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Albany Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Sep 9 1918, Page 4

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Albany Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - September 9, 1918, Albany, AlabamaPm at any de Hie Joyful sound a a music that Bant Forth the Stork Arror. A t my Mumm ltd it. 1 Albany faculty is now Complete. _ a or of writ that Little bar cry that pm arrival of the new baby farm baby a Ornea the Mother should get the condition to meet the crisis. Thousand of women Hare used the Safe and reliable application. Mother s Friend during the waiting months and they relate How they entirely escaped Nausha nervous in Down and stretching pains and debilitating and disheartening sex Many other Perien Ces which so Illy fit the Mother for the Arraio to time in a woman s life. A a Mother s Friend is a wonderful help to a stare in relieving Strain and distress brought rat a boat by expanding Muscles. The s. Tooi a Fol de Calm making the period of cheerful Days and restful nights. The breasts Are kept in Good condition and the abdominal Muscles relax with ease when to is bom. Father s Friend makes it possible for the a i net ant Mother herself to actually Aid no Iuro in the glorious work to be performed and no woman should neglect or fall to a ltd nature a helping hand. It will mean finitely Leas pain at the crisis. Mothers Friend is for external use Only a absolutely Safe and wonderfully effective it a papered by the Bradfield regulator co., Lamar bldg. Atlanta of. Write Tow Ftp far their a motherhood Book Quot to Vid Uahle to expectant mothers. Procure a bottle of this famous remedy which has been used by women with the Reast Turcas for Over half a Century trom the druggist today and thus fortify ourself against pain end discomfort. Another salary increase is granted the teachers. The faculty of the Albany Public schools for the fall term has been i h this House is Sunburst buildings suffer from sunburn is much As people do when they re not protected from old solos grilling rays. Few could afford enough cold Cream to soothe a blistered Bam but we All can afford a coat or two of Point to keep the barn from blistering. Good paint gives the suns rays no Chance to Warp and crack the Wood so that rain May drive in and Start decay. Dutch boy Collier Brand White Lead mixed with pure linseed Oil is a paint which is proof against All weather and maintains a handsome smooth appearance. Any color May be had. Drop in and let us show you our Complete line of High Grade paints oils varnishes and brushes. We guarantee the Worth of All our paint materials and our prices Are right. Sivley amp Sandlin Albany Ala. Filled the list of teachers being announced today by mrs. Kimball Jones superintendent. It was also announced that the salaries of All teachers had been again raised. The faculty follows acting superintendent Kimball b. Jones. Expression miss Fannie Johnson. High school. Principal miss Amelia Troy. Mathematics miss Jennie Perkins. Latin and history miss Elizabeth Newman. English mrs. Anna Reynolds. Domestic science miss Leta Bess Harrison. Gordon school. Sixth Grade a a a miss Martha Weaver. Sixth Grade a a by miss Maude Odom. Fifth Grade a a a to be filled. Fifth Grade a a by miss Lillian Tay Lor. Fourth Grade a a a miss Zulee Gibson. Fourth Grade a a by miss Marie Jones. Third Grade a a a miss Alice hat ton. This Grade a a by miss Katie Reece. Second Grade miss Kathleen Humphrey. First Grade miss Judith Thigpen. First Ward. 1 a principal miss Sarah Calhoun second Grade miss Marguerite Johnson. Mity monday Suffre bbb 8. 1mb. My p a a a first Grade miss Stella Orr. Second Ward. Principal miss Lilian Taylor. F fifth Grade miss Bessie Grill Brindley. Fourth Grade mrs. Estelle Bethea Hale. Third Grade miss Gladys Garrison. Second Grade Milf Margaret Keenan. First Grade miss Elizabeth Warren. Third Ward. Principal mias Anna Cliffe. Second Grade. Miss Jamie Jones. First Grade miss Azalea Wilker son. Coloured schools. W. J. Wilson Mildred Dillard. Incidental fees for this year have been Cut 50 per cent making the fees for the grammar grades $2 per Pupil for the entire year except where there Are More than two children from the same family the fee will be at the rate of 75 cents per Pupil for each term. In the High school the fee will be $5 for the entire year except where there Are More than two children from the same family the rate will be $1.87 per Pupil for each term. These fees will be paid in two payments the same As last year. The fees for non resident pupils will be the same As last year. There will be a few changes in text books. The spellers and geographies in the grammar grades will be new. \ in the High school the chemistry also the Caesar will be new. The general science will be the revised edition. All these change were made with the View of saving the people Money. In buying new books the old books will be exchanged. The Board of education at a meeting held Friday voted to raise All teachers salaries in addition to the raise Given in the Spring. This was done because of the increased Cost of living. For health b Postum instead of Coffee for seed Rye feed. Crimson Clover see Lyle Taylor Grain co. New Headquarters 6th st. And l. Amp n. Loop seed new phone 217 Decatur 85851 a Morgan county National Bank to a a cd feb a tabs i n Albany Alabama condensed 8tatement aug. 31, 1018. In a resources. And discounts ,�?z.�?z.,$468,2e5.7l overdrafts. 148,46 building and fixtures 24,306.06 other real estate. 1,715.14 s. Bonds for circulation 100,000.00 Bonds. 23j 00.00 sury certificates Stamps ota stuck fed. Reserve Bank five per cent fund 89,000.00 401.55 32,600.00 3,600.00 5,000,00 Geek and due from Banks 137,511.06 total _ $886,137.96 liabilities. Capital Stock. $100,000.00 surplus. 20,000.00 undivided profits. 38,983.66 reserved for taxes. 1,725.58 reserved for intermit. 2,062.49 circulation. 100,000,00 certified checks. 34.26 Cashiers checks. 40.86 due Banks. 1,394.65 individual deposits. 695,626.93 fed. Res. Bank fiscal at 26,270.14 total. $886,187.96 individual deposits. August 81, 1916�?$302,512,10 August is 1916�? 378,413.18 August 31, 1917, 403,619-83 19l8 hello boys was the greeting Given continued from Page one it or a How do you the replies came in perfectly Good English a hello boys a we used English in our greeting from that time on. The French Are As eager to learn our words of greeting is August 81, 191,8�? 595,026.93 we theirs. They even learn our songs. 1 was surprised to see and hear several Little children singing with All their might a Hail Hail the gangs All Here a Etc. They Sang it As we marched by with All the enthusiasm of american lads. It was interesting to watch some of these Little a tots a who probably have fathers and Brothers at the front As they stood by the Road Side and Shook hands and said goodbye As we passed. The children were eager for English books and asked for every one they saw. If any Soldier showed that he had Candy he was besieged immediately by a throng of children with upraised hands. The boys shared with them and seemed to Delight in it. Soon we left this City and marched to our Camp four Long Miles away mostly up Hill. We had our packs of our backs and. The 40 pounds they weighed seemed to increase to a ton with each mile. The red faces stretched necks and Bent backs of the men plodding along reminded one of a great team of oxen Labouring under the Yoke. We finally reached our Camp and were glad enough to pitch our a a dog tents and stretch ourselves upon the ground for a Little rest. X was somewhat surprised to up be As i looked Over the country. The almost total absence of Trees Here and there Are a few ones that have been preserved but for Miles there Are Ito Jae at All. The farms Are Cut up into Small plot measuring about 200 feet deep and 80 feet wide. They Are fenced by Stone Walls covered with Earth and this overgrown with a dense shrubbery. Our next move was to this place. We came by rail. An american is much amused at the French trains when he compares them to those at Home. We did not know what accommodations we were to % have both passenger and cattle cars stood on the track. I was Lucky enough to ride in a passenger car. Every cattle car carries this Well known a card a Thommes 40, Cleveaux a which is to say if men Are to be carried 40 men or if horses 8 horses. The passenger cars Are very Small and shaped very much like Street cars Only higher. They set upon two pairs of Light trucks and consist of Brit five compartments. Each compartment will seat from eight i v ten men. Two doors one on each Side form the exit. There is no aisle running the length of the car nor end doors As in ours. Air brakes and electric lights Are unknown As Well As the other conveniences of american railways the scenery along the route was very Beautiful. Occasionally we would reach a High Point from which we could look far out Over the country. Hills and valleys marked the landscape for Many Miles. Here and there in the valleys were Small villages nestling beside winding streams that came Down from the mountains. All houses were of Stone and whitewashed. These with the intensely Green shrubbery for a Back ground were Well defined in the scene the most conspicuous building being the Church with its tall Steeple. The Village of is right at our Camp. I suppose it is a Type of All French villages. It seems to have grown up without plan or purpose. Most of the buildings Are very old. All of them Are of Stone covered with slate or thatch. There Are very few streets and practically no sidewalks. The streets instead of by ing Laid out so As to guide the traveler appear More a a Maze to confuse him. There is one a lain thoroughfare the Public Ide shops and residences flank it on both sides. There is no residential Section the Homes being connected with the 2x4 shops that line the Street. Almost every other opening is a wine room. The French use this beverage in great quantities a habit which some of our boys rather like and seem to take to rather readily. Near the Village Are a few farm houses. It is no uncommon thing to see the Farmer with his family inhabiting one end of the House and his cows and horses the other with a Stone Wall partition Between. Uncle Sam is doing a wonderful work for France. The French Are eagerly accepting the innovations. I wish i could Tell just what is being done but censorship forbids. General Pershing paid us a visit a few Days ago i saw and heard him speak. He had Many words of Praise for the work that had been done and gave us an inspiration to do our Best for the boys at the front. We Are doing that and will continue. A for our physical Comfort we Are Well cared for. We have Barracks to live in and a Large v. M. C. A. For entertainment and study. Courses Are being organized in the various academic branches for the boys who desire them. Army life would be Barren indeed were it not for this great organization. The secretaries exert every Effort to make our life Here enjoyable. All Praise to them and to those who contribute to make these things possible. 1 a end greetings and Best wishes to All my friends. Your Friend r w Cowart. Company a a cd 46th Hng inters a. P. O. 701, Atner. E. F. Via new York. Domestic science for Decatur school Twa 1o/ Trio a iyar Oil at Ama int if Quot pm it 8w1i"b Arm Muf Quot tul Elow to the Carnegie Library on tuesday afternoon at 5 o clock when miss Florence Tilman will speak to them on the advantage of a Domestic science course in the Public school. The ladies Are requested to bring a free will offering to equip the Domestic science room which opens fit beginning of school. To it. Neal Speake is it Home on furlough Neal Speake one of Decatur Sost popular Young men returned ome on furlough today from san Ntonio. Texas where he has been in training and is the guest of his Mother mrs. D. W. Speake. Me. Speake is in the american aviation service and has just completed training in ground work. He was Grant a leave for ten Days at the expire u ion of which time he will return to Texas and begin training As a flyer o Ftp Yiett of the Day arrested out after hours International news service Vancouver Barracks wash., sept. Cd that old favorite of military joke Smiths a the officer of the night a is again Busy at this Cantonment. Recruits accustomed to hearing of the a officer of the Day a and not knowing that the a officer of the Day Toorks regardless of sunlight or darkness continue when on guard of after Sunset to Call for the other and equally noted character. The officer of the Day making his rounds the other night was challenged by a sentry. A halt who goes there a a officer of the a Advance and be put under artist a replied the sentry. A you Are americans praised As French celebrate Victory of International Newa service Paris sept. 9.�?�?othe tombs of the immortal dead have formed a Rampart which saved the world a declared under Secretary of aviation Dum espied speaking before a crowd of Many thousands who took part in the Marne Celebration at Meux. A Washington s sons Are Here giving their blood. They Are fighting Side by Side with the veterans of the allies and each hour brings Victory a a a Austinville school opens sept. 16 with e. E. Weaver As principal and a corps of four teachers misses else a Wright. Lillian Walker and Ruby Sibley with a music Ana elocution teacher to be supplied the Austinville school will open on monday sept. 16. Or. Weaver has been teaching at Centre Grove for three years taking charge of it with a one room school and developing it into a Rural High school with three rooms the building costing $2,400. It is the intention at Austinville to give a grammar Grade and High school course. Austinville school will open this year under most promising conditions. To a daily ids Hay a Aily ads i a out after hours the officer of the right is in charge taxes Cut i times yet a too High Quot woman says International news service Chicago. Sept. 9.�?�?oif this keeps up the country will soon owe this woman Money Quot was the answer of Stephen d. Griffin chief clerk of the local Board of review when mrs. Amelia Foby sought to have the assessment of her property reduced. It was the third request in three years. A Ori amp Iris Fly valued at $42,000, it was reduced to $26,000 and then to $18,600. But this time the request for a further reduction was refused. Decatur police officer killed i continued from Page one a travelling Man volunteered to blow the House up with dynamite but the offer was not accented. It was finally ascertained that the building was vacant. The Man Hunt was continued far into the night and was resumed sunday morning. Not Well known. Hamblen if that is the negro s real name was not Well known Here. He drifted in some months ago from Memphis his Home being in Georgia. He secured employment at the Mahoney livery stable in South Albany and liking the Job remained longer than he originally intended he said. About three weeks ago he went to Sheffield to work and it had been his custom since to return to Decatur for the week end. He waa Best known As a a will and he was Short of statute but of powerful build and was said to weigh about 180 pounds. In physical strength he far outmatched the officer. Funeral services. 1 funeral services for the fallen officer were conducted sunday afternoon at 3 o clock at the late residence Corner Church and ferry streets by Rev. W. N. Sholl pastor of the first presbyterian Church of Decatur. A Large number of friends were present and Many handsome Floral designs attested the esteem m which the deceased was held. The remains were conveyed to Collinsville Ala., sunday afternoon for interment today. Of a try a want and when the skin seems ablaze there s Jont one thing to a if your skin seems ablaze with the fiery burning and itching of eczema real and lasting Relief can Only come from treatment that goes below the surface that reaches Down to the very source of the trouble. So called skin diseases come from a disordered condition of the blood and search far and near and you cannot find a blood remedy that approaches s. S. S. For real efficiency. With itching and burning the proper treatment is through the blood. S. S. S. Has been on the Market for fifty years during which time it has been giving uniform satisfaction for All manner of blood disorders. If you want prompt and lasting Relief f you can rely upon s. S. S. For expert advice As to the treatment of your own individual Case write today to chief medical adviser Swift specific co. Dept a Atlanta. A. A. A i m we can help you save suits Cut Down made Over refined altered or repaired. We dry clean your old suits to look new again. Our dyeing department is in capable hands. The Vogue 215-217 Johnston Street. Phone Albany 437. Much As we regret to make this move the daily will be compelled a i a �����7 no. A a a a to Advance its mail subscription rate on october first. A v owing to the increased Cost of White print paper inks rentals Type and other materials the daily is forced to Advance its mail subscription rates. \ a a effective october 1, the following rates will prevail 7 i a a i by mail one month 50 f a by mail three months. 1,25 j by mail six months. 2.50 by mail one year. 5.00 Art subscriptions strictly Cash in Advance this being a requirement of the War industries Board a a Ahall subscriptions in arrears must be paid at once or your paper will be stopped. The Price for the daily delivered by Carrier will remain As at present�?10 cents per week. Subscribers who care to do so May renew any time prior to october 1st for one year Only at the present rates. U3.00 per year since the War has begun Cotton has advanced from 10 cents per Pound to in excess of 30 cents per Pound the Price of flour and meal has doubled wages have been increased More than 50 per cent freight rates have been advanced the Cost of living has soared. The daily a advanced rates Are lower than those charged by any other afternoon daily newspaper in this territory. A my a a . V ltd kit 5�
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