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Albany Mail And King Georges Sound Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1887, Page 3

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Albany Mail and King Georges Sound Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 1, 1887, Albany, Western Australia National Library of Australia a my j. Cluj a or est above will sales in Albany one from Fop inc Lem inc of the weather will Trike place this my saturday i Sai a Camfill selected Stock \7 �. Filo Iacini Rass s j Marigold Bluegum african Box Thorn. A inv j i a pm Terrace a Albany veto Jeri 1887.7 of notice. V of a be rement a Iii ent a office ipe Njdeh Der .jl.,. The Etc tired a but ii non .of.wednesday, i Heath of ? persons willing to cart to �. Ii Oval u.7u v Al i Morse which. Can be seen of refer be to Gaoler of Jig we a a Footie z 4 " govt president. A Bank dramatic Patron a maj Lof tie a Esq. 03pto, r october 1887. Performance Milner i Rosr ski overture Pijan and violin Mes frs. Hart a and peniain.j./,3\j a phenomenon in a Smock Chal a Tersi. Or. Soderber in ". Of w. J. Cooper. Stonier of etl my John Buttercup c .1 in. A Green a. Foj. � adj. " y y l e b dog Twatt w.5 Golf Jer Vigio Kun Stepi dance in. F i i Lily. Ido Merford comic & ? to j selections piano and violin messes. Hartl and and Permain. Screaming farce Tosser. A Exeter jars croaker a my Imater a lady 1 be idiom liar eng an claims Fri essay next t Tober 5. G. A greens 1 for tilt fruit f fruit or Schruth & co., m want a psst thei Lipmen Arl Street Albany i rooms with Al Tor Tfelt Bedard. A apply to mrs. Tips wok a nor Fps a Street. So users by jul the 17th october \ apply to a. Mir fori Lalif or r. Muir ass " to ii. Iltis a i Viz plate laying on the line Grill cease for. Awhile until the ballasting has the parts of the track were the water it i stated Oliai the governor has Nethat the chief Justice has f railway to the eastward of this which will soon be completed. They Are about to move Camp to Sotir Anup about Twenty Miles further on. The other is or. A a. Saws who has just arrived and from what i hear he will make a Good stay Here. The railway Clearing party is Only about Twenty five Miles from As now and expect Mohave them Impre shortly. I \ if you Are sick take aide Rickii cps hop bitters. V. A Wise Demaeo Iwilder wan Type to Tell meow you kept yourself and family so Well the past season when All the rest of u have been sick and have had the doctors running to us Sci brother Taylor the answer is very easy. I used hop bitters in time and kept my family Well and saved Large doctor s Bills. Four shillings Worth of it kept us All Well and Abri to work All the time aria i will warrant it has Cost you and most of the neighbors �10 or �100 apiece to keep sick the Kaiue time. R 1 fancy you la take any Medicine hereafter Sefel " i / " the dome of the town Hall Tower is being erected and a very fair idea can now be had of what the appearance of the in Ding will be when finished. The Flagstaff was erected but Why was the american Ensign the first piece of Bunting that floated Over the town Hall ? social life in Australia the distractions and amenities of social life in Australia Are very similar to what they Are in England. The form they take is identical but the application is varied. For the usages of social life Are largely dependent upon climate and other external conditions and Are not wholly decided by National character. The Anglo Indian Community in India diverges in a considerable degree from the usages of English society. In Canad also the difference in climate Breeds differences in habit which have become National. In Australia the divergences Are not so great for the differences in climate Are not so strongly marked. Australia and new zealand More especially is the most English of All the English colonies and dependencies. In a country which offers so read an ingress to american notions As Australia does it is surprising to find How Little americanized is social etiquette. The English system is adopted bodily and though it is used with greater Freedom than in the Home country is adhered to in every Section of society that has any etiquette whatever. This condition of things is strengthened by the presence of the governor and his wife in each Colony As the representative not Only of political but also of social supremacy. The wife of the governor leading As she does fashionable society leads All society. The observances of an English drawing room and an English Ball room and familiarity with them would restrain any tendency to set up local variations in etiquette. As Here so there social life is made up of visits balls Drums dinner parties Tennis parties and Routs of various kinds. But while balls in the grand sense of the word Are not so common in Australia or at any rate relatively not More common than they Are with us dances or More informal entertainments of the same sort is much More in Vogue with colonials. The average australian or the average 2few Sealander is much fonder of dancing than the average i do not suppose so much the climate which accounts for this although by. Analogy with the Southern races in Europe it might seem so. It is More probable that the lore of dancing is rather an outcome of the free and easy life which Springs from other social conditions in the colonies. The absence too of other methods of amusement at least in the smaller settlements must increase the demand for a recreation which is St once pleasant Rand free from mental efforts. But whatever the explanation it does not take an English visitor ions to. Discover that colonials " do nothing but i have heard Many complain that the. Dance was the Only form of entertaining of which colonials seemed to be aware. A dance is reported to on every possible occasion. Whatever the pretext under. Which the company have assembled dancing usually ends the evening. This is so even in Large towns like Melbourne. While balls and dances Are very popular dinner patties cannot be said to be in similar favour. The dinner party is Par excellence an English institution. There is about i a solidity and massive respectability which is peculiarly British. And so far As it is dependent of National character it has been reproduced in the Southern continent. But to the dinner party Are essential. Also Leisure and a certain conventional ism which comes of the undisturbed conservatism of the English mind. Colonial life has not so much Leisure because not so much stability. There is quite As much Bustle in English life As in australian but there is More stability in the former. The latter is Uncertain the currents perpetually shift and there is yet no grand Strong tide sweeping on in a definite direction in whose permanence you May place Confidence. For these reasons Over Philosoph Lical As they May seem there is Little Leisure More restlessness and Little conventional ism in colonial life and dinner parties Are not therefore so fashionable As they Are Herp. Dinner is not so important a function even in town. That is it serves a very important purpose in use but not so important As a social Factor. Dressing for dinner is confined to the towns and Only there in ease there Are guests. A colonial never thinks of dressing to Dine with his family. In the country too even where the dinner happens to be in the evening people do not dress. The australian has. Got beyond the time when his menu consisted of Mutton and bread every week Day and sundays bread and Mutton but to has not yet got to dress clothes. " at Homes Are quite As fashionable As in England and quite As skilfully and artistically managed. Acting music and so Forth form the entertainment at such at it would not be considered anything very extraordinary in Many places to wind up an " at Home with a dance the ugh such a free and easy proceeding would not be thought the right thing in stiffer society. If there is one form of amusement to which colonial society is very partial it is Tennis playing. Lii new countries where towns Are of mushroom origin and have been built with a View to Comfort and Pipea Trarice As Well As to Economy and where there is consequently Raore Elbow Toon Rand less encroachment Tipon open spaces there is More room for gardens and la Vns. Tennis therefore soon found a Home tinder Southern skies. Everyone plays Tennis everyone that is who Lias any pretentious to being anybody. The climate allows a great Deal More of open air life and Garden parties thrive accordingly. Tennis is there however As Here a june which is not played very much by Hie less cultivated classes All these amusements go on their appropriate seasons throughout the there is no " season in the proper sense of the word in any colonial town. The nearest approx Ali to a season is during therl Holiday month when the Favourite places of resort Aie full of people Bent on enjoying themselves. The absence of " season is accounted for by the fact that there Are no leisured classes. Everyone has an occupation. Even the heir to a run of 300,000 acres is either employed in managing for his father or he is a barrister or if he is not in actual employment he is away in Europe acquiring education and experience. The guests you will Meetin an australian drawing room Are. Very characteristic. There is the heir of an English barony who is of a visit to the colonies or there is an englishman of letters come to get fresh Light on Imperial matters or f an artist from a great English illustrated news. � Aper. And these figure As " Here Are barristers politicians and other men about town. For the rest the Bank clerk is found in numbers and a sprinkling of cadets an squatters from Distant runs. These Ang ladies to match make up a fairly Lian gathering. Representative austra St. James 1 budget. _ Tele Gra p fisc m e British and foreign. London., september 27. Associated press in addressing his friends and sympathisers after Bis release o by Ien declared that critical times were coming in which Resolute resistance to eviction won be a National duty and he also denounced Captain Plunkett s lust for murder. The state of affairs in county Clare is becoming More threatening and boycotting and moonlighting is increasing to an alarming extent. The Porte suggests that an International commission should be appointed to superintend the carrying out the election for the bulgarian Sobrane. It further suggests that the Assembly thus constituted should choose a Prince from such As the three Powers jointly approved m. Stambo Uloff tie bulgarian Premier has declared that he will not accept this solution of the difficulty. The excitement on the French Frontier in connection with the injury received by a French lieutenant is intense. The surgeons attending the patient declare that from the appearance of the wound it was caused by a military Rifle. An attempt which has been made to float a russian loan of Oue Milliard in the. Paris Market has proved a failure. September 28. The hygienic conference has been opened at Vienna by the Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria. Sir p. Jennings is the representative t f new South Wales but was unable to attend the opening meeting. The Fermoy riots proved to be serious. The mob paraded the streets and attempted to wreck the hotel where Captain Plunkett was staying. A Sharp conflict ensued with the police who used their Batons freely and a Hundred civilians were wounded. The Nizam of Hyderabad who was installed in 1884, has written to the Viceroy declaring that the interests of the British and the natives of Hindustan Are identical in repelling the Advance of Russia. The German government states that it is willing to recognise samoan chiefs who exercise authority in any part or the Island. It is considered unlikely that England will interfere in the course adopted by Germany towards the chief Maietta. M. Waddington who is on a visit to France has had the misfortune to fracture his Collar Bone but the Accident is not. Of a serious nature. The Queen has approved of the appointment of or. To Fallon to be chilian Consul at Melbourne. Or. Samuelson in addressing the associated Chambers of Commerce of great Britain expressed the opinion Ali atthe evidences of a real improvement in Trade Are plainly observable. News has come to hand of the wreck of a chinese transport off the coast of China with the loss of 300 lives including that of the Captain an englishman. It is rumoured that new South Wales is to acquire the exclusive Protection of the gunboat Nelson. Germans connected with the shooting affair on the Frontier declare that the incident occurred on German territory and not on the French Side of the Frontier. September 29. While the police were engaged in. Evicting a tenant in county Mayo they were attacked by the peasantry who offered a Savage resistance to the execution of the warrant. Reports from various parts of Ireland show that lawlessness is greatly on the increase. The inhabitants of the Caroline islands rising in revolt against the Spanish governor have murdered him. The disturbance originated from the imprisonment by the governor of a missionary who was highly popular. On the news of the insurrection reaching the Phillip Ines vessels were fitted out at Manilla for conveying ? a Force of marines to the Carolines. The Sultan of Zanzibar has ceded the. Whole coast of his territory to great Britain and Germany As guardian states. If says or. Justice Stephens the Bill passed by the legislature of new South Wales i a the purpose of extending the grounds of divorce is not vetoed by the Queen the clergy should refuse to re marry the divorced persons or to. Allow them the rites of communion. The admiralty propose to replace by another ironclad the flagship Nelson of the australian coast the latter \ Essel is erroneously believed to have been acquired by new South Wales. Ayoub Khan has fled to turkestan. Ill consequence of the continuance of the disagreement Between Italy and Abyssinia the government of the former country intend sending 20,000 troops to Mas Sowah in november next. The. Cologne Gazette states that King Malietoa. Of Samoa was deposed for refusing to punish the natives of Matapele for stoning German subjects on the emperor s birthday. An enormous increase is proposed upon russian import duties. Inter colonial. Tasmania sir Robert Stout Premier declines to re enter political life. The Cabinet meets at Wellington on sunday to decide the course of the Mew parliament which it is expected will be strongly conservative. It is n supposed that or. Atkinson Leader of the opposition will be summoned to form a ministry. Victoria. Melbourne september 27. Max Sci Traeder has been Eha Reed with forgery in London his Deal cations being stated to amount to �100,000. Sporting telegrams. Horse racing. Sydney september 26. Settling Over the acc. Meeting was satisfactory. A commission has been executed in favor of Volcano for the Caulfield cup who is backed Down to 10 to 1, about �4000 being taken at 100 to 9. Silver mine has been backed at 100 to 7 for the Derby Obercorn is firm at 2 to 1, which is taken and offered while 4 to 1 is taken and offered on Niagara australian peer was offered at 7 to 1 and taken and 7 to 1 has been offered against Enfil Ade for the Melbourne cup 5 to 1 was the Best Price about algerian who has beet backed for a fair amount. Silver Price was supported at 100 to 7 for the two cups and �1000 to �15 was wanted about Volcano. Yachting. London september 28. The following arrangements have been made regarding the contest for the Amei cup Between the English yacht Thistle and the american yacht Volunteer the first event is to be Over the club course. The second Twenty Miles out when the Thistle will be allowed 12secs., and the third if necessary Over the triangular course from Saudy Hook. London september 29. The first event for the american cup came off to Day in Norfolk Harbor. The betting at the shirt was slightly in favor of Volunteer the wind being extremely Light the weather hazy. Vast crowds lined the quays and the Harbor was covered with hundreds of steamers and yachts. When half of the distance had been sailed the Volunteer was two Miles ahead and at the winning buoy the Lead was increased to for Miles. Within fifteen minutes after the Start the British yacht Thistle Lay becalmed while the american yacht Volunteer passing with a wind was leading by two Miles before the Thistle got into motion and made Good headway of one Point within the next Quarter of a mile of the Competition when a fresh wind however was experienced and the Volunteer was enabled to increase her Lead to the end and won by 19 mins. letters to the editor. Mes. Milner s Benefit. Sir having heard some remarks passed rather freely that the Benefit the dramatic club have got up for mrs. Milner is not for a deserving object let mask in the name of common humanity. A Kiether this is not a Bona fide Charity _ i to link mos people know the facts of the Case. All the dramatic club know is that the deceased was a steady sober Man that he met his death while at his employment leaving a widow with four children another having been born since that they were destitute some 12,000 Miles from kith or Kindred save a sister who was not in a position to help her and the members of the club at once decided that it Wasa most deserving Case and to give her a Benefit. I believe i could Trace these and other scandalous remarks to their source. Que thing i know is that there Are those who by their insidious remarks make a great Deal of mischief and whose education would Lead anyone to believe they ought to know better. There Are others again who Are More outspoken with their venom and who mos certainly have the Means to pay for learning better. However i have always believed that the Public of Albany would generously support any entertainment for a Bona fide charitable purpose and i certainly shall not change Raymind until i see the result of this our first Benefit Given to the Only Case that since the formation of the club. In conclusion a few words As to the Why of a third night and the entertainment being in the Large store. The foremen in messes. Pillars Yard requested us to have it in the store and they asked for and obtained the use of it from or. Hassell. They also asked us to play again on the saturday and or. Murphy would arrange that the train should bring in any me along the line or at the Mills that wished to come. Saturday being a night we could not All get together monday was decided upon messes. Pillar employees fitting up a stage and sound Board and rendering every assistance. The above is the reason of a special railway right our Only object being to please All and get As Muchas possible for the object in View. I am &c.,. G. A. Green. Obituary no eminent american name was More familiar throughout Europe than that of or. Washburne whose death has been announced by Telegram men of the time says Elihu Benjamin Washburne born at Liverpool Maine sept. 23, 181g. He was Early apprenticed to the Printer s. Trade. After coming of age he studied Law was admitted to the bar and removed in 1842 to Galena Illinois where he entered upon the practice of his profession. In 1853 he was elected to Congress and was re elected at every biennial election until 1859. He became acquainted with general Grant then an sex Captain residing in Galena shortly before the War. When Grant was elected president he appointed or Washburne Secretary of state. The latter finding his health Suade in at for the severe duties of the position soon reined and was appoint ii ii Intel to France a position which he Heid until 1877, when he was at Bis own Earnest request. When the War broke out Between Fiu nue and Germany he Vas requested by the uen aau govt Era ment to act As its representative in France and spi Geof Paris and the Rhie of the commune he remained in the City and exerted his influence for the Protection of citizens of other nations who were at times in great peril there and also did much to ameliorate the condition of the wounded and striving parisians during the seige. His own government together with those of France and Germany amply recognized the Fidelity and tact which lie manifested during this trying the liver in the spr1mg. The liver located on the right Side below the right lung its lowered a being directly under the Short ribs and extending across to the left Side is not Only the largest gland of the body but is one of the most Complex in its Workings and like a delicate piece of machinery is easily thrown out of order. A Ion its proper action depends the me Taland physical welfare of the body. Any one of the following symptoms indicates its departure from health , Sallow complexion gradually increasing constipation disinclination to exertion vertigo dizziness highly coloured urine a splendid feeling to Day and. A depressed one to Morrow pain Niider either shoulder and under ribs on the right Side neuralgia pain of Chest heartburn indigestion enlargement of Side below the ribs of the Abdomen Mouth Brown flabby Tongue occasional chills hot flushes Moth patches on the face Yellowish eyeballs sick headache frequent vomiting of bitter matter Niles caused by congestion of the liver severe spasmodic paid in upper part of Abdomen relieved by pressure Hiccough jaundice Cla coloured stools sour stomach variable appetite irritability of temper diarrhoea Dys Eutry burning Palms and feet cough sleeplessness. The diseases which Are indicated by any of the above symptoms Are jaundice Gall stones enlargement contraction congestion inflammation abscess. Tumours by patios Catarrh of the ducts fatty accumulation cancer malaria and last but not least bilious Ness which is so common in this country a Rich both sexes. Winter nature Wise by arranges that to should live on foods containing much fat or As they Are known Hydro carbons for the purpose of supplying heat to the body the chemical operation necessary to transform fat into heat is the exclusive work of the liver and so during the time stated it is constantly congested. With the approach of warm weather our diet changes to muscle producing food and the work of the liver is much lessened. In the majority of cases however it is unable to completely throw off the excess of bile hut remains congested causing that Lazy tired feeling which Many have in the Spring months when the weather becomes warm. This is. Evidence of an unhealthy condition and. Though people appreciate the necessity of an alterative at this period the common idea is. To take drastic pills and produce a cathartic effect Only to . The liver must be unloaded and its proper action restored before hot weather if you wish to preserve heal Tii and if this distinct Call of nature is unheeded serious results will occur. The blood will become loaded with bile and Lithie acid and As every drop of vital fluid passes through the kidneys to be purified they soon break Down and Are rendered unable to. Carry out the chapter. Ask any or All of the most eminent by. Sic Iaus " what is the Best and Only remedy that can be relied on to cure All diseases of the kidneys and i Inary organs such As Bright s disease diabetes retention or inability to retain urine and All the diseases and ailments Peculiar to. Women and they will Tell you explicitly and emphatically " ask the same physicians what is the most reliable and surest cure for All liver diseases or dyspepsia constipation indigestion bilious Ness malaria fever ague a and. They will Tell you Mandrake or dandelion j j h Cuneo when these remedies Are combined with others equally valuable and compounded into or. Soule s american hop bitters such a wonderful and mysterious Eura Jve Power is developed which is so varied in its operations that no disease or ill health can possibly exist or resist its Power and yet it is harmless for Tho most frail woman weakest invalid or smallest child to use. Chapter ii. Patients " almost dead or nearly dying for years and Given up by physician Obright s and other kidney diseases. Live complaints severe coughs called Coil-., sumption have been Tyen gone nearly crazy j / j from Agny of neuralgia nervousness wakefulness Aud various disease Peculiar to women. People drawn out of shape from excruciating pangs of rheumatism inflammatory and chronic or suffering from scr Fula. Erysipelas " " Salt Rheum blood poisoning do sep. Sia indigestion and in fact almost Al diseases frail nature is heir to have been cured by dr., Soule s hop bitters proof of which can be found every neighbourhood in the known world. &3t none genuine without a Bunch of Green bops ii the White Label and or. Soule s name of blow in the bottle. By Swami of All the Vil a i is Onous stuff made to imitate the Bimi
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