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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives May 2 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - May 2, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you wish to talk advertising subscript tion or business with the evening Tribune please Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and news room of the evening Tribune please Call volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota monday. May 2. 1927 number 103 red Cross asks for $10,000,000 Relief fund. I a a in a. _ a. British plan anti strike legislation May Day observers denounce move to outlaw walkouts will cause stir in entire labor world claim. First picture of blast that broke levee to save new Orleans 1.00100, May 2.�? a on the anniversary of last years general Rike and with the echoes of the Preat May Day demonstrations Oft labor sounding in its ears the House of commons today will begin the debate on the most important Bill submitted to parliament since the War. By this Bill the government contemplates making a general strike forever impossible and at the same time Hopes to Cut the Teeth of the Trade Union Powers. The Bill had its genesis in the ave of indignation which swept the country a year ago and broke the general strike. Doubtless the government counted on the surge of that wave to carry the present Bill but apparently in making the Bill so drastic As it has at the Behest of party extremists the ministers failed to take into consideration the stir it would raise in the whole labor world and the parliamentary contest Over the measure promises to be such As has not convulsed the political atmosphere of great Britain for a decade. Yield first Point before the debate has begun the ministers have found it advisable to yield the first Battle to their opponents by making the Bill applicable to employers enforcing lockouts As Well As against workers resorting to the strike weapon. Candid friends in the conservative press warn the government that Jit has made the mistake of making the provisions of the Bill too drastic thereby enforcing bit ter class War and welding the hitherto somewhat divided opposition into a consolidate body. The Bill will be in charge of sir Douglas Hogg the attorney general whose great Legal knowledge it is expected will be needed to meet the criticisms. Dynes Heads opposition in the absence of j. Ramsay Macdonald the labor Leader whose return from the United states has been delayed John Robert Dynes will take charge of the opposition to the measure. The Liberal party will generally oppose the Bill but interest centers in the attitude of sir John Simon and some other leading liberals who last year were prominent in maintaining the illegality of the general strike. 77 believed doomed in blast wrecked Tunnel flames Force Back Rescue Crews in West Virginia mine cd e a t h list already reaches fifteen. Up Grigni la a ii by in the dramatic Climax it a Cli a it the a. Hood Dieter the or be Bier the both fort to eave new Tbs Tahr a Burnt. , Aumoa Tupton the. Top of the. Levee la visible a. The. Nab. Fairmont. W. A. May 2 api Al it played 24 hours by a fire in the inner recesses of the Everetts Ville mine Rescue workers Toda it resumed exploration of the Mast torn Tunnel intent upon determining the Fate of the 77 workers entombed since saturday afternoon. The Rescue experts generally were agreed that it was almost cer Tain that when reached those trapped would be added officially to the 16 known dead. The known dead numbered of teen and Rescue leaders feared j that when they conquered the Blaze and reached the trapped men they too will be added to the list of fatalities. Nine injured men were in hospitals Here one in critical condition. Officials of the new England fuel and transportation company owners said late yesterday that fire had been burning in the Workings since saturday night. They said no Rescue men would go into Tho mine until last night whop an Effort was made to reached the trapped men. Little Hope for victim Veteran Rescue workers Beld lit tie Hope for those entombed. They All classmates offer blood to save life of Creighton a student Omaha. May 2 aim with the entire Sophomore class of is members Volin terring to give blood in an Effort to save the life of Edwin j. Cutshaw Phillipsburg. Ran., a student at Creighton University dental College. Will Clark of Des Moines sacrificed a pint of blood for a transfusion at noon saturday. Cutshaw is in a critical condition from blood poisoning following an infection that developed after an injury in Spring football practice. Of the 56 volunteers. Six were selected for blood tests. Doctors believe it will he necessary to perform that number of transfusions one each Day. Double quota requested in first Appeal Secretary Hoover recommends new sum in conference with president Coolidge and red Cross Heads. White part of the evacuated Lapland count Ryt Hatwill by flooded Job y j t he j it Flo la 1 the Teod suffix ice of to ave the anxious City. Of the levee was Habile be a Kittle outlet would ease the pressure on new Orleans levees and lower Cotton Market to fee effect of High Wate inundation certain to Cut Down acreage other sections hampered by Adverse weather. Midget Bandit failed in his map plan pointed out that the blast of ter Rifle Force accompanied by a Wall j of flame probably claimed the life of every Man in the darkened recesses of the mine. The mine sex Peris led by George Mot a vet Cran of the United states Bureau of mines at Pittsburg and Robert i Amble chief of West Virginia a mining department were directing the fight against the flames. They i worked without halt during the out raging a a Rah an., Al Lay in a. Tort t. U it Ltd control the Blaze and Send in Bel by or tin meted Rescue Crews hoping against Hope that some of the trapped men warned of the impending explosion by dense smoke succeeded Washington May 2.�? a on Decommer Dation of Secretary Hoover the american red Cross today asked the people of the United states to contribute a minimum of 110,000,000 to relieve the suffering in the Mississippi River flood area the red Cross previously asked for $500,000 and this flu re was exceeded slightly yesterday. Seer tary Hoover however deemed the sum insufficient and the new Appeal was decided upon after he had conferred with red Cross officials and president Coolidge yesterday upon his return from the flood District or. Coolidge conferred at red Cross Headquarters with officials and it was decided that every red i Cross chapter would be asked to double the fund it had been ask. I to raise. J Quot the situation still is very or. Hoover said. Quot everything depends on How the levees hold. The new break reported undoubtedly will create much More 5,000 search Little Kock a Quot tim Secretary said he would re jails and state Penitentiary turn wednesday night unless some development might appear but he mob Hunts for negro boy who murdered girl search Little Rock for youth who confessed to out raging and slaying. Little Rock. Ark. May 2. A falling in its Effort to find Lonnie i fuck Dixon. 16 year old negro who confessed late yesterday to and murdering 12y�ar was not prepared to say How Long he would re Naiu in the flood in ton. Belief that the City of new Orleans was Safe from the flood unless some wholly unforeseen Circum stance a arose was expressed today by mater Edgar Jadwin chief of army engineers after conference with Secretary Davis at the War depart meat. This picture taken just before the dynamite no of the levee at Poydras to save new or fans shows a act spot where the charge was placed. An Arrow Points to the place Between the Small Hoise to the rth Industrial alcohol distillery to the right. In the rear of the levee shown Here is Lake atty Fernekes notorious gunman planned to Kidnap heiress end hold Het for Cash Ransom of $1,000,000. Washington May in apr the inundation of Cotto Landa in the lower Mississippi Valley will unquestionably have an effect on Cotton acreage this year the department of agriculture stated yesterday in its review of the agricultural Outlook but it did not estimate the extent to which the floods will affect the acreage. Quot april provided Many set backs pea for what had promised to be an Eft an j the Industrial alcohol distiller. A a to the Golf of Mexico Early agricultural season the re and through the Waters were to dram into Lake Borgne Ami then e to t View said. Quot Rains and freezes in i a a. The West caused delay in Spring work and widespread damage to fruit and Grain although the Spring wheat territory has benefited by. Soil moisture. The far West expert ended severe snowstorms and Low i temperatures with resulting injury j to fruit and tender crops on the j coast. Portions of the East have j been too dry for Good soil preparation abnormally warm weather Al a Terna Ting with heavy frosts. The season is advanced in the South As regards general farm work but operations elsewhere have begun to lag behind increased acreage of Southern reported and Coolidge will Welcome Good will fliers Home Coupe k1eed in farm blast i in a n to the r a forces two Clam diggers a a believed victims of Man eating Sharks army pan american fliers will conclude 20,000-mile Parmer an Ltd his wife killed flight Salinas Cal May 2.�? a John a. A. Andrade 29, and Alfred Oliver. 16, both of warm Springs. Cal., who disappeared while dig clams in the shark infested Miles North of Moss have been victims of the Man eaters. Clothes left by the missing pair a sentence of death to Joliet pen month was reported As the most j were found on the Beach and to tertiary engineered an a Success significant development among Ful plot to Kidnap an 11-year-old livestock industries the decline be a Coolidge truck crops were _ deciduous fruits have shown fairly j Ging Chicago May 2.�? a �?henry1 g00d Bloom but the extent of the surf for or Quot midget Fernekes notorious gun recent Frost damage is not yet Folly j Man recently removed from the known. Cook county jail where he awaited the decline in hog prices last Washington Eay i awaited by president who will Welcome them Back in the name of the american people the army pan american fliers today will bring to a close Lair 20,000 mile Good will flight. Headed by major Herbert a. Dar gue the four Loening amphibian planes will land at Bolling Field when 200 pounds of dynamite kept in steam Bath House explodes. Bovey minn., May 2 apr. And mrs. Aion Daiuto the former St and Hie Lamar 34, were killed in stantly when 200 pounds of Dyna i mite in a steam Bathhouse they heiress to a $15,000,000 estate and ing attributed chiefly to lessened hold her for a Cash Ransom of $1, 000,000, the authorities revealed last night. The intended victim was Jean be Hueppe daughter of Charles h. Schweppe wealthy Bond broker and granddaughter of John g. Shedd late president of Marshall Field amp co. The girl and a Young-1 demand. A Strong demand for cattle was reported with cattlemen restocking their ranches. The new crops of calves pigs and lambs which come most heavily in april encountered bad weather conditions. And livestock reports Are reflecting losses from that cause. The recent estimate of a decrease or brother Are heirs to part of the of 649,000 persons in the farm popu $15,000,000 Shedd estate. Nation last year and a total loss of a midget a wanted in new York j around 3,000,000 since 1900 was be for murder and in other states for dared to be a Factor of More con Bank robberies was convicted of sequence than ail current s t to o murder and held in jail Here for weather production or prices months awaiting execution. Recently he was granted a new trial by the state supreme court and removed to Joliet Penitentiary pending trial to serve part of a ten year sentence for robbery. The Schweppe Home in the sex elusive North Shore suburb of Lake Forest has been under the a vigilant guard of two dozen Detec in the Southern or a o Tives for a week. Last night eight men armed with shotguns and rifles patrolled the estate and mansion and even maintained a Volgi at five of clock. From Langley Field 1 wire occupying sunday night on. A ending their Mission of Good their farm blew up. Demolishing the the clamming bakes were recovered in ook them a a of the building and utterly blowing the the surf. Latin american countries. Under couple to pieces. The Beach in that Vicinity is so gent plans the aviators will be the explosion could be Beard a infested with Man eating shark eted by a it reside it Coolidge in distance of 5 Miles. A Hole re that bathers familiar with i e Warne a lately upon their arrival being Mains where the Bath House stood ters never venture into the surf. 1 presented by Secretary Kellogg and i Uto s remains were a a i Davis of the War department. With scattered Over the premises policeman slain president will be members of mob. I Uto diplomats in Washington representatives of the pan american Coro Merciai Congress members of con Grese and ranking Arm and Navy officers. The american fliers who in add Southern chinese army shattered London May 2.�? a British official advices from China today said an apparently wide spread state of disorganization prevailed by liquor runner Chicago May 2.�? apr a Man believed to be a Chicago Bootlegger driving a cargo of liquor from Windsor ont., shot and killed a state Highway Hon to major Dargue include Cap sought to search the cd to stand a Daniel. Captain Auto near Sturgis. Mich. Sunday.1 Sam mates the policeman was shot with the pistol which the rum runner took from him. The kill Eros Auto bore an Illinois License. It. Said hot Tail a by �j1&Quot from held a Boltin avid who Driver a ent i a a pun<., a High Speed. I Serer tary of War Rube Davison and major general Mason m. Patrick chief of the army air service. Found while had her Arm broken i his Cabinet All the latin american j face injured and head crushed. It is thought that a spark from in Ira c. Eaker and lieutenants Ennis c. Whitehead Charlet Mek Robinson. Muir 8 Fairchild Bernard s. Thompson and Leonard d Weddington will be accompanied the stove ignited be dynamite located in a storage room on the upper floor. I a a cum flood situation along Assin Obine River is serious in escaping the fire and deadly gases. Seven of Ltd get dead wore brought out of Hie mine late saturday night. The men at work near Hie entry were within 500 feet of the mine Mouth when rescuers came upon them. Four others in tilts Crew were alive but they died. Shortly after reaching the surface two men were killed outright a the Sheet of flame swept through the tipple and two others burned at the same time died in a Hosp Tai. Rescue Crews enter mine the helmeted Rescue Crews pushed their Way to a Point some 2,000 feet in about half Way to the place where it was believed the seventy six trapped men were working. Here they Learned the mine was afire and they retreated to advise those in charge. Tin ports ordered All Rescue me surface and the available Wert used in the. Fight against the fire. Near the mine Mouth today stood a gathering of men women and children relatives of the missing men. They had no word to j aay standing mute and watching intently the activities about the Mir Mouth. Two sections of tin min were known to be slightly gaseous but As a whole the Workings were re ported Safe. The fact that the blast spread caused officials to be Lleve it was a Gas and not a Coal dust explosion. Paralysed boy putting up great fight with death Roanoke a May 2 prayers were spoken for Walter i Boothe. 18, today a hundreds of his fellow citizens watched with undiminished interest the coming of the eleventh Day of his fight against death fashionable first presbyterian Church a mob at which one time numbered 5,000 persons dispersed Early this morning after searching All jails Here including the state Penitentiary and those in nearby cities. A confession that he murdered 12 year old Floella Macdonald and j Jarll Hng record Stag concealed Ber body in the Belfry of the first presbyterian Church where it was found late saturday was obtained sunday from iconic Dixon 16-year-old son of Fred Dixon negro janitor of the Church police announced last night. The confession of the youth did Are Fon May 18. Meantime torrents of water flowing through four crevasses opened yesterday by the River South of a a Lda iia opposite Natchez were the inundation of Concordia Parish in East mitral not implicate his Athy a j Louisiana with the Prospect that police information which led to the anti Meric part of four and or the body while the joining parishes j a new rate five Miles sooth of i Vidalia was threatened today and from Natchez responded discovery Church choir was rehearsing in la Church below. A blood stained Brick believed to have been used to Lull the Gill was found beside her body. The girl disappeared april 12. . Heads Start drive to beat Smith Democrat women standing together prevented nomination in 1924 claim will a a hat four places South of i seek game Combine. Many in to the hurried Call to prevent a sellout Crevasse. Food Waters from the ouachita River today began reaching into the twin City. Monroe and West Monroe breaking through the levee at Vick inthe red River began a i a in Page Early today with a Hood that was expected to relieve tile pressure on the big Bend embankment to the South where a break was threatened. Titer was no change in the dilation at Lew Orleans the Rifer gauge standing stationary at 20 7 feet due engineers to the rapid Low of water. Breaking through the protecting Chicago Erat worm vented the nomination of gov. Al Smith of new York a the Democrat Choice for president in 1924 and Democrat women standing together can prevent his nomination in 1928. Mrs. Kila a. Boole president of the National women s Christian tem j Perance Union said in a in i to state w. C. T. Presidents in announcing that the Vav. C. I u. Has started a Campaign to defeat gov. 8nihil if he is a Dot Socrat j candidate for president a 8,ate ment issued from National Vav. C to. J in. Headquarters at Evanston Bald i Early today physicians stated hid Teaf Quot the Vav. C. T. Will work to pulse was fairly sat Spadory and curate the people of the country his condition improved after two that Al Smith is a wet and always severe sinking spells since he was will be it the Campaign Wilt be stricken april 21. Pressed particularly in the South a i said the statement Quot Here the won Dalia the Rushing Mississippi torrent was completing the inundation of Concordia Parish with prospects Muy 2.Al that it would overflow most of standing together pre Catahoula Northern Avo Yelles and the Low parts of Lasalle and Eastern Rapides parishes. The threatened territory comprises about 3.100 Square Miles wit ii a population of 70.000 people and a property value of More than thirty million dollars. Arkansas area widened while the main River flood water was claiming this new area the of it i flow from the Arkansas River was spreading Over Southeastern at Kansas and the flow from the stops Landing break above or in Ville was widening Over the Mississippi Delta adding hourly to the homeless Aud swelling the Gigantic property loss. The flood from tile new by is South of Vidalia endangered the lives of hundreds who had Cruiser floated off n. Y. Mud Bank Lant watch on the waterfront fearing an attempt might be made to Navy dirigible will join Fleet the roles. It was reported from banking n adult it a a �?�7�?T? a utile j. Awe. Were disarmed last of nday it a Hurst Early today for new i. R. Vol or a Tbs Jim tor output us a a nud Lake Michigan. J army to banking Bis Headquarters son River. A sorrowful phase of the Horn coming will be the absence of Captain Clinton p. A Woolsey and leu tenant John Vav. Benton who were Lilied when their plane collided with major Dargue s it Buenos Aires. Winnipeg Man., May 2 a the flood situation along the As Sinbine River of Manitoba became More serious today. A a the River was rising rapidly and York May 2.�? air residents near Brandon were a battleship Colorado Ruck on Ida Cating their Homes. Appeals were mond reef. Just off the ent to the cities for boats to As sit in the evacuation. Scope of Bora cites Ware housed in civil buildings last night. I Northern Alberta experienced a heavy snowfall. Mainly dry and All demo Bojnec in a a Pete 0f the backwaters from the Black River which had spread Over that Terri in state papers issued by the w. C t. U., said the statement will carry tory it first Page announcements of the of pm 4 four crevasses created by position of the. Organization and the River near the Glasscock levee mrs. Boole soon is to Start a Cam came unexpectedly and at a time Battery pain to a arouse the democratic when the engineers had about won Conr. Ca urday morning was float women of the country to the fact the a Al kit to Lam the Waters flow v 2r last night three Navy that present political plans seem in the Slough in the Dyke at tug. Amed by a dozen or More to fool the South and West into be i Orani re Lai Tow Blu. Bulled hr.,u in off Tho Teel that bed lightly Moi. Or Bol Beld her since saturday morning wet As the Atlantic Ocean. That place. Making initial openings measure con inked on Page 4

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