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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - April 28, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota To wish to talk advertising sub a or bus be with the Evo Nina Tribune Pim a Cam 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and news room of the evening Tribune j please Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota. Thursday april 28, 1927 number i of witness links Judd Gray with murder scene Safe after Long fight with f goods declares he saw Gray leaving morning after slaying articles used shown to jury. In killing courthouse new Queens count apr a. 2,.�? apr a Nathy Noel Willis of Queens Village u tile Snyder murder trial that a w hours Arter the killing of \1-Snyder he saw Henry Judd a take a bus for new York. Ile said he saw him waiting for ,. Bus and watching a policeman rooting at a sign for practice. Dray who with Snyders widow barged with the murder was to have boarded the bus with ibis was the first direct testimony tending to prove that Gray v a in Queens Village on that Day. ,.�?zth Crays and mrs. Snyder a con. Bons say he was there but they i have been repudiated. The Wallet which according to the confessions was taken from Snyder s body by mrs. Snyder was not examined for fingerprints tither Hannan said lie examined the revolver found in the House lie said but did not take it to a nge print expert. 20 chinese Are attorneys protest veto killed after i secret trial of judges salary Bill communists arrested in recent raids on soviet embassy buildings strangled troops massing near Hankow. Claim that Bill automatically became Law before governor placed veto will file suit in Ramsey county court. Clit St. Paul. April 28 a Ford l. Hilton attorney general. Mike Holm Secretary of state Aud the state printing commission to youth lives by efforts of his friends death Tou is increased by late reports evacuation of two parishes threatened by blasting of levees continue a disease epidemic spreading. Peking. April 28. It apr o Day refused to accede to a format to chinese communists including j Potot a Bil woman arrested in Tho Lecont. Salaries of District a it uth Orillos increasing the salaries raids by tile Northern aul Bonum new Orleans. April 28. A patrol lines Tensed today along the levees protecting new Orleans artificial respire an i the immediate threatened when the Mississippi Quot a the picture shows a boat being Ian led after it had hauled a Lea several were reported drowned and crores of do ret a to. A a. -1�? n a a Beine la dictator is appointed in flood Region a the Judd been new York. April 28. At signed confession of Henry Dray Corset Salesman has. Dded to the evidence on which the state bases its expectation of a conviction of Gray and mrs. Rut. Brown Snyder for the murder Al her husband Albert Snyder Magazine Art editor in his Queens milage Home March . The confession differing radically from that of mrs. Snyder placed evidence tuesday pictured Gray weak and vacillating Man held the Charm of a Clever woman and used by her As a efficient tool. It revealed a Man who almost up to the moment when Sash weight in hand lie stole the bedroom where a Nydi was undecided in As a by Hoover building Relief forces along line adopted in caring for War stricken countries of Europe. Herbert conferring into was sleeping whether to kill or run away. Tied husbands hands it showed mrs. Snyder timing her husband s hands with a Towel pour ins chloroform on his Pillow and Awn Gray weakened and Snyder a. Thought atm alive mine uly of go on by baying a Utti it thing has got to go through. Snyder confession placed her in the hallway looking on while her Paramour killed he. Husband. But in one part of Gray a confession where he admitted his memo excitement he new Orleans april 28. A Louisiana and new Orleans will be ruled by a civilian dictator until the Mississippi fled subsides. Secretary of Commerce Hoover decided alter the entire Day with state and City representatives. Building his organization along the lines he adopted while fighting famine and suffering in Belgium during the world War Aud later in Germany and Russia the Commerce Secretary appointed tonner gov. John m. Parker As director of the flood situation in the state. At the same time Secretary hoc ver issued a statement calling upon the nation to play a part in solving the South s flood problems. Levee break to gut danger or Hoover who is the personal representative of president Coolidge in the flood area and a visited the stricken Region. Horn Memphis tenn., to new Orleans feels that the danger to new or leans with its 400.000 population will be averted by the break in 12 Miles on buildings attached to the soviet embassy Here were executed today by strangling it was sendoff Dally announced. This sem official statement said that the prisoners were tried secretly for three Days before a Spe Cial court. 192 to by Shanghai april 28. Al Oral armies of varying size i moving in different sections of Hina. What were supposed Northern troops to the number go too in the neighbourhood of we by up the Yangtze River from ave not northerners but of certain nationalist divisions heretofore Neutral or Uncertain As Between the Hankow and banking governments. These troops Are pro to Nan i banking. Contingents cantonese regarded As with the creeping South desperate most of feeding Down the River King. But it has not been Del r mined whether they Are on the. Ii Way to join or attack Chian Kai Shek commander of the moderate Section of the cantonese Chian has issued a last rail on Hankow urging those in favor of to banking government without delay and i court justices As one of the Laws. Attorneys who Are preparing a court decision to determine if the Bill passed by the legs Slatie is actually a Law served the demand. They contend that governor Christianson vetoed the Bill after the i. Gal time limit for a veto had expired and that the measure Auto mall ally became a Law with this refusal the Way is cleared for bringing court said today announcing a 1 that they would file suit in ram say county District court at an Early Date. Plaintiffs in the action will be senator f. F. Putnam of Blue Earth president of Tho Minnesota state bar association a c. Paul. President of the Hennepin county j p mar association and Vav. R. Rum Hie. President of the Ramsey county bar association. Walter Boothe enter second week in fight to live by Means of action. Roanoke. April 28 a Walter i Boot lie Youthful moan Ain Fanner today entered the Sec pashes a lid week of ids friends attempt to que min a keep him alive by Art Iii Ial nation Camp lion. Taw a pm Ahl is thursday. Just before noon pm lungs gave Way and he was tvo partake Vicinity from the High Waters of tin Mississippi Las filial plans were being worked oui for the creation of an artificial Crevasse at pop dts. Tho hair sullen evacuation of Tho of St. Bernard and pin continued us ounce it in Tho City were bereft gees streamed in. Thousand inhabitants of the were abandoning the. In were occasion about to submit to an operation Fin Homes today i Hen Nill a Chi v,.�?z.rb.�. Will ,1 . A then companions Limaye raised and the forced removal but Thor. Lowered ills Amis to pump All into no open threat. His body. A thin Wreath of smoke Rose from a cigarette held to the awol leu lips of Walter l. Boothe today and Between occasional puffs the guards placed on levees reports throughout the night kept National guardsmen and St. Bernard Lettish deputies on Thalen and two companies of guards concentrated at 18 Yoni old Mountain lad who lies nut a were hastily it Aly in a Hospital Here spoke a Point below the City were a to preventive ass him to join Dev clop closely. Sandbags?mrtfsnrebthokwi.ehi�?� were Quot piled a on the City waterfront. Men Are being watched four columns of nationalists an on their Way to Canton which re jealousy and Gin blamed in movie murder aviator with clothes afire cheat death army flier saves life by making Parachute jump from blazing planet badly burned about head. Was obscured by a a a Quot 9 ,&Quot.nedh�?ztstandc��?T�en�vic,si�,8 end Baton Henna in .1welti a re. Or Quot real tour human Reh us 1he Dos Sibilio v of when his Dot Mug ignited after his with the a much it it i aft plane caught fire while 1.800 feet the River in Louisiana be in Hie air near Champaign. Mae West Star of a sex a has finished 10-Day Jai term n their Way a it a a Nutly declared its Independence of Hankow and banking his father and Kotlier of in Pooh reached Headquarters lid us death to which lie reels he is Nill i be a dynamite attempt doomed. I blare by Lrata trapper v life to the sufferer seemed in preparation tor the touch to be nearing an Etui an Ali isl constant in tomorrow. was on his face his features or it to or were drawn and Pauld by the Terrace noid. Lay win his disposition served to ted they said.,a i Loyal inn Nooi. In i Quot i his Crevasse will save the City. Death list swelled As Arkan reported too dead in that state tarrying estimates Contin the Leatis toil bet w eau 300 and 500 persons in sewn St Hies affected. W Hose the marshal Sun apr yesterday new York april. Mae West Star of a sex emerged from the workhouse on welfare Island where she had com-10-Day sentence for Par plated a of both the governments. Supporters of Chuan Fang once overlord of five provinces in Central it Hina. Ai. Encamped in Large numbers around Yang How. Negotiations Appe tent in Are continuing regarding the surrender or Sun Chuan to general i Milan. In the meantime troops Are on tie move from banking in the direction of Ching Ian. Ready Advance across the River if Sun Chuan fails Tom Kerrick Western film player killed by wife after wild Hollywood party. De to Yang How on to impaling in an obscene theatrical 8urrpnder. Production. Nothing has been heard Foi when the actress went into the Day 0f general it Blan s we so work our in a my wok a a to advancing on us Chofu from facial concerned a severe inundation in Tun wire around j1 if he were1 in this it Lew major general Kogai neck when neither knew Jadwin chief of army engineers dead ills. Jr., of at besides the confession the state offered direct evidence to show in Queen s Village that Gray was j and win concurred. A there is a feeling of insecurity army engined s Evces of Western Louisiana which beat out the it a if a h i nil i i ii in lid St for the Lieut. Stewart w. Towle. The army air corps stationed Chanute Field Here saved his Hie by making a Parachute jump from the blazing ship. When ills Parachute opened lie fire to his clothing that she would come out with a new play. Yesterday she said she had enough material for a not one. But Many in addition she said she had signed a contract to write Ber a a a per in noes for a Magazine Ami would donate the Money received from it to the establishment of a Mae West Library Island. Shortly after the murtei1 it land a. In a we Nathaniel we a protect Reda Iraj in i Bur tied about he ii welfare too Charles c. Smith the latter a to Beeman testified they Baw Gray not i a from the Snyder Home Between 6 Aud 6 30 the morning of the murder Day. Mrs. Synder denies parts bloodstained be clothing and the Section Sash weight were held before the jury by a detective. Then were placed in evidence the Cravat with which Snyder s Ankles were bound the Towel Gray said mrs. Snyder tied about her husband s sugar Cane Arm Waters level a major Vav. Ii. Holcombe army Engineer in charge of the Vicksburg to new Orleans District announced. However Holcombe said there is an army of in Arins. Shoulders and neck. His plane crashed in a burst of fire less than 20 feet from a farm House. I Jeu. Tow in who was making a regular daily flight from $100,000 flood Relief Chicago Tho $100,000 Mark in Chicago s goal of $750,000 for flood Relief funds was passed today ships is lying off Hankow for rouble. Hollywood. April 28�? a Teeth Captain Slaughter declared today investigation indicated thai. A Gill and jealousy a caused Sarah Kerrick screen Quot double Quot to shoot and kill her husband Tom Kerrick film player of Western Rolls at their Home Here Early this morning. Captain Slaughter said mrs Kei Rick would be booked on a c Harge of suspicion of manslaughter and that the grand jury would be asked for indictments. Tin detective Captain declared vie orc of continued reports indicated the muted one or Hollywood h wildest parties at which six film actors and a extras Quot indulged in night Long drinking. Tho others at the i arty in Herricks Home who Are in Poun custody an Henry ism Bell. Iii wife Anita Joe Hunt Ami Iris Burns cheer of revive the attendants. How much longer Boot to spine was injured in an automobile say re Accident can survive Ilia gruelling Aloin. no one dares speculate. Red to place since thursday when his lungs collapsed on the operating table. I i 11 Ca in of 11 lends has constantly and i ministered artificial respiration in a Boyish Maimer he a key ice Cream. This was brought Bim and for several minute Ai look of the refreshment. For to he by com it to be from i film actress denies part in liquor party death list put at 300 Deal ii list of 300 300.000 driven from Homes Mon than $�.oo,, too ions in the states swept floods says Secretary of Melee Hoover alter completing to inspection tour. Greenville miss., reported the liver there was stationary engineers expected a it that i Lino fun Titer i Bat Enville of the indicating flood bad and lie at a it the threat passed on Mufti. A the flood continued to apr Over Mississippi and Arkan As Ashley county in Tho latter stale inundated and goo Persona Wert Wath Hwa Kwan. Nanhwei province Hankow comes tension and a state of a Talon of Jug to the Radical Campaign in that City. A great Fleet of foreign War attorney declare that client Wax not at drinking party while husband Lay dying. Driven to i Refuge Iii Mullion c exodus Nom Mcgehee mostly Lin tier water Olith lied with Hie Leiu ranks at Monticello la con Point numbering up-,000. There was give heavy loss of life at gee Cen rat Ion wards of danger of immediate Ady Loa Angel Pili a Belzoni mibs., and it and plans were made for v Hinny will study chemical warfare Washington classes of i be officers Aud Petty officers of the Navy will undergo intensive St auction at the army comb a1 War fare school Edgewood Maryland next month. Dorothy Mackay denied through i he i Ltd Wielb. Work Imlay. Mar it hell thut Ber at torn. Roger she had engaged in a drinking n i i ii i ii i i v. According to a statement made Paitz while her in hand. Hay detectives by mrs. Ysabell m0nd, actor was dying ii Quot a to the Arsenal men working on in levee m Chanute in in Marin corps von Gilt plane said it ignited when j a Gas line burst spraying the ship human race either 60,000 or 3,000,000 years old new Bone discovery reveals 28 a lesson for nation r2r��tiw us. Ltd Wren Kindred a a to her bit 1,2 my Ber. Of he human my. Or. 200.000 Pei sons w Here lie wired ids in him 60 Joo or 3.000,000 years old Wax had from this Hoover already been lost than was Safe. His feat makes wrists and other articles. Gray urn driven from Homes More a Caterpillar club did not glance toward the stand is National Organ nation limit and mrs. Snyder stared almost. He flyers who have haughtily. Iver or its tributaries can be con by making pm when Gray a confession was in of adequate Engineer in ,. Induced however. Mrs. Are installed a or. Hoove Chanute held tor two it Ltd miii9 gestures of denial As Par s i Dray reflecting that the Ere Reed she smiled toward be result in a stronger pro following upon a revived yesterday to the announcement i tuesday non j in in it i la lot College an saved their lives Alonzo w a tto Covey of urgency Parac Hute 11 Hrop Logist. Of lie has been station Ltd a he who is known in the screen As Anita Davis. Mrs. Ret Rick be Calm jealous of miss urns tilt two women were engaged in a fight Slaughter said. And mrs. Kerrick borrowed a revolver owned by Hunt. He said she by mrs. B Abel i to have fired two hoi the second striking Kerrick the Chest he died in a few i minutes i the shooting occurred while i were gathered about the breakfast table for a Light meal. Bold e found with two discharge by Baul Bealing administered Kelly s Reen athlete actor the charges hat miss Mackay indulged la a thinking Pally 11 Kelly a Hollywood Apa Lim it while Lim band wan dying Al a lispi her was declared Taj were made by Forrest Mutiny. Deputy District attorney. He Sal he was in Possession of Eidem e o tote this and that it would be used in met in 10<lay with or. William it rial of Kelly who is held we 1 Var dam. National medical officer of disease epidemic epidemics Welt reported at four a men refugee tamps scattered Over arkansans whore mosaics mumps w ii it it i i u g cough to i i i a Aud malaria were Pic Valant and it a slated i in situation was becoming nettle. My Quot a 01 hts refuges in fused to a inoculated and a it int a. In that con action la s 1 a heal i ii auf Bori ties of the flood Lam Weie ailed to meet in not tor lev Section in the future. They would minor part of this single Cost a loss Minneapolis Man is found shot in a thirty states have contributed water to this flood but of More Posl Ive interest is the fact t at be part of the nation can Auff a loss Portland hotel Wilder curs Tot of Aldrof i,zyirl1 no a Uva when Gray s confession by strict attorney Richard be v Nile revealed her As the instigator of the alleged plot to kill in Der. She Shook her Bead Nega Lively when the District attorney a part about Gray Givin he Ike Sash Wights weeks before Thoder. And when the conf mob by Lher part Ine in i a a a a Minneapolis mine., was arly at old of her and her Little caught it regl0n who contribute so Dent bathroom i Pond in Rill in Walkons by of Elmet in a a a Faiumi and pro. Peril y should to anxiety and terror. A bad a Ffloyd Bim jul the discovery kjiufth51 i i in Bones of a c0.000 yeat old infant in Algeria. I run his cum yesterday rom Ofira. Or. Pond said be b. La be Hod ii re bad Etrest booed ure i be Orr a Quot a e Borovor. Pm Ken by clerk Wussler explain i a few Yelm ago. Or. W. D. Matthews curator of palaeontology of the american museum a Reneaud the evidence of Haj solver origin in a rather new and con Shjzh under the table. Vin. In Way. Both he and i of to a a Kellogg snot by Leary a riled Goeboro. Heed oath old Pollee be. Ikebe a the problem i ran l0a a Home shout Long 1� a Sarah just killed Tom. Ysabell and lbs Burns fled arte unch ome Advance the shooting but were sought out and arrested. View the american museum of Nat Lara history who said tie Abelian Dis museum approached from a , Day a dlr in us Arriva at the conclusion that the the human race took Bat of other As Foi hand. Or by pee r0very was a Mere a infant tha Quot to Quot a Quot of reflecting onto Jarry a eminent Resl with Hue ancients the people in lice to have we r3>00o, m 0 a. Com of the assistant curator of hic ii Giay was hiding until Snyde went to bed she puckered lie. La e As if about to cry. No Tea ii came. Seeks to put blame on woman the confession sought to fasten in mis Snyder the instigation or the clime Gray told of meeting her in a new York restaurant Lei ii it t r he a married and had a Fine wife a and How after intimacy bad developed she influenced him to kill her husband by telling of Caid treatment at bus hands. See had written me a a Gray i. A about the plans an detail Luk based the window weight an he Wilc Rofeim for her. This May atonal end his ankh slashed. Off mks Hedd. Dire ted the arc and la Al k. Bad willed by my Quot Ine Dirion which was fun mud dispersion of the Bame form wifi meals. A the More primitive types Aie Rand on the outskirts of the con tin Al a a a a a quo taped Lynw i Quot la a a Quot a ,. A Bare mum to belle., Beltt Gin and dispersion of Man Fob i in v bout the same lines Lossy j Luat Niau originated in the it it it it desert or in the mesopotamian Salley is probably being Loo specific. _ but it was because i lofts so or born and the rest of us Ai the convinced that Cen tile trial of i in. A a Quot Wedden. Out bail rot trial for murder on May j cows to ado a a n program 9. Lof health closer Ilion ii Harold l. Davis chief Deputy Dis in thu n,k,oi1. Dirt attorney announced lie a j,sljnii4 Hai Clark Dale he evidence that Kelly previously had s were that i Quot. Engaged in two fights in Hollywood p<.1>onh were in danger at Ovet women and that lie serious Tindal l ,.0a and a we mauled a married Man who at Wmk a front Jim l tempted to protect bus wife from j a ter. Ca Hod of a Quot Aid thousands of persons concentrated at Gulf loll City Rise of to remove Boule Wei e ports last Samuel g. Iverson former auditor of state is very Iii two boys drown in Lake Michigan night in respond to the All. A i Memphis tenn., april 28. A from Hie lowlands or soot beast pm Louisiana to Tho Highland of Arkansas and Tennessee St. Paul april 28 Aiu Iverson for twelve Yea state pave tic auditor is critically ill at bus Home a p Here suffering from what has a ten diagnosed As hardening of the a tories by his Phy Sidani. Chicago april 28 Cha Al Hrycik and Joseph a. A it aia Vanh yesterday joined the i it oth 13. drowned n j s Refu a on the March Michigan yesterday a to floods or threats of Samuel of inc sack Lough Aspa Al it to youths who is i up j moved out of is. Bet italian ship goes aground off Naples problem it tonal up a a re n of if a ovary Dom pots Way 1 Isris a a l taxi Driver slain a tvs it no. .1.&Quot a a it after car crash Zvy -.-. Hisayo april a a api a it a it a sign he in it isl Quot. Of a taxicab chauffeur a ,.d he a algerian infant. Thrown into a killed hero yesterday e h today Only a a general to the place of or. Prisoner saws Way to Freedom from jail at Mankato Emba no men i into the water three youths admit 144 robberies for night club funds hundreds moved Nard and Plaquemine carrying their possessions parishes and 1 abandoning Homes and Tai in o be i Delit brately flooded to an Effort to ave new Orleans from the Wall of is Mer bearing Down upon it from the upper Mississippi Vail it a doubtful of ruined on Page to Naples april italian liner Colombo for big York went ashore near Marietta mole. The Shock j Hirago april 28 map for a moment the passenger Kuzak it a taxi cab chauffeur was thrown into a Pani j shot and kitted Here Terra it by taken off in Small boat. Unidentified Man during an Ai theory As i and there wore no Casus i Gurment Over a eol Liaison. I he As Buynan species the liner shortly afterwards was Grunt whine. Of j towed away and docked. Who was rather j a in Tho Ari mountains soul hem Siberia the so called to Beau Skull which Wras found Palestine apparently is of a Der bal Type and pah Joh a unearth a Mankato. April 28 log i Way out of Thlu 21. Who was army engineers were Chicago april 28. A in a a a i whether the sacrifices to be made to enjoy Chicago a night life. By be people of Southeastern looted 144 Hotnes Jana with the breaking of the i a saw since they confessed at Poydras at noon Friday a Blue Earth to i Olla Pat Gaylord red Cross is preparing for county jail last night. Bat i Aye a re a a going awaiting the action of Vuillard Docker 24. Shear three youths hav february so they confess Stevee at. Volumes last night. The Trio said and the loosening of vast volumes As clerks would not of flood Waters in night clubs Crescent cry. Would save the the Juno grand jury a Tom Btl theft Ilia to Bere on an was being t Organ wis. Mains Ira v e by. A a a a Icahn de great Bend Kau sought today by every Ava Labu de Daniel Moy la i. And Walter i the emergencies in the whole of lower Jesuit Ici est neat poking poly die Riff. Chads Chicago. Continued on Bago i1

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