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Albany Mail And King Georges Sound Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1887, Page 2

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Albany Mail and King Georges Sound Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 1, 1887, Albany, Western Australia National Library of Australia err i a patched from Steamer capita ii i of r nhe steam. Ships finder Tori u2fiovern-Tmentfor file convey juice of Erma Jesty smails mile Ard Yil 1887. J sept.26 j Shannon 4189 i muirawoct.12. Borne Sou j barrafitoct.26. J Clyde 4136 Edmon 4 3hnsan 4101t Seaton mtg Jav Jund i Aiice every Ilter Naife Walt passenger said cargo looked to if scion Italy a rect Arij be onto at a Eiguy be obtained this company s vessels. " top str re Qimin Stirling Peczi Jutt t�i&3to" John f.t.hasseli., 1 Royal to Jiyah 8teahebs. V. � _. Belonging to the Orient and leave Xio Ndon to Tilbury every alternate thursday Call at ply canal diff tailing is As to Lloldi m o bit jul a ii a Iti to r i is s "2 g i5as it it r � be i of to. To. Juji a i l f it a a a 5 him o is o o. A go ,. Saloon,�ss,s63,Ana .70.,.vnr.-i.j bus " 81 w 1 .-ji.iivvehiabjipd2ibex.j entire 3abmereseryed on mos Liberal terms. out r by Pijie following reduced rates a .fl9? Envieh l i lilt. Ovo-bertlicabin.18guineaa each adult. Tons Donees of cargo per o. Company s mail steamers Jill in if attire foe. Required a present Bills of lading and take delivery of liar and no claims of any kind still. Rec Nisell lifter. This Idle Lively. X t Hassell. H Albany.ww3im 1s87 i Adelaide exhibition pm Cursio return from Date of issued above announcement Sis tinder Steerage. R�6 iss. ?0d.adelaide Melbourne i12s. A r nov i to agent Ste cd Meit Antt Patch stumpers from this Fer to to j in Jho Mckail & co. Agents in so North Western posts tit Leo we to London via Alj fyn adj d team Iju Arr open to convey tvoo1, ii ont i aging horse Caric and Nehs apply Tow. 33ahi. M i action in the Jpn if pop of hotel a to ii tars 4? up a Cfall a offal % i 1 " pc Ika i j i terms25per cent Pash balance approved Bills at 3 and i5 months ?.dep " than Pip lands i m p m f to /. A a j Nuver m i i d t j r j a a edition and we have much pleasure in drawing attention he do of a . I v"6 5 7. Whith special reactions 1iair be la i / �. R 3obd-Iwna Prce 10h suy Pri 700 Yards Boll towelling 18in. Wide Black Felt teens usual Price.2s 6d,. Red Ped prices .2d, 3d, and 4d per and 2s 6d. " j 500 Yards 32 and 36 Inch Poi far Blacky White and Cream laces a aped to Pef Ras Ort Mentz Irons per Linen Dowlais towelling reduced to a Dpi zen � i of i8d /10d, Andis. Piss Yard. P. J Check Jgr Lasp cloth a Jamal line for a Kanceo Vlast a sons. Prints i Edric hotel usual Price. 7d and Lod v h i reduced to 5 d Ana 7d per Yard Grace is 3d,j Vite ii a Nels usual Price. Is id 1 is and is reduced Price is pal to line it lad Satin in hand is 6d v 1 White tour sheeting 72in, 80in, i f e d it e a i and 0in wide reduced Price 1b id usual Price is is 3d,$ss 6d, aads 9d Grey Calico 32in and Price 4d, 5d,. And 6a reduced to 2id, 3d s and these Are the Altae Stosis of the Daj -4000 Yards what Calico usual Price Cwm "5d, 6d6h. And 7d per Yard re the. Present 1 6li8ilibs8 . Dozen. 15s per j .1465-114 4d,afdf5a per. Cotton Shu Ting Vir i 1 my Price 7d per Yard reduced to White blankets s8 x 4, special value Fuce \ top Blaip ices Dilsy reduced to Bian fets special Ivalue Lis and 15s reduce Alhambra site Iii Zoe usual Price White ,10 x special Val in t v%4s6d,ami6shreducedto Lull do t 6s yelped to ios i the old Book stationery and fancy goods House. So a she lfcif.ed5i�ed.ito 4di Blete ssi la Bice 7s=9dand is Ard ia9s cd bedded 3 1 6s 9d Tong it Curt is reduced to5s it .nsnal.rpncel0s j 6dand 13s 6d, reduced to 6s lid ther is no use of Tuffing loll in slip is the business fifty boxes lace Edge Lorne frilling and 9s r6d � and c 35ahsegt men Hirts Soai Price is Meh Slack Sid coloured Felt hats to 3d, 3s, fid Anias reduced in be sold at less than Cost Price from is lid upwards men Weed suits duped pric jul ote the above quotations Are 19s-6ji, 22s 6d,"27s,? be fult4ia in Arpna men a soil Redmile trousers Redby a " \ a ski i a j de prices 4s 3d and 7s men a Ros Cosfa Nib Primbas 5s 6d men s White mole trousers 5s 6.di. played pm Ess but orig to. Be sold at 6d. Per card. Steefe of i St Bee Hiye Einiger Iii the Quality of which is so Well a Monwai. Jiust be entirely cleared out accomplish Uffia to offer All colors ,4s. Per Hank 6 a ils si�13as we Iron Identa put the residents of Albany As the lowest quotations i Iven v or the same a class of goods in the history of the town. Mence son if but Tjie Quch in a i will before understood twit. Under no consideration i two up it fee Teja for goods sold at to j i ight cast for hire moderate a Wes. Apply to w g. " town her will o n Friday tie 3 0 t h e o s n m e n e e inst. % j k o. M o i r & go Stirling Terrace Albany. Jei i m stank t b t o t t & c o. Pipe but d i s p l a Albany Boi Maughs in r m t it a d j l i o c to Edward Barnett groceries " Edward Barnetts up. For your diaper _. Edward Barnett co. For your a lusting Aad hats t i Edward Barnett & cd. For your Boot Sand shoes. Edward Barnett / � ? a 4. Key to the extensive grazing a Oun cry lying Rio the 4owards the Hampton Plains and the Frazer ranges which hitherto have remained almost a stocked a account of the present owners having no Retreat for their Stock in seasons of Dro tight. It Bas been found 5 by the careful record of Many years rainfall that the average is 21 inches on the coast runs which is nearly double that of Wacla and Eye e. " the is situated in one of the Feii Ile valleys of the. Thomas River and comprises a Crow Grant of 125 acres a third of which is under cultivation and Lias yielded an average crop of about 30 bushels of wheat to the acre and when Cut for Hay about two tons to the acre. This Grant is enclosed with a six wire Fence and is subdivided into sheep Yards Kitchen Garden &c.,&c. The Wate Ratthe Homestead is applied by several tanks formed in a Clay soil. Which readily fill the watershed being at a Good Angle and extensive the buildings comprise a substantial Stone and Lime dwelling House f non wished also � commodious Stone Shear Itig shed with a galvanised Iron roof blacksmiths shop men s cottage and provision store All separate buildings also a Large galvanised Iron shed of the Shore of Tague Harbor about 5 mile from Homestead. The Plant consists of woo press chaff Cutter and horse gear ploughs Barrows roller and other agricultural implements forge and blacksmitlf4 Attar Peter s Toola Nies sat a forestation work to Wod rays with two teams of four horses with a Hess also j Enumerable ther conveniences such As Iron tanks &c., a. The present owner undertakes to Reserve for the Purchase the following Stock a flock of .1,600 Breeding ewes also a flock of 1,600 weavers and two tooth with 40 Well selected rams bred from Pedigree Merino rams imported from Selinga station . The ewes Are Merino crossbred and the Wool Bascom minded the highest prices for in grease As May be seen by referring to the Wool sales catalogue cd inside Diamond Brandy As a lambing and weaning station this is unrivalled on the coast the increase being from go to $6 per cent for sheep . There has been sold annually from this station from 800 to 1,200 sheep and and losses have even been sustained from droughts. The rest of the Stock will consist of about 50 Young horses Strong and useful station Hacks and a few Good Breeding mares together a theigs fowls a. V. Purchaser will be guaranteed 12 months stores necessary for the working of station inclusive of seed wheat a. The geographical position and grazing capabilities of these Well watered runs Render them a bargain for anyone wishing to fatten travelling Stock after the privations of the. Journey Between the great pastoral districts of Fowler s Bay and the West and is in fact the Only place wheres beep can be watered at running streams of pure fresh Wazen Between Esperance and Fowler s Bay. The lease at Frazer Range consists of a picked look of 36,000 acres of mss and Salt Bush country where suitable watershed for the formation of tanks and dams Are available this land is at yet a stocked but a practicable route after careful exploration has been Laid Down. The aboriginals in the Vicinity of Lymburn Are quite amenable to discipline and Are useful shearers and labourers and no depredations have been committed for a number of years. The whole of this valuable property and these runs Are now offered for the sum of $10,500. Terasas per arrangement but Good guarantees required. The reason for the owner wishing to sell is that his property in the. Vicinity of King Georges sound demands the Albany. Beverley railway has opened up he Sesam Esol the country in the neigh-., born old of the sound., to for further particulars apply to Campbell Taylor Glen Candy King Gepge sound a a n 0.t i c a i l t. In j licensed surveyors by Pelsoh or persons of acting a j removing woo from plan Tage a Riet location 21, Ontha Kalgan River land Stock and station locations -7, 281, 282, 283, 284, 285agents 26, 287, Oyster a 4 or and Loqa tons 234 and 288 mar Billup roadst1eling , conducted in airy part of the Cotty. Business of All kinds transacted under agents for absentees we have for Sale the following valuable Freehold properties Viz Albany town lots 223,224, 225., 444, 450, 481,482,483, and 491. , 206, close to Albany. Plantagenet location 13 Flower half of at Hay River. F Plantagenet location 14, House Etc., 220 cultivated Only 3 Miles from Plantagenet location 43, near Straw Berry Hill. Plantagenet. Location 1920 " lower half of. Permanent water. Pens Ouei loft no. 17 fenced and partly cleared. R. A r \ prices terms spid full particulars on application. ,. Forrest Angove Stirling Terrace,,. To or Sale cheap. Albany j pensioner lot 21, containing 3 acres either As a whole or subdivided into four portions. Apply Forrest & Angove . 3 Stirling Terrace Albany. R t will be prosecuted. By order of thei Anthony Hordern w. H. Angove. Ragent. Albany feb. 18, 18871/. Sale of saw Mills Plant. Andt Tylor Sale saw Mills and Plant cd " known Sis the " King riven Timber station.". The lands comprise 6.o.l. 639, con Tai Ningiok situation whirl is erected the Miil sawing Nia Chiney House workshop cottage barn stables Etc. The consist of dam waterworks fencing splendid Garden containing 200 fruit Trees. pastoral lease a5503, containing 3q00 acres. I the Thole of the Plant will be handed Over in Good ordet and condition Pantip liars and detail of Plant etr., apply r Forrest & Angove Stirling Terrace Albany. June 6 1887 i a f of a a Kangaroo horse or cattle. Hunting on the Rihs of the under a signed Iraq put ppr r Ittin permission will a scented Slaw directs. -.,. "4 i Andrew Muir Thomas. Mib a Murm & sons a. Cd Warbus ten Hay and Kelso districts september 26, 1887. Thresh eggs and vegetables t for Sale. Apply Albany mail office. Y
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