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Albany Advertiser Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1897, Page 3

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Albany Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 25, 1897, Albany, Western Australia National Library of Australia the Plantagene trifles. Resignation of Captain Clabe. A social gathering. The Plantagenet Rifle volunteers held a Parade on tuesday evening in front of the courthouse. The corps numbers 60, including officers and band but Only about half that number mustered on Parade. The proceedings were due to the fact that Captain Clare had resigned his command of the com Pany and had called in All the arms and accoutrements which were to be banded in that evening. An inspection of the men s uni forms was first made and then the corps headed by the band marched to the Drill shed where Captain Clare received the kits. An adjournment was afterwards made to the Premier hotel the commanding officer having invited them to a social evening. After proposing the health of " the Queen Captain Clare said he would ask or. Duffner to present the. Trophy which he had so kindly donated for Rifle shooting for the second class shots. The trophy consisted of a Silver cup and was won by Lance Corporal Evans with a total of 18 Points. Bugler Powell was second with 45 Points. Trophies he said gave men an incentive to practice shooting and by Competition they became better Marks men. Or. Duffner came from a country Germany where every Man was compelled to serve in the militia for a few years and he believed in this As All men would be Able to take up arms in defence of their Conn try in time of need. Or. Dunner was received with applause. He said he was not a military Man and had never served and was glad of it. He believed in the Volunteer system and considered a Soldier should be a Man who went on the Field of his own free will. It gave him great pleasure in banding Over the trophy. The recipient of the trophy Lance Cor poral Evans was unavoidably absent. Captain Clare said they had met there that evening to say Good Bye to him. His reason for resigning was pressure of business. Since the shipping had been going ahead so rapidly Here he found he had not the time necessary at his disposal to devote to the duties required in connection with the corps. When he took charge of the company three years ago he had boxed to work up a Good corps Here. In South Australia he had been in command of companies which mustered 120 on Parade while Here he had met but Little support from the greater portion of the men. It often happened that when a Parade was called Many of the men would stand about watching their comrades drilling. They must give him credit for working hard to try and make up a Good corps. Lieutenant Triode and himself had studied hard to teach the men new Drill but found that there were not a sufficient dumber of men at Drill to go through the movements. He intended hand ing Over the corps to capt. Curme who had been invited there that evening but for some unaccountable reason was absent. It had Noe been decided what the future of the corps should be but unless More men joined they would not be kept on As rifles. There were about 20 Good serviceable men who attended Drill and Many of the others should have their names struck off the Rolls he bad Beard it said that if the corps was to be a partly paid one Many would leave As there would then be too much discipline. There could not be too much discipline. Men and officers on Parade were machines and must act to orders. One Bead must direct. If the partly paid system was introduced it would then be made Worth the men s while to leave work and go to Drill. In parting he would thank the Good members of the corps for their attention at drills and hoped they would " rub it into the he trusted that Captain Curme in taking them Over would find the Good men As serviceable As they bad been to Bim. When he took com Mand of the corps there was a debit balance of 17s id but now he was glad to say there was a credit balance of about �70. He would ask them to drink the health of lieutenant Triode whom they had to thank for the shooting arrangements As he had identified himself More particularly with that department. Their trip to Perth for the easter Encampment had been due to arrangements made by lieutenant Triode. That gentleman had also sent in his Resigna Tion for the same reason As himself. Song Clara Nolan s Ball Corporal Mcgovern. Lieutenant Triode said that during the last 12 months his duties had increased be much that he found he could not carry out his military duties As be would like. He had followed up Rifle shooting and he knew it needed practice. They bad a Good shooting team and could quite hold their own. He had hoped they would go to the easter encamp ment again this year but there was now ii Chance of that. It had Given him great pleasure last time to be Able to report that no one had mis conducted himself in any Way and they had behaved themselves As Well As any corps in the Encampment. The difficulty Here was to get a Day to snit every one for Parade. He cons dered it to be the duty of every Volunteer to Send in his Resig nation if he had not sufficient time at his disposal to attend to the necessary duties and j that was his reason for resigning. He asked them to Toast the health of Captain Clare " the Toast was drunk enthusiastically. Song " Sunshine of Paradise Alley sergeant Baxter song " the old brigade private Brown. Captain Clare wished to thank them for the Hearty reception he received on his re turn to Albany after his marriage. If the corps got a Good Captain who had plenty of time it would make Progress. It was necessary for him to band Over to Captain Curme All the arms and accoutrements just As he had received them and was personally responsible for any missing articles. He would ask those present to Aid him in collecting them. He could take stringent measures by placing the matter in the hands of the police but this he had no wish to do. He referred to the attention the band had always Given to their work and said they pos blessed a Model band sergeant. The band was then toasted. Songs Warrior bold band sergeant Permain and Sally Horner Lient. Triode encoded. Band sergeant Permain responded on be half of the band. Toast " the non commissioned officers coupled with the name of the Veteran of the corps sergeant Powell. Sergeant Baxter and bugler Powell on behalf of his father replied. Songs " Royal Fusiliers and " that s you feel All right private place. Tie final toasts were the press and our Host and Captain Clare then wished them All Good Bye and the proceedings were brought to a close by the sin Ine of " Auld Lang syne Aad " god eave he Queen the new warehouses of Sargood Butler and Nichol were opened in Wellington Street Perth on tuesday. In the balance Sheet of children s Day p j by shed last Issue the amount paid for carting and freight of fruit Powney 5s. Old. Should have been �2 5s. Old. A it Misteri i visit was paid to he Steamer Cornwall at Fremantle on tuesday. The Premier and his parliamentary col eague6 were entertained at luncheon. Esperance news. Esperance wednesday. � Gold escort with 1,600 ounces of Gold arrived Here on sunday evening from Norse Man. The Boa is Board Are making extensive improvements Between Esperance and Pink Lake. The contract for the new school buildings was commenced this morning. A site has been chosen opposite the Church of England. The water Witch is pushing rapidly on with the Survey of the Harbor. The work of surveying the islands and locating the reefs in the Vicinity of the Entrance to the Bay has been comp eted. Fob Eim cables. Prom Otje Crete. The mixed Force fires on the insurgents. London. Monday. The cretans continue to make Skir mishes outside of canes and the fleets of the Powers Haye bombarded1 Camp of the insurgents. King George in a message to the Powers says that his patience had become exhausted and that the Only Reform granted to Crete was the appointment of a mixed gendarmerie which had been worse than useless As it had caused a rising of the moslem. He has he says Given precise orders to his army to continue the occupation of the Island with a View to annexation. Colonel Vassos reports that the fort at Koukoulias was blown up with Dyna mite when the canes Garrison marched against the christians. The Sultan professes to be waiting for the United advice of the Powers in the present conflicting circumstances. He says he is awaiting their decision j thirty thousand people assembled in front of the Palace of the King of Greece and cheered him. There was a scene of great excitement. The times Berl n correspondent says he has grounds for believing that the Powers will resort to Strong measures of repression in the event of the greeks re Newing the fighting. London tuesday. Photeadis Bey has been appointed governor of Crete. Baron Marschall says that the Landing of the greeks in Crete has had the effect of increasing the condition of anarchy. The fleets bombarded the position of the rebels outside canes for 25 minutes and threw 70 shells. The greek regulars were not engaged and there was no bloodshed. The German warship Kaiserin fired Melicite shells. A portion of the British reserves Are being mobilised. Nine French and russian warships have been sent As reinforcements to canes. The fleets have fired thirty shells at the insurgents at Arndia. Some havoc was done among the christians. A greek warship received an eighteen Pounder shot during the canes bombard ment. The christians at Cadano ignoring the White Flag have fired in the British russian and italian consuls. Both turks and christians have massacred their prisoners. " the opposition in the Honse of commons has protested against the British firing on the greeks. Sir William Harcourt says that the separa Tion of Crete from Greece is the Only policy worthy of Britain. Later. Selino being in imminent danger of capture the consuls have arranged for a week s armistice. M. Bonotaux says that the Sultan has handed Crete in Trust to the Powers and the presence of the admirals is a guarantee that the Powers will not be replaced by the direct control of the Sultan. The Glenbrook tragedies. Statements by Butler. London monday. Batter alleges that Lee Weller committed suicide after a boat of drinking that he used a pistol supplied by him Butler and that he Butler buried the body himself. Shipping. London tuesday. Annuals Illawarra Argos torrid on Earl of Zetland Star of new zealand and Himalaya. Departures for Launceston Cosmo for Melbourne. Aberdeen Anna. The Royal Arthur has sailed for Australia with Relief Crews for the australian Squadron. Chilled butter injurious to health. London tuesday. A health officer in Wales is prose cat log a firm for Selling Melbourne chilled baiter on the ground that it is injurious to health. Niger territory. The punitive expedition. Capture of Benin. Dead and alive cast into Wells. J Pursuit of the enemy j London tuesday. The expedition sent to punish the j King of Benin for the massacre of a peaceful expedition captured the City of Benin on the 18th inst after a running fight through the Bash for 24 Miles in which four Whites were killed including or. Fyfe and 16 were wounded including Captain Byrne severely. The King and the priests fled. Deep holes were discovered which were filled with corpses. The juju houses were reeking with human blood. A few of the carriers belonging to or. Phillips party were found alive in a Well where they had been cast along with the dead. The Maxim guns played great havoc among the enemy at Benin. The fight ing lasted for eight hours. W. A. Masonic lodges. London tuesday. The Prince of Wales has granted warrants for the Fremantle Perth Norseman Esperance and Menzies lodges. Obituary. London tuesday. Steinitz the great chess player and from 1866 to about 1894 Champion of the world is dead. J Blondyn the famous wire Walker is j dead. 1 so rom cables. From Oue correspondent the plague in India. The pilgrimage to Mecca. London tuesday. The British delegates have informed the sanitary conference at present sit Ting at Vienna that pilgrimages from India to Mecca will be prohibited. The conference decided to ask the other Powers to prevent the pilgrimages. The australian mail service. London tuesday. Or. Hanbury Bas stated that he does not believe the colonies Are prepared to face the expense of a special mail ser vice Between Naples and Calais. I the or Tuva ashore. Strands at Perim Island. Assistance sent. London tuesday. The Royal mail Steamer o Rota a has gone ashore on the Scilla Shoal at Perim Island at the sooth end of the red sea. The Crew and passengers Are Safe. Assistance has been sent to her. W. A. Hardwoods for paving blocks. London tuesday. The Jarra Hdale company have contracted to Supply 1109 loads of Timber for blocking Praed Street at �10 19s per Load. The Adelaide Hospital despite. London tuesday. The Case of or. Napier who was appointed resident surgeon at Adelaide Hospital in the midst of the conflict raised by the dismissal of nurses is to come before the British medical association in Joly. Police court. Albany tuesday feb Tabt 23. Before or. B. C. Lottie stowaways. Thomas Brown Joseph Mitchell Riehard Butler James Russell and Frederick Wheatley were charged by or. Nairn agent for the . Go., with stowing away on Board the Steamer Birks Gate on her passage i from Fremantle to Albany on monday last. They admitted the offence and said they had j not been Able to get work on the Goldfields and bad no Money to pay for a passage Back to the colonies. They were therefore obliged to Stow away. A Fine of 25s, the amount of the passage Money was inflicted in default two weeks imprisonment with hard labor. Wednesday february 24. Disorderly. James Hennessy was charged by Constable Creen with disorderly conduct in Fork Street on tuesday last. He was sentenced to one month s imprisonment. Cricket the visiting cubic kit team. The dates it is now settled beyond doubt that a team from the Eastern colonies will visit Western Australia this season. On saturday morning or. B. H. Barrett received the following Telegram from or. Mostyn Evan team certain wire immediately dates of proposed matches anxious to make steamship a in reply or. Barrett Tele graphed the following As the dates on which it was proposed to p a Fremantle april 13, 14, 15. Perth april 17, 19 and 20. Coolgardie april 24, 26, 27. Kalgoorlie april 30, May 1 and 2."-Herald. Iredale is to take the place of Trumble in the team. A proposal is on foot for the Albany cricketers to entertain the visiting australian team on their arrival Here. The following players will represent the North club in the match North v. West on saturday Shaw Phillips Keyser Fox Allan. Boord Miller Monaghan Brearley Tidemann. Hansom emergencies Milne and Bird. The position of Captain of the North Ward Cricket team is vacant owing to the Resigna j Tion of or. C. 8. Shaw. A meeting was con j vented for tuesday night at the York hotel for the purpose of electing a Captain but. Lapsed owing to the Lack of a quorum. The election will take place on saturday before the match Between West and North. Federation. Sydney wednesday. The government have decided to proclaim March 4th, Federal election Day a Public Holiday. The protestants Are making powerful efforts to oppose Cardinal Moran s return and have issued 100,000 circulars. Perth wednesday. Great satisfaction is expressed in All the other colonies that Western Australia has agreed to join the convention. 8outh Australia Partica arly is jubilant As sir John Forrest is in favor of Adelaide being selected for the meeting of the convention. Tas mania also favors Adelaide and Victoria recognising that no Public gathering has yet been held in reference to federation at Ade Laide would not offer any serious objection. The difficulty in connection with the elec Tion to the convention will have to be dealt with. The present enabling act provides that fifteen Days shall elapse Between the nomination and election. Under sir John Forrest s proposal Only three Days will elapse. It is thought that it will be Neces sary to pass a Short act to overcome the difficulty. The matter will be decided at to Day s executive Council. Wagin mews. The i Najebah Williams bail Way. Wagin. Tuesday. An important Public meeting will be held Here on saturday next to consider the future j Extension of the Pinjarra Williams railway add its Junction with the great Southern Ballway. Wagin is considered to have special claims. The want of running Sheds is severely Felt by the men in charge of the engines Here. The railway department is reminded that Winter is close at hand and that prompt Steps should be taken to provide covering for the men. The chaff Trade is brisk. Cadbury s cd Civ. A simulating and sustaining cup made instantly mural Gic and rheumatic. Attacks ate often super induced by getting wet Wolfe s schnapps nullifies the bad effect of raw cold and Damp. Buy bottles intact after colonial. Victoria. Sentence of death. Melbourne wednesday. Alexander Quinn an sex warder has been sentenced to death for the murder of ii Leanor Watson at Middle Park on the 17th november. The jury added that they thought both intended to commit suicide and recommended the prisoner 4b mercy. Lord a basses Accident. Lord Brassey is slowly recovering in from his Accident. The feverish symptoms have abated. My. Duncan Gillies. Or. Duncan Gillies has arrived from Lon Don and was welcomed by a Large crowd of political Friend. I new South Wales. Wesleyan conference. Sydney wednesday. The Wesleyan conference has elected the Bev. James Woolnough president for the ensuing year. South Australia. Death of my. George Ash . Adelaide. Wednesday. Or. George Ash ., partner of or. Kingston the Premier has died of typhoid fever. He was born in 1851, and came to South Australia in 1877. After. Completing his articles he joined the Premier As a partner. He represented the District of Albert. When studying for the Law he took first class honors. Previous to this he was editor of the Naracoorte Herald. V. Artesian water. An Artesian bore at Kopp Ramana has struck water at 2,800it. Hie flow is equal to. 30,000 Gallons daily. The Telegraph code. The minister has decided that if Victoria i declines to use the International Telegraph j code South Australia will follow suit. The strike in the Boot tra the Boot Trade trouble is not yet settled. Over 1,000 men will come out to Day. New zealand. Arrival of Ben Tel let. Auckland wednesday. Ben Tiller has been accorded a Public reception at Dunedin. Among icebergs. Daring the passage of the ship America from Glasgow to Australia she was among ice for 42 Days and had a narrow escape of being crushed by a huge iceberg. Queensland. The tick plague. C Brisbane wednesday. The government veterinary surgeon re ports the Townsville and the lower Barde in districts free of tick. Tasmania. The Yan die men s land Bane. Hobart wednesday. The creditors of the Vandiemen s land Bank have agreed to accept a dividend of 10s, payable in four equal quarterly instalments. Death of my. B. S. Taylor Katanning. News of or. To be it Smith Taylor s decease reached Katanning Early on tuesday morning. The deceased had been ailing from an old complaint which had affected him for some years and finally he succumbed As above stated the immediate cause of death being acute inflammation of the liver induced by Hyda lids. Or. Badock had attended him from the time of the first symptoms of illness and was called for the last time at about three o clock in tuesday morning on Bis return from attending the inquest on the Young jockey who was accidentally killed on sunday at the Williams. The deceased was unconscious on the doctors arrival and remained so until the bist his end being pain less. Or. Taylor was taken ill on the 13th instant and from that tune never left his bed until the end though no fears were entertained until near the last of a fatal termination to his illness which occurred in the ? 63rd year of his age. He leaves a widow and seven children the youngest a boy of about seven years and a half besides grown up and married children by a former wife in the adjacent Colony of Victoria. Or. Taylor came to thu Colony about years ago hav ing resided in in. The Wilmera District Victoria for about 20 years. On arriving he immediately took no a selection within four Miles of Katanning from the West australian land company and had perforce to Bear the Brant of the Adverse seasons which afflicted tins portion of the Colony at the outset of his West australian career but with that Force of character and innate determination which is a part of the True Scotchman he gradually overcame All obstacles and at the time of his death was in a fair position to retrieve his losses and establish a comfortable Home for life. In 1892, when the first Katanning Bhadti Board was constituted with the present commissioner of railways or. F. H. Piesse As chairman or. Taylor was elected a member of the Board and has occupied a seat at the table Ever since being one of the strongest supporters of the town water Supply from the beginning. He was also a prominent member of the Jab Mnina Farmers association from its inception and on the refusal of or. F. H. Piesse to act was unanimously elected to fill the presidential chair for the first time. He had also acted capably As a Delegate for this body at the annual growers conference at Perth and at the time of his decease was a Delegate elect for the coming conference in april next. Since his arrival in this Colony or. Taylor has been a Strong supporter of All interests connected with agricultural both local and general and his Homestead the Grange and acreage under cultivation Bear witness to the Industry of himself his wife and Hie ener Getic sons who. Have assisted in no Small manner to give the holding its present status in the District. The funeral took place on wednesday afternoon passing through Katanning at about four o clock . It was largely attended the pall bearers being deceased s brother members on the boards the new winding Plant for the Lake View Consols is the most powerful of its kind Ever brought into the Colony. Eight More railway guards and several engine Drivers Are being sent ont to this Colony by the agent general. The average of the recent rainfall on the greater portion of the stations in the for Tescue District to the North West is one Inch and a half. John Mallabone charged with stabbing his late employer Isaac Stevens Oyster Saloon proprietor. Fremantle was committed for trial on tuesday. At a Public meeting held at Coolgardie a Resolution was passed in favor of the construction of a railway from Esperance to Coolgardie Ria Norseman. Sandalwood experimental fab at conservator of forests or. J. Ednie Brown has we understand recommended the commissioner of Crown Lande or. A. B. Richardson to f Urlie extend the experimental sandalwood farm at Pingelly on the great Southern railway during the coming season. Should this recommendation be carried out it is believed that some thing like 10 acres will be put under crop. West australian. The Queen s reign. Invitations to australian premiers Sib John Forrest Likely to accept. Meeting of members of Paglia ment. Perth wednesday. Some thirty members of both houses of parliament attended in the legislative Assembly refreshment room yesterday to urge that the Premier should accept the invitation to proceed to England and assist at the festivities which will be held in London in june in connection with the Queen s record reign. Or. G. Leake presided and sir John j Forrest was present by invitation. I or. Leake spoke at considerable length in favor of the Premier accepting the invitation. He moved that in the Best interests of the Colony it is eminently desirable that the Premier sir John Forrest should accept the invitation issued by the Secretary of state for the colonies to visit England in june next and this meeting suggests that the next Parlia ment should not meet until after the premiers return in the month of the Resolution was seconded by or. S. H. Parker and supported by or. F. Illingworth sir George Shenton and b. G. Wood and was carried unanimously. Sir John Forrest in reply expressed his pleasure at having been invited to the gather ing and was much obliged to those present for having attended and used their influence in the direction of securing the Colony s re presentation in England on the occasion of her majesty s record reign and to urge him to accept the invitation so kindly sent by the Imperial government. He hardly expected such generous and Friendly expressions As those that had been used towards him and he Felt he scarcely deserved the generous consideration that had been extended to him. He would say at once that when he received the invitation in Tasmania his first thought was that it was impossible for him to accept it owing to exigencies of the Public service and that feeling was held by All the premiers who had assembled at the Federal Council. He found however As time went on that there arose a feeling throughout Australia that the great occasion should be marked by the acceptance of the invitations issued to the colonies. The action of those present had a great influence non him in that direction. They All know that there could not have been a More inconvenient time than the present for him to be absent from the Colony for any lengthened period. There were so Many engagements that had to be fulfilled namely the federation convention to which the Colony s representatives would have to go very Boon and then the general elections and the termination of the financial year. Altogether they were in the Middle of a great political event in the Colony and that too made it very difficult for him to get away. It seemed to him however that his first duty was to try and conform to the wishes of his fellow colonists and their generous presence would Nike Bim carefully consider the matter before deciding what course to pursue. He would consult his colleagues now that he knew the feeling of the members of Parlia ment As to whether he should proceed to England. He would mention that he had received Many letters and telegrams from different parts of the Colony urging upon him to accept the invitation so that it was Clear that it was Felt that on such an auspicious occasion when All parts of the British Empire would be represented. Western australian should not be absent. If it was decided that he should proceed to London he would take. The Opportunity to do something for the Colony at the same time there were lots of questions connected with the govern ment of the Colony which would be advanced and which would be assisted by his presence in London and for that reason he would be glad to be there. He regretted that be could not give the meeting any distinct statement As to what would be done because it was such an important matter that he would be Able to arrive at a conclusion Only after it had been carefully discussed should he accept the invitation it would be necessary to have supplies for the two months following june. That matter would however receive Atten Tion at the Nanda of the government. The difficulties that surrounded it however had been very much lessened indeed by the expressions of opinion which had been passed. Whatever the result would be he assured them that he highly appreciated their kind Ness and be hoped that if be should happen to go to England his visit would not Only re sult in the Colony being represented at the festivities connected with the great occasion but he hoped that be would at any rate do his utmost to further the material interests of the Colony. Hear hear later. There is nothing fresh in regard to the Premier s visit to England but it May be regarded As absolutely certain that he will go. Or. A. Y. Hassell ., on monday re. Cei Ved the following Telegram from or. G Leake Members of parliament propose to urge the Premier to accept or. Chamberlain s invitation to visit England for the Queen s reign Celebration. If you approve reply at or. Hassell replied that he approved of the proposal. Mounted bibles Fob England. Melbourne wednesday. It has been definitely decided to Send a team of mounted rifles to London. London monday. The archbishop of Canterbury will de liver the address at the service held at St. Paul s on Jubilee Day. The general elections. Perth wednesday. The Premier Speaks at Banbury on the 16th of March. Or. H. C. Boys Jones has announced him self As a candidate for North East Coolgardie. This makes the fourth candidate in the Field for this electorate. Mining notes. Princess Boyal cae has crashed 100 tons for 173oz. The Golden Crown Day Dawn has been Success Olly floated in Lon Lon Bich Stone is being raised below the water level at Creme d or mine Day Dawn. The great Boulder has come upon some of the richest Stone Ever seen in the mine. The new Victoria Coolgardie owned by a French Syndicate has cleaned no for oooo. Or an average of 25dwts. Per ton. The Tail Ings assayed a dts. No. 1 Central crushed 179 tons for Only 43oz. There was a Little brisker business in the Perth share Market on tuesday. Selections of . Angove Noti fies that since last Issue he has received an application for a 400 acre Block near it. Bark Erand another of 100 acres at Broomhill. The rents paid for pastoral leases Etc is �48. To the deaf a gentleman who cured himself of deafness and noises in the head after 14 years suffering will gladly Send full particulars Post , h. Clifton Norfolk House Norfolk Street strand Lon i Don England. 1 English tinned delicacies. The manufactures of Maconochie Bros. Purveyors to the Queen can always be relied upon for Quality. None but the Moat pure and wholesome ingredients being used by them. Among the goods specially commended Are Camp pies and pates Herrings put no in Tomato sauce Mackerel in scrimp or Tomato Sance cod Boes cooked Salmon cutlets Seville Orange and Lemon marmalade and Strawberry conserve prepared Coffee and mite a. Ask your storekeepers for messes. Maconochie Bros. Jams the Best in the world Maconochie bed London Lowestoft and Aberdeen warded 139 Gold medals m he world s exhibition Forf excellence of Quality. Shipping Intel Genge. Arrivals. Mondt feb Rjaby 22. Birks Gate 6.8., from. Fremantle. Passen Ger for Here or Bell. Bull Abba s.s., from the Eastern colonies. Passengers for Here messes Douglas Gallagher Stephenson Scales and Griffiths. The Indian famine Relief fund. Meeting in Albany local committee formed. A meeting convened by the mayor or. John Moir to begins local Effort with re Gard to the Indian famine belief fund was held in the Council chamber on tuesday evening. The mayor presided and there were present ors. Muir j. Mckenzie mews and Knight or. Lof tie u.m., Rev. F. Mateo Rev. G. Brewster Rev. J. Burn Coolgardie Captain Nicolson and messes. Barker Josiah Norman b. T. Robinson Fruin b. P. Green Shields c. Keyser and w. F. Forster. The mayor said the meeting had been called to consider the Steps to be taken to raise funds locally for the Indian famine Relief fund. Meetings of a similar nature had been held in other parts of the Colony. A Large meeting bad been held in Perth the governor presiding and a extensive com Mittee had been appointed to collect funds. With such a committee As that appointed they were satisfied that the subscriptions would be properly accounted for and for warded to the authorities in India. The government of India were doing what they could for the people in distress by the carry ing on of Relief works. The lord mayor of London s fund had now reached some hundreds of thousands of pounds and subscriptions were being collected in All parts of the Empire. The collection of funds had already started in Albany and a concert was to be held the following evening. The nes that had come to hand from India showed that the distress that existed was most acute. There was not a great Deal of time in which to make collections As the Money had to be in the hands of the Central com Mittee by March 15. Or. Lottie moved a Resolution As follows we the citizens of Albany in Public meeting duly convened desire to express our profound sympathy with those of our fellow subjects in India who Are now suffering from the effects of famine and desire to join with those who have taken action in Perth and elsewhere in the Colony in showing sym Pathy in a practical it was Esti mated that at least three millions of the people of India were affected by the Grevins calamity. The Rice crop f and failed through the drought and starvation had come upon those millions. In saying that thousands of the people were dying daily from the effects of the famine be did not think that he was exaggerating. The people of Australia were All familiar with droughts but on this continent the loss was in wealth while in India it was human lives that were lost. The population of India was 60 enormous and the area Over which the famine existed was so great that it would be understood that the difficulties in the Way of saving the suffering people were enormous the main food of the people of India was Rice and even � shilling would go a Long Way in giving Relief and Many might be encouraged to give a Small amount when they knew that it would be of use. Great efforts had been made in England to relieve the people suffering from the famine and he believed that up to the present fully �400,000 had been subscribed. The government of this Colony had been asked for help and they had asked the people to contribute. That meeting had been called not Only to enable them to organise collections but also to express sympathy with the sufferers from the famine. When the famine occurred in Ireland some years ago Western Australia had responded to the Appeal for help and there was just As urgent reason perhaps a greater reason Why the people of this Colony should give what they could to the Indian Relief fund. Applause or. Mews seconded the Resolution which was carried unanimously. Or. R. T. Robinson moved that a local committee be formed consisting of the mayor the magistrates the members of parliament the members of the town Council the chair Man of the Albany roads Board and the members of the Board the clergy and the other gentlemen present at this meeting with Power to add to their number and this com Mittee be authorised to appoint a Secretary and treasurer and it had he said been thought advisable to appoint a local com Mittee to receive contributions in Albany. According to a speech by lord George Hamilton the famine extended Over an area of 164,000 Square Miles and affected 36,000,000 people while in a similar area 37,000.000 were affected by the Scarcity of food. The government of India were spending 100,000 rupees daily upon giving Relief and it was reckoned that before the famine ceased they would have spent �5,000,000. It was Esti mated that the famine would result in the loss of quite 1,000,000 lives. It was 20 years since the last famine and the proceeding one was 10 years before that. When serious danger arose what he called Imperial senti ment always revealed itself. There was not a Colony not a town in the Empire where subscriptions were not being taken up at the present time in Aid of the sufferers the Appeal had met with a generous response everywhere. Whenever the people of Albany had been called upon in similar instances As in the cases of the floods at Greenough and at Brisbane they bad responded generously. They were now called Apon to fall into line with the rest of the Empire and sub scribe to the famine fund. They were asked to show not Only that they sympathised with the sufferers from the famine but also that they realised that they belonged to a great Empire. Applause or. J. Mckenzie seconded the Resolution which was carried unanimously. The Bev. G. Brewster said that he would like to say a few words As an Anglo Indian and As one who had lived in the famine St Icken districts. He wished to say that these people deserved their sympathy. Any Man who had Ever lived amongst them could certify to the Good qualities of the Indian races. He bad experienced More kindness from these Heathen Indian in time of sick Ness than from christians. They had no poor Laws As they had in England but when sick Ness came or cases of need arose those who had supplied those that lacked. He had known cases where a Man who was fairly Well to do maintained ten or twelve poor people at his Home. He had never known cases of need that were not relieved where there was Power to do so. It was no doubt one of the chief tenets of their religion to help the needy but they were so kind. Hearted they would take the same course be was 6ure apart from the mandates of their Faith. They could understand from these facts to what a pass the famine must have brought these people when an Appeal foe help was found to be necessary. It Cost about one Penny per Day to keep an individual and 7s 6d would keep a Man alive for three months in India so that the Price of a bottle of whisky in Albany would keep a Man in India alive until the famine had passed away. An Appeal should be made not Only to the intellects but also to the hearts As Well of the people. He was glad to be Able to say that the people who were suffering from the famine were deserving. They were very intellectual but weak people. They were most intellectual people and some of them were now making scientific discoveries that would perhaps astonish the world. It had not he thought always been the Case that Indis bad been attacked by famine. Before India was conquered there was Little or no famine for artificial Lakeland tanks provided water for a perfect system of irrigation which made famine almost impossible because Rice was a water Plant. The artificial lakes and tanks were allowed to go to rain hence the famines. The Indian government had repaired 2,000 of the tanks and they would continue the work until famines became things of the past. It should not be forgotten in Australia that if War should come Indian soldiers would be the first troops to come a the Aid of Australia and 30,000 men could reach Here in ten Days. The sikhs and goo Khas under european officers were said to be equal to any soldiers in the world. In forwarding the claims of these poor people he was simply saying what he Felt in his heart. Applause the meeting then went into committee. On the motion of or. Greenshields or. G. X Fruin was. Appointed Secretary and treasurer. The mayor said that collections were Berne made already but the amount collected would be handed Over to the committee. Of the Morion of or. B. T. Robinson mrs. W. F. Forster name was added to the commit on account of her action in regard to the promotion of a concert in Aid of the fund. It was agreed that the members of the com Mittee should collect and that or. J. Hayes be appointed paid collector. Other business having been transacted the Meering termin ated. ? shipping items. The f. . Armand Behic is Doe Here from the colonies about the 3rd of March. The Steamer Kar Weera from Sydney direct is due Here on saturday with 50 tons of cargo. The bulimia arrived Here at 10.40 . On monday and left for the Eastern colonies at 2 . Tuesday the Steamer Warrnambool is due Here this afternoon from Melbourne she loads 200 tons of Coal at this port. The Steamer new Guinea is due Here from Melbourne on saturday. She is bound for Calcutta calling at Fremantle on the Way. The Steamer Birks Gate arrived Here at 9 . On monday and sailed for Melbourne the next morning at 6 o clock with 55 Passen Gers for Eastern ports and new Guinea. The Steamer Bundarra arrived at this port at 4.30 . On monday and discharged 70 tons of cargo. She left for Fremantle at 8 . The same Day with cargo live Stock and 255 passengers. The mails. Mails for Europe India China &c., per . China will close at the Post office Early on saturday morning. Mails for the Eastern colonies per . Austral will close at the Post office on Fri Day morning. Be ports. Captain Saunders reports that the Birks Gate left Fremantle at 5.20 . On the 21st instant and arrived at Albany at 9.30 . On the 22nd. Experienced fresh 8. To . Wind and head sea throughout the passage. Since her last visit Here the bulimia has undergone a rapid cleaning in Dock and Captain Rossiter reports that the vessel has made another Good trip across. Melbourne was left at 6.33 . On the 6th and Adelaide at 6 . On the 9th. Break sea was passed about 9,30 on the 13th. The voyage thus far had passed very pleasantly. A Good character. Fears soap is pare delightful and refreshing f. A. H Weston s african medical wonder cures chronic constipation kidney liver blood and skin diseases and is the Best nerve food the world of botany can produce. Is curative action on the liver Elegert but gentle ape Rient properties and wonderful tonic qualities have commended themselves to myself and Wile Nee Docy Stewart signed Henry b. Harwood late Harwood & co., proprietors theatre Boyal Melbourne. Price 3s. 6
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