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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1906, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - January 26, 1906, Albert Lea, Minnesota Phe evening . 51 vol. In Oil Trust officials May be proceeded against under the Laws of the state of new York. The investigation in Ohio Calumet baking powder perfect in Quality. Moderate in Price. Deuth list Shuh Albert Lea minn., Friday january 26. A a _11"t�? 1 said to have produced evidence warranting criminal proceedings. One Hundred lives lost the Valencia. In and eighteen wreck of Joe Wheeler dead Cleveland Jan. 26�?at the conclusion of the afternoon session Here of the in vestige iou into the Standard Oil a a s methods attorney general of Missouri announced that sufficient evidence had been produced during the Day to warrant the bringing of criminal proceedings under the Laws of new York. Or. Hadley said a Louis h. Turrell an accountant from Detroit and for some fourteen years an employee of the Standard Oil company has been on the stand All Day and has Given us the Best exposure of Standard Oil methods which we have yet obtained. I shall Send a copy of his testimony to District attorney Jerome of new York with the request that it be thoroughly examined and that criminal proceedings be brought against the parties guilty of causing a false signature to be attached to articles of incorporation. A emr. Turrell has sworn Here that he was induced by Standard Oil officials to sign the name of f. A. Turrell to the documents when in reality his name is Louis h. Turrell. His testimony further shows that his signature was never sworn to and the notary who took his affidavit can. Under the Laws of new York be prosecuted for forgery in the first degree. It will be up to or. Jerome to say whether the persons who induced Turrell to sign his name falsely can be included in the at the afternoon session the Cross examination of or. Turrell was begun by attorney Hagerman for the Standard Oil company. In october. 1904, Turrell said he was notified that his services were no longer needed hot for what reason a never knew. Turrell a said he had no animosity against the company. How Ever when he read of the Standard Oil hearing in new York he considered it his duty to offer his testimony to or. Hadley. He came to Cleveland he said on Hadley s invitation. Hagerman s further Cross examination of the witness went into the details of the morning testimony and was very searching. Turrell Clung very closely to his previous state noted american Soldier succumbs to pneumonia Brooklyn. In Privor which left baffle it Creek alter sending part of her Crew Over the land trails of seek survivors and the whaling Steamer Orion a vessel better equipped than any in this neighbourhood to throw lines to a wreck being equipped with a Harpoon Gunthe Steamer Queen which stopped at the scene in route to san Francisco the tug Thorne sent from Victoria with a party of Blu jackets and a Lifeboat on Board were ail there and As far As could be Learned from correspondents at various Points. None had succeeded in finding other survivors. Effort to land supplies failed. The Steamer Salvor made an Effort to get one of her boats through the not a woman or child among i Burn near Darling Creek to land sup i lilies for the men at Darling Telegraph managed to a Al a. Special Sale thirty six people saved % linens White goods and Muslin underwear. Those who escape death. Ments. J. The hearing will be continued. New York Jan. 26.�?general Joseph Wheeler the famous Confederate cavalry Leader and to brigadier general of the United states army since the War with Spain died at 5. A 0 o c lock p. In. At tile Home of his sister mrs. Stirling Smith in Brooklyn. The Veteran of two wars was sixty nine years of age bul in spite of his age there was Hope until wednesday of his recovery i rom the Atta k of pneumonia which caused his death. It has not yet been decided where the body will be interred but probably it will be in Arlington National cemetery near Washington. Announcement of the plans for the funeral will soon be made. General Wheeler was taken ill last week at his Sisters Home where he had been living recently. He contracted a severe c old which developed into pleurisy and pneumonia. From the first his age told against him but the family did not give up Hope until wednesday night when the disease was found to have affected both lungs. General wheelers immediate relatives were All with him. His daughters mrs. W. J Harris and the misses Anne Lucille and t Arrie Wheeler Nad been summoned from the South and arrived Early in the week. His son major Joseph heeler jr., u. S. A., now stationed at West Point was also present As Well As general wheelers sister mrs. Sterling Smith and Are son. The family were summoned to the bedside of the patient at Midnight wednesday night when the doctors in consultation concluded that the end was but a matter of hours the Een Cral was then awake and conscious and his mind was apparently Active. He seemed to know that death was approaching and though too weal to speak he succeeded in giving signs of recognition and encouragement to his children. Later the general Sank into a peaceful slumber and at the request of the doctors the family quietly withdrew from the sick Man s bedside. General Wheeler was never again More than Semi conscious. He lingered until evening and passed away quietly. Victoria. B. Cd a Jan. 26.�?the wrecked Steamer Valencia now lies submerged and broken but a portion of a Mast stands Badke the water and l0pea the Salvor went to Noti x the the Fleet of steamers and tugs have of fhe finding of the Pally hut but the surf ran too High and the boat was forced to re urn. Tho bal Vor soon afterwards located two men and a boy. At 10 45 a. In. A fire evidently built As a signal was seen on the Beach Between Bee Zareas Point my Klane Waki where the wreck lies. For Transfer tons Tho survivors taken from Bamfield to the Steamer City of the Best time in the whole year to buy linens is during our january , our Stock is larger than at any other time due to our receiving our largest Linen shipments this month. A a a a e ais0 make been turning their attention to patrol Ling the Vicinity in the Hope of finding boats rafts or wreckage still afloat with survivors though chances Are Small. Ashore several parties have been toiling Over most arduous trails some carrying Succour to those who were washed ashore others scouring in Shore and asked if the British Blu jackets on Board the lome with a Lifeboat would attempt a Landing. Captain Butler replied they would try hut the undertaking was most dangerous and unsafe. The British Blu jackets volunteered to make the attempt Ami made a daring Effort. They were unsuccessful however and sailors were obliged to return washed ashore others scouring the the sailors were obliged u. Rugged rocks of the Shore line seeking Ute getting within three by h a goths Pritt rms Rry a or Matrimony. A you can always Tell a Young Hus band from an old one by the Way in acts when he goes lifter a bucket of says Uncle Hiram. Three months in it i cd he swings the pump Bandle whistles and casts Covert glances at the House As though some one were looking at him from the window one year married be swings the pump Bandle More slowly smiles cd tonally and seems to lie annoyed to cause the meal is late. Two Yean. Married. He looks sour and glum. Kicks the cat Over tile Coal Bouse Atul looks at the House As if lie would like to choke somebody. Three years married he pits of the Doorstep Aud smokes while his wife works the pump handle. Kansas City journal. Reached Shore and be lying footless and helpless and others Are engaged in the melancholy duty of recovering bodies. Of the total company of 154 but a a it have been definitely accounted for and three men believed to be other survivors were seen on Shore by the whaling vessel Orion near the wreck huddled about a fire. Six survivors have been taken on the Salvor nine most of them so badly Cut bruised and exhausted that they cannot stand much less walk Are still camped at the Darling Creek Telegraph hut and eighteen others were picked up by the City of Topeka. With the three seen from the Orion a mile and a half from the wreck Addend the survivors total thirty six leaving a death list of 118 persons. Not a woman or child is among the saved. List of the survivors. Following is a Correct list of survivors of the Valencia to Date survivors picked up by City of to Peka. Allison passenger St. I Ani j j Johnson third Cook g. L. Willets passenger p. Poi Vaner fireman m. Far prey quartermaster p. Of Brien waiter w. A. Raymond Messman k. F. Garrick first assistant Engineer j Welch waiter j. Hoddinott waiter Peter Peterson second officer All of san Francisco g. D. Garadner Pas Senger los Angeles Joseph Mccaffery passenger West St. John n. A a w Hawkins passenger Seattle f. F. Bunker Seattle j. R. Rychley fireman Carl Samuel frs class passenger for Seattle Michael hone second class passenger for Seattle r Brown a japanese named Haloda from Oakland to Seattle. Survivors who reached Shore in the second boat t. J Mccarthy Boatswain Thomas Shields f. Campbell second class Pas in the tug a. We a survivors of Tho wre Ltd for after tin boat started ashore several other men were seen Anil they seemed to make no attempt to to off to to it boat hailing in make a Landing the sailors tried to food ashore in Burrel but in this they were also . H is not expected that the turf win be Bahia or a Finis Davs. With special efforts to clean out All Short lengths and quote prices at a special of Price. Dozens of remnant of table cloths All grades All lengths All prices and roamed to close at about one third less than Reg ii Price a catchword. Concerning the term a catchword the London chronicle says that its old technical sense a is familiar to those who affect old books. The catchword was the first word of a Page. Which was i an Dpi. Who lost his wife and sixteen printed also by anticipation in the Bot ypar.0irt daughter b. N. A Dos fire Tom rigid hand Corner below the last Man Albert Wells aged seventeen navigable for some Days failure of Tho Salvor to land supplier the steam whaler Orion soon afterwards returned to Bamfield to no i y those there that Ald must be sent by land. The nine men were on the Sloe of Darling River nearest the wreck and Richmond. Mcwha and Mously Telegraph operators who went taking supplies ropes and Telegraph inst ments with them to the scene of the wreck were unable to Cross the swot leu Creek. Darling Creek is now three times its Normal depth and a swim current runs toward a fall near the Mouth. But one of the survivors had managed to Cross. F. F. Bunker assistant school superintendent of cattle a passenger who escaped from Hie wreck after seeking his wife and two daughters drown alongside the Steamer by the swamping of the boat swam across the Swift Creek. From Bunker it was Learned that the nine men had escaped. I hey were in boats nos. 2 and 5, and were but a percentage of Ute Crews of these boats who were washed ashore after the boats had been capsized the Breakers outside the heavy surf rolling in on the Day of tile disaster. In no. 2 boat when it sorted from the ship there were fifteen in All and eight of these were drowned. All had life preservers on. No. 5 boat had left the Steamer with very few passengers not More than six or seven in All and or. Bunker and d. F. Rychley a fireman were All that made the land after being thrown into the Breakers. De and half bleached not a place less than 85c at special during this Sale a other Linen Worth from 50c to $2.50 at special of to per cent off regular Price. Napkins to match most Alt in 1 a Quot Fig a1 discount of to per cent on allot them. Shipments of Muslin underwear this month nil bought before a the recent Advance in Cotton goods and we Are going to offer these for unbalance of this month at a special discount of to per cent off regular Price order a ear carried Over from last season slightly soiled and mussed from handling and to dispose of them ,. Quickly we have Ujj f placed them on 1 Sale at one to Laird off regular Price. White Lawn waists the first of our Spring line is now in these Are Selling Well for immediate Wear. A lot towels All samples a Neyfa kind bought at special Price Aud Art on Tai is a special of less than regular Price Muslin underwear now has a More prominent ice it. Our store than has been the Case for the past few years. It Bas been moved to our second door where there is plenty of room to display and where Stock can to properly looked after. We have received Tutere Good special wrapper bargains All of our Best Flannelette wrappers grades that were on from $ 1.25 up special of Juu a lot of Flannelette wrappers regular $1.2%in sizes 32 and 34 Only special soc to close. A a Skinner Chamberlain amp company three More survivors. Line of the preceding Page so As to in sure that the pages should follow on properly. In latin those catchwords were known As guardians. The device was invented in n a Nice about 1400 and was in favor for centuries tills is tile oldest sense of a catchword in Hie English language. Afterwards it came to mean a prom United Stales Navy and John Mark w. Goslin t. Lam Pion and c. Brown All of san Francisco. Scant Hope is entertained by those on Board the patrolling steamers that and others will be recovered for fhe doctors on rescuing tugs say the limit of human endurance will have been passed before this time. The Fleet of intent word heading a column of a die learners engaged in patrolling were Flonary the rhyming word of a line of j seen during he morning in the Vicin verse and an actors it of Darling River. The Steamer Indian policeman finds them on Turret Island. Victoria b. C., Jan. 26.�?the Steamer Shamrock arrived at to quart near in Ruelet at 10 40 p. In. With three survivors of the Steamer Valencia. F. Hancock chief Cook Max Staniar fireman and George Long fireman who were picked up at Turret Island on Barclay sound by Charlie Ross an Indian policeman of Alberni. Another survivor is living on the Island but is lost in the Bushes. Two bodies found on Turret Island have been brought by indians to to Quot. An anti hazing Bill. The new the t Alk 0 f the town anti too Miles around the smoke i and fire Sale is still on take your Choice of 150 jackets at each Coats and submitted to House committee but Secretary Bonaparte. Washington Jan. 26.�?the Wimis Aion by be rotary Bonaparte of an anti hazing Hill and testimony by Rea Admiral Sands superintendent of the naval Academy As to discipline at Annapolis featured the Days session of the House committee on naval affairs Admiral Sands surprised Many members of the committee by stating frankly that no investigation had been made at Annapolis to determine whether officers have had knowledge of the violation of the anti hazing Laws which went unpunished. He further More made it Clear that he did not think such an inquiry necessary or desirable. In the opinion of Admiral Sands the superintendent of the Academy and the Secretary of the Navy should be allowed to exercise their discretion in punishing hazing offences. He favored the system of graduated punishment suggested to the committee by Secretary Bonaparte Rockefeller denies Story. Torney general Hanley that my connection with the Oil business ceased six years prior to the time to which his suit refers and i think that a s satisfied that i have no inflation that would he of any service to this litigation but should he ask me to appear As a witness i will of course attorneys fail to agree. Trial of packers will again proceed before a jury. Chicago. Jan. 26. Counsel for Tbs indicted meat packers and for the gov eminent have been unable to agree on a statement of facts concerning the actions of commissioner of corporations James it. Garfield while invest gating the beef Industry and it was decided that the trial before Humphrey and a jury in his court should be again taken up during i morning when witnesses would to called and the question of whether or. Garfield a actions can be construed As giving immunity will be reduced by testimony., it is apparent after the conclusion of the conference that there had been misunderstanding concerning the contentions of the packers Wien District attorney c. D. Morrison Learned the real ideas of his opponents he brought the conference to a sudden close and the attempt to try the Case merely on questions of Law was dropped. In Hek utilities. How shall they Best he controlled Waseca chafes under the Board by it dem. Lull till i in i e Why you re tartan. 10 smitten Slie Deuce Day Waseca owns its water and Light plants and in Tho minds of some. At least the people of that place should be Happy hut they Are not for the Council mayor and clerk have been enjoined from proceeding with a special election called for february 20th on which charter amendments were to be voted upon proposing the abolishment of Tho water and Light boards. It would seem that the Best manner by which to manage and operate these Public utilities is Outing them out More should be added to Tho government of any City. If the Street work was placed in the hands of a competent Board outside the Council much better results might reasonably to expected in almost every instance. But Garter amendments seem to be quite the fashion now and Albert leu will be in the throes of a Campaign in a Short time but rarely should the charter to hanged. Tin a a can to see with a Why be a a Beauty a Only skin deep. A Well great Scott in a no Cannibal that a deep enough for Leader. Similar taut in i Catling Many strange dishes were Enten by Dean Buckland the English Clergyman and geologist. At lits dinner parties which were attended by leaders of science and literature the menus were often of n most eccentric character. On one occasion pickled horse Tongue was greatly relished by the guests until they were told what they had eaten. Alligator was served up est use delicacy and puppies occasionally and mice frequently. At other times hedge hogs tortoises potted Ostrich and sometimes ruts frogs and snails wits prepared for tim delectation of favored guests. Henry la Bouche re said thai the Dean a wallowed Hie mummified to Mains of the heart of i Xmas Xiv of France. Deaf take poor pictures. Hard strained a fall deaf did he $3.75 bargains in every department. Come in the morning and avoid the afternoon Rush. Boilers amp Beck not Tell an officer that would not testify. Cleveland Jan. 26.�?frank recite Feller gave out a statement luring the afternoon in which he dented that he had told the Deputy sheriff who served him with a subpoena to appear As a witness in connection with the. Action of the state of Missouri against the Standard Oil company that he would refuse to testify. Or. Rockefeller said a i have made no statement that i would refuse to respond to a subpoena in this Case. As a Law abiding citizen i have always responded and always expect to respond to any process of the courts. Pm have however explained to at their Iufer Viliy Ltd a a a them fixed pm reunion. A that Isnit a Good said u photographer with in air of apology the Man was How can that infirmity affect in picture a a ked a visitor a it gives ills face a ten a look a said the photographer persons have that Tiei placed before a camera. They sit with their lieu la to Lute Forward and by brows uplifted As of waiting Lur to command to look pleasant. General. I suppose 1 hut is what they Are wait lag for hut even after i Lune Given the Ort or to Bra re their my Des ret use to relax. What s that a says the dial Man when he noes my lips move. A a a look in ant i shunt again. A a a Ohmi i he. A file Tak it his Hind run behind his ear Aud to to nine a beaming count Ian my but he Only Compro urises on a fixed Gore. Nom of the the times known to the pit it graphs Tram can dispel that. In aet. The inure a business i introduce to Charm my sub Jeet into a Joy fill Sta e the ii it 1 i facial muses become. He is listening always for further in auction whether they come or not the i Ink or expectancy is there. For that reason the deaf arc the hardest people in the world to photograph. If an artists reputation Deia need upon tin pm times he makes of tin in he would soon be obliged to go out of Chance. 1 Peoples wants. A a a in the Broadway theatre tuesday Jan. 30. Vaudeville company por rent heated room Century building. 38 of Wanter Good Kirl for k a. Housework. Mrs. H. G. Day. By of. Wanted to Exchange 2,000 pairs 1lrzv�?T.,t �?oh11 Benefit Albert Lea drilling club for Kent room in second floor. Broadway theatre building it to heat. 228 of for Salk one Good Oak Extension dining table. Enquire or. Wilcox. 8 for Bales cull at Tribune office for big bundle of old papers tor initials finder 5 cents. I Isth lady Gold watch c. A j. Outside Case leave at t. W. Wilson s. By to. For Sale Fine of room House on West William Street two residence Fountain Street. H. A. 229 of. Experienced bookkeeper and stenographer. Give reference and salary expected. Address a care Tribune in own handwriting. 4 3 of. Paine. Wanted if Al let cd of a Quot to i i to. Ziti Ortix Muimui Bro Koru suite 821. Joo Broadway new York Brilliant array of artists. Hear Justice Stacy a Story of the Albert Lea Shell Rock horse race of 1858. Don t miss Tho artistic Beethoven club Quartetti. Go and hear Hazel Swan Tho child Soprano Prodigy. Seo the noted cartoonist in local hits. Hear m. R. Higbee Ileman incenses. Walker and Kilbride who expect soon to go on Tho professional stage miss Fellows the favorite Reader a a ohm Jenson the fascinating vocal soloist Little Mildred Springer the child i elocution St miss Gustavesen Tho wonderful Soprano and Little Esther Haugen the child Singer will also All be heard in this All Star entertainment. Orchestral music by and family. Admission 15,25 and 35 cents. Curtain at 8 30
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