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Albert Evening Tribune (Newspaper) - April 26, 1927, Albert Lea, Minnesota Of you with to talk advertising subscription or business with the evening Tribune please Call 72 the evening Tribune of you want the editorial office and news room of the e v e n i n g Tribune please Call 722 volume xxx Albert Lea Minnesota tuesday april 26, 1927 number 98davis, Wooster trans at Antic fliers killed governor cuts appropriations to $40,629,834.38 wields veto Ower for his Economy plan cuts in various items Range from $100 to $200,000�? signs 445 new Laws enacted this session. Wet but Lucky a Paul april 26.�? a with ii Iberal exercise of the executive veto governor Christianson monday night pared Down the approx Ai ions of the 45th Minnesota legislature to $40,629,834.28. This is $14,518.93 less than the amount he approved two years ago and puts into effect the Economy is Ogram for which he struggled throughout the entire session of the Assembly which adjourned i Irir Day. Lie went through the five main appropriation Bills which the legislature sent to him carrying $42,-145,278.38 for maintenance and expansion of state institutions and by a selective process vetoed a number of single items which provided mainly for expansions he considered ill advised at this time. Prior to attacking the appropriation Bills the governor appointed interim committees to study state problems tor the guidance of the 1929 session. These included a joint legislative committee to study reforestation and another to study banking Laws. House interim committees to investigate loan shark legislation and local problems arising from Public indebtedness also wore approved. Range from $100 to $200,000 cuts ranged from items of $100 to 200,000. Signing of the fishing License Bill which is expected to bring in More than $200,000, resulted in the trimming of fish and game departmental items totalling $78,000. Virtually every item Cut affecting state departments was done so with approval of their chiefs gained in last minute conference. As finally approved after More than 15 hours of continuous labor broken Only by Short lunch periods the educational Bill carries $20,395,741.45, the Board of control Hill $8,616,600, the state departmental Bill $9,196,092.33, the Semi state activities appropriation Bill 1,951,605, and the claims Bill $79,910.70. Other miscellaneous Bills signed follow legislative expense $200,000. Publishing proposed constitutional amendments $17,884.30. Reforestation interim commis Ion $20,000. classification $35,000. Hog cholera serum $30,000. Interim tax committee $7,000. Treasury investigation $25,000. Roseau county flood Isief $10,-000. Interest on certificates of indebtedness to be issued to pay school Aid mothers pensions Defi it its $45,000. New Laws total 445 signing of these measures brought the total of new Laws enacted by the legislature which is closed up to 445. This in it hides measures calling for sub Mission to the voters of cons Titu a Binal amendments affecting the Forest of and Oil Laws Coolidge rejects arbitration new Orleans is with Mexico Over lands threatened rising water Queen of tile mountaineers denies any imperialistic move by u. S. In foreign countries defends policy now used in China. When the wings of the plane he was testing Over Washington collapsed at 4,000 feet lieutenant Stephen s. Mcclellan Devil dog Skyman leaped with his Parachute. He landed in the Potomac was fished out and brought ashore when this picture was made. Past brought into court in Snyder trial new York april 26 a a foreign policy devoted to the pro Lection of american citizens and the maintenance of peace was outlined tonight by president Coolidge As in keeping with the new position in the world in which he pictured the United states. Speaking before the dinner f the United press association commemorating the twentieth anniversary of that organization or. Coolidge discussed at length the problems involving this government in Mexico Nicara and Fahina. The president disapproved the proposal of the Senate for arbitration with Mexico of the dispute growing out of that nations Oil and land Laws and forecast an amicable adjustment of this actuation on the basis of a recent conference he had with the mexican ambassador. Reveals Tellez message he revealed that ambassador Tellez recently brought word from Mexico City that american property would not be confiscated by the mexican government. A i am glad to report a or. Coolidge said Quot that mexican ambassador has recently declared to me that she does not intend to confiscate our property that she has shown Diligence in capturing and punishing those who have murdered our citizens and expressed the wish which we so thoroughly entertain of Keepin cordial Aud Friendly relations. A with a Strong sentiment of this nature which i Arn con iced animates the people of the Conn paralysed boy puts up fight for life Little Hope for recovery Roanoke va., april 26.�? apr in the heavy silence of the sick room a group of companions last night approached the Hundredth hour of their valiant attempt to maintain the life of Walter l. Boothe 18, a Farmer boy by artificial respiration with Only a lighting Chance for Success. Hour after hour they lift and lower his arms Iii a rhythmic sweep to Force air into the lungs which collapsed thursday just before the lad was to submit to an operation for a dislocated vertebrae. Boothe smiles now and then asks for a cig Aret and takes some nourishment but the pain he is suffering becomes apparent when he whispers a word of instruction to his friends or moans in helpless despair. 2,000 chinese Are drowned in Yangtze attacking northerners attempt to Cross River in boats a cantonese shells sink All crafts a. S. Captive freed. State of Louisiana asks War department for permission to break levees death total now estimated at 500. Miss Mackaye is indicted in Raymond Case prosecution turns Back from reach an i. B Able tries it will surely be possible to w j Sullivan Hollywood physician were indicted by the Shanghai Pili 26 a two thousand Northern chinese soldiers Are reported to have be drowned when shells from the cantonese batteries at banking Sank their boats in the Yangtze River. Two launches towing a dozen boats full of Northern troops attempted to reach the Southern Shore of the Yangtze near the Nan King forts last night the dispatches this morning said. A Searchlight revealed their approach. Eighty shells were fired by the cantonese and All the boats i were sunk. Yangtze River of fire the Yangtze liver in the Vicinity i of banking is virtually an Avenue of fire at the present time. One of the fiercest Battles in months was fought last night Between five i War Craft of the cantonese South # pm nationalists at banking and actress and physician charged the batteries at Puskow across the with plot to cover up de-11 Quot he cd a a a Quot it the a Northern forces. The firing lasted hours but i Here was no declare result. Three guns on lion Hill banking aided the southerners. During the firing the lights in banking and Puskow were kept out. Foreign War Craft attacked foreign warships in t Alnese a tails surrounding death of musical comedy Star. Los an , april 26 api by associated press new Orleans threatened us mis so Szippl River flood inst a preaches City. State of Louisiana asks War depart nit for Perm Aion to break levee below City to relieve situation. Rolling Fork miss and much territory in Mississippi. Ai Kansas and Louisiana evacuated. Tenants on plantations around rolling Fork refused to heed warning and bar for their safety is Felt. Two additional deaths reported and unconfirmed reports Tell of others. The dead Are now estimated it Doo. Contributions to red Cross Relief fund approaches the $2,000,000 Mark. With the situation relieved temporarily at Lea Between Cairo 111., Ami Memphis Tenna new break occurred in the Mississippi River levee at Gorham Iii., today. Greenville was Cut off from out Side communication anti Arkansas City ark., was Lin tier water Avia tors reported most of the popups ton apparently Saf a on High ground. Army engineers in the Valley j j now make no secret of their a i prehension for the Safe to of new j Orleans. They have estimated that la break to the North would flood j i that City with a depth of Many feet in some sections. Before the Hood Crest reaches the new Oil cans District Hie mis Ai Sippi will hate reabsorbed not i Only the flood water it emptied into 1 the Mississippi Dtta Region but Al so much of that from overflowed streams in Ai Kansas a Loii Isana. Huge biplane Falls in Marsh turnover giant Craft develop engine trouble after taking off in final test flight fliers killed instantly. Immediate details to Trace must protest u. S. Lives property Only grand jury on charges of term Iava a i n t on again by j. _ Assurance was Given by the a compounding a felony and with ctr Inge troops. Recent statistics relations of accused be fore slaying. President in his address being in an a accessories after the fact eign american citizen roes a the duties new York. April 26 map aft. Of our governs mis t Follower offering testimony to show that Honl. To Gard p 0n of a a or _ a a _ ii u a Albert Snyder Art editor had been strangled to death with a piece of picture wire the proved tion turned Back from the immediate details of the murder with which Henry Judd Gray Corbet Salesman and mrs. Ruth Snyder wife of the victim Are charged to Trace the relations of the couple from their meeting to the night of the killing. The opening jury address of District attorney Richard s. New Combe portrayed character a aking n sketches of the victim Anil the oct j Lions in is e que used and gave a graphic Descrip-1 a Imp. Rial tion of the planning and execution jj8 .iaiine4 any of the crime in Queens \ Mage on Jary Akk Andize the morning of March 20, As lie j pre it a a car prosecution charges to was cd a j that those who fitted. Country a Khz by reported that american vessels in was devoted almost in. By to for in an alleged plot to a cover up finding warships in chinese a affairs that wherever. Sini details surrounding the death of term a j bin thus attacked on 43 Ray Raymond musical comedy occasions since August 16, 1926. Star. This number was increased when the indictments were returned Jean lives and property Conat tut t0urtroom of Superior judge Edth main i Blem of the i nit de leg go Erin it in oth Nicaragua and Chiv \ a your govt a of h tally in too i .�?~.ss, Rad than the a it live a the lawful rights of its citizens Abr he added. A that has been to Long our est Abir had pm the t rather difficult to conceive it As sliding a truculent and arrogant attitude Charles Burnell after witnesses the United Stales destroyer peaty was fired on sunday near Kiu Kiang on the Yangtze about 126 Miles off had appeared before the grand j Hankow. The source of the firing jury to Tell of the alleged a icon Spur was not located and the warship Acyl to hide the True facts in the mid not return the fire. I actors death. Three British warships la Man with bail fixed Ai $5,000 in each is Keppel and Wolsey also were chief Deputy District Altor ared on by chinese batteries from i tax is instructed de he South Bank of the Yangtze Mac Kayo near Chen King sunday. The Brit arrest Arish replied with a heavy bombardment and silenced the chinese de. Guns. Hankow situation dangerous the most precarious situation for Ney Harold l. Teetie to plan mis and the doctor under once. Although the actress w As former Mill City banker is arrested for grand larceny o f Conten 1-3 thl Toner dared by Lier attorney Roger mar a or a olidge1 Chetti to be suffering from com in ill-1 pie the nervous exhaustion at her1 foreigners Al present in c him apr la a con id 1 Home she was ordered taken into it Ais to he at Hankow the seat or ecu re i custody unless Bond was posted by the Radical cantonese government. Advocated mandates Over ii via Quot were gland jury session re Are at the physician denied allegations Lent events in that City they spend the main that he participated in the alleged the nights at the waterfront under co Mxnulty covering up and said he accepted 11ite Protection ithe warships it a $5 k fee from miss Mackaye Memphis tenn., april 26 a swiftly and Irres Stahly the flood Arteis of the Mississippi to or and its tributaries rolled across in w ground yesterday in three states Arkansas Mississippi and Louisiana inundating additional towns and thousands of acres of farm lands. Driving the homeless before it the floods claimed new victims Here and there swallowing up a Mississippi National guard Rescue worker near Greenville an Alkali Sas planter near Pine Bluff and the Captain of a government Craft As slating in levee strengthening on the Arkansas River near Gould. With the known death list past the of Hundred Mark estimates of the total fatalities up ranged from 300 to 500. Rescue workers miss Mary to Mathews of Man Ningpo ii w. A. Is one of the latest denials to be offered that a Mons claim about gentlemen s leanings toward the Light haired the gentlemen of West Virginia University at Morgantown voted miss Mathews u Sophomore til most Beautiful Gin student big Selling move strikes Stock Market speculation for Advance received decided c Heck Many kinds of rumours Given for Selling movement. A Rev York Al ii 2 6 a speculation or the Advance re revived a decided Check on the new York Stock Exchange yester i Day when pliers of aeon of Issue broke 2 to 9 Points tut a Combina tion of urgent profit taking and i Short setting. One Issue. Commie j Elal solvents la scored an extreme j Dei a of 15 i Olms Aud then nil lied slightly while a sprinkling of others led by u. S. Lait lion pipe. Showed moderate gains. All soils of excuses were Forth coming for the St Ling ii biding the imports of increasing seriousness of tile Mississippi rivet floods the Japan Newport news. A april 26a Lieut. Commander Noel Davis and Lieut s la Wooster naval aviators were killed today in a forced Landing of the giant biplane i a american legion in which they planned to attempt a non Stop new 5 Ork to Paris flight. A a hey were Over , \a., in the last of the test flights planned for the by Craft before it was taken to new York tor the propos >1 trails Atlantic dash for th1 it Tig prize of $25,000. Falls into Marshland the giant three motored with a Load of 17,000 pounds landed in a mud Marsh near Man a 1 Btu l Ying her nose in several flt t i Jot water. Accounts of the Accident diff cd. Colonel c. C. Culver commando g Langley Field said the plane was making a perfect Landing when it a truck la mud with its engine silenced but w in Forrest a Fisherman and by it witness declared the machine was at Low Altitude when it seemed logo into a nose dive. Before the machine took off for its final test commander Davis said he might have some i rouble in getting into the Nir with the heavy Load but expected no difficulty la managing the plane no it got up. Craft climbs into air a the Craft Rose High and St Mig Lite nod out for Etc country to in. It Ovid along slowly Nuder the staggering impost Ami suddenly appeared to develop a Gonei trouble. Colonel Culver said the Aii nun nought the Cinalt toward the Cai the into a Nice lauding but came in Hie Marsh and As the machine tinted i ii rough the water her nose was hurled Ami the Craft to my Over. Members of a Crew which a to leafed tile bodies of the ail no a from tim wreckage of Tho plane said Davis face had been crushed and that the lieutenant neck x a in Oken. Portland ore., april 2$.�? a Joseph Parker troop formerly a vice president of the Liberty state Bank at Minneapolis was arrested Here monday and held for Mineso to authorities on a charge of grand a total of 4�?�6 Laws were placed arc by in connection with a tire of the Bank. This Hie Lime the warrants w Ere issued. There Are still about 800 foreign or. Sullivan appeared before tim or leu in Hankow among them 68 it was a said americans. Bet Aune of the Turbo a far off countries a a a a or a Quot Moat critical when tempting to encourage tenancy of order tin co of duly p8t�wlshe>l go pc Trou Al Al services in at-1 Cate that military preparations Are Zzz \7zr in �i.�. Vej xtitjissrs1�?� Zzz where we have Large and Peculiar dict ment for murder. Financial Crista the Mississippi Delta tear that j vhf the a Malsness of i Ibe Chin be Many lost their lives today As the an Mcshan sit oat ions Aud la in flood Waters continue that Dica Otis of a slackening in do Region. A rid for the product to of some Quot i Hie Basic industries int quarters Tho guided As overdid dispatches from Hankow i nil i fall fhe statute books at the pre ious legislature. Largest total Cut the state educational Bill re in the largest total Cut $608,-25 mom the amount approved the leg is la tit re while the Board f control Bill was second its Cut mounting to $250,050. The state through a . Received arms from Mesic. To. President said that the revolutionary forces of Nicaragua Pear to have received Amminiti 1 some the scent reply up i arms Ami source in troop was located Nae age said to have been Given to a Pullman Porter in Minne Apo Chi a cantonese i or los to deliver to him personally to Hie prod to the package the officers said. Con states and Al Smith pays his visit to Coolidge at new York hotel it of the moderate Canion eminent at banking. Gov of Eugene minister i new trained a coat for mrs. It. J Adams who according to officers was with troop when the arrest was made. Par Tatami Bill was ret $2o5.950, deputies gave the woman a Lite Semi state activities 1111 $92,000 Jefter which sheriff t. M. Urn limit o d the claims Bill $229.60. Had received from her former Pius Benis vetoed i1 the state depart band stating that her Mother a mental Bill were critically ill. Laboratory for the state test i. I f,-0op told newspaper no in that ronf1. Don of proper or in its Washington gov York april 26.-�? apr Al the United Smith democratic governor of Allied gov laments new York paid his a Sjo acts last of banking was night to president Coolidge in his of Shanghai Pili 26. A miss Mary i. Craig Philadelphia nurse recently kidnapped by bandits in Yunnan province Lias been released. Amel ii an Consul general Gauss was advised. Irom Yunn Anfu Al Tai of Yunnan province today that miss cd alg was fret and Well. Shanghai april 26 a the vernacular newspapers published an 0,1 rom Iii tory in ton fill More hotel suite but whether 0fljcja Kuomintang cantonese to h to a certain degree Rispon the Twenty minute conference in Muraj organization manifesto to a a a. Discussion of the Prewl-11ie world today stating that the of a a. _ consideration by our government. Devoting most attention to me Coolidge reiterated that Here w if the j Leo or. He main problem a ii shall county. $36,000 reduction the fire fighting appropriation elimination of the second a car appropriation for the Radica Ion of venereal diseases $35,000 t inting reports state Board of a Aith $950 retest tuberculosis a d of the state livestock sanitary pm a $16,000 uniform Laws common $2,000 printing of tax a state fish a $68,000. And game described As o a certain degree respond the Sive leaving the final disposition eluded a the Hsu a matter for dentin candidacy possibilities of Latish minister i Beking proposes either was not divulged. J to prepare for the occupation of asked what transpired at the Shanghai and banking in the event visit governor Smith replied �?�1 that the chinese government called of course to old him Wel should reject the demands made by com to the City. I told him to do Hie papers growing out of the Quot an anything he wanted to providing King disorder. He did no to get caught at when ask a what the president said the governor answered Quot he Caid he would take a governor Smith went the pres cunts suite from his own room a try old Lizard a floors below in the hotel. Weighing Suo pounds has arrived _ in ame Rte for exhibition at then tune go bids invited . To. Hails a a m. A a it a it Quot a a a a Quot a or a roster a a it ,1 Vesterdal by to. Was brought Here by the my Dav in tearing Down Vuu Maun a mgt. A alb Mas w a in Quot a a a ,. Nor n. No. hem a .&Quot.rn.,Ion Quot port. Mgt a a. A tsp it a a it a i. The. Survey and u. A. I Quot a a Bota a Blue Law a Minneapolis. $12,000 flood Light he left the Bank january i on a a for the new Capitol $8,500 dec frs of a physician. The . Mexico a rating the new Capitol $12,000 failed Ater in the month due j t ninja t0 Jig Rogard Quot the Prinn auction of a aute ditch in a j farm mortgages he said. I in it that Quot private properly should 1 not be taken v a but fair compel Blue Law halts building razing bit Rati n a Leluron. S. A. April 26.�? apr Der the pre sat Quot everybody favors when the question at Issue i pitiable a he continued referring to the Senate s sur Stion. It circumstances i Century old Lizard has arrived in u. S. Yolk april great area under water in the Abseil. Of any official \ estimates varying calculations of Tho damage Over Hie 9,500 Square Miles of water covered areas were mad try business in n Here. These ranged All the Way irom one Hun dred million dollars to half a bit j lion dollars. While the Mississippi was being held to its Banks by he rot work at half a dozen Points and Over a Long fsr Ewh North and South of \ Ike Burg a new break in the Arkansas River levee at South Bend uncool county was reported with the in leased Waters threatening several Tow a. Break in Dykes reported Breaks in Dykes in smaller streams both in North and South Louisiana were reported with a considerable area Likely to be flood cd and several More thousands made homeless. The Crevasse Iii the Mississippi levee below new Oreland opened saturday by a Steamer wus expected to flood about 30 Square Miles. I towns which received flood water in Ludd at Kaishas City on the j Mississippi which was it it off from i ail communication i h Hie out Side marked Tice us Villem it Yuehee and Dumas in Arkansas and Indian ans in Mississippi East of i no Hie. In. Smut Bank cation a Ream necessary for the correction of recent spent latin excels in Many issues. J two interesting earn mrs it j merits made their appear Alec iut ing the Daj general motors in porting net profits of $._�?T, it it i Bis an increase of $7,639,790 Over the Sain i Hod last year unit Vulva Lent to $5.80 a share on Hie com Mon Stock while Marland go re ported net of Only $228.69$, equal to 9tats a share an against $3, 3. 5,006, of $1.79 a share in the list Quarter of 1926. Outside his Stock Market it i f int a est entered in the sensation Al Advance of nearly to Point in italian Iii in the tor Ign Exchange Market to Wally highest rate in seven years. Son of Irish free state envoy to u. S. Is placed in jail Detroit muh april 26 a lacking Bond it $1,500, is i Enfield i. Smiddy 21, non of j Rofes Soi t. A Smiddy Bish Dee slate repro native to the United states was in the county jail last night charged with having violated the Federal Tai Iff aet in smuggling w Hisky from Canada. Smiddy pleaded not guilty when arraigned and was held for examination a week hence. Ilia arrest \. Iii h did not become known until today occurred Friday while in was at the xxii. I of an timing Iii ought Are or. H Dom Windsor to Detroit on a ferry boat. Us Toma officers said 43 Bot Fie of whirl y were brought across Iii the machine Moat it it packed ii of f the Radiator. A borrowed automobile Ai d a group of four friends figured Iii Tho incident according to Young Smiddy. He was emphatic however in raving that the owner of the automobile eld not Knox the la to which it a to be put. The four friends do up Pearl a about the i tim customs officers say they Dis covered the liquor leaking irom under the Radiator. Smiddy left at la wheel of the machine was a i rented. Good will fliers reach Jacksonville Jacksonville Fla. April 26. A mexican priests planning to leave for foreign lands Mexico City. April 26 map Tel bid labor Organ says that a wholesale exodus of Catholic the Structure of a new Intel Nap i m s from Mexico to foreign new 26. Cap a Long and three tit after working seven boo on Sun pa0 see grave difficulties in forme tearing Down the old James rating a question vex in ii a new oilman april 26 Iain with the Crest of the coming Mississippi River flood still far up the Valley Louisiana began to experience difficulty in curbing b Aser i Ihu Tari of the main Stream. The red River above flood stage broke through i Xii. Iana railway con inned on Palm 4tonal sympathy will be built Over the Graves of Hie t to american j flier who lost their lives when their planes collided in , Ma-1 Jor Herbert a. Dargue flight com. Hinder said Here upon lha arrival of Hie Good will Squadron from m la in i. The four Fli Lif Plant escorted by two at my planes one of them piloted by major general patrick., chief of army air service a Here shortly before 2 p. Nth ii flying tim from Miami xxx a four hours Aud Twenty minutes an average of 78 Miles in hour. It Suntris i in Prospect. Headquarters of the Mexico episcopate in Havana at the present time a the pal r declares a Baa ordered mexican priests to go to the United state and Cuba and Many Are preparing to to there is no knowledge Bere that the mexican episcopate is in Havana. President Secretary Iii Washington april 26.�? apr Everett Sanders Secretary to president Coolidge is ill at hi9 Home Here with a cold

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