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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1906, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - January 13, 1906, Albert Lea, Minnesota Fhe evening Tribune. Vol. In big shoe bargains at the big shoe s it ale at the Boston shoe store 137 s. Broadway. P. H. Peterson prop France is offended severs All diplomatic rela. Tons with the Republic of Venezuela. Albert Lea. Minn. Saturday. January 13 us. Worst is now Over no. 40. Us Airai to la Wilt situation very unpleasant serious consequences Likely to follow estrangement of two nations. Market reports Albert lb2a quota hons flour and feed flour test per tacit.,. Flour second. Bran. Shorts. Grain 7>rhext. Rye. Barley. Oats. Corn. Flax. Timothy seed. Stock m a re exp hogs. Cattle cwt. Sheep cwt. Calves cwt. Lambs cwt. Country produced potatoes. Reans. Dairy butter. Eggs oath. Poultry chickens and fowls geese live. Ducks live. Turkeys. Fuel slaps or edgings. Basswood sawed. Oak. Maple. Soft Coal soft Coal Hocking Valley. I Ard Coal Deli it red. Uke. Coal carried 50c extra i 25 i is is of 15 of 50016 45 290 33 18024 35 i of a so 4 60 84 60 2 2503 55. 3 500 4 00 3 50@4 of 3 Soo 4 of fifteen be t Cotton. South a a so die decides to to out tor it. New Orleans Jan l l. That the sum of the w hot ii e soul Hern Cotton a so fat Ion is to be a de Lar Tiou for la tent rot ton with Redou ii. The form of Diversi Tiou v. Usa really settled during the aum mum when chairman d. Uey t i the1 in link tee on holding Aano Uniel that to t committee had unanimously decided favourably on that proposition. Thu announcement provoked the Convell lion to a whirlwind of Tho is. Tuci premature a mourn twin of the conclusion of the Tommi Lee w. A or a by the Annoti Lemeut new Yori to the Cheet that be a or report. Circulated there inuit a i a Lac k of Harmony among the e mints making up the comr. And cli.1 in. Ion Over the la cent. A . Washington Jan. 13.�?the state do part Merit has been advised that Cable communication with Venezuela hat been interrupted. United Btu. Deputy Flemin no spec isl pre Al actions a it re Madia the woman a department for the n caption of the woman. She will be compelled to sleep on a cot in the corridor of the prison As the woman a department is filled and every but d occupied. The prison officials arc firm in the belief that mrs. Chadwick is Madame Devore. Three children cremated. Their Mother had locked them in the House. Pittsburg kan., Jan. 13.�?three belgian children the oldest of whom was six years old were burned to death at the Cornell Coal company settlement., five Miles Northeast of Here dining tin Day in a fire which destroyed the Home of their Mother mrs. A. Guerin. Tho Mother upon leaving the House for a few moments locked All the doors so that the children would have to remain inside. Critical conditions prevailed in Siberia during the recent strike. Chance for Quot i v 4j i 85 i �.@23 20 7 6 j 9 la to 13 6 of 6 on 8 of 9 of 5 of 6 50 10 of 7 50 Minneapolis wheat. Minneapolis Jan. 12.�?wheat�?May, or Tecc july 87%c. On track no. I hard 84c no. I Northern 83 in no. 2 Northern 8114c. St. Paul Union Stock Yarc it. St. Paul Jan. 12.�?cat i Iez Good to Choice steers. $4.r>0@6.50 comm n to fair 3.50 let 4.25 Good to the lie. Al and heifers $3.00f� 4.25 veal. J. La 5.50. Hogs�?$5>0f@5.30 sheep 3 Ca a Ling Wethers $5j50@ri.50 Good to Choice lambs $fi.6o& 1.00. Ninth wheat and flax. Duluth Jan. 12.�? wheat to Arri a no. I Northern s3 v no. 2 North pm 82%<�?~. On track no i North Ern. 83 a no. 2 North in us i May Sce july 87 t. Fax t arrive and on Ira $ -2 $1,2614 july $17 jfept., $1-26 oct. $1.24vichies of Union clock Yards. Chicago Jan. 12.�?cad Uteev $1.75 q a cows and 4.75 stockers an i feeder1-, $2. 4.40 Tex p. By $3.501.25. Hos mixed and butchers $5.20@5.42vs Good heavy. $5.3. Of Rcv i heavy ii at a m 5.37v, pigs $4.8 r-.15. Quot $4.< @ 90 inn $1.73. 7.85. Chicago Grain and pro it ens. Chil e j in. I a a win at May iji/4c july si7. 4 pc. Corn May id Vic july. 4 5 to. Oats May 32 re. Jill so1 Fork .inn., 13.72 May 1/2f. Flax Lamb North Western $1.22 southwestern $1.16 May $1,24. Bulter creameries. In tit 27c dairies j8 to 23c. Eggs�?187. 21c, poultry a Turk it ithe chit kens uht Springs Loic. Said to hav 0 erred in the Ulm of Marshall Field. New York Jan. I a rim or i the Condit Ion it Mush All Field of c Cago who is ill at us in. I had under a St. A the w Osse Iii i i a i cued by the arts i in a or. Frank to ii. Or. It Al i i. Pity sic inn. Or. Billings was in consultation during the Day with the local physician who have been attending the patient and at night he declared or. Field s condition had undergone no change. The physicians were not inc lined to be communicative. Bold Daylight robbery. Six nu., loot an East St. Louis store but fail to get away. East St. Jouis 111., Jan. 13.�?six men drove two wagons up to the Gen a Mal store of Halifax amp Lewis to ring the afternoon knocked Down John Halifax and guarded him with a unite while the store was looted and considerable Stock Ioa Dod into the wagons. The six escape-1 but were pursued and arrested. They gave their cames As James Gallegher John s. Sweeney Conrad Hart Frank Fitzgerald Oliver Stearns and William t. Miller and refused to disc lits the robbery. Manage to reach the shone. Board Twenty seven in danger on dredge and lighters. San Francisco Jan. 13�?struggling desperately All night against the terrific Southwest Gale that swept upon the coast during the afternoon the tug sea Rover Chen to a Dredger and two lighters upon which were thirty five workmen bound for san Pedro until it was beaten Back in the Seething in alters on Duxbury reef and was compelled to abandon the unwieldy Craft and their human freight to their Fate. J before leaving her charges however the sea Rover Sucre ded in Sav it ing eight of the men on the barges several of whom jumped into the sea and swam to the tug. One or two were seriously injured. The other Twenty seven men succeeded in reaching the Shore of Colonas Bay in the Small boats which were carried on the dredges and lighters. The sea Rover returned luring the Day to the scene of the Accident in an attempt to save from a total loss the dredges valued at $100,000, and the lighters each of which is Worth from $15,000 to ?20.ooo. When the sea hover reached Here assistance was promptly sent to those n distress. I Washington Jan. 13.�?although the present breach in the diplomatic Vela tons Between France and Venezuela of technically c chargeable against the per tonality of m. Tainy the French charge at Caracas the real Issue As ii is understood Here was an attack by president Castro upon the properties and franchise of the French Cable company. The president asserted tha the Cable company had Lent Active assistance to the Matos rebellion. There fore he began proceedings in the. Venezuelan courts against the Tom Pany on that score and also Coni planned that the company had violate the terms of its Concession in not Lay ing certain coast lines of Cable Cape Dally As in crossing the Island of Santo Domingo the land wires Wen subject to frequent interruption ii times of rebellion on that Island. Tin courts sustained the president s View and in fact practically took to session of the company a offices at certain Points when the French govern intervened. In the absence of the Rey alar minister m. Tainy presented i written protest to president Castro who regarded this note As insult int to his government and refused to hav it anything to do with m. Tainy. But the French government declared tha m. Tainy in his presentment had to Lowed precisely the instructions of i foreign minister intervened. At this Point or. Rim Cli the Ani Erica minister at Caracas inter vent Din the into rest of peace am after Many exchanges it was believe he had finally succeeded. But will he induced president Castro to with draw a note refusing to do business with m. Tainy which the French gov eminent regarded As offensive h could not prevail upon president Gas tro to resume his official relations with the French charge. The Climax came on new year s Day when the French government supposing that a satisfactory settlement had been reached received with the usual honors of the new years Day reception at pans the minister from Venezuela Only to learn that president Castro had refused to do likewise with m. Tainy at Caracas. This omission touched the Pride of the French government w to Felt it had been made the victim of double dealing and deceit Wuich fact the French ambassador a at v Ashington was not slow to communicate to this government. Or. Russell reported his failure to effect a settlement thereby making himself unpopular in Caracas and tin n came notice from the French government that diplomatic relations wih Venezuela were completely severed. There is a hint of punitive measures on the part of France and the situation is regarded officially As very unpleasant with possibilities of serious consequences. Fight ends in a draw. San Francisco Jan. Is Willi Quot in wis and Willie Fitzgerald fought Twenty five rounds to a Drew at Colma Many killed or injured some of our great bargains cossacks use guns on a Seminary from which bombs were thrown. Several firemen . Costly Blaze in a building used Tot storing Oil. New York Jan. 13.�?fire at night in a building in water Street owned by Chamberlain amp co., represent a Tive of the new York Fibril rating of company resulted in damage estimated at $100,000. A Large Quantity of lubricating Oil stored in the building made the Blaze stubborn and danger ohs. When the roof and a portion of the front Wall fell several firemen were slightly injured. Sunday Law constitutional. St. Paul Jan. A chapter 362 of the Laws of 1903. Prohibiting the Public traffic in certain articles of merchandise on sunday is t institutional and affects All residents of the stall regardless of nationality or Tohgi Sitf belief Ai lording to the supreme court in an opinion handed Down in the Case of state of Minnesota is. M. A. Wrist a Minneapolis grocer charged wit i Belling goods on sunday. Telegraphic Brevi ties. Begins her Long term. Mrs. Chadwick behind the Bara in Ohio Penitentiary. Columbus o., Jan. 13�? mrs. Cassia l. Chadwick arrived at the Penitentiary during the Day from Cleveland to begin a sentence of u n years tor conspiracy to wreck the citizens National Bank at Oberlin The woman was taken through the baggage room to die underground wailing Ooin at the Union station and driven quit Kly to the prison. Ten policemen kept the Large crowd a k and three policemen escorted Tho woman to the Carriage. Man Chadwick was in Barge of the revolution in Elt a tor bos been crushed. The president has appointed Davi c. Owen to -1 Mast or at Milwaukee. Fears of a drouth in California have been dispelled by a heavy rain that has been falling Over the state for the past Twenty four hours. James a. Suiter who was colonel of the famous thirty fourth new York regiment is Dot and at Herkimer n. Y. He was ninety one years old. Damages in $17,500 were awarded by a Chicago jury to the children of a Drunken father for redress against the Saloon keepers alleged to have made a drunkard of him. Football committees merge a ill work to eradicate undesirable features of the game. New Yolk Jan. 13. A move which is taken to mean must h toward establishing intercollegiate football on higher plane than it hitherto has a Eup Iod and effecting a Reform in the More undesirable details of the sport was made Here at night when the old football rules committee voted t amalgamate with the new committee appointed by the so called a Reform conference wently held in this City when the consolidation was per fee ted it was decided that Walter Camp of 3 a in should edit the new rules. Or. Camp was a member the old commit ice. L. C. To. Dot cd Cornell was elected chairman of tin newly formed joint Cornu Blee and w t. Reid jr., of Harvard wan it a so1 rotary it having Bien a re i tint the chairman should come from to old committee Aud the feet Reify fro the new. By. Petersburg Jan. 13.�?the first advices received from Siberia after the restoration of telegraphic communication show that the most critical conditions prevailed there during Tho recent strike but that now with the arrival of reliable troops from Manchuria the worst is Over. Owing to the interruption of communication the local governors were not aware thai authority to declare martial Law had been conferred upon them by the emperor s Mukase. The paltry military forces at their disposal were in open sympathy with the strikers and Many of them were revolutionists thus preventing energetic measures being taken to restore the Imperial authority which was practically nonexistent for Many Days. Divisions under general sukkot in have now arrived and taken Possession of Irkutsk Omsk Krasnoyarsk and other towns and Are arresting the leaders of the insurgents and disarming the Unn liable troops. The first Telegram arriving from Irkutsk was a frantic Appeal from the financial a tent there for some one to take Over to administration of Hie City tile Viceroy Ute chief of police and All i to it r officials having been killed or pc need during the insurrection. Fie imported that for several Days thu a \ slut Lonist were in control of the entire Tret Ion buil by a Aseo 8< Bool who fight to int to Quint h. also was for several Days ill the hands of insurgents who elected a revolutionary government and exacted an oath of allegiance from All citizens. Silk. 19 inches wide fancies in desirable colors suitable for shirt Waist suits. Special per Yard. Silk. 19 inches wide Nice selection of patterns and colors bought at a bargain Price full pieces Price per cd. Case Standard Gingham double fold desirable colors and one of the Best bargains of the season per Yard All Linen crash towering i 7 inches wide at special per Yard. Dunedin Percale Blue. Rod and Black usually sold at Ioc special. 35c Yard wide Standard Only per Yard. Perea in Gray town except the admin is my and this wan Only held in Devotion of lie military swore on the colors to death against Hie revolt a table full of Outing flannels and Flannelette both Light and dark colors per Yard. A table full of children s hosiery several kinds but nearly All sizes Worth 15c to 25c special per pair 48c tic he 7 in re 6 c 10c yours to serve shelled by artillery. Russian troops demolish an armenian Seminary. Tills Cam Aida Jan. 13.�?nearly 350 persons were killed or injured an outcome of an attack made by cos sacks on the armenian Seminary Here following the throwing of two bombs from that institution Al a passing patrol. Four cossacks were Wounde anti a boy was killed by the explosion of the bomb. Artillery was in of Diatel it ailed Aud the Seminary was surrounded and shelled. The built ing Siam burst into flames and the bombs and Earl ridges stored therein exploded. Thirty three persons per imbed during the fire while 300 were injured by lire or wounded by shells. The troops subsequently shelled another armenian House where bombs and weapons were hidden and killed eight revolutionists. Strike for a single Day. Method by which russians will Honor memory of red sunday. St. Petersburg Jan. work menus Council alter consultation with the leaders of the other proletariat organizations decided that the it to brat Ion of the Anni Versley of Jan red sunday should take the form of a general Pacific strike for a single Day. Delegates were appointed to go to France Germany and England Well As other places abroad for the pm pose of thanking the workers of thus countries who propose to join in general Observance of the anniversary. Skinner Chamberlain amp co. The Good tilings of life Are not to be had singly but Corno to tis wit i a . Snow in Kansas. Topeka kan., Jan. I tim heart Snow storm Ince lat Fob a it co. To need hire at 9 Obi k p. In. In general Over a Tern Kau a co la from the Sou tin of. In w $ $ in $ % $ w fib $ Broadway theatre tuesday evening Jan. 16th we $ in m a the important Hamlin Mitchell s event Sical Vananzi babes in from the Majestic theatre new York Book by Glen Macdonough music by Victor Herbert staged by Julian Mitchell a Bijj Complete production 70�?-company of seventy-�?70 toy land special double orchestra prices 50c to $1.50 a in $ is to in % it % amp big fire in Panama. Two blocks inhabit ted by the poorer classes destroyed. Panama Jan. 13.�?the Bigg is fit 1 that has occurred Here in three year during the Day burned two blocks in habited by the poorer lasses. I her is Nim h indignation against the Sani Ary department As according to cur rent reports the fire was caused by the carelessness of employees of that it part nuut in fumigating the Hovasi where the names started. Tho build lags burned include two Public school and an orphan Asylum. Stay of execution refused three americans in Mexico May e shot. Al 1�?~aso, tex., Jan 13.�?Tho in Sterne court of Mexico according to information received Here has ii dined to Grant a stay of execution in the Case of the three americans a ton Richardson and hurl it gently sentenced at Cal Rauhau to be allot for murdering people in order to see in the insurance on their lives exec to Tive Derat Acy w ill now lie asked the american theater. It should will Ile in to a la should la Rind he , ilor. To licit the stage Lathi How bul roved could work in limned1. Ute revolution in the manners and taste of our people would he infinite in absurd but it is entirely Safe to say that the theater could in the matters which apparently so unimportant in life cd which mean so much he an important Factor in molding it least Iii external of our National character. I his menus. How that Busy its we arc we should give the theater a More tin pot taut place in our thoughts Aud Iii oui scheme of popular education than that at present allotted to it. Nor is the claim thai the theater might he amt a Leader of improvement Iii the Niini tilings of lit the Only on list eau is made for it. It might is made the medium for the Elevation of tim Papilla taste Iii nil the arts Aud in Lito Rutulia and even for the inculcation of the i in a spies of lofty thought Ami right living it May seem strange that a people so Clever As we Are have neglected tin pot Cut influence for Good anti have re Garde it Only As a toy for our amuse meat to be shaped and fashioned by the toy merchant solely with a View to making it catch he fancy and Titer fort become a scalable and profits by article of merchandise. But As we a Busy and on the whole a self satisfied people in a mid our pursuits and amb tons Vav e let it if Quot ii fur the amusement which Shah a a a the. Least Burden to us a a a. S. M to fat Atlantic. Coal and Wood s will support a Milwaukee Jan. Ii league of commission the closing Bushi is adopted a Resolution president Roosevelt i 1 in his efforts for a. Por tation evils. E i Cago was elected league. Of Celt. The National men Hants at session Herr addressed to edging rapport not of to an goer of Chi Otth place your orders for a Winters Supply pfc it a l and Wood before the prices Advance. We live the Best of everything in the fuel line. Prompt delivery Ami it Isaac Tenn to our Custori it All up ers. Albert 501 phone 78. Lea fuel ice co. 8. Washington St. It Orner Pearl. Amp King detective service citizens National Bank of Albert i in Mina. Business established ism organized and National Bauk 1902. Capital $50,000 surplus 7,000 Edward Olton in res. Ill. Knatvold vice pres. I. Swenson cashier. A. O. Erickson asst cashier directors i. W Knatvold la. C. Cut in p. A in Burg la. A can Jore Nara Vav. Ii. Wood a Johnson it. C i Nackmer p. Cd Jenson i Ile i. Of Stahl by Ward Olson ii ii. Knatvold runt l. Lima a c Thompson Ltd l. Swanson m. F. Hush Laid t i Hela gelt in a in out do. It 1 .1 act Ives f. On w. A of i hive Quot ill occasions la in a 01 for a. C. Or Sousou we do a general banking a business and Este lid As l1i�ral terms As is sons teat win. Safe and conservative tanking allow interest on time deposits Lilly and soil drafts on the old country i As tags tickets sold on All the principal steamship lines prompt and careful attention to collections Call on ush envoy have any banking Bustness to transact. To inn. Arjun and in All Par in of Hie world All Budi Ohk strictly confidenti�1 write us today about your Casa. Fulcs Rea s lob la. Adv Lee free. 504 Soo 504 Century bide m Oit Polis Minn kor min w he in. Pm his w Kino of Wise men never erred it would be hard with the fool. The if you be made a mistake in the groceries you have been buying now is the time to right yourself by buying from us. Per dozen oranges Lemons California celery died currants tomatoes Richelieu tomatoes Catsup. Olives pet t Honey 15c or two tor 25c health club baking powder per Jeniso 25 to 35c 25c Ioc Ioc Ioc 15c Ioc 40c per Bunch bulk1 Jer la per can White front Market h. M. Steuer prop. Mullen amp Grobel i Alan and Jane in babes in Teytand tile grocers fresh and Salt meats fish poultry oysters the Best of everything at the lowest prices. 140w. Clark Street phone 240
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