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Alamogordo Daily News Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 4

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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Alamogordo, New Mexico Lathi in ibo monday Doc. 23, 1963�?page 4 established 1898 Billie Holder president and publisher Aubrey l Dunn business manager h. Arlynn Bruer managing editor Leo Schorn circulation manager Cliff Keim advertising director de Webb mechanical supt. Published daily except saturday by the Alamogordo daily news inc., Alamogordo new Mexico. The Alamogordo news absorbed the Otero county advertiser Jan. I 1913 and the Alamogordo Cloud crofter aug. 27, 1922. Second class postage paid at Alamogordo new Mexico. Subscription rates in Advance by Carrier in the City 30c per week $1.25 per month $15.00 per year by mail in Otero county or state. Outside state $18.00 per year outside City limits 35c per week air pollution Law amid All the hubbub of Large events the new air pollution control Law May not receive much Public attention. The Law is nonetheless significant As a Start on combined Federal state efforts to hold Down contamination of the air in thousands of communities across the nation. One of the most important provisions of the measure is authorization of the department of health education and welfare to carry on air pollution research. For though considerable study has been devoted to this matter there is still much to learn. This is especially True when it comes to the effects of pollution on Public health. There is reason to think that these effects Are often More harmful than is generally supposed. Although the main responsibility for air pollution control will be kept in the hands of the several states the Federal Aid program has some flexibility in this regard in areas where pollution from various sources affects More than one state the courts May Grant the Federal government authority to step in if necessary. I his should have a salutary effect when there is state reluctance of inertia in dealing with problems of this kind. The 95 million dollars appropriated for air pollution control to be paid to states on a two for one basis and on a three for one basis for regional projects will not lick the problem. Rut it will give considerable momentum to an undertaking of great importance to Public health. The corporate Angel it would appear that the corporate Quot Angel is move into an area where the individual Benefactor used to tread alone. This refers to the Broadway stage and the need it has for men. Or corporations with spare Ash. Many tales have been told in More fabulous times. Of the mysterious figure who had a Hundred thous in dollars with which to Back a Broadway product lion i Hough it must have been a glamorous Way to Spesiv superfluous Money the results were uneven to say die least. Now this whole realm becomes a bit More Busine like. United artists for example whose spec Salty up to now has been motion pictures announces that it w Back i 5 new plays in the next five years. It will do so with a businessman s purpose. It Hopes through the method to do two things make a profit on Broadway and take the hit shows Back to i Hollywood and make mov irs and More Money out of them. It is hard to say whether such an Experiment in finance will help take Broadway out of its doldrums. The past season was pretty much a Flop partly because there was not much but flashy musicals with a repetitious format. United artists May have gotten the message. Among the productions it will sponsor there is not one musical i hings May be looking up a bit in the theater. A fortunate Choice president Johnson a appointment of Hie Fusil e f ail Warren to head the commission investigating the As Bassi not i on has been the cause of some More or less subdued grumbling. It is timing said Here and there that mein hers of the supreme c ourt should not be called upon fur Eiliv service outside the court presumably the thought behind this views that the supreme a our should be aloof from affairs with which it is not directly concerned. Generally speaking there is Collie Merit in this it it it a cent. Certainly it would be unwise for the chief Justice or his associates eve r to become involved in any affair tinged with politics i he court must scrupulously preserve its Sanctity As the biased insofar As is possible final arbiter of the c institution # import the murder of president Kennedy is so exceptional however that Ordinary strictures against involvement of the supreme court do not hold. It was entirely fitting thai the chief Justice should be Given the task of sifting the Complex facts of this Affa and summing them up for he Public ibis lends Assurance both Here and abroad that partisan and factional views will not color the com Mission s report. It Kuss i coot do heal stir i 4 stimulate h to the n a. La pallid la ii ii in 17. Abede extinct Bud my de 1�?~ietilt iii imitation jewelry 19 cow y cry 2u. 11 till ate 22 ladle la Buxin 28. Zafiu Matin c vote it Hustle 31. Whole 4 t 47 52. Aii eau ii pet it Vee i i t Sui iii a a a Mill la urn Iti exploit 48 Amel i am am ii St 40 Parade Aliet Tatini sunken Fence 4k Shalt of Light 49. Laughing Bird 50 Chin dynasty i have d 52. Iliff 53. Unit of Energy solution of saturday s Puzzle by Down i sloped walk i spat c 3. Western Law men 4. Virago 5. Abo i 2 3 i 4 s 6 7 / 7 3 Roll h a i 14 15 la 17 18 19 Zaya a a to Titi to 74 75 7b to 28 29 i 3d i i 31 33 u 3ir 3s 37 i f v4 i 38 39 re 40 4i 41 45 44 45 44 a z 47 4b a 49 a so sgt in 6. Caliph 7. In Jill i a in i v d Alice 8 Kite paste 9. Opponent 10. Voting of court in Gragg into 11. Lion ruin in May Apple 24 i t Ottun u be 25. J lid a la hand roughly 27 Tinett hyperbole 29 Aimi iii i. Is lengthens i i. Large Parrot 5, 37 Knifer 39 tort m of 41< Heel Pine 41 in spend 4 5 Golf instructor 44 Ruth 4�?T� pot a no Bud la. Hen Wogec Inghron merry go round by Drew Pearson John Birch society uses Juk s death to recruit new members Washington Bobby Bakers income tax return Winch president Johnson has now made available to Senate investigators show none of the fabulous profits he is Supit cd to have made on his backdoor business deals. Copies of hts returns were shown to Jack Anderson by Baker himself More than a year ago when this column first began to Check on Bobby a financial operations. He filed joint returns listing the Senate salaries of himself and his wife As their principal income. She has been work ing for the Senate internal Security subcommittee. A modest income was reported from lits Law partnership never More than $3,200 in a single year. There also Wen modest receipts from property holdings but nothing spectacular or suspicious. Bikers 19 >2 return not yet filed when this column sex attuned his returns May reflect More of the dealings which have made headlines lately but it s also possible that he Hadnot cashed in on his deals therefore did not have to report any profits. Of you Check on those John Birch members who to Ltd it a the full Page ads in the new York times and the Washington past regarding the plot to assassinate president Kennedy you will find shut interesting background the and placers sound like a Roll Call of disgruntled tycoons and out of step Nam executives. When Kennedy was alive they accused him of consorting Quot i be Only got two Haups. Inside the Capitol with communism. After he died. They claimed iii the ail Ilia he was a Martyr to communism. Actually they used his death As a gimmick to recruit new John Birch members. Hen is the Roll Call of the and placers Fred c. Koch Wichita. Kans. President Hock Island us co., who has built 15 refineries iii Russia. This would appear to put him More in favor of coexistence than the late if Koch is author of a Booklet. A a businessman looks at communism a in which lie attacks the supreme court labor onions the United nations and the ministers of the protestant churches. The insinuation is that they Art pro communist. Clarence e. Manion based out of the Eisenhower administration for his extreme right Wing views. After Kennedy s death he attacked the news Media which criticized extremism. Manion insinuated these news commentators spoke a at the Kremlin s William j. Grede. Milwaukee president National Assoc a n of manufacturers in 1952 got out of the presidency of the i i. Caie farm machinery company just As that company faced diminishing markets and increased financial problems i Chevez the income tax is a the very foundation of All Soria i tic programs tho most socializing Agency of the Earl Marx according to Grede could not have devised a More monstrous tax a. G. Heins boil or. President Cherokee Mills Sevierville term. And Spindale Mills. Spindale n. A. Claims a gop leaders appear behind Coldwater bid Santa be Ai a new Max nos county re publican leaders still like sen. Barry Coldwater of Arizona hut there has been some reas sement of lits chances in a presidential race after president Kennedy a death. And ambassador Henry cat got Lodge has suddenly appeared As a potential Gap presidential candidate with some support in new Mexico. Two months ago. The associated press polled 18 Republican county chairmen asking who they Felt was the strongest indent Al candidate against Ken Nedy. Fourteen expressed is rung support for Coldwater. Six said they believed golds at or would get the nomination. Nine declined to speculate italians have growing doubts Over communism Vatican City 9p> a Pope Paul i said saturday he thought Many pro com Monist workers in Italy Are having doubts about communism. I speaking to members of the i association of italian Christian workers at an audience the min Tiff said a atheist and subversive marxism was questionable from every Point of View. It dented the realities of italian social scene and is against a sincere spirit of Collator atom and social peace he added. Aul us unconstitutional and aids the communists charter sub Scriber to human events. Robert Stoddard Worcester mass president Wyman Gordom company sex vice president of tho Nam sex president of associated industries of Massachusetts executive of a committee against Summit entanglements a on the inner Council of the John Birch society. These Are the men who Ane using Kennedy a death to Campaign for new members to Hie John Birch society. Under the dome speaker John Mccormack got a Surprise Telephone Call from gov. Pat Brown of California the other Day thanking him for defeating the so called a Nixon amendment to the foreign Aid Bill which would have killed the Job of Earl Warren jr., in California. Speaker Mccormack paid tribute to freshman congressman Hon Cameron of the los Angeles suburbs As the Man who did the most to Spike Nixon revenge against the family of the chief Justice. A a he a a Fine Young the speaker told the governor of California. John f Kennedy who loved the theater would have taken in the opening of Carol Channing new smash hit a hello Dolly a had he been alive. Attorney general Bob Kennedy was one Cabinet member who failed to submit his resignation to president Johnson. Others went through the routine of sending in a letter of resignation even though Johnson had urged them to stay on ambassador Henry Cabot xxx Lac is putting diplomatic duty ahead of personal ambition. He has told political hoosiers that in can to possibly walk out or his Tough Job in South Vietnam to Campaign for president. It will take a1 least six months to wind up his diplomatic Job and by that time it would be too late to Corral the delegates. This sounds a bit like the trouble Lodge then a senator from Massachusetts. Had with Gen Eisenhower when Ike come Back from shape to Campaign for president. As a result the late sri. Bob Taft corralled most of the delegates but Eisenhower got the nomination just the same. History could repeat. Inside the White House president Johnson was Horn a Southern Baptist hut joined the Christian chinch disciples of Christ As a Young Man. In Hen in Lexas lie still attends the Christian Church but in Washington he goes along with lady Bird an Episcopalian to the St. John s episcopal Church or. Johnson has been in touch frequently by Telephone with Jackie Kennedy. H like a new tenant who moves into a furnished House and has to find out where certain pots and pans Are. Lady Bird has a housekeeper to Tell her about these details of course but she has consulted Jackie at out a lot of other things including the redecoration of Blair House across the Street and the White House. Copyright 191, by Beli. Cut lure syndic Pope will retrace Way of Christ Vatican try t Vatican sources said today Pope Paul would Start his holy land pilgrimage by carrying a wooden Cross along Jerusalem s via Dolorosa the Street of sorrows trod by t iii isl As he Carrus hts Cross to his crucifixion. Tile via Dolorosa will la the roman Catholic rulers first Stop in Jerusalem. He is to arrive Jan i for the three Day pilgrimage the Vatican sources said they my not know How big a Cross pop Paul would carry. W i Waraic Sulki a Jas need Money for Christmas shopping see Sands finance 504 4th St 58. Am Tularosa no. Bureau of Revenue looks for sales tax moola to schedule Par time 21 min. Up it is by will Harrison Nan i a Elk i in Bureau of Revenue in a setting out to audit Hie auditors who audit hic statehouse i hey re looking for sales tax Money David Salazar one of the top examiners in the Bureau has been assigned to the work Hie thing could be interesting records intricate that one or two of the major Linns Dnell a Ven have a tax account iii the Bureau of Revenue but its pus slide that they pay Ute tax under another name. Tax payment records Are closed to the Public of they were not maybe tho state would t tx1 stuck so often when firms go bankrupt or pull out of the Stati. Or enjoy poli ucal favor. Town seeking Edwards advocates of keeping the Ughi truth or consequences name for the county seat of Sierra Are trying to get Ralph Edwards the theatrical entrepreneur who Hung the Battle on the new Mexico town of hot Springs 13 years ago to come to a ugh before the Jan 13 election on changing tin name Back to hot Springs Edwards is reluctant but is trying to arrange for in pro deletion manager de Bailey to come out Paul Tooley hot Springs Herald you notice he does no to use that t or c thing it quoted Edwards the outer Day As say my lie had Dom everything he promised to do when the sap Down there named their Home town for his soap Selling radio program. After Ute name change the town which had enjoyed thirty years of booming growth uni dead and showed a to ,., of population in 1860 census state takes rap the ludicrous name Adver tis Uig a commercial radio Aud television program has rubbed off on the whole state taxpayer Money is used to list the Dante of the commercial program on Highway maps and Road sign Ami numerous Public eat ions. Reports from the Sierra Conn to scat indicate the Jan a Vole will retain the soap pm Gram name. Thai figures people who would vote to accept a Uch name would be expected to vote to retain ii bureaucrats relent Hie state hid week got its Money from the Sale of the second Lanker mortgage cleaning up the account just four months and a half after the investment Council voted on aug. 8 to soil the two mortgages in which some $37 million of Public mom y id been invested. Almost immediately the stale found a buyer Prudential in iii Joey banned Hee hawed at Yule tableau Mira Nee but the lordly Bureau Erat in Washington stalled Hie transactions for Mouths la Ion finally approving them exactly As prom it i d iii the first place luckily tile slate did not need the Money Lor an urgent put i in be bul it would have been in aim bad to Kimhoi needled for a in Xii teachers pay welfare checks or any of a Hundred other immediate needs state s trouble noted the new Mexico difficulty in baking Loose from tim Mort gages was noted m National financial circles. Standard and poor which recently made a study of the investment of some $300 million state Trust funds handled by the investment Cornell education retirement Ixia re and Public employees retirement association advised All three agencies to dispose of Federal maritime securities. W Illiam it elvers Republican nominee for the i. S. Senate in 1960, chairman of the state police Hoard 1901 -02, and a prom input figure in Republican poll tics for several years is leaving us state us first of the year to join the Volkswagen company iii us or Cit Calif. Progi i shed Dole Inch a i Lif t by the in studios however cannot ii might occasional sport Rod a Channel 4 Elpaso monday december 23, 1963 copy was not submitted by to studio kelp a Channel 13 Tel paso monday december 23, 1963 a tim 7 in a on to i 10 10 in 20 to 25 to an i iii Ltd la it i i in. Is gun to Jill iii raking Point news Al pm i s final new its to Usu Vav a m h mgt Jai k Lull Nim ii no pm a a Hight 11 i Sev in i n s to i Ernie Kin it weather in motion to i father knows meat Al paso s spoil ii i crucial Hospital Al oat la Sii Lair or Kilt a playhouse to 11 i balloons it Istle 12 i Day in no t 12 rift Moi iia Newi i Queen tor a let a 1to is to do vim this 2 i via for Adams to ail master 3 i fat Lee Theadio a i i cartoon Man 5 i new a 5 15 cuing fall Ion 5 55 Vav rat he i ii i iii Oken Al i of Kasm Channel 9 Tel paso monday december 23, 1963 to i v s Bigben new s Huntley Lim Horal covet i iou Rill 15 i tie 11 on new lev la 05 the tie of tuesday tonight final it a it. New 7 i tile today show sport 7 2& Kasm new weather 7 30 the today show Kniehl is Al a. H in say Vav tie n to monday nigh at ii 25 no news the movies Hoo Wold for w my 8 30 Holly w imm and cd the Star too concentration too sing along with 9 30 missing link cd Mitch la of your first 10 00 furry Sneyd at impression it Fen to 30 truth or to to today weather consequent a o Nim new >1 urn. I midis til local Redwood Falls it a in Joey made ugh a of iii hot a being b from future Apjok Wrath Christmas Tableaux Ai school tho finale came when Joey a Burro let Loose with a raucous Sheehaw while the High school choir was in the Middle of a solemn nativity number. A pair of sheep also Are being exiled because they pleated out of context and Otic napped a Youthful Shepherd. A we re done with livestock a said mrs. Arthur Lorenz who had added live animals for More realism. I in Iuit Uniti Kikui j u 11 i it on i i a it t unum 11.40 today s Alamance 11 45 fun paso today la 55 Kasm news 12 00 lain make a Beal to 12 25 nil news 12 3 1 tile Dot it Ltd i s i i Lorena Young 1 so you Bong i say cd 2 00 match Aine 2 25 nil news 2 30 make a toxin for baddy 3 of ii in to mat x 3 30 Superman 4 pm Mickey Moo a Chih 5 imm squad join Ris Masl flub mole Nett Cony Limni my a Riff lot your family and Friend join for new f Ultima ooh and save a convenient amount regularly to you la Hava Astro c Avil with which to hop Tody and avoid piling up Bill. Join now a4v Alamogordo and Cloudcroft member of and Federal Deposit system Flash Gordon a. R

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