 14.�? a monday morning. Rapid City s. A. May 1/1 to rejoin the de body of Philip tfx a. Mhz . A a veral ships proceeding Lopez Skull a 1 a a River under Convoy were working with a this Ian on i. A banking. / Crew near Reliance thursday native of Monterey sprayers for part off chinese fire while at an Mexico was but had new England coast. Fracture j vessels of submarine division railway repair Are scheduled to leave today. Cleveland May 14.�? apr a wireless message from Captain per up a m Cartwright of the Steamer St. Cloud school head Speaks Hie Princess is a min s i a ss.dd., nil Chi Dekalb Iii., May 14.�? apr or. The. Crown part acc Hoth worn born Hall that the Schooner j. H. Stevens j. Brown president of the min in 1994, so was afire in Jake Huron fourteen in sofa stale teacher College cd elder. Her Mother a mibs from up Cue Isle. The ship. St. Cloud Minn a one of the fab carrying lumber was bound for de principal speakers yesterday before1924 Troy two fishing turn were re the superintendents and principals Bona married Prince moving the Crew the message said association of Illinois. Washington May 14.�? a three Marine services of the United states the Navy coast guard and shipping Board joined in further Aid of the search for the Nursling French Tram Atlantic aviators land Iii contemplation of Early american attempts to make a non Stop government new York to Paris hop. Suggestion Secretary Wilbur announced that of Frame to search in the Vicinity would up Werli Hie naval of the Cape verde islands off the urea of aeronautics the Tea Bil being five months the african coast or Trace of the the dirigible Lair an p Rte Cess j French aviators a Tate Saint g ,j83f cruising up tile Atlantic coast Homan and commander Moune a Lar North am Labrador to search 14 a of the Isabelle of Bavaria who died in her elder sister Princess Conrad of Bavaria in 1921 yes received official a bikes from Lor it captains Nunge. Or and Coli. Cape verde saying that no Trace of the Nissl Rry Meg had been found. U onto eyed on Page

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