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Albany Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Sep 9 1918, Page 2

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Albany Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - September 9, 1918, Albany, AlabamaJ. A a it Fogt a \ Al a tx.--22ot3 Tufe Albany Decattor daily monday september 9, 1918. 1u a Fiir Hail ment has helped wonderfully to Many Lecaur to airy the old idea of All work and published every afternoon Exeen his the play. A Wiser generation Recognises that play is just As essential Tennessee Valley printing Elu company inc. Entered As second Elas february 26, 1912, at the Post office it Albany. Ala., july 1, 1917, under act of March 8, 1876. Manager editor w. R. Shelton a h. D. member Tennessee Valley press Assn. Subscription rates by earlier a r week. By mail one month a a a .10 .40 by mail three ninth a $1.00 ill is by mail six months $1.75 by mail one year. $3.00 if you do not get your paper regularly or on time Telephone 46, Albany we want you to have the paper promptly and if you do not get it we will appreciate it if you will notify us. Resolutions tributes of respect obituaries and cards of thanks Etc per line. _ the Volunteer system has been abolished. It is apparent that the Volunteer system As an american institution has gone to the scrap Heap. This is Well for if conscription is to Rule it should be Universal in its application. The a double standards War capable of producing friction As Well As snobbish Ness. Men who had voluntarily entered the military service even though they did so in order to land an easy berth and avoid the trenches were inclined to patronize others who had gone willingly when their turn came. There was the danger too that the South where had been taught to respond without hesitation to their country Scall would furnish More than a just proportion of men thereby crippling Southern Industry. The selective system was adopted because of its Equality and because it was the effective Means for securing an army without working hardships upon any Section. It favored the patriotic and closed the avenues of escape to the shirker. It distributed the War Burden equally Over the entire nation without prejudice and without favor. Under its Workings support for the army was recognized As equally As important As the army. Whatever fault May be found with the draft system is due to the frailties of human nature and not to the system itself. Wholesome diversion in the indispensable antidote to that deadly dullness of mental and physical process matter is which causes inefficiency. It is not far fetched theory that traces a direct relation Between the motion picture Industry and the National Standard of efficiency. If every motion pie Ture theatre in the country were closed then it would be necessary to Institute some other form of amusement to take its place As an important Factor in sustaining the morale of the people. And what substitute could tie suggested it May be asked How we got along before there were any motion pictures. We got along As we did without electric Light and Telephone. And automobiles. Tile old stick in the mud argument a what was Good Eatough for our grandfathers ought to be Good enough for us a Hasni to a leg to stand on. Motion pictures is essential. If the War industries Board had decided differently there would have been cheerful acquiescence in its ruling. But then is cause for congratulation that it was v. Ble to View this question in its right proportions to recognize the absolutely practical form of amusement the Seal of its official endorsement. Meeting of Farmers Union postponed Only minor casualties Are not being reported. Gen. Peyton March chief of stuff in his conversations with newspaper men last saturday Exziar Nad Why the names of Many men known to have been wounded in the fighting in. France have not appeared in casualty lists lie rat cd that the names of some Twenty thousand soldiers who had received Only trivial grounds had not be been sent across owing to the vat amount of detail work involved in the transmission. Tim Public however May rest assured that the casualty lists contain All the information it is entitled to. The severely wounded the killed and the missing will be reported promptly there is in fact a plan now under consideration for reporting major a casualties by Cable to that the relatives and friends on this Side May know the Fate that has befallen their loved Unes As Early As possible. As for the others those who Are in the Hospital but a few Days they can wait. A news is Good news a and failure to hear from the boys across the seas can be taken to mean that they Are Safe and Well or that their condition if wounded is such As to occasion alarm. Owing to september 12 having been designated As registration Day. President Dinsmore has postponed the meeting of the Morgan county Farmer a Union until sept. 19-20. He has issued the following notice the third quarterly meeting of Morgan county uni ii . 32 of Farmers Union Wilt meet on sept. 19-20 instead of sept. 12-13, with Rural Grove local four Miles North of Hartselle. The change was on account of the presidents proclamation setting the 12th As registration Day Dinsmore la res. J to i facts about the registration of sept. 12 at the request of the local Board and for the information of the Public the following facts regarding the registration of sept. J 12th Are Given who must Register a male persons who shall have attained 1 their eighteenth birthday and shall not have attained their forty sixth birthday on or before september 12. With the exception of those who had previously registered officers Umb enlisted men of t the regular army officers and enlisted men of the nation guard while in the service of the United states officers and enlisted men of the Navy and Marine corps officers of the officer Reserve corps ? and enlisted men in the enlisted Reserve corps while Ili the service of the United states. Time of registration thursday september 12, Between the hours of 7 a. And 9 p. A place of registration the customary voting place in the Vot ing precinct in which you have your domicile. Your domicile is the place at which you permanently reside at the time of registration. 1 note men who have passed their forty fifth birthday and have not reached their forty sixth birthday must Register. I testifies from the wonderful cures that Are being reported by people mho Are using the Quaker Herb extract and Oil of Balm it looks As if every person in town will be Well and healthy again. Huns to conduct War of defense big scribe admits the Quaker health teacher has been telling you daily about the wonderful curative Powers in Tkac Quaker Herb extract and Oil of Balm and about the number of people who Are being cured or Are greatly benefited people who have suffered for years with rheumatism Catarrh kidney liver stomach or blood troubles. Or. A w. Fry of 780 i East ninth Home steam laundry waft help wanted real estate and Homes for Sale lost or found Etc Etc. All want aes Cash in Advance taken tor Lew than 2s cell. To it . 1 Lime. Amp a a a , t time or we in it time in it to we a tic a it t Urt a. A ltd Xiv Unju. I .11. 1� 60 Wuh tic i Vovk 1,15 Amy i i my Iii. To Whit. I Niue Iii a a it wanted to sell my saw Mill at a. A. Mcclellan Flint Ala. Flint. 6-3t of announcements for mayor. We arc authorized to announce e. C. Payne As a candidate for mayor of Albany Ala., at the ensuing election. Paid political advertising Home bargains 7th Avenue South at �?$1,200 with Avenue West at.$1,600 6th Avenue South at $1,350 5th Avenue South at$1,100 6th Avenue a South 900 j. A. Thornhill has Many just As Good on terms a phone 115, Al to the voters of Albany. I am a Candida for the office of dry kind liner a not i mayor of the 0ilj o Al Jany a1, p a a at the election to be held on september 16th, 1918. I will highly appreciate your vote and influence. Get it now and ready to use 14 inches Long. Tiratur Box and Basket company. J-6-tf Bany. Albany s Model Plant on my Gnu Lton Street w ne1 and operated by or. A l. Clanton. Street Chattanooga tenn., who is an Engineer on file c., n., o. Amp t. P. R. A. And who has three years International news service Amsterdam sept. 9.�?because of the increasing american army in Europe und the almost inexhaustible supplies of the allies the German High command has decided to conduct a War of defense in the future and not attempt a Campaign of. Offence said col. Gaedke writing in the German newspaper to Rawerts Sakl a dispatch from Berlin. Of slacker Hunting As a popular pastime. Members of Congress in their vigorous denunciation of the recent a a slacker Hunt in new York voiced the popular verdict against this form of indiscriminate oppression. Not that there is any Public sentiment in favor of the Man who purposely evades miliary duty but because it is in american to arrest thousands of innocent men subjecting them to humiliation and embarrassment merely that a few of the Guiry May not escape. In the new York Ranis unless there has been exaggeration somewhere forty thousand men were taken into custody and All but a few Hundred released. Such methods smack quite a bit of proceedings As we might imagine them in the German Empire where High handed tyranny rules and militarism is exalted. Notice. Special meeting of stockholders. A special meeting of the stockholders of the Alabama water co., is hereby called to be held at the company office in Albany Alabama i u wednesday the ninth Day of october 1918, at 10 of clock a. M., for the purpose of submitting to them a proposition to increase the bonded indebtedness of said company to the sum of not exceeding three Hundred thousand dollars and to secure said indebtedness by the execution of a mortgage upon the franchises property and assets of said company and for the transaction of such other business As May come before said meeting. John b. Weakley president. Sept. 9-16-23-30 a suffered for the past More or less with his stomach and was Laid up sick in bed for weeks at a time and was told he would never see a Well Day again he underwent an operation for his appendix. As he stated when he Callot de at the drug store a if it was settled weather 1 might have submitted to the operation but 1 thought i would try the Quaker Herb extract us the last resort and i am very thankful i did so Fot after being Laid up for weeks i could not take out my run 1 got one bottle of the Quaker Herb extract took it three a lays according to directions went to work made my runs All this week and i will say it is certainly great a Medicine for i am feeling better than 1 have in Many months and 1 want Throe More Quot bottle for 1 feel confident 1 will get Well without Thi one of the most completely equipped laundries it the writers Good pleasure to inspect during his tour of the South is the Plant owned and operated on Moulton Street Albany by or. W. L. Clanton. The Plant occupies two Large store rooms and every piece of a machinery in them is of the latest Type designed to Expedy ate and improve its special line of work. And the work turned oat by this up to Date laundry is As Fine us any done in the whole South. A a Quality stands first in the minds of the proprietor and workers As Well As at. To e top of the stationery and All efforts Are Bent toward giving Plit Rons of this laundry the very Best service possible. The Plant is capable of washing anything from a shoe string to a circus tent and satisfaction is guaranteed with every piece of work. The present owners assumed charge on Jan 1st, 1917, and a during the succeeding time the Plant has been several times enlarged a in a mechanical sense in order to care for the steadily growing business. Twenty two skilled assistants Are employed each especially trained for his or her respective work and they have become imbued with the Clanton in i a namely that of never doing things a the easiest Way a but of putting honest thorough Effort into every movement. Painstaking care is Manifest in the handling off garments from the receiving room until they have passed through the for Quick Sale peek Williamson underfed hot air Furnace with eight registers 100 feet of Furnace pipes All in Good condition. $100 Cash buys the Complete outfit. Address Box 217, Albany Ala. 9-3t for Sale pears at $1.00 per Bushel also one thoroughbred Jersey male calf. Forbes poultry Yards phone Albany 450. 9-8t want eds party who will invest with services in a proposition of sure Merit if investigation convinces. It is rare Opportunity for Large returns. Address a a a. P. care daily. 7-3t wanted you to see our special line of pure Woolen suiting at be fore the War prices. Twenty years in measure taking backed up by the Royal tailors to do the building guarantees perfection. The Vogue. 5-3t wanted to buy All kinds second hand furniture bods dressers chairs Stovka wardrobes. Will pay Cash for some. E. E. Reagor. Use White second sheets they Are cheaper w e have an unlimited Quantity letter Sise 8 x 11, which we Are offering at 40c per thousand. The Dally. Phone 46. I of wanted to boy Tif Cash and sell for Cash or on time second hand household goods watches Etc. Z. Carrell 117 w. Church Street Decatur. Phone Decatur 157. F 26-tf taken up four yearlings three heifers one red and two Fawn coloured one Jersey male. Owner t can obtain by identifying paying Cost of keep and this advertisement. Meredith Aplin Moulton Pike three Miles out. 5-6t for rent furnished pc room centrally located in Albany for couple without children. Address a rooms a care Albany Decatur daily. 6-3t motion pictures needed. It Pittsburgh chronicle Teleg Rakph the ruling of the War industries Board that the motion picture Industry is a essential in All its branches from the manufacture of the film to the projection of the picture on the screen a will commend itself to the common sense of the vast majority of the american people. The boards a decision is rendered after a thorough investigation of the entire subject. It is the first official recognition of the fast that recreation is a positive necessity for the people and that it is never More necessary than in War time when All men women and child ten Are undergoing an extra Ordinary Strain for which the mean of healthful relation must be provided. There was a period in our history and not so Many years ago when such a decision As this would have been scarcely possible. It was a time when As a people we took life much More seriously Tanto Day. The hours of employment were from Early morning until late at night. Vacations were practically unknown for the majority of people. They were supposed to be the privilege of the Rich. There was saturday half Holiday in a if had not made its appearance in this country. An occasional afternoon at the Hall a a e As the sole relaxation of Many Ness men. The theatres of their prices naturally Iff frequent family important message to the Farmers from 9 the food prepared Ness Bureau Mingham Ala. Food funds munitions and men Are the Oscos Nitea of War. Inability to Supply any of the immediately reduce Tho efficiency of s nation. Supplies of funds munitions and men All depend of and Are controlled by. The Supply of food. It is therefore absolutely it ties sary to product e plenty of food in order to win the wheat is preeminently the food of armies because of the ease with which it can be transported and because of its excellent keeping qualities and High food value. It is important then that wheal be produced in Large quantities and that it be carefully conserved and utilized. A a e Uon even be for All of these reason we earnestly urge you to Plant five acres or More and by doing so you will not Only help yourself and your country but you will help win the War. M notice of municipal election City of Albany Alabama. Notice is hereby Given that an election shall be held in the City of Albany Alabama on monday september 16th, 1918, for the purpose of electing a mayor president of the City Council chief of police and two aldermen from each Ward in the Eirv. The following Are appointed to hold said election in the diff int wards Ward 1�?inspectors. S. I. Brockw b. Newsom and w wanted to pay Cash for secondhand dressers wardrobes Chiffo Robes Chiffo Neera dressing tables Wood and Iron Beds bed Springs China closets cupboards safes Kitchen cabinets dining tables Library and Center tables refrigerators chairs cots comforts quilts blankets Cook and heating stoves. No amount too Small or Large for us to handle. Talley furniture co., 412 Bank Street. Wood for Sale Heater or stove Wood. Call Wilder place 124 Albany. A m3 1-yr wanted Board and rooms for ten teachers Call mrs. Kimball b. Jones immediately. Phone Albany 274-w. If you borrow from new Morgan county building and loan association you Are not tied Down always thousands have paid out in six j ears and they hardly missed the Small monthly payments. Information at Decatur land company office and City National Bank. Yours respectfully Samuel Blackwell. Paid political advertising authorized 8ing i by Samuel Blackwell Albany Ala Albany chief of police we Are authorized to announce w. R. Lewis As a candidate for chief of police of Albany Ala., subject to the action of the election to be held in september. 1918. Paid political advertising chief of police of Albany. Ala. We Are authorized to announce E. Howell As a candidate for chief of police of Albany subject to the general election of monday sept. 16. Paid political advertising chief of 10lice of Albany. We Are authorized to announce m. C. Vest As a candidate for chief of police of Albany in the election of monday september 16th. Paid political advertising president Albany City Council. We Are authorized to announce a. C. Jack Dillehay As a candidate for re election for president of the Albany City Council at the election on monday sept. 16th. Paid political advertising Meinte Southern Stone Aad Marble co. Albany. Alabama. Sohus a of. R. R Razier. Washers the of users the dryers the a i 2 5 a re he the Iron re. A returning officer 1. J. Robertson. It polling place building near poers. A store. Second Street West. Searchers the Irones and wrappers the deliverers. And until they reach their owners in perfect condition. No destructive chemicals or washing powders Are used in cleansing As use of a knife. A full line of the Only the pure soft water aided by Quaker remedies Are handled by a j Thompsons drug store in Albany Ala., and it the owl drug store in Decatur Ala., so Start your treatment at once and get Well. Adv v. To now ambulance Driver after seven rejections International news service st. Louis mo., sept. 9.�?after vainly attempting seven times to enlist in the. Army Ralph Albion eighteen of de Soto 111., has been accepted for the ambulance Drivers corps is the son of a prominent merchant and banker. Pure harmless soap does the work. The Ynostr delicate fabrics in waists lingerie or draperies Are thoroughly cleaned and hand ironed with great care. And the wonderful part of this a Clanton system is that with All these highly trained experts and modern methods employed the rates Are higher and in Many instances not As High As those charged by Harum scrum laundries whose Only thought is the Money end of the trans action. Drove s chill ionic tablets and droves tasteless chill tonic you a an now get Grove s taste Lens chill Tonk in Tablet form As Well As in syrup the kind you have always a it i it. The f who prefer to Swallow War a 2�?inspectors, j. H. Putnam. T. J. Cox and Halbrooks. Clerks in connection or. Clanton operates a completely outfitted French dry cleaning Plant where expert Dean ers and press a Are Busy All the time repairing cleaning and pressing menus suits ladies Fine blouses and dresses lace curtains tapestries Etc. The work is ail called for and delivered promptly and the customer must be pleased in every Partick i til ily Ftp Lul in Lulu Jitni ilbvt5 l i #1 a a a t a tablets Are intended Ftp Thow our. The Plant is simply doing a a a Tablet than a syrup j parity business in All departments cwt f. A Vonaa Diwha Muai i a. T. A and a convenience for to too who travel. \ Quot a Kook Schill tonic Tablet Coj Drain exactly w the truss of work turned out the wino medicinal properties and produce the i merits the Best patronage and the re Multi As live task in that look which writer a red to that in Fth. Via Irv top air a a sit up a Bott a. The a u Price of either is Klc. Not wanted in hell. By Jess Brown those a Sammie so have landed in France Over the sea with the stripes still waving for the land of the free they were not raised up As soldiers Kaiser a Bill a you know Well but when they get started they will give you some hell. Writer predicts that in the very near future the Plant will have to be enlarged again in order to care for the Ever increasing business a j Advt Barry Mitchell and Chas. Sittason returning officer a. V. Brown. Polling place vacant store next to dil Siphay Putnam amp co., fourth Avenue. Ward 3�?inspectors, to. Broadwel Ler j. I it. Mccormack a and s. H. Ponder clerks de Lee and a Livingston. Returning officer m. A. Masterson. Polling place reel House East Grant Street. Warn 4 inspectors O. Flip pin l. B. Wyatt and or. G. R. Sul-1 it Van. Clerks j. H. Crow and t. J. A. Rainey. Returning officer j j. Jongs. Done by Oiler of. E. C. Payne mayor. Attest a Henry Hartung clerk. September 9th, 1918. A adv. Of <1. Mullo a plumbing a steam and hot water heating a estimates furnished. A 413 second Avenue. A phone 64. Albany a y. C. A. Rooms by Day week or month. Hot Baths splendid Reading room Woumn of a ii kinds join today a. live poultry and sacks wanted Henry Schylman daily want ads pay or. W. Dinsmore physician and surgeon office Brock and Spight building Decatur Plone 78 residence Sherman Street Albany phone 426-j or. H. D. Greer physician and surgeon Brock amp Spight bldg. Tone Tui Ala of. Phone 78 res. Phone 368 a they have gone Over t Here from the land of the free. And with Pershing As Leader they will get y a rulers three. They will get emperor Chirles and Kaiser a Bill a too they will get the Sultan of Turkey and a Little Bill a too. No our a a Sammie Quot wont Stop when your Krupp guns ring. But with bayonets charging Quot Dixie land they will sing. And you von Hindenberg you have Wop lots of Fame but we want you to hear How Uncle Sam s Bullet sing. And again Kaiser a Bill a you must remember the Day when the Lusitania went Down submarine prey. Torpedoed without warning or Chance Foi escape innocent women and babies left to their Fate. Demot Ratic committeeman now placed in class one International news service Little Rock Ark. Sept. 9.�?democratic National committeeman Wallace Davis member of the committee from Arkansas has been placed in class 1 by his local draft Board after the governor and other officials had appealed in his Case. The ease had been called to the Quot attention of Provost marshal general Crowder. In the first classification the official was Given a deferred classification. A if a the next time you buy Calomel ask for and for these Kaiser a Bill a what will you have to say v when you come before the judge in that great judgment Day 18y a want add your sentence is passed already we All know quite waft but you Are so darn mean kick it of out of Uell. The purified Calomel tablets that arc entirely free of All sickening and salivating effects. M�4>c�m Virtues Vas try a Prats c��mta4 or drag fat. Soli a by is a a a a led Jac Tases. Pike 35c. A Send your inquiries concerning real estate in and about Decatur and Albany to a Thos. E. Pride 1 w. Moulton Street Albany fire insurance of see us today and protect your property against loss by fires. L. B. Wyatt amp son Morgan or. Nat Al. Bank big. Phone Albany 197 we Are in business for your health. Screen your House. J. D. Bush lumber and Mill work Phon 03 Decatur Ala. Real estate Exchange Money to loan on anything at a ltd Paranal Are near adj not a a Black loan company room 10 Ovar Fuat often. Phone d 107 Dnn Stur. Ala a. Ten departments ready to serve you a specialists in Central property and leases factories Industrial Sites property management subdivisions residence property rentals Loans and mortgages insurance farms and exchanges Decatur Ala. Telephone 13 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a place your order for carnations roses and Sweet peas the City Park Green House night phone 613-w Albany Day phone Albany 106 a the Decatur hosiery Mills Are now a permanently established institution which have the Best interests the twin cities at heart. We pay the highest piece work prices some of our girls making from $10 to $15 per week. We will have openings from time to time for Bright Young ladies who Are anxious to become skilled in a Good paying and High class line of work. Decatur hosiery Mills _ Decatur. Ala. For better we jul ceding and partitions by a Paui , remodel of build in the of Ray when vow card fat belter results. Will Beaver Board a a Tike genuine Thi Rufus a oust or get our eau Asce be Tore Goins Lood Wei by work e. C. Payne lumber co
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