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Albany Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Albany, Western Australia National Library of Australia Sra w. R. Smith buys Aud Sells All local produce bran Fullard chaff j wheat molasses butter eggs. Keep your Money in the District a id use Emu Salt produced ground and sold Here. Specialities egg preservative Merrius Honey j uni boo a Tea floor Poi he toilet soap Bushware tinware Garden & agricultural seeds. Eyerythik6 you want including prompt attention and civility local agent for Liverpool & & Globe insurance co. The Medicine for you is Al the Medicine that goes hand in hand with Good health a kind of twin brother that brings physical Confidence strength mental Energy and clearness is Clements tonic because it possesses those specific properties that rebuild the human Constitution strengthens its working parts cleanses the stomach and purifies the blood thus creating new conditions with health results to the user. If any greater proof is required of the Powers of this splendid Medicine the testimonies Given afford it written by those who can afford by experience to judge of its merits. For the general Good of the Public they Are published in the press and Are Well Worth Reading. Voluntary letters ram people in All ranks of life Are daily received by Clement tonic Ltd. They All Tell the same splendid Story of health restored. Get it to Day and get Well Ali chemists and stores sell it in Australia and new zealand l lenient Toni id. Rozelle. How to make Good family Conga mixture and save much Money. Obtain from your chemist or store a bottle of Reenzo registered name for Hean s essence and add it to a Large breakfast Tifful of water sweetened with treacle or Honey and sugar As per easy directions printed on the Label and you will at once have a family Supply of Superior Quality cough influenza and sore Throat mixture. No boiling or fussing is needed the mixing being a matter of but a few moments yet each lot made will save the user much Money. If Yon do not need a family Supply of Congi i Flixton us Lor Reenzo conch Diamond. Price l l per to. I Pijper oough8 &. Colds. I i Wpm Wal Joef Lejb starting oat in i j Iff a a wet cd cold weather Taite i i burst one or two cps tablets i j Toffi of from their Silver wrappers end ? ? a sir let them slowly dissolve in the i i r month. A powerful Medicine will i then come from the tablets in the i form of fumes which Yon breathe i through the Throat into the lungs. I in this easy and pleasant Way not i Only is the four and germ Laden at i Moshere filtered As Yon breathe it ? in but every part of the Throat and i bronchial tubes is soothed Streng i thened and made to successfully i resist the microbes that spread i coughs colds sore Throat Infin ? Enza bronchitis. Breaf Heable peps i keep the cold ont and Stop infection. ? this lip of out \0q�l hat Holbrook pour afew Dropson Holbrook sauce into the Stew pan just after you take it off the fir of stir Well. You will be Riding Herfi with the Weij Savour of the dish. Pm be Holbrook sauce Kil Corn Kil pain Kil pile a positive cure for corns and warts. A �25 guarantee with every remedy. Price i tooth Clie drops. A positive cure for aching Teeth. Price a a famous pile cure. A sure and speedy cure fur piles pro Lapsus Etc. Price 1j these goods Are obtainable from All stores and wholesale from h. A Wigmore & co., Ltd., Perth. Or k to Fly co., 176 Stanley Street w. Melbourne. The new flavour that everyone likes. Obtainable everywhere 3d. Per packet of 6 bars delicious Long lasting refreshing Send 3d� for trial packet to Wrigley s Box 2376, c. Poi Sydney Mas to Sonta taste the Lavour lasts Wrigley s Australasia Ltd., Sydney. Wolfe s thereat Winter stimulant saturday s football i australian game. Downfall of the West. Undoubtedly the Surprise packet of the season s football Competition under australian rules locally was opened on saturday when the West club suffered their first defeat at the hands of the North. And what a defeat it was no less Tolian .".? Points being the margin in fact the sea i son s record to Date. Of course such a result has not been without its com ment both Adverse and otherwise and viewed in the Light of Pat performances of both clubs there certainly seems to be ample justification for the former Brand. In this respect As stated the West lost for the first time this year and although the North were runners up for the minor premiership their loss of saturday neck to i lie East who until then had not won a game makes saturday s match one for wonderment. There Are several elements which May be considered As accountable. First a reversal of form second a spirit of Don t rare Aud third the Gap caused by the absence of Bruce from the West team. Of the first reason such is too Remote to be seriously considered but if such was the Case it really Means while one team went Back to the Al most primitive stage the other advanced to a position of champions. Be Gard ins the second reason one is inclined to think that such a contingency cannot have existed in a body whose record for Good clean sport is unrivalled and so we dismiss it with the scant consideration it deserves. There re Mains then the third reason but on the principle that one Swallow does not make a summer any More than one player does not make a team it is hard to think that fourteen men could have become so demoralised by the loss of one of their number that they were not Able to make a braver show ing than they did. Regarding the Success of the North against their de feat of the previous week two arguments must be taken into account viz., either they have improved out of sight to so punish the West or the East team is a wonderfully better combination than either of the other two and a greater element of ill Luck has pursued. Them in their matches than the ave rage Man is endowed with. The teams of saturday were capt Lunt Potter be texts kit Jacka Cullinane Shenfield Hagg Finley Green three Mooney and Wheeler. West a. Angove capt. Angove Willis Sangster Dewar Michell Lan Caster Cooper Hartnup Nott mouche More Westerburg Bailey Doggett and Brown. In the first Quarter the West had the Best of the play for the first few minutes but the North were Early on the offensive and the score was opened by them with a minor Point followed shortly after by two goals off Mooney s Boot. The West then became aggressive and forced the play Well up to the Pavilion Boundary where Bert. Angove secured a free from Roberts but the resultant kick was fruitless. C. Green secured and sent the leather to the Centre and from there the Ball was soon in West territory once More where after a spell of fast work Wheeler notched the third goal for his Side. Only a few minutes remained of the Quarter and after the Bounce the West forced the leather Forward and a scrum ensued in front of the North goals from which co oper secured and a Nice kick yielded what turned out to to West s Only goal. The Bell rang immediately after with the stores in favor of North by 13 Points. Changing Over North were soon on the offensive and two single Points came their Way Lunt and Fitzpatrick being responsible and after up and Down play Young Finley received the Ball from Shenfield and from a Nice Handy Posi Tion in front had the satisfaction of scoring his first goal. The West then managed to score a minor but to this the North replied with another. A period of congested play followed in which the North As ailed the West area and two attempts were averted by j Nott and Michell but on a third Occa i Sion kit secured a free from de 1 War and the two flags waved in unison. West managed another behind and the Bell rang for half time with the scores Nbrth-5 goals i bids. 34 Points. West-1 goal 2 bids. S Points. The North opened the score a the third Quarter with a behind and an other attempt was saved by Michell. West through the Agency of Angove and Willis scored one also and the North replied in kind. After no and Down play things became mixed in the West area and Shenfield received a free which he successfully converted. The remainder of the term was mainly confined to the Western Boundary where Bert. Angove took a neat a irk but the wind took charge i of the Ball Ami a behind Only resulted. The Quarter ended with the North 32 Points ahead. Complete demoralisation Sci med to possess the West in the final form and the play was scarcely Ever out of their territory. Shenfield secured the first goal in the first couple of minutes and kit c. Green Shen Field and Fitzpatrick scored behinds. Then followed another goal this time from kit. And two More behinds. West feebly rallied and their Only score for the Terni a minor was made. North forced once More and Wheeler scored a goal and two More behinds from kit and Wheeler saw the end of the game with the final scores North-9 goals 14 bids. 68 Points. West-1 goal 5 bids. La Points. The goal kickers were North kit Mooney Wheeler two each and in Ley one West Cooper one. Kotes on the game. J i one would say in racing parlance tue j match on saturday Between the West and North was a reversal of form and required the stewards attention but everything went with the norths who All played up to their Best form and richly deserved their handsome win they had apparently Given due consideration to the idea that to Check mate their vanquish ers of the two previous matches it was necessary to place their faster and Best players on the Centre line and one must admit this move met with Success. In this re Spect kit Wheeler and Cullinane pre dominated and it was made somewhat easier for them by Bruce being unable to strip. His depletion from the ranks of the West however did not make so huge a difference As 68 Points toll. Another very prominent player of the Blue and Whites would have been better advised to have stood Down he being indisposed Aud through taking the Field somewhat tarnished the Many Brilliant games he has played. Without wishing to take away any credit of the winners Brilliant Vic tory who on the Day s play would have been successful if the Defeated team had been fully manned these two defects spoilt the usual Quick passing and team work of the losers. Or. Stirling was again in charge of the whistle and kept the game fast and free of undue roughness. The Acci dents which occurred to b. Angove f. Brown Hartnup and Potter were quite unintentional and Only of slight inconvenience excepting that perhaps to Angove. While All of those who represented the winners played their respective parts Well one would pick kit out As the Best. His performance was a Brilliant one and during the four quark Tere his marking kicking and passing were far ahead of any of the other players. A. Hagg was a Cpl Judd Man in de Fence and was ably supported by j. And w. Green and also Tom Mooney especially the latter who played As in the Days of old. Ii. Potter gave of his very Best and was the see oud Best player on the ground. Wheeler on the opposite Wing was very effective. He lacks the finish of kit but puts plenty of vigor and dash into his play. Cullinane was in evidence All Day and always booted the Ball to advantage. W. Fitzpatrick played and marked Well. He would be More effective if he did not wander so far from his place. Besides being Captain it 6 not a Good example to his men. Those two old trojans Lunt and Shenfield entered into the fray like two year Olds in a Well pastured Field. V. Jacka and e. Green did their part in fact the winners had no s Best three players All of whom played up to form were w. Dog Gett b. Nott and w. Bailey. In dc1 Fence the former Stavert off attack after attack and goodness knows How Many More Points norths would have scored but for his splendid Cool play. Nott was most consistent All Day and displayed Fine marking and kicking and kept his Pecker up when some of his comrades had Given up the game a lost in the final Quarter while w. Bailey during the first half was the busiest Man for he losers in his new i sit iou Centre. In Tho latter part of the game he. Seemed to tire but his services were severely Felt Back. B. Mou Cheniere Ami Westerburg battled hard but received very Little assistance there being no combination which has heretofore been the Strong suit of the Blue and Whites. A. Michell was another player who gave of his Best and marked and kicked with excellent judgment. B. Angove until he met with his Accident handled the Ball Well but Dpi not display his usual judgment in Dis posing of it to Cooper who was several times waiting. A. Lancaster and Don. Dewar vere out Genera led on the Day but they live to fight their Battles Over again. Young Willis after playing a very hard and masterly same for the West juniors played Well and gave a Good account of himself. It is hardly fair to the boy and 4ie Slimjim either play for the juniors or seniors not both. Hartnup was doing Good work until he received an accidental Knock. W. Sangster was noticeable in the first Quarter. P. Cooper got very Little Chance up Forward but obtained Lin Only major scored. Tom Angove did not do himself or his reputation Justice. F. Brow a although taking a few Good Marks found the Pace too warm. This win of the red and Whites will put new life into the game and one Hopes they will be Able to put Hie same team in the Field each match in which event the balance of the season s mat Ches should be of an interesting and exciting nature. I first Bat Competition. North defeats West. La their match the first rates of Tho norths like the seniors also inflicted a defeat on their comrades of the West. The game was Well fought out and interest was maintained through out the four quarters. Both sides were fully represented and in each instance Strong teams were in the Field. If any thing the norths had the better of the play and their kicking was a depart ment on its own a Factor which helped materially to win the match. The scores at the conclusion of play Dis closed a margin of seven Points the result being North-3 goals 5 bids. 23 Points. West-1 goal 10 bids. 16 Points. British association. The final set of matches in these cond round of the cup Competition was played on saturday afternoon when the j two concluding games were disposed of. Wanderers met bangers on the Perth Road ground while United were pitted against albinos of the Ulster Road re serve. Wanderers v. Bankers. These teams met on the Perth Road ground and on taking the Field it iras seen that wanderers Wen without the services of fell and weddin while bangers were minus Peuter Merrifield and Dixon. From the kick off both teams settled Down to Good football and Fine even play resulted. Davidson and Walker were prominent in the wanderers at tack and they were ably backed up by weight and Robins. Both Forward Unes tried hard to open the score but they found themselves up against a Strong defence. A Cross wind and a Light Ball kept the play on the East Wing and somewhat cramped the play. Finally wanderers broke through and opened the score and maintained the advantage till the change Over. From the resumption of play ran Gers were soon attacking and from an easy opening Prideaux evened the score. Kicking off again wanderers set out for another and their efforts were soon rewarded and Walker put through the winning goal. Both teams now settled Down to Good solid play. Rangers tried hard to get an equaliser but despite several Good attempts they were unable to find the narrow Way. The final whistle found wanderers winners with two goals to one. Wanderers were Well represented by Brack Nell Walker and weight while ran Gers were Well Susnor Ted by Bell and Kinleyside while the two new Colts Fletcher and Hodges showed consider Able Promise. Or. Mcrae had charge of the game and gave a very Fine interpretation of the rules and this to a very great extent accounted for the clean and open nature of the play. Albion s v. United. Ithe albinos and United met in the closing match of the second round on saturday at the Ulster Road ground. The Alyious hitherto unbeaten were j weak while their opponents though j without Dowsett were Able to Field Strong eleven. The inclusion of Chap i Lin a new player from Fremantle con j Sider ably strengthened the defence and during the first half his Clever and resourceful play was seen to advantage. The millions with the wind in their j favor attacked repeatedly but were j held by Hie defence. Their forwards j particularly gibbous and Williams were prominent in mid Field play. The United from a breakaway failed to find the net and from a rebound Van Wyek scored the first goal by a High shot. It Wras also Iii first goal and judging from his play it will not be his last. Shortly before the interval a second goal was added As the result of feeble goal keeping. After the resumption the United at tacked with the wind but the cramped defence of sym mans and Robins afforded few openings. The two Law sons and Chaplin were prominent in these attacks. From a kick Offjohn son secured and added the third goal with a Good shot. The albinos at times forced the play and Jarman failed in front of goal while Johnson shortly after was checked in a danger Ous position. Thus the game resulted in a win for the United by three goals to in. For the winners. J. Lawson Van Wyek and Chaplin were Promin ent while sym mans Robins Meyers and Williams were the Best of the losers. Or. Wilson gave general satisfaction with the whistle. Position of clubs. P. Albious. 6 United. 6 wanderers. 6 bangers. 6 w. I. D. Pts. 5 0 1 1u 4 119 1 2 4 0 15 3 third bound fixtures. J june 26.-Perth-Road, United v. Wanderers Ulster Road albinos v. Ban Gers. July 3.-Perth-Road, wanderers v. Albious Ulster Road bangers v. Uni Ted. July 10.-Perth-Road, albinos v. Uni Ted Ulster Road wanderers v. Ban Gers. Pertinent questions answered. / inquirer asks for rulings of the following Points in the British foot Ball association rules May the Ball be kicked towards the Goa for a goal kick no the kick must be Forward but a Ball is considered to be by play when it has rolled Over once thus a goalkeeper May handle the Ball after it has been touched in. What is the limit of the area in which the goalkeeper May handle the Ball the goalkeeper May handle the Ball Only within his own penalty area and a goalkeeper is liable to be penalised for carrying which is de fined As holding the Ball for two Steps on the third he must be pulled up and a free kick awarded. Cau a Forward be off Side from a goal kick no under no circumstances can he be directly off Side from a goal kick but if he is in a off Side position that is without the required three opponents Between 1dm self Aud the goal line he May become off Side if one of Bia own Side next plays the Ball. A player is off Side As soon As he plays the Ball and for this Rule an attempt to reach tie Bali is considered As playing it. When a player finds himself off Side and the Ball is passed towards him he should disassociate himself with the play altogether otherwise he is liable to be penalised for "off-Sidea player Carnot be off Side if he is behind the Ball the referee s decision is final and should be accepted without comment. Players Are not prohibited from Appeal ing but the referee need not interfere unless he is personally satisfied that the Appeal is just. The referee has no need to wait for an Appeal if he declines to accept an Appeal a shake of the head or the words play on May sometimes be used to advantage. The important fact is Thal it is the Intel j Rioual breach of the playing rules which must be punished. J saturday s hockey . V. High school i. What proved to be a very interest ing match was contested on the infants school ground on saturday be tween and High school i. The last time these teams diet the for Mer ran out easy winners by fever goals to nil. Since then by much practice and the addition if several new players the High school team has been considerably strengthened with the result that saturday s match strenuously contested throughout ended in a draw. The game opened to the advantage of the , but before they attempted to score the Ball was sent to the High school forwards. G. Wells secured and quickly took it to the . Goals where after keen play a goal was scored. . Then determined to equalise the score and for some time kept the High school backs and goalkeeper Busy. After much pressing . Scored off a Well centred shot from the right Wing. At half time the scores were still even. On resuming play was of a very even a j Ture. . Took up the attack i but failed to add to their score. Seve. Ral unsuccessful attempts were made by High school and a very strenuous game ended in a draw one goal All. Romi neut being f. Farr goals a. Wells m. Bishop and i. Toms the . Were not up to their usual form. The Best were ii. Gilmour w. Siggs Al Hardie and c. Hanrahan. Sex Avant v. High school in the hockey match on the Ulster Road ground was fought out Between in Avant and High school in prior to the soccer match the ground was on the Damp Side and seriously interfered with Good play. The younger players of the High school it. Were prominent and the Good Forward play of Edua Mcrae and Dorrie Vaughan kept the in Avant defence Busy. The school halves easily held the opposing forwards who were without the ser vices of misses Lewis Mcdonald and Pritchard. From some attractive Wing play by Violet Stewart the Ball was centred and the first goal to the school resulted. The second half developed mainly into a defence game for the eur Avants. They gave up the idea of attack and thus forfeited All Hope of equalising. The school defence had Only to con tend with spasmodic efforts and the major portion of the play centred in the other half of the Field. Owing to the bad state of the scoring Circle and the Lack of vigor in the school forwards the game was More or less of an uninteresting character. From one of the Many serums in front the school notched their second goal. From this on nothing remarkable happened. The school forwards wandered and very Little combination was seen in either team. For the High school in d. Yau Glian d. Nicholson i. Furby and Violet Ste wart were the pick while the misses Dempster goal Schumann Mcintosh � the loser s. I and Quartermaine were prominent for j or. Page officiated with the whistle j and gave general satisfaction. Meeting of association. A. Meeting of the Allany ladies hockey association will be held at miss Bruce s residence Vancouver Street at 7.30 o clock to night wed tuesday. Cable Brevi ties j government ownership. The american federation of labor acc its convention at Montreal has passed a Resolution demanding govern ment ownership and democratic control of operations in connection with the railways of the United states thus defeating completely the opposition of j or. Samuel Gompers the president of the federation to such proposals. ? j foodstuffs foe Germany. According to the Berlin Vos Sische Zeitung the journalistic Organ of the German foreign office Britain has agreed to deliver to Germany for Cash certain quantities of foodstuffs. Bri Tain is willing to Supply to Menuau additional wheat on condition that Ger Many Luys australian Mutton and a con for Cash and negotiations have been opened in that connection. Cotton growing. The annual report of the British Cotton growing association emphasises the urgency of extending the Cotton growing areas of the Empire especially in View of the decline in production and the increase in consumption of Cotton in the United states. I Anglo japanese Alliance. Viscount Kato formerly minister for l foreign affairs and japanese Ambas Sador of Britain said in Hie course of an interview that Japan inserted an article in the Anglo Jap auce Treav of 1911 m order of remove the risk of Britain becoming involved in Auy Dis Pute which might arise Between the United states and Japan. British army. I a Willie paper detailing the Arm v j estimates for 1920-21 show s that the j peace establishment of the territorial Anny w 236,000, and the War establish ment 381,000. It also shows the distribution of the army As follows Homo 150,000 colonies 15,000 Rhine j territory 16,000 constantinople 21, 000 Egypt o0,/ upwards Cielos Best 8/ others 5/ 5? routes to 8/ dunns 6/6 to 8/ Yates Best to 9/ others 6/6 Flats,5/0 to 7/6. Lemons-8/ toll. Oranges-5/0 to 7/. Navels-8/ to 12/6. Persimmons to 8/ pears Josephines Best to 12/ gloom Borcau to 14/ Buerrer toll Winter nebs i to 10/. Tomatoes to 12/. Mandarins to 10/. To Nii ices dumps to 9/. Potatoes Best to 22/ others 18/io to. Cabbage Choice to 25/ inferior 14/to 16/. Laulii Powers to 18/. Beaus to 6d. Peas to 9d. Pumpkin-14/ to 16/. Swedes-6/. Poultry Turkev gobblers to 30/turkey lies 16/ to is cockerel to8/ fowls fi/6 Muscovy Drakes Toke ducks 6/ of 8/. Eggs to 3/. Chaff sex Merredis �9 5/ Plantagene trifle club dowies trophy. I _. I the above club shot Over the 500 and j 600 Yards of saturday this being the t first stage of the Downes trophy j the. Weather conditions were not favor i Able a Strong Gusty left wind blow ing and there was Only a Small Atten dance. Shooting was fairly even top score being registered by f. Jackson. The scores were As follows 500 600 he. To f. Jackman. 43 42 3 88 l. Wood. 41 36 10 87 a. Bruce. 42 40 4 86 w. Mclellan 40 40 5 85 w. Riley. 43 35 5 82 a. Saud s34 37 5 76 rheumatism sciatica and Winter aches and pains. Rub Zam blk in to rub pain out. Wlch you have any deep seated pain As in rheumatism Lumbago sciatica neuralgia or muscular strains place a Liberal Quantity of Zam Buk on the fingers or Palm and rub it in. Tie penetrating Power of this embrocation Balm kills pain and removes stiffness. Sound rubbings of the affected parts with Zam Buk will drive out All pain reduce swelling strengthen the skin and issued enabling it to resist cold and Damp better during the Winter months. I contracted rheumatism in my Ankles says mrs. D. Connolly of 247 Franklin Street Adelaide. It settled in my feet and continued bad for three or four years especially at the end of the summer and he beginning of Winter. The pain would be intolerable. My feet swelled enormously and i was not Able to get my shoes on. I tried about 18 different remedies with out Avail. At last a Friend told me to try Zam Buk As she had used it for rheumatism in the shoulder. I took her advice and massaged my feet and Ankles frequently with Zam Buk. The j Ingtam Matious was drawn out like per ? aspiration the swelling went Down and after using the third pot of Zam Buk i was completely cured. I have not had the slightest pain since thanks to Zam-Bukrubbing Zam Buk in is the surest i Way to rub pain out. It is excellent for stiff neck cold pains in limbs joints or Back chapped hands Chil Blains eczema piles ulcers festering cuts bruises and injured diseased conditions of the skin. Price 1/6 or /6 special family pot from All Che mists and stores. Warships sold to Chili. La the House of commons or. Wal Ter Long the first lord of the Admir Alty in replying to a question said that tie flotilla leaders broke and Botha had been sold to the government of Chili for which they were built originally. The historic names and i the records of these ships would be borne in mind when names were being i allotted to future vessels. Public amusements Emese . 1 the great nazi Nova picture the 1 revelation will hold Pride of place of the programme due for screening at the Empire theatre to Morrow night. The picture is described As a screen classic and made the great actress famous As an exponent of screen Craft. The versatility of Naz Nova has never been seen to better advantage than in this feature which is a most unusual Story. In variety of theme wealth of costume direction setting and Light ing the feature will be a Surprise to Many since it gives an English part to the Star supposed to be most at Home in the roles of Oriental or exotic flavor. Fascinating scenes arc plentiful. They include glimpses of theatrical life both before the curtain and behind it and week end trips Down at Brightoncharacter studies of the theatrical world and intimate scenes of society ? alternate in the Story. A Fox comedy who s your father is also included. Town hat a � a programme or exceptional Merit i will be screened at the town Hall this afternoon and to night there Are three attractions on it namely the Law of men featuring Enid Bennetta desert hero a Patty a buckle comedy and episode two of the Paramount serial who is number 1�" in the Law of men is a Para mount picture which is said to present the Star in one of the most powerful dramatic productions of her screen Ca reer. Miss Bennett plays the role of a Young new York artist who makes a plucky struggle for a reputation Atu. Sculptress. How be overcomes Tuc forces which threaten to ruin her life makes a photoplay unsurpassed in in Terest. There is a charming love Story and a element of mystery which pro Vides numerous stirring climaxes. A desert Herois a burlesque on life out Back. It tells of fatty a coming to carbolic Camp loaded with Gold dust after Many weary months of toil in the desert. During his thirst quench ing process some of the More Avari Cious souls Endeavor to separate oar hero from his Gold bags. But by the intervention of a dance Hall girl the plot is thwarted. Fatty in help ing the girl who has befriended him shows such prowess with his shooting Irons that he is elected sheriff by acclamation. The sad records of the previous holders of the position would have scared any Ordinary person. But do they worry fatty no sir he accepts the exalted Post and hug ing so supplies some of the Best motion picture comedy for Many months. The chapter of the serial who is number 1 is entitled the flying fortress Aud in it a Good idea is furnished of what a tank is like As one of these monsters is used in Many thrilling coming attractions at the town Hall embrace Square Deal Sanderson w. S. Hart come out of the kit Chen Marguerite Clar both on saturday and Captain Kidd Junmary Pickford next week
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