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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - July 11, 2015, Alamogordo, New MexicoToday a web Bon is Check out the five Day forecast Urvi i # 2� nfmikx1c 015t my ammoh3 olt rotary captures District title Softa a 81 daily laugh done to miss your favorite comics puzzles comics a 83 Alamogordo daily news social Media get the latest updates from twitter and Facebook with our social Media App. Alamogordo news com serving the Tularosa Basin in since 1898 Gordo daily news late to storms h 91 l 67 Page As saturday july 11,201s 75 cents Nett com . Fish and wildlife service species status to be reviewed 1 status of 4 animals will undergo evaluation Otero county residents have 50-Day window to submit comments findings to Federal department by Jacqueline Devine Jade v i be Alamogordo n news. Co m a a a Deares Devine on twitter the . Fish and wildlife service announced it is initiating status reviews for the Arizona Toad Cascade caverns Salamander Rio Grande Cooter Turtle and the al Ligator snapping Turtle that May warrant Protection under the endangered species act in response to a july 2012 petition from the Center for biological diversity. According to the International Union for conservation of natures red list of threatened species the Rio Grande Cooter has a Large extent of occurrence along the Pecos River lower Rio Grande Basin from new Mexico to Tamaulipas Mexico. However the area of occupancy is much smaller. The habitat is declining due to pollution and water control and diversion along the length of the main River. The species is also collected for the pet Trade and the population May be declining As a direct result of that. The . Fish and wildlife service has determined the research presented in the petition that the four species has substantial scientific evidence indicating that these species May need protecting. The announcement opens a 60-Day information collection period which closes on aug. 31. Otero county attorney Dan Bryant said the county and residents currently has a 50-Day window to submit any comments or present any findings to the . Fish and wildlife service. A a what a Good about this is that we re seeing this now at the Point where they got a petition and there a a 90-Day find ing. They Cut the petition Down to just these four on these four they Are starting a second step species a Page 6 proclamation Tombaugh Pluto honoured at m museum mayor Susie Galea will proclaim the Distant Dwarf planet As a real planet on tuesday new Mexico native Clyde Tombaugh who first discovered Pluto is from Las Cruces fire free one is created at wipp area will allow workers to enter during process cadets in the summer Camp program at the new Mexico museum of space history created their own space helmets to support Quot Pluto planet Day on tuesday. By Jacqueline Devine Deares Devine on twitter in Honor of Clyde w. Tombaugh the Man who discovered the now Dwarf planet Pluto the new Mexico museum of space history will Host a proclamation by mayor Susie Galea proclaiming Pluto to be indeed a planet on july 14 at the Clyde w. Tombaugh theater. The proclamation comes on the Day of nasal a new horizons spacecraft flyby of Pluto on that Day As Well. Public relations director Cathy Harper said Pluto was reclassified As a Dwarf planet in 2006 and the new Mexico legislature made the same declaration in 2007. A i believe in new Mexico we Felt in my opinion and in a not speaking for the new Mexico legislature or the mayor but because Clyde Tombaugh is one of our own hailing from Las Cruces that in his Honor we should support his discovery a Harper said. A to this Day there continues to be controversy whether Pluto is a planet or museum education specialist Michael Shinaberry wrote in an article for the daily news that on february 18,1930 Tombaugh photographed a planet a a after More than a year of work at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona. Percival Lowell who in 1894 opened the Observatory first postulated in the late 1800�?Ts about a ninth planet in the so Pluto a Page 6 Clyde Tombaugh views photographic plates through the blink Comparator at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff in this file photo. A a i South Carolina Confederate Flag taken Down after 54 years South Carolina pulled the con federate Flag from its place of Honor at the statehouse on Friday Page a2 1 opinion a Mann hmm a Apachi 1 Calendar better alternatives what a happening to Border jailing in your neighbourhood the department of Homeland Check out the Community Cal Security announced that it endear to find out what events would release hundreds of Are taking place in the mothers and children. Pagea4 Tularosa Basin. Pagea3 by Sarah Matott Carlsbad current Argus @sarahmatott224 on twitter Carlsbad a the number of workers allowed in the underground at the waste isolation Pilot Plant increased from 75 to 98 last week thanks to a new fire free zone. At thursdays town Hall meeting Jim Blankenhorn nuclear waste partnership recovery manager said that the number of workers allowed in the underground was increased after they were Able to successfully implement a combustible free zone in the underground. The combustible free zone is an area created in the underground that provides workers a Safe area to evacuate to if another fire occurs in the underground. A we Are to it my to ensure that we Are creating the safest environment that we can especially in the event of another fire a Blankenhorn said. He explained that when establishing this area officials looked at the airflow in the underground and exit zones workers use get out of the mine. Therefore the combustible free zone is entered around the undergrounds air intake Shaft the Salt intake Shaft and the waste hoist. A we Drew a Large Circle around those areas and Many of the drifts that Lead up to those areas and we removed any combustible materials a Blankenhorn said. A effectively what we be done is we have created an area where the fire cannot follow workers any item made of paper cardboard rubber or any other fuel that could Burn was removed from the area. Blankenhorn said that they be also restricted diesel fuel equipment in the area. A it diesel equipment can move through the area but it can to be parked in the area or be left unattended a Blankenhorn said. Removing combustible materials from the underground Isnit the Only step taken to create a combustible free zone. In addition wipp fire Protection engineers Are evaluating anything that is potentially flammable that goes into the under wipp a Page 6 social med a follow us on twitter Alamogordo news if you prefer your news in 140 characters or less follow us on the Micro blogging site. Index lottery ,.,.a2 calendar.�?z3 i opinion i weather a5 television a6 i sports b1-2 i comics .83 classifieds. B4-6 40001 "1960t Courtesy photos a mesh

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