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Albany Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 17 1939, Page 2

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Albany Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 17, 1939, Albany, Western Australia National Library of Australia a great stylist a great worker v-8 passenger car style & Comfort Pius Load capacity of Light truck for work or play Ford v-8, the Ideal dual purpose unit offers More real value for the Money. Riding Comfort and appointments Are the equal of a closed Model passenger car and include such features As All steel Pas Senger compartment with safety Glass All round. New Hydraulic Quick Stop brakes. Four Hydraulic double acting Shock absorbers. New triple cushioned Riding Comfort. Exclusive radio available at slight extra Cost. For v-8 Coupe utilities ft3.1i Ford motor company of Australia pay. Ltd. Inc in vie buy from your local Ford dealer authorised Ford dealer Bam Esby motors Ltd. Albany i the Albany advertiser annual subscription 17/6 Post free. Lucky girls. Why Haven t i at a boy Friend to meet loot Why auntie you sound quite serious. Is something wrong / when an attractive girl is always lonely naturally there is something wrong but its something you could soon put right if you used lifebuoy soap Nowa Meguiar of buoy ser. The girls i share the Flat with have gone out with their 80y friends again. I m tired of going out alone auntie can i stay and talk to you ? of course you can dear Ive been wanting to have a heart to heart Chat with you .31 whatever do you mean surely Haven got 8.0. I use a Good soap and Bathe regularly Well my dear you see lifebuoy contains a Sproal purifying ingredient that keeps you Dainty beyond Sta question. 3? but Romance lifebuoy is even better than i was told. It not Only stops . It does wonderful things por skin. Too Clover in the Moonlight Darling fresh and Sweet like the girl "." body odour handicaps Romance " ." body odour is Seldom suspected by the offender. Never take the risk of offending with this most serious social fault. Wash and Bathe regularly with lifebuoy. Its gentle lather containing the famous health element removes stale perspiration waste. Lifebuoy leaves the skin Clear and naturally Lovely because it is so mild. 6,000 tests by a leading australian skin specialist proved lifebuoy Milder than Many soaps recommended for babies and women. Lifebuoy s own clean scent vanishes As you rinse but its Protection remains. A lever product the Albany advertiser. Published monday and thursday at 1 . Casual advertisements Are charged at 4/ per Inch per insertion and must be prepaid by persons who pc not have an account with the com Pany. They will be received up to 3.30 . On wednesdays and noon on saturdays. In estimating count Sis words to a line seven lines to an Inch. Change of copy for standing advertisements will be received up to noon on tuesdays and fridays. Advertisers must state the number of insertions required otherwise advertisements May be repeated. All communications to be addressed to the manager . Box 72, Albany. Telephone no. 2. To ensure publication All mat Ter forwarded must be written in Ink and on one Side of the paper Only. Rheumatism caused by kidney trouble i rheumatism is Dae to impurities and i poisons especially excess uric add in j the system. Their presence is due to j weak or sluggish kidneys. To rid the system of the cause of rheumatism Yon must strengthen the kidneys. That is what of Witt s kidney and bladder Pitts Are specially prepared for. They act at once on the kidneys restoring them to health. Within 24 hours after taking the first dose of de Witts kidney and bladder pills you have definite proof that they act on the kidneys strengthening and re storing them to health. The kidneys then perform their proper work which is to i eliminate the cause of kidney trouble and All its painful symptoms bad Back urinary disorders stiff swollen joints and Rhen Matic pains. Start with de Witt s pills i to Day your pain will be quickly ended and further Medicine will be unnecessary you will be in perfect health. Dewitts kidney & bladder cleanse and strengthen the kidney specially prepared for weak kidneys bad Back rheumatism sciatica joint pains Lumbago and urinary disorders. Sold by All chemists and stores once 1/9, 3/ and 5/9 pills Norman Bros. Booksellers stationers newsagents and fancy goods importers. For the Long Winter or circulating i new books adde English m. Orders taken for All newspapers and periodicals. Phone 59 phone s9. keep your printing local. The office of this paper exe cutes All classes of work neatly and promptly at prices commensurate with first class Workman ship. J Albany Harbour what might have been. I commenting on the efforts of the Albany chamber of Commerce to pre pare a Case for the proper develop ment of Albany s Harbour facilities or. L. I. Hill m.l.a., said last week that he was certain the chamber. Would receive whole hearted support from Many organisations in the great Southern districts in this work. Or. Hill referred to dredging which had been carried out at Albany Many years ago to indicate what could have been done towards making a Modem port Here. Sir George Buchanan said or. Hill recommended years ago that a scheme of progressive reclamation should be adopted at Albany following approximately the line of three fathom contour for a frontage of 2� Miles. It was estimated that this would have yielded a total of approximately 590 acres of reclaimed ground fronting deep water. The governments of the state had however preferred to dredge the Banjo and other portions of the Harbour carting the dredged material out into the sound and dumping it off Middleton Beach. The Cost had been Over �55,000, and about 3 million cubic Yards of material had been excavated. This covered the operations of the dredges governor from 1901 to 1904, and Premier from 1904 to 1905. Figures were not available for other dredges in later years. On the figures available however or. Hill said it would be seen that the Cost of dredging and dumping the spoil worked out at about 3fd. Per cubic Yard. It would have been very Little dearer to have run the dredged mat Erial through pipes to reclaim the area suggested by sir George Buch Anan and had that been done an area extending from the deep water jetty to the town jetty and 300 Yards wide could have been reclaimed. It did not need much imagination to Esti mate what such an area would have been Worth to Albany and the state now. It was a missed Opportunity and it demonstrated the Wisdom of the chamber of Commerce when it appointed a special committee to watch harbours affairs. Meteorological i -. I i temperature and rainfall. _ _ Date Max. Min. Rair. July 1.54.3 49.0 14 j july 2.5g.0 51.0 13 i july 3.59.0 49.0 4 i july 4.60.0 45.0 july 5. 58.0 47.0 18 july 6. 60.5 59.0 24 july 7. 62.0 47.0 july 8. 62.0 49.0 40 july 9. 58.0 46.0 49 july 10. 60.0 52.5 5 july �2.0 16 july 12. 58.0 50.0 july 13. 64.0 54.0 20 july 14. 59.0 54.0 7 july 15. 62.0 46.0 16 the above readings m each Case Are for the 24 hours ending at 9 . On the Date mentioned the Albany advertiser. Published monday and thursday at 1 . Monday july 17, 1939. Germany turns South. I some very interesting developments have been taking place in Europe lately although the concentration of interest on Danzig has tended to obscure their significance. These developments Centre mainly round the infiltration of German officers technicians and troops into Italy and Libya. Little is published about such move ments of course because neither Germany nor Italy wish such things to be known widely. The decision to expel All foreigners from the italian Tyrol no doubt has a bearing on the matter since the presence of tourists and others along the lines of communication makes a prolific source of leakages of information. It is not possible yet to say precisely what purpose lies behind the Transfer of German troops to Italy. It is reasonable to suppose however that it is not merely a manoeuvre for the purpose of training. Troop move ments on such a Large scale Are expensive and the Only conclusion that \ can be reached is that Germany is sending troops into italian territory because she believes that before very Long there will be a use for those troops. It is known that several Divi Sions of German troops including a motorised division have been Quad j tired in italian territory. One is known to be in Northern Italy close to the French Border while another is in Libya. It is believed that More German troops Are moving or will shortly move through the Brenner pass to bases in Italy and Libya. In addition to this it was recently revealed through an italian source that the italian air Force has been placed very largely under German control while German technical experts have been drafted freely into the ital Ian and Navy. There appear to be indications that Germany has for the time being at any rate deferred her intentions so far As a coup at Danzig is concerned. Danzig is a very Tough nut to crack because the poles Are not Only obviously determined to resist any at tempt to seize the City by Force but Are also in a position to give a considerable degree of effect to such de termination. Poland has a Large and Well equipped which would make a German invasion expensive. By re covering Possession of Danzig Hitler might make a strategic gain of some importance but the economic gain would be Small and his greatest gain would merely be one of prestige. Pre Stige is important but there Are big Ger prizes which he might acquire with less risk and less Effort. One of these is Roumania with its Oil and Grain both things which Germany needs urgently. Hitler could probably overcome romanian resistance without a great Deal of trouble but he would have to reckon on resistance from Britain and France As Well. It would be logical to expect that France and Britain would thrust through Northern itally As being the shortest route to give Aid to Roumania and the German general staff will doubt less try to stiffen the defences there As much As possible. The drafting of German motorised troops to Libya gives a clue to the possible plan of Campaign if a Wai does commence in Southern Europe. Libya abuts on Egypt but an attack from Libya against Egypt would be most difficult owing to the arid Nat ure of the intervening country including a stretch of 200 Miles which possesses no water supplies. Infantry of cavalry would be virtually useless in any operation across that waterless tract but motorised columns might get through and penetrate the de fences on the egyptian Side. If a fairly Strong Force could get a foot hold in event. Then it might hold or Long enough for supports to by. Brought through slowly permitting a drive across Egypt to the Suez canal thus cutting vital lines of ? communication so car a Britain and. J France were concerned and More in portent to the Axis Powers opening an artery to italian East Africa j although the evidence seems to Sug Gest that Hitler and Mussolini Are preparing the Way for operations in the Mediterranean area it is Likely that they May find the difficulties j there just As great As in Northern \ Europe. For a Southern Campaign to j be successful they must rely on keep ing Complete control of the Mediterranean sea. The unified control of j the air and naval forces of the Axis i Powers is logical enough As a first j step to such an object in order to concentrate the striking Force As much As possible. But it will be far from easy for Italy with German help either to take control of the Mediterranean or to maintain such control j it would be futile to deny that Italy j is potentially Strong in the Meriter Ranegan but it would also be foolish to deny her obvious weaknesses. In j the first place she does not dominate either of the entrances to the sea via Gibraltar or via Suez and it would be quite a major operation for her to secure control of either Gate Way. In the second place Italy is More truly encircled by the members of the peace front than is Germany and she would be particularly Vulner Able to attack by sea and air. Tur key Greece and Roumania on the East Egypt on the South and France on the West Are All in easy flying Dis Tance of important italian bases and Italy could be attacked from three quarters at once. A moderately successful naval blockade of the Mediterranean by Britain and France would rapidly complicate Italy s internal Economy and would be Likely to have an especially serious effect on her air Force and Navy both of which Are heavy Consumers of Oil products which Italy herself does not possess j while indications do suggest the j possibility of the Axis staging an and venture in Southern Europe the sue j Cess of such a coup would depend Al most completely on its being achieved j by a lightning War Germany s pet i theory of Conquest. But could a 1 lightning War succeed ? the evidence does not suggest that it could. Italy tried a lightning War in. Abyssinia i and had to fight for nearly a year against an unprepared fore. Franco essayed a lightning War against the Spanish government which was not prepared for War and went on to fight for Over two years drawing heavily on Italy and Germany before he won at All. Japan attempted a lightning War against China and no japanese is Able to foretell when the already two years old War is Likely to end or How it will end. A a Honing War to be successful pre supposes a stroke of such shattering Force that opposition will be crushed within a matter of Days or weeks. Experience has proved however that even the deadlines of modern weapons is not enough to overcome the spirit of resistance which is the really potent Force in waging War. Cranbrook notes Junior cycling Champion ship. An enthusiastic crowd of about 60 supporters witnessed the town test of the Bruce Small Junior Champion ship on sundae morning which was conducted by the local representative or. H. B. Kleeman. The starter sent away a Field of eleven riders to ride Over a five mile course which was rather heavy after the recent Rains and a moderate wind. Billy Williamson proved a popular Winner by covering the distance in 18 minutes j30 seconds with Ivan Walters a close second and Max Gardiner created a Surprise by finishing third. These three finalists will go to Albany in August to compete in the territorial final Winner of this event com petes in Perth in september for state final. We wish the local Chamion Good personal. I or. And mrs. J. P. Norrish of i Brickhouse Wooten up left for Perth by sunday night s train. Or. And mrs. E. Carlisle returned to Cranbrook by sunday s train. After several weeks medical treat ment in Perth or. Carlisle s health has greatly improved and he resumed his secretarial duties at the roads Board office last week. Rifle shooting. Good weather conditions favoured the riflemen on sunday july 9, when a team from Gnowangerup visited Cranbrook in an All Day shoot. A j very even match resulted Gowan Getup running out the winners by one Point. I Golf. On sunday july 9, the first 36 holes for the club championship was played Only seven strokes Between the first four players. E. G. Mcdonald 163, c. J. Mcdon Ald 167, e. James 169, k. Mengler 170, a. Gillam 177, h. Clapin 177, l. P. James 180, t. Rogers 182, l. Williamson 187, t. Howell 190, h. Sander 195, g. Woolcot 199, h. Mengler 200, t. Phillips 210, k. Low 221. A trophy donated by a. E. Gillam for the Best Gross score Over 36 holes was won by e. G. Mcdonald. A stroke Competition conducted Over 18 holes in the afternoon was won by t. Rogers 81-21, 65. The championship round played by associates Over 16 holes in the morn ing and afternoon resulted miss Allardyce 86-79, 165 mrs. James 85-82. �67 mrs. Kleeman 89 83, 172 mrs. Williamson 88-92, Iso mrs. Hunter 91-92, 183 miss Meng Ler 104-100, 204 miss o Neill 91-93, 184, mrs. Woolcot 98-103, 201 miss Clover 100-103, 203 mrs. Low 103 114, 217. A stroke Competition played Over the afternoon round was won by mrs. Kleeman 83-19, 64. J Odds and ends j interesting . Bite that failed. While Che governor general lord j Gowrie was in Tennant Creek re j gently a Lounger approached him and t asked him for a Pound. J lord Gowrie replied in a Flash Well i never expected to find the great australian bight in Central j a big calling list. J Melbourne s Telephone Exchange in Lonsdale Street handles just about 61,000,000 Calls a year. To arrive at the number of wrong connections think of the number you first thought of. Flowers by air. An unusual freight was carried by an Ansett airways plane last week when 52ib, of Leeland poppies were flown from Mildura to broken Hill. Negotiations Are being made for the regular Carriage of Flowers from Mildura to Melbourne Adelaide and broken Hill. Young Kookaburras out of season. Vic Bird life As Well As Plant life has been affected by the unusual season. Lath splitters working in the for est at Spargo Creek found a nest of Young Kookab i Ras. Baby Kookaburras Are not usually seen until november. Bull . S car. From Shepparton Vic when a Bull charged a Sedan car on the Shepparton Dookie Road the car had to be towed away while the Bull trotted off with a. Gash on the head. The car was being driven by or. Cody of lemnos. The Bull charged head first smashing the Bonnet Radiator and Side window. The Tea we drink. In those Little drinking Dens scattered about town in the cafes and dining rooms and at Home you and i drink just Over 71b of Tea a Yeal. That is if you and i Are average members of Australia s 7,000,000 population. The Commonwealth imports about 49,000, 000 la. A year but Britain with Only 6h times the population drinks 10 times As much-490,000,000 la. A year. Captured guns to be scrap Iron from Ballarat Vic because of the dilapidated Wood work mount ing the captured German guns out Side the returned soldiers Institute the guns will probably be removed soon. If a suggestion by one of the committee is carried out they will be sold for scrap Iron. Cobb and co. Take the Road again. A Cobb and be. Coach will take the Road again leaving for Gipp land in november to be the forerunner of the Gipp land Centenary celebrations which will Start on november 18 and continue to May. The opening ceremony will be a pilgrimage to the old Home of Angus Mcmillan at Bushy Park near May Ira on november 18. The Driver of the coach will reach there a few min utes before the official opening. He will Stop at each town on the Way. It will take several relays of horses to haul the coach through Gipp land. The journey will last three Days. � hours for accidents. J at least one Street Accident happens j in Melbourne every Day Between 5 . And 6 . London s Peak Acci Dent hour is an hour later Why no one knows. Melbourne s Peak hour claims nearly 400 victims a year now Adays. The Zero hour is 4 . To 5 ., when Only 20 accidents occur throughout the year. Moral stay out later and be safer i 1 plunge into flood for Wager. I from a Side Wager i of �25 and a wristlet watch. R. Bow Den a commercial traveller plunged 300ft. From Hampden Bridge deck in i to the swirling flood Waters of the Murrumbidgee at Ragga last week. He was carried downstream by the errant but landed safely it Tai Yards from the Bridge. H s opponent in Tea Wager v. 3 Hoare jeweller of Sydney waited there to help him out. Ties take a Bow at University. As a protest against the uniformity of sports Coats and Slacks the prevailing Mode of dress with male Stu dents for some years several under graduates at Melbourne University Are attempting to create a new Fash Ion. The Bow tie discarded by the Lead ers of fashion since the War in favour of its More elongated rival has made a shy appearance. So far the pioneers have restricted their efforts to the University Gol Leges. Keen Competition prevails be tween spotted Bow ties of various hues and the More complicated and exotic Paisley. Taking his cure. One of the newest stories to reach Melbourne concerns an. Incident in a liner bound for Australia with a Large number of refugees. One morning a Steward was sur prised to see a photograph of Herr Hitler on the dressing table of a Man who had recently left Vienna. Being rather surprised to see the portrait the Steward said gee that s a queer picture for you to have Vith a said the refugee you Don t understand what a hard thing it is leave Well what s that got to do with it inquired the Steward. So i keep that picture to cure me of homesickness was the refugee s reply. Map showing the treaty ports in China at present the Centre of r rarer St m the far East. Walpole notes hockey. The greens and Whites had a very even game on sunday july 9, on the Walpole hockey ground the scores being greens 3 goals to Whites 2. Goalscorers were d. Nockolds 1, p. Sweeny 1, g. Sherriff 2, june Palmer 1. M. Cussack and p. Sweeny were outstanding while h. Miguel was much improved from the last match. The game was Umpire by g. Sherriff and j. Ward. Social and personal. Another successful whist drive was held at the residence of mrs. W. S. Harrison on july 5, the prize being won by mrs. M. Cusack and or. W. Johnston. Or. And mrs. Aldridge and Daugh ters Are leaving to take up residence in Perth. Mrs. Chinning and Small daughter arrived Home again on tuesday july la. Mrs. Bruce Mcmurray has now taken up residence in Walpole. Or. And mrs. Chester have recently taken Over the holding which was vacated by j. Cod Gens. Or. Telford the District school in Spector has been in Walpole for a few Days. The Walpole Hali committee Are holding a big Ball at Parker s Hall Kent River on july 29. Mrs. A. Jones is again Home after a Long illness in the Denmark Hospi Tal

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