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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 4 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 4, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota You wish to talk # advertising. Subset lion or business with the eve no he Tribune please Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and news room of the evening Tribune please Call 722 Olu me xxx Albert Lea Minnesota wednesday May 4, 1927 number 105 devastation increases in South flood area a Ray accuses mrs. Snyder in murder trial where la miners were entombed Salesman declares that she plotted to kill husband for insurance a made plans Over year ago. New York May 4.- a Hen a Judd Gray the Little East or Ilc n. A Corset Salesman <u1 d Villi murdering Albert Snydr Magazine Art editor took a stand in his own defense yesterday in the Snyder Gray murder 1 rial. I to voice Well pitched his id ii lion unusually Good the a Slov Little cuss Quot As mrs. Ruth in n Snyder his Paramour and leis j. Jdant called him in Lier let Oon was launched into a c. Of events leading up to the inure r of Albert Snyder his Ory followed the outline Given Iii it Llop Ning statement by his chief i Oiin i Samuel l. Miller. La. Fixed upon mrs. Snyder the a option of a plot to kill her husband for his insurance which in j of death by Accident would i her As beneficiary almost he began a picture of i Snyder that revealed her a Ivun til predatory in her love Pur i i. Him by letters and Telephone Leal and As his companion at mini us night club parties and at Hottie. He pictured her a Subtle Mentor in the intrigues that peeled the killing and told of her Iii inducing insurance and murder a into their conversations. Gray takes witness chair Gray took the witness stand late Lin the Day after mrs. Snyder s de i. Had rested. He followed Laramie mrs. Snyder a 9-year-old daughter As a witness. Little Loria it was asked whether it a Hen her Mother waked her on tin morning after the murder. Ald it was Light and. In re Joi c to another question said die ran to a neighbor s House for i s. Snyder surrendered the Vin is chair to her daughter aft copying it for More than 12 hours. Of that number eight and half hours were devoted to a it \ Ere Cross examination. She fix d upon Gray both the plot to Rill her husband and the actual murder. The state through the persistent quit stoning of assistant attorney Charles Froessel brought i snide re a testimony to evident she the explosion no the mine of the new Manti fuel Amii trans Lallon on Pany at we eatable which entombed 77 miner., was so terrific that it creche the min. To jew Jet irom a Kulm. House. Vacation site for Coolidge investigated White House Send Man into Middle West to look Over several place offered As summer Home. Washington. May 4.�? apr president Coolidge will scud a i p Resen Talve West before the end of the week to look Over Tho Twenty or More Sites offered him tor summer Home. Colonel k. W. Starling of these Cret service Lias been designated to make inspection As he lid last year when the president decided to go to the , and ids itinerary is expected to include Wisconsin Iowa Minnesota South Dakota and Colorado and perhaps some neighbouring states. The president will await word from Starling w in Hopes to make a report within two weeks before be makes a decision As to where he Stablish a stimuli r White pan America Union based on Equality says Coolidge president is speaker at commercial conference sound economics urged in dealings. Death closes in ass reports0 priced the a it is which worked desperately to save the entombed men. New explosion is feared in wrecked mine Rescue workers it decide to Seal Section of working where fire is still raging Little Hope held for men. Economic crisis due to Adverse farm condition Fairmont. W. Va., May 4.�? a fearing a second explosion in the Everettville mine where 24 men Are known to have been killed and 70 others entombed three Days ago Rescue leaders last night decided to Seal a Section of the Workings where a fire is raging so that other to of the mine can b3 explored. After an inspection of the mine during the Day when rescuers located seven additional bodies. Robert Lambie chief of the West Virginia department of mines noticed that the Southwest District i tons of the Workings where Pari e. T. Ball composer of a Mother Machree song Dies in theater Santa Ana cal., May 4.�? apr Ernest r. Ball composer of Quot Mother Machree and Many other popular songs died Here last night from a heart attack As he was preparing to leave a vaudeville theater where he had finished an engagement. He was in his dressing room when he was stricken. The composer previously lived in Cleveland but More recently moved to los Angeles. International agriculture com Mission presents report conditions More a favor than before War. Washington May .3.api All nations in the pan american Union stand on a basis of absolute Equality with the United states president Coolidge declared last night in an address before the pan american commercial conference. A it is the often declared and established policy of this govern he said Quot to use its re source not to Burdon Thorn but to assist them not to control them but to co operate with them. Quot it is the forces of sound thinking sound government and sound economics which hold the Only Hope for real Progress real free Dom and real Prosperity for the masses of the people that need the constantly combined efforts of All the enlightened forces of society. Secure Home results first a your first duty is to secure these results at Home but an almost equal obligation requires us to exert our moral influence to assist All the Peoples of the pan american Union to provide similar agencies for themselves. A your pan american Union is creating a new civilisation in these Western Republica representative of All that is Best in the history of tilt old world. We must coopt rate in its advancement through Mutual helpfulness Mutual Confidence and Mutual forbearance. Discusses Trade relation discussing improved Trude rein Lions in the Western hemisphere suggested a pan Over 250,000 now homeless land covered new army of refugees set on March As River Breaks through levees a 15,000 Square Miles inundated. Desire for Altitude Aud Cool climate a recently caused or. Cool ice go to again look beyond the mid lowest to the slopes leading to the Rocky mountains. Colorado Springs and the Black Hills of South Dakota were meat dotted at the White House yesterday along with Lake Minnetonka Minnesota Lake Okoboji Iowa and the we Consin lakes As among the possibilities. Recent studies by the president of the average temperatures for some of the summer Sites offered him in the Middle West have re the president difference Between american conference on advert is service Washington Bureau Here with ills sister. Florence is Walter l. Boothe of Roanoke \a., whose friends working in shifts kept him alive by artificial respiration after collapse of his lungs. A relapse at the end of the tenth Day threatened to decide the unequal Issue in death s Tavor. Treated Little them Aud the summer climate in the jink it Washington May 4.- a tie ast. For this reason or. Coolidge la waa the Adverse condition of agriculture a1 Jakin studying maps of states Tai in enlarging Trade and of All h in most everywhere is the principal ther West despite his desire not of advertising that lie declared that advertising most important influence a contusion in its last phases Cor i Rad in ted herself failed to recoil let and became fidgety. One contradictory reply followed by the accusation that she was lying i it rat opposing attorneys neat blows. Mrs. Snyder is distressed m Hen she resumed her seat be a i her counsel mrs. Snyder was in \ id at distress. W Hen Gray took the stand and i run giving intimate details of their meetings mrs. Snyder wept titling at her eyes with a White handkerchief rolled in a Ball in he. Hand. She Hung her head during some parts. A i in after telling of his Early life jus marriage and giving the sir and Birthplace of his own Rhi a described his meeting v ii mrs. Snyder. Their relations to a Gressed their marital vows on g second meeting he said. Mrs. S Viler he related accompanied ii in to the showroom of his firm of night and he there fitted her v h a Corset. Mrs. Snyder was Quot Ping with her head on her As he told of this. Although attorney Miller brought an Sec the fire is burning would be sealed in immediately. This will give the Rescue workers an Opportunity to enter the Northeast sections where Lambie said some of the 14 miners known to have been Labouring Here. Might have escaped the blast. While Lambie held out this slender thread of Hope. Other mine experts Felt that the 70 missing men Are dead. Either killed in the explosion or by Gas. For three Days rescuers have worked until singly in the Gas filled recesses. Lambie termed it a Volcano because the fire in the Section threatened at any Superior will decide school Issue May 24 cause a of the present economic crisis a the International commission of agriculture has concluded in a report prepared for submission today to the International economic conference at Geneva. A in spite of Progress achieved in agriculture technique and in the organization of production the report declared a tile condition of a from the which results Cai from personal experience anti per i Sonal Contact is most valuable. A conference of this nature thai re i a two naval air pilots perish in plane fire new Orleans Max 4apr devastation of northeastern Louisiana Over a stretch of approximate by 4,000 Square mib s rapidly was becoming Complete today As the madly racing Tore through its Banks at two additional places Between Vicksburg anti Natchez. A new army of refugees was sent on the March increasing the homeless in the great flood to around 250,000 and Rich Cotton sugar Cane trucking hard Wood and Oil and Gas lands were claimed adding almost Yunnu Merally to the staggering total of property loss. Cover 15,000 Square Miles murky flood Waters now cover neatly 15,000 Square Miles in Louisiana Arkansas and Mississippi Anil the picture of desolation presented is appalling. For hundreds of Miles in Arkansas and Louisiana and along the Mississippi there Are Only a Lew scattering places not under water. Roaring through four Breaks in the Louisiana levees during the past to hours the Mississippi flood Waters were cutting wide channels Madison and ten As parishes in and Rushing to meet backwaters from overflows on the Black and ouachita Rivers As Well As Lorn Breaks in tar main levee around Glaas Cocke. I the Rescue machinery set up by i former governor John m. Parker pair killed when plane Falls civilian flood dictator under sen death Mark Quot let to go too far away ital. Of Nhoh it was recalled at the White House yesterday has an will bring into such intimate re. Altitude of about 1,700 feet which Tio ship the representatives of i various producing elements of so different nations a he said Altitude com pares tude of favourably with the Alti the president summer j Many Home a year ago in Northern new p Ean not help revealing no by new a i wants and Many new sources from in flames tenth in naval two weeks. Ranks Hoover moved swiftly to Cai a for the refugees and to move out in the hundreds w Lui Clung to Nat Ioni to their Homes in the lace of warnings. I below the Mouth of liver the levees a still holding out r till the approach or the Crest of the which already has crumbled flood an air plane levees to the North apprehension York. Another important Factor a which they can be supplied. A your sister republics have re of enormous value and a. A in the a culture is almost every where i a Oeurm nation it was said. More unfavourable than before Lej in i be the accommodations for 8uu< a _ tag Dan Endens. Alv. And added lh., a it Ltd a a and. Sytz suited in restricted purchasing a re office Force and the staff of news manufactured products for farm j paper ment and photographers who improvements and machinery. A company him. A this a ballot will determine of Sale Price of agriculture products not being adapted like other prices to the Money depreciation a said the report a is generally no longer sufficient to cover the Cost of production. To this circumstance must be added the consid i a d pier Erable increase in the expenses of school Board is to be Blee a air culture through interest duties Tive or appointive ends Back at work. Stud South Superior wis., May 4. A supporters of the Superior students strike who circulated Pettit ions calling for an elective rather than an appointive school Board gained a Point yesterday when the City moment to cause another explosion pc ounce unanimously voted to have bringing disaster to the rescuers special Electon on the subject themselves. May 24. It is up to the voters to decide whether they wish to elect Hail and torrent and taxes of All kinds. An Effort should be made to see that the prices of agriculture products correspond to the Cost of production was one of the recommendations presented. Youth has no Chance to live say doctors after operation British ship million rum cargo seized Norfolk. Va., May 4 a the death of lieutenant commander Hardy b. Page and lieutenant Russell v. Pollard in _ crash near the municipal terminals Felt tor the safely of he in the total fatalities among naval Bank men oui Hward Towai. Orleans. The Carrollton image Here showed 20.4 feet a slight recession. Captain and Crew steam trawler 200,000 cargo new York port. Their school Board next april or to continue to have the Board a wreck buildings Sallisaw okla., May 4. I Archdeacon William Hood will a hailstorm followed by More before a court com five inches of ram last nigh missi0ner to show whether or not stroked roofs on a third of All t m the Ward he repro Roanoke va., May 4. Performing acts of the or natural resource. A q aures them of a continually enlarging commercial horizon. While our own country is desirous of Pattie Pating in this Trade it does not wish to do so at the expense of any other people bul upon a basis which is mutually just and equitable. Commerce Lias no other Pei manent foundation. Expect outside commodities a we expect other countries to produce commodities which we can use for our Benefit and we expect to produce commodities which they British can uhe ,u1 or Benefit. I lie in suit is a More abundant life for All with $1 a a concerned. It is this Mutual inter depend i once which justifies the whole pan american movement it in an Ai Dent Ami Sincen desire to do Good the one to calling attention that the Confer ence now Iii session her la third of its kind to he held since ii i official standing fresh said he believed a its in the fact that officers from air accidents in this Vicinity up to ten within the past two weeks lieutenant Victor f. Marinelly lieutenant Georg aviator chief w. Lehman machinist s mate Wall of water wrecks Dyke a three foot layer of water streaming Over the Walls of the Loren e. Pouter and machinist s Al Cabin Teele m n Mill mate George m. Michaels were kill Ken a bed ate away the embarked april 27 off new Point mat ment jut yesterday Ami last Mutt hews county when their machine j a widening Ink of Muddy water crashed into Chesapeake Bay after j moved upon northeastern air by the tenant h death at of seized in it bad been struck in the lightning. Three Days before lieutenant commander Noel Davis and lieu la. Wooster met their Messick. Near Langley Field when the a a american i Jackson m las., legion a Tho plane they Wen test the flood nun lug for a new York to Paris flight ii crashed with its maximum capacity first of the series of fatal air crashes occurred off old Point. A a a a i 21 and Cost the lives of we Fri Jurious problems a Richard w. I of refugees were presented machine hastily Ana towns. Tallulah. Delhi. Ray us scores of smaller communities Wie being evacuated As widened their sweep Power lines serving Vicksburg and were threatened As d southward along Tea sits River Basin to join those of the ouachita and la Bim k Ami empty into the lied River Ley. Rescue problems difficult of Rescue Ami my Wale elect l in a of buildings Here and drove Ujj Tho Board of education to diameter fell for Twenty minutes. Hailstones is from Gray under the handier Gray Siy explained was Oft times due his having been drunk when is occurred before court re cd for the Day Gray had Dis a 1 that on a visit to mrs. Sny a Home in Queens Village he had her ill and fainting. He sex ined her condition was due As neighbor had told him to the t t hat Albert Snyder had been d of mrs. Snyder a going out ii a Man. This Man was Gray Gray was certain that Snyder a knew it was he who a com Nied his wife on the night in stroy dress of windows causing a be hour hip is required of estimated at More than 4u0. Vow. A Mobers. Or. Hood was to Survey an inc in have appeared yesterday but absence of his counsel from the City Well caused postponement of one Day. I Annm innately 900 students were new York May 4 Captain and twelve member apr of the Crew of the British steam trawler performing an operation on Ler Gabriel s used a a is a in with approx Walter Boothe 18-year old farm and valued at in a no Ollde Osi boy who has been kept alive by As it was entering the port or t a artificial respiration for a airy two a new York , Wenj i it represents not government but weeks physicians said late yes a questioning by Federal authorities to i Ndu try. Ter Day that he had a absolutely no in Brooklyn. To Wraa do not have Commerce relation Chance of the yes was a it Quot it do hoi have co., la nth nearly Bree hour, Bundi bar n Ltd a a Mereta be continued on the operating table and Tho Dis Trot boat. I. J Quot they can promote and encourage located vertebrae blamed for his when it failed Oma by it but it is distinctly the business present paralysed condition. Pm tout or a quarantine a the people ,. Ii to aet As nearly a possible into health a Bori v i a a a a not evil la to Trow and Charles in Moo Oiw air Bur f. Bingham and Richard Quot of refugees Kennison naval student aviator. But the enormous nose dived into lamp built up by Cwi Ltan dicta two Isik or was i unit Lonitta i High ground without la u Bingle loss of Lite. Their plan ton roads. The tvs killed yes to burst into flames air and fell to the ground eur the municipal Grain elevator. A difference of opinion later developed an whether the was in Hanes when it be witnesses ins Ling that there a no fire until it struck the ground. Lieutenant Pollard was piloting the machine it was said naval base. And to of As residues were so recut in o Binh achoo Tho a Ond some merchants said 90 put then Dav it their ret a after a month s of their Stock was dam de y seeking the reinstatement of ter while Many a Sony Pojta dam Sod the Interior As Well Facury after 23 years Are of their Homes wrecked by the Tot March 14 the i turn of the place. The operation have Given him Sev hours of life. Rent. Mrs. Cooper bound Over to District court at Wabasha 4�? a Lake City. May Gordon Cooper charged with firs students decided upon in response i to a wish of miss Dickinson last saturday is understood to be con Tingent upon her rein Sta for next year when the Board of education meets May 9 to select teach it tor appointment mrs. School year. M 1927-28 latest attempt to break Monte Carlo Ler y a a statute of Liberty and the were taken to Gabriella was shown by us _ m m r i papers to have cleared he John Man i Bank is failure new Brunswick for Nassau. The Jaden alcohol store in 2.000 hum a not exact the. Said be the largest seizure Clits kind Ever made in this Poi. Moot Fly naval aviators were j thou saudi had been evacuate relay when their plane Joo feet in the everywhere along the Iii Cepl at Milliken Bend. Across missis suppl from i. Is but levees were held. At that Point the Mississippi racing madly under the added pressure of flood we the Delta Region through the v Azoo. Embankment tin a Leuiga to Send a ton Cut of water into tenses Parish already partially inundated. _ reports to former governor i Are a a that i ii is flow if not cd probably would carry from to i it of water into Tallulah plane i some at the i Over the. The i he tier from flowing a. K River flowed Meo initiative. A under free governments Trad. Be free arid to be of per value it ought to be id Auto thieves who shot Farmer Are traded by posse Elk River minn., May 4 i Keich or he deah Gas suffocates entire family to Ion. This was the first Testi Mony that showed Snyder shaving h had i now lease of her Indi Scro a a by Judt. Ohs. Mrs. So tor. In Dimer and a a a a the cod Cluelon loss Exair nations said her Hus 6 hearing for her in band never sub peeled her. Today. In Nuril Bluffs Iowa May 4.�? by cashing no tells of relations with widow Cooper was ordered kept in apr and mrs. I to Alberti the counterfeit checks a y. The affair Between mrs. Snyder custody of the sheriff to await two a Bildren. I to. N Arul e1 d g a began he recounted As a of grand jury which an their Mai 1 were found simple flirtation in a restaurant. Monte Carlo May 4�? a another scheme to beat the Bank at Monte Carlo has come to grief with the arrest of a Young australian woman at Vintimilla. Police searching the woman s baggage found 475 counterfeit Hundred franc checks on the Monte Carlo Casino. The counterfeiters hoped to gain a Fortune from the Casino no. Throw play a a a he death of her husband Tomky Rick aim Cowboy shot to death in their formed Hollywood Home several Days ago. On Day in september 1925, Only a few weeks after their first Walton new Ulm a league drinking action of the Grana jul which 3_______ meets in Wabasha monday. J in their Home Here today suf preliminary hearing for i 0cate.i by 1 h re with Day. Band similarly charged and rite a a a Casher league has Preb d,.nu and ally the defendant Are held government to support Trade we expect Trade to sup port the government. An emergency or National defense May require a i to i Home differ it treatment but in flit Nill lit Arder i rial Der Normal conditions Trade Mould a n r 17 j Raeljr on its own resource and is set tor Trimay Echo jul therefore Bodong to the. Prov Ince of private Enterprise. A Farmer Hurt in Corn shredder Yankton s. In May 4.frank Busine Caba. 23 years old. Fanner living tires were near tata was Brough to a bos More Thanes i Tai Bere monday night with bus foot and leg mangled having been caught in the Belt and Flywheel of an engine driving a Corn shredder. Amputation was necessary Caba s condition is said to be so near her the Crft of los Angeles May 4.�? a reign me at of mrs. Sarah four other persons charged Parish seat of Madison which has a population of approximately 1,500 people. Hie town itself its about to Miles front the River. It wa4 estimated by officials that the threatened break would result in the inundation of approximately i 2,000 additional Square Miles or ter to. Lier was not seriously Injur-1 r Llory in Madison tenses East ,.,i the Bullet striking his shoulder Carroll West Carroll Morehouse abandon d at the Turner farm i Franklin Richland. Catahoula it on found a car Laden with tires Cordia Lasalle and Rapides Parish believed by John Magey. Filling Ala e8 much of which already is under lion proprietor at Zimmerman to flood or Backwater. Have been stolen from his Placebo j immediately upon. 1 posses were searching the country under our Standard we do North of Lii i or Cor two men who shot he wait Ner a Farmer living when he interrupted his car Early today. During the night. Hie said to be valued at minn., May 4. A after an All ged All night chapter of the Izaak Wahoo party yesterday was set in to. Ling she asked him How much plea led not Runty upon a insurance he carried. She then. A Inman Bome time ago is taking business a no inked on Page 4 i Raign ment some place this afternoon. I prominent in business circles. And j Fred Fth. A. Fen be As Secretary. Jail without bail. Rious. Palestine Appeal official de new York May 4. A Herman con Elm 69 years old of new anti York National treasurer United Palestine App Al died in we j monday. Receiving word of the danger or. Parker directed that Rescue and Relief operations be conducted from Vicksburg and Natchez with additional Craft sent from Here if the. It should be a eded. Harrisonburg Parish seat of of the Ata 10uia. To the Wert. Already is continued of Page 4

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