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Albany Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Sep 9 1918, Page 1

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Albany Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - September 9, 1918, Albany, AlabamaFourth Liberty loan starts september 28 get ready j Albany Decatur daily Dir oud to the interests and up building of Albany Alabama and Decatur Alabama. Volume >�0. 166. Albany Alabama monday september 9, 1918. Hun a hello boys Quot was the greeting Given to u. S engineers private Ralph w. Cowart tells of the Surprise sprung when americans tried to air their French. Arrives overseas interesting letter from the former superintendent of Albany Public schools. A hello boys a in a perfectly Good English was the greeting Given american Engineer upon their arrival at a French port by French children writes private Ralph w. Cowart former superintendent of Albany Public schools in a letter to w. R. Shelton. The engineers had fired a broadside of French at the urchins Only to receive a come Back in Good old u. S. A. Die letter follows August 12, 191h. Or. W. R. Shelton Albany Alabama dear or. Shelton consider this a personal letter to you my Friend and at the same time a personal letter to All my friends. A few Days ago a copy of the daily reached me. It contained the proceedings of the fourth of july Celebration and though it was a month old 1 read very line with an eagerness that can not be described. I read the advertisements even of the a new discovery Lemo Lack As much As i detest the reverse spelling of the word and through them renewed my Friendship arid acquaintance with the business men of the twin cities. Greek nurses await wounded countrymen 1��> a. Arrival this paper is like an old Friend i Hope that it will follow and me wherever i May go. Your fourth Celebration must have been a very fitting and Beautiful affair. It was Well performed i am sure. Your detailed description would prove that. It must seem a Little strange to receive a letter from France from one who so lately was running about your streets and mingling with you in your business and social affairs still the fact is i am Here and have been for some weeks. I had no idea of crossing the Ocean before september but in no Way do i regret the Early voyage. We had a very pleasant trip Over though we were naturally in a More highly excited state than we would have been in peace times. Soon however this excitement died Down and the boys passed away the time playing games Reading singing and writing. Particularly was the excitement soon gone from a few who Early in the game sought the rail and ept it constant company for the greater part of the voyage. The Fellows cared Little whether the ship sailed Bottom up or Down or if it sailed at All. Subs no longer worried them nor did Home sickness life s interest had fled from this pm cure taken in Athens los u corps of greek army nurses with Flowers and delicacies awaiting the my of wounded greek soldiers from the Hospital ship work or fight on thursday sept. 12, 1918, All Able bodied men in Albany and Decatur Between the Ages of 16 and 00 years who have not registered and pledged themselves to work fix Days per week and to use their influence and efforts compelling every Able bodied Man to do likewise will lie Given the last Opportunity to do up. Blanks and cards for this purpose will be found at the places designated for the registration of All men Between the Ages of 18 and 45 years inclusive for War service. After sept 12th the name of those who have not registered and those who have registered and Are not keeping their pledge to work six Days per week will be turned Over to the authorities designated for the handling of slackers signed a dry c0mmittee Morgan county self preservation loyalty league under my by the bolshevik Cross Quentin canal its entire length in mile of la Fere French smash their Way Forward in the face of Strong opposition i within four Miles of st. Quentin British patrols have passed Ephy and captured two towns officer is killed with own gun the Assassin escapes patrolman Bass shot Down saturday night by negro was trying arrest. $200 Reward offered i Newton c. Baker american. War Secretary. Reaches Paris International news service Washington sept. 9.�?reporting from Stockholm under Date of sept. N orman or Mould Secretary of the american embassy to Russia who remained at Volonda after ambassador Francis left that City says that All French and British officials in Volonda As in Petrograd and Moscow Are under arrest. They Are not in the regular jail he reported which led officials to believe that they a the being held tip their own Homes. International Newa service Paris sept. 9.�?newton i Baker the american Secretary of War arrived in Paris this morning. Them. It was funny yet pathetic to watch them. Few laughed for we knew not when our turn would come. We had Beautiful weather and a very Calm sea for the greater part of the journey. The sunsets were very Beautiful wish i Coull describe them. The other scenery was rather monotonous. One negro for we had negro troops aboard expressed it in this Way a lord i rather see a tree now than my we All Felt pretty much the same but most of us would have put Mother first. Our present location is at Washington sept. 9 Secretary rotary will pass on numerous Mih-0f War bakery a present visit to tary policies while France the second since the War be not be hinted at. War department Gan is admittedly of the most us officials declined to say How Long the preme importance. The Secretary Secretary would remain in Europe. Will place his Seal of approval on the Secretary will take up with Gen. All the plans for getting the big Pershing of of various problems Deal l l. A i o Tryr Umb t via a Frimu Elf Treft to army into France which general p. Ing with the various aircraft to give c. March has declared will win the the army just what it needs in the War next year. In addition the Sec War of aeroplanes f International news service London sept. 9.�?six Hundred and twelve russians have been executed by the bolshevik for the assassination of commissioner Uritsky. In addition to the execution of Dora Kaplan for the shooting of Lenine 24 land owners also have been shot in reprisal. Despite efforts o the germans to make a definite stand with reinforcements they have again been swept Back and the new week opens with Allied cavalry patrols Only one mile from the German stronghold of a Fere and the French lines advanced within Only four Miles of the German bastion of st. Quentin. Hile the British drove Forward against the German defences along the Center of the Hindenburg line the French smashed thei Way ahead against the German defensive works in front of the la on la Fere line. A 10-mile stretch of the Crosat or st. Quentin canal has been crossed by the French in spite of the furious efforts of the germans to hold the Eastern Bank. Unofficial reports at noon said that British patrols had occupied Kendells and Reimand having passed Kehy. There were vigorous trusts by the allies Ift the Somme Valley in which sector the British and French armies joined in. The Allied armies to the North and South of the River Are converging on st. Quentin from two directions meanwhile cutting in Between st. Quentin and i a a Fere French and american forces that Are fighting North of the Aisne Are working to get around st. Goblin where the germans Are reported to be massing men and guns for a terrific Battle. In that District the allies Are passing beyond their former lines. Murderer spent night it in Crawford s Row and left before Daylight. Citizens aroused. \ International a Reg service Paris sept. 9.�?the French Advance continues on both sides of the Noy on la Fere salient despite desperate counter attacks by Ureah German division. The germans Are reinforcing the defences in front of Laon on the Southern end of the Hindenburg line. It is reported that Ludendorff has retired Manv of his Best divisions in preparation for stiff resistance along the Hindenburg line. International news service Paris sept. Force s advancing on st. Quentin from the South have enlarged their gains on the Somme River the War office announced today. The Rochet canal has been crossed near Liez. Between the Oise and the Aisne Rivers powerful German counter attacks were repulsed. International Newa service Amsterdam sept. 9.�?the Bol she Viki regime in Russia is threatening to hold British diplomats in that country As hostages unless Boris Litvinoff the bolshevik envoy at Londonia released by British a International news service London. Sept. 9.�?big scale infantry operations gave Way to violent artillery duels on the Flanders front last night the British War office reported today. International nows service London. Sept. 9.�? i p. My Allied cavalry patrols Are now clog ung were a it on Trev Ham btes f rank a Baas oldest member of the i it Catar police Force from the Point of service and a trusted officer was shot and killed shortly after dusk saturday night by will Lee Hamblen a negro Best known a a shorty Quot who made his be care and has not since teen apprehended. The officer was shot with his own gun a .38 Smith k Wesson. The come occurred on lower Bank Street almost directly in front of the building occupied by the Sykes undertaking company. According to the statement of Eye witnesses or. Bass was shot Down in cold blood by the Man whom he had attempted to place under arrest. A locker to Sykes a negress was detained at the City jail As a material witness while another negress residing on Crawford Row who harboured the murderer during the night was placed in the county jail. Mayor Nelson has offered a Reward of $200 for the apprehension of the Assassin. Story of the rime. The Story of the crime was related to a daily representative by Alice Bridgeforth a negro woman a we Conducta a Meta rank a drum doors below where or. Bass was killed and is substantially As follows a emr. Bass in the Best of spirits and laughing and joking was standing just up the Street Quot from my place when a locker to Quot Sykes a negro woman called to him that she was being attacked by Hamblen. Or. Bass walked to the Comer and a few moments later returned with the Man just As they stepped into Bank Street Hamblen lunged at the officer with a razor. Or. Bass slipped and feel Flat of his Bach and Hamblen jumped on him. Or. Bass called for help saying that he was being killed and 1 ran toward him. My Nephew Julius Dailey came up Frore the other direction As did or. Halbrooks. Before any of us were near though to give assistance we heard the gun fire. It sounded like it was in a tub and the officer a within a mile of the German stronghold of la Fere in front of the Southern end of the Hindenburg line it was Learned this afternoon. Allied patrols Are reported to have parsed Ephy. The French line is now Only four Miles from st. Quentin. Yen Delles and Zerman have both been occupied by the British thormities and returned safely to rus according to unofficial information. Gouz court on the Veronne Sia. Twin cities to raise $5,000 for Relief of stricken jews a a Small Village three Miles from st. -. The River Loire flows by our Camp and forms the Harbor at 8t. This River has a history. It was the natural Boundary line separating the Arians on the North from the visigoths on the South two of the Early tribes of the first Days of France. These people were different in their customs and beliefs and their natural separation served to perpetuate them practically undisturbed for Many years. This was about the year 460, at the time when the roman and the Hun strove to possess this country. The French gave us a very cordial Welcome As we entered the debarkation City. It put a feeling of brotherhood in us to have these people receive us As they did. As we happily marched through the streets the people lined then and gave us cheers of we thought we would be smart and Greet the people after their own fashion so we yelled a ebon Jour Quot and a comment Cava Quot right and left which was to say a Good Day Quot a Good Quot morning Quot or a hello a Ami a How goes continued on Page four for the purpose of alleviating the suffering that exists among the jewish Peoples of Poland Lithuania Galicia Palestine and Turkey due to the terrible ravages of War members of the local jewish congregation will attempt to raise $6,000 in the twin cities. One thousand dollars of this sum has already been subscribed by local jewish residents and a committee has been named to make a canvass of both Albany and this committee is composed of i. J. Kuhn s. E. Orey a. D Cohen j. Block and Harry Olshine it will be Busy All Day tomorrow and Liberal contributions Are expected. Those who May not be seen Are urged to mail checks to i. J Kuhn Al Bany. Or . Lyons Decatur. Wild matters occupy Maury House one is found dead in the cellar Lum Terry a White Man has been arrested and placed in the ii Renee county jail at Moulton on the charge of murder following the finding of the dead body of John Graham in an unused House on the Plantation of r. L. Maury of Albany eight Miles Down the River. Terry is wounded in the shoulder and claims that he killed Graham in self defense after the latter had attacked him. He will be Given a preliminary hearing this week. Grahams body concealed with the exception of the feet had been dumped into a cellar and left to rot. Just Why the feet were not also hidden from View is not known although the holes in the Walls of the Cabin Haa been stopped with grass to obstruct the vision of any person who might attempt to peer into the Interior. Lawrence county officers Are of the opinion that the two men took Possession of the building and installed a wild cat still there and that they later quarrelled resulting in the death of Graham and the wounding of Terry. Or. Maury owner of the House stated today that he was very much surprised to learn that it had been occupied without his knowledge or consent. traditions upheld As vessel sinks Cambrai Road is under attack. French forces have crossed the Crozat canal Over its whole length. International new service Zurich sept. 9.�?austio-German papers Are now hinting that a peace offensive will be launched if the germans can halt the allies on the Hindenburg line. U. S. Transport it. Vernon torpedoed. Lewis on Board Lenine is again reported As dead International news service London sept. 9 a Nicholas Lenine the bolshevik Premier of Russia who was shot by a girl is again reported to have died according to a dispatch from Stockholm today. The dispatch quoted refugees arriving in Stockholm As saying that Lenine had succumbed to his wounds. Of International news service Washington sept. 9.�?�?othe courageous behaviour of the Crew and passengers on Board the transport it. Vernon when that ship was hit by an enemy torpedo upheld the Best traditions of our this is the message received from Secretary Baker who arrived in France sunday by Secretary Daniels. Or. Baker had talked with members of the Crew and the passengers on Board the transport. Senator j. Ham Lewis of Illinois was among the survivors. International news service Berlin. Sept. 9.�?Allied Force were repulsed and Primmer were taken North of arme Tieres Flanders front the German War office announced today. Added attacks on the Ephy line failed with heavy kisses. The crossing by Superior forces Over the cd Rozat canal was contested. Between tie Ailette and the Aisne the enemy was repulsed Over the whole Eugene v. Debs placed on trial needed industries will secure labor More than million Bales Are ginned International news service Washington sept 9.�?the census Cotton report shows 1,039,620 Bales counting round As half Bales ginned from the growth of the 1918 crop to sept. 1, compared with 614,787 for in International news service Washington sept. 9.�?-the essential industries listed by the War industries Board will get All the labor they require to keep running at the maximum Speed. This was emphasised today by members of the Board while it was pointed out at the same time there will be no wholesale exemptions in this connection. Food fuel munition and ship manufacturing will have the preference in the selection of men. International views service Cleveland Ohio sept. 9.�?eugene v. Deba socialist Leader and candidate for president will go on trial Here today charged with violation of the espionage act. The charges Are based on a speech Debs made on june 16. A a a Lieut. Curtis Almon is returned Home As an instructor Lieut. Curtis Almon 304th Field artillery one of Nineteen Hundred officers of the american expeditionary forces to be returned Home As instructors has landed safely and is now in new York according to a Telegram received sunday by his Par solicitor and mrs. 1. C. Al ends jumped up and ran and or. Basa never spoke again after calling for help. He died in a few confirmed by a Teker this statement was Gracd theatto confirmed by that of a locker Sykes when seen shortly afterwards at the Decatur City jail. The negress said that Hamblen had threatened her on numerous occasions and that saturday evening he came to her House on East Pond Street and just a few doors below where the killing occurred in an ugly mood. He threatened to kill her and displayed a razor. Pretending that she wanted a coca cola she walked around the Comer into Bank Street and saw tha officer standing a few doors away. She asked him to place tha Man under arrest. Or. Bass went to the House and questioned Hamblen and returning to the Corner asked her what she wanted done with him. A take him to jail a a she said. When the patrolman told Hamblen to a come on Quot the latter slashed him across the knee with the razor and then shot him dead with the gun. Itaya never spoke. After receiving the fatal wound the officer never spoke. Mayor no a son cached he scene just a few moments 1 a ter and appealed to or. Bass to Szwak to him but the latter but unable to utter a won mid died within a very Short while. Hamblen was pursued by a number of men running Down fond Street and turning across Between houses. He dropped the revolver a he cleared a Fence near the Plant of the Gulf refining company but continued his flight. Proceeding to Mon. Lieut. Almon had been abroad for four months and for five week Crawford a Row Iri Albany he of spot Cotton. Of middling. 32 4 strict middling. 33 Good middling. .834 Low grades. Nominal a Decatur Cotton Exchange j for a drive upon american four minute speakers. Four minute speaker announced by w. T. Lowe chairman for the _ w theatre tonight Are mrs., r. E. Had seen Active service taking part i an Entrance to the House of a in the momentous Campaign on the j to the latter claimed and spent Western Battle front. He is expect night there threatening in up de Here about the Middle of the a lire consequences if she week on leave and will later be As his presence known this sign to one of the Cantonment As a military instructor. A a Quot a of a Are Saunders at the delite and j. K. Blair at the Star. The speaker for the masonic has not yet been announced. Capt. Blackwell will speak tomorrow Apt. Samuel Blackwell will deliver a 4-minute address on tuesday at noon at the shop Gates. Much enthusiasm is evidenced in the registration to take place on sept. 12th. Chita captured. London sept. 9.�?csecho-slavs have captured Chita from the , Chita is on the trans siberian huns prepare to concentrate for drive against transports International news service ports the Navy department is Al was Dungeon sept. 9.�?heeding j ready providing much heavier con unofficial reports that Germany is Voyt fur All troop ships Secretary of about to concentrate her submarines i the Navy Daniels let it Iran 1 known today Man when placed under armpit patently told i my hts Story and it was through table native that the revolver was fas Hamblen had told her wham weapon was dropped citizens Are infuriated. Citizens and officers who had ried to the scene set out of Hamblen. They were by the dastardly crime and ened vengeance. After the teen let a at it was whispered that the murderer an empty building rounded hut none were proach too near a them other bullets Kraft in continued on alb Axah wry sofa ,
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