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Alamogordo Daily News Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 4

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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Alamogordo, New Mexico P<�9� 4 editorial. Change of emphasis Lames Monroe High school in Sepulveda. Calif. Shares Ari honoured name with numerous other american High schools. Some of the students find the name not Only commonplace. Hut a trifle Dull and would like to change it. They have no objection to the Monroe part. In fact the whole thrust of their Enterprise is to retain that. They just want to switch find name a from James to Marilyn the rationale advanced is in part negative the Stu Dot it fee they have Quot no Way of relating Quot to the president what established the Monroe doctrine whereas. Well whereas Marilyn Monroe is something else decidedly. Said one of the prime movers. Doug Mcbride Quot we still Sec her. Weekly almost she is Cwi Stanlly on the covers of magazines and now. With the nostalgia coming Back in. We the Quot kid would really be proud to have the school named after her Quot one finds it hard to fault the students for Marilyn movement who it uld deny that the redoubtable James is by comparison a pallid memory now it will be interesting to see what happens when students at Zachary Taylor High of such there by catch on to the possibilities. Underwater life Jacques Cou teau s prophetic visions of a Day when human beings would live and work deep in the Tea used to a use a and of sceptical fascination few took very serious-1> the View of Man s future in ret it years. Captain Cost must vision has begun to take on the firm aspects of reality. Men and women As veil. Have spent Long periods beneath the surface of the sea. A variety of proposed habitats and machines to facilitate productive human underwater life have been designed and some constructed two recent news items Are illustrative. One concerns a subsurface Mobile Home which is being tested in Palm Beach Harbor another tells of a huge storage tank which will be sunk in the Middle of Tho North sea to serve As an oceanic Oil port for tankers there is no longer anything visionary about either of these projects each is a practical Means of utilizing the space beneath the surface of the sea. Cousteau s ideas arc taking shape sooner than most of us . Alamogordo com daily news speaking of peace Washington merry go round sunday october 22, 1972 by Jack Anderson she s been kissed by so Many sailors her lips go in and nut with the Friedman. If i were a Sparrow dodging an Arrow i d like to win though the margin be narrow amyl so boor. A Man with a hip does no to have much else on his shoulders Franklin i Jones. Never mind by Jeter Bryan sat in on a magistrate court trial the other Day of parents who had been charged with failure to meet require ments of the state s compulsory school attendance Law for children under 17 years of age. The child in the particular Case had been suspended from school for repeated truancy according to information brought out by the assistant District attorney. School records showed a problem with grades dating Back to about the fifth Grade with the exception of music Iii which the youth is particularly interested. Records further reveal tests show the youth has about average in. And above average in some areas it seems the truancy matter began to to a problem during his Sophomore year and grew to major proportions during september of this term school officials noted that the youth had been suspended after to Days absence from classes. He May have attended part of Hie classes on part or All of those Days Accord ing to his Mother. Hie parents were aware of attendance and Grade problems. A Hugh until receiving a letter from the school they said they were not aware of the to Days of truancy. After the youth was suspended the Mother has Given him instructions at Home and provided the come with copies of w l Itten rep its in various subjects. She said she thought he had been placed in a math class beyond his Compro Hension. At one Point the youngster had left town and juvenile authorities became involved. He was returned Home. Initial Contact with juvenile authorities was a result of a runaway report and net truancy. With the father working the Kotlier had been taking the youth to school Iii the family car each morning. She said she thought he was remaining in school and was not aware of such a number of absences until notified by letter. The in Thor has conferred with the Counselor principal and assistant principal. The parents asked How were they to assure that their child would remain in school Atter delivering him was not that the responsibility of the school it was pointed out that the state statute puts the Burden on til parents under the truancy Law. School officials said it is a simple matter tor an individual student to leave the school premises during the class change periods. Parents were converted. Theres no question about that so were school personnel attending the trial. The judge and expressed similar concern. This Ope Case of course is not the Only truancy report n schools. And truancy is not confined to Alamogordo schools. It does Point up a most difficult situation for parents who Are trying to do what they think is Best and not always knowing what approach to take for children and for the schools. In an earlier Day. Truancy matters were handled in a different manner. Generally the father took the truant Back to school after a session behind the woodshed. Hardly Ever was More than one session required. And most often the youngster stayed in school. Sometimes after the teacher administered a physical demonstration in the presence of the father but this is i t an earlier Day. Things Are not done that Way any More. Courts frown on physical discipline and teachers have been sued. Sometimes parents question just How far they can or should go in such discipline. Who is to say physical discipline is the answer in today a enlightened world there Are supposed to be better methods of handling such situations. In any event the court dismissed the charge against the father in that particular Case because there was a question whether he had received a registered letter regarding the matter and took under advisement the Case against the Mother. There was a general agreement that another Effort would be made to get the youngster Back in school and keep him there. Down through the years. I have sat in on any number of similar trials. And each time have come away with a feeling difficult to describe. There is bound to be an answer but what it it and where to find it inside the capital anti Mcgovern feeling hurting Jack Daniels by Fred buckles Hobbs a anti Mcgovern sentiment is hurting moderate Democrat Jack Daniels . Senate chances in conservative Southern and Eastern new Mexico. The voter feeling is evident despite an eloquent boost for Daniels by West Virginia sen. Robert Byrd at a Ildo a couple fund raising dinner that Drew a capacity 540 in jacks Hobbs Hometown the successful event grossed More than $25,-000. Asked about the effect of Liberal South Dakota sen. George Mcgovern s presidential candidacy on his Campaign. Daniels says Quot i will be a senator who is Independent and vote on the issues As i see them. F wont be captured by the White House be it a Democrat or Mcgovern was All but ignored at the Daniels dinner. Asst. Senate majority Leader Bvrd did not mention the party Standard to bearer at a press conference or Iii his impressive speech. The Only Mcgovern reference was by of. Gov. Rib Ert Mondragon the dinner master of ceremonies. Mondragon said a a done to you believe a voter who will support George Mcgovern will not support Jack Daniels because you re looking at one right Bob placed second behind Jack in the Senate primary in june. But Southern and Eastern new Mexico soundings in the tight Senate race Between Daniels and Albuquerque Republican Pete Domenici strayed anti Mcgovern votes will Cut jacks total in the general election nov. 7. A Check of longtime democratic leaders in the area produced these results a Veteran Hobbs politician says anti Mcgovern sentiment is bruising Daniels election prospects badly even in his Home Lea county. He says a democrats must turn this around in the final two weeks of the Campaign. They must make Clear to voters Daniels is his own Man and does not agree with Mcgovern on some key he says Daniels endorsement of Mcgovern sept. To at a huge Mcgovern Barbecue rally at Espanola still reflects adversely on jacks drive in Southern and Eastern n e Vav Mexico. Daniels endorsement of Mcgovern was made in Northern new Mexico considered pro Mcgovern. Another Hobbs Democrat who has Laboured King in the political Vineyard reported an ii Mcgovern sentiment reducing Daniels backing in Clovis Northern Eddy county and Lea county. Still another barometer Lea county republicans have chopped Down the democratic voter registration advantage from 4.5-1 to 4-1 since the primary june 6. An Artesia Democrat said Mcgovern slow rating in the area Quot has got to affect Daniels he forecast a big majority for president diehard m Nixon in Northern Eddy county. The spokesman Aud other politicos in South Eastern new Mexico predicted much ticket splitting however. A Clovis Democrat says Mcgovern a candidacy Quot will Cost Daniels 200 to 500 he assessed the effect on Jack s Senate bid As minor in Curry county. Daniels is leading do Munici in conservative Curry and Nixon is running More than 3-1 ahead of Mcgovern the Clovis democratic Leader said Curry traditionally counts a High per cent of ticket splitting voters anyway. An Alamogordo Democrat says Mcgovern will lower Daniels vote in Otero county but the Factor will not be decisive he says Quot its a big influence. Its an obstacle for Jack to he says Daniels will carry Otero and Dona Ana counties against Domenici. He sees heavy ticket splitting for Republican Nixon and Democrat Daniels. A Hobbs Democrat who is strongly conservative says Adverse Mcgovern sentiment will exert a substantial negative effect on jacks election chances. A longtime Hobbs Republican Leader forecast a Lea county Daniels majority of 3,100 Over Domenici. This is based on an estimated turnout of 71 per cent or total Lea county vote of about 15.500 nov. 7 he pegged jacks Home county vote at 9.300 to 6.200 for Domenici. The gop politician said Daniels May poll 60 per cent of the Lea county vote considerably less than his overwhelming support in the 1970 governor and 1972 Senate primaries. Daniels said after sen. Byrds speech boosted his candidacy strongly Quot this was the turning Point of the Campaign Jack who will be 49 oct. 31. Says his Well organized Campaign will tip the balance in his favor in the last two weeks of canvassing the Daniels Domenici race is close statewide. Daniels polls show a tight contest. Jack says the undecided vote is big for this late stage ranging up to 25 per cent. The Daniels Camp claims most undecided voters Are supporting Jack As they choose. The tussle to succeed retiring democratic . Sen. Clinton p. Anderson matches two Strong Well qualified candidates in Daniels and Domenici. Pete is expected to amass a heavy majority in his Albuquerque Hometown. Daniels disputes this assessment. Jack says a we have an excellent Chance of breaking even in Bernalillo county or even carrying Daniels Campaign finance chairman Ben Alexander says total Campaign collections since the primary june 6 topped $200,000 late last week. Alexander says the Over All Daniels Campaign budget is $300,000. Ben says this includes a $62. He Media budget. He says Daniels spent no Money on billboards. Ben says billboards Are mainly for name recognition and an August Survey showed Daniels with 98 per cent name recognition w Ith voters statewide. Prepare the students for life As it is by Hal Boyle new York of most adults smugly feel that Tho education they got is better than the one their children Are getting. Since most of them have forgotten three fourths of what they Learned in school that would by hard to prove. But if the purpose of education is to prepare the student for life As it is then All prese n t educational systems so would be scrapped and a new Start made. Here Are suggested changes for such a program from a Man somewhat disillusioned to find that the formal learning he received hardly qualified him to Cope with the problems in living he ran up against later except for students intending to specialize in certain Fields All advances courses in science mathematics Art. Music Rug weaving and Square dancing would be dropped so would All ancient or Modem foreign languages t h e Only language studied would by tilt English language or. Rather the american version of it. This would be divided into two branches a the writing and understanding of useful English and a the writing More dirty tricks allegations hurled and understanding of government English. A special course in How to solve crossword puzzles and acrostics would be presented. The writing of poetry would be allowed but not encouraged and no prizes Given for it. After mastering his abcs the student would have no further dealings with arithmetic except in these general Cours Ese How to figure out grocery store prices How to make a Bank account balance How to balance an unbalanced family budget and How to fill out income tax returns local state and National. After a Basic course in psychology each male student would spend eight years studying How to get along with a woman each female student would spend eight years studying How to get along with a Man. Since everything in modern life Breaks Down every student would spend up to half his time in school learning How to fix things a from toilets to television sets from zippers to governments. There would be no essays written on subjects such As Quot the View from my window a or Quot the most exciting thing that happened to me during my instead the students would concentrate on Lii Flag out forms of Oil kinds Washington the efforts of president Nixon s dirty tricks Crew to disrupt and discredit the democrats say investigators were carefully coordinated inside the White House. The political sabotage had these objectives i. When sen. De Muskie pulled ahead of the president in the polls last year worried White House aides sought to trip up the popular Maine Democrat. Muskie has complained that he was a victim of a Quot systematic Campaign of sabotage a some of the dirty tricks including the forged Quot Canuck letter Quot which made it appear he condoned a racial slur caused him serious political damage and contributed to his poor showing in the presidential primaries. 2 the political strategists in the White House concluded that George Wallace As a third party candidate would take votes away from the president but As a democratic contender could cause mischief for the democrats. The White House therefore encouraged the Alabama governor to seek the democratic nomination and worked undercover to help Roll up votes for him in the democratic primaries in the crucial Florida primary. Sen. Henry Jackson contended with Wallace for conservative democratic votes. Jackson tells us his Campaign was hampered by political sabotage not unlike the dirty tricks played on Muskie. 3 the White House strategists considered George Mcgovern to be the easiest contender for the president to beat thru sought therefore to help Mcgovern win the California primary which sewed up the democratic nomination for him Mcgovern a chief rival Hubert Humphrey told us his Campaign in California was often fouled up. But except for a phony press release put out on his Letterhead Humphrey said he had no evidence of political sabotage Quot i have to take some credit for the foul myself a he said. Hunt s attack 4 once Melvern was nominated. The White House objective was to portray Mcgovern As a Radical and to link him with irresponsible elements who favored political violence. A Washington Post source claims White House aide Howard Hunt tried to organize Quot an attack Quot by demonstrators in Mcgovern a name upon the doral Beach hotel which served As president Nixon a convention Headquarters at Miami Beach. Subsequent to the conventions. Mcgovern a Campaign has been subjected to political harassment. His National coordinator. Frank Mankiewicz gave us some examples. White House sources Tell us that the presidents chief of staff. H. R. Haldeman was the key Man who coordinated the efforts to hamstring Muskie. Boost Wallace and abet Mcgovern a nomination. Although there is no direct documentary link Between Haldeman and the sabotage squad he issued instructions and received reports on All phases of the Campaign. Presidential appointments Secretary Dwight Chapin who has been linked by the Washington Post to the sabotage operation worked closely with Haldeman say our sources. White House aide Gordon Stra Chan whom time Magazine claims was also involved with the dirty tricks department is a member of Haldeman a staff. Perhaps the most irresponsible of the dirty tricks was a reported attempt to shut off the runway lights on a Small Field in Northern Florida where senator Jackson planned to land. The senator received a report that someone had phoned the Airport to cancel arrangements for lighting the runway. The Call was countermanded however in time to prevent a serious Accident to Jackson and his party. Muskie also had flight trouble according to the Washington Post. On a charter flight from California to Oregon the Pilot followed false instructions and brought Muskie Down for an unscheduled Stop in Salem Ore. One of the dirtiest tricks was the circulation of a phony flyer on muskies stationery accusing Jackson and Humphrey of illicit sexual affairs. Thus Hurt Muskie at the same time that it smeared his two democratic rivals. Jackson asked the . Attorneys office in Tampa where the smear Sheet was mailed to investigate whether this violated the Federal Laws against Anonymous political mailings. But so far. Jackson has received no answer. Muskie encountered h i x worst harassment during the new Hampshire primary where phony Calls and statements were made in his name Jackson had his worst time in Florida someone broke into his Headquarters in Miami for example and stole a taped endorsement by sex senator Harry Cain it was too late to get Cain to tape another endorsement for use on the eve of the primary like Muskie in new Hampshire. Jackson in Florida also had trouble with trailers who attempted to disrupt his Campaign schedule false reports would he put out at Campaign stops that he Wasny to coming. At Bof Hune Cookman College in Daytona Beach for example a false report almost so int the audience Home before his speech. Call to Moony once it was Clear Mcgovern would be the nominee lie suddenly became the victim of dirty tricks someone impersonating Gary Hart for example telephoned Al Cio president George Meany and \ if Lilly ordered him to meet Mcgovern in new York City the following morning. Needless to say. The furious Meany never showed up and still refuses to endorse Mcgovern. Similar Calls were made to Jersey City labor leaders telling them to appear at a rally that had never been scheduled for vice presidential nominee Sargent Shriver other mysterious callers claiming to be Hart have told newsmen Quot we Are not democrats we Are my one of the Republican Campaign objectives it happens. Is to portray Mcgovern supporters As Mio semites rather than democrats. No less than to commentator Walter Cronkite has heard from a Hart imitator. The seasoned Cronkite. However. Quickly tagged the caller As a phony. The full Story of dirty Campaign tricks by both sides should be explored by a nonpartisan commission before the november election. Sally nems established 1898 Billie Holder president Ond publisher Aubrey Dunn business manager Jeter Bryan managing editor Cliff Keim advertising director Leo Schorn circulation manager de Webb mechanical supt. Published doily except saturday fourth of july thanksgiving Christmas Ond new year s by the Alamogordo doily news inc. Pobo 870, Alamogordo new Mexico 88310. The Alamogordo news absorbed the Otero county advertiser Jon. I 1913 and the Alamogordo Clou Drotter aug. 27, 1922. Second class postage paid at Alamogordo new Mexico subscription rotes in Odeonce by mail or Corder. $2.00 per month $24 of per year today in history Kennedy orders Cuba quarantine by inc associated Buess today is sunday. Oct 22. The 296th Day of 1972 there Are 70 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1962. President John f. Kennedy ordered . Air and naval forces to quarantine Cuba after concluding that soviet missile bases were being built on the Island. On this Date in 1721. Peter the great took the title of Czar of All Russia. In 1859. Spain declared War against moors in Morocco. In 1907. A run on a new York Bank set off a financial crisis known As the panic of 1907. In 1942, during world War i. The British air Force pounded the italian port of Genoa. In 1953. France granted Independence to Laos. In 1966. President Lyndon a Johnson was drawing record breaking crowds on a visit to Australia. Ten years ago during the cuban missile crisis the soviet Union charged the United states with hysteria. Five years ago Israel rep red that 48 israeli seamen were killed when egyptian missiles Sank the destroyer Eylath. Crossword Puzzle one year ago the United states and the soviet Union reached an agreement on ways to avoid incidents Between their ships at sea. Today a birthdays former Vietnam emperor Bao Dai is 59. Former Secretary of the Navy John h. Chafee is 50. Thought for today marriage is an adventure like going to War a Gilbert Chesterton English writer 1874-1936. Today s prayer Jesus beholding him loved him and said unto him Ona thing thou locket. Mark t0 -21 i prayer lord of All being help us to realize How privileged we Ore to have immediate audience with you Ond to Coll you by the intimate name of Fother. Help us to experience that Joy which comes to those who abandon themselves in discipleship to Jesus Christ. Amen. Z in. Apr i yesterday s purple of Ross i speech i i sediment urge Oil outcast Sov. 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