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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1906, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - January 1, 1906, Albert Lea, Minnesota Pue evening Tribune. Vol. Idalbert Lea minn., monday january i. Iwo. No. 20. This is our new year treat i pc Are going to publish beginning Iii a few Days i fug hauled Down revolutionaries at Moscow surrender to troopers of the Czar. A powerful love drama full of fire and action by Booth Tarkington author of 44the gentleman from Indiana a a Monsieur Beausire a Etc. The heroine a Beautiful girl just out of a Convent school. Her father the wealthiest and most important mail in his town owning half of it. The hero an admirable Young american but hated by the heroines father. The villains the heroes rival for the hand of the heroine. We need hardly assure our readers who know the authors reputation that out of such material he has made a magnificent love Story which will fascinate the Young and please every member of the household. The scene is Laid in Indiana in the Early Days of the Republic affording an excellent picture of the manners customs and clothes of that period. Delightful Story and adds materially to the Success already scored to Booth Tarkington a commercial. Read the two Van revels in this paper rebellion has collapsed last band of rebels in the old russian capital capitulates. Watch for the Date booked Foh retirement. Report about pm it Witte persistently circulated. St. Petersburg Jan. re port that count Witte is booked for retirement in a few Days is Agata Bein i persistent circulated. The Kasha Shin which declares it can guarantee Tho accuracy of its statement say that m. It in Tovo minister of the into nor,.who is worshipped As an idol by Tho court Camarin which believes that his Stern Polk alone can put an end to the existing Anan by has a comply de the downfall of the count and will be elected to the premiership. Investigation by the associated press however indicate s that the report is baseless certainly for the moment. Nevertheless it is True that m. Durnovo has a powerful Fabal of rep a to Vonariee behind him and temporarily seems to dominate the situation. M Manuchin whose sudden retirement from the ministry of Justice in which he is succeeded by m. Akan off. A member of the Senate created a stir resigned according to the Molva j Russ rather than submit to m. Durnovo a dictation in matters which he regarded As being strictly within i the is nere or is ministry be insisted that a he reports of the senators who were dispatched to investigate that jewish and other massacres following the Imperial manifesto of Ort. To should be made to the minister of jus tace in order that Legal pro get Elnus could be begun against the police a i other local authorities where font i culpable m Durnovo re Slit j declaring that the Intel Lor admin a ration belonged to him. When m. Bur novo was sustained m Manuchin r signed and m. Akan off who is a brother in Law of m. Dpi Renovo. Was appointed his successor on the other hand. Count Witte is being attacked More ii reply pan eve r on the Side of the liberals who charge that to is showing the Cloven Hoof and say that he might happen to fall i tween two stools. M. is out with a Strong article in Tho Lovo entitled a Witte must go in which he asserts that the Victory at Portsmouth has been followed by defeat at St. Peters Burg. His line of argument is the. Anarchy has been Able to make head Way. Because tine liberals Don in whether Russia is to have a Constin tion or whether the manifesto in on a Tacti it a1 move to Lull them to sleep tilt Scott of i sic la Mille aired. John Florissant Boru in 111 57, is called the Walter Scott of Tho Middle Ages. He was a Churchman Aud a scholar. Living As lie did in unsettled times before nationality had become Well developed. Lie was destitute of patriotism at i therefore More reliable As a cosmopolitan chronicler. Ile travelled in finn o. Scotland Italy and other countries his chronicles Are the result of his own observations end Are valued As a faithful p to trayal of the places customs and in Tun Era of the people during i is Lime Aith nigh not so reliable of history. A Rue Len my Iii ii. Out of the be t known of feathered creatures in India is the Paddy Bird. A traveler says of him a the Paddy Bird is not r. Filleted with shyness. Ile is far too Lazy Lole disturbed i y the a i i on ii of Lur i ult i clogs. To confiding is ii the it the native of India Call him the i in i Lerna. I saw one us. Hoi tile n a. P i Art a e within or Vav. Motionless it Tea feet of a a Loieri ainu who i. A t a pieces ii jul i ,1 me in la tin least i a Moscow Jan. flags flying from a dozen factories in the tenement House District of Prensa where the revolutionaries made their last stand now boar n Ute witness to Tho end of the a december uprising in the entire District is now oct opted by troops. During the night Tho vast majority of the Quot fighting legions Quot either surrendered or after throwing away their Irma endeavours to escape in the Guise of peaceful t Miens Only the members who acted us a guard to the revolutionary committee stuck to tin or colors and the surrender of this hand full during the morning furnish d the last aet of he sanguinary drama. The staging of this last act was and in lab Law a Snow slivered lands Ajie the Small Black reside Nee with a tiny red Flag fluttering from its Gable the end of Gorbatoff Bridge Black with the guns of the artillery and a thin encircling line of the Semonovsky regiment of the guard broken Only directly in the line of fire. Suddenly there was a hash or ted fir from the Mouth of one of the guns end a solid shot slowed through the Walls of the House. A few spluttering is cts replied from a window. The Cannon spoke again and again until a dozen shots had been fired. It looked like murder. It looked like murder to the spectators on a Hill and so evidently thought the officer in command of the Battery which eased fire. A Reserve erf Tripany of the Siminovsky regiment Hen advanced and fired a it Leys at the upper windows. At the third Volley a White handkerchief attach i to a Bayonet was pushed through shattered pane. It waved frantically Udall was Over the Little Garrison of thirty marched out and Bald Down their arms a strange collection f rifles and repeating shotguns. All had revolvers. Strange to say rot on. Of the men had even been wounded and when they found that they would not be immediately executed they appeared to be rather relieved that the end of the struggle had come. They gathered around Tho soldiers Biot Ivac. Stretched their hands eagerly Over the cheerful the startling sensation a the Moonshiner a daughter entire production carried 6-big vaudeville acts 6 c the Lynching. The raid on the still. The Way a Kentucky girl shoots. Temptation prices 25c, 35c and 50c. Remnants a a Awiz we tar Ltd Sam pm two Large tables piled full of remnants one Wool goods the other Cotton goods. These Are marked at about one half former Price. A table loaded with children a hosiery sizes 5 to 9, these Are Odd lots and Range in Price up to 25 cents a pair the Price i up per pair Sheet music at special Price for saturday All regular 25 cent kind at All regular.15 cent kind at All regular to cent kind at Lac 12c he music department on Balcony formerly occupied by millinery yours to serve. Skinner Chamberlain amp co. J Broadway theatre special new years Day attraction. Matinee and night. Now comes a legitimate comedy just what you have been waiting for. Too much musical comedy a is a Stephens and Linton present the legitimate drama comedy Success. A High class comedy with a plot my w Ifer of Amily think this title Over and it will at once Appeal to you As it strikes Home to every one. More legitimately funny lines and situations. More real Clever performers. More Beautiful scenery and costumes than Ever before seen in this class of entertainment. Second successful season. The Only play of its kind on the Road. Matinee 2 30 p. In. Night performance 830 p. In. Prices night 25c, 35c and 50c for s and logged cigarettes Irum in guards. The number of prisons s i being constantly augmented must of the new arrivals being arrested at the Bridges or at other Points of egress in the Prensa District which la crowded with refugees. Tho associated press learns that after Tho a 1 of he Frok Haroff Cotton Mill and oth it a Factor tel a noun ii was hastily held it which it was or Elded that the revolution had failed and an order was Given to every Man to save himself As Host he could a Hundred agreed to hold together so As to Hoer up a show of fight under Cove of which the others could escape after the final surrender the inhabitants swarmed into Tho streets of Tho District and in a remarkably Short time cleared away the remains of the barricades and other obstruction with which for a week the revolution Aries had blockaded the District. Barricades torn Down. During the morning a correspondent of Tho associated press found one at it where on Friday it was Nares atry to climb Over thirty barricades Clear from end to end. All these except three which were carried by troops saturday were demolished by the inhabitants who wore a Indus Arloua in tearing them Down As they had been in erecting them. Considering the intensity of saturday s bombardment when an Many As Ara Ahota a minute were fired besides the steady volleying of the infantry the losses ars surprisingly Small not More than 40 of the soldiers or inhabitant Quot being killed and Only about 200 being wounded in the District. The artillery saturday was concentrated mainly against the factories fringing the Dis tract but the revolutionaries usually decamped at the Aret shot taking Refuge in the cellars of neighbouring houses. The shrapnel and Rifle bullets did not penetrate beyond the outer Walls and in Only a few instances did the Valls show Complete penetration by the solid shot. The correspondent visited the prok Hamff Mamontoff and other factories there according to saturday night s reports Over 1,000 of the fighters hat perished in the ruins. He found frag ments of shrapnel everywhere but no Trace of Slaughter. He was informed by a caretaker who had stuck to his Post throughout the fighting that there was Only one person killed and that a dozen were wounded among the fighting revolutionaries were several girl Audenta who stood by their comrades until the last the Only serious attempt at defense Wos made at Schmidt s furniture far. Tory where the losses were heavy but it is impossible the give the number As in factory was burned and the bodies inc i aerated. The losses to the troops were slight in this Region. The Siminovsky Reg ment. Which performed most of the work Hud one Man killed and a s Ori wounded the latter including Colon Eller who was shot through the neck scene of filiation. Desolation. During the afternoon Rug lives were seeking new Homes and the women Wen bending under the weight of huge packs of bedding Many of them dragging their children along sledges were piled High with All the ordly goods of Many families. The poor people made very slow Progress us their bundles and were subjected to continual search by the soldiers. In addition to the fires in the bombarded District which Are now under control a conflagration broke out saturday night in the building adjoining 8t, Georges Church which it is be moved was set afire by the revolution Arles As a Means of diverting the troops. The buildings burned All night and the firemen had great difficulty in saving the Church the appearance of the Center of Tho City now is Quito Normal the people to have been cooped up for a week Are crowding the streets through which pass Gay Sledge Ann the magnificent turnouts of the Moscow Mer chant primes. The City is quiet except for an occasional shot where a revolutionist is trying to escape capture the workmen s Council or what is left of it outside prison has formally declared the strike off the revolutionaries have managed to get out a proclamation declaring the purposes of Tho revolt have been Folly Conin a lashed and calling upon the proletariat to prepare for a decisive Battle Jan a Gre at Many of the workmen How Etc r. Arlt in an angry mood the it Laim hint they hav been deceived ii then Volution arb s and that their families Are starving these Are threatening vengeance on the at taters hard Are life a Early Steps. And but that youth is i boy not confident and Strong in Hope men would behold its threshold and despair. Business in the Senate. Expected that it will not occupy much time this week. Washington Jan. I the Senate will not do very much legislative business this week. It is not expected f session will occupy More than two Days thursday and Friday. The Shin subsidy Bill is the unfinished business and Fenato Ballinger May open the debate in favor of the be Anuran. Tills May depend i upon the desire of senators who May wish to consider other business. There is a con id Rabi amount of executive business some of which h is in controversy and this inv Consumo the few Days the Senate is in session at the time of adjournment the of the Panama canal commissioners had been a it us dered and the nomination of or j. D. Bishop As a new commissioner had just been made tin be nominations a it re Allro. Feared to the committee on inter oceanic canals and it is expected an Early report will be made in order that the Senate May take them up. There a re several other nominations in Eon Troverso notably two officers who have been Rede tailed As chiefs of bureaus of departments and the question has been raised As to the in regarding such details. Several other nominations have been held up and Tho Senate May devote All its time th4 week to executive business. Even of nominations Are not to be considered the now developments in Santo Domingo will afford Opportunity to discuss the treaty informally. General Bogdanovitch dead. London Jan. I a dispatch to a pews Agency from St. Petersburg says that general Bogdanovitch vice gov Senor general of to Ruboff Central Russia who was wounded three times with revolver shots dec. 28, has died of his wounds Peterson a is the place this is it. The big 4 four combination this Makanda set of Runn makes All these outfits Vav i is a scene of Peterson Khz Ard Ware co
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