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Albany Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Mar 23 1925, Page 3

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Albany Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - March 23, 1925, Albany, AlabamaAlbany Decatur daily Quot 418 second a., Albany Ala. La had Stry afternoon except sunday 1� Albany by tha nes3ee Valley printing company inc. Editor Pierce g 81.11�?T on the Back editor Piare of to a Hunto Vilks daily times to one of the few editor who has had a real tribute paid him for the service that he a Tyven to i City tip writer turned yol it health tiered a a econ Scusa matter february 26, 1812, at Post office at Albany Ala., july 1, 1817, under act Larch 8, term. R. Shelton 1912-1924 j. Shelton. Mamin blood Worth. P. Sheppard. P. Sheppard managing editor. Editor business manager advertising manager member of the associated press he associated pres is exclusively entitled to tins re publication of Sll news dispatches credited to it or the Star at Anniston otherwise credited in this paper and also the local talks on building s pull aged therein. Ill rights of re publication of special i patches Hereld reserved. The flies and called attention to the year when the daily time was not an established necessity in the household of Huntsville when that paper was in the making and has1 to shy non very Nice and commend tory things about the Vic of the Piper iwed i editor. Or. Pierce bashfully declared the Honor to be unmerited but to those who watch the editorial columns of that Good daily paper they know that the editor and his paper Are a be prong of the credit that has been Given Hin driving Forward at ail times in progressive Steff facing All sorts of obstacles fighting compete a to standing at All to me for the right against the wimm the daily feels that or. Pierce should accept the floors that Are being thrown at him. Silence is used in cure of tuberculosis of Throat s rested in that is that is what each in. How can it be Telephone local 46 Long Diatana 996� subscription rates mall daily one month. Carrier daily per week mail daily three months. Mail Dally six months. Mail daily one year 69 .16 64.60 min eve we to Taota Jim a 12 years ago today from the Dally March 23, 1913. Of March 23rd falling on sunday there was no Issue of the daily on that Date. Do you Long for to a sounds of Early Spring ? p of Cut the window and listen. Put your one reason Why editors go crazy is the Chap who comes izing through the door before the mornings mail is ened and declares that the error that appeared in his do was done on purpose because the paper had it in for m As his advertising Bill was not so Large As that of his to Petigor. When you consider the Quantity of a newspapers circus tion it is Wise to consider the Quality As Well. The Lily reaches 84 per cent of the White Homes in the cities Albany and Decatur the daily into 46 per e it f the negro Homes in the it tier but we doubt or. Mer want if we put on the re Maiying 16 per cent of the Horn you v a uld Benefit so much Nioras. To reach th3 ally competent Voross now and if you offer tip Valess merchandise it Good comped a prices you will flip iat advertising pays. Uscumb1a deserves a Ford of Praise for kind act the neighbouring City of Tuscumbia has a kiwanis club iat they can be justly proud of. Following the terrible disaster in Illinois in which hundreds were killed Ahe Tus Ambia club sent $200 to help allay the Suff Dvon a of that stricken people. There is no reason Why the people Over United Ose that a and now hat they need Aid it must be Given them. A one aptly it it a America for americans and americans for Amer a what Are you going to do we gave millions to a an what Are we going to give to America?1 building that a what we Are All what the whole state is interested City is fighting to outstrip the Oil done the Star at Anniston take the position that news paper advertising is of the greatest value when it is done judiciously and the article is there to let cd what has been advertised. The Star believes that the Loyal support of the citizens Given to the Chat tier of Commerce is one of the greatest factors. It further asserts that one of the $1.69 i things in the building of the City is for that City to $2,76 i Enild itself inside and make itself attractive for the outsider. Improve the part a the streets schools churches Heaters amid events Ivic Pride must be seen and not to liked about in a recent editorial appearing in the Star there is a paragraph included injun editorial a a Sony chamber of it my Merce stuff that Yetf should read a that has a particular local significance to matter in what locality it might a i Pear. The Star jays in part. A men with a Ney will not stay in a place where they cannot enjoy to advantages of their Money unless there Are local ties that bind them to communities that might be classed a comparatively backward. This is a fact 1 that should of realized by the people of Alabama the people of Caj Jotun county and of Anniston. If we who arc bound to Anniston by Many human attachments have not Faith a Hough in the advantages that Anniston offers to Back 4ur Faith with Money we need not expect outsiders o. When a Man comes to our chamber of Commerce j n Industrial proposition for instance we do not put j Oney into his company unless he invests with us. Iti Umed that he knows his business better than we if he does not think enough of it to underwrite its sucks our Faith is naturally shaken. In like manner when e Tell outsiders about Anniston and its great future they May Well ask a How much arc you spending for Parks f it a duration for streets and roads what sort of Churche have you ? have you a Good country club and Golf course where i May protect my health and enjoy life in my Idle hours is there a y. M. C. A. Or athletic club where my it of and my employees May find recitation that will fit hem to be better workmen and of a finer moral Fibre a that is what the Star has to say about local conditions is they appear to the outsider. We might add that the repression that the visitor May gain As soon As he walks in three fights of stairs to the chamber of Commerce "00018 an there finds some Odd pieces of furniture might j have a great Deal with the placing of the Industry in another City. Think it Over. By Roy Al s. Copeland m. D. Lulled states senator from new York gift Are commit Ioner of health sew Toroc cuff. Sometimes when it or feeling smart we the ladies about being great talkers. If of a of them loses her Voles we make Ful of her and say a it must be a terrible affliction for a woman not to be Able to talk in Here is a scientific refutation of this old slander. I read the other Day that the Throat doctor of the King of England has found a cure for tuberculosis of the Throat the method described demands that no Effort shall be made to speak out loud. Reduction of the voice to a whisper or to absolute silence Quot d my in la he p. R report i we. Uttz of in cot Sund it i fear a. To the results of treatment stated that one third of the patients in whom Complete a hence in enforced were cured. I can hardly a pc it that. But what do you suppose the report mid about the a Rome i a Zienta Quot the silence treatment to More a with a Omen than with men. Because of women Grater endurance and patience in tha ordeal. No longer let it a said that women Are hopelessly talkative. They Are no different from men Unitas it if to be better. It la Gratifying to find that doctors All Over the world Are working on the tuberculosis problem. Or. Charles White of the United state Public health Servic. Said Thea about the dread else Nae. In several Commer Taj laboratories and in several of the medical universities of the coun studies Are being made to de try. Effect of by which Termina the Causa and Tutor Cloais and method it May be eradicated. The doctor is convinced by t Progress already made in the a my Rhea that the present generation will see tuberculosis cured in the a a consult a Como ent a is and be guided by his �6�. Cer Nung the necessary treatment for your particular Case. / see a v. Q a what can i tic to get rid of pm Para a a Correct your dust by cutting Down on sugar starches and Cofres. Kat simple food. For further Par to Cutrara Send a stamped. A addressed envelope restating your is us a a. _ _ a p. Q a what my hair Tea oily n 1 do to make the hair frequently gains a Good rum soap Auch a in for further p it ocular. A end a stamped self add reseed envelope restating your question. W. R. Q a is the drinking of lukewarm water instead of cold water injurious Doi it Ute Ordinary course of medical practice i am aware of the a Cal Fltka of nimber of Able scientific workers who am Labouring Day and night to discover mean of dealing with tuber Chloeia they am making Progress and. In common with All persons tha Day of cum May come speedily it is a blessed thing that by t o out of door life mat and proper feeding theve Clima of tuberculosis 1- the Early stages Mav be restored to health. I rejoiced a few Day ago to see the Rosy Cheeks and plump person of a Friend of mine who has a pent a year tii Hla fight for health and has won. A am of the Way to greater hangs in tha control of Tubar Culosio. Ai no. A John n. A a what causes a and will you Adlae re Ltd remedy answer is health questions circular Ion. Indigestion and constipation am usually at fault for thi trouble. In the cum the first consideration must a Given to the removal of the. Usa. Forfar thar particular Send a Zajf addressed stamped envelope and re state your question. A Reader. you 4 Vina having u five year old child s tonsils removed on a a count of big colds washing is hard w Ork n. O. Faver causes Scarlet it Thea is an acute contagious the cause la not known. A As constant Reader. Q a what would you Suff fest for a misshapen nose a a if the tonsils am not infected do not have them removed to a giving pure cod liver Oil a a tonic a or. Copland Wittl Arntzer for had met of Elliis vapor question on �whe-4nal, he Ion and tool Taxon a fact that ers of Penoro into rest. A Sara tha tub tract at a utter is anew tha it cannot a Kuhlt shed in i Sis Colina or. Copal and a it Al. Ebva is Una Atiana is a proper Ona. Wilf pan Orbaan flip if e aet Addrea Aad. A tamped Enva Topa is an closed. Add Rita All is Quirin to or. Nopal 8. Copal and in Oora of Thia aft Ico. To prohm ims to Pommon re Low even with a machine to help rates should not have responded liberally offered in that disaster were Brothers and is Almon goes before Highway commission for Road Relief congressman Edward b. Almon of the eighth congressional District recently returned from Montgomery Ala governor a a race May be entered by a. G. Patterson the announcement that the friends of Andrew g. Paterson Are canvassing the state in an Effort to a feel out he people on the possibility of the election of a. G. Paterson As the chief executive of the Stato is of Najuch note o the twin City people. They Are not surprised that or. Patterson has been spoken of As a possible candidate for the position for they know the Type and the calibre of the Nan and they know also that he wily fill the place with earnestness of purpose that has always been charac Eruthie when he has been called upon to serve the Public. Or. Patterson has made no announcement As yet regard no his position in the matter but thire Are Many locally rho Hope that he will decide to throw his Campaign hat nto the ring and step in the Public Eye As the strongest Nan that North Alabama has for to my position. During his years As head of the Alabama Public service commission and As president of the fee counties commission to has a cuff for Law the the Public hat he represents he Las Dofi this ought Best for Ahe Public he has Dis-1 the building of the Highway charged is sties As he saw them s4id allowed no Persona i Lection urging the state to Bema where he went before the state Highway commission n an Appeal for the completion of the Decatur muscle Shoals Road and the Jasper to Tuscumbia Roadway. Of Ourse we should like to see Jasper gain her Point for the a Ake of that Section and we will be pulling for her but he other matter interests us most at this time. Realizing that in the future years the Shoals cities and the twin cities Are going to be the greatest cities in Northern Alabama and probably rank second if not first in the entire state we feel that the cities should be connected with a substantial Road bed that the mud and the dime of Winter should not be known on this Highway or. Almon is of the opinion that Alabama should have Ood roads and that she is going to have Good roads. He predicts that the rapid progressive strides in the build ing of new highways and the completion of half finished projects will begin within the year All Over the state. He Quot a quoted As saying a the next year will see great strides in Highway building All Over the state and every mile of improved roads added to the states system will add just a hat much value to lands and industries. Appearing before the Highway commission or. Almon worked earnestly for the interests of the people of this Between muscle Shoals and take action immediately in 4-hw a i of to i la hrs Austinville news the a i i i a i a la Al ,�?8. Sparkman and family and mrs. P. W. Sparkman and children attended the funeral of their Grandfather Henry Long who died at his Home near Johnson Chapel saturday evening. Funeral services were held sunday afternoon at 4 of clock with interment at Johnson Chapel open steel cemetery. Mrs. A foe Smith and baby Are with the flu at their Home Here. Ill mrs r. L. Lamon and children Are visiting her father near slip up. Mrs. Estelle Crow has returned from Florence where she spent sey eral months in the Florence Normal. Floyd Sparkman of Neil was the guest of his parents Here sunday. Sternest to creep into the daily routine of hip work. A Brilliant Man a splendid personality a k if Tod speaker Man of Good hard sound business sense we Are not j surprised that he is considering she chief executives of ice of the state. Lelys Day of election drawing near april 7th is drawing near it ii almost time for the peo of Albany and Decatur to Render a decision for or fest the Bridge. The last Otice of election has been osted and published and it 0w remains for the people Lem selves to Tell the Highway commission to begin the instruction of the great Structure that our eyes have Eton pictured As stretching across the Tennessee. If our citizenship Ever cast a vote for the growth of the ties let it be now. Let us make the year 1925, the great to year in the history of thi cities. An additional Wing the benevolent Hospital serving the stricken and in de Over the whole Section a a completed Roadway from magic City to the a Jiali three additional industries id to begin this Gigantic programme let us Lay the foun tion with a Bridge across the River at this Point. Lime one county wants a Bridge Madison county wants a Edge Cullman county Lawrence county the state of Labama the state of Tennessee want the Bridge built at a or at a 11 l i a us a Avery Roberts who has been attending Massey business College in Bir Mineharu has comp Euld his course and returned Home. Charge of the latest Type of health furnaces owned by the corporation. Or. Henkel is said to be one of the Best Furnace operators developed of the younger a Nooi and is expected to make some High records with the new plants at Fairfield. He will be of a parity of rank doth Richard l. Row Ron superintendent of then Sicy open Hearth although the latter Plant will produce a tar greater tonnage than the Fairfield works. The open Hearth organisation will result it is believed in the promotion of several men from the Ensley organization although no official statements have been made As to the personnel of Fairfield staff. The new Plant on account of their special character of operation will require the bringing to Birmingham of Sev eral skilled men from the Eust to assist in the operations at Fairfield. The operations at Fairfield when under Way will require a very Large no Imber of additional employees of ail ranks the machine can to draw water lug it to the stove heat it it and into the Washer. It cab t drag heavy baskets of Noggy clothes to the iii pin them up take them Down and bring them in again. K \ Well relieve you of All this heavy take All tha steam Anil bother out of your Hong Wanh for you Iron too if you wish at a Cost in your react. We have several different types of each is thorough and economical. No initial vestment is required no Long drawn out in ments to be met each r Mth. You la find this modern Way of washing most Welcome Relief phone today and have of a representative a a is Quality Model land and dry cleaners phone Albany 49 phone Decatur Send it is Point. We the people want the Bridge to be built Lieving it to be a great step towards the increase of hade an accommodation to tourists the opening up of great area a Boom to the agriculturists a Means of it with within the cities Thuc selves. We can have it if will go to the polls on 4pril 7, and vote to Issue the ids for the building of the Bridge. Greater issues will rest on the a a year or a a nay of the it ple on april 7th. We can a be assured that the growth Decatur with particular emphasis being Laid upon the 12 mile Gap in the Roadway near town Creek. He believes that this along with the Jasper project would mean much n the entire Shoals area. The congressman while advocating the building All Over the state said a with Federal Iid Alabama is going to continue doing great things along the Highway line and i believe the year will see More Road building in the state than Ever before in the history of the in an interview he advocated an air mail system that should be brought through Albany Decatur but whatever he Beeves May be developed along that line is second at this time to the building and maintenance of roadways. The Gap that he advocates being closed Between Albany Decatur and the lower Shoals cities is indeed one of the worse strips of roadways Between Albany Decatur and any Point. It is the one broken link in the Chain that connects Birmingham with the Shoals cities Over the birding Ham a Albany Decatur Tuscumbia route that this end of the state has been interested in. The people in this Section Are greatly pleased to la Arn that congressman Almon has been before the Rig Way commission in an Endeavor to get immediate Road Relief for this Section. With this part of the Road the Only Section that is not passable at All times of the year there is Little wonder that the Section is clamouring for an Early move on the part of the Highway commission. It is the parting shot of their argument that the Birmingham direct communication with the Shoals cities should go this Quot Way rather than by Way of Jasper. The completion of the Road Means that the thousands of tourists going North and South will use this Road stopping at Albany Decatur and increasing the value of the cities As a Trade Center. The cities Are grateful to or. Almon and realize that 0� a under is said. W. E. Stephenson who played at Courtland spent with his family. Is pm sunday mrs. Lula Barnes is improving after an illness of several Days with pneumonia. Fryy. Walsm Henkle is named superintendent the Birmingham age Herald carried a Story of the appointment of l. C. Henkle As superintendent of the Fairfield open Hearth furnaces. Or. Henkle is a son of mrs. B. L. Hen Gle of Albany and a brother of mrs. Atice h. Hoff he formerly resided Here before going to the Birmingham District. The age Herald says l. C. Henkle has been named superintendent of the Fairfield open Hearth furnaces which Are now ready for operation. No other officials for the new Tennessee Coal Iron and of Elroad Plant have been announced. J or. Henkle has been Here before attached to the Ensley works of the. Xxx ,x., tonne amp sea company. He has served he is Ever at work trying to Aid this Section m the develop a he corp ,.ation at South Chicago the cities will be More of a certainty if we have the ment that is coming Day by Day and will soon result in the j a Fly an j Pittsburg since leaving in a returning and assuming Fidge to Start upon. In t us St and Back of the proposition april 7th and cast the ballot of Progress and Prosperity d building of the magnificent cities on the Banks of the Tennessee which we All dream about and warning notice to the Public a. A Section no. 372 of the City code will be enforced any person throwing or sweeping paper trash or filth kind on the streets or sidewalks of the City of Albany Alai lowing it to be done shall be guilty of a Misdemeanour Ana fiction shall be fined not less than one or More than ten it shall be the duty of each store or dwelling House to p sweeping et<i., into Metal cans with cover the same to be in order that the City carts May take same away. Section for Goff go each owner or occupant of eve y House or store Musl themselves with Metal cans or receptacles in which All to be placed. It must not under any circumstances be thro Street or in the alleys. All persons Are hereby Given a the Law will be enforced. Metal cans can be furnished City. A to Quot re a a amp a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a /

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