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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - January 22, 1906, Albert Lea, Minnesota Evening Tribune. Vol. In Albert Lea Minn., monday january 2_. 1906 no. 47 Hemm ii score dead eighteen persons killed our ing a panic in a Church in Philadelphia. About fifty others Hurt cry of fire created a terrible panic among coloured people in Church. Philadelphia. Tan. 22.�?eighteen per sons were filled and probably half a Hundred others were injured in a panic following the cry of a fire Quot at night in St. Pauls coloured Baptist Church on the West Side of eighth Street Between Poplar Street and Girard Avenue. The services were being held a the second floor of the building. A defective flue set fire to the Chimney causing smoke to Issue through the crevices in the floor near the pulpit. The room w As Well filled at the time and the cry of Quot fire Quot coupled with the sight of the smoke threw the congregation into a panic. A wild Rush was made for the stairs despite the efforts of Rev. E. W. Johnson the pastor to allay the fears of the remied people. All wanted to get oui at once and men. Women Anil children alike were knocked Down and trampled upon by those pushing from behind. The stairway to the first floor had one Sharp turn in it and the frightened people became so tightly wedged in the Bend of the stairs that the frail wooden Bannister gave Way precipitating Many to the first floor the crash and the screams and shrieks of the women and it Bildren added to the frenzy of those above they did not Stop in their Onward Rush to get out. Notwithstanding the wide open doors on the first floor leading to the Street the crush was so charge and turned in a general alarm i for ambulances Polk Mon and firemen. With the help of scores of col j ored men and White people who were attracted to the scene the dead and the injured were extricated from the i terrible mass of humanity an i Laid on i the sidewalks it of eighth Street. The ringing of the fire Bells the. Clang of the ambulance gongs the a1 i most total darkness and the thick fog added to the gruesome Ness of the scene Aud caused utter confusion for a tim Quot. Order was soon by ought about however and every one who could not stand was placed in an ambulance and rushed to a Hospital. No time was taken to see of any victim was Lead and within an hour after the disaster occurred the Street had been cleared of the a s of people and the Church door closed. The scenes at the hospitals were pathetic in the extreme. A great crowd of coloured people gathered at the doors of each institution but no one was admitted without satisfactory reason. Within the building the entire Bouse staffs were ordered out and near by physicians were called upon to assist in ministering to the suffer thars la no Hoof allo a Aita Limo or ammonia in food made with Calumet baking powder Thi Baki no p0w01r thu to it makes Para food. On Ovle statehood Bill. Tho Center of imm of log. An examination of the dead showed that most of Thorn had been suffocated or had died from internal injuries. Of the injured few if any Are Likely to die test of strength will occur in House of representatives. Washington Jan. 22.�?interest in Congress this week will largely enter in the statehood Bill which will come before the House. When the Bill comes in wednesday according to the present programme the very first action will be a test of strength Between the so called a a insurgents and the this test will be the vote on the Rule that will accompany the Bill for the purpose of preventing any amendments being made to it. The a insurgents Quot want this Rule Defeated and predict that they have Caracas Likely to hold attention of the world during the week. Plans of France secret government has decided a amp to t0 hamper he pal gramme. T Skinner Chamberlain amp co. A a a t a menus lined e Likely us my. Teat in aim a report that the Church was Over votes enough combined with the 137 crowded is not informed and is de i f democrats to do it. The a stalwarts need by the a Sijer. Fallowing is a la t of the identified dead Sarah ruling mrs Lawrence mrs. Patton Ruth framer. John Berry Anna Alexander. Mamie Mckinney Susie Holmes. Mrs. Mary Wedlock Charles Gardiner Mamie Mccall Box Slaughter Camerine set Well and Ruth Trainer. Unnecessary printing. To be govern done away with departments. Washingtonian. 22 to do away with unnecessary printing originating in the departments and to improve the i form of the annual reports and other department documents the president Lias issued instructions Apple Able to All the executive departments that All reports of departments henceforth i shall be a Brief As possible Aud at the same time Over ail the facts hts a i aary to make the Quot reports Clear and con de pan Merit is Leau Uig Quot a Ina. Cise. Each executive great that eighteen Persona had thet0 his an advisory committee on. A a sort the member of which must have a prac life stamped out of i hem before the panic was ended. General alarm sent in. A general alarm was sent in for ambulances firemen and policemen. In the meantime the greatest confusion reigned. Men and women ran about the streets calling for missing loved ones. A great crowd gathered and the work of Rescue was promptly started. Dead and injured were quickly taken to hospitals and near by houses. The fire was Only trifling the flames being extinguished before the firemen arrived. The disaster occurred while a collection was being taken up. The pastor had just concluded his Sermon the text of which was a Why sit we Here until we die. Following the collection Mere was to have been a baptism of a Man and wife. Some of the coloured people owing to the lateness of the evening had left the Church and others were about to go. As the pastor wik arranging the pulpit preparatory to beginning the baptismal service a woman in one of the Frons rows of the left Side of the altar gave a loud shriek of a a fire instantly ail Hose about her were on their feet looking for the Blaze. There were no flames in sight but those near the pulpit smelled smoke and started Down the aisle toward the pulpit. Then followed it half cries of Quot fire Quot Ani the whole congregation became pan e stricken. The pastor by this time a realized the seriousness of the situation and in a loud voice which Only added to the confusion called to the terror stricken a pm to to he seated. No one listened and despite hts frantic Appeal a Rush started that meant death to Many that were in it. Dead piled three deep. When those who came Down the front stairs had left the building a terrible sight presented itself to the rescuers. The first floor Aud the stairway to the Bend were covered three deep with the dead and dying. On the streets hundreds were shrieking for help and looking for their missing loved ones. The rescuers did not know which Way to turn first but police Captain Hamm and a policeman who arrived on the scene just As the last of the panic set. Ken people from the edifice of make just As Strong a user tons to the contrary. If the Rule is Defeated it is the plan of the opponents of the Meas tire to leave out altogether the proves Ion for statehood for Arizona and new Mexico or to provide that the question of statehood for these two territories shall be left with a referendum provision to be settled by vote of the citizens thereof. Consideration of the urgent Den Cleney appropriation Hill which was under discussion for the last two Days of Tho past weak will he resumed. Chairman Hamilton of the committee on territories who will have charge of the statehood Hill on the floor says that it will take at least two Days to rear ii a conclusion in the House on that measure. Predictions in other quarters Are that the balance of the week will be consumed on this measure. Tile Railroad rate Bill which is to follow statehood legislation will not be presented until next week. Railroad rate question. Washington Jan 22. If France makes a Decisto Ejov it in retaliation for Venezuela s treatment of her representative. Carats this week will be the Center of Wield interest. Vene in a a under the Castro regime has been an International problem but the Monroe doctrine although necessarily involved n it is so Short Kigh understood by Alt Tho european con tries that the state department Antic pates no untoward action of the part j of France. The most rec Earl Pranco Venes Cumon trouble began wig the expulsion of m brim the representative of the i rent ii Cable company at Caracas and charge d affaires Talony a protest again t this action. Venezuela held that its position was Correct mid refused to treat further with the French government through m. Tai Gay there then followed s Long period during which of lug to the Good offices of United states minister Bussell in open rupture was averted. President Castro by his dilatory tactics angered the French government and a Fleet was sent to Martinique however this indication of France s determination to push the matter did not have the desired effect. Then followed m. Ting nyx a action in boarding the Steamer a Martinique Quot to obtain dispatches and the refusal of the venezuelan an to cities to permit Bim to return ashore. Although technically this was not a forcible expulsion it amount our line of fur and Coats at Cost a fur shirt special fica i knowledge of printing and a Gen eral committee will be appointed to advise All the other committees. This action is taken As a result of the report of the keep . Costly fire in Baltimore. Hammon Jan. Fire was Dis covered shortly after Midnight in the Plant of the Baltimore Chrome works and before it was controlled shout a third of the main buildings of the extensive Plant had been destined the Blaze originated in the building in which the Taigi Jeroom is located but the exact cause is unknown. I h loss is about $10#.000. No trouble in Germany. Berlin Jan. 22.�?the so. Palist meet togs held Here during the Lay passed off with Complete quiet. Strong resolutions of by in Pat with the russian revolutionists were passed and pro tests against the preset tripartite suffrage system to Prussia were adopted. Demonstrations held in All the Large towns were order dozen negroes arrested. About 15 Doz. Menus laundered fancy shirts 50-cent and $1.00 values to close 35c, three for $1.00 will com up for discussion in Tho Senate. Washington. Jan. 22.�?1the merchant Marine Bill and the pure food Bill still hold their places on the Senate Calendar Tho form or As the unfinished bus Ness each Day after 2 o clock and the latter occupying a similar position before that hour but both of those measures will give place temporarily during the Day to a Diso Aaion of the Railroad rate question. While this matter is not yet regularly before the Senate it will be informally brought up on a Resolution introduced last week by senator Clay. He will address the Senate in support of the general proposition that the interstate Commerce commission should be clothed with authority to change the tariffs of the Railroad companies upon the complaints of shippers. Senator Gallinger in charge of the merchant Marine Bill will prefer his request for the naming of a Day for a vote on that Hill. There will be objection to his request and the discus bion of the measure will continue whenever senators Are disposed to take it a. The pure food Bill will continue to suspected of knowing something i by messes Heyburn. My about Phinson Murat. A Cumber Lodge Spooner and others Morristown n. A Jan. More j re Senate is awaiting with anxiety than a dozen negroes have been a result of the deliberations of the rested on suspicion it knowing some i committee on interstate Commerce on thing about the death of miss Florence rate question but there is no sex Allinson who was found thursday in j Pec Tatton of an immediate report. Ii to an act of hostility and m. Man Bourguet. The charge do affaires of Venezuela was expelled from French territory. Three French warships Are now off the venezuelan coast and naval demonstration is anti dilated. Free hand for France. A stable on the farm of mrs Edward j drawbridge. The negro who is ans j peeled of having committed the crime is described As having worn a Long coat and a Slouch hat and every coloured Man taken into custody during the Day was so attired. Bessie Walker the five year old lard of mrs. Straw Bridge and who Las the Only one who saw the coloured Man robbing the House Atter he bad killed the woman wastage Tosev eral near by towns and to i Iladel phia to look at suspected men in each Case however she was unable to identify the prisoner As the assailant robbers make a Good haul. Oklahoma City okla., Jan. 22, Early in the Day wrecked Tho Safe of the Bank of Dale at Dale a Small town forty Miles East this City and escaped with about i a. Tho committee on territories also will proceed with its work on the statehood Bill the committee on the Philippines on the philippine Tariff Bill Aud the Isthmian canal committee on the Panama canal investigation. Help on both Side. Uncle Archibald it must tire you Bertha to talk to your old deaf Uncle. Bertha of just a trifle dear Cucto Archie. Uncle Archibald Well done to say half so much hut say it Brooklyn life. Washington government will not hamper or programme. Washington Jan. 22.�?convinced of the sincerity of the assurances received from France regarding her Loy Alty to the Monroe doctrine and Alt that it involves the Washington gov eminent has Given the Paris govern ment a free hand in the execution of the programme for the solution of the venezuelan problem. The conferences on this phase of the question occurred some time ago and m Jua Serand the French ambassador has final Assurance that the efforts of France to of lain diplomatic treatment for h i charge do affaires at Caracas will not be interpreted at Washington As ii any Way violative of the mom be Doc Trine. The first move in the execution of the French programme May be expected at any time hut on this Point the French government is observing the strictest secrecy the orders to the Squadron going direct from Paris and not through the embassy Here. M Tainy who it is believed is now Al Curacao will come to this county on his Way Home and on his Ai rival at new York he will find an in vital Ion from the French ambassador to spend several Days Here in conference in or Der that m. Josserand May have the Benefit of first hand facts it is not unlikely that m. Tainy will also Sec Secretary Root. When he1 wits her on his Way to Caracas he was the guest of Honor at a Large dinner Gilt n by his ambassador at which la entire venezuelan legation staff was present to meet him. The whereabouts of the French ships remains a mystery so far As the officials Here Are concerned. It is As burned however that they a daily in touch with the ministry of Marine at Paris and Are awaiting an opportune moment to take action. 20 per cent discount looms Good assortment to select from All new last seasons goods. A splendid underwear a St is Quot c finial Wool under of Ocial Wear natural and camels hair. Regular $1.00 7q� value now new Spring line of soft and stiff hats just received i 4�?oi i people s Wanis the a wizard of Ozz company was greeted with a Good sized and e thu spastic audience at Tho Broadway theatre saturday night and there was general enjoyment. The play is More of a drama than a comic opera and yet there was a goodly amount of Catchy music. The great attraction for Beth Young and old was George a. Hock the scarecrow a and few bus pinioned that when the apparent bundle of Straw and rags was Brough out Anil set up by a Post that there was Flash and blood in us Interior but such proved to lie the Case As tile play developed and the Heifer began munching the Straw from one leg of the figure. All in All the play wan the most extravagant in Light color and scenery that Bas been Here tins year while the Cost Mea were very attractive. The vocal numbers were not up to the Standard but the a show greatly pleased the audience. A a a for room in the Century building. A for 6-room House on West William Street two residence Fountain Street. H. A. Paine. 229 of for in second floor Broadway theatre building City heat 28h of. For at Tribune office for big bundle of old papers for j of cents. Black ribbon Fob with Gold Reward. Enquire at this 47 2t. A Cid Iii r ii Opportunity. Rho i bought you a shaving set today razor strop Mug and everything such a bargain to but my dear. I done to shave myself. She Well can to you learn v new York press. Lost. Charm. Office. Lost saturday night Lan 90, i Plain Gold Bracelet. Suitable re Ward will be paid for its return to this office. 41 a bookkeeper and stenographer. Give reference and salary existed. Address a cart Tribune in own handwriting. 4.5 if. Coal and Wood place your orders for a Winters Supply of Coa i. And Wool before the prices Advance. We have the Best of everything in the fuel line. Prompt delivery Aud satisfaction to our Euston it Alt up Era. Albert pooled her. A Promise me Jack that Jeu will not go to the dogs just because i have refused a ooh pshaw of course a you mean thing a a life. Bad fire in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Jan. 22.�?a five Story Brick building a portion of the Plant if the Pencoyd Iron works was destroyed by fire of unknown origin at night. Loss $200,000. 501 phone 78. Lea fuel ice co. 8. Washington by. Corner Pearl. Amp b r thursday january 25. One night Only Broadhurst amp Currie present the screaming musical farce Rudolph Adolf Ali the two emperors of Germany new songs dances and specialities. Special prices 25c, 35 and 50c, first 3 rows 75c. As the rehearsals for the Boma Talent vaudeville entertainment pro Gross the that All who attend will be greatly pleased. To some it May seem strange that Tho Albert Lea driving club should require a Benefit but when it is understood that it has Cost the dub Over a Hundred dollars in Cali to keep the fair gounds open to Tho Public the past year affording a place for the High school to. Have its Field sports and games free it will remo7� Tho wonderment As otherwise the grounds would have been closed to the Public except As a fee was paid to a Lessee those who Are willing to help along a movement of tiffs kind Are invited to entertainment the 30tb and assist a Little and Thosa who Are not Are invited to attend and have Good time As the expense need not exceed 15 cents the Price of gallery ticket. The seats Are now on Sale at the usual place and the performance will be Given in the Broadway theatre january Hoth. Broad Hurst and curries attractions Are usually All they Are represented to be and there is no reason to doubt that a a Rudolph and Adolph a which plays at the Broadway theatre thursday january 25, is less Mer i tor que a than is claimed for it. This manage ment states that it is a new musical farce with Clever lines a real plot with real actors and actresses to unfold it Clever specialities of a novel variety Fine scenery and handsome costumes. Broa Buist and Currie usually live up to their announcement a their Success sompels it. and men to work on ice. City teams Given preference. Work begins tues Lay noon. Thine wanting work apply to Allier Lea ice and fuel co. Or grip Man. Moore amp co. I it wanted. Gentleman or lady with Good reference to travel for firm of capital. Salary $1,079.01 or year Anil expenses. Salary paid weekly and expenses advanced. Address with stamp j. A Alexander Albert Lea Minn. H Broadway livery phone 49 first class turnouts Day and night t. Nelson. Proprietor Gas $1.50 net per 1000 feet beginning january i 1906. Albert Lia Light amp Power co. Phone 210
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