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Albany Mail And King Georges Sound Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1887, Page 4

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Albany Mail and King Georges Sound Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 1, 1887, Albany, Western Australia National Library of Australia across the Atlantic in thirty six hours. A talk with Tab directs of the peek off a log so Pmj. Ii you Dot find Captain Jovis at the Headquarters Zofih society i the Boulevard Clichy it is a fairly Safe Gess to assume that he is in die Clouds. When fun Earth the Captain divides his time Between superintending the Toosi action of balloons and his meteorological studies when on High he is either engaged in new piece of work Raj strip or in putting into practice Sof Foje fresh theory j Jand then when he Cei signs to Escarm again it is to go straight to his Jabor at the Laboratory for As he say Baho Ourng is still in its adolescence and there Are a great Many problems connected with the science yet to be solved i happened to Call at one of the rare Jno ments when the director although on Earth was not at the Laboratory " he always Here. Said lieutenant Mollet Lus assistant in response to my inquiry come upstairs into the Laboratory and of Ait a minute or two. I am going to in Kief the passage a Yoss thib Atlantic with the Captain so i can Tell you something about it while Are rating " i wish the Captain was Here to Tell you about the Atlantic trip. Imay mention that we expect to have our monster iwo pm Sita Ifft finished in september for but the end of that month. But let me Tell thu first the Al. The French papers Are Irro cog in saying that pc we to going to attempt the voyage from France to Jun Erica we Conj old not do it we could on our own premises Why Poplos. Fhe bag in which fihe Gas stored will be vanished with a a ration patents by Captain Jovis Fetisof hich will Render Toje material the Igi most impermeable and thus present the escape of the Gas. Be a St pottery Little Dunn our trip Down to Day what will Yon do about provisions f Sotir gew Baliou win of Sqq a an �o6monscarrjii g rapacity Jim or deep to Janeet the needs of a Ocean voyage 1 we Shalliot the Iray and i suppose what you. Do take will be regarded u ballast a i added under the trip was to be a on end that possibly the adventurers would be tacking about Over the Atlantic for week before reaching land or dropping Down at he mercy of g. Parsing vessel. Awe Are Sot Likely to req fire $ Jarge Stock of food we expect to make Iffie passage in forty eight Lions sity at Ihfe outside Puring the Winter frequent atmospheric disturbances pass from a Iberia to the North of Scotland we Small Nch in one of these tempests and to in. The 4e Mats of Europe. A shall to up # couple of collapsible boats we v6re Here interrupted by the entry of Cha Pete Jovis who at once went to " is desk a produce4 some memoranda Troin which Jie Gaye Irie the following retails of mib pro sied voyage i a Isif Lwow begin the Captain fit rang mint golfer launched Flafeia it is a child that Only we grow and really to Ling child Adole Pence for in spite of the Jeffi Orts of All our great men Little or Iola Agthe prob Leip of steering the balloon and yet the Model of our endeavours to revise a plan of Aerial steering is daily presented us by fhe flight of the Birds. Behave tried and tried but for the moment j Tell you the Only Way of directing the course of a balloon is by Aid i the current of the air a theory Uumo by scotch a by the meteorologists v Imd Waluch the a Ronatte alone " i Don to quite follow Yogi. I Thoy get Model upon which to Iii experiments ought to be based was 1 to be found in Tihe ight of the yes j did that but perhaps i plight to sex Jilin Zepre fully Why All our efforts to guide the balloon upon a study of ,jth0 fat of the Birds have ailed r the lords Are a i vier than the air they in motiy0pwer of them Hana a balloon it has to motive Power of Iti no and presents i sitar Iid that any to Force to against the wind would probably end in. The bursting of the balloon a. The difference Between a bid acid a balloon is the difference bet Ena Steamer and a sailing vessel. But to Patin be the study of the Erial currents will not Only Render if tense service to ballooning but also to or meteorology a science still in an embryo j Tadej and absolutely founded upon the study of the atrial currents. I have invade upwards of two Hundred Esperi in its Ith results which enable me to predict a Long time in Advance what will be the cd True of a balloon at a Given in moment. Obtained by my passage of the a Mediterranean and my trip across tie pm a Frontier Are Irre Itable and new after Yean of study f i labor j pro pm pan Experiment Frame Hal nested As Cam. Piu Sive theitis. The Eros sing of the at Mantici the idea my seep utopian but it ii feasible and an american company 3osjplabc at the i Post tithe balloon society Aust. We intend to Start with two tons and a half of ballast and allowing for Jdie tse of a Quarter of a Hundred weight i or hour we should Kave a Large surplus in Cage of emergencies do you find at a height of several thousand metres. The direction of the wind Jaaske regular and its Force More uniform p course at that Altitude its course would not be effected _ " we Ishall be Jessing Oyer the sea so the direction of j f is determined at Jill by the in Gui Rity of the Earth s of i May. Tell a asm ice in to. Ilia we somali rides find when the wind is. Blowing Ini direction a Superior current in an other. It. Very fre Queri by happens when the wind is South West that we find a Strong North West Jeu irent or. Mallet who was taking part in this conversation reminded his chief that Whan crossing the Mediterranean Icey took the wind from Marseilles to Aneth re succeeded in finding current which carried Thein Bak to the coast of Italy. Supposing anything unlocked for happened Captain Jovis during what period would you be Ible to remain in the air a with balloon of 8, metres we could stay aloft four Days. We do not intend to make a High ascent j Weighall probably make the passage at a height of Froin 800 to 900 Yards it boy the you expect to leave Elijew Yoi in october i believe it is impossible to say we May have to wait till december or even january for an atmospheric disturbance which May be expected to Crow the Atlantic and pass along our coasts As i was leaving or Mallet told me that the Captain proposed attempting the highest ascent on record on saturday when he hoped to attain 10,000 metres. This Experiment is to be conducted under the auspices of the Paris Figaro pall mall budget. The death of a daring Cumber. One of the noted characters of Cincinnati the " Steeple climber died thursday night at Bis Home,-79 Bank Street. His name was Joseph Rodriguez Weston and for nearly thirty years he had been climbing steeples in this City. No Point was too High and Jedi by for him to reach and maintain is steady foothold. Of late years he would undertake Only those difficult feats that appalled others it was Hig pardonable boast that he could go As High or higher than any other Man. There Are Anjany a Lorie of his hazardous exploits in this City. The most notable probably was the draping of the Cathedral spire on the night following archbishop Purcell s death. In the ground below were 3,000 or 4,000 Pepple eagerly watching for a glimpse of the daring Man As the lightning flashes revealed him on the dizzy height. Weston when Only twelve years of age had placed the tip on the same Steeple. Another feat that was greatly talked about at the time was on the night of july 3,1876. Weston climbed the spire of the presbyterian Church on fourth Street the tallest in the City and nailed fast the stars and stripes 285. Feet from the ground it. Was on Thi occasion that by had a narrow escape. Weston had stained from Michie the jeweller Heafy Gold Chain the links of which were All solid. His Chain,.when he was falling held him for a Brief moment during which the climber succeeded in regaining his hold. Another time while Weston was removing the timbers from the Steb Leof St. Xavier which had been Burnt he was struck by a falling Rock on the head and slightly Hurt. Weston had a horror of Gompf yen rearing late Jan. Iti Eyers & co. �o., bes malt ale and Porter in bulk and bottle. Aerated. Waters. Fruit champagnes. Syrups and cordials. Stomachin bitters. N thanking the Public for the support they have hitherto Giyen to us Wei beg to say that from the 8th of november last we Trade under the name and style of the " Southern brewing company and All communications v ill now be addressed to n. W. Mckail manager. In consequence of the increase in our business and the necessity of getting the latest machinery we Are compelled to enlarge our premises and we Trust that by brewing Only the Best malt liquors we shall receive the same support the Public has hitherto so liberally Given to us. We have procured the latest machinery for the manufacture of aerated Waters and can therefore defy Competition. In 1883-4our unrated Waters obtained a certificate of Merit at the Calcutta exhibition and Are so Well known Here that it is unnecessary for us to say More about them. Qui ale and Porter Are equal to any imported and without doubt Are the Best brewed in the Colony. We guarantee them free from chemicals or hop substitutes so much used in other Beers and will give �100 to anyone who can prove otherwise. Our hops and malt Are procured from the Best Market Only and none Are used unless they Are guaranteed Good and new. Orders promptly attended and a Quick dispatch to any part of the Colony. A. London they Abb a fusions. W. Ii. Bour or 23 great St. Helen s London e.c., 12s. English lever Hunter capped and jewelled. Ruai anted for two years. Also,�3 8s. Waltham lever Hunters. Land for Sale from �3 per acre g a l l clockmaker York Street. Jannay 21, 1887. New goods ust arrived be & 0. Steamer a Large and Choice assortment of ladies gents and children s boots and shoes. Now Selling at prices ranging from 6s. Upwards. A trial solicited. William York Street. Mun Bay notice of removal. Reeve & Muller Bakers and confectioners have much pleasure in announcing to their numerous customers and the Public generally that they have removed to Stirling Terrace where they Trust to receive a continuance of the favors so richly bestowed on them in the past. Customers waited upon daily As before. Greeve & Muller Stirling Terrace. Albany july 19, 1887. Albany grammar school. Erms for Day scholars Orer 10 years of age �2 2s. Per Quarter. Under 10 years of age �1 is. Per Quarter. All fees payable in Advance. Joseph phill7.More, principal. T e r m s m o d e r a t e f o r c a s h. John Mckail & co y o w c s t r e e to i b a f l general drapers and clothiers Etc., Etc., Etc. A l a r g e a n d v a r i e d s t o c k o f r o o m Gas engines h Yod Battiel c machine by cab winches Patent lifting Chines a. P a p e r s o n h a n d. Tangles limited engineers and importers of steam engines hoisting and winding. J Angye ors. To. Bus re sole agents " Horrocks co., m a c h i n e r y " m e r c h a n t s pay Street Fremantle j. R. Greville. Weston s wizard Oil. Weston s wizard Oil. October 3, 1883. Or Frank Weston dear sir recently sojourning in Australia to recruit my health. I was completely cured of rheumatic fever and liver complaint by using your wizard Oil and magic pills and cannot too freely express my gratitude for the Benefit derived from the use of your medicines. I Laid in a Stock from Rocke and Tompsett before returning to India but now learn that your medicines Are obtainable at Treacher and cos limited Bombay. I am constantly recommending your wizard Oil Etc., in this Remote part of India and a Romild advise you to make a local Agency Here. With profound personal respect i am gratefully yours j. R. William Stark. Commissariat department Pemba our Punjab India Weston s wizard Oil. Weston s wizard Oil. From a world renowned circus proprietor. Or. Frank Weston dear sir your wizard Oil and magic pills have effected Many surprising cures of liver and kidney complaints neuralgia rheumatism blocks Tangye s steam pumps tangle s ra35 pumps saw benches bad saws weighing a hand pumps and sprains. My company of athletes engineers lathes and horsemen Are subjected to Many folios fancy Soots and shoe Amateur lathes Falls sprains bruises and ladies dress shoes punching and accidents but your celebrated medicines subdue them All. I am never gent a elastic boots and shoes men s lace up Aud Blueher boots shearing machines without your wizard Oil and magic men s Strong and Light water tights shaping machines pills which Are now nearly As Well known throughout India As in aus a Large assortment always on blowers hide Auric jacks Thalia. Very truly yours. H. K. Hopes by Striet attention screw jacks to business and importing the Westjohn Wilson. Material to Merit future patronage great world circus. Calcutta 10th fahd support.nov., 1883. Weston s wizard Oil. In Buttles Only with Glass stoppers. Price half a Crown Weston s wizard Oil. Ill buy goods and sell produce and will act As London agent on Best terms. References Given. The steam launch Loc Hommond runs regularly Between the jetty and the mail Steamer when in port and is open for charter f ? picnics excursion and fishing parties. Orders for thursday und saturday afternoons should be received on the Day previous. Vessels towed in or out of the Harbor. Moderate charges. Alex Armstrong owner. J. H. Kennedy bookmaker and importer. York Street Albany Enders his sincere thanks Tot. The a Public generally for the Liberal support accorded the him Sinca his atari Ciao or Btu mess and begs to notify the new residents of Albany that he has on hand an non Snall Large and Well selected Supply of Boot i and shoes &e., at the lowest possible rates Cou Piraino orders Lor firewood Cordo Long receive prompt attention. January 24, 1887. Paiute Abil published by proprietr6� Fiou Iba Bossy ii Abb aft the Albany newspaper and 3eq,,. Stiebig Western Australia
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