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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 12 1906, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - February 12, 1906, Albert Lea, Minnesota Tribune Iffe Jalbert leads great store it new Spring dress i goods Lii or of work to occupy attention of members of that body. Washington fates. the agreement reached last monday the Senate will ate 5 Steelwork wednesday. Vote on the subs my shipping Bill and under the same agreement All of tuesday and wednesday with the exception of the time devoted to routine business will he Given up to the dissuasion of that measure. It is not expected that there will he any More prepared speeches delivered of the Bill but there will be considerable debate on its principal features Aud also upon amendments that will be offered. The joint statehood Bill will be made the unfinished business of the Senate in thursday following immediately upon the disposal of the shipping Bill Aud will continue to hold that place until voted upon or displaced. Opinions differ As to the time that will be required for the consideration of the measure. Confessedly the Senate is quite evenly divided on the Foraker amendment giving Arizona an Opportunity for a separate vote on the question of admission and it is not probable that a test of strength will be consented to until thebe is More deft nits information As to the attitude of certain senators than can now be obtained. Senator Beveridge who will have charge of the Bill on the floor expressed Confidence in its Success practically As reported from committee. It is understood that senator Dick will open for the Bill and that senator ii Ever id go will close in that interest. A it no Oset Sten reached. No decision bae vet been reached As to what will follow the statehood Bill As unfinished business. The decision on that Point will rest with the Republican steering committee and it will not be reached by that committee until the Railroad rate Bill is reported to the Senate. The decision will lie Between the rate Bill and the philippine Tariff Hill. The Day for a vote on the Railroad Bill in committee has been fixed for next Friday and the Hill will be reported soon afterwards in the shape agreed upon. If the committee succeeds in getting a measure fairly satisfactory to the Senate leaders it will be Given the place of preference immediately after the vote on statehood. No time has been fixed for reporting the philippine Bill. The week s proceedings will be opened by an Effort on the part of senator Tillman to secure an investigation of Railroad conditions in West Virginia As a result of a complaint made by governor Dawson of that state. It is probable that the question of the propriety of caucus dictation in dealing with treaties which was raised by senator Patterson s Resolution will be revived some time during the week by senator Spooner who will sustain or Patterson a course. Many of the conservative senators on both sides of the chamber Are trying to prevent a revival of the subject the Senate will adjourn Over sat urday to permit senators to attend the lungwort Roosevelt wedding Quot Ood Liberal shipments Are now in and More coming nearly everyday. The Spring Wash goods Are always attractive and More so it seems to us each season. The showing we Are making is principally printed Organ Dies of All grades from 15c a Yard up to 50c. Printed Silks and silk mixtures at tirades around the 50c Mark. Fancy Silks for shirt waists or suits at 35c and 49c. White linens Ful 39 Inch and Fine Trade at per Yard 15c. Patisteas swisse voiles Poppins White goods All new. Rajah silk in Trade 5< a 75, and $1.00, lots of colors. Poplin s yarn mercerized imported cloth All colors at per cd 35c Wool dress foods in the new Gray. In Small Check and plaids and greens also that Promise to be exceptionally Good this season. The Broadhead Mills dress goods we believe to be the Best most Staple and durable goods made in this country. We have them in a grades and nearly All colors at from 50c to $1.50 per cd. Keep in touch with the new things that Are constantly arriving. We Are Are always pleased to show them and we appreciate your Friendly critic Ision. Ask for Trade checks when Cash purchases Are made. These checks Are redeemable in our basement. Oncy one arrest made. Result of investigation of conditions Oyster dredging Fleet. Not Folk va., feb. 12 United states marshal Morgan treat and commissioner Percy s. Stephenson have re turned on the Revenue Cutter Windom from an expedition among the Oyster dredging fleets in Chesapeake Bay while Over fifty vessels were boarded and conditions indicated that captains in a number of instances were holding men in a state bordering upon slavery Only Cue arrest was made w. E. Justice. Master of the Schooner Daniel was taken into custody. Thomas Cunningham a member of his Crew charged Justice with cruel treatment. He claims the Cabin floor was often flooded and that he and his mates were forced to sleep in the Erm r capt fall to tire was Beld for tbe�?of�4-Era grand jury at Norfolk. Attar wards he was released undo it i Fois for his appearance. Cunningham who is suffering from rheumatism which he says is a result of his experiences will be held in the Norfolk jail As a witness sever Al sailors on other vessels Tes tilled they had been drugged and shanghaied by Baltimore agents but none would prefer charges. Use fair blend Coffee yours for business302 South Broadway Albert Lea Minn yours to serve the figures on the dial. He told the maker that he had made a grievous error As the figures to denote the Bour of 4 should be four is. Toor Vick ventured to Tell the King that he was wrong. Quot i am never wrong thundered the irate Monarch. A take the clock away and Correct the mistake at once upon pain of my die pleasure a Vick had to do As he was told with the result that All our timepieces have the fourth hour labelled ii instead of Ivas should be the Case if the Correct numeration were followed How Many in Ople have the slightest notion Why sixty seconds make ii minute and Why the hour is divided into sixty minutes and so on Why Are i there not Teu hours to the Day and ten to the night tile reason is very simple. It is lie cause the Jie Ople of Babylon reckoned not Only by a Decimal system of Nota Bon but also by a Sevag Tsimal sys Rem. That is to say they not Only reckoned by fens but also by sixties the babylonians were very Clever peo pie and they saw that the Decimal sys tem was by no Means the Best. They knew that no number had so Many divisors As has sixty. How about the division of the Day into hours the babylonians begun by comparing the Progress made by the Sun of its daily journey to the distance covered by a Good Walker this being done at the time of Hie Equinox. The astronomers divided the Sun s journey into Twenty for Sarsangi whence our hours. The babylonian system was adopted by the greeks. It is one of the most remarkable feet of history the the system has survived through every charge made since the Days of Babylonia. When the the French revolutionized nil weights Ami measures going so far As to alter the Days of the week still they left the old system of notation so far As regarded the reckoning of the flight of time. Even our own Lover of tile Decimal notation do not suggest that the old Sevag Tsimal method of reckoning time should be altered a Pearson s weekly Mitchel l in new Days Ami Hodes a achievement. Judge Tea Irlar of Miosis i up wee in East late Bachelor and Ratler prided himself upon having resisted the charms of Lovely woman when on All a ides his friends had Fullen victims to the insidious arrows of Fate. He was a solemn looking Man hut with plenty of dry humor in his nature. He had a pleasant Home Over which his relatives sometimes presided. Upon one orca Aion a lady called of some charitable errand and. The servants being out for the moment the judge answered the Bell. The caller who was a stranger asked for the in a grave and deliberate voice the judge replied a there is no the stranger instantly detected a sorrow and spoke with sympathy in look and voice a alas. I see Pardon May a this was too much for the Bachelor Pride of the judge who Felt that a could not be worsted of bus years of victorious Solitude so with triumphant remo Berance he shouted with Joy and animation a no Madam not a bereavement an achievement thank heaven an achievement a origin of our system of the division of time. It wee devised by the do by Ion la in who were a Verr Clever people was adopted by the greek wad Mas survived through All change. If you pull your watch out of your pocket you will have in your baud one of the nost wonderful piece of machinery Ever constructed. Think How it works throughout the Day and night and How it keeps it up year in year out think How the second hand Points to 8,6 10 divisions of time during every Bour. It never sleeps. If it is like the average watch it will he built up of no fewer than 175 different pieces. These pieces will hav passed through More than 2,400 separate operations each being a distinct form of manufacture. The fourth jewel wheel screw is so very email that it is almost invisible to the naked Eye it appears to be but a a Peck of dust. When examined under g magnifying Glass it will be soon to be a perfect screw having 200 threads to the Inch each thread being Well aet. Actually the diameter of this grew is so Little As the four one thou Wendth part of a Inch and it would take no less a number than 100,000 similar screws in order to till an Ordinary thimble As used by the ladies. Each a Crew has a double head and bes the be hardened. After the hardening process the screws Are arranged in Fra Mea being placed in with the Heads upward. This delicate operation is done by the sense of touch alone in Stead by sight and great rapidity Marks the skillful operator. Somewhere about a Hundred screws Are placed in each Frame and the frames Are attached to a machine which pol la jul Tho Heads of the screws 10,000 at a time. It will be seen How marvelous these screws arc. Yet one of them forms but one tiny piece of a watch. Still this will show the remarkable nature of thai everyday article. When special watches go considered Vebere is indeed room for wonder. For instance take the watch which was presented to it Atherine i. On her Coronation As Empress of Russia. This watch was one of the most remarkably constructed instruments Ever made. On the opposite Side of the works of this extraordinary timekeeper there was an exact representation of the holy sepulchre with a carved image of the roman guard stationed outside it. As soon As the watch Case was opened the imitation rocks would Roll away from the month of the sepulchre the Soldier would Knell Angels would appear it opposite sides of the opening and Sweet strains of music would be heard. This remarkable watch took nine years uninterrupted labor in or Der to construct. The first clock in any Way resent bling those in use at present was made by Henry Vick in the year 1370. And i was made for Charles v of France Fri Monarch was surname the Wise but big education was imperfect in Many Raap Ecta and he knew it Well. A a ramp ult he was very obstinate in his claim to know everything. He hewed this obstinacy when Vick brought the new timepiece for his approval. The King could not find any of Ala with its working to he criticised four persons killed. Peoples wants two others badly injured in a Railroad Accident. Washington feb. 12 the official report of the Accident on the Southern railway at Greensboro n. C., Early in the morning received at the offices of i the company in this City states that four employees were killed. The dead Are Owen Norvelt Engineer train no. 84 Yard Engineer Sellers Yard conductor Newman and fireman Johnson j fireman Sparger of train no. 34 and William Bailey an outsider who was on the switch engine were badly injured. No passengers were injured. Celebrated Lincoln s birthday. Cincinnati Kelt 12 methodists throughout the United states during the Duy celebrated the ninety seventh anniversary of Lincoln s birthday Epworth league bigot ins and congregations joining the general Celebration. Cincinnati was the Center Ai this movement m we Bull by Oliver Kab i my could t Lay t p Money the real inventor of Tho locomotive never realised a Cut from his invention. Ills name was Oliver Evans. Ile was Horn in Delaware in 1756 and spent Uil his life perfecting inventions which were destined to bring him nothing but More poverty lie was tile original inventor of the High pressure engine used in locomotives tile Only kind that could be employed to advantage i this form of transportation but realized trothing for his idea. Ills application of the notion to both land and water Power was somewhat novel. In 1h04 the municipality of Philadelphia called for bids for tile dredging of the River and the cleaning of the docks. Evans put in a old lower than any of bus competitors and when it was accepted determined to build a Steamboat to do the work. He fitted out a scow with a steam engine building Bot ii the engine Aud the scow in his own work hop. When the boat was. Cady to is launched Evan determined to give the people of Philadelphia an object lesson in mechanics to he put the bout on wheels fitted up a push wheel behind set bus engine to work Mal Projko led the Twat through the streets to the Riv or in the midst of an open mouthed throng not a few of whom had a dim idea that he ought to lie arrested for witchcraft. When the boat reached the Bank of the River the wheels Aud axles were taken off the Cruft was launched Atte out with other wheels Ami made to do the work of dredging the Harbor. To far As the invention of mechanical devices went Evans had a splendid Genius but when dollars and cent came up for consideration he was t Mer child and even allowed Blume to lie cheated out of the Money thai was Dee him for Cleu lung the Philadel Pula Harbor with bus new tangled a team amt a try in Styli rail to Ile descent inned a Empire grocery in that building. Alabama negro lynched. 4-44- wanted a Good farm cheap. Address Box 277, Albert Lea. 65 of. Foh rent a store building on Broadway. W. Ransom. 65 of. Lor Hale five Lints on Frank Street. Address 409 East third Street. To of. For Sale five lots on Frank Street. Address 419 East third Street City. 60 of. For Hale Call at Tribune office for big bundle of old papers for 5 cents. Of for Hale Fine Al room House on West William Street two residence Fountain Street in a. Paine. 228 of. Wanted a a Good Louse and lot. Modern improvements Good location. Address Box 277, Albert Lea. Calf. Lit i hts Ai knit h of clock monday morning Gold watch Between now store and c. E. Clovis feed barn. Finder return to this offi Cio. Taken from jail by a mob and hanged to a Bridge. Gadsden Ala. Feb. 12 Bunkie Richardson a negro charged with the assault Utida murder of mrs Harah Smith Here july 15, last was forcibly taken from the jail Here at an Early hour in the morning and hanged to a Bridge of the Louisville and Nashville railway across Coosa River. Twenty four masked men went to the jail overpowered the sheriff and Jailer and made Short worn of the prisoner. Four negroes were barged with the crime against mrs Smith one of the most fiendish Ever committed in the state two of whom have been legally executed the third will Johnson was recently convicted and sentenced to death but last week governor Jelks believing there was Strong doubt of the prisoner s guilt reprieved the sen tence to life imprisonment Richardson the Man lynched had not been indicted but was in jail awaiting the action of the grand jury for some weeks it has been reported the City restaurant would to discontinued and now it is known such win be the Case and the last meals will be served in about a month. The business has been a Good one Hilt or. Gulley desires to take a rest for a time. Tile restaurant has been one of Tho Best the City has Ever had and there will he regret in Tho minds of Many at its discontinuance. The Empire grocery co. Will occupy the room when vacated by the try restaurant and with new fixtures expects to he better Able than Ever to handle Tho Trade. The Empire people will operate Tho bakery in connection with the grocery store and Thoro Merna no doubt about Success attending their efforts. Tho room to to vacated by Tho Empire grocery store is owned by Chas. Both or Tho firm of Naeve be hot ii and the probability is it will be used for the new Bank proposed to be established by or. Seth and his associates and Tho location Weald he far from bad and it is probable the preposition will assume tangible shape in a few Days. There Are other changes contemplated that will be Worth noting when i ready for the Public but the Tribune does not care to Embarrass people in their negotiations. The Tribune wishes Success to. Attend the parties interested in this serbs of changes and it feels that it will of they stand by Albert Lea. Let of All Tho pelicans of Tho boo Coos of Florien. In that Long narrow Lagoon on the East coast of Florida known As Indian River there is a Muddy islet three or four acres in extent. Originally it doubtless did not differ from hundreds of similar neighbouring islets but for borne reason past Anding out this islet and this alone forms the nesting resort the Home of All the pelicans of Hie Indian River of not indeed of the East coast of Florida. The Brown Pelican unlike its White Cousin nests normally in Low Trees and Bushes and there is evidence that when the original Pelican colonists landed on the islet which now bears their name it was Well grown with Block Anil red mangroves. In which the Birds placed their scaffolding of a ticks. Exceptionally Low temperature and High water perhaps also excessive use by the Birds which sometime build As Many As seven nests in a single mangrove have killed tree after tree until at present Only three sender Able Trees remain. Still the Birds com Back the impelling motive which prompts them to return to this particular spot boing evidently stronger than that which induced them to nest in m. Chapman in Century House will be Busy. Three trainmen killed. Plenty of work for that Branch it Congress. Washington. Feb. 12.�?with two appropriation Bills on the Calendar an anticipated discussion of the Bill providing a w shipping Post for wife beaters in the District of Columbia and an adjournment during the wedding of mibs Alice Roosevelt and representative Longworth the House of representatives begins a somewhat Busy legislative week. The first Day is District of Columbia Day and the fortifications appropriation Hill will to taken up tuesday. This Bill carries $4,838,993 for fortifications and other works of defense. The passage of the bul tuesday is predicted. The army appropriation Bill is also on the Calendar and will receive Early consideration. This Bill carries $69,-678,692 for the maintenance of the army. A legislative amendment providing that when the office of lieutenant general becomes vacant it shall not thereafter be filled but the office shall Tea in and determine provides a fruitful subject of debate. Two Days will be required for the disposition of the army Bill according to estimate. The District of Columbia whipping Post Bill is on the Calendar without recommendation from committee and should it be called up a Lively discus bion is anticipated. Chairman Payne of the ways and Means committee is desirous of securing consideration this week of a Bill placing authority in the hands of the president to consolidate customs collection districts. While no specific agreement has been reached to that effect it is anticipated that the House will adjourn from Friday until monday because of i the White House wedding saturday. Run Dawn by a train while repairing an engine. York pa., feb. 12.�?three men were killed by an accommodation train on the Northern Central railway near Seit land sixteen Miles South of this City daring the Day. The men comprised part of the Crew of a northbound freight train. The dead Are conductor Silas aider Raymore Engineer John c. Baughman. New Freedom a. Brakeman Frank Mcfadden Baltimore. One of the tires of the driving wheel of the locomotive had burst and the men were repairing it when the other train struck them. They were blinded and deafened by the escaping steam and did not notice the approach of the accommodation. Wanted a More students for the music department of Albert Lea. College. Apply to Charles b. Augur president or miss lotto Ellickson superintendent. 58 of. Ladles read this catalogue of charms. Bright eyes glowing Cheeks red ups a smooth skin without. A blemish in Short perfect health. For Sale with every package Hollister a Rocky Mountain Tea. 35 cents. L. A. Hanes druggist. Publishers representative Wani. Prominent a mildly Magazine with Large High it ire Illarion requires Are v i it Ltd a Ltd focal i Proem ate unoccupied territory to Loon Aller renewals .1 crease subscription list. On a salary iwo or Salat commis Teion if Preterite with a continuing inter year to year in the business created i Peri in a Rahie nut not essential. Coo f Opportunity iv2 Man address with full particulars Hap oods b it suite 121. 30v Broadway new i 01u Hom seckers and settlers. To Points in Nebraska Eastern Colorado Kansas Missouri Arkansas Indian territory Oklahoma Lexas and Louisiana etc., the Iowa Central by. Has placed on Sale for february 20 and Mali ii 6 and 20, round trip and one Way tickets at extremely Low rates for Benefit of Home seekers and settlers. One Way tickets at two dollars higher than half fare. Round trip tickets a1 three fourths of the regular one Way rate limit Twenty Days. Twenty one Day tickets Are on Sale first and third tuesdays to Points in other states in the Southeast West and Northwest at one fare plus $2.00 for round trip. Don t fail to Call on Iowa Central agents for full particulars As to rates etc., or address a. B. Cutts g. P. Amp t. A., Minneapolis Minn. Mar. 20. Opening of parliament. Somewhat clouded by British court being in mourning. I Srodon feb. 2.�?the ceremonies attendant a it on the assembling of the new British parliament will be somewhat clouded by the fact that the court is in mourning for King Christian of Denmark whose burial is to take place on sunday feb. 18. The House of commons will assemble during the Day for the election of a speaker and the remainder of the week will be Given up to administering the oath of office and other preliminaries. King Edward will formally Oil in parliament on tuesday of next week 8tory not confirmed. London feb. 12.�?neither the foreign office nor the India office had any knowledge of the British Garrison in Tibet being surrounded by hostile tribes As bad been reported by a London Coal Man handles the Best Scranton hard Coal he also Sells the Best stove Wood on the Market. His prices Are the i sweat and he gives prompt p. Sorensen 408 s. South Broadway. Phone 38
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