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Albany Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 3

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Albany Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Albany, AlabamaAlbany Decattor daily Albany Ala., wednesday june 23, 1820. S octet news Margaret c. Rth Eiton phone h$2. Albany Dot it eng the go Deuce of mrs she too from the City please Phou to Orwa rems to Albany 20#- Scio club of a Al Landau thursday Morgan kiwanis club 7 30 p. M j Fri Day miscellaneous Shower for miss Godby my Atlee Hoff. Friday night dub. 5 by. M. C. A. Mrs. Joseph stand in Way of business pc i. I a historic London churches May have to Flave Way to the Demande a Modem Progreso. Mary re h Diltz won first prize and Juanita Lynn second prize a Dainty ice a Caits was served at the close of the afternoon by mrs. E. E. Milan assisted by mrs. Diltz and mrs. John Democrat okla Misc Al anou8 Shower for miss Godbey mrs. Atlee h. Hoff will entertain at a miscellaneous Shower Friday of mrs. Bowles missionary society Bridge hostess i Central m. E. Church another pretty party inspired by mrs. Gordon Boggs and mrs. Garris out of town guests was the one Given i were hostesses to the women s Mia r �25. Oft he a nth a. E Ohns Quot m a elect of next week. A. Lewies entertained in compliment Church monday afternoon june 14. To mesdames Wilbur Kelley and mrs. L. P. Troup conducted the de 1��&Quot a a my w e s 1 my. Virgin Thompsn of Dur Elizabeth Neil of Nashville. The in ,.�v is f Rentz Preuit mrs. Win tort Armich took the farm of cards a we Bride was played at four tables in the living and dining rooms. The living loom carried a pleasing Decora Tion of nasturtiums and dahlias while in the dining room Blue and Pink hydrangeas gift Flowers were most artistically arranged. In the Triduc game mrs. C. B. Elliot was presumed the trophy for score and mrs Herbert Odom Cut the Consolation. Mrs. Bowles gave each of her Honor quests a Dainty souvenir As memento to afternoon. At the conclusion of the game and after the presentation of the prizes the holies ser--1�i an elaborate salad course. a i a Beautiful prayer by the pastor closed the program. A social hour followed and Light refreshments were served Inez Thom a and Athens Boggi assisting in the serving. A a a a �?4�? mrs. Imeln Are via tag Tern. The modern mrs. Malaprop pad Utu Tifni Poai a Washington newspaper Corre miss Tomi son Sponden tells of a mrs. Malaprop win miss Claudia Pullias was hostess to once amused the capital with her i a slumber party last evening in Honor takes. She went around asking peo Mcgregor and baby of miss Virginia Thompson of Dur ple to to a Rod Robin Quot meaning u birthday party Louise Milan entertained fifteen of her Little friends with a Lawn social wednesday afternoon in Honor of the birth anniversary of her Cousin Anne Hamlin of Albany. The afternoon was delightfully spent in games Nineteen historic City churn Are m music and guessing contest in which Benet in on Tacui that a work of her Christopher Wren have been marked for destruction by a commission appointed by the Bishop of London to consider the whole question of the City churches. In seven eases it is proposed to preserve for their architectural and historic value the towers of the churches in the other eases these old monuments dating Hack to the seventeenth Century and the great fire of London would disappear. This is the recommendation of the i Simp a commission but already Strong protests have or la men and the society for the Protection of ancient buildings has announced that it will take every possible step in making the strongest protest. The value of the Sites of these churches is placed at nearly $8.900,-000,000, situated As they Are in the great business Center of Lamdon. Between st. Paul a and the Tower and a Little to the North of that line. In addition to this enormous return from the Church property the commission expects to realize an income of $120,-000 a year from the Benefices after setting aside $81,000 a year for the salaries of certain of the clergy concerned. For the site of a Slagle Church that of aj1 hallows Lombard Street Barclays Bank has offered $2.-900,000, and the value of the site of st. Dunstan a in the East has been estimated at $1,290,000. To croon at 5 o clock at the Home of her Mother mrs. B. L. Henkell hon a Bride ant Utah is visiting her sunt mrs. Ton and Rev. Mcglawn a Ziatin. W h th0mp9on in act Albany. Letters were read giving informal _0 _ Tion concerning the life work of or spider s bilk Lando Shay and miss Florence fore-1 experiments Tran Progress in madman two missionaries. Y i a result of which it a a Short business session followed hoped that a Fine silk May be pro final arrangements for a the Way diced from spiders webs. According to recent reports a excellent Progress has been made by those in charge of the tests. The thread produced by spelers i declared to be finer in Quality stronger and More beautifully Colorado than that obtained from silk Worms. Of Lei Alives in Rossiii r mias Claudie Pullias returned yesterday from a visit to miss Loraine Wada in Hartselle. Ant miss., who is visiting in the City. At Midnight a tempting feast was round Robin spoke of her trip through the Quot Valley of Gethsemane v. When she meant the Yosemite and a red by the Hoste a to the following my by a a a he. ,1b, a a a a a a Hunch misses Capitola Hamilton Mable Dews Tony Hamlin Eula Nelson and Virginia Thompson. Do you know i jumped from Rock to it Rock just like a Shamrock a a a from Tiv Outlook. Mss year after year the same people eat grape and year by year new thousands become converted to the same Good custom. Grape nuts is distinctive among prepared cereals not Only in form and flavor but chiefly because of its surpassing food value. Grape nuts builds tissue for body and brain. In this food Are preserved in easily digested form the concentrated nourishment of All the Best that wheat and malted Barley can pro Vida trial shows a Way to better health and sturdiness. There is better breakfast food than 4 \ _ i grape nuts Quot there a a made by Postum Cereal company inc., Battle Creek. Mick Peanut Oil gaining favor. Tho pm Luellon of pm Mut Oil. Including both the cold presid and Hie in a Prew cd in the United state in Ore own from 494,000 Pound in 1012 to 09.031.000 Pound in 1018, increase of More than 21,000 per cent. The it porn at ion of Peanut Oil increased from 7.020.000 Pound in 1012 to <w,100.0 i a mods in 1018. Bracts Cully All the in Portill Peanut Oil la hoi Prex aed. Com pm Ete a Tat Latium for 1010 Are not yet available. It is apparent say that Lotfi Pressett Penzur Oil la winning Fot itself a place on the american table. Jim fled by its Leavor nutritive value and digestibility. No help from the doctor abundant reason for the depression that was manifested in the Golf Bug s attitude. The Golf hug has a sad face. He is plainly out of sorts. Something is the matter with him. He has just come from the doctors office where he has undergone a thorough physical examination. He is sore and Derc red. But not from what the doctor found but from what he refused to find. A you Are All right a said the Learned physician. A you Are As sound a r. that was a Little joke the Golf Bug did not enjoy. A Are you sure that i am in first class condition a he asked. a is my blood pressure Normal t heart regular Al i a a heart o. A a a lungs Clear a it a was a a liver in Good working order a a a splendid a Trunco of neuritis a a not a a am i not bordering on a nervous breakdown Quot a see indication of a atm a sorry Man what for a a i thought surely you a dig up some Good excuse for me to go away. Now to have to be honest and say in a going South simply because i want to play free press. Nothing there. Before the consolidation i held an Agency for one of the it old express companies. One a Lay several patrons were m the Oflahe when the superintendent and two other of trials of the company came in june ape Otealy. A woman bad us Andied for a package and evidently the unexpected visit of the officials flustered me for. After looking Over the on hand Register and not finding anything listed for her i returned to the counter took Down the receiver Tram the Telephone and Saidi. A hello there is nothing Here for my customer was standing right near the Telephone and every one Chicago Tribune. T a reckless Reggie. Nephew that was a pretty Good we had shall we have a drink now Uncle Man be Ken am tee total. Nephew a Cigar then. Uncle a Donna smoke. Nephew of do something reckless a remember my firm is paying All the expenses Uncle wed. A think a la in e my 1�ih>ts cleaned Here then a the by slander. Sure Relief / a the wayfarer it a this Bank places at the command of its customers and friends All the facilities of an up to Date commercial Bank for the transaction of local or foreign business. We Welcome the accounts of individuals firms and corporations in the confident knowledge that our ser a a a a a Psi vice satisfies. The Central National Bank of Albany Ala. Capital $200,000.00 surplus $40,000.00 ancient Cornerstone laying. The custom of laying the Corner Koue of a in bloc building with ceremonies wan practice by the ancient. At the laying of the Cornerstone Plum the Cape Tol of Rome was re haul to a pro cession of Vestal virgins Robed in White surrounded the Stone and consecrated it with libations of living water. A prayer to the gods followed and then the magistrates priest sent Tore Ami knights Laid bold of the ropes and moved the mighty Stone to its proper position. In a hollow Cut in the Stone were placed ingots of Gold Sliver and other metals which had not been Mettge in any Furnace. With the jews the Cornerstone was considered an Emblem of Power and they also performed ceremonies at its laying. In medieval tinted the rite Wai taken up by the order of free Manoos and has by them been brought Down to modern Days the masonic ceremony of laying a Cornerstone being symbolical. A a out of Flam. Ant Hannah came Home from Church the other sunday morning Dos Tinct by out of sorts. Whim asked Ubai was wrong she answered that she thought there was not the proper Rev Trence in that Church. Pressed to give further explanation she finally did so. A i did to like any of Tho choir a she complained. A they were too fickle looking to sing hymns and i thought it perfectly sacrilegious when that Soprano got up in those slippers with the High thin heels and Sang How firm a foundation be saints of the lord the family she was visiting mulled but later admitted to themselves that it was indeed incongruous although not exactly sacrilegious. Work poor. Charles if. Schwab at on of his Loretto dinner parties was talking about a Man who was vainly beseech in the Banks for a loan. A a he a a Rich Man too a said or Schwab a but he a work poor. A work poor said a guest a yes wort poor a or. Schwab repeated. A you see. He a always got so Many iterations in baud that he a �1 ways abort of Money to finance them work poor i Call then he smiled and added a Milf s one of those Fellows Tho dig so much that they re always to restore faded Ink. When the Ink of Obi document a faded and it is Dewirth to restore it this ran he done by washing with am of the substances that Marten of. Mixing Mil Iron info Sam of nut galls a Billii Miln Iii my Stu a the wayfarer what physician exp jams says Public ought to know wha they Are taking practical advice on what to do 1c# build up your strength Power and Ppd Urance end increase Tho red blood corpuscles. Ext Fulli it result. There a a Enron re i Dewar Tot Toch a p Repart As Iuva what to ave thera i have docket la Mig Guild tie who the fact that Nasi Ted Iron is Tothy be mys of ing used by with i by Over three Pluhm people an Tho wands of dry cute and that to Many pm or it ans Are Ore folks who u it i Juo set it As a tonic arc nth and blood this but do uni \ Fiu Aily and a Cri tars if a a _ map. A a builder in weak Ner Votia run Down Condi for tons has led to an investigation of it Tion has led to an investigation of Iti pm read Pumi a of a inc worn st Metw by designated phys cd sons and other of the ils formula h that whose reports should be of great import Nch the put a a us Sfa i we i they m to the statement Livan Pital outdoor a deft it in Westchester county to Cal. York and of ays a when one patients anti r another Tjan so Moo of Nuj Cut for my eff whether or r. Get it pots seder it May be iad that they Ytse the to a in a my Opin to to Thorou Lux ated i a it edged id find they Are a King to be found country. It 4.�i princ Sidsil of organic if a in t form of for. N pesto True of a tfx mum civic a Rudard and which a a one of the m st costly tonic Ingrah Cito known. To the credit of the into the Sun acct and . A it whether or n.,t it pos a a a a a a a a my a the Reil value claimed by its manufacturer expensive form of Iron pc donate where and attested to by so Many or Milent pc by employir.? other makes they ibis is exactly i believe every p it the same Quantity of actual Iron in Tow Lys Ician should do tablets at let than one fourth the Cost Ana. Ending his endorse by using metallic Iron they could have it Prest tale is Worth a a we practitioners ought to by thus cheapening the product they would conscientious physician _ before prescribing or Landing his endorser Gay using met Sac Iron Mey coma Aav rodent to any product whatsoever. If an at diced the Cost to less than one twelfth out be the first to know of it and if it is of a i undoubtedly Haffy impaired fits Tler Pentic y opinion a Earcy us Examina or Maia ltd any by Yixian or or Rma st should convince him ton. Mpa Cactus we Are in duty bound to recommend Efficacy it la my opinion a ear it for the welfare of our patients a study Tion of this Forn Ilija for any of the composition of the nut Ard Iron ,.>acrt should convince i Formida so i res de me with be Hera pc Uon to u tic of Lacy of the product that i Fame a a Diatel tested it in a number of Obett Nat visions cases. So quickly did it inc tear the str nth a Ai i Corpy and endurance of the stints to Wowna it was administered that i became liar. By con Una Llo ltd its Rema Dud or. Tesk have ammo taken u Haye Ever used for Buddine and incr Awne the baud co Puad to thereby enriching and the blood against he ravages of Diana doctor cupid that Lovik Home times Curca Dis ease �3 a fact that has been called to tiie attention of the Fiu Blic by a prominent physician. A is not however the cure for All women. Many a woman is nervous Anil irritable feeds dragged Down and worn out for do reason that a a amp can think of. Doctor pierces favorite pre a rib of gives new life and new strength to weak worn out run Down women. A Ufa Vori la prescription makes weak women a Trong and Nick women Well. It �3 now sold by All druggists in the United states in tablets As Well of liquid form. , Ala.�?1"when one of Ray daughters a is developing into womanhood Abe a Jered terribly at times. I was becoming quite worried about her when doctor pierces favorite prescription was recommended to me. Two bottles of the prescription a brought her through in very Good condition and gave wonderful Relief. I never hesitate to recommend this Medicine to a girls who suffer for it is splendid. A mrs. Amanda Hen Orix 1315 la Grande Street. Ollie e. Schrickel architect plans and specifications furnished promptly phone 695-w Albany Albany Ala. A a Albatross the worlds Best flour order a sack from your grocer. Priest Albany Ala. A m. Second a to. Undertaking and embalming Pune Al supplies carried Albany phone 142-night phone tii a the wayfarer of e. C. Sea Ksell Vulcanizing a ltd Valuim of Tim next dour to Dixie Murket the highest Gass talking machine in the world the inst31�mzht of Guai ltd not Clear a3 a Letb Pride of Possession you done to have to do any apologizing or explaining to your friends when Yoti own a Sonora. It is recognized As being the finest phonograph made today and its magnificent tone its handsome appearance and its important features obtainable in other make of quickly explain Why Sonora is unequalled. Eco rate fico Nice and of erotica Undi i asic fall its of the i monograph Industry. Price $60 to $1000 d /1d4t/fc eve Rusine agent. It. Us i / to Batik st., Decatur. Bur Sonora Brne nip Man int &7rcr3 nerd try in. Met Etc a Edom they ply Many Emma and a Nerva a rent a him. A the wayfarer Princess theatre Friday june 25 matinee and night ? admission children 30c adults 50c make your plaits to attend Cotton seed Cane seed Millet seed ear Corn cd a in to Purina feeds in Checkerboard by Hay Corn and Oats Lyle Taylor Grain co. In Hunes 194 and 217 Decatur

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