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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1906, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - January 16, 1906, Albert Lea, Minnesota The evening Tribune. Vol. Idalbert Lea minn., tuesday january 16. 1906.no. 42 Boston shoe store offers this week More Good shoe bargains it will pay you Well to investigate their bargains. Warm shoes and slippers Are being sold very cheap. It pays to Trade at the president Roosevelt to Send a message to Congress on the subject. Believes philippine Tariff Bill will pass without amendment. Blockade on the isthmus Southern Pacific railway 18 8aid to be responsible for congestion. Suggestions turned Down some of our i great bargains. Stalwarts refuse to accept proposals made by insurgent faction. Boston shoe store i 37 South Broadway p. H. Peterson. Prop. Marku reports Ai Bert Lea quotations flour and feed flour Best per tack. Flour second. Bran. Shorts. Grain wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats. Corn. Flax. Timothy seed. Stock Mark Etc hogs. A 4 cattle cwt.2 sheep calves cwt.4 lambs cwt.3 country produced potatoes. Beans. Dairy butter. Errs Cath. Poultry chickens and fowls. Geese live. Ducks live. Turkeys. I 25 i 20 is of 15 of 50@t6 45 29@33 j8@24 85 i of a so 50@4 a 25@3 of 50@4 of 50 33 50 50 3 5 00 40 i 85 1s@23 20 a ii to 11 to 13 45%c july 4b%e. A Ais May july 30%e. Pork�?Jan., $13.75 a it 914.12july, $14.2214. Flax Cash Northwestern $1.25 southwestern $1.19 May $1.26. Butter creameries. 1802614c dairies 18@23c. Eggs �?18<@>l9e. Poultry turkeys 14c chickens 1014c Springs 9c. Four die by fire. Winnipeg Man., Jan. 16.�?four lives were lost in a fire that destroyed the Home of h. A. Brazil near Portage la Prairie. The dead Are Catherine Quinn an aunt Catherine Brazil sixteen years Francis Brazil four years Cecelia Brazil infant child. Wind storm in St. Louis. St. Louis Jan. 16.�?the Spring like weather that has prevailed for several Days came to a close with a Thunder storm accompany i by a High wind Aud Hail. A number of smokestacks and signs were blown Down in fast is i Amis. Two workmen were seriously Hurt by a falling Wall. Telegraphic Brevi ties. Fuel slabs or edgings. Basswood sawed. Oak. Maple. Soft Coal Illinois. Soft Coal Hocking Valley. Hard Coal Deli it red. I eke. Coal carried 50c extra 6 of b of 8 of 9 of 5 no 6 50 10 of 7 50 Market quotations. Minneapolis wheat. Minneapolis Jan. 15.�?wheat May 86v2c july 8774c, on track no. I hard 8414c no. I Northern 84c no. 2 Northern 8114c. Duluth wheat and flax. Duluth Jan. 15�?wheat�?to arrive a no. I Northern 84vie no. 2 Northern 82c. On track no. I Northern 84j4c no. 2 Northern 82c May 86%c july 87%c. Flax to arrive and on track $1.00 May $1.28 july $1.2914 sept., $1.28._ St. Paul Union Stock Yards. St. Paul Jan. 15.�?cattle�?Good to Choice steers $4.50�6.50 common to fair $3.50� 4.25 Good to Choice cows and heifers $3,0014.25 Veals $2.00� 6.50. Hogs�?$5.00�5.20. Sheep yearling Wethers $5.50<u in a Good to Choice lambs $6.50<2 7.0q. Chicago Union Stock Yards. Chicago Jan. 15.�?cattle Beeves $3.7506.25 cows and heifers $1.50� 4.60 stockers and feeders $2.40� 4.50 texans $3.50@4.35. Hogs mixed and butchers. $5.05�5.35 Good heavy $5.25� 5.37141 rough heavy $5.10� 5.20 Light $5.05@5.27v, pigs $4.75�5.25. Sheep $4.00� 5.85 lambs $4.7507.65. Chicago Grain and provisions. Chicago Jan. 15.�?wheat May 8rt4c july. 851�85%c. Corny May a severe Snow storm is raging in j Illinois. The Snow is Drifting and trains Are Dela ted. Senator Cullom of Illinois has left Washington for St. Augustine Fla. He is in bad health. At Chelsea mass., Chester Goodwin of Chelsea and Abe at Tell of Ali fornia fought fifteen rounds to a draw. Antonio Gonzales Mendoza president of the cuban supreme court during the intervention is dead at Havana. News has reached Washington of the death at Barmen Germany of american Consul Theodore t. Biti Sheldt of Illinois. Jack Dougherty of Milwaukee knocked out Martin Duffy of Chicago in the fourth round of what was to have been a ten round bout at Indianapolis. Lieutenant general Chaffee has tendered his resignation As chief of staff to take effect at once and it was accepted by the president. General Bates assistant chief of staff will succeed general Chaffee. Washington Jan. Roosevelt is preparing to Send to Congress a message which will favor a lock canal. The message of the president will favor the construction of a lock canal on the ground that it is in the interest of the present generation and not for posterity and that it can be built at less Cost of time and Money. Washington Jan. by Secretary Taft and chief Engineer Stevens of the Isthmian canal commission that the Southern Pacific railway is responsible for the freight congestion on the isthmus of Panama formed the most interesting development of a four hour hearing on canal affairs before the deficiency subcommittee of the House committee on appropriations. The Southern Pacific hallway company controls the Pacific mail steamship company according to the statements of the Secretary of War and or. Stevens who say that since the abrogation of the freight agreement Between the Panama Railroad and the steamship company the latter has been dilatory in calling for san Francisco freight on the West Side of the isthmus. It is charged that steamers frequently refuse to Stop to take on freight and even leave port with Only a partial cargo while great quantities of freight lie on the wharves. It is alleged that the motive for this course on the part of the steamship company was so to hinder the handling of materials for the canal delivered at Colon by the steamships operated by the government from new York As that shipments would be necessary Over the lines of the Pacific mail from san Francisco. The moroccan question. Russian general assassinated. Penza Russia Jan. 16.�?major genial , who was said to be in i r sentence of death by the tight lug i action of the social revolutionaries Las killed during the Day. The As Hussin escaped. Rebels kill policemen. Riga Livonia Jan. 16�?a band of revolutionaries during the Day fell upon three lieutenants of police and killed them with revolvers. The assassins escaped. Electrical exhibition in Chicago. Chicago Jan. 16.�?the first electrical exhibition Ever held in Chicago was opened at the coliseum at night by president Roosevelt who pressed i but ton in Washington giving 1 he signal for the doors to open. Firms in every Branch of electrical work representing a total capitalization of $300,-900,000, have displays in the Hall. Discussed in open session in the Senate. Washington Jan. 16.�?mr. Bacon during the Day succeeded in securing an open door discussion of the moroccan question by the Senate. The result was accomplished by the Intro duct oif of a Resolution making a Gen eral declaration against interference on the part of the government of the United states in any controversy among european nations concerning their International affairs. The Broad scope of the Resolution relieved it from the Point of order made on the moroccan Resolution Aud notwithstanding or. Bacon referred freely to the moroccan conference no Effort was made to shut him off. He spoke at length in opposition to the policy of interference in european International complications pointing out j the possibility of disastrous consequences and his address brought out a number of questions and interruptions to relieve the proceedings of the characterization of a set speech. During the course of the debate or. Hale took occasion to express in Frank and emphatic terms his disapproval of the policy of participating in the Algeciras conference at the same time voicing his Confidence that the president and Secretary of state would so guide our delegates to the conference As to prevent any departure from the no intervention policy of the United states. Or. Lodge or. Spooner and or. Tillman also participated in the debate. Or. Bacon s Resolution at his request was referred to the committee on foreign relations. Washington Jan. Payne of the House ways and Means committee announced at night that he was confident the philippine Tariff Bill will pass without amendment when put to a vote. He said he was unwilling to accept the amendments proposed by the beet sugar men and declared it would be better for the Bill to be Defeated than passed in such form that the amount of sugar permitted to come to the United states annually at reduced Raes would be limited to a definite amount. In the opinion of or. Payne such limitation would defeat the purpose of the measure. Several conferences were held during the Day Between reps by can leaders of the two factions but the administration Faniion refused to accept any of the Compromise amendments suggested by the Many of the a a stalwarts who were reported to be lined up firmly with the administration two weeks ago Are now said to be showing signs of weakening and favouring amendments satisfactory to either sugar or tobacco interests in their respective districts. On the other hand there Are several representatives from sugar beet districts who like representative coopt r of Wisconsin announce they will vote for the Bill As it now stands and Are confident that a full in of philippine conditions will persuade their constituents that no harm result to Home grown sugar from tie Small amount of philippine sugar which will come Here under redid of Tariff rates. Long debate concluded. House members finish talking on philippine Tariff Chi. Washington Jan. 16. General fit Bate on the philippine Tariff Bill a concluded in tit Hon e during the it i in 35c silk. 19 inches wide fancies in desirable colors suitable for shirt Waist suits. Special per Yard silk. 19 inches wide Nice selection of a q patterns and colors bought at a bar by v gain Price full pieces Price per cd. Case Standard Gin Ghans double fold desirable colors and one of the Best bargains of the season per Yard All Linen crash towering 17 inches wide at special per Yard. Dunedin Percale Blue red and Black usually sold at 10c, special. Yard wide Standard Percale Only per Yard. A table full of Outing flannels and a Light and dark Flannelette both colors per Yard a table full of children a hosiery several kinds but nearly All sizes Worth 15c to 25c special per pair 7 in 7 in 7ic 7lc 6 c Loc yours to serve Skinner Chamberlain amp co. Severe storm in Iowa. Burlington la., Jan. 16.�?As the result of a sever storm All wires Are Down Anil traction service is femoral led. Train service on All roads is interrupted. Having be n in Progress daily Kiln Jan. 4. The Bill will to taken up for amendment under the five minute nil and put on its passage in a Day or two preceding the debate during die Day the statehood fight made la appearance on the floor for the for to time in he form of a personal explanation by or. Babcoc k of Wisconsin credit of with Bein the Leader of the opponent a of the joint statehood forces. I Babcock denied that his course in of position to the Bill was dictated by any feeling of revenge because he had not been made it Hal Man of the a prop Ria Lions committee. He also took to a it a slim to stat his position in favor of Tariff revision. Tartt talks were made during the Day by or. In Armond of Missouri and or. Kemper of Massachusetts the i latter speaking particularly with refer enc1 to the needs of his state. Speeches for the pending Bill were made by messes. Parker of hew Jer sey Lamb of Virginia Bennett of new York and Randall of Texas Thos. Speaking against the measure included messes. Goebel of Ohio Davis of min Novota Tindall of Missouri and Camp Bell of Ohio. The debate was closed by an extended speech by or. Boil Tell of Illinois a member of the ways and Means committee and in favor of the Bill. Railway rate measure. Democrats of the House have prepared their Bill. Washington Jan. 16.�?the demo critic members of the House commit tee on interstate and foreign Commerce have prepared a railway rate Bill which will be introduced daring the Day. The Bill is a comprehensive measure de Aling with All the questions involved in i he subject. Its essential difference from what is Anders Ood to to the maturity measure the Bill of or. Hepburn of Iowa is that instead of authorizing the interstate Commerce commission to fix a a maximum Tate in Accuro with the specific rec of president. Loose it the rate to be fixed shall be a reasonable one. It forbids the comte Aion increasing any rate which been fixed Aud published As such by any Railroad. Reduction of inaccessible districts in the caucasus. St. Petersburg Jan. In. Though Hie government is reasserting a precarious authority in the cities along the railroads in the caucasus official advices just received show that the mountaineers Are under arms in Large sections of the Vic Royalty. The government of Kutaisi is entirely in the hands of insurgents who have interdicted taxes and Are levying their own import duties. The reduction of the inaccessible districts of Gort and of Turgati whose Mountain strongholds with their fierce e warriors have been the despair of All conquerors will involve a Campaign of weeks and even months with the cooperation of Mountain artillery in Ompah son with which the operation in the Baltic provinces Are child s play. The troops in the caucasus but ing in adequate the government has dec id. I to Send there a Large fore. Composed if the veterans Jet timing from Man Churia. Perhaps seven army corps. Came for Inni Irlon. Wigan Why do you alway regard him with suspicion Wogg Well every time i Bee him to has a different umbrella. Philadelphia record. One minute Godish cure done to drug the stomach to cure a nigh one Minnie cough cure cuts the inures draws the inflammation out of the Throat lungs and bronchial Tulumis heals soothes and cures. A Quick cure for croup Aud whooping cough. Sold by Briggs drag co. 4.4.q.4.q.>44>�>4.4�?o<"t4<4.4 4- Peoples wants. Have you tried the Richelieu Coffee. Our Vulcan blend drinks like Coffee usually sold at 35c to 40 cts. Per Pound. Price per Pound citizens National Bank of Albert Lea. Minn. Business established 1893, organized As a National Bank 1902. Capital $50,000 surplus 7,000 Edward Olson pres. It. Ii. Knatvold vice pres. C. L. Swenson cashier a. C. Erickson asst cashier a directors e. W Knatvold ii. Can Cion ,1 in pm it try la. Aul mini Cha n w. La. Wood j. O. Johnson it. O. Buckow i c. Jensen Ole i. Owl Ahi Edward Olson ii ii Knatvold Clint l a c. Thompson 0 l. A Wensiu m. F. Kush old t a. C. Erickson we do a general banking Hus loss Sud extol. As Liberal terms As is consistent wit h Safe and conservative Hanking allow interest on Limo deposits Huy and soil drafts on the old country. Passage tickets sold on All the principal Stetti ibid lines prompt Ami careful attention to Oolite Call on of w Hen roil have Ady banking business to transact. Broadway theatre tuesday evening Jan. 16th the important Hamlin or Mitchell s extra Vinn of vent babes in from the Majestic theatre new York Book by Glen Macdonough music by Victor Herbert staged by Julian Mitchell 70�?company of seventy�?70 toy land special double orchestra prices 50c to $1.50 the % the $ $ $ % the % for room in the Century building. D for Sale. Fine 6-room Bonne on went William Street two residence Fountain Street. H. A. Paine. 229 if for rent.�?5 room cottage neat Rock Island spot. $12 per month. Inquire at this office. 42 it. For in second floor Broadway theatre building City beat 28m of. the Boston shoe store 8.000 pair of feet to fit shoes on. T. T. And s. rags. Will pay Good Price inquire this office. Of for Sale for big bundle cents. Wanted. Call at Trionne office of old papers for 5 of. Hood girl for general we Are the exclusive ardent for the Richelieu Coffee canned goods preserves and jellies. Mullen amp Groble tile i Koehs. The White front Market la. M. Steuer prop. Housework inquire of mrs. H. N. Brown 612 Park ave. 29 of. For Good r ill top desk cheap. Inquire at l. O. Greene a office 823j4 so. Broadway. For typewriter Iii Good condition. Inquire Ai l. O. Greene s office 325j� so. Broad Way. Coal and Wood place your orders for a Winters Supply of Coal Miki Wood before Hie prices Advance. We have the Best of everything in the fuel line. Prompt delivery and satisfaction to our customers. Call up Albert phone 78. Lea fuel ice co. Fresh and Salt meats fish poultry oysters the Bestol everything at the lowest prices. Soi 8. Washington by. Corner Pearl. 140 Street phone 240. A
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