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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 11, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you wish to talk advertising subscription or business with the evening Tribune please Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and news room of the evening Tribune please Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota wednesday May la 1927 number 111atlantic fails to give Trace of lost fliers Beath toll in Tornado zone will increase 228 persons known to have perished and Over 900 injured Many other deaths May result. Kansas City May la. A i i aspects of a steadily increasing death list in the huge checker Hoard scooped out of the Middle it by a series of tornadoes and storms in which at least 228 persons perished and More than 900 were injured today added to the trial of Relief workers. While casualty lists in Texas in i ois and Kansas and Louisiana i to wed Little change debris of Jared communities in Missouri and Kansas yielded More bodies last flight and several injured died in hospitals. Physicians reported that More ii ii a ii a score of injured in Missouri my Arkansas have Little Chance to give. This coupled with failure to abolish communication with Sev ral villages since the Tornado struck monday caused Relief Agenes to estimate the dead would to in approximately 250. Kansas City May apr b urged by tornadoes torrential norms and blizzards Over a three Day period the Middle West count-,1 its dead at 233 late tuesday. Ith probably a thousand persons ii ured hundreds homeless and property damage in the millions. In eight states from the Rocky i in Tain Region to the East and southeastward the fury of the \ Athar brought death and suffering. First destruction was wrought in 3 Mas where a twister roared in i Ira Tho Southwest saturday 3 by. There followed on monday it undoes that lashed Texas mis i Arkansas Louisiana and ii ii Nota flattening farm houses and living waste town and villages. Missouri hit twice twice the elements struck at our Early monday in a dozen no munition in the Central part of h state and late in the Day at liar Bluff in the Southeastern Ion. The known dead at pop Bluff stood at 74, with scores injured with the heart of the City v estate. Ten persons were la. In Central Missouri three by ugh wind at St. Louis and two by aviators near Springfield making a Etal of 89 deaths in the state. Arkansas was swept from the Southern Section to the Northeast a counties by a series of twisters ate monday. Latest reports placed h. Dead at 79 and the injured at lore than three Hundred. The death list in Texas where to undoes struck at two Points o hed 35 when two died of in Uriel. New wings for de Pinedo $100,000 loss is reported in floods in s. A two Hundred driven from Homes when River leaves Banks rail traffic halted near Chamberlain. Warden discounts reports of mrs. Snyder a collapse widow in Good health declares guard Gray resigned to Fate officials work to cover breakdown stories. Nea service Boston Bureau commander Francesco de Pinedo italian Birdman whose four continent flight was interrupted by the burning of his plane at Roosevelt dam ariz., continues his Long Aerial journey in a new machine. Here s been the Santa Maria la rushed from Italy for de Pinedo by Premier Mussolini upon completion of the first leg of its resumed flight arriving at Squantum mass., from new York. Inset is the smile with which the intrepid de Pinedo greeted the throngs which turned out at Boston to Welcome him. Kellogg May head u. S. Body Geneva meet president desires to have head of delegates to arms conference in equal rank with Britain and Japan. Washington May 1l- a the Washington Post says that president Coolidge May ask Secretary Kellogg to head the american delegation to the forthcoming naval armament conference and also that Quot some outstanding democrats May be invited to participate. Or. Kellogg s selection was based on a desire to have the delegation headed by some one whose rank approximates that of the British and japanese delegation leaders the newspaper says. Tho selection or to Quot prominent Democrat it is added would be for having democratic support in the Senate should any treaties reach that body for ratification As a result of the Geneva deliberation. Geneva May ill apr stabilization of tariffs meets w Ith the approval of the american delegation Lindbergh hops a his plane from West coast to Mississippi River St. Louis May apr from the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi River overnight Captain Charles Lindbergh a hopped in the monoplane he plans to Fly from new York to Paris in reaching St. Louis at 8 a m. Today 14 hours and 5 minutes after he left san Diego cal., at 5 55 p.m., St. Louis time yesterday. Lindbergh said he would undertake his flight in his single seater plane to new York by Daylight and would not go fore Friday. U. S. To demand that liberals troops disarm american Force will disarm by Force All troops who refuse to surrender Arm. Washington by sailing orders May have for the 800 marines recently selected to reinforce Admiral Latimer a command in Nicaragua. Bureau gives May i wheat crop Outlook supplemental report present condition of Winter Grain a detail by state announced. Washington May la. Official statement that Given by Henry l. Stimson person a1 representative of president Coolidge in Nicaragua to general Mon Cada Liberal military chieftain stated that american forces would be used Quot to disarm forcibly and troops who failed to Lay Down their arms was written Quot for the purpose of assisting Moncada to persuade�?�ril_0 a of cover Nien to Vihara Quot As issued at the state department. The department at the same time fort Pierre s. D., May 11 map As flood Waters of mad River receded yesterday afternoon damage to residential property alone was estimated to be above $100,-000. Six houses were known to have removed from their foundations. One of the largest houses East of the natural Channel of bad River was torn from its foundations and gaining Speed with the flood shattered against Trees after breaking a 50-Rod course. A garage car and All were swept a distance of 80 Yards to come to test against the trunk and on the broken branches of a Poplar tree within 75 Yards of the main Channel of the River. The families marooned within their houses last night were re ported Safe today but still unable to leave their houses. It was hoped to remove them by boat either last night or today. After tearing out More than 200 i feet of trestle at Chamberlain s. Id., the Missouri heavily freighted i with Driftwood today continued to a Rise and at Pierre stood 1.2 feet been issued above flood level. 16 reported marooned sixteen persons wore thought to be marooned in fort Pierre. The bad River which carried before it Washington May apr wheat re a the International economic con the acreage of Winter at it in re Baal Ken a a he a Cepolu a Alolor on May i to be Hart rated the condition of the crop on that indicated production apr an i the letter b�u8ea Aiu other buildings while. Sweeping a new Channel was re feeding. Two Hundred persons were driven from their Homes it is estimated. Not since 1913 Lias the Quot big Muddy so lived up to its name and today residents of Bottom lauds near Pierre who monday began household goods to higher ground yesterday were hurrying away As Tho Rise continued. The Crest was expected to be reached made Public the text of die stint yesterday son letter which had already been traffic suspended Given out by Moncada. Traffic Over the Milwaukee Road Bridge at Chamberlain is at a stand Managua Nicaragua May i still for the first time in three apr hear Admiral Latimer com years and trucks and cars Are be Wiander of the United states naval no used to Transfer passengers and new York May la. A an apparently concerted Effort was launched by Queens county officials to overtake detailed reports that mrs. Ruth Brown Snyder facing sentence of death for murder of her husband was in a state of hysterical collapse in her cell. The extreme effect of such col lapse might have been to Send mrs. Snyder to an Asylum and to indefinitely postpone her sentence. Stories of the alleged breakdown of the a Iron nerved blonde a As she has been termed appeared in virtually every morning and afternoon paper. Flank f. Fox Warden of the county jail declared mrs. Snyder is in As Good health As she has been since she was admitted or. James Derose who visited the prisoner last night said he bad found her in the nervous state usual to women who had undergone a severe nervous Strain and the District attorney s office asserted that except for a Brief spell of weeping mrs. Snyder had Aho a j no emotion since the verdict. J Henry Judd Gray Tbs Little East i Orange n. J., Corset Salesman w to j was found guilty with mrs. Snyder his Paramour of the murder of her husband Albert Snyder Magazine i Art editor took his Tate socially jail attaches reported lit ate a Quot Good breakfast a they raid wrote letters stretched an Arm out be-1 tween the bars of his cell to feel j the air and read Bis Bible. I Bey described Bim As one resigned to i Fate. Mrs. Snyder and Gray Are to be sentenced monday. I it ath sentence is mandatory w Ith first degree mar Der verdicts. No announcement of the usual appeals was made by their counsel. Coolidge envoy in Nicaragua every Effort is being made to find plane land and sea combed for French trans Atlantic plane a France worried Over Fate of aces. Nea service Washington Bureau Henry i. Stimson Secretary of War in Tho Taft Cabinet who went to Nicaragua As an a observer for president Coolidge and succeeded in bringing about a settlement of the civil strife with which that latin american nation has so Long been wracked. Ference. Tons introduced by m. Serruys of France whereby countries shall agree Only to make Tariff changes at Long intervals and refrain from unduly increasing protective tar Date arum the by important producing states forces in nicaraguan Waters has taken the preliminary Steps looking to the disarmament of the conservative and Liberal forces. He were announced by the department has prepared the Folio Wing proc of agriculture As a supplemental mation which we be porn Dju a hts Norman h. Davis of the Amer report to its announcement j thousands posted and dropped issus of. curl that he it Long a total crop of ma.-1,. The View. Jean lepse president of russian soviet Metal workers organization delivered �insuntolt�?~oww�?~us94l.0m bushels and the. Condition Quot Husz states Hove to eat. Of the crop ii the entire cd us it Vic accepted the request of the As 85.6 per cent of a not a. Ujj Calaguan government to super i j Vise the elections in 1928, believes the details by states follow a general disarmed necessary for a speech which contrasted greatly with the Pennsylvania acreage proper and successful conduct baggage across the River. At Yankton s. >., the Missouri Rose four feet in 24 hours a tut w As still rising. W. H. Fallon government weather observer warned Lowland residents that flood stage would be reached by wednesday. Levee break to cause Rood of sugar Fields jury verdict holds brother in Hicks Case delivery of Farewell letter to widow two hours after death reason for holding brother. Dyke at Bayou de Glaive above new Orleans expected to collapse at any mom Entz additional to lose Home. Thousands St. Louis May Lap a Farewell letter written by Clifford Hicks 28, slain attorney a Day be fore bus death april so and Deli Jered to the widow by Bis brother i Glenn 23, two hours after the sup posed time of the killings proved i de a coroners jury a basis for holding Glenn Hicks As Quot an acres 1 Sory to the i the verdict that the lawyer i came to ids death Quot at the lands i of parties unknown a also held Wil ilium Davis an sex convict and As last week be ohi0f i>450,000, Only Way of improving theron Indiana 1,713.000, Hon of the workers was for them -5,5mjuw. To carry on a class struggle Ani unite internationally. This evoked caustic replies from m. Joubaux representing the euro Pean i Secretary of Tho italian fascist in ulsted in three persons freezing confederation. M. Joubaux death. Two boys. Glenn hold Publ three Frozen to death first reports of casualties in Louisiana came when word was re lived that three negroes were Lilied and several persons injured by a heavy wind and rainstorm car Clarence la. Blizzard conditions in w coming of condition 83 per cent of a Normal bulb elections and directs me to j lvr.,.a the Ohio Mode Iati russian utter the and indicated production 18,302, accept fh0 custody of the arms and la it he sedated that to. A Jand an Lull Una lion of wll log gov saturday. Be and George Holmes marooned a a and most of two nights in a if motor car which was stalled n snowdrifts were rescued. They d their lives to their faithful a. Which kept them from drop it into the slumber that death by freezing. Poplar Bluff to. May a mounting hourly As the wind in debris of Poplar Bluff s Busis Section yielded More bodies death toll of mondays Tornado aught stood at 77, while Many ired fought vainly for life. Nearly fifteen bodies were reset today As tireless workers in .1 the bricks and timbers for lug persons known to have a the razed buildings. Get red Cross estimated 350 injured More than too Seriy or. M. Hendrickson of medical staff at the William bushels. Them up including those of the 9,730,000. Illinois 2,163,000,1 f0rcei 0f the government and to 84 and 38,155,000. Michigan 929,-, forcibly those who do not too 87 and 16,407,000. Missouri peaceably deliver up their arms. 1.550.000, 82 and 20,082,000. Nelt a be nicaraguan government has granted general amnesty to All political and armed opponents. To too. Oklahoma 4.200,000, 80 and facilitate the return to peaceful of 51.408.000. Texas 2,300,000, 75 and Cupat ions of those heretofore of warned the soviet 28.462,000. Washington ,"00�. Poking the nicaraguan government they wish effective it o 92 and 30,475,000. Oregon 900,000, that government will pay ten Cordo a to a rom adopt Una m ism. I a. To to cd lndlvldn.1 doll. One dictated by the the same traces of Snow with a temperature of 34 degrees this morning a Trace of Snow was new Orleans May Lap reported in the Vicinity of brain j levees at Bayou Des raises about erd following precipitation the 170 Miles above new Orleans were greater part of the night. Thief expected to collapse at any time hour of Snow today allowing a Rush of Muddy 93 Inch of rain since water across the a sugar bowl of a Orleans Kittson i Louisiana where most of the do Luh Aux represent my rue3i42<#000. 94 and 57.968,000. Workers and Signor a Tettl 10 407,000, 86 and 143,200, Taw at the italian fascist in 1 a it 1. A a. Vagt no with International they. Must two attitudes saturday county tops of Fence twists along the Soo line can Bardy be seen because of standing water. School teacher to seek damages from Iowa school Board Mastic can is grown. Word from that Section to adjutant general l. A. Toombs at Baton Rouge said Hie levee appeared ready to col lapse. The fight had not been Given up. However and at big Bend where heroic efforts of citizens have been concentrated to bolster tile weaken lug Rampart were continued. Should the Crevasse occur today it was believed that much of the Strain on the levies along the Mississippi would be relieved mini Bible. He charged that the Sian Trade unions had always fused to collaborate with 3,893,000. Igan re Consin 243,000, Western Minnesota. 330,000. 90 and 5,643,000. 87 and 14, a. M or ameliorate the1 North Dakota 1,283,000, 87 and ,-1 pose of meeting Hen emotion0� the workers. He add 730,000. Nebraska 291,Otto, 9, and president Coolidge. Cd that Charity should begin at 4,202,000. Home and that the soviet d d not treat the workers satisfactorily. Olivetti declared that More suffering among the population of Russia than in any other country. Signor there was or. Griswold quits Iowa University heavy fog Blanket stops travel in air and on water the Liberal armies is proceeding from the Liberal lines for the Pur-1 pose of meeting Henry l. Stimson i personal rep-1 resent Tive or a delegation from or. Stimson tomorrow at los ban Deros or tip Tapa when he Wilt make a report on the outcome of his proclamation for the giving up of Liberal arms and his ideas of a peace settlement. Indianola Iowa May Lap a Florence Cochrane who was cleared last week of charges of telling lewd stories to pupils in Broad zing the danger of an additional Horn school Warren county by break along that line. Miss a neb Samuelson state sup j a collapse at Bayou Des raises or intendant of Public instruction would however inundate thou a flied suit for damages of $25,-1 bunds of acre of the most Fertile too against that three members of soil in the stale flooding Many the school Board from that District a Ugar houses and driving additional who flied information against tier. J thousands from their Home to ref directors and complaining Par Ugee Camps. A a senator Schall is confined to bed Kennedy where most of the cloy Jowa May la map rally injured were concentrate Griswold head of the Ald he believed a dozen a n ent of Hygiene and proven is there would die. Lye Medicine resigned. President i be Tornado started ii work a Waier a auction two Miles Southwest of City damaged the Missouri the College of Medicine to resign Ifica. Roundhouse and Frisco att in a week. Then jumped to the Melbourne cd and Harris House from Ich the largest number of dead taken wiped out most of the Ness Section and continued to East Side where nearly one a cited Homes and a schoolhouse re demolished. New York May a heavy Blanket of fog traditional enemy of sailors and aviators delayed transportation on air and allowed Little Promise of Dissia ti0d de Pinedo Thomas d. Schall who a been Iii hip who for two weeks at his Home with four con 1 his Gall bladder trouble wednesday Minneapolis May Lap a condition of United states senator colonel italian was forced of Isth events professor was form 1 in. T a Ubaid he took a turn for the worse when he no pm. He i the sign Punk tic. Smi. U. Snack of to. R. W1 Toto or. Griswold is now in Council Bluffs attending a convention of the state health association. Set arson charge hearing Amostown n. P. May he Henry Knuth will have a hearing on arson charges Here rho City was turned into a be monday before judge j. A. Colley. Philadelphia hop a cleared a a Hough his temperature re came Daw Maine Normal the senators at the Bronx monday night. Was Arkly two Atlantic passenger vessels. The american merchant of the a a of Industry today As every continued on Page 4 the hearing set for monday was postponed on account of bad Road. And unable to leave his bed. Prepare american v. Be i ration Are being made to remove american merchant in. Week if his condition per Minn Sot of the a but a May ,.llnlc u Itoch a flu Listi a Toni of the tor for a a be tvs us of bladder. Ends of the school charged that i miss Cochrane in october 1926, gathered a group of her pupils both boys and girl about her and told j 1 them a number of lewd stories. The defendants in the suit flied by miss Cochrane Are Actu sad of malicious slander and defamation of Char Acter. The Case is scheduled to come up for trial at the september term of the Warren county District court. Missing army air plane Safe Muskogee olka., May Lap fear for safety for the Crew of Douglas c a a Large United states army transport which failed to arrive in Muskogee when due yesterday afternoon were dispelled late last evening when a Telegram was received from Lieut. Mcconnell in charge of the plane announcing j that it had been forced Down on a Muddy Field near Charleston Armand was unable to take off. Rescue Fleet has been mobilized in the danger zone and Prossi Emfs of loss of life have been reduced. 10-month-old boy crawls in 5-gallon Crock and drowns sedate of Clifford Hicks As an accessory. Iii his note to his widow Hicks said his life bad been threatened three times. He also left Farewell notes for j. L. Crain president of Tho Page Bank now closed and Samuel Fox Law associate. Their contents were not disclosed. Another circumstance which re fleeced the certainty with which Hicks regarded his own slaying came to Light when a rain told police that Glenn informed him Clifford had completed a list of pall bearers for ills funeral. Mrs. Marie Hicks the widow testified at the inquest of numerous threats her husband had received and said that when he did not come Home the night of the slaying she a could have sworn that he was she said Glenn Hicks and Davis Aine to the House that night and remained until 2 a ni., when they left to go to her husbands office and a destroy his private the body was found about 9 j Glenn Hicks was chief beef ocl Ary under his brother a $365,0001 life insurance and also was beneficiary and executor under the 1 will executed by the lawyer the Day be was killed. By associated press the sea and land gave Hack no answer today to the Quot incessant Calli for word of the missing airmen Captain nut Gesser and Coli. The radio corporation tile Independent wireless and the Nav it swept the wide Atlantic with radio queries and met a Wall 01 silence. The a White Birds was 44 hours overdue at new York at la of clock this morning and was last seen heading Northwest of Al Rush ire land sunday morning. Naval vessels Are searching the seas off new England and the Nova Scotia Waters while the French government has a Fleet of destroyer beading Westward in Hunt for the French aces. Lookout on the trans Atlantic liners hound it ast and West scan the horizon for sign of the plane now believed forced Down by weights of i it it it formed on Lier wings in flight. Scant Hope remains of the tim lug of tin missing men who Many believe fell into the sea North it tile charted courses of steamships. Others suggest Ilia the a Quot while Bird Quot came Down in the Waters of new foundling and unless the aviators were rescued by a falling smack Tho Tell victims of the ice that crushed their fragile plane. Fiance w As steeped in gloom and despondency today. The bitterness expressed let vome against Anteri cans because of the report that Tho United states government had tailed to provide adequate weather reports subsided when ii was of i tidally announced that tile failure i to receive wireless Leports two Duys Beton the flight were due to i Static. The aviator had a food Supply i calculated to last them for a Little Over ten Days. Captain Coil tucked a Ash line and some halt just before the pin be hopped off. American and Canadian a a Bank fishermen and Channel loggers were Alert on the Chance that the extra buoyancy of the French Plai e May have kept the two pilots afloat meanwhile echoes of tile erroneous reports of tin1 flight s mice is continued to reverberate Iii Paris and. To a less degree i Washington. French papers apologized for the error with various explanation s and Hie state department made Public the suggestion of ambassador Herrick that a flight by am ii cans at this time might be a Ami in trip rated a White House Hunt extends to Iowa i spirit Jike. Iowa May Lap a president Coolidge search for Sunbury. A May Lap at. Acceptable summer White to be drowned in a ave gallon House extended to Iowa Besiei a. Containing no More than five colonel stalling t a a p he a of water was the Fate personal representative site Mccreary ten Teete mansion Here proposed site t. My tor the chief executive vacation car1 although the weather was bad the outlay at spirit like seem a favourable impression Crock inches of water Little Davis Ross month old son of Ralph Creary sell Negrov a motor infant while playing singly mad. Crawled into the Crock stood up upon the president s represent Tat 1 e and lost his balance. A Short time later the Mother found the baby dead. New York fog delay liners new York May in air dense fog delayed the arr Al or nine liners due at quarantine Early this morning. Son born to Milton Sills and wife 1 new York May la. A born 1 to Doris Kenyon screen Star and wife of Milton Sills motion picture actor a son. The proud father on being Assur a that wife a i a out of danger Quot departed for tin Pacific coast. New York. May Lap Hope j for the Rescue of the French aviators captains tinge Are and Coll i appears to hang by the Len biotin thread that they May have let a it picked up at sea by Newfoundland i fishermen or by some entail i j off Ireland. Overdue .1 Lull Day Bere on their i air plane flight i rom Paris the Fate 1 of the French War aces a become a mystery of the sea. Var 1 less stations from new York n Labrador sputtered in Mages today in All directions asking steamships j to their courses to Hunt tor the aviators. But none reported lighting the a White Bird Quot which Hole i Ped off so bravely from be Bour i get Field with the a Skull and in h j Bones Quot and a death s head Maik a j on the White fuselage As la to it by the elements. Seen last sunday morning the United states and French Ohi. 1 government u it to searches Uhtof rasing men. Appeared bal de in their Early efforts to Loc ate i the plane. The. A White Birds has i not been sighted since she was i seen flying Northwest at chirag Island Kerry and Al Rush county Clare Ireland at Al veil o clock a sunday morning so that the aviators May have been forced Dow n anywhere along the remaining 3,2<0 Miles of the water course. Navy department officials at Washington figured that it would require forty ships to comb a Lane two Hundred Miles wide across the Atlantic a difficult task As the searchers could Only work in Daylight and Clear weather. Tho naval tugs wan Dank and Mohave put out from Boston to search the to ail Between Cap cod and Bable Island off Nova Scotia while the government at Washington in response to a request of tin French Republic for Aid in looking for the fliers set about making organized plans to locate the missing plane. Ender orders of the Canadian continued on Page 7 fog

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