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Albany Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 28 1933, Page 2

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Albany Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 28, 1933, Albany, Western Australia National Library of Australia my he Deto a. Rein Itcea a silk. Is tie Ca and ankle. Economico a pc Lustre Shee a Nevrest 91 a Superb 9/" sheer h o s i e by sole distributor for . A. C. Haig 77 William St Perth. Henry wills & co., ltd., Albany bark and general merchants insurance and shipping agents Etc. Exporters of primary products. Overseas passenger services p. & 0. Branch service one class p. & 0. Mail service third class. The Blue funnel line first class. Interstate . Anunda " i Ferguson s engineering works ? Stirling Terrace Albany. J j. Marine and general engineers boilermakers ? blacksmiths brass and Iron founders. % Roxy welding station. J first class Board of Trade phone 71-Day or night. � and now the other Side. Last week we published a Chat wich business men. This week we want to speak to the Householder. We include in this All those income earners who rely on some form of Industry in this District to pay for their daily bread their rent rates and taxes clothing amusements and All the other things that go to make life comfortable. Has it Ever struck you that your Prosperity is bound up with the Prosperity of every business Man in your town does not your Job depend in some Way on Iii continued ability to pay wages to his staff if you Are a railway Man you Are handling goods consigned to him. If you Are a Lumper you Are unloading or Load ing goods consigned to or by him. If you Are a doctor you Are treat ing patients whose ability to pay de pends on him. If you Are a postal official the bulk of the mail you handle and the greatest proportion of the other services controlled by you Are due to his operations. If one business Man in this District goes bankrupt your Job is endangered. Some of you Are married and have children growing up. Competitor i for jobs is keen in your own town. It is Berce in the City. Give your own boy the Chance of a Job by keeping your local businesses Goin. Trade in your own District and hold your jobs. Regent theatre monday tuesday wednesday matinee wednesday 3 . Noel Coward s epic of the Empire a a v v a a Cava l Cade c c a a be Clive Brook in we. Fox s achievement. Thursday next one night Only we. Collier in Speed a speedboat daredevil flying Spray j and dizzy Speed. For Sale of Clear the ground fruit Trees Rose Trees Orange and Lemon Trees gooseberries cur rants Etc All lines of shrubs and Trees for present planting specially reduced to Clear. R. Glazebrook the nurseries Middleton Road. Phone 265. Eggs settings 144/6, Naylor Strain Black Orpington. R. Mcgregor Albany. Hell grit any Quantity 2/6 i cwt. Sacks. Mckail Carrier Al Bany. For Chon lace making machine practically new with books of instruction. H. G. Bourne auctioneer. Situations vacant. Strong boy for general farm work. Must be Good Milker. Apply Webb s Dairy Middleton re. Position wanted. Capable woman desires work. Mrs. Bale co mrs. Griffiths Grey Street. Public notices. J. C. Mews the undertaker Albany is now in a position to lower the i Price of a Good respectable funeral to �12/15/ for adults and �4/12/ for infants giving expert Workman i ship and Good and satisfactory fit Tings and professional services from j i 50 years experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. What is on and where. Albany and District agricultural and horticultural society Flower show St. John s Hall thursday August 31. Entries invited. A. J. Collins Secretary. Albany v. F. B. Band the annual general meet ing of the band will be held on tuesday next aug. 29, at 8 ., at the lower town Hall. Business presentation of accounts election of officers general s. Manea Hon. Sec. The . Company present their treat minstrel show in Aid of Centenary. Hall fund debt. I Albert Hall Duke Street saturday sept. 2, at 8 . J Plantation songs. Musical items. Two farces. Admission 1/-. Children . I c. Chopping Hon. Secy. Tenders. Municipality of Albany. Are invited returnable on monday september 25, 1933, at 8 ., for the contract of the removal of night soil and rubbish j within the municipality for a term i of five 5 years. No tender necessarily accepted. Specifications May be inspected and full particulars obtained at the town clerk s office. D. F. Mercer acting town clerk. Town Hall Albany. August 19, 1933. Municipality of Albany. Tenders. Supply Etc., of firewood pumping station two people Bay. Jenders Are invited returnable at 8 . On monday september la 1933, for Supply of approximately 700 cords of firewood 5ft. Lengths. Further particulars May be had on application to the town clerk s of fice. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. D. F. Mercer acting town clerk. Town Hall Albany. August 19 is meteorological temperature and rainfall j i i Dale August 1 August 2 August 3 August 4 August 5 August 6 August 7 August 8 August 9 August 10 August la August 12 August 13 August 14 August 15 August 16 August 17 August 18 August 19 August 20 August 21 August 22 August 23 August 24 August 25 August 26 tax. 59.7. 60.9. 64.0. 65.2. 64.8. 61.6. 60.0. 60.0. 59.0. 63.2. 65.8. 63.2. 71.3. 58.0. 55.0. 57.0. 62.8. 67.0. 59.0. 59.2. 62.2. 54.8. 57.8. 61.0. 62.6. 63.4 min. Rain 49.0 7 43.2 2 49.0 46.5 5 49.0 34 57.0 19 49.0 3 50.0 10 44.8 37-8 39.8 39.8 49.3 45.0 10 41.2 14 39.8 1 43.0 46.3 20 48.8 72 46.6 1 48.3 14 45.8 43.6 50.0 3 54.8 24 42.8 102 the above readings m each Case Are for the 24 hours ending at 8 . On the Date mentioned the Albany advertiser. J published mondays and thursdays at 3 . J casual advertisements Are charged at 4/ per Inch per insertion and must be prepaid by persons who do not have an account with the com Pany. They will be received up to 3.30 . On wednesdays and noon on saturdays. In estimating count six words to a line seven lines to an j Inch. Change of copy for standing advertisements will be received up to noon on tuesdays and fridays. J advertisers must state the number of insertions required otherwise they j will be repeated. J All communications to be addressed to the manager . Box 72, Albany. Telephone no. 2. To ensure publication All i matter forwarded must be writ i ten in Ink and on one Side of the paper Only. I the Albany advertiser. Published monday and thursday of 3 . Monday August 28, 1933. Agricultural matters. It is a remarkable thing that in this state with its do Penzance on primary Industry and particularly on agriculture the agricultural department should be As sadly neglected As it undoubtedly is. Attention has recently been focussed on the matter through a re shuffle of accommodation among government departments which has accentuated the fact that the agricultural department is in this respect As in others the worst treated of All the building in which the department has its being is very old and is most inconvenient. Moreover it is said to be positively unsafe in that the materials of which it is largely constructed Are highly inflammable. When it is considered that the build ing houses extremely valuable collections both of data and insects and that a fire did actually break out there some time ago fortunately without serious consequences it May is gathered that the state is gambling unnecessarily with some of its most valuable assets. The need for a new building to House the department of agriculture has Long been recognised but the department s requirements do not end there. Consider last year s expenditure on the department which amounted to �58,000 including �10,000 for vermin destruction and set this against the state s income from agriculture which totalled�17,000,000, and it becomes obvious that either the state is getting excellent service at a very cheap figure or that the state is seriously neglecting those industries which provide the bulk of its income. We Are inclined to think that the latter is More nearly True. ?4 it would be foolish to deny the a the government must practice eco Nomy in administration not Only during a period of depression but at All times. The plea of Economy should not however be made an excuse for starving such an important department As that of agriculture. Too much depends on its activities to justify any restriction. It was a matter for complaint with several local organisations last year that the agricultural adviser who was stationed at Denmark and whose activities extended Over the South j coast and lower great Southern j areas was removed from the Dis j strict and was not replaced. It was ? distinctly stated at the time that this was an Economy measure and that Money was not available to keep the appointment filled. Since then an application has been made by the Albany agricultural society for the re appointment of an agricultural i adviser and it is certain that this proposal will be favourably regard j de throughout the whole of the Dis j strict concerned. Personally we feel that the request could quite Well and reasonably have gone fur ther and that the establishment of a state experimental farm adjacent to Albany might also have been con j Side red. Still the granting of one j request might presage and justify the preferring of the other. I we have pointed out before that Albany and Che Neal by District cannot be compared with other Agri ? i cultural districts in the state be cause of a variety of reasons. The biggest considerations that must Rule development Here Are soil and climatic conditions. In no other part of the state to our knowledge can these conditions be duplicated. Yet there has been less work done Here by the government in the direction of agricultural Experiment than almost anywhere else. Such experiments As were commenced were not persevered with. And it was left to private inter ests to carry on from the Point where the government stopped. It must be admitted that private interests have done marvellous work of great Benefit to the District and to the state but the expenditure entailed limits to activities in this direction considerably. Certain Valu Able facts have been proved How Ever concerning various types of land quite close to Albany. A number of Farmers have proved beyond doubt that bottle Brush swamps can be turned to excellent account in the production of summer Fod Ders while others have demonstrated that Blackboy Flats Are not use less As was commonly supposed till recently but that they can on the contrary be utilised successfully for j the growth of pastures. These Are Only two of Many directions in which experiments have been Pur sued with Gratifying results. The late . Haynes was a Man who developed extraordinary Faith in this part of the state. It was our privilege to accompany him Only a few Days before his tragically sudden death on a tour of part of his mount Many peaks property. We recall that he showed us some typical Blackboy Flats on which he had been carrying out pasture experiments with considerable Success and that he took us to the Boundary Fence of his property and showed us the same land in its Virgin state. He pointed northwards and said that there was More than 150,009 acres of similar country lying Idle. He envisioned the Day when the whole of that land would be opened to settlement through a properly de Vised scheme with drainage and roads provided for. What such development would mean to this part of Western Australia is not hard to envisage and we believe the Day must come in the not far Distant future when that land will be jetted. Experimenters like or. Mca. Henning and the late h. C. Haynes have brought that Day much nearer but the responsibility Shoul i not rest with them entirely. It is i the state which will Benefit and the state should be working Side by Sid � with private Enterprise. But . Chance is there of this happening while the agricultural department is treated As a sort of Cinderella and asked to get along under severe handicaps of finance and accommodation Western Australia just now is a j ther severely afflicted with Gold fever. It is a Good disease to have with our extensive Mineral deposits but it should never be forgotten that the state made its greatest Gress during a period when Gold mining was almost stagnating and when the bulk of our National in come was being derived from Agri culture. It is to agriculture that the state must continue to look and the Industry is worthy of much More generous treatment than it has been receiving. Local an general i Regent theatre. Monday tuesday wednesday and matinee wednesday 3 ., Noel Coward s epic of the Empire cavalcade Fox film s proudest achievement starring Clive Brook. Noel Coward s Long awaited Caval Cade depicting the Parade of the twentieth Century As it has affected great Britain and her sons came to the screen of the Regent theatre on saturday. Its showing must be set Down As something of an event a distinguished important contribution to the screen justifying All that had been expected of it. Caval Cade is superbly acted by a Large cast. It is beautifully produced Well nigh perfect. The film is mov ing inspiring. In Short no fault can be found with cavalcade Here. It seems an auspicious beginning for 1933 in the motion picture world. Cavalcade approaches greatness in the Cinema. It must be seen thursday next one night Only we. Collier jr., Joan Marsh in Speed Demon breathless drama of the speedboat Kings mile a minute action crack ups fights collisions Fly ing Spray and throbbing hearts. Albany Council meeting. An Ordinary meeting of the Al Bany municipal Council will be held in the Council chamber this evening at 8 o clock. Business will include a notice of motion by or. Scanlan. A meeting of the finance commit tee will be held at 7.30 ., while the Albany local health authority will meet at the rising of the coun cil. Nigger minstrels. It is with some Pride that the j members of the Albany methodist j Young men s club present to the Public of Albany their grand min Strel show. As seen by advertise ment elsewhere the concert takes place in the Albert Hall on saturday next at 8 . For some weeks i past the minstrels have been prac 1 Tising their parts so that or. And i mrs. Public will be entertained by something out of the Ordinary. Bones rastus Pete and Tambo Are j in great form with jokes and Wise i cracks while the songsters in Tho i rest of the company Are said to j equal any from the Continental cities though we will not say which j cities. Two Short farces and a gym Nastic display Complete a really Fine show and one that will be remembered Willi pleasure by the be moisten. Put gently into prepared Basin. Cover with a Bat tired paper. Steam for three hours. J serve turned out on a hot dish with custard sauce. J then instead of serving Ordinary custard with stewed fruit make a i Caramel custard instead line a pudding Basin with Caramel and pour in your custard made in the proportions of two eggs to a breakfast cup of milk with sugar to taste 1 use a heaped tablespoonful. Cover Willi buttered paper and steam until set. The time will vary with the size of the custard Hui an Ordinary Small family a Tak about an Lunn a half. Hot rhythm. A London correspondent writes after hearing a Sample of or. Duke Ellington and his hot rhythm negro band As relayed by the . According to frantic requests from his legions of admirers i was not particularly impressed. Perhaps that is All wrong for the most mod Ern of the moderns in musical Lon Don have figuratively speaking taken him and his hot rhythm to their hearts. I believe that during j his season at the palladium you j could not squeeze in through the door so Many Young people from Mayfair had turned up in. Full Force or. Constant Lambert too is one of his avowed admirers. The result of All this is that quite a healthy controversy has sprung up in London for and against Duke Ellington which doubtless is All very Good for his Box office Appeal and besides provides a topic of conversation when at smart cocktail radio notes by Aerial a Queen s station. The Queen of Bulgaria the Daugh Ter of the King of Italy has received a novel present in the shape of a 3-kw broadcasting station Given her by the City of Rome. It i is understood that the Queen s own j station will shortly be testing. I sofa the capital of Bulgaria a present owns a station of Only � Kwh. When sufficient capital can be found a powerful 100-kw transmitter is to be erected near the City. _ _ broadcasting for All. Union radio Madrid is inaugurating a new feature. In future any i one is to be Given Access to the Mic Rothone who has something of in i Terest to say or to play. The studio i is to be opened to musicians a i Thors artists writers dramatists and scientists. One Fly in the ointment May Stem the Rush of applicants everyone must consent to a reasonable preliminary process of selection and they must give Satis factory evidence of the Possession j of the necessary Talent. This seems to be the usual requirement of broadcasting organisations. Barter or apparently owing to the economic crisis a number of French firms which had signed publicity contracts with broadcasting stations have been unable to pay the Piper after the programmes have been broadcast. The stations have had no alternative but to accept payment in kind with the result that the managerial offices of some studios Are now Replete with magnificent carpets tablecloths and other trimmings. One station received a letter from a defaulter in these terms the state of my Treasury compels me to ask you to accept 200 Yoyos and a number of dolls each of which says Mamma simply on being we wonder if australian b Clas stations would agree to this. Compact layout. J if you compare the layout of a i modern set with that of a set built 1 say seven or eight years ago if you i can Lay your hands on such you Are bound to be impressed with the j extraordinary compactness which has been introduced into set design and layout during these recent years. Ii is truly amazing the Way different components which at one time would have been thought to interfere Hope Lessly with one another can be put together literally like sardines in a tin. But if you Are building up you set you want to be extremely care Ful not to overdo this passion for compactness. The first and Foremost essential in the set is efficiency in working and if compactness inter feres with efficiency Cut out the compactness just As they say if business interferes with pleasure Cut out the business. Watch the . End. The importance of spacing and layout is generally much greater at i the High frequency end of the set where . Components and conduct j tors must be properly positioned and screened. Bear in mind that screens Are always to be regarded Asab sorbers and the very fact that you use a screen Means that there is Energy to be absorbed and consequently that losses will be sustained so if you can spare a Little extra space it is All in the interests of efficiency. . Grid circuit the circuit which externally connects the Grid and the filament of the valve and is completed internally by the Electron Stream Between those two elements. Grid condenser a Small Conden ser placed in the Grid circuit of valve. Grid current current which flows externally from the Grid of the valve to the filament. Grid leak a High resistance placed in the Grid circuit by Means of which electrons which have settled on the Grid on their Way from filament to plate Are enabled to Drain away. Grid rectification or detection a method of rectification using a Grid condenser and a Grid leak. Half wave rectification the rectification of an alternating Curren so that Only one half Cycle is used harmonics frequencies which a. Multiples of an original frequency. Heavyside layer an upper layer in the atmosphere 60 to 200 Miles above the Earth which is presumed to act As a reflector to wireless Waves. Commercial news producers markets Coop. Limited report their Sale held on wednes Day August 23, vegetables supplies were Model ate to Day. Potatoes were steady at late rates. Cabbage eased again and inferior lines were hard to quit. Caul flow ers in Good demand at late rates. Peas plentiful and values steady. In creased supplies of rhubarb Forward and values easier. Bunch lines steady. Lettuce and celery sold Well potatoes metro., 12/ to 15/3 country 6/ to 7/9 inferior from 2/ bag. Sweet lid. To 2jd. Pumpkin la to 9/9 inferior from 4/-. Swedes 3/ to 6/- inferior from 1/ bag. Cabbage metro., 3/6 to 10/6 country 1/6 to 3/6. Peas 2 . To 3jd. Inferior from . Beans . To 53d. Rhubarb old. To 3id. Celery 1/6 to 5/4. Carrots . To 2/1. Parsnips 1/3 to 2/4. Turnips . To . Beetroot . To 1/-. Lettuce 2/ to 5/2. Cauliflower 3/ to 7/9. Fruit heavy supplies of navels Forward and values were still Low. Apples. Were in Good demand at late values. Geraldton tomatoes in steady demand at values in a Par with late rates. Lemons values improved slightly. Other lines at late rates. Granny Smith 10/6 to 15/6. Yates 2�-2i, 12/6 to 14/- 2� to 11/6. Stone pippin to 10/6. Dunns to 12/6. Rosewood to 12/6. Cielos to 10/9. Tomatoes. 3 bus., to 17/- h. Bus to 13/-. Navels bus., Cut to 8/- Falls Fco 5/9 2 bus., Cut to 5/6 Falls from 2/-. Jaffa bus., to 4/6. Mandarins to 8/- others from 3/-. Lemons to 4/6. Capes to 5id. La. Egg and poultry report. Eggs i supplies of metropolitan lines j were much lighter to Day and sold i to a steady demand with values on j a Par with late quotes. Country new Laid and stores were Well sap plied and sold to a fair demand with values slightly easier than late quotes. \ new Laid specials had. Standard old. Hen. 9id. To 10d pullets Sid. To . Mixed . To . Country new Laid . To 10. Country stores 8?.d. To Duck 9
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