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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - April 29, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota If you with to talk advertising sub Asp. Ton or b Ual Ith tha Evan ing Tribune Pla aaa Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and new room of the evening Tribune. Please Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota Friday. April. 29. 1927 number ii general Shek declares War on radicals chinese modernist commander sends punitive Force of 80,-000 men against Hankow scores big Victory. Amp Iran i per Ion a in try in air race to Paris clashes Shanghai april 29.�? apr Char advices from banking say that general Chiang Kai Shek j i duration nationalist Leader Lias ride formally to declare War against the Hankow nationalists ii has ordered general ans of to proceed against Tlam who punitive expedition of 80,000 men. Shanghai april 29 apr Gen eral Chian g Kai Shek moderate i ii none be commander is reported in chinese advices from banking a a have routed an entire army of room men under general it Hen Chien. He is said to have �?~lisa�1 Edall of Chen a troops and killed thirty of them and also to have captured Large bodies of troops at Wuhu up the Yangtze from banking and other towns. These advices told of the cutting of the railway Between banking and Kiu Kiang it being explained that Chiang did this to prevent the scape of Chen a troops. Chiang s supporters Here interpret the action As an important defeat Foi Radical Section of the pm Tonejc Aud As the first step in Ching a Campaign to meet out punishment tor the banking affair. Chen was in command of the cantonese forces at banking Din lug the outrages which prompted the shelling by american and Brit anchored in the judge refuses move to drop Snyder murder Case Neace motored Pauc a a it it to Paris the two pilots who expected Field . Is Langley Field to new York by air to Stanton hat. Woo.,or .0.0 ,%lrcon7rniion Thor neat september i a a Shioi crashed in a shallow Marsh near Tang the american legion which Crasner it from the United Stanton Hall w Tat its plane would this picture was rushed plane and Ihen transmitted by telephoto. Ish warships Yangtze. Peking april 29 a add the raid by Northern soldiers and police on buildings soviet embassy attached to the Here Early this month yesterday had in in the execution by strangling of Twenty chinese including a woman arrested in the building As communist agitators. Uta Chao a widely known Nom. Muniot was one of those Escutel rite sem official announcement of the execution said the prison irs were tried secretly tor Days before a special court ourt ordered the execution veal of the More than filly Oil finally arrested. New York couple Long prominent in society circles file suit against each other. And so divorce the Vanderbilt both filed in divorce suit Security body inquiry to be floods exiles inherit Fate Acosta gives of their great grandsire up his seat in Paris plane Many of those forced to leave flood zone Are de plea made by defense to abandon prosecution denied move for directed ac-1 i quintal verdict also overruled. Queens county courthouse new York april 29 a motions by defense counsel at the Snyder murder trial to dismiss Lite charge against Ruth Snyder and Henry Judd Gray wore denied yesterday counsel made the motions alter the state had rested its Case. Deft Uso counsel contended that Tea Conable doubt of guilt existed after ill evidence was in against Gray and mrs. Snyder. They also assented thai no Eon a piracy Between the defendants had been shown and asked thai the jury be instructed to bring in a verdict of not guilty. As motion followed motion la intended to free the defendants. Justice shudder merely repealed uie one word Quot denied Gray s counsel based one motion on the ground that Gray # confession said he had Only struck one blow in the killing of Snyder Aud that witnesses Hail testified the beating did not result in death chloroform which the confession said mrs. Snyder applied being Given As cause of death. Edgar Hazleton counsel for mrs Snyder then asked opening statements until tomorrow. Hustle Scudder said be would prefer to dispose of tin opening re i Marks last night but at the Earnest j plea of counsel for both sides of i the defense adjourned court at 4 30 until Hgt a. In today new Vork bootleggers pay $5,000,000 taxes Federal agent reveals new York april 29 total Federal income taxes paid by bootleggers in this City list year amounted to fat too too Hugh Mcquin chief of these Cret service unit attached to the internal Revenue department Here revealed today. Quot they made their returns under the Dante a Revenue i rom other sources in the tax Blanks Quot Mequell said. A it is not up to us to turn their names Over to the prohibition author t Mcquillan Ald the amount of taxes paid by Quot known Bootleg Gers was about $800,000. Other bootleggers whose sources of Revenue were unknown to the internal Revenue department brought the total up to lf.000. Too he mid. One thousand foot Crevasse gives Relief virtually All inhabitants of area flooded by Waters Safe in new Orleans other Arkansas towns threatened. Oil the Mississippi levee near Violet a i. Pili 29 and a break in the Dyke Bere holding the Mississippi flood Waler was made at 2 itt of clock Central St Anda id time today by the state engineers. Dynamite blasted away a stretch of the Dyke 1.000 Lect. Three charges carrying a total of 1,500 pounds of dynamite was Oft at intervals. The second set til. And that defense be put Over paralysed is improving May win fight Virginia kept alive by artificial respiration for Over week stronger physicians declare. Below to re feet of Throe this Paris april 29 map or mrs. William Kissam Andrei blot Long prominent in new a Ork piety brought suit against each other. Mrs Vanderbilt who was former Virginia fair daughter of the late senator fair of California we East he mine owner filed her petition first Ami consequently her suit will be heard before that other husband which was in the nature of a counteract. In her petition mrs. And Erbil charged that her husband refused of her Access to his Home in Paris while or. Vanderbilt based his be put under Way attorney general Hilton and of Brien will hear charges before taking definite action. Sce dents of French Aca Chamberlain and bertaud will Diana and Spanish creoles. in attempted new York to Paris non Stop flight. New Orleans april 29 and exile such As the Aea inns Fiew and Longfellow made immortal in Quot Evangeline a is an old ob1 atm j to the French radians and spam ish creoles of St. Bernard and a and St Paul april 29�? and investigation of the state securities commission jointly by c. L. Hilton attorney general and c. I. O Beni or Ramsey county attorney will be started saturday morning at 9-30 am or. Hilton said today. Witnesses including a. J. Veigel state commissioner of Banks and tit Lon on the allegation of his wife a j chairman of the department of i and George Vav. Welts Kidnap Story of my Pherson c0sts19.500 attorneys suit for fee reveals expense of fighting plot charge made against evangelist. Apr coldness the couple married 28 years Avo. Have not been in ing tog ther tor Many years. Vanderbilt a action Surprise while mrs. Vanderbilt a action was no Surprise to her close friends or. Vanderbilt counter move at least in the form it took was hot anticipated both or. And mrs Are to Mineola n. April 29 Clarence d. Chamberlin Lloyd w. Bertaud have been select cd As Copilot of the Bellanca Mon York plane for the proposed new to Paris flight. Charles a. Evlyne sponsor for the trip announced last new York Pili 29 Apie Kyll and Hyde i that permitted Henry Judd Gray to com Mil murder in the morning and play on the. To or with a friends Lithe children in the evening of Hie same Day were described yesterday by a witless in the Snyder hit it murder trial. Haddon Gray boyhood Friend of Judd Gray testifying shortly before the state rested told How j tricked him in helping Dis of Tell tale evidence of Gray a Roanoke a. Pili 29 while physicians stand flexed Over a medical l. Hoot be Young Virginia who has been kept Albe than a week by artificial n in blast occurred at 2 -4 the third at 2 26 in. In. The opening 13 Miles new Orleans was expected or pc at least 290,009 cubic water per second and take Between two and three feet Oft the level or Hie water in the liver at new Orleans. I the amount of now passing new Orleans in the River estimated at 1,400,000 cubic per second. The opening was expected keep tile stage of the water in Tho liver at new Orleans Al a Sale lev a Al because tis the level of the water there increases the amount flowing through the opening made today w 111 increase. Parish residents Are Safe five thousand residents of Lite i Bernard and the Plaquemine parishes were safely in new Orleans today win n Tho a Uhry an to cities reported that area afew its feet lomb to confessed murder of Albert Roy Dei recently paid a social visit to he Syracuse a i Durance Jhonie romping on the floor wit ii Haddon Gray children while Plaquemine parishes. And they Are going into exile again streaming northward into new Orleans their Homes Are to be deliberately flooded to save that City. Night following receipt of a letter today their Homes banked in f we Trawal from Bert Acosta and to establish an Alibi Ani Bright Flowers that Blossom in who with Chamberlin Louisiana in Spring time smiled in chattered the worlds Ltd i. Run their Fields were Green a kit record. _. It. _ with growing Corn and Early vege Bertrand and 1 we a Quot of As ,h,�?~imr8 1,Addon or it. I tables a ships navigator while Chamberlin Gay Aupp r j c a Avav w ill be Pilot and radio operator. I Harry l Plait i Syracuse Homes to be swept away f. The flight Wal be made within a a to told or being deceived great Banks Oft v g m Bellanca. Designer by Judy in and of How lie aided Mississippi River levee rested a i a Dat Royong the evidence about giant bulk bag of a a he i . I , a. Lech a a a a Gray hid told a tor Ami rows an imn Quot 1,0�?o he a . Ami by Alary that rushes toward weight entitled him to make the uht 8ult,. Rested its Mexico the Channel Flat Acosta weighs 60 Pound before the noon rec is roars the flood Waters of thirty one nigh. A by the decision to rut the iss tipi i Ives levee at Poydras bad Waller l Boom you. N lated a few. few a ha8 a for More than a week by artificial j re a reap ration. Looks up at them a. Moi Nink in last few says a to feeling flip truck Load rolled into new of leans Early Imlay Tow am my body was paralysed mid dog Jar were incapable of duping of a St liver above the Haling air. Fli ,.,. Where the Brank la to be a Daybreak came on. a Hank at the lev i he Vanderbilt Law courts Commerce and George or insurance commissioner be called at the first meeting the will repeat information which the Senate rules was Given and which gulled n a recommendation from that group that an investigation be made of the commission during the administration of a. E. Nelson of min Neapolis. Nelson a rect Janotta Way out through Lake de states. But at noon today by proclamation of governor o. Ii. Simpson the levee will be Cut at Poy Draa to let the torrent through that the South s greatest City May be secure. The flood will engulf the Homes of these peoi�4a. And will More Titan Chamberlin. Jott Foed again at 4 o clock Case shortly court and t Sun declared his heart action was sat factory his appetite vigorous and his disposition cheerful an adjustment of the vertebrae thursday seemed to have acini effect and tie told lie who have struggled to keep by body applied with lire Lomg Roxy it it a hat lie was Ible a Little. In a lying to give help now. A he said a sometimes l Mississippi Silvei can get a Little a l knit i can Eastern Alkane not Force it out surging attending physician a Bene Friend to breathe a with in h Force that a Large Arny of men win Kell night and Day to strengthen those on the West Bank in the Hope thai they could withstand the great flood Crest bearing Down toward Greeny ii today. New levee Breaks occur Northern Loni Slinn Wai being inundated in places by Waters lox you a Little j let southward from Breaks in tile i vees in son t ii As Well As that through crevasses and declined to Dykes along the red River Ami appealed in the. F�1� a a ceded to Quot a "g0. �?�7 ,0l do a a a a a on Terre Aux before 4 of clock v. Ste Day tbr0ugh appoint into eur is tii rough Breton sound in afternoon and went through All the i formality of filing their suits. They spent a few minutes in the Judy a a Chambers and then were told to in torn in three weeks when the Usua efforts under the French Law will be made to effect a reconciliation. Will ask Church annulment friends of the couple u when and if. A do. Lid jury her Story about being Jyo rce is ranted which la a fir to limped and yield for Ransom Mobe i Hin a month 01 mexican desert is revealed in a or the expected it against her for fees by Roland con citation meeting Ion h Wooley one or her attorneys. By Niay apply to the con i k flu attorney asked a vent of a Rota of Rome to Imp. To Hrent for $8,500, alleged to by bounced against her i due on his Bill for 410.5�� or. Vanderbilt nor. Several conferences the evidence in the Case to deter a Hie Gulf of Metho. Mine if the Evio Euce a a meanwhile the exodus goes on Utia. Criminal prawn licit a in a is a Eusani thins Toto Nam. He conducted before try Cwm. At ame time. A scene . The designer of the plane said to for Mim. Ruth Snyder and Hen that of data withdrawal had i by Judd Gia it then made numerous Leved an Embair sing situation jm0ggia for dismiss he of it in lit for it would have but a n difficult Lonh nth a a he jury and Dila tion of choose Between them. A verdict of not guilty. All Wen Acosta in Ilia letter to Levine Jgr Kiy denied by Julg that. A Hamberlin h perform shut id a i Quot and court a in handling the plane j until this morning. Sunday when lie brought he plane wok in at today s session Landing in the fan of 1 win a b,.kj�?z with an opening address los Angeles april 29 i indication of what it Cost Aimee male Mcpherson to Tell the that a Roseau an will of Brien Ramsey among was said that unsuccessful re mrs. Vander Hill originally was $26,500, but this application it a marriage fhe grounds Foi Aid would be taken. If it i Felt tion is justified. Or. Hilton turn the Case Over to i for presentation to a Bounty grand jury. Nebraska Slayer carried to chair to pay for crime 29�? add courage and High adventure stirs the heart. Know meaning of exile these people Many of them Ara Diane know what exile Means the great great grandfathers of some of them had built Homes and tilled farms in far off Nova Scotia. In family after family the tale has i Bien told of the exile that followed the arrival of British warships Folk of St. Bernard and i la stated malice i owns my adjourned surmise wha the end would be re Gabling the possibility of the lad lungs functioning normally Onci again As Remote Boothe has lain pm a it it Zed in Sli Ouldes v Dow n sin thursday. F i Omi noon Las i to a Safe what appeared to be crash could have no Kerning chamberlains skill As a Pilot. A certain doubt con ability Aud mis applicant. Dev revealed that he after be Tuat i agreed to accept $7,000 less ejected to undue in our i Lincoln. Neb. April. Mumbling incoherently to himself to Mumo Piug officials de a and maintaining and Means que mines do not have to go a. K 1 the Days of the acadian in no know what exile plight of 1,000 flood victims is told in message by counsel for mrs Snyder Kogai Hazelton chief of counsel tor i Snyder said he probably would Ltd la mrs Snyder As the first witness in her own defense. Little Rock a tilt pet son who Are the flooded at a. Scotia to a that. Mrs. Mcpherson revealed that and paid $11,000 on the Bill and arc while he. Only yesterday she had sold Copal an Only Home i have Quot in order to the remaining $8,500. She said mailing the Check to i parents prior to her Ray Nia by a mrs. Vanderbilt is a roman c Atli of insanity be a dared a pretence paralysis Henry or a Spanish blood they streamed into in the new Orleans in 1815, when bo., x a a a or husband is an Epi Tbs a metric Thair in my new uric this morning and British Ca among the a by a a a a to my do. A a a a Loans Quot Quot mis. Mcpherson bad several of is in her Long but successful Terrane am a against a charge of comp v hich the stat pressed alter j Pilot i a its -2 year old father of Crevasse who stood a on their plantations april 29.�? plight of 700 to 1.000 till Maroon d in lowlands of Chicot j county Arkansas a described As desperate Imlay in a report to t i it associated press by mayor j. Rulison of Latke Village. A they ate clinging to Small Ian and floating Trees in water 20 to 30 feet deep or packed he said neb the in barn lofts and other places tha not been reached by the rag the mayor said. Number does not include know to be huddled flood when the i a Toff a and other place a the flood Era ii through in one four girls killed when car crashes into Side of bus a smaller streams. A new area in Mississippi neat Yazoo City was underwater As a result of tile break of a levee on a anal there and the flood was running into the streets on the lower end of the City. Additional towns threatened additional towns in Arkansas were tin eat tied Aud the Refuge situation there was becoming increasingly acute. Additional Hun fired. Were being made homeless Over the whole Ai a daily and the it,.,i Doss laced a Trenet Tumis Usk in concentrating and it iring for them. Baton Rouge reported that Zatei was running Over the levee actors tile liver from Natchez Nils on. In a i in Roert with the we t Dele of the Sarah Kerrick charge thousand feet or levee Cav collapses while i jnt0 .1m Arkansas River tins morning just below the. South Bend i Dyke according to col a Quot a a charge of work actors widow i collapses at jury hearing charged murder testifying say accidental. Shooting 1,0# Angeles with the people of French Aud Lebanon ind., april 29 four girls believed to have been High school students of Ludi Anpo los were killed eight mile South of Sarah Henna. Here late yesterday when their a Quot double Quot and Tomb ii crashed into the Side of Rick. Slain screen Cowboy. A bus. Three by pass tigers were m the a Quot a a it Al la. A arty wednesday i he Betty Ellis and Edith May me la at Udho to Shor Trlik. A la. Arris of the repo t from april 29 aim Holly we kid film widow of Tom her Ollas grand jury i m it St Gay while testifying regarding the rata the girl a a believed to Edith Jane Dyer Mary la Jones. Sick charged with my id mrs. Kerrick. In t Home woman la High muting that the kidnapping it was a hoax and that mrs. Me t on realty had spent a part of Ime during her disappearance Pring in a cottage at Carmel. With Kenneth g. Ormiston j or an a and and in whih he Angelus Temple radio operator one sea e new York eventually dismissed the will attempt it Fly of Tran Ocean plane sail Diego Calif. April 29 add contain Uii Arles Lindbergh. Former air mail Pilot tested the Small the slain to b Nan. I inc bib from the. i this is Justice he a killed my son or i Here. Tate e without bringing her to to parts this summer. The mile Pun. My a a a a a i Koi a Miles Down the. Oast Rte i he Bank below he .outhen.mo.1 line he1., of new orte.n., a in lev line Budge end Roll on probably he r Side or he liver growls and a a to crinkle with noisier ., As Hough it Vee la. Hours Tew a for it Quot a u1 1 will of the land from which today it is barred. Damned to Dei whom appeals of x enc have not been made West to his death without a Well from anyone. Bartlett fare mens clothing is stolen from signed state bad admitted a Hook by in i i band when for cd. The Accident occurred while the the i _ discharge was a it automobile was attempting to in but or a m of a. Goti ate a turn. A i he Driver to a a it i a k s of laps was that oat rot of the attempting to be the Driver lost Marti ice and it clashed into tile thrown into Eagle Lake store y exploding. Map cum it Vvs j r. Tire is drowned five years Goodhue county Pioneer Dies. A in Brot a april 20�? mrs. C. A Vin Goodhue county Pioneer of of the state teachers Mayville n. A. Died Here yester Day. Of forger gets one to a a Ima april t a elected delivery body head air after running Only Wenly i Perty also known As m a. Nom Chicago it april fit. A Daniel feet Lindbergh flew 25 minutes in. T,.nced to from one Zimbel Brothers Phil or , april 29 aim Ming store Al Eagle Lake. In in Mankato was robbed mkt night Mer Randise to the value of $100, chiefly menus clothing being taken. A roadster a Alo stolen from Hie v Village. County off Las ate of the belief that the theft were committed by Pat Cay lord w to i and i Way of of the county jai1 in a it a night and a a escape. A p automobile out a tiding a one Day successful Aitkin minn., april 29 Otto , a drowned in the mods Iphi 14v�?~ 1 m 1 he 1 Day w i n a lire on la he was driving blew he car off the Road in use roam his body was recovered. Be Uke was annul d and is sur vice by , four Bro or is it and four . Was in in but Indi Cimental during a mrs. Kerrick second of the Day jury hearing. Mrs Over whom one of the i1 tras arrested said a fainted after leaving the pm it 1 a a she had related the party. Lightning kills Man at St. Cloud a w to is in soul la band levee Pine Bluff Ark. Say will lower River i he weather Bureau Here in an off Al statement declared the Povlina it would cause the live to fall for rom three to six Days with nearly stationary Stag there after until the flood Crest a. Passed. The Crest last night a some where Between Arkansas City and Greenville. The water was rising rapidly at Vicksburg. Perhaps the worst break Over the entire flood area yesterday of in the gland i Curi de near Yazoo to Ity with Hie Iris Burns giving away of la Rocky Bayou aim sex drainage levee throwing floodwater s into the lower end of that City and inundating 15, additional of i acres of the Deli Section. From Southeastern Arkansas it Kent Calls for Aid Wen re lived As backwaters from the Arkansas River submerged the towns of be y Dell and Montrose and the surround my Countryside. New Breaks in Railroad levees in Louisiana also were reported with quarrel arose St Cloud minn., april .9 a Bolt of lightning killed de 45, and stunned two other Stream or electrical storm Georger men during an or thursday. Hundreds More made Horn less and refugee to Nat it be com used on Page 4 the Atlantic

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