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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 3 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 3, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you with to talk amortizing subscription or business with Tho evening Tribune pisses Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want Tho editorial office and new room of the evening Tribune please Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota tuesday May 3, 1927 number 104one death result of first Tornado of year Hoover urges i caution for i making Loans first photo of mexican rail massacre issues Loans Commerce Secretary warning in making to foreign Powers ability to pay to be considered. Washington May 3�? apr Cauffm on the part of United states citizens in making Loans to foreign countries was advised by Secretary Hoover and later by Thomas w. Lamont of j. P Morgan it co peaking before delegates to the third pan american commercial la the Commerce Secretary advocated adoption of the principle that rat Lonb should refuse to permit Loans a for the balancing of budgets for purposes of guitar Fqy it went of War purposes or even that a be of Public works which does not bring some direct or indirect productive return Quot his advocacy of such a policy at the opening session of the conference was applauded. Should be Able to repay a there could be no question As to Hie ability to repay a he said a with this increasing Security capital would become steadily cheaper the danger to National and individual Independence in attempts of Hie Lender to collect his defaulted debts would be avoided there would be definite increase in the Standard of living and the Comfort end Prosperity of the or. Lamont addressing a dinner tendered the delegates by the american Section of the International chamber of Commerce last ii get spoke a from the Point of t Lew of the american Quot it is obviously necessary to t an the situation with increasing a in ii instances and to avoid rash of a give lending a he said. I have in mind the reports that i liar recently heard of american hanker and firms competing on almost a violent scale for the purpose of obtaining Loans in various foreign markets overseas. Nationally k i a tempting thing for certain of european gov i ments to find a horde of american Bankers sitting on their doorsteps offering them Money. It is lather demoralizing for municipal lies and corporations in the same countries to have Money pressed upon them. That sort of Competition tends to insecurity and found Welcome visiting Delegate Secretary Kellogg opened the commercial conference welcoming the presence of the four Hundred delegates As a a convincing demonstration not Only of the existence of common problems but of the Earnest desire to find the Best Means for their he disclaimed that the i United states seeks special privileges in America and added a we desire nothing that we Are a not willing reciprocally to Grant tour sister a c. Martin delegates of the a american manufacturers Export i association advocated appointment it of a pan american committee to 1 consider method of simplifying and standardizing consular procedure. A a Resolution presented jointly by the brazilian and mexican delegations recommended the suggestion for serious consideration by i the committee on resolutions. More lowlands lawyers fail to shake in South area underwater caravans of refugee leaving flood zone for place of safety new Olean believed to be out of danger. Story told by mrs. Snyder widow is grilled on insurance Deal at hearing witness says she tried to drop $50,000 policy. W a mothers to cheer convicts this is the first picture to reach the United states of the wreckage of the Guada,ajara1 ,, y motive for the outrage remains obscure. In death toll in mine disaster is increased Rescue worker continue to search underground Tunnel for bodies of 77 missing miners. Paralysed boy is losing fight Roanoke va., May 3. A Walter l. Boothe continued to lose ground today said a report from the Hospital where he has been kept alive by artificial respiration for 12 Days. Doctors said the end is near. Girl Battles with bandits saves $7,500 u. S. Minister to China quits Tokyo reports Japan regards resignation of Macmurray a indication that America a changed policy. Keep hold of Satchel con tasting Money until police Man Conte to her Tance. Half of jury to try de Autremont has been picked Jacksonville ore., May 3.�? a nearly half the jury to try Hugh de Autremont for first degree Mur i r in connection with the Sisk you Tunnel train Holdup of three and a half years ago had been tentatively selected this afternoon. The jury May be completed by tonight. Questions of the state indicated the prosecution would demand the death penalty for the Youthful prisoner who is specifically charged with slaying Coyle o. Johnson brakeman one of the four trainmen killed. During the noon recess de Autremont and his Mother accompanied by sheriff Jennings had their pictures taken. The Young Man looked Pale and worried in the courtroom but outdoors lighted a cigarette and chatted amiably with Bis Mother and his lawyer smiling now and then but unable to hide his nervousness entirely. Fairmont w. Va., May 3. Air another death was added to the toll at eve Ottsville mine to by when rescuer searching for <7 entombed men came upon the body of a Miner in the main Drift some 3,000 feet Back in the blast swept tunnel1. With 17 dead accounted for and rescuers believing the 77 trapped men were killed by the Tei Rifle blast or deadly gases mine e experts continued last night to Center their attention on strengthening Bratt ices erected in the explosion ripped channels to insure Good air for the rescuers and to minimize the danger of another blast from the fire. Account for 100 Miner an official company Check accounted for too men in the mine or on the tipple when the blast came. Of these 45 were White miners and 55 were negroes. More than half of the entombed men were married with a total of 103 children. Sixteen bodies have been removed to morgues and seven men Are in hospitals. Red Cross representatives and state compensation officials were at work in the mining Village seeking to Aid those Bee died. Though pounded to near Inse Sibil Lee Ott state compensation Row to held on t0 he bag in missioner and his aides arrived i traffic Offler came to her Aid during the Day to handle prelim it arrested the Man who gave Ary compensation arrangement. He Nanu of Martin Saxman 38. Of no Hope is held iter a Chase. Last saturday no the r a majority of the Rescue experts it d 1750 by her refusal to Felt there was no Hope for the men be in film rated by robbers. Entombed. But Robert Lambie. A chief o West Virginia mining de i apartment held i blood transfusion not to save life of i Mon. May 3�? apr an Exchange Telegraph dispatch from i Okyo says that dispatches from poking Blate that John ban a. Macmurray american minister to Chi Nat has resigned. The dispatch which deals with the relations of the Powers growing out of their attitude to China is new Orleans May 3.�? a while caravans of refugees moved out to places of safety the flood and Backwater from the mimics Ippi and its Rushing tributaries were completing the inundation of the lowlands in half a dozen parishes in northeastern and Eastern j Central Louisiana today. More towns were reported under water with others threatened and a Fleet of Rescue Craft was operating Over the funnel shaped area be tween the red River and the Mississippi taking out the marooned and sending warning to Many residents who placed Reliance in the protective levees surrounding some of the Small towns. Battle to hold levee line the Battle to hold the Lee lines from below the four crevasses 25 Railes South or \ Idalia to new Orleans went Forward on both sides of the River. Weak spots Are be ing bolstered and embankments raised against the coming of the record Crest now slightly South of Vicksburg. Improved flood conditions were reported from Southeastern Alkali i she and the Mississippi Delta 1 when Waters Are gradually falling. I with the flood a tars of the Mississippi Delta Region still Rushing Back into the main Stream above Vicksburg the Guage at that place showed a further Rise of three tenths of a foot to a stage of a it so. Feet today. The St. Bernard and Plaquemine parishes were flooded today to a depth of two to ten feet Ami state engineers today continued blasting at Ca Earvon Crevasse. 15 Miles below Here in their Effort to save new Orleans from inundation when the flood Crest arrives there about two weeks hence. Some inhabitants leave new Orleans attained a Reading of approximately 21.5 feet but added that this a should occasion no no new York May 3 a after More than five hours of Cross examination by two attorneys or. Ruth Brown Snyder was still on the witness stand protesting the truth of her third version of the murder of Lier husband when court recessed monday. The blonde widow of Albert say Der Magazine Art editor slain in his Queen ullage Home March 20, broke into tears once and several time flashed angry answers Back at her questioners but throughout the Day of grilling she Clung to her Story that Henry Judd Dray Lier Corset Salesman Paramour plotted to kill and did murder her husband without Lier Aid Aud against her wishes. The Cross examination a Gati shortly after court opened after the week end pause. W Illiam Millard of counsel for Gray her co defendant began it. When he concluded Charles Froes a i of the District attorney s staff began hammering at mrs. Snyder a third version. Froes Sci had not finished when court recessed. $100,000 loss is reported in storm Region heavy Rains at thief River fall cause River to go on rampage a 16-year-old boy killed by lightning. Pit St. Paul May 3 apr one person is dead and another May die and five others Are recovering from injuries received last Mot Day when the first Tornado or the Star swept a Section of Central Minnesota. Louis Gualtier 16. Son of Joseph ill litter of St. Martin was killed late monday afternoon win a truck but lightning. A team he was driving also was killed. Heavy rain swells River heavy Rains at thief River f. Los caused the red Lak River to get on a rampage. The Stream Rose 15 inches during the night and today was going up an Inch an hour. Crews were today filling Sand bags and raising it Dyke. A in Joar record will be set ii the St 1 earn. As follows a a opinion in Japan is puzzled by reports from peking indicating that the United states has completely j concern a a As there would he for the withdrawn from co operating with dancer to new Orleans the Powers in China and will Fol r-1 foiled wept when telling of murder or. Snyder wept once when she got to that part of her Story that described Gray beside her husband s bed Bealing him with a Sash weight. She cried at the same Point during her direct examine lion Friday. Millard after pounding away at details of mrs. Yderra third version suddenly asked her if she had Ever taken part in a pre arranged plan to procure witnesses in a divorce action. She thought for a moment. Millard held in Bis bund a letter. Composing her counter Anet mrs. Snyder said Quot i Millard Theu introduced into a it Dence a letter mrs. Snyder Tenti fled As one she wrote to Gray feb. 28. This letter was then read to the jury. A Carnation a word of cheer and a gift from american War mothers to the prisoners will be part of the mothers Day program May 8 in floes up another two let. State and Federal prisons. Mrs marry Bennett Little of wad Boro n. C. Above is National chairman of the arrangements. Five indicted in slaying in movie Colony garage Hue led against Houe borne property damage was caused at Kimball where a private garage was lifted from its foundation can led 25 feet and dashed against a hoes. The garage was wrecked while the House was slightly damaged loss of a i Arn was the result of a Tornado on lie Peter Blair farm near Little fails. Twenty head of cattle and eight horses driven into the Stone basement or the Structure when the storm hit escaped injury j the storm swept a four mile lath and caused damage in excess of i too Oil according to estimate returned from Hie stricken area. Livestock amp hickeys were killed and by id because All were present Al wrecked. Blanket indictment drinking party Kerrick a shot in which despite statements that the Chicago May 3�? a second time w within three a a a ��7nti�5r Independent sour danger to new Orleans is passed plucky girl messenger 0 a dispatches from peking state hundreds of residents particularly plans and Quick grab thai american minister Macmur-1 women and children have departed Ray has resigned indicating that he for other Mississippi coast towns. Is not in agreement with the Poi-1 there has been nothing a icy announced from Washington preaching an exodus however a the japanese Point out that the population of refugee Camps America s decision draws Ameri Jis swelling hourly. At Delhi la. Ca and Japan closer because Japan there Are More than 1,000 persons throughout has been opposed to the Normal population is 7o<�. I to aggression or the imposing of pen j air planes went there today to take allies for the banking and Hankow 400 pounds of medical supplies As there were none available there for possible illness. Robbers for her employers Money As she was carrying 17,500 from a store to Deposit in a Bank a uterine Urbanski a slender girl or 20, Only 5 feet tall and weighing but too pounds was pounced upon by two men who thrust drawn guns against her and demanded the Money. Both men were tall and heavy. A third sat at the wheel of the car. The Leader snatched the pack the girl screamed age. And snatched it Back. Then one of the men fled while the third continued to beat her Over the head Al incidents. Yeti i ii army a a slight Chance to Brattich them selves in and might be alive. Therefore. He pushed the Rescue teams to the limit. During the afternoon it was believed the burning Section was located in the South channels. A Brattich was thrown up Here and helmeted re Cue men Jhio a a Creighton student Omaha nebr., May 3.�? apr Etheart and fellow students m in Phi lore offered to submit to a second blood pushed on in in Effort fusion or Edwin j. Cutshaw the entire working. Pimp Burg kan., of or. Ian contras Okeene a a a a a the i Effort to a. The. In mine sunday or or rss -1 and Many i follow ing an injury in Spring loot Good will air tour is closed Bolling Field Washington May 3. Apr the army s Good will fliers who circled South America by air plane ended their journey Here monday. They were received by president Coolidge and a Large contingent of High officials. The airmen arrived Over the Field five minutes after president Coolidge had arrived to Greet them on the completion of their 20,000 mile journey. After passing Over the presidential stand the filers swung toward Arlington a. To pay their trib Ute at the Tomb of the unknown Soldier. Led by major Herbert , the flight commander the four planes of the Fleet descended at 4 57 pm the last Lap of their flight having been from Langley Field a. Serious situations to the northward were reported by engineers weather observers and others with continued on Page 3 flu epidemic hits Alaska entire alaskan precinct near Nome stricken radio Call for help sent out. A Fleet of ambulances a physicians Are on hand near the Ball practice mine Mouth. To elect new director Aberdeen s. D., May 3.�? apr ballots were sent out yesterday to members of the South Dakota wheat growers association for it loosing delegates to name seven Omaha Wilt. It it sniper Marder it of Omaha will die in chair june 24 Carter Omaha sniper miss Mildred Spiering a nurse Wear Cutshaw s fraternity pin Quot i want them to know that i stand ready at a moment s notice to submit to a transfusion said miss Spiering. Among students offering their blood was Mark Devine St. Paul. Hospital attendants last said that Cutshaw a a didst much Chance. Of night have Winona Plant has $7#06 fire loss new directors. Of Frank murderer was delivered to the state Penitentiary Here when artery death warrant was signed by the supreme court clerk. Carter scheduled to die in the _ electric chair Between 6 a a Uja i win0m minn., May 3 6 p.m., june -4, Searles fire believed to have had it Orth murder of or auf a Nln an electric elevator motor Omaha surgeon. Carter in wan r damage of r<5o0 t0 the Man or ,.0 or imn souring with. Wino., silenced a. Amp Glass comity. A Young girl admits she took part in numerous holdups Denver May 3.�? a the police announced yesterday miss Billy Owens 17, of Minneapolis arrested last week at Raton n. M. As an accomplice of p. H. Mcguire Nome Alaska May 3 Aan influenza epidemic of serious proportions was raging today in Fortune ledge precinct South Ess i of Here in the lower Kukon Valley. The nearest physician is 200 Miles away at Nome. 4. A radio message to Hie i listed states marshal Here said that All of the inhabitants of the precinct were stricken. The request was sent to governor George a. Parks urging him to Send an air plane from Nome to the District with a physician. Letter a introduced a Well Darling a it said a the whole works went Over beaut la Illy. Of course it was All prearranged and took place at 101 East first Street the worst neighbourhood in new York. I was scared most to death and if you Ever saw the woman you d die of fright too such a cold blooded Way of doing things. But it went Over As intended him we were five in All just witnesses and that was plenty too. A had another Battle with the g this initial it was previously sex j planned meant Quot governor a the name by which Gray and mrs. By Der referred to Albert Snyder darn fool. In a another letter from mrs. Snyder to Gray offered by the state de scribed Gray us Quot a lovable Tittle cuss a and said a i could just eat you All discus i insurance policies both Cross examinations began with details of tile third version of the murder mrs. Snyder has Given it was emphasised by both that Gray could not have obtained the $96,000 insurance on Albert any Der a Lite unless he got it from mrs. Snyder. She previously Hail said that Gray a motive was this insurance. Asked How she thought Gray would have collected the insurance. Mrs. Snyder said a the would have got it out of me just like he got other Money Quot bile referred to several Hundred dollars she said Gray or i borrowed but had t repaid. Tile Cross examinations brought i out that mrs. Snyder paid the premiums of the insurance kept in a Safe Deposit bodes receipts and Caner the Blate endeavoured to learn whether Albert Snyder lad knowl Edge that his life was insured by two policies aggregating $50,000,1 amounting to $96,000 in Case or death by Accident by virtue of a double indemnity clause but this Loa Angeles May 3 Ai indictments charging murder Quot Ere returned by the county grand jury Here late yesterday against Sarah Herrick Anita Davies Iris Burns. Joe Hunt and Henry Isybell in connection w till the slaying of Tom Herrick film Cowboy several Day ago. The Blanket indictments were re turned because All five members of the Hollywood drinking party where Herrick was shot appeared before the grand jury with conflict ing versions. As the grand jury was voting the indictments mrs. Kerrick was praying beside the coffin of her husband that Quot the truth come she had been taken under guard to the Chapel where the funeral services were held yesterday afternoon. A i did no to kill him Quot she sobbed. After kneeling beside Herrick a casket praying she swooned and was carried Back to her Ell in the county jail. Mrs. I. Williams Herrick s a other also fainted at the funeral and was placed under the cute of a physician. Girl who used gun in school fight sought charged with assault with dangerous weapon in school House turmoil following election. Two state Banks at Brainerd joined St. Paul May 3�? apr the commercial state Bank of brain Iowa teacher is freed of charges Des Moines Muy 3 a Al miss Florence Cochran teacher of War Ren county late yesterday was absolved of charges that the was in competent and had used obscene language before her pupils. Miss Agnes Smuelson state no Rochester May 3a a warrant Quot As issued today for the a rest of miss Ellen Mackey who is charged Quot till menacing a mail with a revolver in turmoil that followed the school election last night to county school District no. I. When . In. Mercer county i per intendant of school arose to address the gathering near the close of the election u Laige in. Bergt Oso to leave. Frank Mahoney treasurer of the achoo District barred Hie door and it was Theu that miss Mackey Muter of Joseph Mackey chairman a f the Board whipped out a revolve it was alleged. A will shoot you a miss Mack sex is deported to have said to Mullen a warrant for Ber arrest l o of by county attorney my Bahan on a charge of assault with a dung Rouh weapon. Early Holshert a Lect. I Jerk of the District six weeks ago attempted to wrest the gun from lbs Mackey a hand and in a mom i t the school House was in a turmoil. Tarted slapping miss r pain me. A a a Are a inn two Quot men started slapping Ranee and. A run pendent of Public instruction. A tut a a a Bol Tho poll up add to Bedella on of my Mack a Biow am riled checks. I a a a a of the knocked a Small child to the floor. A int. Quot to reserved me Ai non 01 a Broa Horn school Board in dismiss. Watne e s ing miss Cochrane on the charges it was announced that the state. Superintendent decision was final Tuu Falls ado i q in the. Robbery of a Ullin ablation re was Akin Over by the cd town. Hero bad admitted partly ipalion in state Bank of Tho name Blae. Mon eighteen Holdup. In numerous. A Day. A. J. Velk i. Pm cities. The Authorine Ald Bank announced la. I hmm her olivine with Mcguire whom Bank had de to. A of i88v. I admit marrying mat aug to while the. Tank it look Over had at Minneapolis netted the couple deposits of $150,000. Point was not made Clear by mrs. Snyder. Tried 0 cancel policy the state maintained As did Gray counsel that Albert Snyder signed Blank policies. Or. Snyder s answers also left this Point and that miss Cochrane would now receive her salary for the entire i year although she bad not been teaching in the District since her dismissal several months ago. Northfield to Acher die Northfield minn., May a Nina a Stewart for 26 years a teacher in Northfield High schools vague but the stat through idled Saiu Raay. Before coming to thundering questions from assist the local school in Imi she had ant District attorney or Waal. Been a missionary in Japan for six established that nearly one half of years the weekly allowance of $85 that approximately $3,000. The girl according to the police admitted robberies in new York City St Paul Minneapolis Newark n. Philadelphia and other Eastern cities. Priest a to a opened Helena mont., May 3�? apr priest pans on the Yellowstone Trail 15 Miles Northwest of Helena is open. Albert Snyder gave her out of his $115 weekly salary was required to pay life insurance premiums. Mrs. Snyder said she did not know she was the beneficiary of these poll Des but retracted this statement a when Froes Al ridiculed in floating College return to new York new York. May 3.- a Hon e from five of the seven seas 500 of loge boys and girls returned to new York on the Holland ame rican liner Lindam first a floating University to make a College cruise of seven and one half months. In California to Pital Pasadena Alit May 3.�? Ai a compensation Law upheld Washington May 3.�? apr a Vera a let wee 8 of ski Cut Limity of the Wisconsin workmen Edward Everett a yet. Compensation Law a in effect a co noted or blk phl.an.hro., rained yesterday by the supreme court which affirmed lower court decisions without a formal opinion. Derwent an emergency operation at the Pasadena Hospital Early Jester Day. Revolver

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