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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 30 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - April 30, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota I of Wirt it met advertising subscript or b us in a a evening Call ton with the Tribune plea 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial off be and new room of the evening Tribune please Call 722 dynamite River levee again to Cut pressure Coolidge asks a a a Albert Lea Minnesota saturday april 30, Battle rages i As cantonese troops move general Chiang declare War against left Wing faction move taken a step to Settle banking affair. Air plane photo tells Story of flooded City Shanghai. April 30 a a f to warfare Between cantonese for a s under command of general is Kai Shek tim moderate na-1ionali#t Leader and the left Wing Antonese troops appeared to be under Way Friday. Simultaneous with the report f in banking that Chiang had de led formally to declare War against the left Wing faction whose i quarters is at Hankow news was received of the rout of an in t e army of ,5000 men led by Gen. Chi n Chien one of the i Paukow j generis and of the capture of Chiang # army of Large bodies of i oops at Wuhu and other places. Cuts railway lines Chiang was reported also to have succeeded in cutting the banking Kiu Kiang railway which virtually creels the Yangtze River his object being to eliminate the possibility of escape by Chen s men. A was the general who occupied banking when the Canton lose captured it from the northerners. He has disclaimed respond in Ity for the attacks on foreigners which followed upon the cantonese occupation and which Drew the fire of the american and British warships offshore on March i nevertheless Chiang Kai Shek adherents in Shanghai insist that the action against Chon is Par of Chiango a Campaign to Quot punish him for the banking outrage. Chang gets up government according to. Advices Roy. King where the moderate Canton est government was set. Up by Chiang general Yang Sung has been delegated by Chiang to proceed against the Hank wites with to punitive expedition of 80,000 Mon. The special court at i eking which is dealing with the alleged communists arrested he cd a raid on buildings in the soviet compound following up the sentencing of Twenty chinese to strangulation yesterday decreed today that four chinese among them a woman must serve twelve years imprisonment. Six others were riven six years each. None of tile russians taken prisoner in the rant by agents of Chang Tso Lin Northern Alliance Leader been sentenced. Additional Aid in flood presidents plea is coincident with edict against extra session. To funds an for paralysed youth is crowing weaker and death believed near Roanoke a. April 30my _ Unce More death was believed near to Walter i. Boothe is year old Farmer lad Quot to has been kept Alii since Ajmal by artificial respiration he was growing Day after he had movement Over a previous sink my spell earlier in the week. The continuous raising Ai d lowering of his arms by a group of weaker tosses edit Al plane photo copyright 1927, Nua service me. Lane picture to. i a graphically tolling a tragic Story of the a is War Vallge a Ltd of a refugees concentrated on the higher ground and at til levee Wiiiam nay staff photographer Foi m v s n to i a nearing the Anding. Tit Anri the City itself. Mrs. Snyder denies part in plot to kill husband repudiates confession that $6,000,000 French she plotted and aided in Gold consignment murder places blame entirely upon Gray. 30�? api new York april peking j holding High Lier Blond head mrs. Ruth Brown Snyder Queens vilage housewife took the stand yesterday and denied that she killed or plotted to kill her husband Al-purp0m of the shipment. Belt Snyder Magazine Art editor. No it Iris of the Bank to w denial accompanied by baffles Wall Street new York april 30.�? a Ibe arrival of $6,000,000 in French Gobi Here yesterday consigned to the american Exchange Irving Trust company provided Wall Street with a new mystery As to the source and Horn it was consigned declined to talk but in other banking quarters the her confession As a state Tom wag made that probably Diat a Point i represented part of the 18,000,000 her tears was categorical. She rep has the yet ment obtained under duress. By Point she was taken Over the Poun is 0f Gold recently teased by state s ease denying that Sheath Ltd Bank of England to the Bank a Quot a 0f France upon the payment of the French Treasury a 33,500,000 pounds debt to the Bank of England. Of secret inquiry securities Board underway today schemed to get her husband insured for $50,000 and then plotted his death. She fixed upon Henry her Corset Salesman responsibility for Judd Gray Paramour the a pm ouly la Rte deny parti but she told of Hus tion in the crime grappling with of to her husband s St. Rani. April soap secret investigation of the securities commission was started today by t unfold l. Hilton attorney general and Oliver Wondra assistant Ramsey county attorney on order of a Resolution passed by the state Senate. After hearing witnesses for two hours the hearing in the investigations was continued to 9 30 a. No monday. Erland Lind former Deputy Coni missioner and mrs. Gertrude e. C Monagle commission stenographer appeared As the chief witnesses today or. Hilton said. He refused to movie extra takes blame for shooting Washington april 30 Appeal for additional flood Relief in the Mississippi River Valley above the $5,000,000 already asked on Quot behalf of the red Gross. Was made today by president of Edge coincident with announcement a at the White House that a special j session of Congress would not be culled for consideration of flood control and Relief legislation. Or. Coolidge sees no method by which the Treasury can be resorted to for funds for Relief work and he wants it made Clear that the red Cross must depend on Public contributions for Relief activities. Moreover the president does not consider it expedient to Call con Gress into session. It would take some time he believes to assemble Congress and a Long. Time to have an appropriation Anthol in and actually nude. As for flood a on re legislation for the Mississippi it i constantly under consideration by the administration it Quot As Sai i rtt a White House but is complicated by the necessity for consideration of three elements flood control Power development and navigation while Tho red Cross with which government i Encl. S Ai co operating in Relief work is making j splendid Progress. Or. Coolidge is convinced that More than th1 $5, 000 too already asked by Iii Quot or sanitation will be required for re Lief work. Ile expects to join in an Appeal for another a a gum As soon As he Confer with Secretary Hoover who is now the flood District. \ message from senator Robin son of Arkansas the lie Leader urging an ext tas s it. 1 was received at the Whit today and the president reached an immediate Deci Alou. At mantra tion leaders in Congress who Ai Washington supported Omo Southern Detuno Tyson of tentative old pro companions to Force air in ins inert lungs was giving him some pain and he complained a was aware for than though he to Stop death. Would mean instant danger spots Are reported in River Dyke additional charges set off to allow Freer flow of flood Waters a refugees marooned on housetops. Bolt strikes plane kills 4 aviators first of the refugees to reach Neland two other children hold goods packed on the tru k. Rode mules to the City. A i bands bedroom ate Effort to save life. Gray she said pushed her so lard she fell on the floor in a faint is us Rte agree to Tell a Story of burglary by two italians. She complied she . Quot in mortal fear. She was on the stand ready Cross examination when court a _ Jou Uteri yesterday at it monday. Her the Mony Al a a it a a that of several witness a a a used in her behalf including her Mother. Josephine . Open ing addresses were made by coun gel for both defendants. Called or tort Tom Kerrick Moue cow i _ film testified that shooting Al party was accidental says gun went off As she jerked mrs. Kerrick sarm. Los Angeles april 30.�? apr an open verdict was returned by a j coroners jury Here Friday in the youth admits that he and his brother j shot mayor Adams Benton 111., april soap a Harry a. Thomaston 19, today con fessed in open court that he and his brother Elmo. 17. Now dead. Killed major Joe Adams of fest City last december 12 at the command of Charles Birger notorious gang Leader w to paid them $50 apiece for getting rid of an enemy who had Haroid the rival Shelton size planes of smugglers in his conclusion a Thorn ii ome soul Erat including senator Tennessee and i it it i Field of Arkansas favored tin posit i of senator Robinson. Trio charged with attempt. To Rob store three Are captured after Chase in which one of alleged burglars was wounded. Splintered plane hurled into Chesapeake Bay Atter being struck by lightning second plane escapes. Norfolk a. April sap four Navy at men two lieutenant 1uu, two Petty officers were sent to their deaths late yesterday by a Bolt of lightning that struck tit it i seaplane 1,200 feet in the. Air and sent it hurtling into Chesapeake Bay off new Point Comfort a Spain i tired wreck. Tho dead Are lieutenant Victor of Marinelli. I flight division. Hampton roads naval air stat ton. I lieutenant George Watson Lek Man. Aircraft Squadron scouting i aviation Guhler machinist i 11,. Al Poyner machinist a mat a Sec a George m. Michaels. A i Tho wrecked plan Quot As one two in rout a from philae Plua to Hampton roads. The other Pilot am Ion run. I j attached to the local sin i n brought news of the tragedy. Us Lei. Occurred during a so via and rain storm. The a plane carrying four in n w As proceeding in front of his Erat. Born a said. Suddenly i her a hash of lightning a puff a and the plan to swerve out 1,200 feet to the new Orleans. April 30 apr additional charges or dynamite were fir to today at the opening in the Mississippi River levee Oil the a Aat Bank of the River it Miles be to Vav the City in an Effort to Widen the break and allow for a greater flow of the Hood water. A it All was sent for two More tons of dynamite. During the night the ureters charging Brough he gaps near Poydras widened them materially. The villain of Cam in an was Well under water which had reach led northward for nearly a mile. I the flood also was sprading to i the South an Over he cae Nava canal. Dynamite Widen Gap the first shot of dynamite today widened the Gap near he Point where Tho break was greatest Anil til water began to Rush through with greater Speed. Shortly after noon the weather Bureau observer reported that the gauge at new Orleans stood at 20.8 feet a fall of on tenth of a mate Ond class of Coolidge considers invitation to visit flood area in South Washington \ i ii 30. A president Coolidge yesterday took under advisement the invitation of the governors of Mississippi River stat to Personalty inspect Thi it flood situation. Pending the return of Secretary of Commerce Hoover who is now in the flood area or. Coolidge is not expected to an non Nee any decision on tile invitation. Smoke a front was seen of control Ami fall Byrne lately by to find littered than Waler. And his companions Arnm descended hut were in anything More w Reckage. Command r Albert Blanding the air patched the tender Teal to search for the wreck. Both lieutenant Marinelli am Lehman had lived in but thread com stat iou Here Dis for lieutenant Norfolk for sum tim Mer # Home is said to be either in Salem or Boston mass., and t in Cincinnati. Both my beside his w id Hinan is Sun in foot within the last seven hours. Stat engineers prepared to set off additional charge of dynamite during the Day. Flood is spreading spreading with alarming rapidity the flood threatened Complete inundation of Southeastern Arkansas and much of the Northern and Central part of Louisian. Five danger spots have developed in the Mississippi levee Over a stretch of too mile non ii and South of picks big should to serious Brouk occur it adj one of tsetse places a great flood would be turned Loose on Central Louisiana adding to Tho water which already has moved out the Rel River and a 1 a continued Ria latter Home wore married at lieutenant l of 30 with Given by the witnesses theory the told from the stand by after miss Anita Davis. A cried they testified the shooting of would prove that mrs. Snyder Serpent woman. Divulge any of the information Cou gel for Gray asserted they tegtifle<1 the shooting i. S 1 it lie any Clit. A a i a a new York a captured by greatest Fleet in Navy a history new York april 30 of no w York surrendered yesterday Quot it out the United states Navy firing a shot. Marking the greatest concentration of United stat a j but Quot actually killed Albert Snyder to get his i surant n7t Only plotted the actor during a drinking a 7 Albert Snyder.1 Early wednesday was Accident and that Gray further investigation was ordered w of a tool. Gray s counsel would show that Gray was n _ also said they a gun was in Thomasson brought from Pontia afr Obi Story where he is serving a sentence of ten years to life for robbery entered a plea of guilty to it murdering mayor Adams and sentenced by circuit judge Miller to life imprisonment. He will be the states Star witness against Birow and other Birger gangsters allege Farmington. Minn. April apr three men charge attempted burglary Are held in the county jail at a Tings after i manhunt in the Dakota county Nea Here Early inlay. Die three who claimed St. I Ani As their Homes were hound Over i to the Dakota county grand jury which assembles at Hasting monday. ,. A a Eugene Frauen huh anime Kessler Ami John thump on Are non held and charged the by a year old daughter. F Ansa River. Was reported by the Bureau from \ Lack Surg miss to Donaldsonville la. Several House in ark., Alt and it flooded path of the new wave Bend have begun red Cross workers the with store the courtroom was packed mrs. Snyder was called to j by the jury. Fifis Davis a amp he the the hands of mrs. Sarah Herrick of halve joined m the plan to As me in to a a. Double and widow of the slain Sinai. Mayor Adams. it of dig Man a org Ker j flood predicted a it the time of the Munger. The divergent opening a a Madi a a a that it revealed the def a a a in. It and jerked Tinct and a a a a to or owl , Richarm the the witness collapsed completing her testimony before of the at Ker Craft assembled in a port 1-2 it it d offer entry As Els of All type., with More than Moat toddler 51,000 officers and men stand shortly Atter i party or Judd Gray sat. Chin in a is when attended by four him extras. . once remove 1. Var we ii in Yuma Valley aril., april 20 a tile United states weather Bureau announced yesterday Tbs a i Yuma in a Long line last nigh from new she to it and. Sludge York to Yonkers. No Quot ins him w Ith a Sash w eight and i a in the zoning Nim be _ zoning him at other Points slightly if in disagreement with fresh from Maneu vers a Caribbean sea and soon to enter the army and Navy War games in Nat i Aga set t Bay the ships will remain Here for two weeks. Mayor Walker went to the Quot Seattle a a flagship of Admiral Charles a times of the. Fleet to de but at times surrender the City and the Admiral she cried twice. And his staff paid a return Call on the mayor at City Hall the Quot Langley a aircraft Carrier and flagship of the air forces o the Fleet was damaged by a Gen a a Yonnine of her orator explosion off Ambrose log. Gray s b ult a yesterday and was taken to continued on Page 3 Brooklyn Navy Yard for repairs. J de rom the courtroom. Announce a a a told by those the Imperial Valley of j a Lri Quot j California in Mexico will conditions within the the Bureau pre the acc air planes used to smuggle aliens into u. S. From Mexico taken a aviator i killed in Battle. Ipoh Angeles Pili so map a Federal agents be ported today that they had captured three air planes attempting to bulgar in which slims w or. Being smug-1, m. N. Gore. St , 7 Miles led into California from my Xico �4il that one aviator was shot and 1 killed in the fight which resulted in the seizure. The planes were i n in Zed on a Highway outside Leos i Angeles. Two other aviators were captured by the Federal Imol Gatlon to a per tors but ten chinese declared i to have been carried out of to Joan a at 5 a m. Today escaped. I he off a Cera req sted police to throw guard around i of Angeles Clima town to effect their capture. The dead aviator was identified As Arthur d. Daugherty 30 of this City. Bomb tears off hand of Rural Carrier opening mail Box burglar of inflicting stories the party resulted in the jury and lower shaking t no further investigation to face Floo Ltd his heed a. Of in a iwo with a the responsibility for a May e exceed the testimony was gov miss in of zot Enior most part. In a a Quot a a Quot of a m her husband. , Mexico. Item rising a int o 01 Mio Burns were saw by a Quot a a 16 children Hurt of m. N Northeast of Here. Gore was aroused by a alarm Obhi a Oil Early today and look 1 out to be three no n 1 trying to gain Entrance. I ii a Trio made away in a car and Gores Ami i others gave Chase. I when three tires had but a ii pierced by bullets and the a k r id died tile fleeing car was stalled two or ii pants ran toward farm Langton and one towards \ i i Mil . I Frauenshuh and Kessler found hiding in Coal Sheds while a hastily formed posse Over took Thompson who Lias several Bullet wounds in a Field near \ a . Judge c i Wells bound Hie men Over to District c ourt this morning. Milltown. April 30 a of. a mail Box on his route ant., Hermstad Balsam Lake a Rural mall Carrier was injured a loudly Friday morning in an explosion. A Horah or some other Dpi Olive is believed to have but n with his right hand badly Man a led and his head injured. Herm mad walked in a dated Ilion to a far Ana. A half a told a Farmer a believe Mcgee Hee and in the v from South rumbling and Are i Boring feverishly to evacuate the town it was announced at Headquarters at Memphis. The Refuge Are Maroon to on up peer floors of dwellings. Mole than Soo Persona were reported in the town. Water beats against Dykes at Vicksburg the Mississippi was creeping up a second sandbag defense and was sloping Over portions of the North Vicksburg levee with a Bureau predict of a further Rise of nearly a foot a week hence. 1 River Wai the previous recon the Crest lightning bad Holch mail were her metallic her first tears the h to spoke of Hor bus York Camf Pine Anery because their to have caused a fight of bands being angry Nesses Herrick who daughter Lorraine now 95 tween her and m of a not a boy. So. Opt a u charged us murder. Us in. Whop it i miss Davis admitted to the Jun Tan dictator that she w Bell. As not married to dab it Olsburg ind., april 30 apr sixteen children were injured two probably fatally a coun try school House in the West pal of the Scott county was blown Down during a severe rain and win. Storm this afternoon most of the n Crosby wealthy lamber j injured children were brought Mim was last Here. Barns Telephone and of flood Trie Light poles and Trees in Mississippi. I blown Over. Name flood Relief director Vicksburg miss. April 30. A Lumbis where the he had been struck by there had been no lightning. Right hand was amputated. Hermstad s automobile was by damaged in the explosion in apparently followed when the mat Carrier placed his hand in the Box no motive was advanced. Mrs. Chaplin gets $1,500 each month i As Alimony fund in april s0.- a i a Grey Chaplin yesterday was awarded $1,500 a month Alimony pending he suit for divorce from new Challie is at Vicksburg Orleans. Delta in school collapse s Ocie Market seat sold for $194,000 last night the feet As against d of 54 9 in 1922. Of the flood a slightly South of Greenville miss today and working ahead of it j the red Cross ordered concentration of supplies Natchez and new victims cling to housetops Iii the lower Mississippi Many victims were reported cling lug to levees Trees an roofs anti fleets of Relief boats being rushed i there. I seventy refugees were found i when Small boats went into the i Section isolated by the levee break it Dorena to. 12 Days ago. In one barn loft were found a White Man Ami four children four negro families persons were found without All had been new York april 30.a pm be Rah in on the and Many who a oot drinking polluted water and some were sick. The Arkansas dead list today stood at 119. Having been increased drowning of of Picayune. The fief i announcing Najja a eau. 0n which she filed Ber Light meat had been Somyk Educ a Plato so also was awarded a a in Transfer of a sea. Will 4,000 for attorney s fees and $1, were the identity of Quot 629 12 for Legal expenses. Over night by the three negroes near England the i,.atli of two others from expo sit and the finding of the floating l lies of two White men in the bark water near Forrest by. Be made Public thursday. I Lief Active ies

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