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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 12 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 12, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you wish to Jilk advertising sub scrap. Lion or Butl nest with Tbs e von i no Tri buns pleats Call 72 z volume xxx in evening Tribune Albert Lea Minnesota thursday. May i 2. 1927 of you want editorial office and news room of evening Tribune please Call 722 number 112hunt for missing French fliers Continua More marines Are ordered to Nicaragua 400 adult Ion troops ordered to Central America to enforce disarmament edict of u. S. First pictures from zone of Midwest tornadoes a. I f u a Iii Roii. 12�? apr it air Lindred marines a tailed yes Tegt Uay from Quantico va., for in Rae a while that Many More grated in readiness to embark at a , j. C., and in Ort a i Rince Haiti. In he Marine movement As Ordor a by Hie Navy department Coin it idea w Ith receipt of advices from rear Admiral Latimer Lii at he Lead warned armed forces in to surrender their arms Pieace Jill it or i far consequences of Iii armament by Force. In possibility that Force Milit he i quire Lefoie ask is compleat ii i aused him to ask for add Tinial 800 marines whose arrival in Nicaragua will rive film a com and tut Alvinr about 3.000 officers Lai men As detachment leaves in addition to 400 men Olio from Quantico late wednes Rii y on repair ship , an r. Lation detachment and six air planes left that station earlier in Day on tender Aroostook Medusa was ordered to Call at i Harleston for too men from Ranis Island station. The submarine tender Argonne As on its Way today from in Anama la , to take 300 mar lies to Corillo and an aviation de i ii with three air planes was Anding by at san Diego Calif., Limiter orders to proceed to Nicara a la by commercial transportation. Lafollette makes Sta Talent latest turn in Nicara plan situation brought a statement i pm senator Lafollette Republican. V icons in assailing policy of tile administration in Central Myrlca. The admission by state de Laitinen that in Stimson speaking for president Coolidge threat i i open warfare on Liberal lie Aid a is an amazing revela Liun that president in carrying of Quot Ward Bis policy of ruthless im-1 Atli in in Central America is i�?~.,> to violate Constitution which gives War making Power Tell by to Ltd 8dead.30hurt in explosion in Lodge Hall fire and blast wrecks . Quarters and store at Dallas Texas several make their escape. U. S. Fliers plan to hop off for Paris tonight bertaud and Chamberlain announce plans of Start tonight or Early in morning Lindbergh also ready. Find Skeleton of child believed. 60,000 years old hic ago May 12�? apr so i Ion of a child believed of be i a years old which was extra i i from an ancient Camp site at i. Ilia Al Arbi Algeria by Hie i. An expedition of Deloit College Brought to University of it hic ago Foda it where it will be h i i ice a. Here Are first pictures to be received from zone devastated by tornadoes Hist swept Kansas Arkansas Texas and parts of adjacent states. At least 200 people Are dead Many More injured and profi erty loss has been extensive. These pictures show scenes in Hutchinson Kau. Above is wreckage of Carey Salt works largest Plant of its kind in country. Delow is a ruined residence. Tornado zone take Staikof burying dead death toll placed at nearly too while seriously injured number about same debris being searched. Workers toil All night to raise Dykes and prevent overflow a Relief Headquarters notified. Levees Are threatened by pressure of floods yaqui indians ask troops quit Nogales to Polar Bluff mo., May 12.�? apr after two Days of suffering and stress caused by a Tornado which virtually demolished business Section and took approximately too lives. Poplar Bluff last night began to Bury its dead. The number of known dead last night had increased to .97, while seriously injured some of whom were expected to Dilt stood near Linin dred Mark. New Orleans May 12 pm under pressure of steadily los ing Backwater Bayou Des raises Lee was holding Early today but with warning that a Ere Vasse might occur at any moment. Throughout night citizens r d labourers worked to raise higher Hie Dykes Between Bordelonville and Sarto Northwest of her and on West Side of Atchafalaya River from Mississippi. Flood Reli f Headquarters at Baton Rouge were notified that Hie w Ater had nearly real bed top of Dykes and army engineers believe that before night fall flood Dallas Texas May 12.�?umm a a a at least eight persons were killed and 30 injured when an explosion wrecked a two Story Brick building in Southeast Dallas last night on Hie second floor of Wilch Between 0 and 36 men were attending a meeting of tile Metropolis Lodge of i. O. O. F. Between a dozen and fifteen tier sons we in in a drug store on to i St floor. A company of firemen from fair Park Stalion was Iii Hie building fighting a fire when explosion came and fire Captain a. It m y Lee w As killed. A one Story Frame Structure next door was wrecked by explosion woman in Auto killed eight bellies had been recovered late last night tid firemen police Nien and volunteers were Sehi iting debris in Hie Lar Hiat others might he buried an unidentified woman who was setting in an automobile parked in front of drug store was killed. Four tired Lien were among injured. Several persons on streets were struck by flying trag niemits. Windows in build Wiigs in adjoining blocks were shattered. Clerk miraculously saved Laud Struve soda Fountain clerk in Hie drug slope escaped almost uninjured alter being blown through an opening and buried under Iii hers bricks and plaster. He managed to dig Homsi of out. I j he fire Meir found Only Small Jurash fire in rear of Hie drug i store hut a few moments after i their arrival tile Eidos Lon occur red. They a chief tile i blast w As caused by of Gas escaping from a leaking me ter. Mineola v., Mav 12 my Lloyd w. By Ila Iid announced today that lie and t Larence 1�. Chamberlain Are id uniting to Imp Oft to night or tomorrow morning on their proposed non Stop Hight to in their Bellanca plane. Revolting tribesmen serve formal notice on Federal soldiers to surrender draw up Battle lines. Louis. May 12 map Cap Tail Harles , Only Lone Pilot entered in $26,000 orteig trails Atlantic cont St left Here this morning on High second Lap of ids trans Coria Enlal flight to Roosevelt Field i Ong i land Wiinie he exit erts to Jikit his Rvan Bionoi Ilarie in shape for new y Ork to Paris Imp. Leaving Al 8 12 a in., Fornic St. Louis hic ago air mail Pilot e x-1 petted to Toni Odete tile 950 mile air h in journey in ten hours i Lindt Etc it ugh was Unac Omni panned on trip to Clay As will be on Hie iraqis Atlantic Flig it tim Missouri National Huard flight coi Timander Ami former air malt Pilot on St Imus hic ago route Laiu led Liere at s is . On an Civet lit Hight fro Iii san Diego alif., started at 5 50 pm tuesday. Lii cola i go s plane Loim clubby d Quot tile spirit of St Louis a will carry enough Luel to Lake film More Hian twice Hie a Hort St disc once be Law a inc w York and in Ari i. Haso line capacity of tim ship is 42.5 Gal ions t Shiria Eccl to be it Dougli Fui ,6,Suo Miles. Loti dec High in not hiking Slio test Louie Over a Haith however. Ile will go up new ii Gunnel Oast Aud e i dec to sight Nova Scotia new four Welland and Enel i Wiglund. The file Tiki National guard Simian Mel a Marty Welcome in St. Lands he was a resented a ring with Fly in r insignia and a Miriall Lioi be shoe and ii rabbits loot Geml Hick Loke is for ids voyage. Incl Bergli lie Liec s lie can land Strain of forty Lioi irs awake. A Sik Coss of Lim St w Yolk in arts Hight depends Large la ii Ken at Noiin of gasoline his Idane can carry he is Sac icing a Ieuv Laior or Lelich Pilot fur Addi Honal a to line. Liri Bergli e Liin ated Hie Laigie of ids plane Al 4.sou Miles As compare d Wiki Idle Cour i lie sex incl to cover oldest prisoner in Joliet celebrates his 98th birthday Juliet. I. May 12 apr a old Clarlie a Lindah Hie old est prisoner i Joliet Tieti Ite Nii Ary and possibly oldest in Hie country i cd his ninety englith birthday just As he Lias observe d a Ery mile Stone since a Jud and As he pied ably will observe every annl Versay until in Rece Ives Pardon of do ath. Lindwall shiite in eco to Hie for life in Junu for murder which he always Leide d a Omni Hting a few years ago ii fused a Pardon maintaining he is too old to face tile Worbi and Fri Edon Lins never lie ii of pc incl again. Yesterday lie to filtered around prison Yrd Somchine bar ing ids Lute Bead to a kindly burst of Sunshine Asim sat in some favored Niche beside Hie prison Wall and again exe Liang lug a word of Gree Ling Whlig Sony Edler convict. No guard molested him and no Iris okie r intruded upon ids dreaming. Distant port reports whirr of ship heard new report Newfoundland reveals air plane was heard at time set by fliers for appearance there a Hunt goes on. My a soc lated lre.< Wold Caum today from Harlor j i Acene that a third i Ison in that far off Saiol in tim British a Edo ii had Maril tile we birr lot an Al plane Hiigli overhead in tim fog lat monday morning Al a to idiot Lien Tiu in n u n g e s s e r Holt i cedi in Lim a while Birds a Vic due Over new Lacni Nulland on their Hight from to new York in Olive patrols and Avo oilmen live Joi Iii cd in a Larch hint will carry Hie it in far lore is and wooded hit ind Cal tile com inlay. It May in Days Tiellie Hie Liuni is Cinelu cml i lie swim Long Lippi s Hiat Fien Cli aviators May be quote Cotik d to Lesl on be who find land search Captain r in Hil naval at Lack Al i Aris informed a Hie Navy Cletuis that Nunges ser s Proi Teisch Lorilee would live Irani eco him Over Norl Heru new found land near Hie Heliel in it tilts. I i tie aviators May live Dilfred a in Hie fog to Hie Sou Eliward and this would have no until Lilieni Over Harbor Hiadee. A air plane living clue West Oft flail ii Shrai i would e Russ if i to Trinity Bay wide ii a Liat led i i 15 Iii his wide a Muir Man dressed like priest Cap hire a Louise would tie taken lured As he seeks entry Quot plot to bomb Joue prison gets blocked a Biclie Vreneli Viat in said with Auto filled with expo Banc made to talc inf a pie age ult tile St Lai Wyrinie liver Iii Iii i to v i la uni Eird fog on to a ilk.-. Plosives Cape. is Joliet Iii. May 12 a \ idol Hie la if successful lid lil live res Nlle d in a whyde Sale de Lii cry of Joliet prison , was frail Rale in lies e u e w lie ii a . May ill pm Llo Edwindle d Loda As Lime i it a Ell Wlsh Ioil hews cd Wiiiam Nim girl l and a a a Iain a Oil. Iphi Nisis k Celvi cd a ii Icli slide k body of Hicks will be exhumed to find any Poison Trace 1,0 la is. May 12.�? apr eel with a theory that old m Hicks 28year-Olcf at a y. Committed suicide or was i in City and b6dy Tak i Hie lonely St. In uis county where it was found. May i ii Haig attorney Mueller an a cd late of esterday body i lie exhumed and examined for an exhaustive search of ruins of once famous Riverside Lionel Waters would be cascading Over disclosed two bodies. The hotel top if did not of achieved a nation wide reputation it or Blore then. When new As one of finest to a considerable number of trucks Els in Middle West. I land barges carrying Sand bags and i hone Holm. I i Ere yielded me Reales number a a j shed to Reene. Altey re, was Tomb of its Pio a % Lap hits on f. E Wiiiam iian Side of Ali Praetor mrs. Mac sni Illi and aviators said they observed i to three guests. The death of Opal no other danger spots along Ihen a _ Sherill a guest Closel one of upper part of Atchafalaya. Old i2_ a River and West Bank of Mississippi River from old River Lobaton Rouge. Auto Driver held for drunkenness has pleaded not guilty i Hastings Minn May 12. A Jap Harry Olson of St. Paul to-1 Day was held tor trial in la Stelcl i court on a e Harge of Drunken Chiv Ling following an hit Mobile e resulted in tile injury to Leos Angel Calif. May 12�? iin., 14,. Judge Albert Kolii Ishii and attorney a Adolfo de la Huerta form Christenson of red Winger provisional president of Mexico Anai Ned before Justice a. E. Last night confirmed Leports from Olori ple ailed not guilty. A a of clock Fen Start of a,1 4 La Imp a a a a ill a a a a i it while Piaf hint every one e Nogales that re Volt Long Aaqil Trilk s , a Ltd Hie Effort will land it men under be izeral Luis Matuz Bael 1. Was Coith suied Al j 1�?o handed Hie surrender of no $5110. Allen la Bejel As a Nia Seilal , Sonora by Fere dal troops. De. Witness la Huerta whom Mainz and other j red Wing men Are in a Revol Chonai y leaders of Mexico a a a i Lite Seq ions e idly sle ians a have proclaimed their Hader Saidof a Uhl today his inform Ilion came from private new York. May in a wheels of Hella iia Nisono Dane. Freshly painted reel while and Bine we re Leady to Roll Over Hie ground of Roosevelt Field Sal 111 Lay morn i dental work also would be lied to establish identification Lei doubt and to set at rest that Hicks might not have filled but disappeared and a in a hoax to col-$365,000 life insurance. Radio stations to Aid balloonist ill o. May 12�? apr a tie in of leading radio a icing stations in a on been effected to insure Conn s in Hie 1927 National bal quote from Akron. May 30 of a g weather bulletin and ports. Most dramatic incidents of catastrophe. She Lay in ruins with Waler creeping up about her body for nine Houis while rescuers Cut through floors above to release Ber. No estimate of Hie number of missing was available last night but approximately a dozen persons had not been Beard from since Tornado struck. Organization of a civilian guard Nogales Herald save formal notices Are reported to have been serve d on mexican military author various authorities had declared Nogales Sonora opposite a break along that sector by a Lief Matuz of Miles above new Orleans on Hie indians demanding posses West Side of River sunday and Rescue fleets had been Robil mexican federalized at Simmesport and in old authorities last night Lail River Section a break along Bayou Des liaises front would flood 2,500 Al Dit ional farms with a total acreage told at Baton Rouge yester in Jer command of 65.000 acres. Secretary Hoover officer was effected last night to a replace two Coni Janies of state militia. Light and Power were being rapidly restored and Telephone communication within town was partly renewed. Jury recommends chau0eur be held for maids murder Waukegan. In. May 12 map a a i it Ake county Coroner s jury recommended that do Pueschell. A chauffeur be held on a murder charge in connection with death of miss Wilma Miller. 25 As i Day. Air Eairy. Reports Salej. acres of farm lands have been submerges with three entire North in Jullana parishes entire in under a Vader and seven others partially flooded. Twenty five thou Sand farms have been covered. Three entire in arises of on Cor Dia Madison and tenses had Ells appeared beneath surging Inland sea. Eel to confirm Herald re it Ort which further declares notice for surrender of City to yaqui forces is believed to be Back eel by Adolfo de la Huerta former provisional president of Mexico now a political refugee in unit eel states. Negro maid tells of Fristic Battle in movie Colony Ixia Angeh s. May 12. A Paul Kelly movie Al Leie actor was Aggro Hor Iii fist fight with Ray Raymond ii Uhichi comedy Star which state Lesu led in Raymond s de ath Emma la a negro maid testified Liere in Kelly s murder trial. The witness a maid in Ray Nond Home. Said that film actor i Rule a first blow and picture d Taymond As almost he it Lebs before fury of Kelly a assault. I Kelly hit Taymond in face four or five times while he held his Matuz ref heatedly has orients head with one indians were battling in de around neck. Miss i be destined she said Kelly sink k last blow As he let go of a it Nind with which h Hie actor fell against a table i he two men it Sarre de Over Raymond s wife Dorothy Mackaye a a Olu Niblac did not Lake Hie air yes Lerda Mee Haitie s spending his hours putting i to . Work of equipping it to. a a \ . Al test Veteran of a flight a i Quot Quot Creen indie aled tills Iii ii Ami Ohi Man Allied a Aud lined 11 Clin hic stat Iii Clit of Hie Capi Uin Willi Nitro Glyce Ilii Mustard a a Quot of he mean ii in Aris Descry Liivik revolver and plenty of Amqui Dillon a a Loi tit. Home i Rivien till was in powered As he Allein pled i l olt. To believe that Nii nge or to gain Adels Ion to Hie Perii Teilh Aud Oil May vet be heard Iorii. Ary Yagid. I Hie is Are leis Hom fill among four Oiler Cleiv Olio followed hem lie lug Emilii Keiit a Wigim e r Capilli i Man s a he Iii Hui Diarous who designed Nora Nice in Anolyn i , a a f hic Nungester plane us e scoped when he was seized. Leda red Hiat Hienie is no Clinko i lie said lie was Jain Quot i Lliel living ii Hii y Eliop cd in Silhi of Uhi Eago. A Lodge Aid he first pail of flight lot la. I name Harry i. Sullivan. I Hody of tic plane would live pre of Ripple reek Colo and his in Jiei led rapid Emie lying of he Ca i ii bore Hie initial Quot la i 1&Quot&Quot Resi i Volik and Hiey would have refutes to give Pun lie would not Ell inuit in was i one a of Hie alight d on his to lube Date Ami . Alhi Hie Enikh suf Licie icily Hiat Hie men in Hie be e enl Ai up y Quot float lie Lelieve d tile Hist Lead riot Ace impale i him Lull in w Enlil Ila pc e lit Hiweni o Hie Lohring ill w Iii ii lion Iii Liore a i Clingan lice , Hie an la Hurta cause. A work trains were sent out to re pair paralysed Railroad and Tele graph communication to Softli and West states of Mexico disrupt j de Supi Kisely by a Aqui indians actress state alleges. Late last night near Torres Honoro maid Lehti fled Slie bathed Iso mibs South of Inte nution Heiy Niones Lacee after fight and a1 Loider. Found his left get a and left Siele Meir of Quot enormous a a a Bly that will place sixty four flood re a Digraph wires Cut along . Weeks ration Reserve basis Conti Nway. A or a today Ella Itta an Ierlan k. D Hay add. D or,., to th., Hun granted divorce Cross Larff forces in Mold Gnu of i Giorl it and Aho have to Usu Idiku it Uilk of More than 51 , tall Wah goo mail to minute for he Iran Atlantic flight and will aka Hie Alt saturday weather Pernill Ling As Fie ahas though it had no endurance Jevoid behind. Ula Reniee it. Chamberlin Pilot and Lloyd w. Bertaud Copilot and navigator Coll Kneel to exit less Eon lid ence in their ability and that of Hie plane to negotiate Fli Glit of a Good break in weather an be of i Tain i Nephier Pilot Itoi Iglitz that Hie Flag lit should be Jefe i red or Abari lolled on us Oiin of Post Sivility in Paris Over la fall Iii i of a talks and Oil. Might mar their we Leoine both believed they said Hial it daring French f1y#<rs, would be Hie first to urge them to take up task of to sing to subdue Hie Allan a a Quot Quot i Hie Haid e. Byrd will j not Umler Lake tile new York Bari non to i full Gill Upfill uni Isains nun Gesser and Coll Are found or it Lias. Been definitely establish feel Hiat they Are lost Rodman Wanamaker president of America trans Oceanie company and Sims or Foi Byrds flight anti Orinee d even then a i la Namak Els will by ties Liivik d t Oday in Rohon officials Wariki Iii and Vance that an Atte nip mag lit tie made to liberate Diriso Mowere Ai Shioi Ilies Al Lack d to Hie naval heir Servile remarked Huiai a planet Wiki but float is ill Dali k f of we Iii it Hie ii Haie of tile sex unless it is sex i a in Miall it Eal tii even ii Hie White Birds to loaded Lue y Point in form want it ii rely Nii adapted to tiding Lii a Waves even in a moderate i prepaid d w lie to Hie Man die sed Asly Louglin sea. La priest drove to Hie fed j in ate giving Hie Lowed by Hie second car. He asked Gie lest to Leigh in a please Billy of Wagon Gale it Sci Phon of ii sums prison Yard could not be opened taken by Anie i can Aiichi orphes for Lipini thai lie was in to find Hie missing airman. I to y a Lurry. Iliakis were Siisi Eions e pie shed Hie sch Niento Hial t i in of Many a request amt As they tiling Liuigi airily possible is being gathered about Bim lie Irpeel to a s done. A a ape just is car w tile ii had drawn up behind him sped away. High explosives Pound tile Man his pockets Fakih it with Hilgh explosives d Wotli Giu erds until Over Powetek d. An Blind couple is la hons Are Wiz. . Wiz new York hanta what Troy . I a Leveland Waco Minne six were selected be wave length and gee a i location. In Forest areas break in in lored to a want. On Hirago May 12 a a Blind Roe or Horne . Wea. A a 3 at to to .er.on, a a a a May granted a divorce from his cd Reb auxiliary to meet y every one of 15 bal no ill i a. Thy Chicago manufacturer last sat ,1,4 homeless urday night. The jury held that miss Miller Wun n a sex in j of Epis Opal Hun h w ill to litre Are no Igns in tin Lucs of Iris Only Giali Lude or hic Sumiji Alliy and help of l pulled half s. New ilk May 12. A no Eglit ounce bottle of Altio Glyco Rin Lac i us Licon seen nor messages was found in hair pockets. Reici cd logic earning Hie missing in has ear officials found fou Biclich Wilcis Nui Giesser and a Oli four ounce whip h ii said he Cami to Iii id he a tined line contain i must aril Gas it cum h l Orcil in a we refers message an ably to be a l against nou sued it Hie new York office of Hie mile last night. A it a for Friendship a was t he Canier Onla had Bern no and he n fused to toned in various rumours As having Eithier id Keil up Sig Lili d of received a message from Ano Liei slip i porting sighting of tile tiie i s. Tie message ii Cei Ved hire stated a report wrong have not Sigil de or picked up la was sent in reply to one from Hie la Ria re offices Here ii Elliou ing Angeronia about rumours. Officials of Lloyd san Baudo line announced last night trial they Only nime those he a led Loaid. Mrs. Snyder and Gray sentenced Friday i Ary operations in adjacent Mixi Tan territory due to report that a Large band of yaqui a re March a a he race will carry a radio panache la is held in county jail it this year Bara it about Bond. Genii annual Inci Ting Blind Be Noi Veit i Biicheler on Tel Tinion of two Blind witnesses who fold of Hie wife extra aug hold thrown up around Nogales Sonora Alec in demanding Fine Silken Here by mexican fid rals were clearly. Garments and rare per uni s to air a visible from litre. Ase her sen a of iou ii and smell. Or raid Quot plane a american enters no la e. Its Fli Glit is to be sole j new y Ork May 2 a mrs. By in file f it enl Lii Pio Ruth brow ii Snyder and Henry Kress los is to Pioneer so j kid list found guilty late that Hans Ashanti air it f Hie murder of mrs. Nydi res Nav solely it ome to come it , Albert Snyder Nia Gazini a sorrows with a Yati e As ail editor will be Seti Feied Fri hours co by will out word of Day inor Ihrig instead of next Hie Fideli Beloch a or. Waii Amak Day As had been arranged it Wasja Fornie l by Wirries by or Ald a it never was intention i anti Muired today. A a Lalii a. In lame of Hie s. S. Of America to Start until Hie death Enteles Are mandatory 1 Rossi that Hie ship had Fienie aviators were found or Ihen for both. Appeal., too Are com picked up or sight cd would a pled their loss As . Pul Sory on first degree verdict. Supreme Kalt Rolfi it e to science e of j no reason was Given for and Vaidic lug Hie Date of sentence. Frei he fliers. Cont lured on Page 5

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