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Albert Evening Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1927, Page 1

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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - April 27, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota U wish to talk or ,u3.ibn.rii is. Sauna pc Quot the evening Tribune of you want the editorial of fica and new room of Tho evening Tribune please Call 722 poops massed a. J. Beveridge former a big drive upon Hankow tragedy and humor mix flood scenes u. S. Senator is dead u. S. Blue jackets wounded when chinese open fire destroyers big Battle Hankow appears imminent. Shanghai april 27�? apr rom five gunboats were stationed the Yangtze today with their i guns trained Hankow. I while the surface Hankow is quiet there is much tension and 1 rumours persist that the British planning to retake the Contes Iun. A great Deal of looting is reported. It is stated that Hankow f its Well As banking Field pieces Are by ing moved to selected positions outside the native City. Vast crowds Lankow Are 11a-i tining to Street Corner speeches by i Radical leaders. There is fear that Hie coolies saturated with Radical i doctrines will fail to contain Vliem is critical moments. All available forces Are being gathered by the northerners it is i Learned Here for the purpose of attacking Hankow the Radical cantonese stronghold Lankow where a serious situation has prevailed i for some Days is reported to be More disturbed than Ever and Jup anese families unable to leave Are Docking into the French Concession i seek Refuge there. U. S. Sailors wounded acting As a Convoy for the steam. Hungpo and Duckwo Down the i Biver Yangtze the United states auxiliary Penguin was subjected to a heavy and persistent tire Las Iii it from the son Iii Bank of the Yangtze River Midway Between i banking and Shanghai occupied Gay the cantonese. A number of Blu jackets aboard the Penguin were wounded one it is thought mortally. This attack proved to be the most serious of Lair that any of the american warships have sustained since they appeared chinese Waters. Immediately the Penguin opened up with machine guns and rifles and the cantonese replied with held pieces whereupon the Guin brought Lier big mins to Beal upon the chinese who finally do listed. Destroyer fired upon the american destroyer Paul Jones also was fired but from Indiana senator Dies suddenly this morning from heart trouble been taking treatments. Indianapolis april 27.�? a Albert Jeremiah Beveridge former United states senator from Indiana died suddenly at Bis Home Bere today. Death was caused by heart disease. The former senator not been confined to his bed but orders of his physicians been living quietly while undergoing treatment. He was 04 years old. His death occurred at 6 10 this morning. Or. Beveridge a work the life j of Abraham Lincoln was Only half completed. Unsuccessful at elections one of the Pioneer exponents of Hie direct election of All Public of facials Albert Jeremiah Beveridge consistently was unsuccessful As a candidate under the system. Twice he attained membership the United states Senate from Indiana through election by the state legislature and twice he was rejected As aspirant for the same place by popular referendum. When Theodore Roosevelt bolted the Republican party it 12. Remainder of contestants for Beveridge went with him. At the Coe non prize will a carry Bull Moose convention Chicago $25,000 or Hoosier As temporary chair Byrd Bennett be it uttered Tho principles upon which the progressives relied for Success. I through the irony of Cir urn new York april 27. A a j St Ancon the Mea. Ires which that though the Paris to new York non prokrs3 ves espoused and helped Stop flight stalked by Accident and i enact were deterrents to the tragedy since it was first proposed i ambitions of Beveridge yesterday lost to death two it its most intrepid entrants com Mander Noel Davis and his alternate Pilot lieutenant Stanton Hall Wooster killed at Messick va., the death fails to halt plans for Paris hop Ville Hurt France ready. Had literary career Beveridg s prominence was As firmly fixed his literary career and his ability As orator As two i his statesmanship. His a life flight will go . Perhaps the j John Marshaus is regarded As next four or five Days. I he most illuminating exposition of announcement to this effect Grot chief Justice of the came from those a still the a a noted states supreme court who said the loss of Davis i robbed the venture of much of its sporting element. May Start sunday _ despite Accident sunday to j americans Entrance a volume the giant monoplane the Bel Lamca what is Back of the War. Whim that Craft will be ready to take off brought pitiless Castig Atic by sunday if wind and weather Are those who saw it a just i Al Ca i Ion i Sun it was Gray confesses to part slaying of Snyder tells court that hounded him until he committed murder a confession of mrs. Snyder also read. Widow tried deaths of i husbands Queens county courthouse new York april 27. And Henry Juda Gray agreed to kill Albert Snyder because mrs. Snyder a a hounded me and got me whirl with her to c making he asserted his confession Lead court today. The confession related How Ray met mrs. Snyder and stated that she told him of half a dozen at tempts she made her husbands life. He told her he thought she was a terrible a the confession continued a but she played no pretty and finally he agreed to help her. Ile got the wire chloroform Ami Sash weights at her orders he said but never really thought he would go through with the scheme until he found himself actually striking the sleeping husband. And confession hew Yolk. April mrs. Ruth Snyders that she joined with Henry Judd Gray her Clandestine Lover to get ride of her husband Albert Snyder and stood by while a the Job was done was read into the rec-1 Ord at the trial of the woman and Man. Just before court recessed i the Way was paved for the int reduction of a confession attributed by the police to Gray. The confessions have been repudiated by the defendants the ground that they were obtained under duress and coercion and the Legal strategy of the trial thus fat developed has been apparent of a fort of each to place the blame lot hand hand i the slaying of Snyder the oth aple have been or. is s St u. S. Agrees to break Dyke at new Orleans total death list not expected to exceed 200 Marks says Commerce Secretary levee break to flood 70,000 acres. Shortly after this picture Ade now York police commission Craft will be ready to take off j brought pitiless castigation from furniture by boat if the Waters con . Unday of wind and weather Are those w to saw it a Justl Finai Ion favourable it was announced by its of the German action. It was backers. Fest flights have shown barred from Many libraries and it to be perfect condition. The death of the two Virginia brought the casualties of the pro training Camps. Born farm. I. Of the River where brought the Caspary that he should have attained Hie North Bank of invest i posed classic to four two other Folch nay Many endeavours is the northerners control. Al been Kiuei lat year More Blini Alcant the Light of Zzz Essex i avs the British destroyer cock Chafer discovered six cantonese gunboats More significant Beveridge a Humble beginning. All ready for action the cock Chafer later from the so the Field at that time As a wag 0 to 6> ls62, Ohio candidate for the $25, orteig Fram Volch gave Back Little More i prize taking off from Roosevelt than r Grant >xist,.n a. After the Field the giant Fronek plane caught Ciryll v a the family moved to 1111-1jacobu.iih a heavy i Layoff Mechanic and Charles j but fore he quit his teens River and opened up with a heavy _ radio operator a Tate Erit be worked As a farm a of Quot a Section hand a Mechanic shrapnel fire which we kept Golta a a it Era it and u,.gemini my my a he Chines forces a a Nee Curtin. Plot escaped. Have met with reverses at other accidents occur tempt to Cross the Yangtze River Accident less serious the Pate mom Puskow into banking the seat few Day i have marked of chore boy Railroad a teamster and a logged. He found time however to Complete Grade school and verde Pauw University Greencastle. Ind. Working summer vacations As no no i i nut the Central picture Quot How w to appeared As the people s tar witness to Tell of admissions made to him by mrs. Sin Der and of a part the killing Able to smile at the noon. Nestor want to use the Tele i mrs Snyder s attorney objected everyone dry so far. A Hough of the. Early to move Bel j Audy bul ineffectually to to e phone they have to Cor bin no a Asp adn Sidon of the document when i was discovered that two of its pages did not Bear the signature of mrs. Snyder. The confession detailed that relations i Ween the Busk lid and wife been strained Over a period of years and Snyder threatened to take her life. Had discussed this Tith Grayjr document recited Ami he asked her if Ber husband really meant husband threatened life told i Bat he would do anything a fit of temper the two agreed i that they would trave to a get rid i of hnt.�?�. A dlr my husband not threatened to take my life we would not shave thought of taking his she was quoted. A i was love with or. Gray and he loved new Orleans april 2<. Do a the crisis has probably passed the Mississippi River flood so nation and no More extor Sive lordship suffering or loss of life. A property is anticipated the opinion of Secretary of Commerce Hoover. President Coolidge a observer Lite inundated Region. He arrived Here today completing the tour of the area from Memphis to new Orleans. Mississippi and Alikanna it a Hoover said he found no unsatisfactory conditions and Only the necessity of continuing adequate Relief measures la a said How that his View of Tho end re flood danger May upset by i developments the Cabinet officials expire the opinion that the flood 1 will not greatly exceed -11&Quot Tho whole loss will probably by much greater than $150,000. Danger not passed the army Engineer were to feel that the danger has a Sod As there is considerable i overflow water siding into the Mississippi River. Even with the Poydras levee break. Hoti i Crest might not possibly be reduced materially enough Todl do. To tin danger to the Louisiana i a and the embankments guarding new Orleans. O facials Here today tut Ned attention toward formation it i Between stub and Federal _ t Neera and major general Jardw, Nea new York Bureau my Enin it is the breach which Preshur dynamite no ,1 i Hugh find Are Virs. Both be Ai prox innately 2,000 re t wit. Snyder above and mrs. Lucy 10b Ier Ute previous plans Crim us univ mrs Early below and and will flood us area of no a i m William Wegley. Ice Man ? 0 0 1 is he. Town of St. trial at Newburg for poisoning am. Wu1 be menaced by tim i i Atniel Early. Mrs. 8"yd?\ i break Henry Judd Gray a to till Tho Sod a re and not Aid not trial new York stat both a i sub com,.imi&Quot&Quot p ans Hwy w ill Long Island mrs. Snyder s w Idle lie slept. It for murdering virtually the husband Albert it Lins a population of 30. Entire a re ii to to banker stages pistol Battle with bandits1 a a Quot a nebraskan shot twice frustrating attempt to Rob Bank and May die robbers make escape. Break is reported among students Superior strike bad lire and trickle Elkhorn neb., april 27. And Superior win april 2 save for a percept Ihk Back to school of striking student at Central High Superior s is Bool controversy remained unchanged last night. Papers have been preparer Ami signed by the Legal committee of the committee of 21. Which has been supporting the demand for a i hearing the dismissal Mardi it of miss Lulu j. Dickinson Veteran English teacher to serve today Chian Kaish a new found. And Prepura a a amp j 1&Quot de moderate cantonese government there Are rumours of a concentration of northerners for at tack Hankow the stronghold of the Radical cantonese faction. That planes la pea his College work lkk5 and Elk a Quot Quot Bylaska Bank president shot it out with two armed men am frustrated their plans to Rob three urn commander Mcgrud j Byrd Floyd bennel., his Fah Quot. 1m7 a. Me. Flanked to the ii ont and rear hut Archdeacon William Hooda a statement incited Dot Tail seeking to out him from the Board fora. Commission of the. I. Ago ii told of Gray r re flooded is farming Ami Trappu. Land. Approximately 4, p1 Bons must he removed Bel Ore Tho Crevasse can be made. Armed protest raised Early report Many to App a land other residents of the i Quot perishes to to flooded maintained thir armed watch where the Brak is to be made demanding Guai Anteos against loss before quit my the or Post s. Later Dis Paul he Bay the / Laid Down their arms guarantees of return a Al Ion. I meanwhile the High warm f preparatory commission fails continued along a mile ii ont t a to draft any treat a three Powers will wide or. To Uca of lev y i fore Dull any pos slim nip j dynamite no and As additional i a i caution against unexpected by Geneva 27 a thelk of us it levee Paratory disarmament Colorina land resembles Pancake Nim adjourned Las Dight without toot a i a locally the lower m fulfilling its allotted task of pie paring a draft treaty for the Redue disarm Parley is closed with task undone hold naval conference. It lion of armaments. the opinion activities is the claim statement issued by e we Greet Man i wife died 1900, and gute Bank 0f Elkhorn no a were All the Hospital a few Day Maffy a a two m however i was allot to re j it up a for a few j with her after the accidents at Hasbrouck Cage. Rhe #1 and Abagail. And May Ore. Heights. april 16. The plane children a Raj _ a i Conr,.ontwl by Ute Mange no overturned and its r us of the two Unm a ked Gen w president John. Wyatt their brusque Comby reaching of education. I clime and finally told of miss Dickinson rendering from \ pre j nce the he be w Preh Dent . Voiced Hiber fourth heart attack since 0� tune a of fhe defendant Witt it or la us Addrea. The destiny of do Len lately de of Public now peking april 27�? a the soviet russian government during the last year paid Over tiie America overturned ail i $10,000,000 support of the can damages Are now being l a i smye0rm0ld boy to tones military and a anti foreign Tori it _ apr m made a gait hike Ity Pili Aith police to \ Mother who knows the Rigours Western ranch life yesterday re the statement asserts that a Cev Erwith fortitude Tho word of i count Anta have examined the books the death of her Only it a a of the Dali a Isolde to Bank seized commander Noel Daflos. And a luring the recent raid the soviet embassy compounds. The accounts were found pretest order and revealed that a filing the past year the soviet government paid Over $10,000,000 support of the cantonese military and anti foreign movements. The police statement continues the Money was remitted largely tin and munitions supplied by the though the i guns Bank guilty of murder to Many i to hands up a Ai a for by automatic revolver As lie face death chair did a0, one of the two who but 1 Utt missed while the other slipped to 27�?- and Flo hanker rear and shot him a Wyatt m of a. ,.000 #0 dta..u.oo, minute today. I that her Al kill tune it no and the win of the govern said a the kissed me and walk of j to my husbands loom. Was uns,.ui Ihmi. The Hall and heard a thud 1 a Judon Declar that governor ordered Jed for two we to regain health the a ,1/ i i Lar it 1,6 Roy Juaban re Hall i Contri Islon it work the past a to bed for two week Jefferson o., april 27 Ai be Banket s r Floyd Hewitt 16 or a old Conneaut i arely hot Back i Ryuju Roelln. I Al St. Paul. April and gov or dressed Consolation the kit we bar whose penchant for the radio whee ,.d around to fire at his a of bed for a rest or Edge that he died the Are directly resp Bible Jot a a Abdaal Darter shot Gay do Alf �?z0ff, ins Phy month former commission r undeclared Gray said that when he attacked the sleeping Snyder offered tame a a inference error Christianson today wa8 Koht Cut using him to drop the Nuccie Safui disarmament Man i is practically assured the future and grabbed Day by Init of ,n.. Wou a pre resumption of insipid Delta below new Orleans resembles a Pancake with a Graceful curving Terrace traced arms the Center. The Tosi Sippl River lev of forms the Terrace. A Brak the levee at any Point along the Lino from v a Orleans a Hundred and ten Quot 4 Down the River to the Gulf til my to would flood thousands of a 1 s of Rich alluvial truck fanning Arsh lands since at nil poems w Orleans la level of the that of the surround tit Low River is above ing country la forthcoming k ii act. Which is almost sea pare the Way for a vice of his country. Arrest for the slaying of mrs. It Quot Ria Abdomen. A i lie to Robby vice of hts con. _ arrest tor a red to let h Wai automobile and scian a it is terrible the death of my Brwn and her Blue Sou a fled to a ctr Maiura inn 0f the last boy a said mrs. Lena b. Free the \ Art Foh 14. Wa3 sentenced to hoped away. Their mlu., k growing out of the legislative Mother Over Long distance telex dle the electric chair at Ohio found a Short Lyle hit suited the governors phone from Oaklay about 150 Miles pm nit Ellary Augustio. Away with a Flat tire rundown condition. Harry from Here to associated press h found guilty of first de Wyatt was rushed to i. T private Secretary a Greo murder without mercy by a1 a amp Alul at Omaha a a re Phat j the of eight men and Jour Omen. to governors condition is not serious. Weight Gray was quoted Asta null. Hew to Nib Boul discussion which he hoped and Bel bored la r irom ii Etc . Correspondent who gave her the first Wold of the crash at Messick a the Money was remitted first her heroic go but one hour and it effusions were resorted be i rough the soviet Litany attach tha knowledge to reach a decision afternoon attempt to re h. By a the i she added a that at least confession which he Vite Birn enough to stand opera soviet government was discovered he. Tog. Ther with correspondence service of his country. Showing the soviet officials Dissat i h with the inferior and slovenly work of the cantonese staff and insisted russian advisers or a r to insure Success of the Cam National Bank at floyds related How he been the Uon habit of going to or. Brow. Home at night to listen to the radio Nebraska and Iowa have hot weather Lumberton closes 1 sold for $42,364 the jul y diffident _ we aril 27. Days ago were fearful emotionless pretty manicurist is found dead Home its directors according to of wide Minneapolis. April Quot a Quot a i a a s. Trial a hurl Liekle a a it a a the first National a is sithi week the Young defendant and Berton Minn wag \ the death sentence by voluntary action the part a Ray a Flange i attitude. Sheltered yesterday under a mid slightly cooler new York april 27.�? apr Mah i mad eau 28, Cleveland Ohio manicurist was found dead the Aach Getts to . Or. Pm a la Day. Word any. I hire yesterday for a total of a a w a is poll. The Deci j a it Ftp Irving Berlin seriously Iii tit a York april 27. Al Irv i ing Berlin song writer la serious i by ill Al his Home Here it was i Learned tuesday. He has been under phys Iai t car for two weeks. Attorney general and of Brien will hold conference St. Paul april 27 and a conference relative to the investigation of the state m Aion will the meantime the report go a to the Council and the Assembly it it of nations for Actium major Points be a reached to limit military though both the United states and Graal mad reservations limit trained re j he h As is propose would cover Mot limn h with water As it sections of St. Lur to Arm of the the league the Only two which Accord a it Are the decisions i eff Tiven i and air for at Poydras 70,000 acres spread across Nard Ami Plaquemine Parish w Ard i Ake morgue Gulf of Mexico. The area the immediate Vicinity of Violet i round St. Bernard the towns i a affected and along the levees ii ,.,1 to truck farming. a which stretch away Ide How Britain have the failure to serve. Mill City girl is seriously burned Marsh Lam from the River either Ever dwell trappers v. A admixture of bloods. A language Whit h than and. Eurillea commis Minne Apoi. April miss Eleanor Dahl 24 years old. A maid at the Home of Max la fan. Minneapolis was seriously burned la a i k Iunce when bloody Tapper wars wind con veins flow they speak Are found words from More dozen tongues. French Spanish. Italian. Portuguese English word brought into Tho Marsh lands by a undid of sailors of who have quit ship new or leans and gone Down into the Low lands to live. A for several years thir to Al Ink season have been punctuated by a he was a a.,i As a sequel Quot to a series of runs . Djuth w to Briers the bad and a eld total de fell from the running Board a a Bathtub of her apartment. Detec posits. The Banik. It capital of car Tives believed she suffered at rpm u3 of $5,000, at the victim of monday other for $2,450 tack of acute indigestion last $25,000 and burp us u thur Day and fell into the tub. The time of it c not a Ltd a curtain Over the tending factions have 1 be held before the end wind Ofaf right to ,.ililv the. Is whenever it May be Pennsylvania Mary de Ioway pm. Iii Quot i Quot la Mlays a nt�7 killed. A f to. K a i at Siam a onery a jury decided Bere monday. A Tare Here reached 84 degrees am of clock and ruin $9 at 2 a m Quot ached Ramsey county attorney ton said today. Were burned lire. Continued Page 8

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