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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - January 11, 1906, Albert Lea, Minnesota The evening Tribune. Vol. Idalbert Lea min Friday january 12. 190ft no. 39. Calumet baking powder perfect in Quality. Moderate in Prole. Sam is imm two Shine herders killed by masked Ano mounted raid ers in Utah. Sheep clubbed to death Market reports Al Bert Lea quota i ions flour and feed flour Best per tack. I 25 flour second. I 15 bran. Is of shorts. 15 of Grain wheat. 50@76 Rye. 45 Barley. 28033 Oats. 18 @34 flax. I of Timothy seed. 2 5c Stock Market hogs. 4 50@4 60 cattle cwt. 2 25@3 55 sheep cwt. 3 5004 of calves cwt. 3 50@4 of lambs cwt. 3 50� 4 00 country produced i potatoes. 43 Beans. I 85 Dairy butter. 16@23 eggs Cash. 20 poultry chickens and fowls. 7 cd Ese live. By ducks live. 9 Turk is la to 13 fuel slabs or edgings. 6 00 Basswood sawed. 6 of Oak. 8 of m a p a. 9 of so to Coal Dinois. 5 of soft Coal Hocking Valley 6 50 1 Ard co 1deli it red. Look like. 7 50 entire flock exterminated and outfits of the Herd ers destroyed. Evanston wyo., Jan. 12.�?masked and mount i rallies presumed to be cattlemen at night attacked the Camps of two Utah k masters near Burnt Fork close to the Utah Wyoming line shot Down a. N. C Ursine and Robert Allen herders Slat uttered the sheep and burned the tamp wagons Ami outfits. A ramp mov it t who escaped the bullets of the raiders witnessed the Battle front Thiru it. The raiders numbered about twi lit and approached the Camps at a Leilop firing a fusillade of shot. Into the a ohs. The herders were d at tile fit a i lire. It required less in to hah an hour to club the shoe Palo death and Burn the outfits. Notices of warning to Othi r flock masters were left with the bodies of the dead Herder. Sheep men Are Indi naut anti threaten to get even and in ire trouble is anticipated. The Range on which the outrage was committed has Long been Iii dispute and the sheep men have been frequently ordered away. Orders May go unfilled. Coal carried 50c extra Market quotations. Minneapolis wheat. Minneapolis Jan. May ski tic july. 87%@87%r. In track no. I hard. 83%e no. I Northern. 3%c no. 2 Northern 80%c. St. Paul Union Stock Yards. St. Paul Jan. to Choice steers $1.5006.50 common to fair. $3.5004.25 Good to Choice cows and heifers $3.00@4.25 Veals $2,000 5.50. Hogs�?$5.0005.25. Sheep yearling Wethers $5.500 6.50 Good to Choice lambs $6.5007.00. Duluth wheat and flax. Duluth. Jan. arrive a no. I Northern 83%c no. 2 North pm 82 vie on track no. 1 Northern 83%c no. 2 Northern 83 cd May 864 a july 874c. Flax to arrive and on track $1.18 ii May $1.22 july and sept., $1-24 oct., $1,22. Chicago Union Stock Yards. Chicago Jam $3.7506 35 of and i irs $i.50fri 4.75 stockers and feeders $2 500 4.65 texans $1.50 0 4.25. Hogs mixed and butchers $ Good heavy $5.3005.45 rough heavy $5.1 05.25, a Igov re a 1 $4,750 5.10. Sheep $4,00 0 to lambs $4.80 @7.85. Chicago Grain and provision j. Chicago Jan. La. Wheat May 88s0 884c july 8474�c. Corny Mitt 45,4c� july 45%0 15%c. Oats May z2\e july 30r, / Quot to. Pork�?Jan., $13.80 May $l.20. Flax Cash Northwestern $1.18 southwestern $1.12 May $1.23. Butter creameries 18026ae dairies. 18 a 22c eggs a is 22c. Poultry turkeys 14c chickens Lilac Springs. Ile. Against Hamilton Bill. Washington Jan. 12.�?the Northwestern delegation notably those of Minnesota. Wisconsin and North Dakota present practically a solid front against he Hamilton Bill proposing joint statehood for the four territories in the South. Forty republicans Are opposed to the Bill. Unless Congress Grants emergency appropriation. Washington Jan. 12.�?�?~ unless Congress speedily Grants the emergency appropriation of $135,000 requested by me for add Kcal inspectors and Nicro a copyists it is probable that Over $50,-000,000 Worth of orders for american pork and beef products placed by German dealers will go this statement was made by Sucre a tary Wilson during the Day. Anticipate lug the High rates of duty on products emanating from the United state imposed by the new Ger an Tariff which becomes effective 5 he i and Germany at the present time being in urgent need of Mea supplies Secretary Wilson says that Gorman dealers have flooded the packing houses of this country with order. In speaking of this condition of affairs he referred to recent strictures upon his action in creating what was stated to be a deficiency of $135,000, the amount asked by him in alleged violation of the statute of this subject enacted during the last Congress. A these statement a he said a do me a grave injustice and do not credit me with trying to relieve our packers from the position in which they have been placed by reason of a Lack of pro or inspecting he declared he was asking Only for an emergency appropriation to meet the conditions which an enormously increased business of the past few months had created. A i am strongly in favor of having the packers All the expenses of inspections Quot continued the Secretary a such inspections to be under governmental supervision of course. In fact they voluntarily have expressed a willingness to do this and in the present instance have offered to do it but there is no Law by which suit an arrangement can be made. Such a procedure would not Only save the government a vast sum of Money bul would proven just such a state a. Fairs As exists China is in a ferment. Anti foreign sentiment and Post local excitement exist. Peking Jan. 12.�?reports from the j South and front Yangtze Valley Region show the anti foreign sentiment to to very Strong. China undoubtedly is in a ferment of political excitement but the movement is directed As much against the government As against the foreigners. The government is Between two fires. The Young China party is clamouring because reforms Are being executed too slowly while the conservatives and officials Are resisting these efforts. In spite of the protests of foreigners in Northern China the foreign ministers have not changed their plan for the withdrawal of foreign troops from chill province the Only exception being the legation guards. The minis ters believe the chinese government is both Able and determined to protect foreigners in the event of a Revo Lution. Cuts his Mother s Throat Washington logger then tries to Kilt his family Tacoma wash., Jan. 12.�?nels be son a logger at Malkason during the Day killed his Mother with a razor cutting her Throat attempted to kit his wife and two children and then thinking they were dead killed hint self with a revolver. His Mother was slain while trying to protect the wife and children. The wife and children May recover. Nelson was thirty five years old am came from Sweden three years age he had been brooding Over Urai taxes on his Home amounting to $23, tax Lien having been issued. In i House was found $800 in Cash and a was Worth More than $3,000. Nelson attacked his wide first hit Ting her on the head with a Flatiron then he tried to kill his two Hub girls four years and one year old of sport ively. Bogus railway Stock. Operations of alleged forgers Larme on Large scale. New York Jan. 12�?following tit arrest of Samuel Humphreys a a Newt paper writer a on a charge of is Hilt a bogus certificate of lot shares t the Norfolk Ami Westea railway tout Patty to a dealer in securities in i City it was Learned that 500 of the bogus certificates were printed Ani that the operations appear to hav been planned on a Large scale. A Only four or five of the certificate i have been discovered and Calli it them is for too shares with an aggregate Market value of about $8,000, i. Is evident that rho amount realized by the operators is Ery Large if the have disposed of Many of the certify eeds fun estimated expenses for this year greatly exceed expected receipts. Cost of War with Japan new budget statement shows that it is slightly Over a billion dollars. Cates. The police say that they be Lieve that at least three men had. Hand in the transaction. Six children in Hutu. Heavily loaded bobsled collide at Des Moines. Des Moines la., Jan. 12.�?six children were severely injured one possibly fatally in a collision Between two heavily loaded bobsled Here at night. The children were sliding Down adjoining Hills and their sleds crashed at the Bottom while running at a High rate of Speed. The injured Are Teresa Griffin right leg broken above knee compound fracture below the knee May die of Shock Dale Hyland leg broken in three places Mamie Hyland ankle badly sprained will Mcgrain head severely Cut Homer Ben Titer it it about forehead Earl King flesh torn from calf of leg Aud Ankles twisted. To Start drainage work. Municipal league adjourns. St. Paul Jan. 12. The offi err the Minnesota municipal Ami Coati Elal league were re elected at the it ing session of the league i hey l. A. Rosing Cannon Falls pre sift Leslie welter. Moorhead vie it Dent w. Webber Rochester tary Aud a a Esbjornsson l Ite it. Treasurer. Ii was de hied to hold next annual in Din at Duluth James j. Hill offers to a third of of the Cost. Grand Forks n. D., Jan. 12.�?president James j. Hill of the great Northern railway gave a practical demonstration during the afternoon of his interest in drainage when he offered to a third of the Tost of getting the work started right. A if it costs $30,000,�?� he said Quot count on me for $10,000, or whatever the Cost the announcement was greeted with great applause by those attending the drainage convention Here. Or. Hill was introduced at the meeting by chairman j. L. Cassel of Grafton As a the father of drainage the Man who paved the Way to the coast and who opened markets across the St. Petersburg Jan. 12.�?the budget statement for 1906, which has just been issued shows that it will be necessary to raise $240,500,000 by credit operations to balance the estimated receipts and expenditures. The latter include $202,500,000 for the liquidation of the expenses of the Tusso japanese War the repeat Hatton of the troops in Tho far fast and the reduction of the army to a peace footing. For the first time the total Cost of the War. $1,050,000,000. Is revealed. The credit operation to balance the budget includes the recent authorization of $200,000,000 in Treasury Bonds $75,000,000 of which have already been used to reset the Mendelssohn loan and the credit of $150,000,000 with it former finance minis or Kokovich is now negotiating in Paris. The primary object of the Hitler the proceeds of which will be retained in Paris is a understood to be the maintenance of the stability of the rouble. The budget statement does not Dodge the prevailing condition in Russia. It is pointed out specifically that the receipts front nearly All sources have been scaled Down and moreover it is stated that if Tho disorders in the Interior do not lease there May be some Brant Hes of Revenue on which it will be impossible to count. The budget also deals frankly wit i the heavy Drain on the void Reserve of the stale Bank balances abroad which have fallen $161,Soohoo in the three months preceding Jan. I. During th1 last ten Days of the year the Gold Reserve was reduced by $50,500,00 1, while the Issue of Patter currency was increased by $30,000,000. To Rescue business interests. The increase of \ Aper issued Tho statement says was made by Tho Bank in an Effort to come to the Rescue of the business interests which were almost paralysed and which had been refused Loans by private Banks owing to the Panicky conditions and to the reduction of the foreign credits of houses with connections abroad. The statement concludes with the following addressed to the emperor which was evidently penned by count Witte a these facts and figures submitted to your majesty show that the present situation of russian finances is none too favourable. This state of things is the result of the War and of the Trout Les with h followed. These troubles Are of a temporary Chama 11 r and it is fair to assume that they will but ameliorated in i i it a future. Conditions favourable for the appearance of fruitful work must be perceived even amidst the gloom of the present crisis. With each Day Tho popular conscience must he awakened More and More to a realization of the tru it needs of the fatherland. A the Awakening of these social forces has a sure guarantee in the in dependence granted to the russian nation by your August will and in the Equality before the Law which has been assured to All your majesty Sui Lect victim of West hotel fire. Mrs. Spiesberger of Chicago expires at Minneapolis Minneapolis Jan. 12.�?mrs. S. E. Spiesberger of Chicago one of the most seriously injured victims of the West hotel fire died at the City Hospital shortly after 2 o clock p. In. The death of or. Spiesberger was made peculiarly sad by the heroic efforts which were nude by the Hospital staff to keep her alive until her father and two physicians coaids arrive from til j ago. They reached the City in time to see her and Hope was inspired by their presence As the woman rallied for a few moments. She soon Sank into urn ohm iou Ness however front which she never recovered. Her death makes the ninth fatality from the fire. A s. Amsden superintendent of the Minneapolis and Northern elevator company has a fighting Chance for his Rte he rallied somewhat it noon and the Hospital attendants look for his recovery. Mary Brownw maid at tit hotel who was overcome by smoke and heat has regained consciousness Aud will pro ably recover. Benjamin Swisky of Chicago who is or the swedish Hospital will recover he is badly burned particularly about the face. Mrs. B. Barlow who is in St. Barnabas Hospital will recover. She was badly bruised and Cut but not in carnally in lured by her fall. Gordon o. Sapp of Chicago will re cover. He is at St. Barnabas Hospital. Besides these there Are Many others who were injured More or less seriously and who will All recover. Some of our great bargains. Half a million loss works of Carnegie steel com Pany at Greenville pa., destroyed by fire. A. Jan. 12.�?fire Start explosion destroyed the Carnegie steel company entailing a loss of be of and $600,000. Twit turned but not fatally. Ore i. Lib tag from works of the Here at a two n Uhll to a they ate thou u. I w is a fireman and stuben Viti it. A flue in Lite boiler of a heading fury e in la out deluding the Furnace window which exploded scatter tag fire in All direction. The Force of the exposing was so great that tire balls were lodged in the roof of Tho the. Inch finishing department and the flames spread rapidly. Within ten minutes after Tho explosion there was no Hope of saving what is known us the old Mill. A half hour later a Strong wind swept the flames into tin m w tandem Mill shipping Sheds and boiler House. The Plant is out of the City water District and Hose had to la Laid a Long distance and availed nothing against the acres of flame. Much of the machinery will not be hopelessly destroyed and the foundations hot. Bed etc., Are uninjured. The loss of product will be serious As the Plant was running Day and night on High Grade work four Hundred men Are thrown out of work. The Mill was originally built in 1871, was operated by the late Peter i Kimberly for years and passed into the Carnegie company a hands a few years ago. Forged municipal Bonds. Silk. 19 inches wide fancies in desirable o colors suitable for shirt Waist suits. Special per Yard. Silk. 19 inches wide Nice selection of j a q patterns and colors bought at a bar gain Price full pieces Price per cd. Cas Standard Gin Ghans double fold i desirable colors Mand one of the Best / of bargains of the season per Yard a w ail Linen crash towering 17 inches i wide at special / per Yard. Dunedin Percale Blue red and Black i usually sold at 10c, / it i special. Yard wide Standard Percale Gray 7 Only per Yard i 2 a a table full of Outing flannels and i Flannelette both Light and dark colors per Yard. A table full of children a hosiery several kinds hut nearly All sizes i Worth 15c to 25c special per pair yours to serve Skinner. Chamberlain amp co. Life in Penang. Tit rib Decatur on the stand. Midshipman accused of to ties in his own behalf. Annapolis md., Jun. 12. The last stages a Xii it the argue tit of nun Sel and of the judge advocate a it it completed during the afternoon in tin Case of midshipman Stephen la Atar jr., charged before a no Al court my Gal with hazing. The a used Yeeu pied the gland for about Thi it Iqrar str of an hour and inst Salmo i i regarded As he Vin Streng h. T i i ease. Decatur denied that to hazed either cub vhf or Ltd. Is. Maili. Allegation made in connection with Cleveland concern. Cleveland Jan. 12.�?the Bankers committee which is investigating the affairs of the banking and brokerage firm of Denison prior amp co., which closed its doors following the suicide of l. W. Prior on tuesday made the following authorized statement Lute to the afternoon a the examination of the books of the firm has not yet proceeded far enough to make any Complete stat ment possible. Enough Bas been Learned however to warrant Tho com Mittee in stating that it is forced to believe that the firm of Denison prior amp co., is insolvent but to what extent we cannot As yet say. We Are also convinced that a Nom Ber of Muune Bonds have been the Bankers committee gave no in notation whatever As to the amount or value of the forged municipal Bonds or where they Ware placed or Bow used. It is understood however that they were largely used in connection with extensive deals on the new York Stock telegraphic Brevi ties. In w of amp $ $ $ $ $ i Broadway theatre tuesday evening Jan. 16th the important Hamlin Mitchells event gorgeous musical extravaganza babes in from the Majestic theatre new York Book by Glen Macro Nouth music by Victor Herbert staged by Julian Mitchell Complete production 70�?-company of seventy�?70 toy land special double orchestra prices 50c to $1.50 % in $ $ in aft to the american Institute of Arlt kites has brought its session in Washington d. C., to a dose. William canard eighty one year old sos of Samuel Cit Nard one of the founders of the canard line is Ltd and in in Tendon. The president and mrs. Roosevelt gave a dinner at the White Horn thursday night in Honor of the dip Matte corps. A false Prophet has appeared in for to Rico and Largo crowds Congo a ate to hear him preach or follow him from place to plat e. Thirty men who were prom in it it in the projecting and building <4 the Northern Pacific Railroad held a Union at Minneapolis thursday. The civil marriage of Prince u t nand of Bavaria and the Infanta Maria Teresa sister of King Alfonso a celebrated at Mvusi thursday night Eugene j. M a Hall representing the University a is it on in won first honors in the to annual contest in oratory for tip in by the ham�?T., ton club of cd Turners ii ii if lilt Diatom fort i run i by a in nil. \ resident of Penang thus de Ltd the rain season there a your Rains Bare Sot til with All their attendant comforts and discomforts and they make one feel something Uke Robinson Crusoe when he made up tile list of Bis blessings and evils. Tile planters Are All re to Ieong and Are putting out their seed Lings and cuttings and generally doing All they should do. The Bullocks arc beginning to fill out those ugly hollows Between their ribs and about their flanks for the grass on their limited urea is growing Rich mid rank and these patient half starved beasts profit by it. Our Trees have All put on new Coats of Brilliant Green and Hie whole place wears it newly washed appear mice very comforting after the Dusty dry season in which our soup tastes Gritts and a piece of bread and butter seems to have bad a bit of sandpaper glued Oil tim butter Side. But even our Rains have their disadvantage. A when i come Home thoroughly wet and disgusted with every tiling and g to lied immediately after dinner tin roof commences to leak and i hive to get out and shift the lied. I interview the landlord in the morning and in tells me roofs can t he repaired in tin rain and that in All probability As soot As the tiles swell the roof will be Calm water tight of its own Accord. Tim Esno to cure either my Lumbago o rheumatism Aud when i take in Bat i i novel we Are on the adet Ham water service and have to Bathe in pet soup. I mention the net to the municipal president Over a Stengar tit the Chil. And he says my dear boy in Mon the same service and have been combing mud out of my hair for a this does no to make me feel any cleaner. Tim lizards on the ceiling Are waxing fat from the in cots which Are driven into the Bouse by the rain. And i notice that the soup at dinner seems to have More body in it from the same cause. Tills Dews not improve my Chicago news. A a. 4. Q.j.4.4.4 4 4.4 4.<�?� 44>4 a 4 people s 4. 4,4.4. A. 4.4.4-4�$<�?� 5 4 41t wanted. Hood girl for general housework inquire of mrs. Ii. N Brown 612 Park ave. Pm of. For Bale. Fin 8-room House on West William Street two residence Fountain Street. H. A. Pain. �?~229 of for rent. Rooms 1 ii second floor Broadway theatre building City heat �?~288 of. Wanted. Clean rags. Will Jurny Good Price inquire this office of for Sale for big bundle cents. Lost. Reward for information leading to recovery of a White Angora cd. 70 Park Avenue. Btl 2. It an easy thing to nay. And say it Good and Strong. And say it pretty frequent a scotch a general Wade constructed military roads in tiny Highland of Scotland. An obelisk was constructed to commemorate his achievement on which a inscribed the following a Bull a intended to distinguish Between natural tracks and made roads Hart you is n the Quot Road before they were my Rte you urn i i i a up your hand and Blea general Wade. V 44444444 4"44 44.44.44.-44 4444 a nil at i Tribune office it old papers for 5 of. In i i i a i. push Rocky Mountain Tea along. X l a. Hanes. Ii i 41 i 41 of ii the Tribune Job rooms of Wise men never erred it would lie hard with the fool. If you be made a mistake in the groceries you have Lieen buying now is the time to right yourself by buying from us. We have just put in new Type and material and have skilled workmen print we per dozen 25 to 35c i 55c i Ioc j inc Nerlfi la or in show driving. A Western Tun ii was Tell Lolk sonic to rfcs of daring driving some realistic and some hyperbolic. A there is a Sto a he said a of one eyed Pete Mccoy. If this Story i True the four in Hii Iid Drivers of the cast Are Only practising a decayed no a degenerate form of couching one dyed Pete drove a Dakota Stagecoach that inn de a circuit of de adv std. Carbonate Spearfish and Bear Gulch. Ile Tore into Carbonate one Day on ids usual dead run. Like an Avalanche the coach clattered up to be botel d it it a. There suddenly u Stop pod Aud one of the horses fell Stone dead. A a a very Midden death a said a by a tastier. A a a sudden not at All a said one eyed Pete. A that there bos died at the top of the Bill. Ulue mile Back sir. But i was not going to let Blin Down till i gel to Ute Regear Stopple oranges Lemons. California celery. Dried currants tomatoes. Richelieu tomatoes Catsup Pir Puttie olives ult per quart. Honey 15c or two for 25c health club baking powder 15c Bill Heads letter Heads business cards calling cards circulars programs invitations sales Bills posters and All kinds of 10c Job work. I 40c1 Ioc 15c come and see our samples and get our prices before ordering elsewhere. Per can Mullen amp Grobel til grocers. The evening Tribune Albert Lea
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